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United Architects of the Philippines are we Sworn to uphold our profession’s dignity Ours is to create, to design and plan Build the shelter for the Family of Man As architects we build with artistry and vision With humble hearts so patient and with dedication Combining strength, utility and beauty Be it a simple house or complex cities One in heart and one in soul All for one and one for all These architects are the symbols of greatness Loyal to the UAP We pledge to oursleves To serve our country With a fervent verve so let us all be Architects with Filipino soul InTerLUde One in heart and one in soul All for one and one for all These architects are the symbols of greatness Loyal to the UAP We pledge to ourselves To serve our country With a fervent verve so let us all be Architects with Filipino soul With a fervent verve Come let us all be The greatest strength of the UAP

36th Installation of new Officers & Oath-Taking Ceremony of New Members
Redefining Service to Members: Key to a Service-Oriented Architecture
Grand Ballroom, Royal Mandaya Hotel 07.17.2011, 6.00 p.m.

Part I: oPenIng ceremonIes Registration and Entry of Dignitaries, Guests and Members Invocation National Anthem UAP March Architect’s Credo Welcome / Opening Remarks Acknowledgement of Guests Introduction of Guest Speaker Address of Guest Speaker PP Arch. Flora J. Lumayno

Arch. Isidoro R. Malaque III Arch Michaelangelo E. Dakudao, Ph.D. Hon. Sara Z. Duterte Davao City Mayor Part II: DInner

Intermission Numbers

UAP Boy Jazz Band

Part III: InDuctIon ceremonIes

I shall work with this general objective -- that my duty is not only to myself, but also to my God and my country. I shall uphold the ideals and follow the norms of conduct of a noble profession, and endlessly endeavor to further its just ends. I shall humbly seek success, not through the measure of solicited personal publicity, but by industrious application to my work, strive to merit a reputation for quality of service and for fair dealing. I shall ask from all, fair remuneration for my services, while expecting and asking no profits from any other source. I shall hold the interest of my Client over and above any self-interest for financial returns. I shall exercise my professional prerogatives always with impartiality and disinterestedness. I shall avoid any private business investments or venture which may tend to influence my professional judgment to the detriment of the trust placed upon me. I shall inspire by my behavior the loyalty of my associates and subordinates, and take upon me the mentorship of the aspirants to the profession. I shall confine my criticisms and praises within constructive and inspirational limits, and never resort to these means to further malicious motives. I shall dedicate myself to the pursuit of creative endeavor towards the goal of enlightened art and science, generously sharing with colleagues, friends, and strangers alike, the benefits of my experience and experiments.

OFFICERS: DAVAO & NORTH DAVAO CHAPTERS Presentation of Officers Charging of Officers Induction of Officers Chapter Presidents’ Report SG Rey S. Gabitan VP for Area D Marlo J. Basco NP Ramon S. Mendoza, fuap Arch. Jean Marie Villamor-Juanga President, Davao Chapter

MEMBERS Presentation of New Members DD D1 Maria Rebecca F. Hagad Charging of New Members SG Arch. Rey S. Gabitan Oathtaking of New Members Arch. Jean Marie Villamor-Juanga Pinning Rites Past Presidents of UAP Davao Presentation of New Board Passers Arch. Jean Marie Villamor-Juanga UP Mindanao Chair, DH PP. Arch. Wilfredo Z. Policarpio ADDU Program Head Arch. Leo Anthony A. Coching UM Faculty Part IV: testImonIals & closIng ceremonIes Introduction of Special Guest Inspirational Message Recognition Closing Remarks PP. Arch. Wilfredo Z. Policarpio Arch. Ramon S. Mendoza, FUAP National President Arch. Jean Marie Villamor-Juanga Arch. Perry Jan N. Remolador Arch. Michael Jed F. Madrazo Part V: fellowshIP Master of Ceremonies Arch. Nory Loyd P. Narvaez Arch. Emmanuel Joseph T. Pasia


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Chairman Vice Chairman Solicitation Committee Program Committee Physical Arrangement Committee Jean Marie Juanga Michael Jed Madrazo Isidoro Malaque III Jean Marie Juanga Perry Remolador Isidoro Malaque III Aiken dela Cruz Ace Mark Clapis Myrafe Sebastian Gladys San Luis Ryan Songcayauon Mara Villaseca

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Regional District Directors
regional district A-1a ABeL S. nAVArrO, UAP regional district A-1b JAMeS S. TUddAO, UAP regional district A-2a MA. TereSA V. GOPeZ, UAP regional district A-2b TOnY-KAr M. BALde III, UAP regional district A-3 eMITerIO C. nOLASCO, UAP regional district A-4 nOeL e. nICOLAS, UAP regional district A-5 JeSUS r. AGUInALdO, UAP regional district B-1 SerGe T. CHUA (UnSU), Jr., FUAP regional district B-2 MArK LOUIe M. SOrIQUeZ, UAP regional district B-3 rene rICHIe A. COrCUerA, UAP regional district B-4 dArWIn L. AVerIOn, UAP regional district B-5 nOnITO V. MAnILA, UAP regional district C-1 MArIA SArAH J. ABAdIA, UAP regional district C-2 rOBerTO T. AGUILLOn, UAP regional district C-3 edITO A. CUMPIO, UAP regional district C-4 GIL V. JAPITAnA, UAP regional district d-1 MArIA reBeCCA F. HAGAd, UAP regional district d-2 rAOUL L. QUIJAnO, UAP regional district d-3 FerdInAnd A. dUMPA, UAP regional district d-4 BernOVen d. nAYAL, UAP

