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Published by: Carey Jackson on Aug 01, 2011
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Unit 2 - Housing

Let’s Chat!

• • • • • • • •

Where do you live?
How did you find your place? Is it noisy or quiet? Describe your neighborhood. How long does it take you to get to school from home? What street do you live on? How do you get to school? What kind of bills do you have for your home? Do you have a roommate?

• • • • • • •

What can you see from your window? Do you use a dishwasher? Do you cook for yourself? How often do you do laundry? Do you have any problems with your home? Does everything work well in your home? Is your home noisy?  Why or why not?


Advertisement / Ad
• (N) A picture, set of words or short movie that is supposed to make you buy something. • “I found an ad for an apartment on Craigslist.”

Washer / Washing Machine
• (N) A machine for washing clothes. • “The washing machine in my building cost $1.50 to use.”

• (N) A set of rooms on one floor of a building. • Many people live in apartments before they buy a house.

• (N) A machine for drying clothes. • “The dryer runs for 60 minutes.”


• (N) Chairs, tables, beds, shelves, desks, etc. • “I bought a lot of furniture at IKEA.”

• (Adj) With furniture. • “A furnished apartment costs a lot to rent.”

• (Adj) Without furniture. • “I prefer unfurnished apartments because I like my furniture.”

Refrigerator/Fridge (+ Freezer)
• (N) A machine to keep food cold. • “Our refrigerator is empty, so I need to go shopping.”

• (N) A piece of kitchen equipment that you cook on top of using pots and pans. • “I prefer gas stoves over electric ones.”

• (N) A machine for washing dishes. • “Having a dishwasher to wash dishes is very convenient.”

• (N) A container that you can fill with water to wash dishes, your hands, etc. • “You can find the garbage can under the sink in most houses.”

• (N) A person who lives with you, splits the rent. • “My roommate is quite clean and tidy.”


• (N) Services like gas (heat), electricity, water, Internet, etc. • “I pay about $200 a month for utilities -- Internet, phone, gas and electricity.”

• (N) The power that is carried by wires and cables to provide you with light, heat, or make machines work. • “Electricity is getting more expensive every year.”

• (N) A legal agreement that allows you to use a building or car for a period of time in return for rent. • (V) To use a building or car under a lease (n). • “I had to sign a one-year lease for my apartment.” • “Did you purchase your car or lease it?”

• (N) $ you pay when you lease something that you get back if you don’t damage it; A part of the cost of something that you pay before you pay for the rest of it. • (V) To put something (money) in a certain, safe place for later use. • “You always have to pay a deposit when signing a lease.”
• “I need to deposit this check before the bank closes.”

• (N) The inner surface of the top part of room. • “I painted the ceiling to match the walls.”

• (N) Someone who pays to rent or lease a room or apartment. • “If you rent an apartment, you are a tenant.”

• (N) The owner of a property who rents a room or apartment to another person. • “The manager of an apartment is usually called the landlord.”

• (N) A person who lives next to or near to you. • “My neighbor makes too much noise.”

• (N) The area around where you live; an area of a town or city. • “There are many places to get food in my neighborhood.”

• (N) The people who live in the same area or town. • “I spend a lot of time at my community center.”

• (N) A piece of equipment, usually electric, used in your home. • “I just bought new appliances for my kitchen.”

• (N) A service that gives you more TV channels. • “I have TV, but I don’t have cable, so we just watch movies.”


• (N) A structure you can stand or sit on that is attached to the outside wall of a building. • “I love to watch the sunset on my balcony.”

• (N) Rooms, equipment or services provided for a certain purpose. • “My friend’s apartment has great facilities like a gym and pool.”

• (N) A part of town next to the ocean, a lake or a river. • “New York has a beautiful waterfront.”

Den (Living Room)
• (N) The room where you hang out, watch TV and play games. • “My apartment is a one bedroom plus den.”

• (N) A way to get from one place to another. • “The public transportation in my city is very convenient.”

• (Adj) An area that is mostly houses and apartment buildings, not businesses. • “My home is in a residential part of the city.”

• (Adj) An area of town that is primarily businesses. • “I work in a commercial part of the city.”

• (Adj) An area of town that is mostly factories. • “There is a paper factory in the industrial part of town.”


• (Adj) An area without many houses or buildings; the countryside. • “Rural areas usually have lots of farms.”

Jacuzzi / Hot Tub
• (N) A large, heated tub where people can sit together. • “The facilities in my building include a pool and hot tub.”

• (N) A room where the air is heated to a very high temperature; people sit inside because it is healthy. • “A great way to relax is to sit in the sauna for 15 minutes.”

First-come, first-served basis
• Phrase (Adj): The first person who arrives is the first one to get a product or service. • “The apartment will be rented on a first-come, first-served basis.”

• (N) A area of town or the countryside with certain features or official borders (for political purposes). • “Our school is located in the business district of the city.”

• (N) Houses or conditions that people live in. • “Student housing is usually pretty cheap.”

Studio Apartment

• (N) A small apartment with one main room. • “In a studio apartment, the bedroom and the living room are together.”

Weight Room
• (N) A room with weight-lifting equipment. • “My apartment building has a small, but pretty good weight room.”

• (N) A sight; what you can see from a certain place. • “My living room has an amazing view of the city.”


• (Adj) Has a lot of space; large. • “I prefer apartments that are big and spacious.”

• (N) The level of a building. • “I live on the second story of my building.”

Real Estate Agent
• (N) A person whose job is selling land or houses for other people. • “My real estate agent introduced me to a great twobedroom apartment.”

• (N) A building or group of buildings where goods (products) are produced in large quantities (often using machines). • “Industrial areas have got lots of factories.”

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