Surfing the Tao

A Revolution of Free Will

Angela V. Michaels

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“The great Tao flows everywhere, both to the left and to the right.” -Tao Te Ching

Table of Contents
Foreword............................................................................................ vii To all who have an ear, let them hear. ................................................. 1 Questions of Love................................................................................ 3 Difficult Answers................................................................................. 5 Can We Wake Up? ............................................................................ 10 Who is GOD? .................................................................................... 15 Who is like God? ............................................................................... 21 Who are the gods? ............................................................................. 31 What are they doing here? ................................................................. 43 Secret Brotherhoods........................................................................... 58 Secret Gods........................................................................................ 74 Secret History .................................................................................... 86 The Power of Money ......................................................................... 95 How is this possible? ....................................................................... 103 Celestial Secrets............................................................................... 122 A Philosopher Stoned ...................................................................... 138 Secret Science.................................................................................. 150 Free Your Mind ............................................................................... 162 Destruction by Fire .......................................................................... 173 Free Will? ........................................................................................ 192 There is no spoon: Learning to Surf ................................................ 197 Spiritual Confusion.......................................................................... 206 Tuning In ......................................................................................... 214 Through the Looking Glass ............................................................. 230 Conclusions...................................................................................... 243 Endnotes .......................................................................................... 259


vi .

Finally I had emptied my cup. I made plenty of bad decisions because I wasn’t really clear on what I was choosing. At my lowest point I threw up my hands and gave up. I did not believe in the perfect wave. all the time. that it was flowing right beneath me. it was usually one or the other – I never quite found the one that put it all together. Without direction. I drift like the waves of the sea. By revealing the man behind the curtain we take away his power of illusion. If just one person at a time began to wake up to the true nature of our reality. And within the limited parameters of my arrogant. unorthodox portrayals of our reality. For several years I scoured libraries. and things began to happen. I understood that the big problems could be solved as easily as the small ones. the venom it contained would no longer be poisonous. I didn’t know there was anything more to “it”. I considered my options for the future to be relatively shallow and meaningless…I was blind in a world of the sightless. and all my problems would disappear. My life became filled with so many bizarre synchronicities and small daily miracles that few people would even believe them. Like most people. Unfortunately. I wandered in ignorance. analytical brain there was nowhere left to go. I began to understand that the perfect wave did exist. When I looked back out into the world. I stopped trying. I began accumulating this sort of information and eventually vii . in stillness and with joy. like the restless wind. so that it could be filled again. and all I had to do was choose to ride it. bookstores and the Internet for information that corroborated my experiences. selfcentered.” – Tao Te Ching Foreword Fools and Maniacs: How I Learned to Surf the Tao For the first thirty-odd years of my life. I came across many wonderful spiritual books as well as hundreds of alternative. It was in this moment that I was saved.“Oh.

perhaps people will come to realize that the true “fools and maniacs” are those who insist on remaining in denial. “Fools and Maniacs” was the working title because at first I felt alternately like a fool..began organizing it for myself. based on spiritual discernment rather than the “reason” I was taught in the world. I have cited either Stephen Mitchell’s 1988 translation (New York. I somehow did know that something very strange was going on. viii . Many days I considered erasing the entire thing. They will dust it off and reread it. a philosopher who lived in China perhaps around the 6th century B. As difficult as it is to tell people things they don’t want to hear. then a maniac. I considered more than one version. For now. when certain things begin to happen in the world. But each time I would realize that there was no escape. In time. and English translations and interpretations tend to be vague to our modern minds. Perhaps some will even find reason to be offended.C. presents the Taoist concept of the Way in his poetic verses the Tao Te Ching. I expect this collection of thoughts will politely find its way to the back corner of a shelf to collect dust. however bizarre it may seem. depending on the mood or circumstances of any particular day. But because I don’t read Chinese. some will hopefully remember that this exists. Lao Tzu. No matter how hard I tried not to know. I must find a way to help them wake up before it is too late. But someday soon. Random House). Harper-Collins) or the 1972 version by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English (New York. The truth of a Way of Life is a concept found in teachings from all spiritual corners of the Earth. as it came together.

” – Hosea 14:9 ix . Who is discerning? He will understand them.“Who is wise? He will realize these things.

x .

myself included. And knowledge or perception of a spiritual nature is treated with skepticism in the increasingly materialistic. or just the success of the stronger and smarter.” – Katha Upanishad Most people alive today probably think our world is just the result of natural evolution. Having bad things in the world is just part of life. thinking themselves wise and learned. There are. But for some people. and a new spiritual awareness is testing the limits of our reality. many who believe that we are in the dark about the true age and history of civilization on Earth. like blind led by the blind. Such things are relegated to the realm of myth and legend. “Abiding in the midst of ignorance. however. we are trained to perceive with only five physical senses. But by using only our limited physical perceptions. The wars. including the existence of other realms or dimensions 1 . scientific and political world that has developed apart from any understanding of God or the supernatural. or careless. It’s not our fault. fools go aimlessly hither and thither. The scant 3.000. religions. let them hear. or deluded by wealth. the sixth sense having been back-shelved centuries ago . ‘This is the only world: there is no other’. anyway. we might never comprehend the Big Picture. suggest we are being denied understanding of universal spiritual truths. 6. and thus they go from death to death. technological advancement and the encroachment of ‘civilization’ upon nature and native people are generally considered to be random. What lies beyond life shines not to those who are childish.000-year-old remnants we have found suggest we know only a tiny part of the story. you can’t have the good without the bad. they say. people say. this is changing. or even 10. ‘human nature’ playing itself out on an over-populated stage. Powerful personal experiences.To all who have an ear.000. revolutions.what was left of it. alongside certain historical and scientific evidence.

or descended from.Surfing the Tao of existence. known until now only to an elite few.” -Jeremiah 5:21 2 . A global array of inexplicable stone megaliths stands as a haunting reminder of a past long gone. and it shouldn’t be. Millions of sightings of unidentified craft or creatures are documented from all over the world. evidence suggests the sacred science of the ancients. of knowledge long forgotten…or is it? Can we really afford to ignore the feeling that something is very wrong with our world? The environment suffers more each day. There is something seriously lacking in our perception of reality. And a growing list of respected researchers has come to strikingly similar conclusions about the potential involvement of these phenomena in human development and earth changes. our religions. ‘other realms. Most incredibly.’ Memories of lost continents and lost knowledge from various mystical and psychic sources seem to pop up everywhere these days. you foolish and senseless people. myths and legends are full of stories of beings that ascended to. Life after death is still our greatest mystery. as modern technology and even weaponry. I believe universal truths about our spiritual natures exist that we should all know about. How many billions of people live without adequate food or shelter? Today. It has kept us trapped in ignorance and fear for too long. and that we live in only one small slice of a much greater whole that we cannot perceive with our five senses alone. Archaeology has actually found many of the “mythical” places mentioned in ancient texts. who have eyes but do not see. could be used today for power and control. No longer can I sit back and accept what “the world” dishes out to me. regardless if they make the nightly news in America. who have ears but do not hear. even Western countries face an all-out global jihad as a result of our long-standing wars of religion. Our physicists already know that multiple dimensions do exist. “Hear this. As if to attest to this.

Many of us are not even taught how to feel love properly anymore. And non-love is not just the obvious anger. but once you know it. a state of being. but our world can be a maze of daily subsistence. of love that is necessary to be able to see beyond our present condition. Love is a frequency. free of negativity. we are not able to fully explore our true natures. political and racial division.Questions of Love A very big part of what is going on has to do with love. or harmonic. which for most people can be much of their daily lives. It opens doors to perceiving reality in way that could make all war and misery basically disappear. It is a state of mind. But what if humans were originally designed as beings of love? If we are trapped in a place of non-love. etc. We think this is just the way the world is. like other emotions. but pretty much anything that takes us out of the consciousness of love. Love is often more elusive than the common worry and frustration of “modern” life. All the “good guys” throughout the millennia tried to tell us the secrets of love. just the way people are. personal dramas and hungry children not to mention fear for one’s very life. more and more people on our planet are living lives in misery. or anger. It is that radiant glow. For many people the pure experience may only last for short moments at a time. It can’t really be put into words. and how important it is. to be sure. worry. worry. It can even be measured in the brain. How many people do you know who can actually maintain a constant. without any love at all. free of anger. unconditional consciousness of love regardless of whatever is happening around them? There are a few. Everyone explains the feeling differently. worry. bureaucracy. murder and war. failing economies. because we are bombarded with so much non-love every day down here. like fear. it triggers the release of certain chemicals and electronic stimulus. 3 . you know it. work. fear. Especially when the overriding emotion of the day is terror. It is this very frequency. And frankly too many of us are simply too busy to even think about it. hate. or the lack of it.

or is this all there is? The questions can go on and on. why has He left us down here to rot. or is “Utopia” just a pipe dream? Is there a God at all? Are we being punished for a “sin” committed by our ancestors? If there is a God. 4 . or has He come to save us and we just don’t know it? Do we have to cycle through “multiple lives” before we can ascend to a higher realm.Surfing the Tao So why is it so difficult for us and our world? Why has fear and war been so pervasive in our history? Is it our own fault? Is it that ‘human nature’ just cannot help it? How come some people are compassionate while others are self-serving? Is it in our genes. or is someone out there trying to mess us up? Has there ever been a successful loving community.

There have been many explanations circulated throughout time by various cultural and religious traditions. How we got here and why is still argued somewhat. Others 5 . A ‘slide response’ is a CIA term for a conditioned type of response that dead-ends a person’s thinking or examination of a topic. regarding our existence here on planet Earth. People might also find it difficult to consider that their society hasn’t always had their best interests at heart. those who control the leading educational and intellectual institutions of our day have settled on the general public view of non-supernatural evolution.Difficult Answers And so can the answers. Socrates was condemned to death for dangerously spreading notions of higher realities. mainstream rational thought still does not accept so-called “Matrix”-type concepts. and refusing to worship pagan gods. it is nearly impossible to know how to make people aware of them. Our life spans are generally too short for most of us to notice. most people wouldn’t even know what questions to ask and thus could be easily shocked and misled. If a supernatural scenario were presented to them. Even respected modern philosophers such as Willard van Orman Quine proposed further consideration regarding how we can know what is real in our limited state. But we might be wise to revisit our philosophical founding fathers. take the bad with the good. Plato himself warned us of a possible existence in an illusory “shadow world”. in order to maintain not only the power that they presently exert. but control over any future release of knowledge. Some researchers contend it could very well be in the best interest of various religious. For some this will seem too frightening. Regardless of this or the astounding progress made in quantum physics and fractal geometry. Notions of other realities are instead mocked by pop culture or argued by stubborn religionists. If things have been going on outside our usual abilities to perceive them. but for the time being. neither of which is taken very seriously. and not bother with anything more. Many would rather accept the lives they have been taught. social or political institutions present in our society today to perpetuate this type of confusion.

But those interested in experiencing for themselves what I am explaining must learn to know that there is a reality beyond the one we can “see.” To understand this. For whatever reason. “All truth passes through three stages. the desire to exist in an undisturbed consciousness of unconditional love.Surfing the Tao will just be too proud. but because of the unseen yet powerful currents and reefs which create fear and unbalance. 6 . peace and harmony over egotism. so we accept our governances the same way we do our religions and revolutions. however. tradition or ambition. stubborn and set in their beliefs. so that by not believing in them or even knowing they exist. We accept new technologies without a blink. and tune in to this higher frequency. not because it is unattainable. It is simply unfortunate that most people will not choose love.” – Arthur Schoppenhauer For a precious few of us. reside in something as basic as our genetic coding. Incredibly. never questioning their source or agenda. or might not. We do not know how to think “outside the box”. and third it is accepted as self-evident. we will remain working in the world they have created for us. even they are presented with evidence they will just ignore it and go on. many don’t even want anything more. First it is ridiculed. we think we have a choice. For the most part throughout history the higher truths have been hidden away from public scrutiny. Many people endlessly seek the eternal and perfect wave. But any and all have the option – we all have free will. For this reason some people are more likely to comprehend this message than others. this ability to resonate at the higher frequencies might. second it is violently opposed. Most people are generally unaware of how easily ensnared we can become in the routine trappings of tradition and material existence. Some call this ‘enlightenment’ and it is elusive in our dimension. we must choose to live in love. the majority of the people alive on the planet today have been rendered completely deaf to this entire subject: they will not have the ‘ear to hear’. these words will ring clear as a bell.

Could you build or even fix you own computer? How about your car. which control the spirituality of millions of people. They continue to get away with it because people don’t want to believe anything unpleasant. and others invested in the present reality seek to keep people within its standards. This is accepted as the only reality.” “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. To further complicate the matter. Inner perceptions or alternative realities are ridiculed.” –Hosea 4:6 Aren’t you tired of politicians and their empty promises? Once they get into office they all seem to have their own agendas. Instead of learning to exercise our spirits and discover who we really are. People automatically disregard the notion of a power establishment clever enough to subtly manipulate the fivesensorial world without our knowing.Difficult Answers and yet have not had the courage to recognize the manipulation. government. For example. the only alternative . powerful religious institutions. Conformity. or any appliance? Do you grow and gather your own food and water? A system based on money instead of love will eventually falter. we are made to believe things like consumerism and convenience products are a great advancement. daily life revolves around the material world alone. But a high-tech society is just a more efficient way to keeping people from becoming independent of the system. general knowledge is actually regressing. Are we not slaves to technology? How about our debt? The 7 .and resistance is futile. racism. and tradition only suppress our progress towards more advanced perspectives. Having a free consumerist culture does not necessarily mean we are getting the best world possible – or that we are even truly ‘free’. Our society practically thrives on divisiveness. advertisers. “It is fortunate for leaders that the masses do not think. Thus many are trapped in endless non-love mind/body dramas and life and death dilemmas. We accept the bad with the good because we cannot imagine or implement other options. Hitler himself said. seek to convince believers that anything contradictory to the official interpretation is heresy. For most people. As time and technology progresses.

and that life will go on like this forever. and consider if our wars have anything to do with power or control. most of us would sit. based on what will make more money. What if there were entirely different ways to generate power. If they truly realized how they were being taken advantage of and how much power they really had to do something about it. Things are designed to run out or break so that we have to continually buy more. for in these times. such things successfully veil the truth of a much more incredible reality. Some even believe war is a necessary evil! But many others do want love and goodness in their lives. Do you think a more practical or less expensive way to power our homes would be in the best interest of those who own the big energy companies? Most people I know are naïve enough to trust that our government and corporations have our best interests at heart. a strong sense of pride. But as our lives become more compartmentalized. a wonderful world with great potential. Do you believe the publicly stated philanthropic goals are their only reasons. we are never taught to make these things for ourselves. If grocery stores shut down millions of people would starve. and even maintain harmony between people. which the general population knows nothing about? Over the years. Free energy is fun to research. We cannot built our own shelters or make our own cloth. and denied proper education? Most people still believe this is the most modern age ever on our planet. cold and alone. And anyone who tries to enlighten them will get only scoffing and mockery. “the prophet is considered a fool.” (Hosea 9:7) Many will find it difficult to hear beyond the deafening roar of the engines of deceit. Just look at the news. Unfortunately.Surfing the Tao people with the most money decide how the world will be. such technology been suppressed for financial reasons. when many of our own people are often suffering and starving. because there is a lot out there about it. No one can gain from it if it is free. humans are so easily swayed that a little TV. and even get “better”. the world would already be a very different place. in our boxes full of useless appliances. we must rely on the technology they give us for more of our basic needs. Our lifestyles have been cleverly designed and 8 . Without electricity. the inspired man a maniac. Without adequate access to water life would become miserable or even impossible for many.

But we have to be in a pure state of love to do it. we could learn to ascend spiritually in our physical bodies. or frequency. practically an impossibility today.Difficult Answers infiltrated for generations. and in my experience certain ones can keep people ignorant to the truth while others can wake them up to it. We do indeed have eternal natures. Manipulating the spirit involves changing “frequencies” of the body. though this immortality is spiritual rather than physical. and have been for countless millennia. and most people will not even want to awaken. 9 . This lack of understanding of our true natures has been part of the reason we are stuck down here mired in wars and dramas. If we were taught about this properly. Those who are “awake” must be sure they are tuned correctly as well. death is an unknown. which would then become transformed to a higher state. and they rationalize fear for their bodies as survival instinct. for there are many deceivers in the ethereal realms. For most people tuned in to the world and unaware of their spirit.

We are the conscious spirit inside. If I had already perfected my own Walk. it can be difficult and even a little frightening. But if we choose to welcome a higher reality into our lives. Initially. Think of it sort of like the movie The Matrix. magical world out there than we have been allowed to know.but they are not us. it has taken years of prayer and research to satisfy both my spirit and my intellect. and overcome years of habit and negative programming. Indeed. so to speak. This is because our own thoughts and emotions resonate powerfully in the quantum realm in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. When we are conditioned to react to our circumstances. just a far. We have been caught in this invisible illusion of time and space for eons. experiencing life in the third dimension. far more exciting. like cars. and it took awhile to get used to the new feelings. Our bodies are just machines. But it can take time to internalize this knowledge. we become prisoner of our own emotions. Also. every day we have been alive on Earth we have all been innocently led to take everything at face value. but you can’t hear or see them without the 10 . and yet still won’t be able to understand that without the proper understanding of love and how to use it. to “turn the other cheek”. But pretty soon we realize it’s not scary at all. I wouldn’t be here to write this. There are probably at least 100 different stations and channels broadcasting right in the room where you are in right now. There are many people who realize this. the truth begins to announce itself in its own way to each person. It might be kind of like experiencing the radio or television for the first time. “turning on” my spirit was a crazy sensation. the barriers are strong. incredible. wondrous. To break free we must learn to walk in joy regardless of what happens. and now it’s time to wake up. this particular dimension can be a trap where we are forced to confront negativity. and really learn how to walk in love.Can We Wake Up? Too many people will not be able to mentally separate themselves from the present reality. anger. The experience of “waking up” can be difficult. things we ride around in . worry. and even fear of death. We can be free of all hate.

The truth hurts – at first. I am more alive. like a constant natural high. In actuality the practice raises the vibration of every molecule. it has felt emotionally painful at times. It is possible to go to places beyond the material plane through prayer and meditation. It should be something we all learn to do as children. but to others a common and quite ancient experience. It’s the same with higher realities. The “Path to Enlightenment. It takes time to absorb and the older you are. You just have to find your radio. There is a joyous. But eventually you became part of a higher. and it completely altered the way I viewed my life in the body. Suddenly death was nothing to be afraid of. Intellectual philosophical discourse about whether our world is real or illusory becomes moot when you have personally been outside of the ‘shadow world’. inside you and tune it in. needs to be untwisted and made available to every person who can open 11 . And yet this eternal joy is right here. in a place beyond the physical or temporal world.Can We Wake Up? proper device. if we can set aside our thoughts and learn to live in spirit. and reserved for. Humans must consider their evolution in terms of spirit or consciousness. It actually feels different to be in my body now than it did before. more wonderful reality. sometimes the harder it can be. To be honest. I didn’t have to experience the pod of pink goo like Neo in The Matrix to feel horrified. Intuiting the connections between science and religion. more conscious of every cell. even physical sensations are different. or spirit. a selfish “elite” few. I realized we can maintain awareness outside of the physical body. as my previous concept of the world has been turned upside down. I have read about a lot of other people experiencing the supernatural and having the same reaction at first. there are dimensions or realities beyond ours. rather than pure biology. just waiting for us to reach out and take it. It was like being released from a ‘non-love’ frequency grid. so they start resonating at a faster rate. something unbelievable to many.” historically distorted by. more exhilarating. The first step in this revolution of consciousness is just to realize that there is a higher truth. for you simply can’t believe you didn’t see it before. right now. eternal existence beyond the world as we see it now. would be a step towards rediscovering the ancient truths of our existence.

It begins and ends within each individual and his or her own personal relationship with God. In Eastern belief systems it is taught that people are really spirit beings who during this life become enmeshed in physical vehicles. The right time to realize this is different for everyone. but once mastered is effortless and the ecstasy indescribable. my intellect was over-trained and I didn’t even know I had a spirit. How to do this cannot be explained in a paragraph. and sometimes they can even give conflicting opinions. and yet they only become easier to access and maintain after it is achieved. It surprised me that spiritual matters began to make sense intellectually. By vibrating ourselves into a higher frequency electrical and emotional interferences disappear. The first part of the journey led to a clearer understanding of God. Learning to rely on my spirit for answers was strange at first. or off. I can only suggest that people learn to tune in their own spiritual radios. the Great Spirit. and I have a hard time explaining it to people who demand “proof”. The mind is our thought process on the physical plane and it is tuned in to the world or people around you. But I found I could listen to the spirit and then go out and find 12 . Mind and spirit are very distinct. which can cause many of us to feel angry. or even in an entire book. I find I just know things. Many people are not ready for it and some never will be. chemical. I had to learn to use prayer and meditation to still my mind and gain understanding from my spirit.Surfing the Tao their ears.1 Even within the framework of a hierarchical approach to religion few are encouraged to investigate their own spiritual independence. If you can hear it. depressed or worried. Ironically love and joy are the tools necessary to achieve this state. the Tao. Now. The spirit can only be heard clearly if the mind is turned down. It is easily influenced by external. and that the healthiest state for humans is actually separation from the body without suffering trauma or death. even electronic forces. Western psychiatric theory sharply contrasts with this idea. This is one of the many paradoxes of enlightenment. then it exists for you and you should have the right to know about it. which before had meant very little to me. Like most people. So growing up in the western world has made my trip a little longer. the mind ceases to babble and the spirit begins to sound clear. Learning to surf can be tiring and frustrating.

refer to the end to our era. political movement or 13 . “The best general enters the mind of his enemy. kept hidden. let us prepare for the worst. If we rely solely on orthodox ‘hard evidence’ we will in no way be able to put the pieces together. Not the end of everything. I think Lao Tzu said it best. as well as in daily headlines. corrupted religions. it seems to me as if our reality has been misconstrued. either way forever disabling our ability to understand the Truth. This is coming to light now because many historical and religious sources and ancient calendars.” Our world is not what it seems. I do not belong to any cult. so many people never learn how to see beyond. The startling experience of finding proof in books and materials I would never have otherwise known existed. and it is a narrow Path. made into lunacy. but just this particular reality: the end of the dominion of non-love beings. “True wisdom seems foolish. I hear Lao Tzu saying. religious group.” We must be prepared so that we do not become fearful. I will guide the reader through my own Way to awakening. “If we are wise.Can We Wake Up? actual evidence of what I heard. We are conditioned to live within a certain frequency. has taught me just how important listening to the spirit can be. because they are hard at work trying to hold on to their power. as well as my own spirit.” Even George Washington warned. for the deceptions. but we would never know that ourselves just by looking around with our limited perceptions. most people will not find the Way.” –Lao Tzu When I attempt to determine why we must consider these things. We must retune ourselves to survive. myths. Looking back on our world today from a vastly changed perspective of the Big Picture. Neither can modern scholarly interpretations of scraps of ancient texts give us a clear picture of what was really going on. More and more people will be encountering such things. delusions and mockeries are already strong in the world – and about to get a lot stronger. its wondrous beauty pales in comparison to the next. Too much has been destroyed or corrupted from the inside for us to understand. “the Master observes the world but trusts his inner vision. fairy tales and science fiction in order to squelch or tantalize our imaginations. or if anything.

