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Child Development Pedagogy

Child Development Pedagogy

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Published by: Swarup Upadhyaya on Aug 01, 2011
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Child Developmentand Pedagogy: Paper I For L.P. level (ClassesI-V)

Total Marks : 30


Child Development and Pedagogy (a) Child development (for children 6-11 years group) o r Conceptand Natureof Development Factors influencing Development - Biological heredity, Psychological and Environmentalfactors. o Dimensionsof Child Development- Physical.Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Moral. o o Developmentof language during early childhoodand later childhood. Individual differences Intra and Inter individual differencesin various areasof Interest,Habit, Aptitudes,Intelligence, Creativity and their assessment. o o . Personality Conceptand factorsinfluencingpersonality. CommonBehavioural Problems Children- Causes Remedies. and of Adjustment,Conceptof Mental Health and Hygiene.

(b) Processof Learning r o o o e Meaning and Natureof Learning. FactorsaffectingLearning. Maturationand Readiness learnins. for Motivation and Learning. Methods of Learning, Major Laws of Learning with their educational implications. o (Stimulus-) Response Theoriesof Learning- (i) Connectionism Theory) (ii) Conditioning- Classicaland operant.

(iii) Gestalt T|ulilt and Group Learning
. (c) Pedagogy o Page 1 | Teaching-LearningProcess Transferof Learnine

( vlerndutSecr ra) elar E^p o,Aet Co ed w&++<e,TT, Assa*w E
D :r g r ;I n ; . s l l ' , G l i.,1'; l:rir

Phasesof Teaching (preactive. time and taskmanagement.Teachingas Plannedactivity. }. o o o I o Conceptof child-centred teachingand competency basedteaching.Sea' ei.socio-cultural background.o Knowledge of children from Diverse Context .. creative. o r Understanding childrenwith learningdifficulties and Behaviouralproblems.+ uu.Different methods of teachins Lecturemethod. Page| 2 (^* . Interactive and Post active Phases). Formativeand summative evaluation. children with special needs (Talented. Leadershipquality of teacher.* etar^1) E+ny onwe{ 6 *il. o ClassroomManagement Role of Teacherand the students."\ l/' ( rtt u . Diagnosticremedialteaching. Continuousand Comprehensive Evaluation. .. OrganisingTeaching. specially abled). inclusive education.TEr.ssa A nv .l {}. Conceptof TLM and its importance.project method.}. c.

Maturationand Readiness learnine. r o e r Meaning and Natureof Learning. for Motivation and Learning. Cognitive. . Understanding changes during the stageof development.Conceptof Mental Health and Hygiene.Emotional. Factorsaffectinglearning. Creativityand their assessment. (b) Processof Learning . Adjustment. and Counselling Guidance UnderstandingdevelopmentalHazards.P. Adolescence problems adolescenceadolescence of education.Habits. Individual differences Intra and Inter individual differencesin various areasof Interest.Psychological and Environmental factors. Dimensions of Child Development .TET.Aptitudes. /'ssaw L dt't< i '* '"''r ll r .SYLLABUSFOR TET 2OII Child Development Pedagogy Paper II and : For U.Social and Moral. and Group Learning ' Page 3 | I Transferof Learnins Sr @rr*dr*ctelory) Convafteo. o (Stimulus-> Response Theory) Theoriesof Learning.(i) Connectionism (ii) Conditioning Classical operant. o o r Personality Conceptand factorsinfluencingpersonality. and (iit) GestaltT::lr.Physical with rapid physical changes. Methods of Learning. Major Laws of Learning with their educational implications. . .Intelligence. Child Development and Pedagogy (a) Child development (for childrenl2-L4 years group) o o Conceptand Natureof Development FactorsinfluencingDevelopment Biological. level (Classes VI-VIII) Total Marks : 30 1. o .

specially abled). Iu* #Y.-t LT. o ClassroomManagement Role of Teacherand the students. o ' Understanding childrenwith learningdifficulties and Behaviouralproblems. inclusive education.Projectmethod. Interact. Leadershipqualiry of teacher..Demonstration.Different methods of teaching Lecture. Continuousand Comprehensive Evaluation. o e o o o Conceptof child-centred teachingand competency basedteaching. Formativeand summative evaluation.Teachingas Plannedactivity. time and taskmanagement. Phasesof Teaching (Preactive.socio-cultural background. ^ P a g e| 4 N// -S (rurrr'.A seavnt . children with special needs (Talented.euelwd) "F'wpnw ed."ar.(c) Pedagogy o r Teaching-LearningProcess Knowledge of children from Diverse Context . Interactive and Post active Phases).h^kfteo. Diagnosticremedialteaching. OrganisingTeaching. Conceptof TLM and its importance. creative.

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