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Setup and Download for the Nikon DTM-310 Total Station


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Created On: 07 Dec 2006 11:02 AM

1. Set-up and Level your instrument according to your training standards. 2. Hit the Function Key on the instrument until you see the seven menus displayed. The display will show the following selections: 1. T-P: 2. Prism 3: Ht 4: Cogo: 5: Set: 6: Data 7: Comm 3. Ensure that the on-board data collector is clear of all data. This is accomplished by pressing the #6 Key labeled Data. When you press this key, your screen will read: 1: Input 3: Clear 2: Disp 4. Select the number 3 key for the Clear function. You will then be prompted to select: 1: All Data 2: Oldest Record Select 1 for all Data. This ensures that any previous jobs recorded by the total station are cleared from memory. TURNING ON THE TILT ADJUSTMENT Press the number 5 button on the Menu Enter 1 for Angle Enter 1 for High Angle Enter 1 for tilt adjustment on Complete your Station Set Up, Backsight and record your occupied point according to your course of instruction Create your known measurement using a tape measure. Place a PK nail at the end of your measurement. (25 to 40 ft mark). In order for the data collected to be compatible with MapScenes Software, this measurement and all points following must be recorded as coordinate points. This is done by pressing the number 5 key on the Keyboard. The display will read: X Y Z Sight the prism aligning the cross hairs. Press the Measure Button. This Measures the coordinate values. Press the Record button. This prompts you to enter the target height and code. Enter your data. Press the Enter Key.
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Your data collector will then move on to the next point to be recorded. It will automatically default to your next point number and will retain the previous height of target and code in memory. Recording Similar points such as one side of the road (EP) will save the operator time by not having to change the code values. Downloading from the Instrument to MapScenes Software 1. Connect your serial transfer cable to the total station and the computer which has your MapScenes Software loaded. 2. Ensure your download speed on the instrument and the download speed in your software are the same. With the Nikon Instrument 4800 is recommended. 3. Press the 7 Key from the Menu. This Screen is marked Comm for Communications. 4. The machine will ask you to: 1. Download 2. Upload Press 1 for Download 1. In your Mapscenes or MapScenes Pro Software, Chose the Nikon Instrument from the Download Menu 2. Follow the prompts on the screen. Once MapScenes tells you to send data, Press the Enter key on the Instrument. 3. All the data is now transferred from the Instrument into MapScenes or MapScenes Pro Software. 4. MapScenes will now ask if you want to Process Data. Select Yes. 5. MapScenes will then ask you to select the Model. You are allowed choices of the 300 or 400 model. Select the 300 button. 6. On screen you should see your point, code, and elevation. NOTE: Some Nikon DTM-310 Models have had software upgrades in the instrument. If you process your codes and only see the point number and point on screen, It is necessary to download your data selecting the 400 model instead of the 300 model. This note was written and supplied by our Authorized Dealer / Trainer, Tim Brown of Forensic Mapping and Analysis in Rochester, NH.

Created on: December 4, 2000

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