There are so many people whose thoughts and writings helped me understand I am not alone in my vision. Even though some of it sounds dreadfully crazy at first. and its great atrocities are similarly unjustified. philosophy. It could be a difficult time for many people around the world. and I continue to learn more every day. that our future is really quite terrific and we have a lot of reasons to be joyful. I have not compromised or changed anything for personal gain. And though I know there will be many who will find offense within these pages. There are ferocious powers at work in the world right now as there have been for a very long time. I must state that my goal is to take everything to a higher level – that means religion. you will know. It was like putting a puzzle together. pretty much anyone bound to their own comfortable interpretation of reality will get left behind. From here on may the reader understand the spirit works in mysterious ways. and modern science and current events are giving us signs to sit up and take notice. “That which goes against the Tao comes to an early end. but their time is growing rapidly short. without worry. I am not beholden to anyone or anything but love. politics. arranged in a certain order. Thank you to every bold soul. I worked hard to give credit to everyone whose work is found here. but keep one eye on the sky because as the terrifying events on 9/11 can attest. at last we shall see how things start to make sense in a different way. Once this unimaginable thing begins to happen. to set forth the perception of reality I had been shown.” – Lao Tzu 14 . My intention was to use the words of others that touched my spirit. But at least we can finally understand that this world is not normal in its tortures of the meek and small.Surfing the Tao special interest. I do not profess to know everything. Little things will pop up in everyday life that will start to “prove” it to each person in their own way. everything can change in an instant. Much was written about the times we are living in now a long. I can only share what I do know. long time ago. This is a highly personal experience. to the very last second. Live life as if you had a hundred years.

the negative space between each atom. It’s modern science catching up with the ancient sages. If you haven’t yet read The Tao of Physics by Frijof Capra. or Brahman). – Isa Upanishad If you don’t have a handle on God or spiritual matters at all. Find out that inside an atom. All atoms are mostly filled with . and accomplish miracles. It is the void. and he is near. there really isn’t any substance at all. destroy or even create new little quarks of matter. building atom upon atom like a 15 . although these days one can find various physicists writing their own interpretation of spiritual realities. He is far. and that simply by knowing this we can change and create our own reality. quantum physics is a fair place to begin. That is. it’s a great book about how modern physics relates to ancient spiritual philosophy.this ‘void’ is what physicists call the Unified Field .Who is GOD? He moves and he moves not. He is within all. Read how physicists are surprised to discover you can’t measure sub-atomic activity without influencing it. and he is outside all. the simple act of measuring and watching can stimulate.nothing. free our spirits. Orthodox science refuses to consider such matters for the most part. This type of information is being “discovered” by modern science.and spiritualists call God (or the Force. It is our awareness of this connection with this loving Force that enables true understanding of spiritual immortality. What all atoms have in common is this great empty space . they contain only tiny little sparks of energy flying around an enormous void. which binds them together. who knew our entire world is simply an illusion of our own creation. The secrets of prayer are not lost. With breath and sound. That is. It is the realization and utilization of the energy fields around us. we can control our frequency. just dormant inside ourselves. the Tao. designing the intricate fractal world we live in. just tiny sparks of energy rapidly spinning about inside a relatively huge open space. yet we are rarely encouraged to see the higher spiritual meanings behind it.

What’s important is this knowing. It is neither light nor dark. This is the act of becoming aware of that perfect wave.” – Chandogya Upanishad. “We should consider that in the inner world Brahman is consciousness. This knowing connects us to the unknowable.Surfing the Tao crystal. Spirituality enters the picture when we consider consciousness. This Ineffable Nothingness is all connected. made up of mostly space. nature. the air around us. that eventually leaves the physical. gaseous. Who we really are is something beyond the material plane. it would become the size of a (very heavy!) baseball. and really know that this Field. For many attached to their physical natures. At the very least most people experience that “gut feeling”. yet both. This Force resides in the void. It is this essence that is connected to the Tao . Maintaining our awareness of the connection we were born with is a skill we must choose to relearn in this chaotic physical illusion. Lao Tzu explains this intangible Essence is beyond form and beyond sound. it is the void. our bodies. organic. the space between – and is not named. and 16 . we can connect with our spirits. and we should consider that in the outer world Brahman is space. has a loving consciousness. what we are conscious of and connected to beyond the physical reality. each atom next to each other. forming structure. establishing form . material objects. endless and ancient. we are all made of the same stuff. the body won’t work. we each have an essence. which already exists. Only by internalizing love and using it unconditionally can we come to know this great.mineral. when some strange instinct allows you to sense something beyond the five senses. If we can learn to quiet and still our physical minds from the deluge of life’s daily thoughts. living in the spirit is an unfamiliar sensation. We are already physically connected to it. or spirit. It is the form of the formless. the image of the imageless. and choosing to hop on for a ride. or Force. and without it. Someone once suggested if we could condense the mass of our solar system so that all the empty spaces were gone.the void. resonating field of energy that surrounds and permeates everything.

He sees in us human beings a miraculous and unique creation. I have learned to still my mind in meditation and prayer and feel the warm. to the Holy Bible. is the birth of the Kingdom of God within us: the awakening of the God frequency. For the most part. Its attainment gives one mastery over space and time.Who is GOD? then we can obtain and maintain a connection with it. But it is entirely possible. To relearn it later requires focus and control over emotions. which enables us to love Him in return and desire to do His will. Perfection of this loving state of consciousness has been sought and written about since ancient times. by our own free will. It is with pure love and joy that He fills us – I use the masculine because “it” sounds so impersonal. It is a wholly unearthly feeling. The Art of Peace allows us to perceive and tap into that tremendous reserve of universal energy. “The life force is all-pervasive and its strength boundless. stillness is foreign to today’s world. In fact you can substitute the word “love” for “Tao” and come away with a pretty sound understanding of the term. Our desire to love and communicate with Him. seek first His Kingdom of 17 . Our language keeps us from adequately describing it for He is beyond words. they all say that in the stillness one can ‘know’ God. He is the beginning and end and life of all… He enfolds the whole universe and in silence is loving to all. and my relationship with Him is a personal one – but the energy of the Tao is genderless.” – Chandogya Upanishad. and it is one of the first things we should be taught in life. From the Tao Te Ching. capable of a greater love than any other life form. and the love necessary to perceive it. but the reward is peace and serenity. “All this universe is in truth Brahman. to the writings of Buddha. to the Upanishads.” –Ueshiba Becoming aware of this Flow. loving embrace of God.

Some of them were able to intuit the false.” – Kena Upanishad “Wakefulness is the Way to life. then begins the Path supreme.” – Buddha 18 . Let your heart be at peace. The fool sleeps as if he were already dead.” – Lao Tzu “If you have not liked yourself to true emptiness. Be still. and know that I am God” – Psalms 46:10 “Look within. almost comic nature of the illusion and ascend to the higher realms without ever suffering physical death because their connection was so pure. and reason itself rests in silence. such as Lao Tzu and Buddha. be still. or purposefully ignore it. is what separates us from those who have been led astray. “Be still. become immortal. you will never understand The Art of Peace. are too busy surviving this world. Free from fear and attachment. on leaving this world. To hear His will. we must first quiet our minds. and listen with our spirits. but the master is awake and he lives forever. “Those who follow wisdom pass beyond and. Those few who have obtained and maintained this connection are some of our greatest sages and philosophers.” – Katha Upanishad “Empty your mind of all thoughts.Surfing the Tao peace and love within ourselves. Those who are lost seek to use the pure energy of the unified field to do their own will.” – Buddha “When the five senses and the mind are still. Know the sweet joy of the way.” – Ueshiba But the vast majority of people are either ignorant of this altogether.

Lord of heaven and earth.Who is GOD? To become immortal we must first become awake. to borrow a phrase from the sixties. Complete mental stillness is an unrealistic goal for many. and end your problems…I am like an idiot. Before long. For this we need love to be our overriding emotion and our minds otherwise empty. we can come to know that which is beyond. “Stop thinking. Begin by just recognizing unwanted thoughts and watching them pass on through your mind.” -Matthew 22:37-40 Many throughout time have sought to explain this but their message has been compromised. strange histories. You will become the eye of the storm.” Luke 10:21 19 . our eternal spirit bodies and the higher realms of existence. doctrines. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. especially if we are learning it anew as adults. my mind is so empty. Our spirits need to be turned on and tuned in. By learning to control life’s daily thoughts.” “He is unknown to the learned and known to the simple…” – Kena Upanishad “I praise you. beyond ritual and beyond religion. Having your mind full of trivial knowledge is only a hindrance. I particularly love Lao Tzu’s explanation of how to be. Jesus said. politics and financial needs. the spirit. buildings. Father. regardless of how chaotic your life is. God is beyond thought. They watered down powerful truths about love. because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned. beyond words. This simple concept has been complicated with giant worldly religions. and revealed them to little children. This is the first and greatest commandment. hierarchies. and not allowing them to interfere with our walk of love. wars. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. the mind. you will be able to function with clarity and serenity. beyond knowledge.

” -1 John 4:12 20 . but we can know he is with us always. As soon as you begin to make decisions in your life based on love. Tao means Way. staying perfectly balanced in your Walk along the Path. but if we love one another. Amplify love inside yourself and you will find Him. Let Go. This guiding Essence is “God”. this Higher Power. we must quiet our minds and choose love. Choose love: use your free will to seek His will. This is what it means to live in the Tao. That knowledge is faith. He is everywhere around us. the Tao. He is the unified field. Allow Him to guide your life. God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. peace and harmony. this says it well. this Way of Life is a walk of love. your life will become one of abundance and serenity. Let God. and inside of us. to know Him is to know love. Some say. It’s surfing the perfect and endless wave. And love is the key ingredient. “No one has ever seen God.Surfing the Tao We cannot see God with our eyes. peace and harmony above all else to hear Him. and soon it will coincide with your own and your life will be truly blessed. Be aware of Him. He can communicate with us by guiding our spirits.

and before long you will find the peace and clarity you need for the rest of this to make sense – because you will begin to see it for yourself. set aside your preconceived judgments. and always has been. If you are new to the idea. the creative use of breath and sound. leaving most people dangerously susceptible to falling for any ‘miracle. and he adds no trouble to it. Only in modern times has this practice gone underground to escape the skepticism of a modern world. Use the paradox to your advantage. its practice has 21 . Evidence suggests people have been practicing ‘magic’ for thousands of years. Discovering that God. the Tao. We must be sure we understand what is real. helps. Our ancient sages knew this and modern science is catching up. if there is such a God and He is so omnipresent and full of love. This particular dimension where we exist is a lower frequency and that is why we otherwise cannot “see” the supernatural. not to mention our understanding of what dangers are really lurking out in the surf.”-Proverbs 10:22 Many will ask. If your intentions are pure. Those already with faith or experience of the higher realms will have an easier time with these concepts. so we can make an informed choice. But once we understand this great source of power and energy exists all around us. even speaking your belief before you actually believe can help create the reality in which you truly do. just remember stillness and love are paramount. Open your hearts and minds. Speak and think positively to tune yourself up in frequency.’ Indeed. regardless of the religion of the day. can alter our world from within the quantum realm.Who is like God? “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth. we begin to realize there are likely to be those who would try to use the Force for their own ends. how could He have allowed such horrors to take place down here? Simply accepting that there is a higher reality helps us understand how we have been limiting our free will. and prayer. is within you and around you.

“Trying to control the future Is like trying to take the master carpenter’s place. blindly following the temptations of a material world and its multitude of cleverly deceptive spiritual paths. Unfortunately simple ignorance can be just as dangerous. And there are many who believe they deserve this right.Surfing the Tao recently been making a huge comeback because it is so easy to deceive or amaze people otherwise unaware of this Force. 1 Abusing the Force for selfish reasons is what truly differentiates the good guys from the bad. peace and harmony in this plane. It’s kind of like becoming aware of the rushing river of energy we are a part of and consciously choosing to ride along. The Way is like the veins that circulate blood through our bodies.its heart is like the movement of the wind and waves. and many have taken it to the extreme. we could be living against the Tao without knowing it. by misusing or abusing it.” –Lao Tzu We can choose to recognize the loving consciousness behind this Force. but we must allow Him to decide and act for us. communicate with it and determine its will for us. It is in our awareness of His presence. esoteric followers like the Gnostics believed God was not all-powerful. When you handle the master carpenter’s tools. as well as in the Way we choose to live. For example. Our world craftily encourages people to be ambitious and self-seeking. “Peace originates with the flow of things . If you are 22 . Chances are that you’ll cut your hands. Each moment of our lives is part of this Walk if we are living in the Tao. perverting the Force and using it for selfish purposes instead. If we are unclear about our choice. which manifests His love. following the natural flow of the life force. Truly seeking the will of our loving Tao allows Him to open doors for us in His own “magical” way. They believed practicing this ‘magical’ use of the Force would eventually elevate initiates to the “equivalent of God”. living in His will. but that a duality maintained balance in the universe that could be manipulated.

is what magic and sorcery is all about.Who is like God? separated in the slightest from that divine essence. Today. because it serves to illustrate several key points. or attempting to reroute its power. In fact the best lies contain the most truth. It is a common deception to have us believe there is no evil. The Art of Peace Obstructing or fighting the roaring rapids of the Tao. You cannot improve it.” . It’s a subtle distinction – one of many. Everything. the Tao is the Force. many truths exist which have been so subtly perverted. The finer points of this discrepancy of wills has become less obvious.Lao Tzu Are we forcing our own selfish desires on our lives. you will lose it. The truth is. well. 23 . this abuse of the Force is becoming more and more acceptable. and easier to manipulate. you will ruin it. you are far off the path. Is it in agreement with the Great Spirit and His frequency of love? Are we allowing His natural loving flow to continue in the Way He intended? Do we really think we can plan things out better than He can? “Do you think you can take over the universe and improve it?…The universe is sacred. If you try to hold it. but how we choose to think about it and what we do with it is our choice. something they love. then how can I be evil?” – Charles Manson This is actually a very good question. If you try to change it.” – Ueshiba. The issue is what we do with our free will. In today’s world. or trusting in His Universality to find the best Path? Are we going His Way or ours? Do we really know what it means to live a life of unconditional love? The answers are up to you – just be sure you really understand the questions. warped or contaminated that it is difficult to separate them from non-truth. “If God is all. because it makes the truth so much more difficult to discern. it is Everything. since everything is part of.

where our reflections are reversed. rather than the three dimensional “real” person.Surfing the Tao “…There is evil and disorder in the world because people have forgotten that all things emanate from one source. This world has been warped – so subtly we think it looks real. Another key point here is the very subtlety of the misunderstanding. in fact He can use Everything to prove His points. though Charles Manson’s words aren’t really true. The Tao did not choose this state of affairs (this was a result of other beings using their free will and choosing not to live in agreement with the Tao) but He can still use this evil to create more love. We are also looking at a two dimensional version of ourselves. petty desires. In point. The truth is. while in truth there are many more. It is difficult to explain how a small perversion can cause such great misunderstanding. When you look in the mirror. they are easily swayed by semantics and legalisms. you are always seeing your reflected image. and anger. However our lower dimensional. 24 . trying to discern the dry outer world without actually going there. Many examples of this are found in religion. Tradition and generational wisdoms can contain similar ambiguities. but in truth we are merely like fish in a pond. starkly physical.there really is no evil in His frequency of love. they can be used to bring a higher understanding.” – The Art of Peace The Tao is everything. it doesn’t exist. We can only see our world in three dimensions. Different interpretations of the same words often cause problems. Most religions contain an aspect of truth – but have also accumulated other elements that are not. non-spiritual world contains so many terrible elements it seems impossible to ignore the fact that evil does exist for many people. the more difficult it is to recognize the deceit. Return to that source and leave behind all selfcentered thoughts. for many of us. seeing pictures or videos of ourselves can be strange because we don’t look exactly like we do in the mirror. And because people tend to put meaning to everything. Perhaps our three-dimensional reality can best be compared to being a Mirror Image of the truth. The closer to the truth. What we are able to perceive about our reality contains a similar paradox. it is all good .

Have you ever stopped to consider whose will you are acting upon in life? Is there no option other than to do your own physical will. Today’s new brand of spiritualism even focuses on self-realization and power. the Mirror Image. tradition or culture. Our very culture rewards a self-seeking lifestyle. and not in agreement with Him. or water in a mirage that is agitated. the mind is found bewildered. for if they were. It is about laughing. For many people mired in today’s willful and selfish world. lived in the artificial reflected light of the material world. oneness. Given all the selfish. peace and harmony. the will of a modern lifestyle. loving Force. it is obvious that the material realm is an easy place to convince people to seek their own carnal will and pleasure. there is nothing to know. not wealth.Who is like God? Buddha taught in the Lankavatara Sutra. Our misunderstanding of it and its 25 . not worrying. maya. There are many who believe there is an intelligent energy in the realms beyond our normal perception that seeks to keep people unaware of this discrepancy of will. or even an advertisement? Not many people these days are in conscious communication with a higher. animals imagine water but here is no reality to it. instead of God’s spiritual one. it is like a dream. in a vessel and on a gem. This will quickly clue us in as to which elements of the world are maya. Like a mirage in the springtime. It is about compassion. these choices will seem impossible. not legalisms. bothness and not-bothness as well. too. but in them there are no reality.” (translated by D. In a mirror. images are seen. so that we will remain imprisoned in the illusion and unaware of God. these are discriminated by the ignorant who are confused in mind and bound up by errors since beginningless time. in water. instead of the selfless internalization of unconditional Love. Suzuki)2 How can we know for sure? To discern the Reflection from the true Reality we must choose to live in agreement with the Tao – with love. There is here nothing but thought construction. it is like an image in the air when they thus understand all. violent. “The triple world resembles a net. everyone would act selflessly out of peace and love. degrading and greedy acts that go on down here. Eternity and non-eternity. Living in the Tao is about balance. not extremes. anywhere to take hold of. in an eye. and by thus regarding it one is emancipated. T. It is about harmony.

especially to people who are limited to the physical senses. teleportation and anti-gravity technology. like spacetime manipulation. “Because it is sometimes so unbelievable the truth escapes becoming known. What was heretofore the realm of science fiction. even multiple. But we are now able to use science to understand spiritual questions. It appears as we wish to see it. thriving on the frequency of fear and bloodshed. Having been developing basic ‘morphing’ technology for years in collaboration with the Pentagon. Keeping us unaware of our spirits or any such spiritual reality to begin with was a masterful move. Quantum physics reminds us that since at an atomic level. their goal is to create aircraft that can “fly like an eagle”. But however much it 26 . all matter is really energy. on a small scale. it is not in agreement with the Tao. It has cleverly perverted our understanding of who “God” is and tempted us with our own free wills. Even scientists can now do such things.Surfing the Tao agenda has left us susceptible to its various machinations in every era and culture.S.” -Heracleitus Difficult to define. U. It seeks to cause chaos and non-love. never failing to turn our Star Trek dreams into a startling new reality. Though it often feigns love and affection for people. shape shifting may not just be the stuff of movie magic. this swirling mass of prideful energy can pervade the minds and souls of the unsuspecting and unprotected. confusing or misleading. is quickly becoming a reality. rather than spiritual fulfillment in the glory of the Tao. and appear in various. News and World Report recently discussed shape-shifting aircraft in the works at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia. to choose a life of personal satisfaction and human glorification. It can also manifest as the warped Mirror Image reflection of our reality – anything that is negative. Its very incorporeality can help it seem like God – or even a goddess. But knowing such technology exists still won’t help some people imagine the possibilities beyond our awareness. Our inability to see or perceive it at all can be its very source of power. reshaping the aircraft in response to airflow. and very beautiful physical forms.3 Scientists are even learning how to teleport molecules of matter from one place to another.

control. it cannot even be compared as being the opposite of God. Regardless of the reader’s religious affiliation. this fictional collection of letters written by Screwtape. Lewis wrote a wonderfully humorous depiction of these attacks in his book The Screwtape Letters. especially if it were able to move about invisibly. pretty hard to duplicate that which already occupies all space. it might like to imagine it is as powerful as God – or more. The name “Michael” means the question “who is like God?” As if demanding to know. They actually thrive on the frequency of selfishness. However. It doesn’t really matter who or what they are – simply comprehending that there are forces at work seeking to keep humans unenlightened and in their control. Feelings of worry and especially terror have a profound effect. Not to mention how easy it is to convince people you are a good guy when you and your cronies appear as “beings of light. if any. is a lighthearted allegory which teaches how unaware humans are of their spiritual potential. an important official in “Satan’s” evil army. even if they are being attacked from all sides.Who is like God? wishes to be worshipped as God. a “junior demon” on earth whose job it is to keep humans from knowing God. who would have the utter gall to compare itself to the Great All-Knowing Void? If such a creature had personal motives of power. instead of in touch with a loving 27 . (not to mention ego).” –Lao Tzu We are for the most part blind to the effect of our emotions in the quantum realms. In this type of battle. to his nephew. if it were not physical but a being of pure spirit and light. warriors must learn to choose love of their own free will. and greed. chaos and destruction. It might sound easy but it can be extremely difficult in practice. Learning to feel love and joy in spite of the situation is the only way to fight back. and the bad guys are counting on it. anger. this might help it seem more likely to be a mysterious “Great Architect” of the physical realm.S. C. fear.” “He who tries to shine dims his own light. It’s true opposite would be a similar type being infused instead with love and compassion. Of course no one is like God.

the more subtle the discrepancy. is what’s important. This entity certainly used his free will. he wants to play God. Throughout history his goals were much the same as they are today: to be worshiped as ‘God’ on our earth. he may even have long ago instigated a catastrophic event that swung our planet and solar system out of balance. and therefore imagined himself to be greater than God. he fooled masses of people into thinking he was God. They presently control our little world. It just so happens our Earth is the perfect place. Why? Scholars and others have forever debated this question. in various civilizations. and with many names. is false. in many forms. They are known to “channel” themselves spiritually through innocent humans. Their lies are smooth as silk. 28 . and their tentacles reach millions. There is no justification for evil. If you can look outside your door or on the front page and see anything but pure love. They even attempt to deceive humans into believing they want to help us. The concept of duality. impersonating angels and other entities. Remember. discovered he could manipulate the pure energy of the Force for his own reasons. telling spiritual truths mixed with subtle lies to purposefully mislead. Nature herself has even been manipulated for their purposes. that there must be bad things for there to be good ones. and their influence can be felt in nearly every aspect of life. whether we know it or believe it or not. one must constantly be on guard that your conversations with God are not really conversations with the Deceiver. For many millennia. then you are seeing this warped reflection. peace and harmony. In part of an ancient battle for power and control. but they work hard to get through to us. the easier to mislead. He craves worship for himself. de-activating Earth’s connection with its higher self and causing humans to do the same. The existence of this entity and its armies may primarily be on the ethereal planes. He seeks to keep humans unaware of the Way by creating a subtly false “path of enlightenment” as well as teaching us to misuse our free will the way he did.Surfing the Tao God and aware of their own natural potential for immortality. seeming to crave the physical. Yin and yang are not opposites – yinyang is the essence of the oneness of all things. or are themselves the “good guys”.

vampires. perhaps millions of people who can see and communicate with these entities do not recognize them as evil. spirit guides. and then gently mislead the devotee towards a false light. Their interference in our evolution may have shortened our life spans and removed our ability to retune to pure love and the higher frequencies of existence. It feels a bit like trying to explain that the world is round to a bunch of stubborn medieval peasants. thinking they are here to help “heal” the planet or guide us towards an “age of enlightenment”. Adding insult to injury. And if our controlled modern society refuses to acknowledge them or any of the spiritual side of life. developed from ancient sources. as far as today’s conformist science and society is concerned. a more subtle but far more dangerous lie. through our ignorance. they will continue to remain invisible to all but who have experienced the supernatural themselves. a group growing 29 . In Greek myth such beings are said to suffer an existence devoid of blood. Their misinformation seeks to continue to keep us in bondage. and even “ascended masters” or “angels of light”. prana. And they will go to all lengths to make sure we stay out of tune. voice and vital energy (also called mana. where we could easily discern their presence. dragons and other reptilians. aliens. They appear the way people imagine them. including using modern technology. The existence of such beings is difficult to prove in this world since they can move outside of our dimension. holy spirit.Who is like God? Some people believe they may actually require blood to physically get into our dimension. just silly notions of ignorant cavemen. or chi). They even work together. Their different frequencies mean some people are more likely to see them than others. fairies. demons. armies of strange-looking creatures have appeared to do their dirty work in our realm as ‘gods’. But for the most part their presence has been exceedingly clever in its subtlety and difficulty to discern. There is still perhaps nothing logical about this crazy notion. though the majority of humans are not tuned to a frequency where they can see them if they do not wish to be seen. A seemingly loving ‘spirit guide’ could take credit for ridding one of demonic torment. In our rigid scholarly society such stories are considered impossible to be true. Evidence abounds that they continue to this day. For countless generations.

and how to get there – and if they do reappear to us and share their advanced technology. We really are like little sheep. it is of no avail to threaten them with death. And without proper guidance. But those who do choose to overcome this world will become even greater than the angels themselves – something some of them might not be too happy about. the quintessential wolves in sheep’s clothing. completely unaware of anything beyond our little prairie of the third dimension. and educational systems. “If men are not afraid to die. they continue to wreak havoc on our planet. These creatures enjoy nothing better than inventing ways to get people to worship them. religions. and yet they remain invisible to most. it will be on their terms.Surfing the Tao in number. causing fear and war. whatever they hear about the spiritual realms. truth and non-truth. To free ourselves. economy. in awe. will be believed. we must choose to retune ourselves to the frequency of love and surf the Tao into eternity. Most people have been too thoroughly steeped in this world and will not be able to hear this call. our culture. the higher realms. They want to keep us unaware of them. and we will know all the secrets of the universe.” – Lao Tzu 30 . Their appearance as normal humans is the biggest deceit of all. In various ways they influence the royalty and governments of the world. Nothing will be kept hidden.

