Background Analysis
1.1 A Brief History of Maybank

Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) is the largest banking and financial services group in Malaysia, founded by Malaysian business tycoon Khoo Tech Puat in 31 May 1960. Maybank became the first bank in Malaysia, that computerizes its savings and current account services in October 1978, set up an ATM at its Ampang branch in Kuala Lumpur in September 1981, offer Autophone for making customers the convenience of conducting their banking transactions and payment of selected utility bills through a computerized telephone service in September 1992, offer internet Banking service through its online financial portal www.maybank2u.com in June 2000. Maybank also is the first bank in Malaysia that offer Malaysia Bancassurance services and become the No.1 in Bancassurance business.

Maybank is the leading banking group in South East Asia for over three and a half decades. Maybank expand internationally with a network of over 1750 branch offices in 14 countries and major financial centre in London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, it has correspondent banking relationships with 700 foreign banks throughout the world. Maybank also has the largest asset, amount more than USD100 billion, and about USD18.6 billion of market capitalization, USD9.1 billion of total equity and USD1.2 billion of total net profit. Maybank offers a range of services from commercial banking, investment banking, financial services, insurance, trustee services, factoring, asset management, stock broking, property and unit trust fund management to venture capital.

Maybank set up vision of to be a regional financial services leader and mission of humanizing financial services from the heart of ASEAN, objectives of No.1 retail financial services provider in Malaysia by 2015, leading ASEAN wholesale bank by expand to Middle East, China and India, domestic insurance champion and emerging regional player, truly regional organization with 40% of pretax profit from international operation by 2015, become the largest Islamic bank in ASEAN, look for growth opportunities and maximize value of shareholder.

Maybank operates with teamwork, integrity, growth, relationship building, excellence and efficiency as their core values.

1.2 Main Activities of Maybank

Transformation journey (LEAP30) is one of the main activities that began in 2008. LEAP30 act to remain its leadership and regionally position in the financial industry with strategies of improving the quality of operations, looking for opportunities and focus on execution operation. Wave I 2009/2010, the first wave of Maybank that aim to create momentum of consumer, enterprise, investment, Islamic banking, insurance, international business, operations and human capital development. Wave II is the converging aspirations by synergies between companies. Company need to change new management skill to support this transformation journey. Wave II 2010-2015 aim to expand regional businesses on Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Another activity is focus on managing information technology. Improving operational delivery of current and future IT services, finding the solution to improve the ability to align bank¶s IT strategy, reduce cost, improved level of consistency, quality and flexibility in service delivery, looking for innovation, global knowledge and process expertise. Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) also is a part of Maybank¶s activities. DRP tends to conserve and manage its capital. RDP enablse Maybank declare dividends to shareholders either receive the dividend in cash or reinvest the dividend into new Maybank shares. The reinvestment in new Maybank shares will increase the value of shareholders as the shares are issued at a discount of up to 10%. This will help Maybank to remain a portion of its capital and the capital become Maybank¶s dividends.

The main function is enables card holders to withdrawal money upto a maximum limit of RM 5. 2. Internet Banking System and Analytical Customer Relationship System. fund transfer and interbank fund transfer also can be done at Maybank Kawanku ATMs.000 per day. are reduced to a tolerable level. PIN change. Beside this. Maybank Kawanku ATM service allows their customer to perform many self service banking transaction outside regular banking hours. Types of Contemporary Information System The three types of Contemporary Information System used by Maybank Berhad Malaysia are payment system.2. Maybank Kawanku ATMs also provides Electronic Share Application(ESA) which is a facility provide Maybankard holder to subscribe to new share issues via the ATM. Maybank Berhad spent a high cost in mainframe computer for the purpose to deliver a better service to customer. Maybank Kawanku ATM needs mainframe computer to support the services. pay bills. . Maybank Berhad is using Safety Assurance System as the software that run in ATM system which ensure that the risks associated with the use of software in safety related groundbased ATM systems. Futhermore. some other basic functions like account balance inquiry. loans and many others as well as one can withdraw cash from the ATM. customers now can enjoy the convenience of reloading their Touch n Go card or prepaid mobile at Maybank Kawanku ATMs. Other than that. This service is available from 6 am to 12 am throughout the week and in some selected locations only and it serves for 24 hours a day.1 Hardware and Software i) Automated Teller Machine Service Maybank Kawanku Automated Teller Machine(ATM) service is a self-serve banking facility that enables Maybankard credit or debit holders pay bills.

