How to copy production database to test system?

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How to copy production database to test system?
We have a demo server we plan to buy, and as an initial test we did a fresh install of R/3. Now for additional test, how can we copy the production data to the demo server without doing a re-installation? We're in 4.6C Solaris 8/Oracle 8.1.7. If you cann't shutdown the production system you can do that, copy all datafiles to the remote server, restart the prod. db. Make a "alter database backup controlfile to trace". Copy the section "CREATE CONTROLFILE" from the trace file (in saptrace) in a new file and change the line: CREATE CONTROLFILE REUSE DATABASE XXX NORESETLOGS..." to "CREATE CONTROLFILE SET DATABASE XXX RESETLOGS...." and copy the file to the demo-system. Also copy all archive logs to the demo-system and rename them following the naming conventions. Delete the old controlfiles in the demo-system, "svrmgrl": connect internal @new changed tracefile recover database until time 'YYYY-MM-DD:HH:MM:SS' using backup controlfile'; alter database open resetlogs; alter database rename to global XXX.WORLD; exit; Than you have to update the sap license using saplicense as xxxadm. Use the transaction SE06 to correct some internal data. or If you can shutdown the production-system you can copy the hole thing in offline status (datafiles), but you have to do the steps with the tracefile and the global_name if the demo-system should get another name than the production-system. Of course the best thing is to take the offline backup of the production data (if the size is not very big) insall the raw RDBMS and SAP r/3 central instance and restore the database. Offline backup combined with using the RCOPY utility is I find the least hassle with regards to prd downtime and command line minefield. the "homogenous system copy guide" has a section purely devoted to an oracle db copy using an offline backup. it's easier than it sounds even in the documentation. big plus is you only need your prd system offline for maybe 10 minutes to get a copy control file using R3COPY and you can use any offline backup you like that you have taken off your prd system. Is it mandatory to take Database down if you didn't change any structure add date file etc) since your last offline backup? I guess you don't have to. Running r3copy on prd will take down the database and also switch the logfiles etc to create a consistant system before it then creates a new control file which you will use on your test system. r3copy is quite scary in the way it warns you of consequences should you get it wrong but to be honest if you follow the menu a,b,c etc it's very hard to go wrong. and if you do you've obviously taken a backup before you started anything? The backup you use will have to be of the same database structure unless it makes your control file useless but apart from that it could as old as you like. tip : make sure you have enough space allocated for your restore ! But what if i dont use r3copy option of control file and Just take the control file (alter database backup control file to trace) from source while SAP is running and use this for System copy. Assumption is : No change in database structure between last offline backup and control file. I don't have to take Production database down for just backing up control file and I can use my old offline backup for SYSTEM COPY I believe that's what r3copy does anyway, just a more menu driven method. You'll use the trace file to create your control file yes ? I've seen it done successfully this way before. There is no need to close the Production DB, just edit the trace file as previously stated (also change all occurrences of SID to NEWSID and remove statements from 'RECOVER DATABASE onwards). For your information, this also works well using an ONLINE backup from Production along with the redo logs which must be renamed to the new format e.g. <NEWSID>arch1_nnn.dbf before you start the recovery. Client Copy Verification If you have recently transported client from production to development thru tp in dos command. To verify the client copy has been carried out succesfully in development system, check the logs in scc3 > all clients.

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