Sketch \’skech\ n. 1a : a rough drawing representing the chief features of an object or scene and often made as a preliminary study The faces of the incoming and outgoing board members signify the merging of old and new, past and present, classic and modern. This is the whole essence of Art Deco theme.
Photographed by: Roland Jumawan


july 2011 issue • 5

armest greetings to the new officers and members of the United Architects of the Philippines–Davao Chapter! As the club welcomes this new set of officers, I am confident that you, the members and officers, will continue serving the Davao City community, in line with your theme of redefining service. Your theme underscores not merely service, but commitment, integrity of purpose, professionalism in dealing with your clients, and giving each project your best efforts. May you continue to elevate not just the architecture profession but the standard of design and construction in Region XI, and address not just housing and commercial concerns, but urban degradation and environmental conservation in Davao City, in the Philippines, and all over the world. Congratulations to the new officers and members of UAP Davao and more power to the UAP–Davao Chapter and to SKETCH Magazine!



ords cannot fully express my gratitude for your undaunted trust and confidence, giving our Administration a second term, and with your approving nod, we accept the honor and the responsibility to once more serve the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) and the Filipino architects. Throughout the past FY 20102011 , we saw a bright and serviceoriented Administrative Year, a record period of possibilities realized, and magnanimous achievement for all of us; most importantly the members of the National Board, and the “crown” of the “UAP Tree” - the general membership. Today, we feel the widening acceptance that the UAP, the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects in the Philippines is working really hard to be responsive to the needs of “the professional, the professional organization, and the professional product”, while continuing to preserve the UAP’s larger, enduring role as the “vanguard” of the Architectural Profession. The Organization has also given much emphasis to its great responsibility in the Local and International Community. Its projects touched base with the grassroots of our Society and redounded to the well-being of its lessprivileged sector, while maintaining sound global relationship with regional and international co-professionals, and further increasing awareness of the architect’s responsibility to the Environment. Despite all these, we, the members of the UAP should not rest on our laurels, as the IAPOA, and once again, I enjoin you to contribute your ideas on how to move our beloved Organization further ahead. I am confident that with you behind us, we shall not falter. On the occasion of your Chapter’s Induction of Officers for FY 2011-2012 - alongside our felicitations, accept our reminder of the great responsibility we carry with our elected positions. We are confident in your zeal, coupled with hard work, to maintain the heights that we, and those who were there before us, have delivered so far. We know that a stronger focus on our vision to make a better future for the profession of Architecture is in sight. Your adherence to public service, fairness, sincerity, competence and dedication are attributes that the UAP continuously needs, and these shall sustain our aim in “REDEFINING SERVICE TO MEMBERS: KEY TO A SERVICE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE.” Together we made greater things happen; together we will make greater things materialize. Mabuhay ang Arkitektong Pilipino!

SARA Z. DUTERTE Davao City Mayor


irst of all, I would like to thank, the Great Architect above for such blessed year of service, and to all the members of my beloved UAP Davao Chapter for being a part of the success during my term as President. I would like to thank the Past Presidents for their unwavering support, to the suppliers and sponsors, for being loyal partners to our chapter, to all the chapter members, for understanding all the shortcomings and to my board members, who have relentlessly persevered throughout our one year of service to the organization. It is truly an honor to serve alongside such selfless and hardworking architects and friends in the industry. My term has always been centered on service. We successfully opened our UAP Davao Chapter Headquarters to serve both our members and sponsors and partners in the industry at our best. We as a Chapter have successfully reached out to members, students, and the citizens of Davao City alike through our civic and social projects. While I am pleased with what we have achieved in our first year, I know that there is still more to be done. And yes, it is a challenge to me and the board, my hardworking team, who are more than willing to face the next 12 months with vigor and faith in Him, that we will achieve even more and reap even greater rewards with our sincere efforts for the coming year.

We must not forget WHY we face these challenges. We must not forget WHY we serve. And to remember, we must turn to the wise words of Mother Teresa: “Love cannot remain by itself -- it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.” May we all love more, serve more, and be more blessed in the year ahead! MABUHAY ANG UAP DAVAO!!!

ARCH. RAMON S. MENDOZA, FUAP National President

UAP Davao Chapter President


july 2011 issue



t is my pleasure to congratulate the UAP Davao Chapter as you celebrate your Induction and Oath-taking of the new set of Chapter Officers for the Fiscal Year 2011-2012. The UAP national leadership under the present administration with the theme: “Redefining Service to Members: Key to a Service-Oriented Architecture”, is looking forward to a renewed and invigorated membership with “service to the community” as its primary motivation. The many joint undertakings of the current administration with several government and non-government organizations, providing services and assistance not only in the design aspect but in the social and civic activities, is one proof that indeed the UAP as a prime organization of architects is committed in its objective of contributing to the general well-being of our people and the nation as a whole. Our profession is so unique because it encompasses the development of the built environment so that we should all strive to protect and nourish it, for the present and future generations. May this message bring hope and inspiration to all the officers and members of the UAP Davao Chapter as you take on the responsibility of leading your chapter to greater and nobler heights, in pursuit of service to humankind. Again, my congratulations to you all!

y warmest congratulations to the United Architects of the Philippines–Davao Chapter as you celebrate your Induction of Officers and New Members. To the new officers, I give my commendations for the spirit of commitment they have extended to the organization in the attainment of goals and the achievement of programs and projects geared towards the profession, the professional, the professional product, and the professional organization. To the new members, l truly welcome you to the UAP Family and the new experience that awaits you. Your contribution to the organizational undertakings will surely make us stronger and more dedicated to the ideals and vision of the organization. As you celebrate your chapter induction, let me congratulate also the past officers who have laid the great foundations for your chapter. You will continue to be an inspiration and a challenge for the present and future leaders. Yet, today is a moment to backtrack and reflect upon your past chapter achievements which will serve as cornerstones in rededicating and realigning your efforts pertinent with the present theme of the organization – “Redefining Service to Members: Key to a Service-Oriented Architecture”. With your unwavering support, we will continue to forge ahead to a better future for the architects and for our society. With a sustained cooperation from all members, I am optimistic that we will be able to achieve the goals of our organization as envisioned in the UAP 10-year Long Range Plan. May our Lord bless us in all our endeavor. Mabuhay ang Arkitektong Filipino!