GIRO Inward Return and debit advices such as Foreign Cheque. credit card and trading accounts. Hardware which supports online banking must support web application development and management with a smooth integration into a main banking information system. Tenaga Nasional Berhad or even Digi postpaid bill. Beside this customer also can viewing statements and bills out of Maybank such as bill from Telekom Malaysia. Maybank has invested in the Analytical Customer Relationship management (aCRM) system to improve their . Foreign Cheque.com. However for the supporting software. iii) Customer Relationship System Customer relationship management (CRM) involved all aspects of interaction that a company has with its customer. In this sector. Maybank is providing Bills and Statements that enables customer to manage their bills. Those bills and statements will be saved and kept on a secure platform up to 3 months. Maybank applies Electronic Banking Software in order to support Bills and Statement services. According information stated at www. Electronic Banking Software is a uniform electronic facility that enables Maybank clients to monitor their account and processing transaction via internet. clients and sales prospects. bank statements and advices online.maybank2u. Bills and statements enable customers to view and save their banking advice and notices.ii) Internet Banking System Online banking or internet banking is a service that allows customer to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by their bank or credit union.my. Inward Telegraphic transfer. Bills & Statements provides customer a chance to view statements of savings accounts. current account. Maybank is using a mid-range client/server hardware configuration with several enhanced features. Customer relationship management is treated as an important activity for Maybank. By understanding customer better. GIRO Inward. This include credit advises such as Rentas.

influence and better understanding about the customer behavior and their propensity. remittances. Maybank is able to effectively analyze. Autodebit will make payment on time thus helps the customer . In addition. loading. For the software part. and transformation process from source system to aCRM marketing data mart. predict. ATM services and Forex business. so Maybank can increase customer retention by offering what they actually need. After applying the system. retention. Referring to the annual report. and yearly. the aCRM system is also being used to conduct an effective communications to improve customer acquisition. customer loyalty and profitability. thus providing convenience to their customers. The advantage of using Autodebit Clientele module is Maybank will automatically deducted from their customer bank account for paying the bills. Oracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements and supports data extraction. loyalty. 2. quarterly. cultivation. Maybank is using mainframe computers as its hardware to run aCRM. Maybank uses Oracle Data Integrator to support their aCRM system.2 Advantages and Disadvantages Payment System i ) Autodebit Clientele Module The payment business provided by Maybank included payment services. The aCRM not only enables Maybank to meet the current expectation but also future expectation.knowledge about customer experience. The aCRM could strategically help Maybank to leverage their customer information at the right time. Analytical Customer Relationship management support predictive modeling to indentify highly profitable customer at risk for attrition. and profitability. Maybank offers the flexibility payment to their customers such as monthly. One of the recent payment services that offered by Maybank is Autodebit Clientele module.

ATM had been installed offsite which is away from the bank such as 7-eleven.avoid paying penalty as the result of late payment. Singapore. Maybank will automatically debit the customer bank account on time. the customers are required to pay the costly penalty. the transaction fees of RM1 will be charged when customer withdraw their money by using the ATM provided other than their own bank. if there is insufficient fund available in the customer account. Nowadays. they are required to inform the bank in order to avoid the risk of overdrawing their accounts. As stated at the link below. after the customers applied the Autodebit Clientele module. The disadvantage of ATM is Maybank requires constantly funding the cash into the ATM allowing their customer to withdraw. ii) Automated Teller Machines (ATM) Automated Teller Machines (ATM) provides convenience to customers since customers can withdraw the money at anytime anywhere with that kiosk available. Brunei and Indonesia. shopping mall and installed on-site which is inside the bank. If customers were running short of cash. . ATM also eases the work of the bank¶ staff as customers can do the transaction by themselves. Some of the ATM located at the city which required Maybank to funding the cash into ATM frequently. Maybank will face the risk of robbery at the time when the staff places the money into ATM. The most important is customers need no to be charged the administrative fees for using Autodebit Clientele module. The disadvantage is. It also provides benefit to the travelers because they can withdraw the money in any states or even outside the home country. Autodebit Clientele module is a safe and secure payment system. Besides. ATM card holders of Maybank Malaysia can withdraw the money at Philippines. In addition.