Today these stories continue. religious. we would be wise to learn to distinguish between God. How do we make sense of this idea in the real world? Today. They have been interfering with our evolution and development for eons. our loving. but kept hidden from the common masses. Their goals for our planet do not always include love. A still mind and a peaceful spirit is the first step. for certain reasons. They control certain sacred knowledge that is passed down through a designated human elite. whether 31 . can lead to truth. omniscient Force. peace or harmony. taking many forms. and the many various and strange beings who have infiltrated and distorted our world from beyond our awareness. when interpreted with discretion and in conjunction with archeological evidence. The latter change was an unfortunate one because it caused the Supreme Being to be blamed for the brutal acts that earlier writers had attributed to the very unGod-like Custodians. Nearly every early culture records some kind of knowledge.Who are the gods? “Biblical authors simply altered names and changed the many ‘gods’ in the original writings into the one “God or “Lord” of the Hebrew religion. Whatever causes ripples in the pool of serenity is not of the Tao. keeping us in the dark about their true natures.” 1 In order to be sure we are not being fooled into choosing the illusion. Joseph Campbell taught in his many famous works that myth. we have been taught to think of the ‘gods’ as mythological or symbolic. But more and more research indicates their existence could be much more than that. and cultural sources tell the same basic story of interference from a much more powerful race of beings from outside of our perception and understanding. Modern day researchers are beginning to notice that many of our ancient historical. It might be surprising for some to discover that many of the alternative explanations for our reality have a common yet bizarre theme. the Tao.

we actually go further down in consciousness. the longitude and latitude locations of the world’s 32 . and he believed they existed within our collective unconscious.” 4 Modern archeology has always had a hard time explaining how fully developed civilizations with astronomical knowledge far beyond even our own could have spontaneously come to exist in various places on earth long ago. We become more and more unable to understand or interpret an awareness of higher consciousness. For example. Writer Jacques Vallee considers the similarity of the world’s myths and legends no coincidence. “Read the old writers as if they were reporters. these realities have become invisible to us. Thompson suggested an increased openness to studying the world’s legends would result in a better understanding of human cultures than modern science currently allows. lined up with ancient stars and arrayed conspicuously around the world upon the intersections of powerful geodetic energy or “ley” lines. Canadian writer Rand FlemAth also found that if the Great Pyramid at Giza were considered the 0 degree meridian.” 2 Heinrich Schliemann is credited with having found the legendary city of Troy by using descriptions left in ancient myth. having had a mysterious divine origin and passed down through an elite. but “something that is true at such a deep level that it influences the very basic elements of our thoughts. it is condensed history.Surfing the Tao sacred. and stated. and as we become more scientific and independent minded. Ruins of enormous megaliths lie dormant.” 3 Author Brinsley le Poer Trench agreed. magical or agricultural. He once lectured to a group of students. Psychologist Julian Jaynes in his work The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind wrote that this communication with the ‘gods’ is this same experience of the schizophrenia’s ‘hearing of voices’. Many alternative researchers present evidence that regular catastrophic events may have suddenly and drastically changed the surface and alignment of the planet. Carl Jung called such beings “archetypes”. Charles Hapgood claims the North Pole was previously located in other areas. Their stories are often true. The ancients had no reason to lie. who misinterpret them for us for their own purposes. “Mythology is shorthand. reserved instead for an elite few. like the Hudson Bay area. Former NASA scientist Richard L. Instead.

polished metal spark plugs and gold chains found inside millions of years of coal or rock. human footprints inside dinosaur prints. and the controversial science of grid harmonics and free energy. who were. Don’t forget the anthropological mystery of the “missing link. will perish from the earth and from under the heavens. involved in an ancient battle on our planet. who did not make the heavens and the earth. gods or ‘ascended masters’. actively searched for relics of their supposed forgotten 33 .Who are the gods? sacred sites fit together in neat geometrical patterns. detailed maps of an ice-free Antarctica. “For the Lord is the great God. and many other things that have been conveniently swept under the carpet by mainstream science. the great King above all gods. or custodians. like sacred geometry. Another clue is the sudden appearance of fully developed agriculture crops like corn.” (Psalms 95:3) Various Mystery Schools and secret societies elaborate on the idea of super-beings. but for now this theory serves as a possible reason why legendary ancient civilizations collapsed so long ago and fell into myth. and just like in the movies. hundreds of artifacts and drawings depicting humanoid reptilians.5 More on this later. yet go strangely unheeded – pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Ancient Sumerian tablets are one of many cultural references from across the world that discuss the multiple gods. The Nazis during World War II were similarly influenced by occult ideas of a race of super-beings with divine knowledge. and millions of sightings are recorded by credible organizations all over the world to this day. ancient. the Antikythera Mechanism. Cremo and Richard L. or are. skeletons from giants with six fingers and toes and two rows of teeth. Thompson or Our Haunted Planet by John Keel for more on the subject.’” (Jeremiah 10-11). all sorts of strange. alchemy. (Check out books like Forbidden Archeology by Michael A. anomalous artifacts called “ooparts” for out of place artifacts have been found and officially documented.) Stories of all kinds of strange beings haunt our most ancient memories. The Bible refers to the small-g “gods” too: “Tell them this: ‘These gods.” In addition. bullets in prehistorical animal bones. modern-looking artifacts like screws. to be the source for secret divine knowledge left behind. These baffling discoveries include strangely shaped skulls.

China. was born he found himself at the top of Mount Meru in the company of the ‘gods’ as well as the ‘troublesome asura. flooding the earth or just fighting amongst themselves. and told humans as little as possible about their true predicament. Hawaii. believe their god Tane created the first woman and that “after the second great war in the heavens Tane forced the rebel gods to descend to other worlds in the darkness to live there in despair for eternity. the word for God was “Elohim. So do the controversial Dead Sea Scrolls.’ or demons. indicates many of these “gods” were more interested in personal power and glory. Greece.7 Maybe some of them did work for the cause of love in our world. and the various books of the Apocrypha. They are much more than just “ancient astronauts. Mexico. But it is possible. India. or sons of God. Egypt. But the evidence left down here. including millions of miserable non-loving souls. demanding sacrifice. The Maori. the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny (which pierced Jesus’ side). the same story can be found everywhere. mating with humans. if they helped humans rise above their simple material existence.” Some theologians interpret this word to represent the Trinity. We may never know how many people have successfully ascended past our awareness throughout time.” 6 Buddhist scripture recounts that when the King of the Gods. The recently discovered and hotly debated “Bible Code” allegedly makes reference to multiple gods originating in another world. creating man. Indra. but like the story of Noah’s flood. Think about all the stories of ‘gods’ roaming the planet in various places. Scandinavia.” a plural term that might have been better translated “gods”. The Nazis believed the descendants of these gods to be the ‘chosen race’. for example. Rome. founding and destroying cities. Peru. The names were changed along with other details.” Even in the original Hebrew texts. instead of “God.Surfing the Tao technology like the Ark of the Covenant. ruling over people. considering the many 34 . He proceeded to get the asura drunk and threw them off the mountain and out of heaven – they landed below at the opposite end of the earth. Just about every ancient culture around the globe tells a similar story of a group of super-beings coming down to earth. and even ancient America.

Astarte. the deity Dan is depicted as a snake with its tail in its mouth.” 8 Many of the various cultural. There are various cultural traditions that refer to a serpent god or goddess called “El”. mystical or esoteric traditions speak of a group of beings whose name features the sound “an”. blond and came from the sky. or “Be-elzebub. They work hard to be perceived as God. all known by several names: El. The Maori record the appearance of their god Rongamai. The Japanese have a surprising legend of their ancestors the Ainus. Author William Henry in his book One Foot in Atlantis believes the “An” to be the same as the “El”. and are said to return from the sky again someday. like a sun. Baal. ‘My Master. Baalat or Lady. “his appearance was like a shining star. The descriptions are indeed similar. guarded the treasures of the Temple of Solomon. “Belial”. or the Shining Ones of An.10 A winged ‘sun god’ symbol is found all over the ancient world – is this some sort of flying craft. like a fiery flame. and Adonis. similar to the alchemical symbol of the ouroboros. This is found elsewhere as well.’9 An ancient Sumerian text the Enuma Elish called them the “Anunna” or the “Annunaki. Today various fringe groups are even trumpeting their return to our world. worshipped three main gods. and they remind us of other names like “Bel” or “Baal”. or Melqart. or Adonai. or Children of Diana. even pretending to love man.” the Serpent Kings. The Phoenicians. The Children of D’an.Who are the gods? similarities from cultures around the world. ‘small-g’ gods bent on doing their own will in our dimension. “Bethel”. the legendary 35 . Lord. the D’an or Dani-el were a Hebrew tribe whose job it was to preserve and transmit the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant and other relics. it seems they had motives and agendas they kept hidden from us. “light” being or shining god? Author Henry points out that phonetically. God. that these were instead a strange race of superheroes. who according to Biblical studies and archeology were Canaanites and spoke a Semitic language. one can find the sounds “an” and “el” in the world “Atlantis”. The Native American Anasazi Indians claim otherworldly origins. In the Old Testament.” Some translate “El” to mean “Shining One” and often these ‘gods’ were reported to have a mysterious glowing countenance. But judging from the remains of their dangerous technology we will investigate later. left for the skies. In West Africa. who were tall.

and the divine power of transformation. and were “invisible supernatural beings who inflicted disease on man and beast”. 13 The Eastern concept of the dragon originally referred to an energy or spirit of life.11 They were banished to an underworld existence by the hero gods of the invading Celts. But as the best lies contain the most truth. or Middle Earth. the original notion now seems warped by its Mirror Image. These socalled “exiles” had neither sided with Lucifer when he fell. for the two have been intermixed and confused for generations. The Celts tell us these beings were also known as Baal. blessings. world of the Tuatha de’ Danann. and many cultures worldwide trace ancient worship to a serpent god. Even Chinese myth records worship of a dragon god by prehistoric tribes. nor committed to God. They are considered the “angels of the Orient” and are still loved. nobility and wisdom. evil intentions not to mention actual physical beasts and damsels in distress. signifying abundance. Germanic elves were thought to be demi-gods. “The dragon is an age-old symbol of the highest spiritual essence. heroism. perhaps after the civilization had degenerated into materialism.12 The Druids were said to be the intermediaries between the world of men and the invisible. and associated with divinity.14 They are also 36 . A popular Irish belief widely held until the 19th century claimed these ‘gods’ were originally angels known as the “Good People” or Elves of Ireland. the Esir. Known to inhabit the Otherworld.” quotes the title page of a Shambhala Dragon Editions book. or the People of the Goddess Diana. created by bringing together the best parts of various other animals.Surfing the Tao ancient outpost city established by the Shining Ones of Tula which disappeared beneath the waves. strength. or underground. or Bel. dragons are now associated with secret knowledge. or dragon. No longer representing the ideal of enlightenment to everyone. Did the appreciation of high ideals become worship of strange gods? Dragons now conjure up all kinds of negative imagery. descendants of the gods. embodying wisdom. It is often difficult to discern the truth from its reflection. they often mischievously interfered in human affairs. Saurian imagery is universally found in the myths of nearly every culture. Coiled serpents were the royal sign of Lower Egypt. They are mythical creatures. Irish culture contains myths of a people called the Tuatha de’ Danann.

like the Eskimos of Alaska. The Polynesian god Maui battles a giant eel.”16 Gargoyles guard hundreds of castles and cathedrals. 15 Intricate carvings at Angkor Wat in Thailand represent the “figure of a naga [serpent] that is identified with the rainbow and this is seen as a link or passage leading from the profane to the divine world… Another bas-relief there shows Vishnu surrounded on either side by garuda (bird-headed) figures with wide-open beaks disgorging the body of a naga. According to them. Most strange is that it is found among cultures where there are no snakes. it was adopted as the Welsh national emblem. during Dreamtime. The multi-headed snake involved in creation in the ancient Indian Vedic and Persian myth was called Vasuki. Toltecs and Inca. the hero Susanoo battled a multi-headed serpent.21 The Hindus worshiped serpent beings called nagas. or mythical snake. and dragons play recurring roles in fairy tales. England.17 Dragons decorate many a family crest. Serpentine shapes are found at the mounds in the United States. like the Great Serpent Mound earthwork in Brush Creek. Apollo defeats the serpent god Python. American Indians as well as the ancient Mayans worshipped a giant rattlesnake god. who encircles the world – this battle is said to continue until the “end of the world”. In Greek mythology. the Norse god. In the Orphic religion of the ancient Greeks. Hercules battled with Hydra. creating rivers and other earthen features. this creative spirit in the form of a giant python is surrounded by rainbows and is associated with water and fertility. depicted as a 37 .18 Worship of the serpent is found in early South American cultures like the Aztecs. Thor.19 Australian aborigines revere the “rainbow serpent” as one of their sacred symbols of creation. when the earth was barren and featureless. the Great Mother. a serpent with 100 heads. The Archangel Michael slays the dragon in the Book of Revelation. fights the Midgard Serpent. Ohio. sometimes female.20 This rainbow serpent was called “Ngalyod” and was responsible for making all the plants and people as well.Who are the gods? found on jewels and stones used by the ancient Celts and Druids. In Japanese mythology. Sometimes male. In fact so many sites in Britain are associated with the serpent. Serpentine spirals are found among the ruins at Avebury. the “Rainbow Serpent” ploughed through the earth. Maya.

“Why does the dragon motif play such an important part in the figurative representations and myths of the ancient Chinese. of Earth. Some believed our planet just changed “ownership” several times throughout the ages. like a chameleon.Surfing the Tao snake. “why have snakes so persistently made their home in all the creation stories and myths?” 22 He noted that astrophysicist Dr. Could other-dimensional realities exist on the atomic level – is our consciousness simply visiting our own cells? Swiss anthropologist Jeremy Narby wrote a book in 1995 called The Cosmic Serpent. like the ability to shape-shift. Egyptians. tall. Another interpretation claims the dragon motif was adopted to describe the fiery serpents in the sky – the flying machines themselves. which was worshipped as a god and said to be responsible for bringing “light” or “illumination” into the world. to create the cosmic egg of creation. Some authors believe these serpents are the physical ‘custodians’. controversial author Erick von Daniken kept finding the saurian race wherever he looked. Indians. In his search for advanced technology in our prehistory. perhaps there is even a stranger explanation. similar myths are found the world over. mated with the World Serpent. to his own consternation. and can exist in other realms or dimensions. The Comanche Indians have a myth of a shapeshifting demon that torments people. Other researchers believe these “creator gods” could be the ancestors of the Nordic race. Irene Sanger-Bredt in her book Ungeloste Ratsel de Schoftung (Unsolved Puzzles of the Creation) wrote. blonde blue-eyed beings. He reveals the incredible information gleaned by tribal shamans in altered 38 . Babylonians. Ophion. Maybe there were more than one group of beings. or guardians. Jews. DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. And since the serpentine spiral is found also in the very shape of our very DNA. The serpent theme is disturbing but found everywhere. Intelligent humanoid reptilians are said to have knowledge and technologies far beyond our own. Germans and Mayas?” Robert Charroux’s book The Masters of the World also quotes the similarities in ancient texts in their reverence for the serpent. Writer David Icke boldly believes the Nordic and serpent races interbred and created alliances and ruling families whose white-skinned descendants continue to dominate today’s royal bloodlines.

“For several hours after drinking the brew. and had a magical “helper” who knew a rhyme which could make the “basalt blocks fly without lifting a finger. in a world literally beyond my wildest dreams. I found myself. 39 . Narby himself took their hallucinogenic drug called ayahuasca. The Greeks claimed a dragon guarded Atlantis.” 26 A half-man. Its shape is found everywhere in nature. They were known as the Dragon Lands. so below. Could the serpent represent a spiraling wormhole in the galaxy as well as our genetic coding? As above. Harner wrote of his own hallucinogenic experience.” 23 Narby mentions the similar experiences of fellow anthropologist Michael Harner in the Peruvian Amazon in the 1960s. which means “Dragon Land”. Some ancients.”25 The theme from ancient legendary civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu is the snake or serpent. during which he “encountered a pair of gigantic snakes that lectured him on his insignificance as a human being and the limits of his knowledge. such as incredibly sophisticated combinations of plant extracts used by Amazonian tribes for medicine. Credo Mutwa.Who are the gods? states of consciousness. who created the canals. like the Golden Mean or closely related Fibonacci. as well as dragon-like creatures who explained that they were the true gods of this world. He wrote it was the serpents that caused thoughts to enter his mind he would not have otherwise had. found in flowers. I met bird-headed people. like Pythagoras. knowledge of which they claimed came from the plants themselves. meaning “Dragon Lands of the Immortal Serpents. believed the spiral was the key to the mystery of the universe. An Indian text describes a lost continent called Kumari Kandam. the curiously ancient megalithic ruins of Nan Madol on a tiny island in Micronesia were built by a fire-breathing dragon. half-serpent creature called FuHsi is said to have established the Chinese civilization. which turned out to be an important personal turning point. from within the DNA to out in the cosmos. ferns and mollusks. although awake.” 24 The serpent symbol echoes the ancient notion of mystical spirals. According to local legend. goes the Hermetic axiom. Native American records call Atlantis “Itzamana”. He began to question his Western preconceptions and approached his subsequent studies in a more open-minded and less scientifically arrogant way.

Are such creatures from another planet or dimension. Several people have published books about their terrifying and often tragic personal confrontations with exactly such beings in today’s world. and lacking in compassion for the poor humans they made to work. Studies suggest if dinosaurs had continued to evolve. author of a book called Song of the Stars. who resemble the king of the Water People in our legend…[are] said to be intelligent beings who have visited the Earth several times…somewhat like human beings.”27 Carlos Castaneda described Don Juan’s experience with an inter-dimensional saurian race.” tells of “pearls in the sky” which transport the “gods” to the world of men. ceremony and legalism. they might resemble humanoids by now. to create a model of what extraterrestrial life might look like. our connection to our reptilian past is best understood through character traits. He evolved the “Troodon” dinosaur over millions of years of genetic changes and ended up with a reptilian humanoid identical to those claimed to have been seen by modern “abductees. NASA contracted Dale Russell. webbed fingers and toes and patches of scaly skin. Traits now often found amongst humans as well.700 year old Babylonian poem called “flight of 40 . a senior paleontologist at North Caroline University. The ancient stories suggest these ‘gods’ could be cruel. 29 A 4. wrote “…the Nommo. The reptilian brain is characterized by activities such as obsessive-compulsive behavior. hierarchical behavior. And this is just a tiny part of the volumes of information I found written on this bizarre subject. rituals and superstitious acts. dualistic belief structures. traits that are certainly not of the Tao.Surfing the Tao a Zulu shaman. Indeed they have found remains of biped saurians. The idea that humans have more or less of these reptilian traits is a common theme amongst the ancients as well as modern science. called the reptilian brain or “R –complex” by scientists. or within our own Earth? The Mayan Popul Vuh talks about the return of their feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl to the stars. is the source for our cold-blooded characteristics and is thought to have evolved from an evolutionary link between dinosaurs and mammals.”28 In fact the most ancient part of a human brain. selfish. conformity. A Tibetan Buddhist book called Kantyua. but with skins like reptiles. which means “the translated word of Buddha. Besides that a few people are still born with tails.

a Source from which springs a Tree of Life with four major roots. but at least some of the group that “fell” to our earthly frequency seemed to be a rebel faction. This living ‘water’ (energy?) united and sustained all life. along which flow four sacred rivers in four sacred directions. the inner earth or outer cosmos simply being different perceptions of the same place. The Tahitian creator god Taaroa called on the four corners of the universe. Any ‘enlightenment’ or technology they bring is on their own terms.” white birds which symbolize resurrection and ascension. originates in the galactic core and is said to be the source of souls. There are the four rivers of Eden in Genesis and the four corners of the world in the Book of Revelation. gradually getting smaller and then disappearing. And they seek to teach us poor ignorant humans to join them in this subtle rebellion. The Hindus tell of a fourfold headspring at the ‘center of heaven. not the loving will of the Tao. Quetzalcoatl came to earth to build a temple called Tula.’ The Aztecs spoke of a promised land of dazzling whiteness with white snakes and white trees. 30 Other researchers believe there are vast hollow spaces within the Earth where these beings now reside. But their mere presence indicates they are enacting their own selfish will. whose orbit around the sun takes a staggering 3600 years. the Great Spirit collects dust from the ‘four corners’ of the world to create people. or portals that lead to alternate dimensions. 31 Author Henry points out this heavenly place is found referenced in several other cultural traditions. as if the viewer were traveling in outer space. 41 . often under a guise of love and generosity. which originate from a central fountain in the ‘home of the gods’. characterized by a cross symbolizing the four rivers of matter and souls spewing out from its center.TIL. Maybe these “other places” are more subtle and difficult to discern. supposedly he carried knowledge designed to “uplift the human race”. original matter as well as all life force energy. intent on separating themselves from God and governing Earth as they saw fit. In the Nordic Edda there are four streams of souls.Who are the gods? Etana” strangely describes the view of Earth from the sky. Their origins may have been enlightened. The Sumerians recorded that a mysterious 10th planet called An.LA. The Mayans called this “Tula”. NAN. In the Comanche Indian creation myth.KU. the “white (pure) place” or the “place of herons. or Nibiru..

the “light of An. A Schwarzschild Wormhole. Theoretically. the opposite of a black hole. though astronomers have now learned to use sensitive telescopic photography to prove the existence of the rapidly spinning masses of material surrounding these dense centers in other galaxies. or the “Serpent Holder”. or the heart of the galaxy? The galactic core is located in the southern portion of the constellation called Ophiuchus. or Diana. as well as its demise. gateways through space/time. A Mongolian myth tells of a sky god who came to Tula to reconnect or re-tie the earth with heaven using gold as an interface. also known as Dinah. or EisenRosen Bridge. Gold is also found all over the Bible. Strangely enough the pictures looked like spiraling spheres with four streams of light coming out from the center. including time itself can be spewed forth from a “white” hole. NASA pointed their Compton Gamma Ray Observatory directly at the center of the Milky Way and found a “veritable colossus of antimatter…spewing out from the center of our galaxy” which nobody predicted. known for its layout in concentric circular canals around a central cross. 1997. They postulated the black holes could have something to do with the creation of the galaxy. an excellent electrical conductor.32 Is this a “white hole”.33 Gold. Some believe it is the missing or hidden thirteenth constellation in our zodiac.” According to Time Magazine on May 12. whatever a black hole can suck in. is thought by scientists to make up as much as 1% of the earth’s core. enough to spread across the continents knee deep. the other upside down. The passageways between them are referred to as wormholes. with matter rushing through the tube between them. at the heart of our cells. This concept mirrors our ancients’ views about our reality. They theorized the “black” holes go through periods of intense feeding.Surfing the Tao Is this location really in our hearts. The mining and use of gold in ancient technology kept coming up throughout my research. “Tula” means “balance” and it is associated with the joining of the earth to heaven. Some say the original heavenly location of Tula was the inspiration for the earthly copy called Atlantis. is a theory which unites two black holes at their event horizons. next to Orion. 42 . and then seem to grow inactive for a time. One is upright. In Sanskrit. which instead sucks in matter? The information available regarding “black” or “white” holes is mostly theoretical.

or whose belief in “aliens”. Tune in properly and develop your own sense of discernment. including humans. The Tao wants us to walk in love. but to stop thinking for ourselves is downright dangerous.What are they doing here? There are those whose scholarly or scientific pursuits. They all contain aspects of other older cultural traditions. I seek to clarify our relationship with God. But our creation myths suggest human evolution was ‘adjusted’ somewhere along the way. cause them to discount the existence of God. In fact. to speak to God. in our gut. instead of only listening to someone else’s interpretation. Knowing Him. but have been misconstrued over the centuries. Already the warped Mirror Image was in the works. Many people continue to imagine this one “God” was a personality who resembled the people’s more familiar “Zeus” or other such 43 . I encourage everyone to search their spirits and do their own research. The Church also continued the ritual practice of requiring a mediator or priest. was originally created and evolved by our loving quantum Source.” Community and fellowship gives us strength and support in life. “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. I believe everything. while continuing to explore the evidence of our origins. when we are walking the Way of love and when the wool is being pulled over our eyes. it is common knowledge that since medieval times many Christian churches were built on old pagan sites. Others are so focused on their own comfortable interpretation of their religious tradition that they could be led away from their faith altogether if presented with shocking new information. Einstein warned. For example. Since I began listening to God through the Spirit. Many religious texts contain important clues to the nature of our reality. like an oracle. the Tao. Developing this focus helps us each know. few of our religions are really pure. not argue legalisms amongst ourselves. someone was trying to play “God”. I realized how important it is to consider the truth for ourselves. we can avoid any dangers that arise from misinterpreting our strange reality.

