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Published by: Satya Ande on Aug 01, 2011
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SAMPLE TEST – OOAD-PART 1 (ANALYSIS) – Test 833 Examples of questions you may see on this test Section

1: UML and the Modeling Process Question 1: Which artifact is NOT an input to Analysis and Design? A) use-case model B) glossary C) supplementary specification D) vision Question 2: During analysis an architect is concerned about _____. A) technology B) deployment C) implementation D) behavioral Section 2: Concepts of Object Orientation Question 3: What services can be requested from a class, which define the behavior of the class? A) operations B) attributes C) names of classes D) stereotypes Question 4: What are the components of a structured class? A) messages, connectors, and roles B) ports, roles, and threads C) roles, ports, and connectors D) attributes, roles, and ports Section 3: Architectural Analysis Question 5: Which of the following views are part of the RUP "4+1 views" Model? (Choose three) A) Logical View B) Operational View C) Use-Case View D) Implementation View Question 6: Which of the following statements is true about use-case realization? A) It lists the different steps performed by a use-case. B) It provides traceability from Analysis and Design back to requirements. C) It is created by the System Analyst.

Section 4: Use Case Analysis Question 7: A boundary class is an analysis class that represents _____. A) an intermediary or interface to something outside the system B) the user interface or Presentation layer of a system C) an API that is supplied by a third-party vendor and used to integrate with an external system D) the interface between the client and middleware tiers in a system Question 8: During Use Case Analysis.D) Its creation is part of the Requirements discipline. which UML diagrams should you use when allocating use-case behavior to classes? A) sequence and communication diagrams B) use-case and activity diagrams C) sequence and activity diagrams D) class and composite structure diagrams Answer key: 1 D 2 D 3 A 4 C 5 ADC 6 B 7 A 8 A .

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