2 million ` Government: Democratic Republic President: Oscar Arias Sanchez ` Ethnicity.White(Mestizo)-94% Other-6% ` Language: Spanish. English.Bananas.sugar . French ` Land Area-19.174 square miles ` Industries.Tourism. Coffee.Official Name: Republic De Costa Rica ` Population: 4.


` ` ` Roman Catholic-71% Evangelical Protestants-14% Other-15% .


Youth Sports Ministry Calling Ministry .

that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus ` .` ` ` ` I am Nick Emond and I am going to San Jose. Costa Rica Going to Costa Rica hopefully in December Costa Ricans need Christ badly Please pray for me and the Costa Ricans Colossians 1:28-Whom we preach. and teaching every man in all wisdom. warning every man.

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