ARCH. MARIA BENITA O. REGALA, UAP National Executive Vice President, UAP

Secretary General

Warm greetings!


et me congratulate the new set of officers and incoming members of the United Architect of the Philippines Davao Chapter. May the incoming fiscal year 2011-2012 bring each and everyone endless energy and inspirations to render service to your chapter.

o the officers and members of the United Architects of the Philippines DAVAO Chapter, my warmest greetings on the occasion of your 36th Installation of New Officers and New Members. My heartfelt congratulations to the new set of officers for the fiscal year 2011-2012. I am sure that with your zeal and dedication, all of you are up to the challenge of steering this club in meeting this year’s UAP theme of “REDEFINING SERVICE TO MEMBERS: KEY TO A SERVICE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE”. To the new members of the chapter, we welcome you! I am confident that your batch will be inspired with the chapter’s achievements for the past years. I also know that the chapter will benefit from your contribution of new ideas and concepts. To all of you, may you together carry on UAP’s mission and steer UAP DAVAO to a bigger success in the coming year. Congratulations and mabuhay ang UNITED ARCHITECTS OF THE PHILIPPINES!


May our theme" Redefining service to members, key to service oriented architecture" serve as our guiding light to become architects of goodwill to our organization and to our community as well. To the officers of UAP-Davao Chapter, lead by example and extend more effort to serve our members. As leaders you will inspire and encourage our members to become active and service-oriented members of UAP! Mabuhay ang UAP, the 2011 PRC Outstanding APO!