Maybank can achieve time and cost saving by using the internet banking system as Maybank is able to deal with numerous customers at the same time and reduce the expenditure of the paper forms and slips.0 billion in new sales in year end of 2009. by applying aCRM system. which eliminated the need to print customer¶s account statements and mail them.Analytical Customer Relationship Management (aCRM) System Maybank has won the CRM Excellence Award 2010 for its high level performance. The training will take quite some times before the staffs are fully expert in using it. The aCRM system of Maybank is not only meeting the customer current expectations. the staffs of Maybank need to be trained in order to use the system.8 million in cumulative cost savings as at June 2010 from its migration to estatements. which will be a burden in cost for Maybank. Maybank is able to understand more about theirs customer¶s behaviors. Besides. Internet Banking System Internet banking launched by Maybank enables the customers to perform their financial transaction anytime anywhere. but also their future expectations and ultimately leads to an increase in revenue. hence can satisfy their customer needs as well as improve the customer loyalty and retention by using the data collected. By implementing aCRM system. Maybank had achieved RM 6. As compare with conventional banking. After Maybank launched aCRM system. Thus. Maybank gained RM 3. there will be an idle in production. online purchase insurance which is eMotor Takaful and Personal Accident policies and so on. Maybank introduced the Analytical Customer Relationshp Management (aCRM) system in 2007. As stated at the annual report of Maybank 2010. Maybank is required to backup the information of their customers in data warehouse. customers now can access to their information regarding . Besides. On the other hand. Maybank offers a variety of online services included online bill payment.

3 Implementation Challenges i) Payment System (ATM) Although there are a lot of ATM machines available. some of their customers may not fully trust on internet services due to the issue of hacker. Moreover. they can quickly inform the bank. Although Maybank will often upgrade their internet banking system. By suing internet banking. The major concern is still security. . the system will be down and causes many troubles to their customers. There are some implementation challenges Maybank faced as stated at the report of ³Maybank We¶re Banking on Customer Engagement´. customers are not able to make enquiries face to face with the staffs in the bank. This will cause inconvenience to the elderly person because it is difficult for them to catch up the latest technology. Maybank deployed a Teradata system and Teradata Relationship Manager Software. the steps are fairly complicated. 2. If the customer found that any amiss with their balance. some of the elder people refuse using the ATM services. Sometimes. In order to achieve this goal. Moreover. to apply internet banking. When customers need to withdraw the cash or do transactions on ATM in urgent case but it shows temporarily offline. The disadvantage of the internet banking is lack of personalization customer service. ii) Analytical Customer Relationship Management (aCRM) System Analytical Customer Relationship Management (aCRM) system helps Maybank communicate with their customers using the right channel at the right time. but some of the ATM may temporarily go offline or out of cash.their balance of saving account as well as current account through internet. they prefer to queue up because they feel more secure when they face to face dealing with the staffs of Maybank.