Surfing the Tao anthropomorphic notion. not to mention religion. to whom he had already sworn his allegiance. He is one of the few researchers alive today who can read ancient Sumerian. orbiting beyond Pluto but nearing Earth periodically. rather than actually understand the nature of the true ‘quantum’ God and their higher spiritual potential. including its core message of love. Constantine himself is thought by some to have treated this new “God of Christianity” similar to the pagan gods. Even though he is memorialized in the Vatican for his efforts instituting Christianity. He outlined his conclusions at a lecture he gave in Bellaria. In fact.2 These days many people seeking the divine in life are gravitating away from traditional religions and toward a more sensitive yet lukewarm global pluralism. Some of the rituals and words can even be traced back to earlier Egyptian or Babylonian pagan religions. Born in Russia and raised in Palestine. Zecharia Sitchin has written many controversial books on this subject. He has done his own translations of the Bible as well as other ancient stories and believes many of our modern translations are insufficient. using religion as a method of kingship and rule. doing further damage to the core message. “We are not alone – not just in the vast universe. such as the mother-son goddess-gods in Christianity. There is one more planet in our solar system. Though it is credited for bringing stability into the region. as Islam did for parts of Africa. leading many to disregard the entire belief system. but in our own solar system. such as Apollo. Sitchin learned both modern and ancient Hebrew at an early age and went on to study other Semitic and European languages at the University of London.1 Some researchers have pointed out other confusing reuses of pagan images. His style was then imitated throughout Western Europe. He was known to have used epithets as comprehensible to the pagan world as to the Christian. it has led to a wave of modern spiritualism seeking a departure from such a cruel history. 2000. Stepping out against mainstream academia. Italy on April 1. The message was also ignored when Charlemagne came on the scene in the ninth century and demanded everyone in his Empire either be baptized or be killed. it was only when he knew he was truly dying that he finally agreed to be baptized and exchanged his royal purple for the white of the newly baptized Christian. Dr.the Sumerians called them 44 . Advanced “extraterrestrials” .

some 300. Sitchin translates Sumerian texts such as the Enuma Elish that explain exactly how the Adam.” He translates Annunaki to literally mean “those who from Heaven to Earth came. even insects have up to 19.000 genes instead of the anticipated 100. According to ancient Sumerian texts. there could be found some middle stage. they engaged in genetic engineering to upgrade Earth’s hominids and fashion Homo Sapiens.” stated Steven Scherer. but in spite of what some people think we would be in a position to reconcile their existence. had formulated a hypothesis that when God created man. In the 1970s. which are entirely absent in invertebrates.000 years ago. Modern science tells us that human genes are 99% chimpanzee.000-140. and the process sounds exactly like that of creating a test tube baby. In his books including The Twelfth Planet and The Cosmic Code. it was not from just mud and slime but that it had more to do with taking an existing creature and giving it self-awareness: a soul. Douglas C. or clone. only science will be able to prove. that is beings with a body like ours but more elevated spiritually. the ‘gods’ took and used an existing earth creature for their own purposes. And. Professor Father Marakoff. an expert on demonology. The controversy at that time involved a high official from the Vatican.What are they doing here? Annunaki.000 years ago. the Bible Nephilim – started to visit our planet some 450. In fact we share 70% of a mouse’s genes as well. He stated. “It is a jump that does not follow current evolutionary theories. the Adam. 45 .” Nephilim means “the ones who fell down”.000 years ago. Monsignor Corrado Balducci. who was said to agree with Sitchin that the Bible does not rule of the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Wallace led the controversial discovery that all humans can be traced back through the mitochondria of the female DNA to a single female on Earth around 250. If such intelligent beings really exist on other planets.”3 He noted that Sitchin referred to the physical plane but that a well respected Vatican theologian. they have no precursors whatsoever.000. the first Homo Sapiens. When the human genome was recently mapped scientist were humbled to find out it contained just over 30. What is strange is that in humans there are 223 completely enigmatic genes. geneticist Dr. “It is entirely credible that in the enormous distance between angels and humans. was created.000.

with a Word. in our likeness. that is all well and good for now. Church fathers may have another interpretation in mind. Interestingly. In fact this may be exactly what “they” want. Other evidence of this interference can be found in the books of the Apocrypha such as the Book of Enoch. “Let us make man in our image. Similar stories are found in nearly every ancient culture worldwide. and perhaps the process of evolution itself. Better to be shocked now and at least be prepared. instead of being shocked out of ignorance later. and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air. “The elohim said. which tell of multiple creator gods who fiddled with God’s original creation. So the elohim created man in their own image. and over all the creatures that move along the ground. over the livestock. first man is created. Because if strange beings appear on Earth someday claiming to be these “Elohim” or “Annunaki” and show us great ‘magical’ wonders. Because the stories are so similar to other. there are actually two creation stories in Genesis. texts that didn’t make the final cut into the Bible in the fourth century. We were suddenly endowed with 50% bigger brain and the addition of language ability in the neo-cortex. then the Adam. many scholars believe part of it was taken from ancient sources such as the Enuma Elish. with reason to change or warp man to suit their own needs. some believers could take it to mean they are the good guys. Certainly our great quantum God created everything in the beginning. including man. a sound. over all the earth.4 Some researchers outside orthodox science have commented on the unlikelihood that humans suddenly evolved to have a much higher intelligence and even different look. a ‘big bang’. earlier sources. I only suggest awareness of these theories in case future events bear them out. 46 . male and female they created them. Maybe there were other beings here.Surfing the Tao director of mapping of the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine. simply because they are in the Book.” –Genesis 1:26-27. But maybe in this next part there was something else going on.

I shall discuss a possible alternative use for the gold as a power source for celestial technology. which is commonly translated as ‘worship’. Many respected scientists and thinkers today agree on the possibility of I. These gods didn’t want to lose their miners to spiritual ascension into the higher realms. however. “The man has now become like one of us. knowing good and evil. Religious people might take issue with the notion that we were not a 100% direct creation from “God”. and put him to work in their “garden. Strangely. maybe upgrade the genetics a little bit to make him fit for work. Regardless of how we came to be.What are they doing here? Zecharia Sitchin explains that the Hebrew word avod. But we have to first save ourselves – we must each overcome a negative state of being. and has been suggested for such use by our own scientists. which enables space/time travel. The ‘one who thinks he is God’ probably had lots of reasons to keep the workers far from this knowledge.’ He suggests ancient and biblical man did not ‘worship’ his god. there is evidence of ancient gold mines going back over 100. But one could argue that in fact our existence was in His will from the beginning. He must not be allowed to reach out his 47 . He now has a unique. we are in fact still lacking knowledge of these advanced abilities.D.” The ancient myths suggest the Annunaki labored here to mine gold. Except for a select.” – Genesis 2:4. secretive elite. wonderful race of beings who are capable of the greatest and purest love and joy of any other creature – it is why. We must use our free will and choose to see beyond our present condition. which has warped this information for power and control over the centuries. if we choose to live like this. we are promised a place ‘above the angels’. Later on. could instead mean ‘work.. or “Intelligent Design”. Theoretically gold particles can help heal ozone depletion in the atmosphere. Such knowledge has been kept hidden from us since the beginning. as an explanation for the ‘missing link’.000 years in Africa. enlightened perception and even immortality: the actual “Tree of Life” or Golden Apple. The ancient texts explain humans were created because the gods were tired and “here was no man to work the ground. They could have taken what precursors to man existed on earth. he worked for him.

Some interpret them as having been physical giants. Stories of “demons” raping women or fairies stealing children are found as far back as the middle ages.5 Sinistrari suggested the “gods” of ancient Greek and Rome were actually incubi and succubi. they were making people more aggressive and cold-blooded. to help perpetuate a non-love consciousness. others believe it means giant in power and strength.Surfing the Tao hand and take also from the tree of life and eat. Many people have written entire books on this discrepancy.”-Genesis 6:4 I found that many scholars assumed the “sons of God” were the fallen angels themselves. Maybe they infiltrated and contaminated the genetics of the humans to keep them away from the “frequency of ascension”. They were the heroes of old. men of renown. rather than going with the Tao.” the giants. “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days-and also afterward-when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. Remember the strong sexual 48 . There are potentially all kinds of beings involved in the deceit. and live forever. just that they were clearly acting out of their own will and pleasure. but I don’t see the point.Genesis 3:22 The various super beings that exist outside of the Tao have done their best to keep people tuned into the material world and unaware of their choice to live in love. It doesn’t really matter which ones actually interbred with humans.” . Genesis and other sources mention mysterious beings called the “Nephilim. Instead of tuning in to love. A Franciscan monk called Lodovico Maria Sinistrari wrote a treatise called Demoniality in the late seventeenth century about the differences and abilities of various entities. when learned men seemed to agree on the existence of such creatures. but I find it difficult to imagine how an ethereal race could breed with humans. which were supposedly the abominable result of the strange “sons of God” having acted outside of God’s will and reproduced with humans. in a higher plane. known to appear and disappear at will and fornicate with mortal men and women.

4 may reflect the Canaanite myth of the birth of minor gods from the union of El and human women. “13. who is said to have ascended Mt. or First Time. Some scholars speculate that this tradition of giants born from the union of gods and humans formed the basis for the demigod of Greek Mythology. The following Dead Sea scroll fragment was found at Qumrum.What are they doing here? appetites of gods and goddesses like Aphrodite and Zeus.] And they become pregnant by them and bo[re (great) giants three thousand cubits high…] – Book of Enoch Other writers also suggest similar identities for our mythical legends. The conception of the Rephaim as supermen may reflect the Canaanite tradition of 49 .”– Raymond E. They were known as the Rephaim [Hebrew for ‘phantoms’]. enjoying wine and women. Legends from Egypt describe an age called Tep Zepi. and to acquaint them with herbs. Emim. Their half-breed progeny and their descendants are often mentioned in the early books of the Old Testament until the last of them were finally killed off.” 6 These Egyptian “gods” were also known to have human qualities. when “sky gods” came down to Earth “and gave man laws and wisdom through a royal line of pharaohs. Fowler. Anakim. The Watchers “The tradition in Genesis 6. Olympus to be with “the gods. famous for their extra-marital affairs with mortals? Stories of the resulting godlike children of such unions like Hercules.” still entice us. [They (the leaders) and all…of them took for themselves] wives from all that they chose and [they began to cohabit with them and to defile themselves with them]. Avim and Zamzummim. “The Hebrew word for giants (nephilim) literally means the fallen-down-ones because these tall celestial beings fell from the sky. Horim. and to teach them sorcery and [spells and the cutting of roots.

Don’t they strike the same mythic cord?”7 Author John A.4 and the Rephaim is supported by the nature of the latter in Proverbs 2:18. merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon. was a binary star system before our modern telescopes could even see it. Pictures of questionable objects and beings have been found in ancient cave drawings as well as medieval paintings. Ireland’s fairy lore hasn’t been entirely supplanted by the current flirtation with beings from outer space. In the wider context.Surfing the Tao defunct kings as rp’um. alien abduction. The Bible talks of strange vehicles and creatures in the books of Ezekiel and Revelation. among others. This inexplicable deceit by Daniken. The Dropa stones found in China tell of a people having come from another world. Strange stone objects that resemble modern fighter jets are on display in places like the British Museum. Near Eastern Mythology There are books being published today that actually help people obtain sexual relationships with demons. Sidhe [fairy] kidnappings. Various religious leaders also accused him of attacking Biblical scripture. “Each generation has its own visions and stories. the “sons and daughters of Lilith. “The UFO manifestations seem to be. its own dreams and magic. or Dispensers of fertility. by and large. A stone-age tribal culture called the Dogon in Africa knew that Sirius. Job 26:5. and Phoenician funerary inscriptions. whatever his own reasons.” Sightings of heavenly craft have been recorded since ancient times. Keel wrote in his work Operation Trojan Horse.” Thousands of stories of “alien abductions” and subsequent failed pregnancies suggest such unfathomable acts also continue against our will. certainly served to discredit the entire subject. The scholarly establishment discredited writer Erich von Daniken’s theory of “ancient astronauts” after it was revealed he had embellished his facts. Ancient Indian “vimana” which soar through the heavens are mentioned throughout the Mahabharata. and were accompanied by a race of small. strange-looking people whose descendants can still be found there today. As writer 50 . the Dog Star. The identity in tradition of ‘the fallen ones’ of Genesis 6. These theories remain the laughing stock of academia.” – John Gray.

This situation has lasted for thousands of years and it continues today. a race of interbreeding [‘royal’ reptilehuman hybrid] bloodlines…were centered in the Middle East and Near East in the ancient world. but the countless thousands of people. has promoted human spiritual decay. “This is a pity. As such.”8 Author David Icke echoes the thought. who are murdered. and has erected on Earth conditions of unremitting physical hardship. (I sure know how he felt. author of Gods of Eden. especially when you consider not just the legacy of bloodshed and war.” This is not science fiction. seriously abused or go missing each year. To keep control over its possession and to maintain Earth as something of a prison. which has corrupted our understanding of these things by often portraying them as fantasy on television and movies. It is very real and serious indeed. have expanded their power across the globe…creating institutions like religions to mentally and emotionally imprison the masses and set them at war with each other.) He finally concluded in 1989. His conclusions were so disturbing to him that he set aside his research for a time unable to write about it.” William Bramley. including children. and over the thousands of years since. for there is far more convincing evidence that that presented by Daniken. “Human beings appear to be a slave race languishing on a isolated planet in a small galaxy. 51 . the human race was once a source of labor for an extraterrestrial civilization and still remains a possession today. “In summary. had no belief of knowledge of UFOs before he began his book on the history of war.What are they doing here? Colin Wilson wrote in his 1972 book Crash of the Chariots. that other civilization has bred never-ending conflict between human beings.

there is less cover-up and sightings are discussed openly on the news. It was just after the famous Roswell incident when six of his fellow tribesmen found a crashed disc and an injured.”9 The Roswell incident has become modern folklore. Instead of turning in the creature to the military. They have always been here.Surfing the Tao A Native American of Hopi and Apache descent. Different factions were “vying for control of Earth” so they inbred humans with their own and other various genetics. and in some cases even close encounters or outright abductions. such information having allegedly been traded for access to the people of earth for their genetics and/or ‘spiritual energy’. The Star beings have been our gods…and our devils.” the account of a little known UFO crash in August 1947. pilots. Many of the ‘unidentified’ objects are reportedly our own military craft. claimed his kind had been on Earth since it was a “…barren rock. Ra lost control of Earth to another alien race descended from lizards. called Bak’Ti. nanotechnology and alternative energy sources in the past fifty years is due to “reverse engineering” of alien technology. An international assortment of government officials. However. known today as the “greys. but living. astronauts and millions of citizens have recorded sightings. wrote “The Terra Papers. the Indians cared for the being themselves in their home. Some claim the rapid increase of technological advancement like transistors. Man has been guided…and he has been misled. Communicating through a mysterious crystal device. some thus becoming more docile. Morning Sky further relates that a later alien leader called “Ra” attempted to destroy the evidence of this true history in order to keep humans ignorant and more controllable. but it didn’t last long. Robert Morning Sky. In some countries. Jim Marrs outlines the astounding evidence for a military cover up in his 52 . This “Star Elder”. and they are still here now. others becoming more intelligent and independent. alien creature in the New Mexico desert. They were here throughout evolution. such as Mexico and Brazil. In some cases their involvement was benevolent and in some cases it was not. micro-circuitry. There was a brief period in the Soviet Union after glasnost when unidentified phenomena were openly discussed and investigated in the media. past presidents.” Morning Sky writes that humans were created by DNA manipulation for labor in mining operations. the creature conveyed a story of the history of Earth similar to other myths worldwide.

It has been the torment of these bad guys that has created this disturbing dualistic or “non-love” culture. when in fact we may have no idea about what is really going on at all. another planet. the Tao. Human beings do NOT have any such natural inclination towards evil. The deceit is easy to hide in this dimension. well researched and documented books I have ever come across on the subject. They even like to claim they created human beings. What we can. Since we have forgotten the universal laws of manipulating our reality we have long since allowed these other creatures to do it for us. other-worldly entities have established a cleverly thorough. He made the dirt and clay they used. we must remind them. From what I can tell. there are many sorts of strange. they cursed us to pain and toil upon the earth. I firmly believe our spiritual natures originate from a loving Source. another dimension – whatever. where the spiritual side of life is invisible. even if they “re-created” and interbred foreign races with the existing humans. particularly the nonphysical realities. They can appear as bright. and our life spans are so relatively brief. They infiltrate our dreams and imaginations. is that they do exist and are the source for whatever misery is present on earth today. yet insidiously false understanding of the spiritual realms. We are the fish in a pond. and lived their whole lives 53 . loving beings of light and love who seem to have our best interests at heart. Millions of people’s experiences with these often terrifying. sending mixed messages about the nature of our reality. and I believe should understand. otherworldly beings working for the bad guys. and I am not alone. when in fact they are not.What are they doing here? book Alien Agenda. Most people don’t know that our world is out of balance. that God. From the beginning. We think war and misery and various human dramas are just part of life. It seems to most of us that this is just the way the world has always been. They created generations of worship and acknowledgement from various cultures around the globe. is the Source for all Creation. our eternal natures and the future of the planet. They came to earth from another time. However. unable to conceive of the multi-dimensional universe. Some believe there were eras in which people possessed perfect understanding of their spiritual roots – they were born knowing how to Surf. we figure three thousand years or so is an awfully long time to have records of. one of the most objective.

Later. because of this thousands if not millions of people have perhaps been rendered genetically unable to hear this message. they literally thrive on the energy frequency derived of power. as they are fond of claiming. God never required sacrifice of any kind from us besides being loving and thankful. “I have no need of a bull from your stall or of goats from your pens. fear. anger and even terror. and you will honor me. This concentration on conflict throughout our history has kept us far from a planetary frequency of love. drama.” – Hosea 6:5-6 54 . terror and chaos. sexual bondage. terror and other chaos. Far from being aliens. control. forced worship. and the cattle on a thousand hills…Do I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats? Sacrifice thank offerings to God. Sounds like us. genetic mutilation. I will deliver you. Tragically. I believe these old commands are a remnant of the gods. gods or angels of love and light. in the Flow. misery. These strange gods may have introduced certain knowledge and living standards to the local people. so we wouldn’t die out completely (what fun would it be without us?) but they also apparently brought blood sacrifice.Surfing the Tao without ego or self. fulfill your vows to the Most High. not sacrifice. A loving God would never ask even a small animal to give up its life. They thrive on war. 13-15 “For I desire mercy.”-Psalm 50:9-10. and forgot there was even a flow to follow. frustration. and call upon me in the day of trouble. Eventually they lost awareness altogether. wars. Throughout the millennia they helped instill and even breed these same qualities into humans. well known to relish sacrifice and drink blood. and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings. people were tempted with the material world and their freedom to choose not to go with the Flow. for every animal of the forest is mine. All religious traditions are laden with tales of beings with a superior knowledge who enjoy worship and reverence in exchange for distributing wisdom to the people. sacrifice.

increase our pain or even command us not to do something. Murder and mayhem automatically disappear with such a consciousness – specifics aren’t necessary. The good news is. sweat and toil upon the earth until our physical bodies die. passing down the message of Love. You can bet He knows what’s going on. and then choose it. You just have to open your eyes and heart. there is a Way if we open our hearts and retune. How we find out about the choice in the first place is a bit of a paradox – it’s what the good guys have been up to. and wants us to understand our eternal natures. The Tao does not require guilt. most people alive today do not do even these simple things. with our initial creation. we can use our free will. the true Source.” . peace and harmony. and go out and find the evidence. “The more laws and restrictions there are. the poorer people become… The more rules and regulations. But we must first know about this option. or Surf the Tao. I credit our real loving God. If you think about it. We can break the Mirror and Surf right out of the illusion if we want to. and that is all we are allowed to know – for now. thank him and love him. Most people are either too scared to know the truth.What are they doing here? He only wants us to acknowledge Him. or simply don’t have time to. activate our own spirits and learn to discern the truth for ourselves. curse us. His will is simple but constant love. Unfortunately. they or their followers do not want us to know of our eternal natures. submission. 55 . and how to live in His will. unaware of the consciousness required to understand and internalize this wisdom. they are in danger of being misled. the more thieves and robbers. It is clear that whoever these gods are. The truth is He wants us to know about our spiritual immortality and live forever with Him in joy.Lao Tzu It is not our fault that we have been trapped. I cannot agree that we should live in shame for any “sin”. They cursed us to pain.

They definitely do not want us to learn to Surf the Tao. which is adhere to the standard established mindset and the desires of our physical bodies. Ea wanted to teach humanity the truth about our immortality. but the other “gods” wanted to retain control over us. Translations of the Sumerian Enuma Elish talk of a being called Enki or “Ea”. don’t you put it on its stand? For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed. Even so.they wanted to keep us ignorant so we would stick around. (The “white” perhaps referring not to a race. and you will live forever.” -Mark 4:21-23 I believe we were meant to know about our eternal souls. The texts portray Ea as an advocate who spoke out against the cruelties that the other “gods” had imposed . or “Great White Brotherhood” to educate the human race in spiritual matters. ‘Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead. let him hear…To him who overcomes. which is in the paradise of God. this does not mean that all of these strange beings were bad guys. “He said to them. Some people believe that at least one of these Shining Ones was on our side at the time of our (re)creation. they train us to do their will. but to a certain 56 . Seek first His Kingdom . If anyone has ears to hear. But we were blinded by an illusion. our higher abilities were turned off.tune in . and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open. for then we would no longer be victims to their abuse.Surfing the Tao “He who has an ear. let him hear. instead of seek God’s will for our spiritual natures. Other researchers suggest it was Ea who originated the organization known as the “Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake”.and all things will be given unto you. I will give the right to eat from the tree of life. or we were forced out of a higher dimension or frequency of existence. or deny us eternal life. To keep us down here and entranced by the Reflection. Our loving Tao doesn’t keep secrets from us.” – Revelation 2:7 Overcome the lower vibrational world with the frequency of love.