MARLO J, BASCO,UAP Area D Vice President

ARCH. MARIA REBECCA F. HAGAD UAP District Director D1 sketch
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UAP Davao History
The development of architectural associations in Davao City began in the 1950’s when eight architects and civil engineers allied to establish the Davao Association of Civil Engineers and Architects (DACEA). The association did not last long as the architects eventually separated from the organization to form the Association of Davao Architects (ADA) in 1960. The ADA was granted chapter affiliation in March, 1964 by the League of Philippine Architects (LPA), a group composed of 15 registered architects in the country which split from the Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA). The ADA elected Arch. Ramon Basa, the first professional architect to work in Davao, as its first president. Arch. Antonio V. Bañas, then LPA National President, inducted him into office. The other Davao architects who headed the ADA as president included Arch. Johnny S. Sulit (1964-1965 and 1967-1969) and Arch. Pedro J. Sandoval (1966-1967). Among the projects undertaken by the ADA was the holding of the First Regional Convention of Filipino Architects in Davao City in March 23, 1971. The project was realized with the cooperation of the Association of Government Architects (AGA) and the Council of Filipino Architects (CFA). In compliance with Presidential Decree 223, the ADA sponsored a symposium on the integration of all architectural associations under the banner of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) on May 18, 1975. A month after, the Executive Board presented a proposal to the General Membership to dissolve the organization and integrate with all the other associations under the banner of the UAP. Immediately upon the approval of the proposal, an election followed and Arch. Florencio Gavino, Arch. Roman L. Solitaria and Arch. Johnny S. Sulit were appointed as UAP Regional Coordinators for Regional Council District (RCD) VII which comprised the whole of Mindanao. The Chapter-By laws was ratified by the UAP National Convention on December 20, 1975. An election followed on February 25, 1976. Arch. Pedro J. Sandoval was elected chapter president. UAP Davao Chapter was formally chartered by then UAP National President Jose Herrera on March 25, 1976. The architects who sat as Regional Directors for Region XII (comprising the entire Mindanao) from the period covering the years 1975 until 1982 were from the UAP Davao Chapter. They were Arch. Johnny S. Sulit (1976-1978, 1988-1990), Arch. Pedro J Sandoval (1978-1980), Arch. Fernando S. Tuason (19801081), Arch. Roman T. Solitaria (1981-1982) and Arch. Omar Luis J. Payumo (1991-1993). In 1982, the members of UAP Davao Chapter set to fulfill their mission which was to develop understanding, friendship and unity with other professional associations in Davao. They spearheaded the organization of the Architects, Plumbers and Engineers (APE) Sportsfest Association and successfully organized the tournaments which saw the participation of such associations as Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, National Master Plumbers/Plumbing Engineers Association of the Philippines, Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines, Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers. These professional groups were also invited to participate in the conferences sponsored by UAP Davao Chapter. Through the initiative of Arch. Johnny S. Sulit, then president of the Chapter, the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders Association of Davao was established on June, 1982. Arch. Sulit was inducted Charter President while UAP Davao Chapter architects namely, Fernando C. Tason and Jaime P. Ansaldo served as Charter Directors. Another project initiated by the Chapter was the holding of an interchapter regional conference in Cagayan de Oro City in October 2224, 1982, which gave the Davao architects the chance to interact with the architects from Iligan, Butuan and Cagayan de Oro City. It was also an opportunity for the architects to tour various places. A most significant event in 1983 under the leadership of Arch. Pedro J. Sandoval was the appointment of Arch. Emilio P. Gellido as Chairman of the Regional Council on Ethics for RCD VII by the UAP National Board. With Arch. Jaime P. Ansaldo’s term as president in 1985, the Chapter launched its first scholarship program for deserving architecture students of University of Mindanao. UAP Davao’s first “Kris at Kalasag” Chapter Award was given to Arch. Sulit in 1986 under the term of Chapter President Omar Luis J. Payumo. That year, Arch. Sulit and Arch. Manuel N. Chiew became members of the College of Fellows. Among the significant projects planned by Arch. Payumo as the first joint effort between the architects and architecture students of the University of Mindanao in celebrating the Nationwide Architecture Week (NAW), is the observance and celebration of the Architects’ Memorial Day in honor of the architects of Davao City who have passed away. The year 1987 was a distinguished year for the UAP Davao Chapter under the able leadership of Arch. Jose O. Pasco Jr., as the Chapter was presented the Best Provincial Chapter award by the UAP National Board during the 13th National Convention in Manila. The Chapter’s first Best Provincial Chapter award was given three years earlier under the presidency of Arch. Sulit. Again in 1988 under the term of Arch. Prospero A. Abellano, the Davao Chapter received its third Best Provincial Chapter award for having successfully hosted the 8th UAP Regional Conference for the Visayas and Mindanao. With Arch. Percival David at the helm in 1989, the UAP Butuan (Sidakang Mindanao) Chapter was created with the Davao Chapter as its mother chapter. The following year, under Chapter President Warly de Mata, UAP further expanded with the creation of the UAP Empire Province of Cotabato Chapter and the UAP Mount Apo Chapter. Arch. Sulit served as the District Director in 1990. The year 1991 saw Arch. Abellano serving his second term as Chapter President. Among the projects he undertook were the UAP Davao scholarship grants for 26 street children coursed through the DSWD; the circulation of the quarterly UAP Davao Newsletter; the generation of funds for the establishment of a local UAP secretariat; and the construction of a monument to honor the National Artist, Architect and Educator Victorio Edades. Arch. Benjamin K. Panganiban became president in 1992. He continued the projects initiated by the previous administration such as the streetchildren scholarship program, Nationwide Architecture Week, and other projects including the Balangkasan with Buidling Officials and Feng Shui Seminar. On January 30, 1992, under Arch. Benjamin K. Panganiban’s term, UAP Davao presented and turned-over the Edades Memorial to the Davao City government at Clifford Park. The year 1993 was a truly meaningful year with Arch. Flora J. Lumayno, then Chapter president, initiating sociallyrelevant programs. Activities included the procurement and donation of school materials to the SOS Children’s Village; scholarship grants for deserving architecture students of University of Mindanao; and rice donations for the street children of Lingap Center. Collaborative effort with the UAP Mt. Apo Chapter ensured the success of various product presentations, conferences, sports competitions and fellowships. A most important project to cap the fiscal year was the establishment of the first cooperative for the benefit of Davao’s architects – the Architectural Ventures Multi-purpose Cooperative. Arch. Anselmo Ferrazzini’s term as president in 1994 proceeded with the Intrex Philippines’ Second Mindanao International Building and Construction Show, and the First East Asean Buildex ’95. This was followed by the participation of UAP Davao Chapter members in the East Asian Business Convention.
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With Arch. Ma. Concepcion Dy’s reign as president in 1995, the Chapter hosted the National Conference of Architects in October. The well-organized national affair not only brought out the leadership potentials of the members but also focused the attention of the Chapter to the National level of recognition by garnering the “Best Chapter” award, Provincial Level. Exposure of chapter membership development and district unity were the prime thrust of the administration of 1996 led by Arch. Jay Mendoza. One successful chapter project launched during this period was the weekly column entitled “UAP Davao Chapter” authored by Arch. Michaelangelo E. Dacudao. Ph.D., featured in the Sun Star Periodiko Davao, a widely-circulated local daily. Arch. Mendoza also gave emphasis on the development and improvement of architecture students by establishing and instituting the first University of Mindanao UAP Student Auxiliary (UMSA) in March 1997. As highlight to Arch. Mendoza’s administration, the UAP Davao Chapter Secretariat Office, located along Bonifacio St., Davao City, was formally opened and put into operation in tie-up with the Architectural Ventures Multi-Purpose Cooperative which was initiated during the term of Arch. Flora Lumayno. The first District-wide Joint Induction Ceremony was realized during the term of Arch. Agustin Narciso in August 1997, which brought architects from UAP chapters of Mount Apo, Socksargen and Cotabato to the Davao Convention Center. It set the precedent for cost-cutting measures in holding of other UAP induction ceremonies for District D-2 in the future. Arch. Manuel B. Rosales focused on architectural education when he was elected to lead the UAP-Davao in 1998. Among the highlights of his administration’s project was the exhibition, “Encounter - The Vernacular Paradox of Israeli Architecture”, held at the lobby of the Royal Mandaya Hotel from Feb. 15-25, 1998. The exhibit was formally opened to the public in a formal ceremony led by the Ambassador of Israel to the Philippines, the Honorable Ilan Baruch. Another project of Arch. Rosales, which was implemented by Arch. M.E. Dakudao was the first ever educational field trip of the first batch of architecture students of the Ateneo de Davao University to the internationally acclaimed Pearl Farm Resort on Sept. 18, 1998. This project was to be followed by a special lecture on Spanish Architecture by Dr. Pablo Prados Ruano who came all the way from Madrid, Spain, upon the invitation of Arch. Dakudao. It was also during the term of Arch. Rosales that the UAP-Davao published the Centennial Souvenir Program for District D-2. Arch. William C. Yong’s term in 1999 saw his administration initiating a design competition for the Davao City entrance arch in cooperation with the Davao Beautiful Foundation. Arch. Omar Luis Payumo and Arch. Prospero Abellano were elected to the College of Fellows during this term. The UAP Davao and Mt. Apo Chapters jointly hosted the NCCA national touring exhibitions entitled “Arkitekturang Filipino: Spaces and Places in History” at the Apo View Hotel from Aug. 5-12, 2000. However, not all was rosy for the young administration in 1999 as administrative and financial problems, which in reality started from the past administration and were conveniently ignored, seriously confronted his leadership. Just like in the past, the mammoth problems were eagerly bequeathed, without any resolution, to the next administration headed by Arch. Wilfredo Z. Policarpio. The year 2000 marked the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the United Architects of the Philippines Davao Chapter. Arch. Wilfredo Z. Policarpio’s program focused more on socially-relevant projects such as blood donations from architects for the supply of the Philippine Red Cross; visiting orphanages and contributing to their food, clothing and medical needs; and various fund-raising projects. A significant endeavor of the Policarpio administration was the initiation for the establishment of the UAP-Davao Foundation. Like the previous administrations, Arch. Policarpio and his officers never cleared important matters regarding the finances of the association.
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At the start of a new terrifying century, it seems everyone’s, including architects, priorities have changed. Arch. Armina A. Mababa, then the reigning President, rose to the challenge, devoting her time in achieving financial viability, organizational stability, efficiency and effectiveness. Arch. Mababa continued the UAP Davao tradition in such socially relevant activities as Red Cross blood donations, orphanage visitations (while donating food, clothing and medicines), and tree planting. Among her educational programs included a special seminar and tour for architects and architecture students of the new Davao International Airport with Arch. Neal Punzalan as guest speaker. It was during Arch. Mababa’s term that the UAPSA UP Mindanao and Ateneo de Davao Chapters were instituted respectively. With the sponsorhip of Mr. Samuel Ang of Boysen Paints, Arch. Mababa celebrated the Nationwide Architecture Week with a motorcade, exhibit, painting contests, sportsfest and a fellowship cum party with the support of fellow architects and the UAP Student Auxiliary from the Ateneo de Davao University, University of Mindanao and UP Mindanao. To supplement the UAP funds, she held a Bingo Month in cooperation with PagCor at the Grand Regal Hotel on February 2002. In 2002, Arch. Manuel de Luna became the 27th UAP Davao Chapter president. His administration continued the usual Chapter activities done annually like the Red Cross Blood Donation, APE Sportsfest, and the observance of the Nationwide Architecture Week. Other activities held were the Student Design Competition and Lecture–Workshop on Origamic Architecture by Arch. Ramon Tanglao. Highlight for the year 2002 included the hosting of the 11th National Conference of Architects (NCA-11) and the 7th UAP Student Auxiliary Area C Assembly in Davao City. Under de Luna’s administration, exploratory talks with the Philippine institute of Architects (PIA) Davao Section and the UAP Mt. Apo Chapter were initiated in a concerted effort to come up with the “Architect’s Forum”, a venue where issues and concerns regarding the practice of architecture profession in the city can be aired. Arch. Noel Chavez, UAP Davao Chapter president for 2003, continued where the previous term left off. Despite the transfer of some UAP Davao members to the newly-chartered UAP Kadayawan Dabaw Chapter, he consolidated the membership line-up by undertaking an aggressive campaign to strengthen camaraderie among members like the Mid-Year Outing and Coastal Cleanup in Babusanta, Talikud Island on September 13, 2003, Christmas Party at Eden Mountain Resort and the UAP Davao Chapter Anniversary Outing on March 29, 2004 in Binugao, Toril. Other activities included the Red Cross Blood Donation, APE Sportsfest and seminar on roofing system at UP Mindanao. Another highlight during the term of Arch. Chavez was the joint observance of the Nationwide Architecture Week among UAP Davao, Mt. Apo and Kadayawan Dabaw Chapters. Activities included a motorcade, finger painting, courtesy call to the Office of the City Mayor, on-the-spot painting contest, public lectures, tree planting, product presentations and tours. A culmination night of the week-long celebration was held at Linmar Davao on December 6, 2003, which also coincided with the induction ceremony of incoming officers of the UAP Student Auxiliary chapters of Ateneo de Davao University and UP Mindanao. Arch. Alvin Alladin’s term in 2004 started with a unique outdoor Hawaiian-motif Chapter Induction at the poolside of Waterfront Insular Hotel. This was followed by several socio-civic activities which included a gift-giving and visit to a day care center for indigents in Agdao; coastal clean-up in Daliao, Toril; Red Cross Blood Donation; Brigada Eskwela at the Teodoro Palma Gil Elementary School; and tree planting in Toril. During the observance of World Day of Architecture, the Chapter sponsored an architectural rendering contest among architecture students in the city. It was during the presidency of Arch. Alladin that the first Inter-School Architecture Quiz Bowl was staged at NCCC Mall during the celebration of the Nationwide Architecture Week. Other NAW activities held that year were a motorcade, In Situ Architectural Rendering Competition, simultaneous free architectural consultation at major Davao City hardwares, the “Hottah! Hottah!” Christmas Party at Costa Marina Resort in Samal Island, and the launching of the UAP Davao Chapter monthly newsletter, IMPRINT.