Sometimes.One of the implementation challenges of aCRM is limitation of resource. they can immediately report by calling the 24 hours customer care hotlines as stated at the ATM which is 1 300-88-6688. All the staffs of Maybank are required to learn and know how the system works. there is no point for this system to be implemented. The people who prefer online banking wish to have a quick response and time saving. Another implementation challenge is technology understanding. . 2. The IT management was being outsources and the IT resources in Malaysia is scarce. as the number of users begins to grow. If the users have to wait for a long time just to login the web page. Besides. Thus. iii) Internet Banking System The challenge of internet banking system is the time taken to access and response. Maybank has set the maximum withdrawal limit of the ATM card to RM 5000 per day It aims to reduce the loss suffered by the customer in the case of robbery.ATM In case customers lost the ATM card or it has been stolen. Maybank has to find the vendor who has the expertise in running the CRM system to ensure the vendor has the capabilities to build the aCRM effectively. ATM card will retained at ATM due to the mechanical error and problem. It is same as queuing up at the bank counter to do the transaction. Maybank has to upgrade the server in term of bandwidth and capacity to ensure that the access and response in just in a blink of eye. customers can also report to the customer care hotlines if they found any irregular activities when they are at the ATM. the customer can report to the branch and collect back the ATM card. This will take much time for all the staff in Maybank to gain the fundamental knowledge of this system.4 Security Issues i) Payment system .

Besides.com. By using the aCRM system. The information of their customers will not be easily obtained by others and this ensures the privacy and confidence of the information. Besides. . The hacker will any time breaking into the customer computers in order to get the customer username and password to do unlawful activities such as purchasing by using customer¶s credit card. all the staffs of Maybank will took time to gain a fundamental knowledge of the aCRM system. This management will be more safety and reliable since all the information is stored in one platform and it is easily to be protected. iii) Internet Banking System The greatest concern of the security issues of internet banking is still the information of customers. As the staffs of Maybank have deeply knowledge on the aCRM system. Maybank implemented the new features which is related to the login process and selected transactions to its internet banking portal on 27 March 2011. This new features offers greater protection to customers who accessing the internet banking portal. as stated at the report of ³Maybank We¶re Banking on Customer Engagement´.ii) Analytical Customer Relationship Management (aCRM) system There are some security issues of aCRM system such as the safety of the customer information. It requires the customer to answer some personalized challenge questions that will serve as further verification before the transaction. this new features will also protect customers from being misled by phishing scams because this features will help the customer to ensure that they are via the valid Maybank2u. all the information of customers will be centralized. they will know the basic precaution to prevent any illegitimate activities happen in the system.

wikipedia. the bargaining power of customers. the threat of substitute products or services. This analysis allows Maybank to have a better insight and understanding about the industry context in order to develop strategies for vigorous competing. These five forces determine the ultimate profit of an industry. Porter¶s Five Forces Analysis According to the Principles of Contemporary Marketing by Kurtz and Boone.PNG . Extracted from http://en.org/wiki/File:Porters_five_forces.3. And Maybank has now become the Malaysia¶s largest financial services group. the bargaining power of suppliers and the rivalry among existing firms in the industry. Porter¶s Five Forces is the model developed by strategy expert Michael Porter that identifies five competitive forces that influence planning strategies: the threat of new competitors.

As a result of robust demand in international money transfer service. hire purchase loans for passenger cards and personal loans). as to diverse the revenue . economical and secured remittance service to customers. About 55. The money transferred reaches beneficiary as fast as a blink of eye with no hidden cost. It provides a speedy. But now there are lots of institutions that engage in this business for instance private finance companies as well as other unlicensed companies. And this ultimately attracts many entrepreneurs to venture in this particular industry. only banks are the sole grantors for consumer finance. The mentioned force is threatening Maybank especially when the private finance companies often offer lower rate to borrowers. Their strategy to lower the cost of borrowing aims to grab away a large portion of customer base from banking industry. This analysis has shown that there is an intensive competition in consumer loan granting. from banks. In addition internet allows sharing the common technology and thus lowers the switching cost for the customers to shift. mortgage.84% y-o-y to RM854. Traditionally. Vietnam and Cambodia just within 60 days of operations. Emerging Markets Direct has released their latest Malaysia Banking Industry Report 1H11 which revealed that the total loans in the Malaysia banking industry grew by 11. Thus. MME has created touch points in Indonesia.3. And proudly to say that Maybank is the pioneer in providing a home grown web-based remittance service for instance global money transfer. to finance companies. The situation becomes worsen to Maybank when the finance companies permit a faster and less complicated process of applying consumer finance. banking industry is a popular sector due to its high profitability.18 billion.61% of total loans are driven by the household sector (eg. the receivers from the other side of the world are able to collect the money within 15 minutes from the appointed bank. One of the greatest competitors of Maybank as it goes international is Western Union which provides money transfer service.1 The Threat of New Competitors Nowadays. Maybank has created a new payment system named Maybank Money Express (MME). With this service.