What are they doing here? white gold powder used for fuel and/or enlightenment. “The world is ruled by letting things take their course. it is now an organization that instead seeks to corrupt and hide the truth from all but a select few. symbolism and mystery. using secrets.” .) This Brotherhood still exists today. Whether or not it was originally established to help us. It cannot be ruled by interfering.Lao Tzu 57 .

If knowledge of alternative energy sources were kept a secret. This knowledge isn’t “evil” in and of itself. secret tunneling. secret scrolls. secrets. They are members of these organizations that claim to have ‘protected’ this knowledge since ancient times. people can be manipulated by fear for their physical bodies. secret teachings. if simple knowledge of their eternal natures is kept a secret. secret handshakes. secret symbols. No one believes them even when presented with evidence! However. secret mysteries. Secret societies. What leaks out about this sort of thing is either quickly discredited. secret meetings. Free will is moot if we aren’t even aware of all of our choices. secret government. secret hide-outs. secret compartments. secret passages. secret knowledge. 58 . not only would we be falsely enslaved to oil. secret rooms. or pushed to the edges of unorthodox.Secret Brotherhoods “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. Supernatural realities are made to seem ludicrous in today’s world. which remain largely unknown to the public. nonconformist interpretations of reality. secret ballots. secrets. For example. but it can be perverted and used as a weapon. or occult. They are full of baloney. secret technology. Also. information continues to invisibly influence our world. secret rituals. hidden. In this research the same names popped up again and again. suppression of the awareness of the ethereal realms keeps its inhabitants and their trickeries a secret. secret testimony. For example. but advanced technologies could also be made into weapons of war or even worse before we knew what was happening. Just by researching secrets one finds all kinds of interesting related material. secrets. An astounding pile of evidence points to the possibility that our world’s elite are perfectly aware of certain universal spiritual truths. Don’t trust anyone who tries to sell you something “secret”.” – Benjamin Disraeli It hasn’t been that difficult to keep such knowledge secret.

“When a truly kind man does something. Another language disappears forever from our planet every two weeks. The most successful method to retain control over the masses is to keep their true potential and power a secret. The location of the stones was also considered sacred. When a just man does something. the easier to deceive. Runic stone symbols were in use in northern Europe long ago. When meditated upon and/or uttered. and peace can never be found in war. the closer to the truth. exploitation and control of the world’s political and economic systems.” . Our system was constructed so that it seems rational and reasonable when it is actually slightly off center. Liberty. Is it the Truth or the Mirror Image? Remember.Lao Tzu One way to control people is to homogenize the population to lower standards. which unlock the doors to the spirit 59 . thought to have originated in India. justice or equality. he leaves a great deal to be done. But for most of the rest of the world. while peace and harmony cannot be as easily manipulated . Forgetting our ancient methods of expressing ourselves over time can result in the inability to pass on certain kinds of knowledge as well. Long arguments and even war have followed conflicting definitions of freedom. the intermediaries between men and the gods. freedom and equality certainly aren’t evil. Meanwhile. but when these notions subtly misdirect so many away from love. keep them at a low level of education and condition them to believe this is the only way to live. wealth and information is gained and maintained through warfare. these types of stories are just fairy tales – or lost secrets. reserved for the elite “magicians”. the “songnames of the runes became keys. he leaves nothing undone. In 1950 linguists recorded over 6000 known languages throughout the world. justice. power.disharmony rings loudly to all. knowledge of such magical writing systems was forbidden to the commoner.Secret Brotherhoods some claim our world’s megaliths were levitated into being with knowledge of the manipulation of matter through certain vibrational sounds or tones. peace and harmony perhaps we might take a second look. Even then. Now there is less than half that number.

“…the Secret of Secrets. many details were lost as time went on. not to mention physical and spiritual control over every citizen.” Author David Icke goes one step further in his book Children of the Matrix. rapid technological advancement. manipulating events to their advantage and waiting for an opportunity to take power. There is evidence to link these families and groups. passed down for generations to further mislead and deceive. descendants of the same gods and kings of the ancient world still control our planet today. Some groups that seek to hide spiritual truths are also involved in secret political agendas. who they claim are not worthy. in the background of all culture. patiently planting seeds of dissention. a world army. Limited amounts of spiritual half-truths are made available to certain elite members of earthly societies. One can find enormous amounts of information of this secret ruling hierarchy. Another powerful way to keep spiritual knowledge confusing is the creation of conflicting religions. especially in communication. which have since ancient times sought to unify world power. the hidden knowledge passed down through the ages by the Mystery Schools and secret societies – not only is humankind not alone in the universe but nonhuman intelligences most probably had a hand in our creation. is the secret of secrets held within all the secret societies. In fact it could be the same basic groups of people or families who have passed down this type of knowledge from generation to generation. and hide spiritual truths from the masses. In the last century.Surfing the Tao world of the ancestors. This happens in our large world religions as well as in smaller tribal cultures. which has existed throughout time. “The worship of the reptilians and their Dragon Queens. The hierarchical structure is essential.” 60 .”1 Forced to change to the more barbaric or mundane Roman script. is quickly realizing the secret ambitions of this ancient Brotherhood: a world government with a world currency. Author Jim Marrs wrote in Rule by Secrecy. and the placing of their bloodlines into the positions of power. business and government. warring with each other. Believe it or not. Requiring intermediaries between God and the people keeps them largely unaware of their own power.

who reigned over the Earth.”2 Henrietta Bernstein. the Serpent kings. There are all kinds. the Annunaki. or they have already achieved such contact and are being guided or controlled. Hall wrote. written by former 33rd degree Mason Jim Shaw. became friends with Hall. 61 . “…the immense and ancient power of the knowing elite – traceable through both blood and philosophy – that has sought to usurp and control virtually every major movement toward the development of full human development…is still tightly held within the inner sanctums of the secret societies. described the interior of the headquarters of the Scottish Rite. It was these Serpent Kings who founded the Mystery Schools…and other forms of ancient occultism. Holy Grail. Masonic author Manly P. Masonry claims to have predetermined and planned human development. “…The thing that is most noticeable is the way the walls are decorated with serpents. “…sufficient proof exists that these initiates were the agents of a World Fraternity of Adepts that had existed before the time of Atlantis. with Adepts appearing as needed during certain important moments in history.Secret Brotherhoods Jim Marrs continued. who she claims shared many of these “mysteries” with her. She writes of the existence of these beings with superior knowledge of divine laws. the Serpent Kings. some are very long and large. “In the remote past the gods walked with men and…they ordained these anointed and appointed ones to be priests or mediators between themselves – the gods – and that humanity which had not yet developed the eyes which permitted them to gaze into the face of Truth and live” and that this ancient knowledge had been given to man by “their progenitors.” A common thread of these groups is the claim of having “nonhuman” superiors who are never identified or located. This fraternity has been called the Philosophic Empire and the Invisible Government of the World. not far from the White House in Washington. Many of the Scottish Rite degrees include the representation of serpents and I recognized them among those decorating the walls.” The Deadly Deception.”3 According to her.C. author of Ark of the Covenant. there appear to be three possibilities: the small inner elite continues to accumulate wealth and power in the hope of contacting our ancient creators (nonhuman intelligences). or they are the ancient creators. D.

In the back of the JuneJuly 2000 issue of Nexxus magazine. the Knights of Malta. “Our name is legendary and our word is divine law!” It offered the 62 . and the Bilderbergs. matter manipulation and eternal youth: celestial technology..these groups exist. 300. Brotherhood-type secret societies are known to exist throughout Africa and Asia as well. the Assassins. not to mention the big bucks necessary to acquire the highest ranks. or secret knowledge. To keep this information in the hands of only a few. the Rosicrucians. Initiation into the higher levels of Brotherhood secret societies requires huge financial endowments. These men seriously claimed to have the ancient knowledge of metal transmutation. P2 and the Black Nobility. orders. or “magi”. with many various names. like a pyramid. 5. Other associate organizations are the Grand Orient Lodges. Access to this “ageless wisdom” is not granted based on capacity for love.Surfing the Tao Early Freemasonry records men called magicians. 30. This is not fiction .Q. Many of its members also belong to other modern organizations like the Skull and Bones. and provide contradictions and confusing information to lower initiates so that their own scholars cannot agree on everything. The same policies of political disruption. the Council of Foreign Relations. with a tiny minority controlling all others. global domination and spiritual obfuscation have survived throughout. is said to have originated ‘somewhere else’. Hermetic texts and the teachings of the Cabbala are examples of the powerful spiritual tools they use. Gnostics and the Priory of Sion have evolved into various modern religions. which until the 18th century meant scientist. the Illuminati. etc. the Cathars. I found a strange ad for “The Foundation for Higher Spiritual Learning – The Only World Body Empowered to Represent the Great White Brotherhood. Such gnosis. the Councils and Committees of 3. They have secrets from each other. Today secret society websites boldly and eagerly invite new members to become part of ‘the most successful conspiracy. the structure of these mystical organizations is hierarchical.” It claims. 7. cults and sects all with similar origins and goals. Various secret brotherhoods like the Knights Templar.. the Essenes. but is instead passed down to those few members who have the highest I.’ The powerful modern Freemasons are often praised for their lofty ideals and humanitarian services. In this way the mutually beneficial “old boy” network takes care of its own.

for example.C. The origin of such mystery ceremonies can be traced to ancient Greece. The most controversial and recognizable secret society name is the Illuminati. “Gold is where you find it!” It gives a P. Members were given to understand their promotion through the ranks would result as they received certain hidden powers and wisdoms. initiation tests and even forced programming of the mind helped insure the initiates blindly obeyed their superiors at all times. and at the end being harangued again at an altar and perhaps presented with some symbolic object. like passing through a dark tunnel while being harassed and spooked at every turn. its name is supposed to reflect the “illumination” of the enlightened ones by the secret teachings of Lucifer. in bold. Egypt and India. D.O. Sometimes teachers would hint that outward knowledge was merely a cloak for a hidden.” Its secret goal is to take over the world. Box number for their World Mission Headquarters in Washington. in Freemasonry there are 33 known levels. of course. the fewer there are. Initiates are forced to undergo grueling and degrading tests. secret knowledge they would receive when they were “ready” for it. whose name aptly means “reflector of light. the higher up the superiors. Usually there are various levels or degrees of initiation.Secret Brotherhoods opportunity to “become a privileged chela within the ranks of Our Student Body presently serving 73 lands. Secret societies are known to require strange and often dangerous rituals of initiation. as part of a great Cooperative World-wide Endeavor with the Spiritual Hierarchy and The Great White Brotherhood…to become a “Living Stone’ within the Foundation. Always the organization is arranged as a pyramidshaped hierarchy. Founded in Bavaria by Freemason Adam Weishaupt in 1776. I found several scandals involving these types of groups in the past few centuries. and to give…in service to mankind…” And at the end of the ad it mysteriously adds. Many brotherhood-type organizations require various blood oaths and secret signs. having been allegedly linked with murders and satanic ritual abuse. by influencing politics and decision-making from within the inner circles of government. Breaking down an individual’s mind and then building it up again based on certain conditioning are common ways to disrupt old patterns of behavior in such groups. For their goals of global domination to 63 .

During the inauguration of George W. the Washington monument is lined up not with the White House. in a guise of outward Christian conformity. unknown to the world at large. by all of us initiates of the high degrees. members were sworn to secrecy with bloody oaths.4 It may be disturbing for some to learn how closely the presidency is controlled by Freemasonry. General Gordon Granger reported his surprise that President Johnson so clearly considered himself subordinate to Albert Pike. and handed down from age to age by an unbroken. embodied in symbols. published in 1871 by Supreme Commander Albert Pike. like all the religions. all the Mysteries. Sovereign Grand Inspectors General we say this. Most members also attend church. D. (emphasis added) “The custodian and depository (since Enoch) of the great philosophical and religious truths. 31st and 30th degrees – The Masonic Religion should be. maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine…the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer…God of Light and God of Good…” “Masonry.C. “To you. 1889 Albert Pike offered instructions to the 23rd Supreme Councils of the World. though its members reportedly continued their efforts through the established network of Masonic lodges throughout Europe and America. emblems and allegories..” And why would they hide them. conceals its secrets from 64 . the Supreme Commander of the Scottish Rite at the time. In Washington. Author Ralph Epperson wrote in his book The New World Order that in March 1867. prosecuted and forced to officially dissolve in 18th century Germany. Ultimately the Illuminati were exposed. claims its actual purpose is to be. current of tradition. and for whom? In July. Morals & Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. threatened with worse than death if they revealed the plan. his oath of office was proudly sworn on the same Masonic Bible used by fellow Freemason George Washington. but with the headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Bush. Hermeticism and Alchemy. that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd.Surfing the Tao succeed. The universally approved doctrinal book of Freemasonry. These institutions actually seem to brag about having secret spiritual truths that they only reveal to the elite.

and uses false explanations and misinterpretation of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled. he has learned the Mystery of his Craft. p. and provided a perfect organization through which they could continue the transference of secret information. or the Elect. 104-105 “When the Mason learns that the Key to the warrior on the block is the proper allocation of the dynamo of living power. Even today secret societies are in the news around the world. In Africa they are considered the cause of major political and religious problems. and to draw them away from it. Samuel Wonwi Thompson delivered the keynote address at the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana for the Liberian Welfare Council in observance of Liberia’s 155th independence celebration in 2002. while “Satanists” know they are evil. One writer helped explain that “Luciferians” think they are doing good. or they wouldn’t need to gather so secretly. Morals and Dogma… p. He said. he must prove his ability to properly apply (this) energy. which it calls Light. The majority of initiates are probably good people who would find this all hard to believe.” . I am just as sick of hearing about “Masonic plots” as the next guy. 48 Only the top 3% or 5% of this group is said to be aware of this mysterious power.Albert Pike. or would pervert it.Secret Brotherhoods all except the Adepts and Sages. He discussed the years of instability and sociopolitical conflict as a result of so much indulgence in the occult. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward. 65 . Even disregarding the disturbing connections one could argue that such organizations were not created to be in agreement with the Tao. Maybe Freemasonry was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” – Manly P. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it. The Lost Keys of Freemasonry. from them. Citizens attend Church and then practice “juju” and consult spirits too. and yet the connections are there in black and white. It is clear these people have their own agendas. to conceal the Truth. Hall.

However. However. “a special cape embedded with amulets. rivers and trees. many people who profess to be Christian or Muslim continue to believe in witchcraft and ancestral spirits as well.”5 In Sierra Leone people are so afraid of military uprisings and instability that many still rely on the “magic” of their secret societies for protection. one of such societies. spirits of objects and natural phenomena like rocks. omens and curses. possess.”6 Such societies are making a comeback in West Africa after years of war and anarchy. Masked officials in ceremony impersonate this last group. this all-pervasive universal energy. spirits of a mischievous sort who require offerings to prevent misfortunes. As several of such cases were linked to leading members of those Liberian communities who were also know to be members of secret Western-style societies like the Masonic Craft and the UBF.Surfing the Tao “Our country has also been known for a proliferation of secret societies with various types of blood rituals and covenants. in addition to their AK-47s and rocket launchers. we often heard repeated speculation that the ‘society people’ engaged in ritual murder. Indigenous belief systems are so ingrained in their culture. 66 . using the ‘impersonal amoral Force’. The Kamajors. and membership is often required by all members of a village. Examples of this included the “NeeGee” and the “human leopard” societies that were banned during President Barclay’s administration in the 1930s but simply went underground…ritual murders and human sacrifices to other gods continued to be the order of the day. and the spirits of secret societies. for various charms. these speculations were never proven and may therefore not be true at all. which is said to render the wearer invisible and deflect all bullets. most people there continue to communicate with a variety of spirits: spirits of the dead who guard all knowledge. most people don’t even realize they are combining different religions. Initiations are severe and painful. who are known to provide the power and enforce the rules of such societies.7 In Sierra Leone.

stated in his controversial 1966 book Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time.S. Did you know that all members of the Council of Foreign Relations are actually pledged to secrecy about its goals and operations? Yet it does publish a roster of its around 3300 members. government officials who deal in international concerns.Secret Brotherhoods For this renowned ability to control and manipulate the Force. The initials CFR pop up everywhere in the research of global policy decisions and world conflicts. own over 54% of the wealth.S. which includes much of the Fortune 500. child abuse is common. greed and avarice are the passwords to success and morals have rotted. who was looking for a closer relationship between the trilateral nations of Europe. and that the next step towards world government was a community of developed nations. Is this a fair and loving world? “By Biblical standards.9 Respected Georgetown University School of Foreign Service professor Carroll Quigley. It we are about to be thrown into the pits of the dark ages. as well as nearly all past and present U. many claim it is trying to create a worldwide economic power greater than any political government of nation states. Bill Clinton’s mentor. the 67 . North America. The top 2% of the rich in the U. the CFR’s goal is “to create a one-world socialist system and make the United States an official part of it. He proposed that national sovereignty was no longer a viable concept. the United States most certainly deserves judgment—perversion runs amok. Financed largely through Rockefeller interests. a shrinking middle class and growing social unrest. Unfortunately. According to Dan Smoot.8 Many researchers are suspicious of the secretive political groups that have emerged among the secretly interrelated leading world politicians and businessmen.” of course all in the name of democracy. secret societies are highly revered. and Asia. a former FBI man who first researched the organization. These people have dominated every presidential administration in history.” The more elite Trilateral Commission was initially formed in 1973 from the ideas of Zbigniew Brzezinski. the media. the results are a widening gap between the rich and poor. while over half the population has a negative total worth. “The CFR is the American Branch of a society which originated in England…(and)… believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established.

Author Marrs found that an unprecedented percentage of powerful family names started here. Skull and Bones is a secret fraternal organization at Yale University some consider to be at the epicenter of the new world order. father of William Howard Taft. Identified with the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland where the group was first discovered in 1954. Taft. Their official skull and crossbones symbol is the same 68 . and keeps its member’s names mum. Low. Rockefeller. and Vanderbilt. (Fulfilling a Biblical prophecy from Daniel and the Book of Revelation. It was founded at Yale in 1832 by General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft. Luce. Delano. whose goals promote the concept of world government at the expense of national sovereignty.”10 The Bilderberg Group is the most secretive of all. and to the “noosphere”. has written in his book Mankind at the Turning Point about man’s communion with the transcendent. top media personalities as well as world leaders. Forbes. Stanley. Davison.”11 What on earth are they planning that they can’t tell the common people about? The Club of Rome is another group with a secret membership. Bush. Allen. Adams. the meetings are never reported in the media. according to some interpretations. Its founder. Buckley. or “kingdoms” for rule. even though the “confidential” minutes of its first meeting claim. the only person to have been Chief Justice as well as President of the U. Bundy. When the time is ripe our present concepts of world affairs should be extended to the whole world.Surfing the Tao most logical catalyst or motivator on the horizon is the Trilateral Commission. and a stepping-stone to membership in the CFR and other such groups. Phelps. a term created by Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Stimson.S. Russell is said to have had permission from a mysterious German society (Illuminati) to open a chapter here. but it is known to include the crème de la crème of European royalty. Coolidge. Aurelio Peccei. and to evolving an international order which would look beyond the present-day crisis [the Cold War]. Among them are Whitney. Lord. “insufficient attention has so far been paid to long-term planning. Supposedly this group has divided the world into ten political/economic regions. Wadsworth. Payne.) This group is more clearly associated with spiritualism and esotericism. which refers to the collective field of human intelligence. Harriman.

It is orchestrated by a vast array of interests comprising not only the Eastern establishment but also the radical left. The tactics employed by these various groups has been to influence all aspects of society in such a way as to seem innocuous. the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 1990. Nepotism flourishes inside these organizations. Private organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations. the Atlantic Institute. Among this group we find the Department of State. George Bush Sr. “This campaign against the American people – against traditional American culture and values – is systematic psychological warfare.Secret Brotherhoods official crest of the Illuminati. the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. the Trilateral Commission. the money center banks and multinational corporations. the Dartmouth Conference. elitist groups stay that way by intermarrying within the ranks. President. a careful examination of what is happening behind the scenes reveals that all of these interests are working in concert with the masters of the Kremlin in order to create what some refer to as a new world order. In 1987 he said before Congress. the educational establishment. the media. These secretive. and yet one day have the population wake up and find themselves part of a one-world system whether they like it or not. has used the term publicly over 200 times since he first mentioned it in his speech as President on September 11. having had so many members become officials and directors that the CIA has the atmosphere of a class reunion. Their hope is to get Americans as well as all people around the world conditioned to view world government as being as natural as baseball and apple pie. the Department of Commerce. Mr. according to one Yale professor. Senator Jesse Helms was one of the few left in defiance of this new world order. The term “New World Order” has been used by the Council of Foreign Relations to describe the future world state. the entertainment industry and the large tax-exempt foundations. and the 69 . And their continued connection to the CIA is staggering.

It doesn’t take much research to discover there are at least 129 fully operational underground cities. academic and official circles…In this point of view. military invasion abroad. Some skeptics have changed their tune since our new Homeland Security act has legitimized seemingly fascist policies in 70 . a system which rests upon the twin pillars of debt and monopoly. the walls become like glass. the Federal Emergency Management Agency.”13 (emphasis added. it has been arranged since 1979 for FEMA. with networks of underground trains powered by magnetic levitation to connect them.” Many scoff at the idea of a secret government but since 9/11 the truth of such an organization was released to the public.12 Advanced tunneling equipment such as thermal drills soundlessly melts through solid rock with no waste material. Even various civilian organizations like McDonnell–Douglas and Standard Oil possess extensive underground facilities. violent and widespread internal dissent or national opposition of a U. the activities of international financial and industrial forces should be oriented to bringing this one-world design – with a convergence of the Soviet and American systems as its centerpiece – into being…All that matters to this club is the maximization of profits resulting from the practice of what can be described as finance capitalism. to take totalitarian control of government functions in case of a ‘national emergency’.) FEMA’s central underground facility at Mount Weather controls 96 other such facilities known ominously as Federal Relocation Centers.S. Such an emergency was brazenly defined as. maybe even to help calm nerves in case of a massive invasion. It is the road to economic concentration and to political slavery. It is now public knowledge that our government has actual enormous underground facilities. financial. This isn’t real capitalism.Surfing the Tao Bilderberger Group serve to disseminate and to coordinate the plans for this so-called new world order in powerful business. “nuclear war. Per a dictatorial Executive Order. for use only by the elite.

which had already been on the shelves for 13 years. In both instances there is twilight. far outweighs any nagging distrust of the government. but not both. Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld said recently. Those who desire power and control find it easy to create unrest and thus the need for a strict system. political and 71 . about the illegality of income tax and the IRS. The government even recently banned a book called The Federal Mafia. patriotism is born. “When the country falls into chaos.” – Justice William O. or security. and video surveillance is so pervasive that most people are unknowingly photographed an average of two dozen times per day! Enormous “quarantine” facilities built all over America able to hold millions sit empty. Miranda rights are nearly a thing of the past. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. Even the ACLU is campaigning against the new USA Patriot Act. outer threat. storm-troopers can invade homes without a warrant. And for many people. neither does oppression. Supreme Court Justice 1939–1975 Today our world’s nations are growing ever closer together.” –Lao Tzu If we were all living in the Tao government would be unnecessary. The government never denied the book was true. their fear of terrorism. It seems they have chosen for us. The concept of Synarchy is based on complete social. Douglas. this other. But who knows for sure whose arms we are running into? “As nightfall does not come all at once.Secret Brotherhoods our own precious America. “Suspected” terrorists are arrested and held for months without a hearing. waiting for what? Our prisons are filled with millions of people arrested for possession of substances perhaps knowingly distributed by the CIA. we can have freedom. the farther from the truth we swing. but it is now illegal – and you don’t hear that on the news. The more government we have.