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UAP Davao reached another milestone in 2005-2006 as the Chapter celebrated its 30th Charter Anniversary. It was during that fiscal year when Arch. Ercison Europa assumed the leadership as the 30th president of the Chapter. One of the highlights of his term was the joint effort among all UAP chapters in Davao City (Davao, Mt. Apo and Kadayawan Dabaw Chapters) and the Philippine Institute of Architects Davao Section to lobby in the Sangguniang Panlungsod for the implementation of RA 9266 in the City and the establishment of the position of City Architect. Arch. Europa continued on with the socio-civic and educational activities initiated during the past administrations. This included a coastal cleanup and mangrove planting in Punta Dumalag and the Heritage Churches Exhibit at UP Mindanao. He also spearheaded a physical fitness program wherein members had an opportunity to indulge in regular sports activities such as basketball, bowling and badminton. As in the past celebrations, the Nationwide Architecture Week of 2005 was highlighted by several events. This included a motorcade, the 2nd Inter-School Architecture Quiz Bowl, the 3rd In Situ Architectural Rendering Competition, architecture exhibit, NAW Invitational Basketball Tournament, free architectural consultation, academic lectures and the Chapter Christmas Party in Binugao, Toril. The 30th Charter Anniversary on March 25, 2006 was a momentous event for the Chapter. The whole-day celebration included a thanksgiving mass at St. Paul Parish Church in Juna Subdivision, breakfast salu-salu at Café Juna, orphanage visit at the Missionaries of Charity Center and lunch fellowship with former UAP Davao members who have already transferred to UAP Kadayawan at Citihardware Matina. It was also under the presidency of Arch. Europa when the formation of a UAP Chapter in Davao del Norte, was initiated. When Arch. Daniel Lim assumed the presidency of the Chapter in 2006, his main focus was for the Chapter’s financial stability. Aside from tapping the well-established member-architects of UAP Davao, particularly Arch. Manuel Chiew, in the solicitation of funds, he was able to come up with innovative ideas to increase the Chapter’s finances. After the successful Induction of Officers and New Members held at Marco Polo on July 25, 2006, other highlights of Arch. Lim’s term was the chartering of the UAP North Davao Chapter at Dencio’s Restaurant , the hosting of the Area D Assembly by UAP Davao on February 27, 2007 at the Grand Men Seng Hotel, and the UAP Davao 31st Anniversary celebration at Paradise Island Resort on April 14, 2007. During the presidency of Arch. Evito R. Salac in 2007-2008, one of his long dreamed passions was to strengthen the integrity, capability and capacity of architects as well as the unity and bonding among members. One of the main highlights of the successful programs and activities was the regular Continuing Professional Education (CPE) with relevant topics to the profession in every General Membership Meeting. Arch.