2 The Threat of Substitute Products or Services Malaysia is gradually recovering from economic crisis. Besides. 3. Unlike the loan granting. Maybank has offered e-share application. all businesses are now going online.com (M2U). As the impact of technology evolution. . This strategy enables Maybank to differentiate them from the new competitors. Many researches argue that Internet banking will ultimately be the dominant trend in banking sectors. By integrating this investment service.generating portfolio. Besides. Maybank is currently focusing on wealth management such as units trust and structure products like Floating Rate Negotiable Instrument of Deposit (FRNID) / Islamic Negotiable Instrument (INI). wealth management is indeed a zero-starting cost business as the capital of the investors go to the unit trust issued company. the bureaucracy organizational structure may harm the performance of it as the result of inefficient and inflexibility. many corporations are able to offer a higher rate of return to such investors as shareholders and bond holders. the bank has to experience cash outflow prior to the cash inflow in the form of interest stream. Maybank will receive commission. A bank is no longer gaining absolute advantages although they have achieved large scale of economies. eliminating brick and mortar. This is actually a threaten to Maybank as the customers of it will finally withdrawal their money from savings account or fixed deposit accounts and invest in the particular firm¶s shares. It gives a fast way for customers to applying for Initial Public Offerings (IPO) via Maybank2u. Maybank can assist the customers to well manage their wealth and successfully prevent the customers from withdrawing their money and subscribe the IPO at brokers. In order to cope with the above challenges to remain sustainability. This is due to the high fixed and operating cost like rental and utility fees of the physical store. cherish the hope that they will be rewarded a high return.

Maybank has save RM6. As evidence. into the Automated Teller Machines. and online prepaid commissions (12%). Maybank has introduced the Autodebit Clientele module to hunt and assist the small to medium-sized enterprises that have limited information technology capabilities in Autodebit accounting system. in ASB ) online. eGIRO service charges (35%). 3. And now.16% market share as at June 2010. These two competitive strategies have effectively driven Maybank an increase in revenue of 18% and 4. Meanwhile.8 million from its migration to eStatements. . By implementing internet banking. Maybank disallows customers to have a high bargaining power with them since those large volume depositors will negotiate privately with Maybank to get a higher rate of saving and lower cost of borrowing if they do have such power. obtain electronic bills and statements. Maybank has also integrated prepaid reload functions for payee corporations such as U-mobile. This is because customers are the net suppliers of fund for a bank. Maybank2u. it achieved revenue of RM30 million in fee-based incomes from commissions and service charges from M2U payee corporations (41% of total income). For the sake of this reason.5% respectively. Internet banking has eradicated the need to print customers¶ account statement and mail them. In addition.com remains the leader in Internet banking with 55. Internet banking has helped Maybank to retain the assisting customers and draw numerous potential customers because the customers found that internet banking can ease their work and save the time.3 The Bargaining Power of Customers Customers are very imperative essential for a business especially when Maybank is a customer-centric bank.g. pay income tax and make investment (e. Customers are able to pay for purchases online. Maybank experiences a drastic growth in their revenue. conduct transactions. Tune Talk and MOL. This could drive down the revenue of Maybank.Maybank has acquired more than half the Malaysia online market through continuous investments in the particular field.

