1. TEAM ATTITUDE (WE BEFORE ME) Care for each other Unselfish Trustworthy Huddles on the floor Clean locker-room Help teammates up Encouraging Sprint off floor Disciplined Know Roles 2. SERVANTHOOD / STEWARDSHIP Courteous / Polite Picking up trash Sportsmanship Respect for the game / Opponents / Officials Doing the next right thing right Helping Managers Helping with youth programs 3. TOUGHNESS (NEVER OUT HUSTLED, NEVER OUT THOUGHT) 4. FUNDAMENTALS Defense Transition and Talk Stance, Vision, Position, Talk Ball Pressure Early help Closeouts High hands Shot pressure Offense Sureness Triple Threat Ball Reversal Screening Feeding the post Cut and space Drive and space

5. STUDENTS / TEACHERS OF THE GAME Listen/Pay attention Active and teaching bench (Games and Practice) 6. COMMUNICATION System of talk Echo yells Posts demand the ball 7. CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT Sense of urgency Buying-in Attention to detail Self Help – Outside practice time