Salac continued the traditional Community Projects initiated by past administrations, which includes Brigada Eskwela, Run for Peace and the Dental and Medical Mission at Daliao, Toril, Davao City. Arch. Salac strengthened the high moral values of members by having the First Architects Values Formation during his memorable birthday on October 18, 2007 at Grand Men Seng Hotel. He further initiated significant bonding program through sports to develop camaraderie such as Bowling Tournament at NCCC Mall and Badminton. UAP Davao joined for the first time on the Arkilympics during the National Conference of Architects on 2007 at Cebu City and won 1st Runner-Up in Badminton, 2nd Runner-Up in bowling and played in the elimination round in the basketball tournament. UAP Davao celebrated the World Day of Architecture on October 2007 at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao with a Heritage Churches of the Philippines Exhibit and On-the-Spot Painting Contest of San Perdo Church participated by architecture students from the different architectural schools in the city. In the Nationwide Architecture Week-long celebration, UAP Davao highlighted with regular events which includes 3rd NAW Basketball Tournament, 3rd Inter-School Architecture Quiz Bowl and the 4th City Hall Building Architectural Rendering Competition. UAP Davao’s first construction show, Defining Spaces, the first Architectural Exhibit of Exterior and Interior Spaces held on March 2008 at SM City Davao was the major project of his tenure. It was then during his time that the UAP Davao Lot Fund was created for the future office building of UAP Davao Chapter. UAP Davao celebrated its 32nd Charter Anniversary with a Night of Architectural Excellence honoring the charter members and recognizing the past presidents of UAP Davao at the Grand Men Seng Hotel in March 2008. In April 2008, it was the momentous day for Arch. Salac and its members when UAP Davao received the two prestigious awards from UAP National – the 2007-2008 Best Chapter Award and the Hall of Fame Award awarded by the UAP National President Arch. Medeliano T. Roldan Jr. Arch. Salac’s term celebrated with a night to remember - the Thanksgiving and Victory Party for the success of his administration on May 2008 at the World Palace, Davao City attended by the UAP National President. It was another banner year for the chapter, under the leadership of Arch. Agatha Ellen Salanatin-Valencia, as it hosted the 17th National Conference of Architects (NCA-17), said to be the last for the UAP. It was during this successful national event that acting City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte signed the Administrative Order to fully implement RA 9266 in Davao City. Her term also saw the creation of the Council of Chapter Past Presidents, whose purpose is to have a venue for the Past Presidents to serve as the advisory body of the Chapter Board. Aside from the regular chapter and national activities like the 37th Nationwide Architecture Week, the 5th Area Assembly, and the 35th National Convention, other


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notable activities were the UAP Davao Basketball Cup 2008, the NCCA Photo Touring Exhibit of National Artists, and the Defining Spaces Part 2 (DS-2). The chapter was also inducted into membership to the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., and sponsored the chartering of the newest UAP chapter, UAP Davao Alpha. There were also socio-civic projects like the Mangrove Planting at Punta Dumalag, the Gift-Giving to Bago Aplaya schoolchildren, and the visit to the Davao City Female Jail. Fellowship activities after the NCA-17 and DS-2, and the Chapter’s Summer Beach Outing. And for the first time in UAP Davao history, the chapter conducted the Asian Study Tour to Hong Kong and Macau on August 2009, an activity seen as the product of all the hard work that this group has achieved. The Chapter garnered three awards to cap the fiscal year: Most Active Chapter in Mindanao, Model Chapter for District D1, and a recognition for hosting the NCA-17. The Fiscal Year 2009-2010 fell under the charge of Arch. Francis Gerard SJ. Hidalgo. Among the successes achieved by his administration was the holding of the first-ever Conference of Mindanao Architects on October 22-24 at Pearl Farm Resort, Island Garden City of Samal. The UAP Davao Chapter led the Davao-based Organizing Committee by shouldering all task-related to programs and planning. The 1st Conference of Mindanao Architects has been lauded as one of the UAP’s biggest success in 2009. Perhaps one of the more exciting and rewarding initiatives headed by Arch. Hidalgo was an expanded line-up of Nationwide Architecture Week (NAW) activities, which were positively received by suppliers, students, and architects alike. The event was held on the first week of December 2009, and there was a clamor from all sides for more activities next year. During Arch. Hidalgo’s term, then-Vice-Mayor Sara Z. Duterte also approached the chapter, requesting for its services in the redesign of the Rizal Park Stage. The City Government was able to choose among several submitted entries during the UAP Davao’s annual design exhibit, Defining Spaces 3. Another notable achievement by the UAP Davao Chapter was its inclusion in the PhilConstruct Mindanao 2010 construction show, an activity of the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) – a sign that the UAP Davao Chapter is indeed front-and-center in the Mindanao architectural scene. Arch. Jean Marie Juanga led the next band of officers and the chapter for the Fiscal Year 2010-2011. A noteworthy milestone accomplished during her term was the realization of the official UAP Davao Office located at Unit 4, Matina Town’s Square, Matina, Davao City. Regarded as the central communication node, this office has harbored stronger internal and external linkages.