Furthermore.R. . All the above strategies are able to enhance the customers¶ loyalty towards the bank. the GUEST & Telephone Etiquette Programme has been launched April 2009 and We S. Maybank has invested in an Analytical Customer Relationship Management system to efficiently utilize the information gained from each customer for improvement purpose. To do this. This system enables Maybank get to know the expectations of customers towards the bank. Maybank formulates strategies and comes out with superior performance to cater the needs of customers. Besides establishing of the feedback dropper on their website. the increase in Statutory Reserve Requirement from 3% to 4% and the prohibition of investing in the low credit rating corporations although they offer high return. Maybank2u. For instance. Maybank also focus on the fundamental values of hospitality. In order to avoid a high bargaining power implanted in customers. Right now.4 The Bargaining Power of Suppliers Bank Negara Malaysia is the main legal power supplier for all the banks in Malaysia. it could reduce the switching cost of customers and they will finally switch to other banks for a better service. Maybank has to comply with the minimum rate of interest which is 3% currently. In such case.E. Maybank also promotes various incentive programmes to reward the customers.com is absorbing the online booking fee for 100. It endows power to all the banks for carrying out their businesses as long as they comply the banking acts. poor customer service of a bank may increase the bargaining power of customer. Then. friendliness and skills in handling customer complaints.000 tickets purchased using the GSC Mobile App (iPhone) and paid via M2U mobile. For example. 3. if Maybank could not understand what actually customers require or ineffectively handle the customer complaints. in conjunction with the launch of GSC Mobile App (iPhone).V. Maybank is hoping to generate a complete picture of a customer¶s lifecycle by using the system to grow their business.E Programme in December 2009.

it improves the awareness for businesses as all merchants will be listed on the website. Digi Prepaid Super Reload is introducing RM35 reload and customers who reload via Maybank ATM or M2U is eligible to enjoy free sms and free mobile internet. profitability and risk taking. customer retain rate. it actually attracts large volume of business customers dealing with Maybank. 000. medical . it has to diverse the strategy by focusing on the main fund resources to enhance the revenue. Maybank is offering Air TravelCare Protection Plan which benefits include coverage up to RM460. 3. As evidence. And for those who wish to travel abroad.com. Theories suggest that bank may compete in term of performance growth. Through online Merchant Programme. Maybank has won NEFAwani ICT Awards 2011 as Favourite Online Banking Service Provider. Maybank. This occurs especially when the forces are not only arisen from local banks and private local financial institutions but also from the foreign banks.g. there is still an intensive competition among them and the banks are struggling to differentiate their products from others¶ by offering additional benefits.5 The Rivalry among Existing Firms in the Industry Although each bank in the industry is selling homogenous product at almost the same rate (e. 000 for comprehensive personal accident while travelling. 000. The Merchant Programme offers the businesses¶ customers an alternative means to make payment. the rate of saving account). emergency repatriation and evacuation up to RM1. Maybank provides Merchant Programme for the businesses to sell their products and collect the payment through Maybank2u. many foreign banks such as HSBC bank and OCBC bank are vigorously competing with local banks in Malaysia. It also enhances the business productivity by having a 'cashless' operation as transactions are done online. At this moment. Besides. the economy of Europe countries is encountering a downturn. after analyzing the behavior and needs of the customers through Analytical Customer Relationship Management system.As the increase in Statutory Reserve Requirement and the impact of prohibition reduces the revenue of Maybank. introduces a lot of reward whenever customers are dealing with the bank. For example.

The current trend in banking industry is merging. Up to now. In order to enlarge the assets and capitals to compete with foreign banks. everything is still in progressing and further acknowledgement will be announced in future appropriate time. . Maybank has obtained the approval of Bank Negara Malaysia in preliminary negotiations with RHB Capital Berhad for a possible merger of the two banking institutions. And many other remunerations and reward for each time customers dealing with their Internet banking system. 000.expenses reimbursement and emergency medical assistance up to RM300.