Or perhaps the U.’14 A seemingly innocuous and even necessary development. It could not be less of a cruel hoax if it had been organized in Hell for the sole purpose of aiding and abetting the destruction of the United States. When I see European countries giving up their currencies. with a world religion.B. a hideous thought. a war with so many links to the occult and secret societies it made me sick to my stomach. They believe in subordinating American sovereignty to some globalist New World Order. former chief investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Activities The goal of all these secret societies is the establishment of a global government. Clever ruses . “I challenge the illusion that the U.Surfing the Tao religious control of the individual. Matthews. Some even claim the various wars and insurgencies the past few decades were artificially created in order to establish the need for collective security. centralized educational programs and a world police force. written in a Synarchist document in 1946.N. “Most of these folks (the Bush crowd) are globalists. They have been patiently working towards this goal for longer than we can imagine. And the UN’s seeming indecisiveness and inability to affect global change in the face of growing threats has actually caused a worldwide uproarious demand for more effective global leadership. world army. is an instrument of peace. One of its aims. Create the problem and then conveniently offer the solution as well – Machiavelli would be proud. eagerly anticipated by those corrupted by absolute power.S. is the “creation of a ‘federal European Union. The UN and NATO were both a result of World War II. Our own President’s war mongering could cause the other nation-states to bond even closer. giving up their control of trade…when I see George Bush engaged in 72 .They win either way. abolition of firearms. a world bank.” – J. will lead the way to the new world order. The United Nations is an obvious precursor to world government. The idea is for its members to secretly control entire nations. but he said in 1992. eventually forcing the American vigilante to give over its sovereignty in the name of peace or democracy. Patrick Buchanan is another politician we are conditioned to think little of.

and then later synthesizing the New Plan in America with the one in Russia for the ultimate World State. when government officials spend money on weapons instead of cures. Kah wrote in his 1991 book En Route to Global Domination that New York is the logical choice to be the world’s capitol. The ‘powers that be’ and their secret motives remain hidden.Secret Brotherhoods the unilateral economic disarmament of his own country. Fellow globalist H. when the upper class is extravagant and irresponsible while the poor have nowhere to turn— all this is robbery and chaos.” which was a phrase also used often by occultist Alice Bailey. the ‘Lord Maitreya’. would probably involve either the economic devastation or physical destruction of New York City. to our obvious detriment. “When rich speculators prosper while farmers lose their land.” They are calling for a new age of earthly unity.Let light descend on earth.” A scary footnote regards George Bush’s “thousand points of light. Gary H. Wells wrote about the idea of a planned world government. says “From the point of light within the mind of God…let the stream forth into the minds of men…. however. but that the secret hierarchy of Europe may have other plans. or physically. as an act of terrorism…Is New York destined for destruction?” Ignorance is bliss. This could be accomplished in several ways-economically.G.” – Lao Tzu 73 . I say watch out. but it can also be awfully dangerous. A New Age prayer calling for the new Christ. but we should gravely consider who is at its helm. initially appearing partially at “a thousand points”. “Such a decision. Let the light…restore the Plan on Earth. It is not in keeping with the Tao. through a planned collapse of the stock market or a severe depression resulting from our severe national debt.

and perhaps an increase in government secrecy. other-terrestrial or interdimensional hierarchy. For example. a mysterious “Council of Nine” intelligences is found to have announced itself to a wide variety of scientists. According to them. legendary Satanist Aleister Crowley was said to have been involved with communicating with “a new order of beings. It is a method not in agreement with the Tao. “Anyone might turn up claiming to be Jesus or Yahweh…there might be little advantage to the gods immediately announcing themselves to the masses. used to acclimate the world to the ideas of an advanced.” His main contact was a spirit called Aiwass. In The Stargate Conspiracy. and can be especially useful the closer the lies are to the truth. one of 74 . but with a new political agenda.2 Alongside the most intriguing information gleaned from ancient sources. celestial hierarchy. Those who talk don’t know. India’s Vedic writings tell of gods from other planets called “Devas”. changes in government policy or acts of war that don’t quite make sense. and information. who act as administrators for a hierarchical universal government. entertainers. We might detect their presence in inexplicable events. writers Pickett and Prince seek to establish the secret puppet strings pulling advancements in world affairs and astro-archeology. Even before this. Alford commented.Secret Gods “Those who know don’t talk. and often visited Earth in “flying machines”. with only a few of the world leaders permitted to approach them.”1 Ancient writings depict ‘gods’ who were part of a mysterious. Life might appear to carry on as normal. there are also many modern day writers and leaders who claim to be in contact with a group of advanced “gods” directing events from behind the scenes. News of their return might be disseminated on a need-to-know basis. or Aiwaz. politicians and military-intelligence elite since around 1950.” – Lao Tzu Secrecy is a way to control people. As writer Alan F.

Strangely.5 19th century French writer Louis Jacolliot wrote about the “Nine Unknown Men” who secretly ruled the world. totalitarian state. though their agenda did remain secret. believed in a group of non-human intelligences from Sirius to be involved in the affairs of Earth. only truly known to its members.A. According to him “The Nine Principles” were the basis for the existence of the “sensorial” world. led by nine legendary leaders. now made “accessible to human intelligence. new-fangled notions of extra-terrestrials and aliens began to replace outdated concepts of angels and demons. The star Sirius adorns each Masonic Temple as a ‘Blazing Star.4 He joined a group called the Brotherhood of Heliopolis. who advocated gaining power by taking control from within the politics. Schwaller was also a well-known synarchist. The A. 75 . Synarchy. or A. having greatly influenced Rudolph Hess. was his own “magickal” religious group.” His early articles for a French magazine called Le Theosophe explained his mystical analysis of the number nine and the nine principles that surrounded “the irreducible One”.A. Schwaller claims to have “discovered” Hermetic principles encoded in the Gothic cathedrals. is the concept of a religious-based. religions and economies of states. which later gained many influential members. His later books more clearly demonstrated a parallel to the Egyptian concept of the ‘Great Ennead’. He later helped form the spiritual foundation of Nazism. the Templars did exhibit complete control over the religious. political and economic workings of their time. Schwaller de Lubicz first mentioned these beings in his writings in the early 1900s. published under the pseudonym Fulcanelli.A. Some believe him to be the true author of The Mystery of the Cathedrals. and become involved in alchemy and the occult. Some say when the group met in California after the Second World War.3 Egyptologist R. or OTO. the opposite of anarchy. It was first developed by Frenchman Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre in the 19th century.’ The Argenteum Astrum.Secret Gods a group of “secret chiefs” from the star system Sirius who were involved with guiding the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Templi Orientis. the same ones he found in ancient temples in Egypt.6 Synarchists also believe the Knights Templar were founded by nine French knights.

During WWII. who have guided human evolution from behind the scenes. “Could the source of the so-called wisdom be right here on Earth? Could there be human manipulators behind all this?”8 Followers of the Nine were found in odd places. Writer Kenneth Grant explained.” a Tibetan called Djwhal Khul.Surfing the Tao Madame Helene Blavatsky formed the Theosophical Society in 1875. “The Tibetan” also specifically refers to Freemasonry as being the “terrestrial version” of a school of initiation on Sirius. called the Great White Brotherhood. Parsons established contact with extra-terrestrial beings of the order of Aiwass. Hitler. who according to him continue to guide the evolution of the human race. She influenced a great many philosophers and leaders such as Schwaller. Alice Bailey continued Blavatsky’s work when she psychically made contact with one of the “Masters. Bailey’s job was to “prepare the world” for the coming of a “World Teacher”. He described a Council. Parsons worked on classified military projects. He died in an explosion in the lab in 1952. such as her husband. Unfortunately. who was expected around the end of the 20th century.7 Since Bailey’s background was so heavily influenced by powerful Masons. Some believed he became Crowley’s successor as leader of the group. for their pet synarchistic state? Even writer Jacques Vallee wondered whether this “wisdom” was really coming from the stars. the writers of The Stargate Conspiracy wonder if this “channeling” was part of a set-up for some other ultimate purpose. drove him to selfdestruction. or “Hierarchy of Brothers of Light”. How about the creation of a world religion. and was one of the first members of Jet Propulsion Laboratories. who proceeded to dictate twenty-four volumes regarding the evolution of the human race through her. She claims to have been in psychic contact with the Hidden Masters. “Working with the formulae of Thelemic magic [based on Crowley’s The Book of the Law]. Astrophysicist Jack Parsons joined the OTO in 1939. obsessing [possessing] the woman with whom he worked [Margorie Cameron].”9 76 . Her doctrines blended various mystical and occult traditions. he lost control of the entities he evoked and one of them. and Rudolf Steiner.

first colonized Mars and then came to earth to form the hybrid human race. Percy. who say they come from a planet called Altea.10 Why would Naval Intelligence be interested in the occult? Pickett and Prince noted that artist. James Hurtak is widely known by his mainstream book The Face on Mars and his work in the military’s psychic spying.A. where they proceeded to perform various “magickal” acts together. or remote viewing.12 They claim it is non-fiction. former US Navy officer and writer and David S. He wrote a book The Keys of Enoch in 1977 which is a quasi-religious-type work subtitled A Teaching Given on Seven Levels To Be Read and Visualized In Preparation for the Brotherhood of Light To be delivered for the Quickening of the “People of Light”. Esotericism was already in the family – his parents were theosophists and his grandfather was a high-ranking Freemason. and he has become some sort of New Age guru. Mark’s Church in New York in 1991. a film producer.11 David P. the supposed ancient city on Mars. A famous icon of the Beat generation. were both directors of Richard C. Myers and Percy authored a book in 1993 called Two-Thirds which tells of their contact with these nine “godlike extraterrestrials”.Secret Gods Parsons met L. His strange experiences sound a lot like UFO encounters. according to some researchers. and that they are actually subordinate to a higher source. Hubbard later stated his participation was part of a plan to infiltrate the organization on the behalf of the office of Naval Intelligence. the most supreme being the 77 . Hoagland’s Enterprise Mission. He claims to have communicated with the same hierarchy of intelligences. surrealist filmmaker and eccentric drug culture figure Harry Smith was also a member of the OTO and the A. Christians might have been surprised when the OTO performed a ritual during Smith’s funeral at St. Ron Hubbard in 1945 and helped him join the OTO. His book claims the Nine are only allowed to govern one solar system – ours. He received a Grammy for his work in 1991. Smith recorded a folk anthology that influenced musicians from Bob Dylan to the Grateful Dead. programs. which is engaged in the promotion of the Message of Cydonia. He was a devoted follower of Crowley and became Master of the Temple of Crowley’s A.A. Myers.

the 78 . The first such session was on Dec. began channeling a new spirit in 1970 that called itself Tom. Andrija Puharich. and an Italian nobleman. There he claimed to have assisted an Indian mystic named Dr. Ms. The CIA was also reportedly involved with SRI at this time. Sir John Whitmore.’ Picknett and Prince further point out the research by American-born Yugoslavian Dr. Picknett and Prince noted the interesting involvement of Gene Roddenberry. 31. another speaker called itself “R”. Maine. They had many wealthy and influential backers like Canada’s richest family.Surfing the Tao ‘70 Brotherhoods of the Great White Brotherhood’. SRI physicists and other prominent figures kept their involvement and identities secret. Schlemmer. Geller distanced himself from the Nine. Charles Laughead recorded the same scientific information. who claimed to hear the same “Nine” come through Geller. James Hurtak and Dr.”13 Israeli psychic Uri Geller also worked with Puharich. Later on Tom became the main communicator of the Nine. 1952. the former Stanford Research Institute. “God is nobody else than we together. known to have been involved in psychic research for the defense department. Completely separate accounts from other psychics like Dr. heir to an aristocratic British family. and Geller has gone on record to say he worked for them as well. aware of her abilities as a medium since she was a child. Vinod channel these Nine spirits. who ran a private paranormal research center called the Round Table Foundation in Glen Cove. The Nine were recorded as saying.”14 He believed they were playing games with them. also called the “hierarchy. The first one identified itself as “M”. Puharich joined them later. There is no God other than what we are together. whom he called “a civilization of clowns. which owned Seagrams. the Nine Principles of God. and identified the same Nine intelligences. and over several hours these personalities described extremely detailed and complicated scientific information concerning a variant of the Lorentz-Einstein Transformation equation. and a medium called Phyllis Schlemmer formed an organization called Lab Nine. Geller later worked for SRI International. who soon revealed their central message of the imminent return of the extraterrestrials to Earth.

found throughout various ancient religious and cultural traditions. or ‘Atum’. claims to be the ancient Egyptian creator god of whom the Sphinx was created as a “living image. The Great Pyramid is central to the Nine. and that well-known scientists. which sold like mad. channeled another one of the Nine. and the “Aeons of Gnosticism.Secret Gods creator of Star Trek. The Schlemmer-Whitmore group continues to operate. each with a strong personality. but some claimed no effect on their psychic abilities and continued to search for such a substance. where the Nine reportedly gave seminars through her. Other psychics like Harry Stone and Alice Bouverie recorded messages in which the main concern of the Nine was to impart information about a drug used by the high priests of Heliopolis to ‘open the door’ to the gods. having published a compilation of Tom’s collected wisdom in 1992. Sir John Whitmore introduced Englishwoman Jenny O’Connor to the Esalen Institute in California. The Nine also claim to be the Biblical Elohim of the OldTestament. The entity ‘Tom”. Sikhs believe the Creator fashioned Nine Abodes [of sensation].” The legendary Dragon god of the Chinese had nine sons. Twenty-four “Guardians” rotate the Nine council seats to keep balance. who spoke of a body called the “Council of Saturn” whose duty it was to keep the Earth in a kind of quarantine. industrialists.”17 Allegedly they claim they are from the star system Sirius. called The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefing from Deep Space. They have used many names. This is of immense interest in future chapters. They first identified the object as a mushroom.” He is the head of the Egyptian Ennead of Nine gods.15 Other people began channeling the Nine in the late 1970s. the CIA. they claim it is brings ‘energy’ to Earth from other civilizations. and regenerates cells in the human body. called Ra. Of course Ra also claims to have built the pyramids. and others seem intent on 79 . who was later commissioned to write a film script based on Lab Nine events. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the “Nine that are One.16 Another woman. people at NASA. Many millions of people looking for answers are being cleverly deceived. Carla Rueckert. The writers of The Stargate Conspiracy claim the belief in the Nine is so widespread it is astounding.

also a former director of Intelligence. They imply humankind failed the program and the White Brotherhood is trying to fix it.Surfing the Tao providing the Nine a smooth introduction to the people of Earth. General Walter Bedell Smith.’ The Nine talk in sweeping terms of a ‘new world order’. some sort of self-sacrifice by the ‘chosen ones. Vannevar Bush was a scientist later involved in developing the first atomic bomb. allegedly from the Pleiades). destroyed the Project Sign report. General Nathan F. a UFO group. Vandenberg. so the Nine could confront the Others (another ‘alien’ race. Edward 80 . Admiral Roscoe H. but he mysteriously committed suicide at Bethesda Naval Hospital a month after he resigned. the future plan for mankind on Earth. joined the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena after he retired and stated publicly that UFOs are real. This is despite the fact that the Nine actually claims the Earth was created as a battleground. Dr. the first director of the new CIA in 1947. Hillenkoetter. perhaps in an effort to contain security on the issue. replaced him. Extraordinary documents describing a secret government operation called “Operation Majestic 12” were revealed in 1984. including the recovery of four ‘non-human’ bodies. which was important for Earth. or another solar system. they describe a strange form of writing found in the wreckage. Forrestal was secretary of Defense during the Roswell crash. General Hoyt S.18 They detailed the clean-up effort after the Roswell crash in 1947. and that the people of Earth are involved in some sort of awakening or evolution because their original ‘programming’ had gone haywire and needed to be repaired. a member of the advisory board of the Atomic Energy Commission as well as the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Brookhaven National Laboratory with Dr. Detlev Bronk was another scientist. who followed Hillenkoetter as director of the CIA. Even our own government is plagued with shadowy rumors that they are secretly aware of non-human visitors. Dr. The papers also revealed the names of the twelve men reportedly involved in the secret project. The papers wonder if they came from Mars. Twining was commander of the Air Material Command at Wright-Paterson and was instrumental in the creation of Project Sign. Secretary James V. This group of Nine also suspiciously claims the Holocaust was a ‘necessary’ part of the plan to create the state of Israel. and discuss the need for more information regarding the craft and its technology.

Dr. Now nothing could really be believed on the subject. Jerome Hunsaker was an aircraft designer at MIT and the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Lloyd V. But the damage had been done. Dr. While leading the public away from any honest understanding of the phenomenon with misleading publications and propaganda. Mr. programs established by the government to give alternate. However. Souers was a retired rear admiral and another director of Central Intelligence. he had worked under Vannevar Bush in the Joint Research and Development Board in 1946. a secretary of the army. Mr. And Dr. plans and government contracts lay a trail underground to the secret underground bases constructed in the United States since WWII as well as world political and spiritual unification. their existence and shroud of secrecy continues to confuse – which was perhaps their intent. became a special assistant on national security affairs to President Truman. and Blue Book. more “rational” explanations for the various phenomena to the public. the author of an important study on UFOs for the air force. Sigma. which promises a mysterious evolution of consciousness. It also mentioned Projects Sign. Snowbird and Pounce were said to be deeply investigating alien technology. Grudge. became a famous debunker of UFOs. Another document. Later this document was thought to be a hoax as well. Donald Menzel. a nine-paged executive briefing. During the past generation.20 It also states the MJ-12 felt relatively certain that our alien visitors had peaceful intentions. Numerous patents. was circulated widely to various proponents of the alien question. supposedly funded by CIA money in order to collect intelligence on UFOs and aliens. Projects Bando. thousands if not millions of Westerners have developed a new spiritualism gleaned from Eastern-type traditions based on teachings from a group of “hidden masters”. Sidney W.Secret Gods Condon. General Robert M. Gordon Gray. Berkner helped create the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group. Montegue was base commander at the Sandia Atomic Energy Commission in Albuquerque during the time of the Roswell crash. an astronomer. Whether they are real or a con job. It discussed Project Aquarius. the investigation continued behind the scenes.19 Many have sought to discredit the MJ-12 papers. 81 .

000 members and branches worldwide. Their leader.Surfing the Tao Hurtak’s terrifying language involves a galactic war and housecleaning throughout the universe. He refers to the opening of a ‘gateway’ between the gods – actually. Miller was an undercover civilian UFO investigator for Air Technical Intelligence Center. Ashtar. their God is called “Jehovah”. a man called 82 .) Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Church Universal and Triumphant is directed by the “master” Saint Germain. They still have over 5. reverence for this set of nine “Ascended Masters” with super powers is essential to some New Age beliefs. These days. and Lalur. Miller claimed he was given messages from beings with names like Hatonn.’ This wealthy organization has over 30. The Church of the Subgenuis. including elite members of our governments. who claimed they had attempted to contact our world’s leaders. who claimed to be in contact with a group of extraterrestrial ‘cosmic masters’. until 1952. One such being calls himself “Maitreya”. founded the Aetherius Society in 1955. then 1925 and 1975 – finally in 1995 they announced they would be announcing no new speculative dates. created as a sort of Internet spoof. Richard T. Korton. Voltra. Their beliefs are based in Theosophy. After several supposed contacts with a UFO and its passengers. the public has sucked up the Nine in droves. the Nine Principles of God – and our world.000 members. In 1977 his prophet. eastern mysticism and environmentalism. Bob Dobbs. and has allegedly been magically “appearing” to heads of state in their private offices for decades as some self-appointed “Christ”.000 members.21 A London taxi driver named George King. who had decided not to tell us about them . to 1914. Regardless of its totalitarian. now has over 100. says he was abducted by aliens called “Xists”. who practice a controversial method of ‘sensual meditation’.22 Probably a good idea. Mon-Ka.yet. or ATIC. and radio programs and book sales reveal thousands it not millions of followers. anti-love undertones. and claim the planet is in great danger. (New members are required to get tested for communicable diseases before they enter a session. Of course the Jehovah’s Witnesses are famous for moving the date for the ‘end of the world’ from 1874. The Raelians believe the “Elohim” created all human life and that they are returning to save those who have ‘striven for a higher planetary consciousness.

as they are planning to “hijack” the worlds communications systems to do so. Anticipation of the imminent reappearance of the World Teacher. announcing “the Christ” was in the world. grew and waned…In July 1977 Maitreya left his ancient Himalayan retreat. directing his transforming energies to every corner of the earth. These include humanity’s response to his energies and the need for humanity. preparing to appear soon.Secret Gods Benjamin Crème who claims to be John the Babtist. He and others of the Nine are known to claim their “appearance” in the world will be seen by all at the same time. known as the Masters of Wisdom. even as his words spoke of world peace. became public knowledge after the 1875 through the writings of Helena Petrovana Blavatsky. “The existence of great spiritual teachers. founder of the Theosophical Society. in a hotel ballroom a few years ago and will never forget the sinister sensations. to invite Maitreya forward. took a full page out in the New York Times and other leading papers as well as going on the Merv Griffin show.” Our free will is a very important piece in their puzzle – they need it to succeed. just information to contact the Tara Center in North Hollywood. through the world’s media. There was no date.” One of the articles it contained was entitled Highlights of Maitreya’s public emergence. 23 There is no question this figure has enormous financial backing. It stated. Claiming to be responsible behind the scenes for the thawing of the Cold War in the late 1980s and the freedom of blacks in South Africa. as an apparently ordinary man. A publication I picked up at this seminar was called The Emergence Quarterly. taking up residence in the Asian community of London. England. I went to see a talk by one of his spokesmen. and “On his ‘Day of Declaration’ 83 . Maitreya also manifested in people’s dreams as well as miraculously among crowds. Mr. Peterson says many famous reigning monarchs in Europe have also met Maitreya but are afraid to reveal themselves. California about this “Background Information Issue. From there. Maitreya recently wowed thousands of people in Africa with his magical shape-shifting act. so that our free will is not infringed. He will enter “public life” when humanity extends the invitation. he works behind the scenes. Maitreya. The timing of Maitreya’s public emergence has been governed by many factors. Wayne Peterson.

our loving Source does not use beings that hide behind the present rulers of the earth. And now this guy is a buddy with some of the biggest culprits? The article Excerpts from Maitreya’s teachings stated that “in the new systems. His words of inspiration will telepathically sound in every person’s mind. Our true God appears to each of us.” We must begin to sharpen our bullsh— detectors – our delicate sense of discernment. This we will know that he is truly the World Teacher for all humanity. this is a common tool of the bad guys. and how the greed of an elite few was responsible. How do we know for sure they weren’t somehow responsible for it in the first place. “I have not come to found a new religion. galvanizing humanity to save the world. Also. which is neither an ideology nor a religion. not the other way around. to set themselves up? The Emergence Quarterly had several articles about the terrible state of humanity in various parts of the globe. and will never need television to do so. And hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings will occur. the Way of the Tao. They may even use our pathetic predicament to their own advantage. in our hearts.Surfing the Tao Maitreya will appear on worldwide television. social consciousness will guide market forces.” God the Force doesn’t need a “point of entry” to our world. You are that Self. an immortal being…” It’s not so much that what he says is wrong. I have come to teach the art of Self-realization.” This “group service activity…’steps down’ the great spiritual energies that continually stream into our planet…the group literally serves as a ‘point of entry’ for these energies to reach humanity and stimulate human progress.” Maitreya teaches. it’s more about what he is leaving out. Just because these strange gods talk about peace and love does not mean they are our saviors. His energy of Love will enter the hearts of all. Most terrifying is the information regarding his “transmission meditation. To choose to recognize this Force in our lives and allow it to guide our Path is in direct opposition to empowerment of the Self. God never appeals to our pride. but benefits people of all religions and those who have none…The Self alone matters. We must treasure our free will and use it only to choose the simple way of love. but other-dimensional beings certainly 84 . Subtly redirecting people towards Self rather than unconditional love is an important clue.