The tradition of celebrating the Nationwide Architecture Week was also a blast as evidenced by the high participation of the academic and professional community. One of the highlights of the NAW 2010 is the Mangrove Tree Planting at the Pawikan Sanctuary, Punta Dumalag, Matina Aplaya, Davao City last December 7, 2011. During the heralded World Day of Architecture, the emphasis on service and giving was translated into another civic project: the TsinelasGiving to children ages 4-8 years old at Matina Aplaya, Davao City last October 4, 2010; all these implemented public service efforts aired and advocated through the media. Efforts to establish connectivity and partnerships also resulted in the co-hosting of the First District D-1 Level Sports Tournament where the chapter bagged several medals for the main events namely Billiard, Badminton and Basketball. This event held last January 29, 2011 was attended by members of all the six (6) District D-1 chapters, several dealers, suppliers and allied professionals. The Mindanao Builders Directory, an ambitious project, was also launched and steered towards the goal of producing a comprehensive architectural and construction information source in Mindanao. Likewise, the first draft of the Chapter By laws has been compiled and readied for intensive revisions and implementation. These projects have been set to further strengthen the internal capacity of the chapter’s organization. Several activities to boost continuing professional education were also organized. These included the Revit Software Lecture last October 9, 2010 which introduced another computer-aideddesign tool to improve design and presentation; participation in the Internationally-linked Seminar on Designing Disaster Resilient Communities last September 17, 2010, and attendance in the Sustainable Toilet Design Lecture Series. During this term, involvement in Annual Events continued still unceasingly. Chapter delegation to the 2nd Conference of Mindanao Architects at Cagayan de Oro City last February 11-13, 2011 and the National Convention in Manila last April 2011 were among these events. The Defining Space 4 (DS4) held last March 25-27, 2011, centered on the theme “Condo Living, the Green Way”, was marked a huge success. The DS4 also housed the rebirthing of the North Davao Chapter after a complete line-up of Chapter Officers were elected and sworn to office last March 27, 2011. This fiscal year headed by Arch. Juanga largely centered on the importance of social responsibility and service as architects. It has been composed of huge leaps toward leading the chapter and the profession to the next highest level of impact and influence.

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From Top: (1) The Inducted Officers; (2) Arch. Juanga with UAP National Officers; (3) Arch. Dakudao & Arch. Hidalgo as emcees; (3) Past Presidents of UAP Davao; (4) UAP Davao Induction Attendees

Last July 19, 2010, UAP Davao held its blackthemed 35th Chapter Induction at The Grand Ballroom of the Marco Polo Hotel-Davao. The affair was sponsored by Boysen Paints. The Chapter Officers inducted that time were: Arch. Jean Marie V. Juanga (President), Arch. Victoria L. Barquin (VP for Operations), Arch. Michael Jed F. Madrazo (VP for Programs and Development), Arch. Ryan C. Songcayauon (Secretary), Arch. Mary Grace T. Sy (Treasurer), Arch. Isidoro R. Malaque III (Auditor) and Directors Arch. Perry Jan N. Remolador, Arch. Joahnn AM. Abellanosa, Arch. Nory Loyd P. Narvaez and Arch. Gladys B. San Luis and Ex-Officio Arch. Francis Gerard SJ. Hidalgo. Arch. Juanga’s challenged to the Chapter’s members after having received all the recognitions in the past, is give back to society by extending a helping hand. With this year’s theme “Redefining

Service to Members”, Arch. Juanga also encouraged the Past Presidents to keep on helping the Chapter even after their term have ended. Three new members were inducted into the Chapter. Also given recognition during the affair were the new board passers of the architecture licensure examination given last June 2010. The Induction was attended by about 96 persons, including sponsors and guests headed by the UAP National President Ramon Mendoza. The Induction was in honor of the two architectmembers of the Chapter, Arch. Johnny Sulit the “Grand Pillar of the South” and Sulit’s nephew, Arch. Anselmo Ferrazzini, an “architect-maker of building corporate identity in structures.” They were both respected in the architecture profession in the region. (Mike Madrazo)

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c/o Frank Auto Repair Shop, Km.3 McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City 0917 988 2101

Valencia, Agatha Ellen S.

RG Salanatin Construction, Inc. 109 Dr 2 Duka Apartment, Atlantic Ave., Phase 3, Ecoland Araullo St., Davao City Subd., Davao City 0928 308 6903 0918-9087678/0922-8858075 (Past President)

Valledor, Edwin D. Jr.

Villaseca, Maria Rallah E.

Block 2 Lot 3, Sinforosa Hugo de Medrana St., Santiago Villas, Catalunan Grande, Davao City 0923-5976018 (Incoming Director)

Villordes, James

HR Construction Corp., Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City 0916-5548087 sketch
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Dealer, Installer, Supplier of the Following: Acoustic, Gypsum, Hardiflex * Light Metal Frames * T-runner * Floor Finishing * Electrical * Roofing & Insulation * Blinds (horizontal, vertical) * PVC Doors, Ceilings, Folding Doors

Honey Domingo

Sales/Marketing Professional

Yahya, Tanya Mae

SVDB, Unit 1-A, Quimpo Blvd., Davao City

Wiliam C. Yong Architects Unit 5, Cartir Square, Buhangin, 0920-9529291/ 09322497518 Davao City 0917-2407084/ 09228878204 (Past President)

Yong, William C.