it is the most important business of them. 100% of Etiqa Insurance. 99.05% of Maybank Fortis holdings. In the Investment Banking.5% Bank International Indonesia.83% in PT Bank Maybank Indocorp. As for the Insurance industry. Maybank has 100% of Maybank Islamic Bhd. In the Commercial Banking category. 30% of Pelaburan Hartanah Nasional. for examples. 20% of An Binh Bank and 97. 100% of Etiqa Offshore Insurance (L). 100% of Maybank General Assurance. it has 100% of Maybank Investment bank.1 Structure of Industry The corporate structure of Maybank is divided into 3 categories. . Ltd and 100% of Mayban Investment management Sdn Bhd. 100% of Etiqa takaful. 100% of Maybank PNG Ltd. Strategic System Analysis 4. 92% of Mayban Life Assurance. 33% of Maybank Agro Fund Sdn Bhd and 33% of Maybank Ventures Capital Sdn Bhd. 32. Investment Banking and Insurance. 96. 70% of Maybank Ventures Sdn Bhd. 100% of Maybank International (L). Maybank has 69. Maybank has involvde itself into many sectors.5% of Pak-Kuwait Takaful Co.97% of Maybank Philippines. 20% of MCB Bank Ltd. They are Commercial Banking. 100% of Bina Fikir Sdn Bhd.4. The industry structure graph is provided as followings.

asset management. factoring. insurance. trustee services. leasing and hire purchase. investment banking. cards issuance. venture capital and Internet banking. stock broking.4. Maybank is just like a one stop center to complete all our daily financial transaction needs.2 Value Chain Business Maybank offers various types of service and product. Maybank also provide sufficient of . Besides that. nominee services. offshore banking. Islamic banking. for example commercial banking.

0. they improve their web service from Maybank2u web 1. The purpose is to make sure that all employees can achieve the quality standard set by the management and understand clearly about the services and the product features in the bank. It has 3. For example. at least one time. This new web server is more focusing on customer communication rather than product promotions.8 million registered users and is leading this market with more than 54% market share. Since that Maybank have this wide network and touch point. Industry Ihe banking industry. Maybank also try their best to improve themselves in order to serve their customer better. Maybank owns a training center which located in Bangi. Maybank is the first internet banking website provider. so customer will not get confused. and it is the full-fledged licensed Islamic bank and ranked 10th among the world¶s Islamic financial institution in terms of Shariah-compliant assets. Maybank Islamic is wholly-owned by the Maybank Group. 37 share investment center and 22 private banking centers.0 to Maybank2u web 2. Besides that. Maybank Islamic is currently the largest provider of Islamic financial services in the Asia Pacific region. the training programme provided. Firm Maybank has the largest banking network in Malaysia with 386 branches. . 17 trade finance centers. All employees of Maybank are required to attend. customer can easily approach Maybank and enjoy all those service provided by Maybank in different regions.customer services staffs to assist their customers and they divide the products clearly into different departments. 39 business centers.

Maybank¶s mission is ³Humanising Financial Services from the Heart of ASEAN´. for instance. Without Internet banking. It saves all employees and customer times to carry out the transaction process. customers can now pay these bills through Maybank2u. we need to line up and spend long time in the bank.Maybank is the first bank in Malaysia to cross USD100 billion in total asset size and USD1 billion in profits after tax in 2010 and also the first bank which launches disabled banking branches in Malaysia for wheelchair bound in 2010. Nowadays. Before this.com internet banking website. In economic theories. IT helps Maybank contract in size because it can reduce transaction costs. you are considering outdated. That means Maybank tend to provide the best service to their customers in order to satisfy their customers.3 Alignment of IT with Business Strategies and Goals Maybank is the company aligning IT with their business strategies and goals. electricity bill and other must go to different places to pay it. Using the internet banking system. they have their own Facebook page too. it can help Maybank to achieve their mission. Maybank is able to share information among different branches. This allows the management of Maybank to get the feedback directly and timely from their customers. onto the page. By using IT system. . Same as Maybank. Customers can carry out a lot of transactions easily and the most important is it can save our time. By using Maybank2u. However. Customer can also post their comments or suggestions on the Maybank Facebook page. customers can provide suggestion as well as make complaints directly to the Head Quarter.com. the most popular social network web-site is Facebook. bills like telephone bill. Customers can also pay bill by using e-banking online system. Now customers can complete their transactions through the e-banking system. They can update all the information. using IT insteads of capital and less labor consumption to convenient all jobs. if you don¶t have a Facebook account. 4. the newest promotion or the new services.