Secret Gods

could. Their pamphlet stated, “This transmission process, which makes the energies more useful to humanity, is similar to that of electrical transformers, which step down the power between generators and ordinary household outlets…During Transmission Meditation, humanity’s ‘elder brothers,’ known in the East as the Masters of Wisdom, direct energies from the highest spiritual planes through the energy centers (chakras) of the group members. This creates a ‘pool’ of energy that is more accessible and useful to humanity…Then, based on their greater understanding of our world, the Masters re-direct this stepped-down energy to wherever it is most needed at that moment in time…” They claim this is a great service to the world. But God is the Source of all energy – He does not need us to ‘pool’ our energies for Him. If strange, non-human “masters”, “gods” or “aliens” were to reappear to the world, perhaps on every TV and radio around the world at once, how many people would be shocked out of their religion? Either out of awe, fear or just simple relief, many people would quickly resume worship of these ‘beautiful beings of light’ who have come to ‘help us’. Most people will believe everything they tell us, without question. It would be an easy way to explain away any other seemingly outdated explanations of salvation. Some question who these Nine really are. Are they really the same ancient Egyptian gods, come back to us for some reason? Writer Colin Wilson categorized the Nine along with other similar channeled communications that are all subject to question. He speculates it could be either drama from the subconscious mind, or the work of ‘crooks and conmen of the spirit world.’ 24 Are they real or is their existence somehow orchestrated and manipulated by human agencies, electronic means, and/or the power of suggestion? A very interesting thought indeed.


Secret History
“The leaders we trusted were enraptured by a mystery and a history they forgot to tell us about.” – William Henry During the middle ages advanced knowledge was introduced by secret societies, particularly with regard to astronomy, geometry, and architecture. History tells us the Knights Templar went to Jerusalem for the Crusades in 1118, excavated under Solomon’s Temple, and came back with an unexplained enormous wealth. Author Graham Hancock theorizes they could have unearthed scrolls, manuscripts, theorems, or blueprints relation to Solomon’s Temple, maybe even the architectural secrets of geometry, proportion, balance and harmony known only to the builders of the pyramids and other great monuments. Perhaps they found Solomon’s treasure in gold, and the Ark of the Covenant itself. One legend states Solomon was an alchemist and manufactured the many tons of gold, buried around the Temple before it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D; maybe they found records of his technique. St. Bernard of Clairvaux was the leading thinker of the Cistercian Order of Benedictine monks at the time, who in a sudden outburst of religious fervor became a great leader in the Church, adviser to the Pope, Kings and the nobility. He enhanced the order of Craftmasons, or Compagnonnage, whom he also called the Children of Solomon. He is known to have played a considerable role in the foundation of the Knights Templar, and his writings indicated some mysterious discovery in the Holy Land everyone was excited about. He wrote in a letter to Hughes De Payne, another Templar founder, “Hail, land of promise, which, formerly flowing only with milk and honey for thy possessors, now stretchest forth the food of life, and the means of salvation to the entire world.”1 (Emphasis added) Whatever happened, it is clear the Knights returned to Europe with a wealth and power so great only the Pope could touch them. It turned out love and compassion were not their goals, but power and wealth were – not to mention the secrets necessary to protect it.

Secret History

Various historical accounts connect the Templars with the Islamic Order of the Assassins, who were thought to have actually fought together in Jerusalem. The Assassins had ample opportunity to share important esoteric knowledge along with military intelligence with the European knights. Maybe a secret technology had gotten into the wrong hands; maybe a good organization had been infiltrated. Either way, their legacy is an intense drive towards a new high civilization on earth, with the spiritual side still kept secret from most. The god they worshipped seemed to be the same god of reflections and illusions that has captivated many. In order to encode this secret, sacred information, whatever it was, the Knights Templar were forced to consider means beyond pen and paper, which could always be burned or destroyed. The Templars were known to use a variety of codes and secret alphabets to hide their records and communications. One of the original Knights Templar was called William St. Clair, and he and his descendants were responsible for building and maintaining Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, said to be a three-dimensional code with a hidden message. It was built to permanently record arcane, Gnostic traditions and secret, Templar information, such as the legacy of spiritual enlightenment – the “tree of life”. The Templars had fled to Scotland, where they helped secure an independent crown, and developed two underground Gnostic streams of thought, Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. In fact it was another St. Clair, Earl William, who founded the powerful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland in 1736. The fall of the Templars is a fascinating story. It is said the French King Philip le Bel was heavily indebted to the Templars, as many royalty were. He saw all the piles of bullion in their temple, and badly wanted to relieve his debt and take their gold! On Friday, October 13, 1307, he arrested Jaques de Molay, the Grandmaster of the Templars, and thousands of other Knights throughout France, and burned them at the stake. But when he went to take their gold – it had already mysteriously disappeared! Rosslyn Chapel’s “Christian” veil is superficial, for it is full of carvings that celebrate esoteric spiritual influences. The bust of Hermes Trismegistus, thought to be the author of the Hermetic texts, the foundation of many Greek schools of initiation, occupies the

Surfing the Tao

highest place of honor. Representation of the Babylonian gods Ishtar and Tammuz, pagan Norse gods, the Greek and Egyptian mystery schools, Hebraic mysticism as well as Gnostic Christian traditions abound. The Spear of Destiny is depicted in the stained glass, held by two Roman saints, Longinus and Mauritius. Legend has it, all who posses it hold the destiny of the world in their hands – for good or evil. Pagan fertility symbols like the “green man” are found all over the interior. The famous Apprentice pillar, beautifully carved with representations of the tree of life and the “serpents of Neifelheim”, stands as one end of the “Royal Arch”, its twin pillar on the other in Cintra, Portugal. Behind the orthodox Christian façade lay a secretive esotericism rooted in traditions from Babylonia, Ancient Egypt and early mosaic Judaism. According to writers Tim Wallace Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins in their book Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail, this arrangement of seven cathedrals, and eight sites, in Europe parallels an arrangement of ancient sites and oracles in Egypt and Greece. Bounded on either end by Solomonic pillars, the medieval pilgrim made his way on this “apocalyptic” path starting in Spain at the Cathedral of St. James of Compostela, journeyed north to France and the cathedrals of Toulouse, then Orleans, on to Notre Dame in Paris, then Amien, Chartres, and finally Rosslyn, in Scotland. Each stop represented a level of initiation. As the student went from cathedral to cathedral, he was also being secretly “initiated” in underground chambers, which are the original sites of the ancient oracles, places where the earth’s telluric energy is particularly intense. The initiate received not just sacred knowledge, but a new state of consciousness. Each temple represented one of the seven “chakra” points on the human body. As the pilgrim progressed down the path, enlightenment passed upwards through the chakras along the spine – symbolized by a serpent spiraling its way up a tree, the “tree of life”. The cathedral of St. James in Compostela represents the root chakra, red. Represented by the Raven, it marks the conversion of the soul so it can begin to receive messages from the spirit world. Its counterpart oracle in Greece is on the Island of Philae, near Elephantine. The second, or sacral, chakra, orange, is in Toulouse, the oracle of Mercury, and its symbol is the Occultist. Its counterpart was

Secret History

in Thebes. Awakening the abdominal chakra meant the student could now communicate directly with God – in esotericism this “god” was Hermes Trismegestis. The Warrior, or Knight, is the symbol of the third, or solar chakra - yellow. The Cathedral of Orleans was built as the “modern” oracle of Venus, like the Temple of Abydos. Its progression meant the initiates were ready to physically demonstrate their beliefs. The fourth stop on the journey is in Chartres. The Lion symbolized the heart chakra, green. Its progression symbolized the death of the self and the realization of the divine within. The Sun Oracle was also originally located both in Hermopolis and Akhenaten, for the dual centers of the “Royal self.” Fifth on the path is the great Notre Dame de Paris. This was the oracle of Mars, also found in Memphis, the center of speech and spiritual activity, appropriate for the throat chakra, blue. Now the student could begin to teach and preach the Word. The sixth stop is in Amiens, from its origins in Heliopolis. The eagle represents this brow chakra, violet, also known as the third eye. In this oracle of Jupiter, the student learned the secrets of space and time, and how to move within the spirit realms. Last but not least, the crown chakra, the color of gold, the seat of the soul, lay waiting in Roslin, Scotland in Rosslyn Chapel, on the same location as the ancient Druidic oracle of Saturn. Its ancient counterpart had two locations, in Behedet and Heliopolis. Here the initiate became directly contact with “An,” the “heavenly father.” Its symbol is the serpent, and its attainment meant the student was now fully awakened, and could leave the body in spirit at will. According to Murphy and Hopkins, this configuration was intended to represent the Temple of God on Earth. “Roslin” means ‘ancient knowledge passed down the generations.’ Various religious sects believe Rosslyn will be the center of world peace someday, and revere its location. Some believe the Chapel actually contains the Ark of the Covenant, secreted there centuries ago by the Templars. A popular New Age book called The Lion Path was published in 1985. The enigmatic author, named simply “Musaios”, explained the ancient Egyptian path of enlightenment, mostly gleaned from the Pyramid Texts. These explain the transformation into a ‘body of light’ after death. Musaios promises this path is open to everyone now, even before death, and goes on to explain a series of meditations to be

an internationally renowned mathematician and cyberneticist. regardless of its innocuous public role. an Oxford professor himself inspired by Plato’s more esoteric works. Coinciding with the occultist philosophies of Blavatsky were the ideals of Freemasonry. Georgetown University professor Carroll Quigley wrote. helped form several secret societies like the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England and the Council of Foreign Relations in the US. Picknett and Prince noted that Musaios turns out to be Dr. And what does not seem to be 90 . and Oscar Wilde. Some writers believe British royalty continues to top the pyramid of power in this dark underground ruling order. and Rhodes was a member along with other prominent nineteenth century figures like George IV and William IV. which still enjoy a close and intimate relationship today. Madame Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society. founded in England in 1660. who starting with the creation of his Round Table groups. so the individual can proceed to ‘tune in’ to the higher intelligences located in the star system Sirius. Charles Muses. including the United States of America. according to Rhodes’ own will. is the extension of British rule throughout the world. but he is thought to have been a member of the super-secret Illuminati as well as other covert groups whose true object.) Rhodes is now associated with scholarships for promising students at Oxford. Does he really believe in such a transformation? Another hidden and secretive tradition dedicated to an ancient way of ‘knowing’ the connections between the spiritual and temporal worlds was The Royal Society. Known primarily for his brilliant theory of hyper numbers. and secret societies like the Order of the Golden Dawn. Rhodes was much influenced by John Ruskin. “The Rhodes Scholarships…are known to everyone. Karl Marx later echoed Ruskin’s views on tight central control over the state. Lord Randolph Churchill. Cecil Rhodes. Muses was also editor of the journal for Arthur M. Rudyard Kipling. What is not so widely known is that Rhodes in five previous wills left his fortune to form a secret society.Surfing the Tao carried out at astrologically specific times. (I have heard Prince Charles will never become king because he has refused to become a Mason. which was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire. Young’s Institute for the Study of Consciousness.

The genealogy of our key politicians and banking and business tycoons can be traced to European royal families. George W. most people don’t realize that 34 of our 43 presidents can trace their lineage directly back to Charlemagne.2 Is America really as free as it thinks it is? For generations the general population has been told little about their true origins or the reality going on behind the scenes. an international Anglophile network which…has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists or any other groups and frequently does so…in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown. Thomas Jefferson. to be an enlightened society rising again from the ashes of Atlantis like a Phoenix bird? This group of Freemasons believed America was God’s undertaking. Was our precious America really designed as the New Atlantis. According to Burke’s Peerage. part of his covenant with Israel. and Al Gore are both related to British royalty. Al Gore is a cousin to Richard Nixon. and a descendant of Edward I. Are we certain which “God” we are talking about here? Were they? Could there have been an ulterior motive? Whose kingdom was being created? Was the 91 . Ronald Reagan and even Colin Powell. Other notable blue bloods are George Washington.Secret History known to anyone is that this secret society…continues to exist to this day. where “anyone” is supposed to be able to become President. his promise to reunite the dispersed from the “four corners of the earth” in the process of creating a new heaven on earth. the candidate with the most blue blood has won.” Interestingly. but Bush is a little closer. These families consider themselves to be the Rex Deus. and some say even further to the ancient god-kings of Sumer and Egypt. directly descended from Mary Tudor and Charles II. related to the gods and vying for the divine right of kings. a term made popular by Francis Bacon and cherished by our Founding Fathers. This is astounding in a country renowned for its genealogical multiplicity. He is a 13th cousin once removed to Prince Charles. “There does exist. Far from being simple Freemasons. our own government continues to be run by descendants of British royalty. the right to rule over man. and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known. and has existed for a generation. in every single U. presidential election. Harry Truman. Ben Franklin.” He added.S. the Roosevelts.

Surfing the Tao

real truth and knowledge being released, or was a complicated new system of rules and laws in the works? SRI International’s 1973 report entitled Changing Images of Man concluded that a new spiritual movement could upset the ‘modern industrial-state culture’ and result in social disruption and collapse. To avoid this social resistance against authority, the report recommends Freemasonry as a solution. “Of special interest to the Western world is that Freemasonry tradition which played such a significant role in the birth of the United States of America, attested to by the symbolism of the Great Seal…That this…has the potentiality of reactivating the American symbols, reinterpreting the work ethic, supporting the basic concepts of a free-enterprise democratic society, and providing new meanings for the technological-industrial thrust.” 3 America’s version was to be a melting pot; genetic diversity was a necessity. And what better way to validate this experiment for its people, than to have an alternative interpretation of reality to fight against. On the other side of the Atlantic, another interpretation of the New Atlantis, which preached purity of race, appeared in Germany in the early 1900s. Its legacy was mass genocide and global war. The hidden, or occult, history of World War II is very disturbing. Most people accept the shallow mainstream military history we are taught. However, certain strange facts continue to disrupt this view. For example, Hitler was fascinated by the occult as a young man in Vienna, and studied ancient history, occultism, hypnotism, astrology and theosophy, even ingesting hallucinogenic drugs to achieve enlightenment, according to author Trevor Ravenscroft. He became obsessed with the celestial relics like the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny, and was fascinated by the supernatural. Miraculously regaining his sight after having been blinded in a mustard attack during WWI, he became a “changed man” – many people described a dual personality, and periods during which he seemed “possessed,” especially when he was giving a speech. Hitler himself honestly believed he had been contacted and possessed by “extraterrestrial creator gods”. He dedicated his book Mein Kampf to Dietrich Eckart, the spiritual founder of National Socialism, who had initiated Hitler in the Secret Doctrine, a philosophy written or “channeled” by Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society. This Doctrine states “nonhuman visitors to

Secret History

Earth long ago produced by genetic manipulation ‘divine-human hybrid beings, sort of God-men’” divided into seven races, including the Aryans. It also states humans were meant to serve these “gods” unreservedly, and to protect the purity of their blood.7 Under his orders, the Nazis spent considerable time and money searching for holy artifacts. They also developed the belief strangely shared by the Japanese, that they originated from “blond gods from outer space”, according to author Henry. Meanwhile, Franklin Roosevelt, a 33rd degree Freemason, owned shares in a company which was attempting to salvage the repository containing the gold and spiritual secrets of the Knights Templar. This was believed to be hidden somewhere underground in Nova Scotia’s Oak Island. Additionally, Newsweek magazine reported that FDR and his third-term vice president Henry A. Wallace were looking for the “reincarnated Jesus in Shambhala.” Strange as that sounds, Wallace was a disciple of a Russian guru/visionary named Nicholas Roerich, who had been preaching about the Second Coming since 1927. “Their plan was to connect America with a group of spiritual masters whom they believed survived the cataclysm of Atlantis and who lived in Shambhala, secretly influencing world affairs.”4 How many people know FDR first built and named Camp David, “Shangri-la”? President Eisenhower renamed it later. The symbols and myths which surround this era makes it clear this was not a war of good and evil, but a la Machiavelli, of one “secret” mindset over another. The same “gods” at the centerpiece of Wallace’s New Atlantis also warped and inspired the minds of the Nazis. At the close of the war, Winston Churchill ordered that the occult and religious beliefs of the Nazis remain secret. This was for several reasons, one being the fear that the jury would find them innocent of their crimes by reason of insanity. Another reason may have been that knowledge of such spiritual principles could encourage imitators, or it might reveal to the masses the key to the puzzle of humanity. Author Henry wrote, “Out of the loop of secretive Oval Office conversations, most Depression-era Americans had no inkling of the bizarre, occult wonderland their leaders had tapped into, the utopian fantasies that filled their heads, nor the arcane myths that guided and inspired them.”5

Surfing the Tao

Certainly their plan for a New World, New Deal or “New Atlantis”, rising from the ashes, would be impossible if this information were widely understood. Deeper still was the knowledge that the same international group of financiers had provided the funds to build weapons for both sides of the conflict, and had profited greatly from the whole mess. For example, Standard Oil, owned by the Rockefellers, came under investigation during WWII for a series of secret business dealings that resulted in selling gasoline to Nazi Germany during the war.6 This period is a great example of how easy it is to use the existence of “otherworldly beings” to manipulate people in positions of power on both sides of a conflict. Machiavelli is indeed smiling up from hell. For these and other reasons the occult remains outside the mainstream historical paradigm. No one wants to admit that there were no good guys – both sides were striving for power and control, not love, peace and harmony. For this reason we were all fooled. Score one more for the Mirror Image.


The Power of Money
“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – Arnsall Rothschild This elitist control of our society begins and ends with money. Names that can be linked to secret societies are the same wealthiest and most powerful families in the world. Money rules our world at the moment; with it, most anything is possible. Without it, life can be cruel and miserable, and this is how it is for the vast majority of the earth’s present 6 billion inhabitants. It is a clever system, for it is necessary to survive, and yet to acquire it one must often make decisions that are in opposition to love, peace and harmony. The concepts of banking, borrowing and lending changed our world and ensured the masses would be forever enslaved to it. Today mounting debt is epidemic. Even people who live in western countries, whose wealth and modern technological innovations should have long ago made life easier, must still toil long hours to make enough money to live. The world’s economy and quest for wealth turns the engines of industry and technology, and the sovereignty of nation states is blurring in favor of economic associations. The Rothschild family has been working for the interests of Freemasonry since the late 1700s. Having started as a small but ambitious banking house, its alignment with the Masonic Orders helped expand and establish the Rothschild power and wealth. They manipulated and controlled debt and financial affairs in Europe for centuries. By the nineteenth century the Rothschilds had acquired titles of nobility, and controlled the financial transactions on behalf of England, France, Prussia, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Naples, Portugal, Brazil, and various German states. They also acted as personal bankers for many heads of European royalty and invested in markets across the world. The Warburgs of Europe are another elite banking family, and in the U.S. familiar names like J.P. Morgan, Carnegie, Harriman, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, Lehman, and Rockefeller possess an ordinate amount of the existing wealth, thanks in a large part to the

Surfing the Tao

investments of the Rothschild family over the years. They began investing in American industry in the 1800s, contributing to the Rockefeller oil, Carnegie steel and Harriman railroad dynasties. Antitrust laws didn’t stop them either, as it became clear the same people owned the new companies too. The Rothschild name pops up again when investigating the financing of Cecil Rhodes’ creation of the De Beers monopoly of diamond mines in South Africa. It is well known that such precious metals and stones are expensive because of “artificial” scarcity. These elite societies are known to hoard huge amounts of wealth, claiming that mankind is still too selfish and not ready for these treasures to be released to the “outer world”. I think we know who is really being selfish. Some of the greatest minds of our time recognized how important money is, whether they were part of the cabal or not. George Washington, himself a Freemason, in fact did warn the American people about the insidious plan. He said, “I have heard much of the nefarious and dangerous plan and doctrines of the Illuminati. It was not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States.” He went on to warn us therefore about getting involved with any foreign nation outside of commercial relations. If only we had listened! Even Abraham Lincoln attempted to resist the Illuminist forces, and said just before his assassination, “As a result of war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people until wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war.” “If the American People ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporation that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, til their children wake up homeless on the continents their fathers occupied.” – Thomas Jefferson

Two other outspoken critics of the “Eastern 97 . “The Rockefeller File is not fiction. but controlled instead by a private group of elite bankers. “In the United States today. or even mysteriously involved in “accidents”. His shocking exposes of the Federal Reserve were only reported in the Congressional Record. which was “accidentally” shot down by the Soviets. The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation.”1 In the 1970s and 1980s. McDonald tried to speak out with his book The Rockefeller File. we have in effect two governments. In the 1960s. operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution. We have the duly constituted government. uncontrolled and un-coordinated government in the Federal Reserve System. which attempted to disclose the family’s vast wealth and secret intentions. He stated. Congressman Larry P. but was frustrated over the total lack of coverage on the issue.” Charles Lindbergh resisted the creation of the Federal Reserve. It is a compact. Congressman Lindbergh warned against such an institution the year it was created. but in 1983 he was killed aboard the Korean Airlines flight 007. which is not part of the Federal government at all as most people might think.”2 McDonald loudly continued to take his message to the streets. all under their control. and his subsequent personal tragedies raise a suspicious eyebrow when listed next to the many other Senators and Congressmen who have been publicly ruined. saying the Federal Reserve “establishes the most gigantic trust on earth…When the President signs this act. which is read by barely a handful of people. From now on depressions will be scientifically created. Congressman Wright Patman attempted to expose one-world interests by calling for audits of the Federal Reserve. the invisible government by the money power…will be legitimized. Then we have an independent. when they spoke out against this “establishment” throughout the years. patently ignored.The Power of Money Of course this did happen in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve. powerful and frightening presentation of what may be the most important story of our lifetime – the drive of the Rockefellers and their allies to create a one-world government combining super-capitalism and Communism under the same tent.

President Wilson signed the bill just two days before Christmas in 1913. Hylan. even he was apparently aware of what was really going on. Some of the biggest men in the United States are afraid of somebody. However. that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. Congress and the nation was hoodwinked. Some say in order to create the Federal Reserve.” – FDR There is plenty of evidence that the nation’s wealthy elite controls not just big business but the way our country itself is run. so complete. state and nation…At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers [who] virtually run the US government for their own selfish purposes. most people’s attention being elsewhere at the time. so pervasive. so subtle. “The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over our city. so watchful. so interlocked. that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” -Former New York mayor John F. 1922 98 . are afraid of something. There is evidence this group of men made sure Wilson made it into office in order to sign this bill. The worst ruled and most completely controlled government in the civilized world. “We are controlled by a small group of dominant men.Woodrow Wilson “The real truth of the matter is. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized. They were both killed in “freak” small plane crashes one day apart in 1991.Surfing the Tao Establishment” (a term frequently used to describe one-world interests) were Senators John Heinz and John Tower.”. as you and I know.

As Jim Marrs wrote in Rule By Secrecy. as well as fund major think-tanks which influence our American life in ways we barely understand. This objective is coming ever closer to reality. Now they just say “Federal Reserve Note”. sounding all warm and fuzzy. Our world’s biggest business conglomerates. practically anything was possible.” Unrestrained by values? How are these groups able to influence the evolution of society with its hidden agendas? With so much money. unrestrained by traditional values. calls the progression into one world economic and technological state technetronics. a famous advocate of this “New World Order”.108) “Taken together the facts suggest that the overall goal of these modern societies is to bring about one world government with attendant centralized social control and loss of national sovereignty. huge global company. are actually financing the world’s billion dollar porn industry as well. largely through the increasing corporate and financial control over both governments and economies. By funneling huge sums of money for research and grants in areas such as the social sciences. Everything seems to be merging into single currencies and one. socialism. The Reese Committee investigated the influence of our nation’s tax-exempt foundations and discovered they serve both as tax shelters for the enormously wealthy. which may spout goals like world unity and equal justice. backed by nothing. “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. public education. numerous organizations such as the NEA have been found to produce and promote information that advocates among other things sexual freedom. anything seems possible.” The strain of the Depression led to FDR taking us off the gold standard. Zbigniew Brzezinski. But at least until 1971 our notes were backed by silver.The Power of Money One could imagine that with enough money. This is not just evident in our own country. but around the world. especially when public agendas seem honest and good on the surface. and globalism intending to 99 . and international affairs. (p. Such a society would be dominated by an elite.

