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The Praise Report August 2011

The Praise Report August 2011

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Published by Megan Langley

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Published by: Megan Langley on Aug 02, 2011
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The PRAISE Report
******************************************************************* A Publication of Praise Temple Church of God
³Trust Me´ by Charles R. Swindoll Read 1 Samuel 17:48±51 All David had was a sling and a stone as he took on a giant wearing two hundred pounds of armor. It may seem silly, but that's the way God operates. In the final analysis, there was a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh²one stone flew through the air, and that's all there was to it. Goliath fell like a sack full of sand. Got any more giants? I don't know what your intimidating giant is today. It may relate to your job, your roommate, or your school. Maybe it is a person, a lawsuit, unemployment, a disaster . . . maybe even your own partner in life. Perhaps it is some fear that is lurking around the corner, sucking your energy and draining your faith. God is saying to you right now, "All I ask of you is five smooth stones and a sling of faith. I'll take it from there. You don't have to wear somebody else's armor. You just trust Me. And I'll strip you down to nothing but faith, and then I'll accomplish a victory where I'll get the glory. But as for you . . . you trust Me." Perhaps you don't know what lies across the valley. Maybe you can't get a handle on what that giant is; but it's there, haunting you. That uncertainty alone is a giant. But look at that worry in comparison to the Lord God Himself, and say, by faith, "The battle is Yours, Lord. It is Your battle. I lean on You. I give You all my weapons, all my skills, and I stand before You, trusting You." It is God's love for us that causes Him to bring us to an end of our own strength. He sees our need to trust Him, and His love is so great that He will not let us live another day without surrendering our arms to Him, giving Him our fears, our worries, even our confusion, so that nothing becomes more significant to us than our Father. Never, ever forget it: the battle is the Lord's!

A beautiful sunset over Endless Lake in Maine

³The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow´ - Thomas Paine

³Reaching the Lost; Teaching the Saved´



We are so pleased to welcome the Langley Family back from their vacation to Maine. While in his home town of Lincoln, Pastor had the privilege of bringing forth the Word at the Full Gospel Tabernacle; Sister Judy & Sister Megan ministered in song. Brother Jonathan helped the family hook over 400 white perch. We praise the Lord for
They may be smiling, but Pastor & Jonathan are NOT looking forward to cleaning all these fish!

their safe return.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who helped to ³fill the void´ while Pastor & his family were away: Brother Gilbert Beason emceed all of the services, the anointed singing of Sister Algretta Beason helped the

congregation enter into the presence of the Lord. Sister Gloria Fairchild taught adult Sunday School and played music during the worship services. The Kingdom RAZErs Youth had an amazing time with Brother

The Happy Couple
Congratulations to Tiffany Summerall & Charles Jordan on their upcoming wedding. We are so happy that they have chosen to join us here at Praise Temple.

Johnny King; the Kids of Praise were taught about ³a treasure in earthen vessels´ by Sister Diane Ledford (the youth group helped with puppet shows). Brother Robbie Newsome taught ³Ten Habits of Highly Healthy Homes´ on Wednesday evenings, as well as preaching a Sunday service. Brother Charles Tash ministered in the Word on Sunday morning, as well, while Sister Gina Tash watched the youngsters in the nursery. Thanks to all of you and every member for your faithful service.

³If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones«´ Luke 16:10a (NLT)



Praise Temple Christian Academy Parent

Orientation/Open House is on Saturday, August 20 from 09:00-11:00. Your child will receive 100 merit dollars per parent in attendance!

Praise Temple Christian Academy & Praise Kids Learning Center will begin classes on August 22nd.

Courtney & ³Boogie´ shooting hoops!


The Kingdom RAZErs Youth will be having a Lock-In to celebrate the last few days of summer and kick of a school supply drive for children in Haiti. The lock-in will be on Wednesday, August 17th from 08:00PM-08:00AM. There will be sports, black-light volleyball, games, food, movies, and more. Admission cost is $10.00 and one or more school supplies.
Brianne & Andrew lend a helping hand at the fish fry

On Saturday, August 13th, from 10-12:30(ish), we will be having a Sunday School Picnic with a cook-out, relay races, kick ball game, and lots of old-fashioned fun for young and old alike.

NEXT MONTH« The Empowered Men & Women of Praise Meetings will be starting on the first Thursday of the month (September 1st) at 07:00 PM Rock the Universe Concert at Universal Studios




The PRAISE Report
Help For Haiti It is Back to School season and the children in Haiti are in need of school supplies. So we at Praise Temple are hosting a school supply drive. We will be giving the goodies to the Garlock Family to take on their mission trip in December. There will be a box set up in the church foyer for donations.

Praise Temple Church of God 5910 Bible Camp Road Groveland, Florida 34736



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