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Folk media is a genuine means of communication and a true carrier of culture amongst various people It inspires people to perceive the message or information more effectively Traditional folk forms in India can be effectively utilized for social developmental communication. In this presentation, we will be discussing


Tamasha Nautanki Yakshagana Jatra Bhavai Therukoothu Puppetry Street theatre


Tamasha(Drama)is the specificmodeoffictionrepresented in performance.

Tamasha is a traditional marathi folk art form, often with singing and dancing, widely performed by local or travelling theatre groups within the state of maharashtra India.

Traditional Tamasha is influenced by many Indian art forms

There are two types of Tamasha: dholki bhaariand the older form,sangeet bhaariwhich contains more dance and music than drama

A chorus of six to eight male singers-cumperformers, and two or more female dancer singers make up the rest of the troupe in dholki bhaari.


Tamasha was a pure commercial entertainment, with the star performer being a female artiste and still is an extremely lively and robust form of folk theatre in Maharashtra, dating back to 400 years The most celebrated patron of this folk form was Baji Rao II ,the last of the Peshwas who introduced professional women singers into it for the first time

Ram Joshi is considered as the main proponent of the tamasha He was familiar with the Sanskrit puraanas ,the recitation and the singing of the kirtaniyas and also with the popular form of common theatre Dramatists often worked on pre-existing mythological or historical themes that were familiar to the audience of the age . (eg.dashavatar-the ten incarnation of vishnu) .

DANGI TAMASHA : It is performed by the dangi tribals of Gujarat. The roles of women are played by men who are abandoned by the society and join with the dancing girl mainly realistic stories of social awareness.


Keertana is a kind of concentrated drama, a mono drama It is exploited by the Central and State Governments to educate the masses of family planning, development activities, democratic values and national integration All India Radio and Doordarshan, too, use the Keertana forms for broadcast beamed at industrial workers and rural

Lavani ,traditional song and dance which particularly performs to the enchanting beats of a dholak The performance lasts the whole night and the groups of singers treat the crowd with great honour They generally perform on social matters like society ,religion and politics

The Tamasha needs no elaborate stage props or costumes or place and time but are suggested through gestures ,movements and dialogues The popularity of the Tamasha is not restricted to Maharashtra Various movies, such as:

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