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Strategic Targeting of RBL

Strategic Targeting of RBL

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Published by: Samaan Rishad on Aug 01, 2011
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Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL


Types of batteries: Rahimafrooz has provided a wide range of batteries. They are:
y y y y y y y y Automotive batteries Motorcycle batteries Appliances batteries Industrial tubular batteries Deep cycle ±flat plate batteries UPS batteries VRS batteries Solar system batteries

Market segmentation:
Rahimafrooz operates in broad segments which are given below:-

Automotive Batteries

Industrial Batteries


Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL)

Automotive Batteries:
The purpose for segmenting a market is to allow your marketing/sales program to focus on the subsets of prospects that are "most likely" to purchase yours offering. By segmenting the market Rahimafrooz made it possible to tailor the marketing mix for specific target markets, thus better satisfying customer needs. So at first we would like to do the Behavioral Segmentation on the usage rate for automotive sector. At first Rahimafrooz had only single product line (Lucas) for the automotive industry. But realizing there is a growing market segment among the automotive industry in BangladeshRahimafrooz has actually segmented there battery product into three different types serving three segments of customer which are as followsProduct Type Lucas Hybrid Lucas Hybrid (Spark) Lucas Hybrid (Winner) Usage rate Low Medium High Focused Customers Personal Automotive Users Small CNG run vehicles (Taxi) Foe Heavy Duty (Truck, Bus)

Then again we have also done a demographic segmentation on the basis of income.



product highly fulfilled customer¶s need, Rahimafrooz focused at the after sales service. As its product is unique it needed after sales service, for which Rahimafrooz also started an after sales service center which included an extra satisfactory level to the customers. Also to do this Rahimafrooz charged a premium price to capture the market share. The differentiation strategy is effectively implemented when Rahimafrooz provided unique or superior value to the customer through Lucas quality, features and after-sales support. And for the people with medium income levels Rahimafrooz has SPARKS.


Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL)

Industrial Battery:
Rahimafrooz has different kinds of industrial batteries in their product line. They have industrial batteries like the UPS battery, IPS battery, Generator battery and Solar battery. Product Type Rahimafrooz Solar Rahimafrooz IPS and UPS Battery Rahmafrooz Generator Battery Usage rate Low Medium High Focused Customers Personal Household Users living in the rural areas Personal Household Users living in the urban areas For Industrial Users and heavy duty

We have selected the demographic segmentation for Rahimafrooz industrial batteries. Rahimafrooze is the market leader for solar battery. And the demand for solar battery is increasing in the rural areas. In the urban areas the demand for Rahimafrooz IPS, UPS and Generator battery is also high.

Target Market of RBL:
The target market is a group of customers to whom the company aims its marketing effort. The target market of the RBL is automobile users and industries like telecommunication, power station, railway system, electric vehicle, ship, and solar power system and household for IPS and UPS battery. Targeting broad group¶s of buyers within a specific product/market, considering auto mobile markets, RBL segmented their market and develop products like Locus. The fragmentation of needs and wants in markets is creating subgroups of buyers within the total market, each displaying different customer satisfaction requirements. Such differentiation provides an opportunity for businesses to design product offerings to meet the needs of customers in different market segments. Targeting all people and also organizations in a market is not a typical strategy for RBL. Instead, many target one or more segments within the total market. For targeting the market RBL is following product specialization strategy. Which means one standard product will be sold to different customers of different segments. Deciding what people (or organizations) to target is a critically important strategic decision. Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited introduced a latest


Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL)

technology battery µVolta Maintenance Free Battery¶ manufactured at the company¶s own plant by using lead and calcium in the expanded metal technology. The products range are ±± NS40ZL

for 1300 to 1500 CC vehicles, NS60L for 1500 to 2000 CC vehicles, N50Z for 2000 to 2500 CC vehicles, NS70 for 2500 to 3000 CC vehicles and NX 120-7 for 3000 to 3500 CC vehicles. The price ranges between Tk 5000 and Tk 11000, depending on the type of the battery. The customers need not wait for acid addition while purchasing this battery. This high quality products and services are important influences on customer satisfaction of RBL. Continuous improvement of existing products and the introduction of new products facilitate RBL to gaining sustainable competitive advantage in the market. The market place will demand customized products and immediate delivery. These force managers to make swift product design and marketing decisions.

Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd.

Automotive Batteries

Industrial Batteries

Rahimafrooz markets three major brands of automotive batteries: LUCAS, VOLTA and SPARK. All the batteries are produced under strict quality controlled plant of the Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. It has introduced new brand SPARK for the taxi cab. This specially designed to take the load and frequency of the taxi cab.

Lucas Automotive Dry Charge Battery: y y y y y 12 Volt Battery German Drive Range Heavy Duty Range 6 Volt Batteries Lucas PCM


Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL)

Rahimafrooz manufactures specialized Industrial Batteries. The plant is equipped with modern production machineries and testing facilities including those for tubular plates. It conforms to international standard ISO 9001 & ISO 14001and to JIS, DIN, BS and IEC specification. It produces a wide range of lead-acid industrial batteries with capacities from 20AH to 2500AH. The batteries are used for applications in telecommunication, power station, railway system, electric vehicle, forklift, ship, buoy lighting and solar power system, Industrial Batteries. Deep Cycle IPB Battery Standby Stationary Traction

y y y y

Specific features of our industrial battery are: y y y y y y Long life Minimum maintenance Low internal resistance High rate of discharge performance High resistance to adverse mechanical and electrical condition Tolerance to extremes of temperature

Strategic Positioning of RBL:

Figure: Positioning Map for Battery¶s 5

Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL)

Rahimafrooz has three major brands for automotive battery. They are Rahimafrooz Lucas, VOLTA & Spark. In the positioning map we are showing that the quality of these products is very high, that¶s why customers have to pay premium price to get these products. Rahimafrooz is offering 18months warranty for these batteries. Were other company¶s only gives 12 month¶s warranty. For the industrial battery like the Solar battery Rahimafrooze is offering high quality product in minimum price. The target of Rahimafrooz is to capture the market for industrial battery. That¶s why Rahimafrooz is providing quality product in minimum price.


Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL)

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