Abian , Pervy Jannie P. Crown Communities G/F Karpentrade Bldg., Mc Arthur Highway, Matina, Davao City 0916-7001076 Aguilar , Sharon Faith S. 0921-3279543

the camera shy
Cariaga, Daniel J. III 0919-8638208 Clemente, Eric Tagum City 0930-3035-838 Conching, Leo Anthony 49 San Francisco St., Liceralde Vill., Davao City 0917-9133230 Dakudao, Michaelangelo Dakudao & Sons Inc. Km. 6 Lanang, Davao City 0921-5522855/(082) 2352415 Deguilla, Jiesel San Pablo, Tubod, Surigao del Norte 0919-8057-057 Demape, Jake G. Manay, Panabo City, Davao del Norte 0921-6118081 Diems, Arturus 54 Bele Rd., Pampanga Exec. Homes, Lanang, Davao City 0917-7044820/(082) 2342880 Dizon, Ronald John 0119 Salandanan Subd., Kidapawan City 0916 446 1240 Elemino, Jay 0921-7751520 Espinousa, Mary Louna M. Singapore Farma, Bill Michael L. 108 Yellowbell St., Aplha Homes Subd., Matina, Davao City 0906-5000-445 Habaradas, Don Jay Buhangin, Davao City 09063570701 Hulsey, Teresita Santos 91 Sobrecarey St., Obrero, Davao City 0917-3879446/(082) 3055430 Jesura, Joel 0908-4764-989

Kong, Christine Marie L. Cor. Misamis-Samal Sts., Insular Village Phase 2, Davao City 0920-9109-697 Lamanilao, Julito C. Tubulla St., Lupon, Davao Oriental 0918-2401227 Lao, Neil Jorge U. 0926-7418044 Lerin, Carlos Toril, Davao City 0919-5202265 Lim, Cole Mark U. Unit 2, Bicol St., Rivera Village, Bajada, Davao City 0917-7004818 Maglana, Ma. Lovella 18/f Ayala Tower 1, Phil. Stock Exchange Plaza Ayala Triangle, Ayala Ave., Makati City 0917-7051126

Peque, Joseph Reygan L. 0920 258 5779 Pimentel, Jana Patricia C. Unit 1205 Celebrity Place, Capitol Hills Drive, Balara, Diliman, Quezon City 0918 927 7923 Ramos, Margarita Carla B. 0917 992 3469 Reyes, Roel Anthony T. 94 Saturn St., GSIS Heights, Matina, Davao City 0939-8426-608 / 0922-7119-897 Rieta, Sylvia Puyod Rm. 9 Camper Bldg., Bonifacio St., Davao City (082)2210956 Salazar, Mary Ann Celeste L. Block 1, Lot 47, Country Homes, Mankilam, Tagum City 0920 428 9141/0922-5475237

0917-7003599/(082) 2228918/2262714 Tabay, Rexie Grey B. HBS Company 229 Pampanga River St., Rivera Village, Bajada, Davao City 0933-0332-115 Te, Karen Dawn B. CISA Builders Center, Quinones cor. Apollo St., Buhangin, Davao City 0906 503 9325/082 226 3292 Tecson, Noirene L. 0927-5395037 Ubuñgen, Melany C. 0908-8861-985 / 0906-3180-428 Ulangkaya, Kareem C de Jesus St., UIC, Davao City 0906-3068-102 Uy, Rina T. c/o Frank Auto Repair Shop, Km.3 McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City 0917 988 2101 Vergabera, Dareen Gold Block 11 Lot 35 Country Homes Subd., Cabantian, Davao City 0910-7201-692 Victoriano, Neo Tinikling St., San Francisco Vill., Matina, Davao City 0917-3962845 Villalon, Sharlyn Mae D. 28 2nd Ave., Fortune Homes, Lanang, Davao City 0927 900 9037

Alivio, Jessie Blk. 6 Lot 12 Rosalina 3 Dumoy, Davao City 09206026858 Angayan , Faith Ann G. 4 Caloocan St., Rolling Hills Subd., Davao City 0927-62999786 Ayson, Ruben 0926-4012686 Baron , Jesse James C. 209 Continental St., Davao Exec. Homes, Matina, Davao City 0917-4316144 Barrot, Arbie C. 16A Salit St., Nova Tierra Vill., Lanang, Davao City 0927-6299986 Bermudez, Abner Provincial Engineer’s Office Mankilam, Tagum City 091620968 Cabacungan , Rezin North St., DBP Village, Matina, Davao City 0918-7497480/(082) 2961331 Cabazares, El Vim Noel 206 Galaxy Ave., Victoria Heights, Lanang, Davao City 09119-6371-639 Calzada, Joyce Crislogo, Ryan Val Culver City, LA California, USA (083) 5533484 Canuday, Chito 49 5th St., Hillside Subd., Bajada, Davao City 0916-3529876
36 •

Salise, Clark Vincent Maurice C. 0917-7010625/0916-5232848 Magdamo, Jun Yves RD Magdamo Architect Associates Santos, Jason 804 Loreto St., Juna Subd., Matina, 2604 Estrada 3rd St., Digos City Davao City 0919-8973060/09163581774 0917-8101570 Sardinia, Tricia Leigh S. Mendiola, Romilin L. 0921-5630832/0922-4689499 2/F Shopping Center Mgt. Corp., SM City Davao, Quimpo Blvd., Sarte, Loverly Marie M. Davao City 0906-4152-372 0922-8121193 Sobrevega, Gundelino S. Nacar, Raul Davao City Water District Blk. Lot 2 Gulfview Subd., J.P. laurel Ave., Davao City Bago Aplaya, Davao City 0928-7329518/(082) 2219400 0927-9322275 / (082) 297-6719 Sumalpong, Randy Namocatcat, Ligaya Rose A. 0916-3574555 0920-6049015 Secuya, Arthuro Omagtang, Peter Paul 319 6th-A Ph., Ecoland Subd., 618 Jacinto St., Cor Juan Luna St., Matina, Davao City Davao City 0916-4480118 (082) 2961529 Parreño, Pinky Tan, Philip Koumintang St., Mintal, Davao City 96 Ramon Magsaysay Ave., 0917-7524-347 Davao City

the departed
Ferrazzini, Anselmo S. January 30, 1961 - June 12, 2010 Sulit, Johnny June 26, 1933 - March 5, 2010


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Office Address: 74-76 Lim Building, Santa Ana Avenue, Davao City 8000, Philippines

AND ALUMINUM Telephones:
(6382) 227-7081 * 221-0970 (6382) 224-0090 * Telefax


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VP for Operations

Jun Ace


Director Secretary

Mara Perry




Aiken Mymy


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