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Published by: Ajay Balan on Aug 02, 2011
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Industrial Visit

Vignesh Kannan 114108038 Praveen Kumar R 114108001 Sathiya Seelan R 114108120

` ` R&D institute Location Bharath Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) Tiruchirappalli.620 014 India .

Trichy Activities aimed at research involving development of welding techniques and industrial consultancy Employees  6 doctorates and 16 post graduates trained in welding and have done research all over the world  More than 17400 personnel have been trained for consultancy  Around 3500 consultancy services have been completed covering about 320 companies .` ` ` ` ` ` More of an R&D institute Established in November 1975 Assisted by UNIDO and UNDP Managed by BHEL.

UPSEB. RITES. IFFCO. MRL. TI Diamonds. L&T Transport Railways. CSL. KAR Mobiles. AIR INDIA . KRL. Ashok Leyland. TVS Group. SPIC. Chemplast Heavy Engineering BHEL. TN Petro products. TNEB. ABB. NALCO. Reliance. GEB. KPCL. Kudremukh Iron ores. RSEB. GSFC. GAIL. BSEB Petro-Chemical ONGC. KSEB. FACT.. Eicher motors. Rane. HPCL. MSEB. Engine valves. TAFE teel SAIL.` ` ` ` ` ` ` Power NTPC. EIL. Mangalore Fert & Chem. EWAC alloys Aero-space HAL. BEML. TELCO. Hindustan motors. TISCO Metal Processing Hindalco. NLC. APSEB. FCI. IOCL. GNFC. NGEF. KGF. RDSO. AECO.

CECRI. NDL. TNPL . D&H..` ` ` hip Building MDL. SBC Consumable and Welding Equipment ESAB. TEAM. MEMCO. SAB NIFE. Honovar. Khanubhai Elect. Advani. Fluidyne. SURARC Electronics & Others SAMTEL.

` ` ` Research and development on various welding processes Metallurgical investigations Theoretical and practical training in welding techniques and advancements in welding techniques Conduct certificate courses in welding for final year college students and diploma students Consultancy services Design. Supply and Commissioning of Special Purpose Welding systems and other custom-built equipments ` ` ` . Fabrication.

.` Friction Stir Welding (FSW) of palm assembly of Bus Ducts of BHEL. An arc struck between the joining faces is rotated by the presence of a magnetic field. The electrical properties of welded assembly has been evaluated and found satisfactorily. Rudrapur ` WRI has established the technology for joining of palm to blanking plate assembly (Aluminum AA1000) for BHEL. This technique is also viable for irregular cross-sections. It helps reduce welding time. Rudrapur by friction stir welding process. Development of Magnetically Rotating Arc Welding System for Welding of tubes Magnetically impelled arc butt welding is being used for welding pipes in a boiler or pipes to flanges. This technology replaces MIG and TIG welding processes being adopted at present.

` Welding equipments  MIG welder Waveform controlled SAW(Submerged Arc Welding) system Nd:YAG LASER ± 2kW Robotic LASER Hybrid welder Friction Welder -15 ton Resistance spot Seam projection Water Jet Cutting .


 ` ` ` ` The training Specialized training on each type of welding technique First trainees train on arc welding process 6 types welding postures Training on TIG welding techniques .

 Water ` ` ` ` jet cutting machine The water jet cutting machine at WRI is another pride of the institute Used for machining of complex profiled components made of high strength steel and other exotic materials Developed for boiler components first time in the world Advantages > can cut any shape in a single step > no secondary finishing required > reduce cost > No HAZ. Hence removal of HAZ by grinding reaming need not be done > hence no material wastage .

` ` ` ` An overall view of the various welding processes being used in industry An exposure to hands on welding training Interaction with engineers and researchers working actively in the field An insight into the applications of welding process used .

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