Haven’t heard it on the news. DEA. And the consolidation of media empires has accelerated rapidly in recent years. NSA. the Brookings Institute. A cursory glance of our nation’s tax-exempt foundations. one way or another. Stanford Research Institute. Buckley. Of course these conglomerates control just about everything we see on television as well.M. Hudson Institute. NAACP. George Will. Cyrus Vance. IRS and of course. Dan Rather. In 1982. Institute for Pacific Relations. Tavistock Institute. Institute on Drugs. Rosenthal. Center for Strategic International Studies. John Chancellor. The list is very long. radio and TV conglomerates at once in the same cities – further decreasing the variety of our news and placing it is the hands of a very small number of people. The same pyramid-shaped hierarchical structure helps keep all except for the top elite unaware of the true goals of these organizations. Ted Koppel. the AntiDefamation League. Ford Foundation. FBI. Katherine Graham.Surfing the Tao prepare students for a future one-world society. and many others. Stephen S. International Red Cross. Crime and Justice. International Institute for Strategic Studies. By 1990 the number was down to 23. Tom Brokaw. government think-tanks and alphabet agencies finds hundreds founded and controlled by secret society members. Mellon Institute. Now the FCC is even trying to change its rules to allow big media to own print. so don’t believe it? It might be news to you to learn the media is also heavily populated with secret society members. Diane Sawyer. Rand Institute. Daniel Schorr. the CIA. and in 1997 it was down to 10. Institute for Policy Studies. Secret society members in the media include many past and present tycoons and journalists such as Robert McNeil. A. There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t. Strobe Talbott. Fabian Society. I believe democracy flourishes when the 100 . David Brinkley. fifty corporations controlled mass media in the US. the YMCA. FEMA. Environmental Fund. but just to mention a few: the Aspen Institute. Jim Lehrer. Barbara Walters. “We live in a dirty and dangerous world. William F. Bill Moyers. Rosenfeld. The same goes for our nation’s top universities.

In the eighteenth century St. Germain’s movements can be linked to royalty. causing wars and arranging marriages between the elite.The Power of Money government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets. and most importantly creating wealth and financial standing for certain men in the Brotherhood. and revealed the existence of some “Ascended Masters” with super powers.”3 But not everyone believed that progress was made with money. “Therefore I speak with a personal feeling of pain and sadness about the collective power which is guiding the helm of western civilization. the secret Brotherhood and wars in Europe. But reports throughout the century and the next relate the recurring mysterious appearance of St. or was worth the expense of a loving and harmonious way of life. Such an experience is a—test—and opportunity—for growth. Indian poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore wrote in the early 20th century. The more success it has brought to Europe. He reportedly told writer Guy Warren Ballard earlier this century that. not an ideal. including religious leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet. It is a passion. There are occasions—in which individuals can be used as a focus of great wealth—for a specific purpose—and at such times— greatly added power is radiated to them—for through it—they can receive personal assistance. A flamboyant and multi-talented character. He allegedly took some of them on out-of-body tours of underground facilities in places like Mount Shasta. Germain. the more costly it will prove to her at last. even after his reported death. in a speech to the CIA in 1988 A mysterious character that keeps popping up in my research is the Count of St. He charmed and influenced many important people of the time. several people claim to have been contacted by this same being. Germain. and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows. He is rumored to have manipulated the politics of the time. much was written about him. “No one—in this world—ever accumulated a great amount of wealth—without the assistance and radiation of some—Ascended Master. when the 101 .” – Katherine Graham. Today.

The time has come when Europe must know that the forcible parasitism which she has been practicing upon the two large continents of the world .” 102 .Surfing the Tao accounts have to be rendered.the two most unwieldy whales of humanity – must be causing to her moral nature a gradual atrophy and degeneration. And the signs are unmistakable. that the accounts have been called for.

and is still widely circulated today.” It originally appeared in 1864 in France in a book called Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu or the Politics of Machiavelli in the Nineteenth Century by a Contemporary. Later on his book was re-written and augmented with anti-Semetic material on orders of the Russian czar. underground truth I had rather not have known. it does exist. It states that outwardly. 1984 The Mirror Image controls our perception of the present reality.” —George Orwell. “this document may have wreaked more havoc than almost any other piece of literature in recent history. who along with friend Victor Hugo was a Rosicrucian. The documents were re-written and attributed to Jews before World War I to incite anti-Semitism. who was trying to relieve his own political pressure by creating it instead between Russian revolutionaries and the Jews. it was taken at the time as a satire against Napoleon III. So many things that started out harmless have become perverted and manipulated to keep us forever unable to discern the subtleties of truth. The message contained in the Protocols is chilling indeed. it is a list of procedures for world domination. they shall adopt honorable and cooperative procedures. Written by a French lawyer named Maurice Joly. controls the past. was imprisoned for his impertinence. Unfortunately. controls the future: who controls the present. Jim Marrs says in his book Rule by Secrecy. Joly. The document stated the Jews and the Freemasons were working together to create a one-world government by means of liberalism and socialism. with its descriptions of the methodology of tyranny of the few.How is this possible? “Who controls the past. Also known as the Protocols of the Wise men of Zion. Our ignorance leaves us vulnerable to a host of cruelties most people imagine are just part of life. I knew I had hit upon a powerful. but that a statesman’s words do not have to agree with his 103 . sheathed in deception and misinterpretation through the ages. When I read the Protocols of Zion.

but a merit…how else are we to increase disorders?” Taxes are a huge part of the Protocols. Some of the phrasing is downright degrading and talks about people as if they were animals. income and inheritance taxes and other banking loan procedures. progressive property taxes. stirring up old conflicts and creating new ones. They are manipulated into our world as being necessary and lack any awareness of love. so far as possible. which call for general taxation. passions…soon we shall begin through the press to propose competition in art. games.” –”Wars. Striking similarities exist between this plan and Marx’s Communist Manifesto.” –”We shall create an intensified centralization of government…We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies. The steps towards a communist state include taxes.Surfing the Tao acts.” –”Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control” —“In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about we further distract them with amusements. they will accomplish their plan for world domination. Regardless of where these protocols originated. Here are a few examples. in sport of all kinds…” –”When we at last come into our kingdom by the aid of coup d’etat prepared everywhere for one and the same day…we shall slay without mercy all who take arms in hand to oppose our coming…anything like a secret society will also be punishable with death” —“It will be no disgrace to be a spy and informer. By controlling how and what the public thinks.” –”The minds of the masses must be diverted toward industry…(so as) not to take note of their common foe. These days the growing partnership is no longer secret but a matter of 104 . should not result in territorial gains. spreading misery and plague and distracting the youth. –The Protocol plan “will remain invisible until the moment…when no cunning can any longer undermine it. intense centralization of government and control over the people. pastimes. property and industry. and free education for all children. sales taxes. one can surely agree that many of these points are evident in our “democratic” society today.

much of the evidence of the true history of the earth has been destroyed. still in place today. “Among Louis Freeh’s supposedly commendable achievements as FBI director. Rumor has it other ancient collections of manuscripts are kept hidden in places like the mountains of India or under the Sphinx. 2001 issue of The New American called “Community Policing. She claims the plan. former Secretary of Education. She exposed a major technology initiative that aimed to control the curriculum in American classrooms in an attempt to merge it with the system in the Soviet Union. “A nation can survive fools. which have become for most just another sound bite. and—on the fourth of July—signed an agreement creating a framework for FBI/KGB collaboration.” In general people don’t recognize the profundity of these global developments. ‘We can honestly say that our two nations have more in common that ever before.’ It was in pursuit of that vision that Freeh traveled to Moscow in 1994. which took place after a tour of the KGB’s Lubyanka Square Headquarters. Bennett. Charlotte Iserbyt was the Senior Policy Advisor to the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) at the Department of Education during the first Reagan Administration. ed) was the realization of his vision of a ‘global FBI. The growing number of ex-KGB agents now working for the U. These behind-the-scenes forces claim humans are spiritually unworthy of such information. ‘We are united in purpose and in spirit. East and West” said. (brother of William Bennett. according to Robert S. But it cannot survive treason from within. According to Mr.’ declared Freeh at the ceremony. Ballard and our friend St. An article in the July 30. 105 . Supposedly the Vatican has the most elaborate collection of ancient manuscripts on earth.How is this possible? pride between our nations. The old libraries burned down and other materials are kept hidden away in a safe place. government also evidences this merging partnership.’” Iserbyt reminds us of a quote by Cicero. and has resulted in the redistribution of wealth with more benefits to a tiny elite. Germain. changed our system into one focused on quotas for jobs rather than academics. and even the ambitious. but does not share them. And in order to keep us from a more informed perspective of this historical manipulation.S.

worked during his lifetime to develop alternative ways to educate the youth. because of lack of spiritual growth and understanding of the people. and preserved them. but that there is so much out there they are simply not telling us at all.1 Modern prophets predict the discovery of ancient texts.” Since birth we have been so subtly conditioned we cannot imagine how life could be different. not recite required words from an old book. The tradition of the community which calls itself educated.” People are taught to feel proud of themselves and what 106 . Most of us have never even considered what would really be “outside the box. pepper it with unnecessary additives and preservatives and watch the Pied Piper dance. the curriculum is strict. Rabindranath Tagore. the parents’ expectations. Just put a colorful “spin” on it. that is a very destructive activity…the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. “The obstacles were numerous. when in fact it is a perfect system for turning out little programmable old. who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. were all overwhelmingly arrayed against the idea I cherished. But can we be certain that information that has remained hidden until now hasn’t been doctored? Just because something – even knowledge . have always foreseen such destructive impulses. using actual truth improperly is another wonderful way to mislead people. he lived in the rhythm of the Tao. while the rest of the world worried about tradition or wealth. He wrote about his struggle. doesn’t mean it is the whole truth. He wanted people to learn to think for themselves. the claim and the constitution of the official University. and have withdrawn all important records of every civilization. Our educational system is often hailed as being a positive step towards an enlightened future. Also. The race has a restlessness and critical feeling. It’s not that we have been taught lies. then left the less important to be destroyed by the vicious impulse of the vandals”. which will transform the way the world perceives itself and its history. Even in private schools.Surfing the Tao “These records are not brought forth into the use of the outer world at the present time. the upbringing of the teachers themselves. A visionary ahead of his time. and teachers must teach what they are told.

replete with a hidden entrance. Kinkaid. Such institutions are also accused of “losing” important archeological evidence. and reported in the Phoenix Gazette on April 5. after which the evidence quickly disappeared. or dis-ease. and corroboration with Hopi legend of a vast and ancient underground civilization. and the physical manifestations of the dis-ease disappear.000 deaths annually due to medical errors. 1909. Similar types of lies of omission haunt our scientific and medical systems. 22% of all hospital visits experience at least one error. Alternative healing methods also suffer ridicule and misunderstanding by the public. believe it or not. These techniques work on a quantum level. and there are between 44. who claim they debunk or simply ignore scientific evidence that might enlighten people about their true origins. True healers work to restore the balance in the body’s energy field. One example is the discovery of an enormous underground tunnel system in the Grand Canyon.000 and 98. acupuncture and chi gung instead of drugs and surgery. 20. and have long been known to many ancient cultures. It never occurs to them there could be all kinds of much more interesting subjects and knowledge far beyond their wildest dreams. The media constantly trots out people with high-sounding degrees and titles to denounce any claims of the “paranormal”.How is this possible? they learned. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in 2002. which are not only dangerous but also very expensive. Modern science is like a little fascist club in which all members must toe the line or lose their funding and reputations. The exploration was led by Smithsonian archeologist G. They may not necessarily print actual lies. Even respected organizations like the Smithsonian and the National Geographic Society are the subject of complaints by alternative researchers. So many of them are “compartmentalized” in their specialty. copper artifacts. tablets with hieroglyphics. the discovery vanishing from public view. Today more and more people are turning to alternative methods like faith or energetic healing. but omitting any discussion of differing points of view on such topics is just as hurtful. This is thousands more than die from handguns each year. 107 .000-year-old mummies.E. In actuality it is a vibrational imbalance. of a person’s energy field that can manifest as various illnesses in the physical body.

Some of the most dangerous drugs out there are perfectly legal. You can live in love and have a diet soda now and then . This is the same company that provides seeds to our nation’s farmers. This company is also responsible for genetically modified food. But the Mirror Image has perverted it into the big business of cigarettes. having an aspirin is not going to separate you from God. The same goes for tobacco. suppresses the intellect and has been known to cause headaches. attention difficulties. one could share a pipe in perfect joy and contentment. The Monsanto Corporation owns NutraSweet and Equal. Prozac is another culprit. another potential assault on the human body. Side effects often result from the common additive monosodium glutamate. All Things Are Possible. a sweetener found in diet sodas. requiring farmers to purchase them anew each year. had failed to report psychotic episodes during testing. and elevated the consumption of this humble plant into an epidemic of addiction. and is 108 . the FDA found that its parent drug company. Brain-altering phenylketornurics like phenylalanine are found in children’s candy. causes mood disorders and other nervous system problems. but has been connected to violent crimes. death and disease. dizziness.Surfing the Tao The Tao can heal and nurture without surgery or chemicals. There is a fine line between what is reasonable and what is downright against the Tao. modified so that the plants they grow are infertile. there was no reprimand. However. memory loss. Eli Lilly. However. Ritalin is a drug used on children. In the quantum realm. Amidst controversy of an industry cover-up. it has been found that the use of these drugs causes a marked increase in the rate of murders and suicides. It is a known intellect suppressant that is commonly added to water supplies. which at the very least deserves more study. Fluoride is an old friend of the dental industry. where there is no “matter”. Aspartame. Alternative therapies are beginning to bear out this truth even in our close-minded modern world. Long ago. instead of going to the Source of the problem. which is found in a lot of fast food and snack items. slurred speech and vision problems. Be smart – do some research on your own. It changes brain chemistry and lowers the threshold for seizures. People thoughtlessly ingest so many questionable drugs and chemicals.but many people drink several a day.

but often it is only the ones who refused the shot who stay healthy. and military nerve gas. a cheap stimulant ravaging our cities. hypnotics. In the U. A close second in destructiveness is methamphetamine or speed. Parents are often not even warned that children can be left autistic after a routine measles 109 . certain natural plants when used properly can help release the mind from the non-love grid. “Alcohol is a premier drug of abuse in America. ignorantly lumped together with these and conveniently made illegal as well. Prohibition is a stern legalism. Both extremes are reflections of the Mirror Image. the Tao would never deny us proper enjoyment of a glass of wine now and then. which virtually shuts off one’s ability to love. but today are consumed in such vast quantities we would be wise to take a second look. Sugar and caffeine can dangerously alter our body’s chemistry and render us less sensitive to higher frequencies of awareness. and sales to children and underage drinkers are a critical component of the alcohol industry’s profits. President of Columbia University’s Research Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. However. The fact that measles and mumps continue to be spread among vaccinated children at school should be a heads up.How is this possible? also an ingredient in rat poison. but in the 1990s it came back with a vengeance.S. we are conditioned to believe they are necessary. Street drugs are a simple way to enslave the minds of the masses. and they have been completely misunderstood. Alcohol is probably the single most destructive drug in existence. The science behind it is real.. Measles was declared virtually eradicated in 1982. Vaccinations are another frightening issue. These substances seem harmless. The death rate is now many times higher than it was before the vaccine was in widespread use. Various communities have protested this addition to their water supply. Unfortunately. but there is evidence that many of the claimed benefits are questionable at best. Flu shots are recommended for the elderly.” says Joseph Califano. but it can also be abused and become perverted. The development of stronger and cheaper drugs has led to a worldwide epidemic of addiction. and as far from the Tao as a sodden drunkard. I have read of millions of third world children dying from disease despite being fully vaccinated.

like dead animal organs or fetal tissue. There is even a campaign to intimidate parents into getting them for their children. The production of vaccines is a scary business itself and should make any normal person concerned. since the laws are very technical. Secretary of State. and not theirs? Did you know the company who now makes Cipro. They are capitalists. Doctors get kick-backs for enforcing them. “One must take draconian measure of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. In Maryland parents on welfare lose $25 per month per child without vaccinations. One series of studies questioned the presence of a human hormone which acts like a birth control found needlessly added to thousands of vaccines that went to women in third world countries.S. and there is staggering evidence that vaccinations could be one reason.S. responsible for massive bombing campaigns in Vietnam. Then chemicals like formaldehyde and mercury are added as stabilizers. The U. There have been cases in which parents were personally attacked and their children expelled for refusing them. has the worst infant mortality rate among developed nations. if a death occurs even five minutes after the four-hour deadline. 110 . Most are not told they can still legally waive them. The official statistics are potentially flawed. started out as the German company that worked for Hitler? They sure made a lot of money last year. was quoted in a French publication called “j’ai tout compris’. Online I found thousands and thousands of names of children whose parents believed they were killed or damaged by vaccines. “Live-virus” vaccines must be weakened by forcing cells through tissue. Most doctors will not treat children without them. former U. In fact. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. the treatment for Anthrax. even though they are legally not required. like they do for prescribing other medications as well. anything could be added and we would be none the wiser. a Bilderberger and a member of the CFR. the doctor must state it was from some other reason. also a Trilateralist. I shudder to think of the day when vaccinations are required by law. How do I know the company that makes the vaccine won’t make even more money should I get sick? Do you really trust them to work for your best interest. for example. Robert McNamara. not philanthropists.Surfing the Tao or mumps vaccination.

There are others. It was decided since the population must be reduced and controlled that it would be in the best interest of the human race to rid ourselves of the undesirable elements of our society.” – Gary Benoit. its flora and fauna.How is this possible? We must therefore increase the mortality rate. For this very reason. “Ostensibly to save the environment. They pollute the world. sterilization. ALL THREE ALTERNATIVES included birth control. and it often isn’t fun. If this agenda is implemented. For thousands of years the Brotherhood has communicated via symbology. In fact the government owns nearly every acre of wilderness left under the guise of protection. How? By natural means.” Another hideous and powerful lie regards the environmental movement. In more and more cases the Federal government is buying up land for the stated intent on saving a particular endangered species.”2 Bill Cooper wrote in his book The Secret Government when discussing the government’s “Alternative 3” plans for saving the human race. The best place to hide the truth is out in the open. and then insist on a world state to clean it up. it will not improve the environment but will fulfill a long-sought-after goal of the Establishment. therefore – whether we are talking about the need to prevent war or the need to prevent ultimate damage to the conditions of life – requires a world government. It is not 111 . and the introduction of deadly microbes to control or slow the growth of the Earth’s population. Earth Day 1970. You just have to start to look for it. The New American magazine. “Humanity needs a world order. “As a delaying action. and to abuse this cause is unforgivable. Famine and sickness. The Fully sovereign nation is incapable of dealing with the poisoning of the environment…the management of the planet. ranchers are helpless when the government permanently takes possession of their acreage and denies access to ancestral lands to save an endangered bird no one can find. the Establishment has supported the radical environmental cause.” –Norman Cousins. In Hawaii. and entry into these lands is now highly regulated. misinformed and uninformed Americans are being mobilized to create the appearance of popular support for a radical agenda intended to alter our lifestyles and subvert the independence of our country. We all care about the earth. AIDS is only ONE result of these plans. when there is evidence to question whether it is being used for something else.

The Nazis did this with the swastika. a 33rd degree Mason. Supreme Commander Albert Pike wrote in his Morals and Dogmas… “The 112 . Champollion found it to be the hieroglyphic representing Sirius. This symbol was so dreaded and associated with Satanism centuries ago that it had been suppressed since 1776. But the Church subsequently “absorbed. significance.”3 Researcher David Ovason noted in his work The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital that the five-pointed star is a Masonic symbol. Roses became the symbol of silence and secrecy after Eros. its ancient Egyptian origin confirmed by Frenchman Jean Francois Champollion in the 19th century. a rose was suspended from the ceiling of a council chamber. To occultists. this star symbolizes the accessible Heaven and is the sacred key used to unlock the mysteries of Heaven and Hell. this concept by later referring to the Virgin Mary as the “Rosa mystica” in Catholic litanies. It is the official flower of England. the rose has always been allotted a high status with royalty as well. To the Masons as it did to the Egyptians. with America as its leader. The reverse side of the Great Seal is a pyramid with the all-seeing eye of Horus (or Osiris or Baal – remember.Surfing the Tao meant for the common man to notice as being out of the ordinary. symbolizing the prophecy and goal of an ancient priesthood. the Dog Star. or the other way around. gave one to Harpocrates. orgy and lust. or “under the rose. it represents the spiritualization of the world. But it has made a comeback since 1935. which means The New Order of the Ages. Despite its questionable associations. or hidden. In the middle ages. “Five pointed stars and roses were the traditional decoration of the temples dedicated to the goddess Ishtar. the god of love. the god of silence. requiring all present to pledge secrecy to the proceedings occurring sub rosa. to induce him not to gossip about his mother’s indiscretions. “Novus Ordo Seclorum”.” or warped.” Early Christians considered roses symbols of paganism. which is the reverse of a runic symbol representing the four winds of power. The back of the dollar bill was designed during the administration of FDR. They particularly love to take symbols that originally represented good and warp or twist them until they become associated with evil. many names) and underneath it is actually written. Such symbols have become such a part of our culture we take them for granted and have no idea of their occult.

Diana. which strangely resembles a snake working its way up twin pillars. to them meaning transgression of the law. Pythagoras and Hermes Trismegistus supposedly found them later and taught the wisdom to others.5 and 33 ostensibly have an intimate geometric relationship known to the 113 . D. but settled on the more familiar yet similar eagle. as was the goddess Isis in ancient times – weeping because the “Temple” is yet unfinished. Although another of her symbols is the dove. rebellion. Sirius still glitters in our Lodges as the Blazing Star. war. Whether this refers to the actual temple building. as well as in many modern insignia. A winged symbol is found in nearly every ancient culture. To others it represents the old world order. Every Masonic building has two pillars somewhere. she is often depicted with seven rays. alone. she is not a goddess of peace. varies according to interpretation. Athena. Some believe our Founding Fathers wanted the phoenix to be the national symbol. Virgo the “virgin” goddess is found under various names in many ancient religions and is still revered by the Masons. sacred knowledge was inscribed upon two pillars called Boaz and Jachin. and that they were lost during the great flood. Ishtar. Tara. Ashtaroth or Columba.” (p. The numbers 19.C. or the temple of the human spirit. The two towers also seem to stand for the number 11. Her image is found in no less than 50 public statues or buildings in Washington. one pertaining to the cosmos and other to the Earth. She and her followers will do whatever necessary to put forth their version of progress. 33 figure prominently and are considered the “master numbers” to esotericists. or holding the eternal flame of ‘enlightenment’. Aleister Crowley revered the number and considered it an object of magic. According to legend. Also known as Isis. Sometimes the celestial Virgo is portrayed weeping. 486) Many Masonic rituals are timed to occur when stars important to them such as Sirius and Virgo are exactly aligned with each other. Another symbol we take for granted is our dollar sign. It is a bad number to Jews and Hebrews. 22. even more important than 13. or the sun or the moon. The Phoenix bird is another favorite symbol representing the new civilization rising from the ashes of the old. The numbers 11. sorcery and martyrdom.How is this possible? Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. sin.

5 degrees south of the equator. of the 11th month. 22 bones in the skull and 33 vertebrae. to an occultist.5 is 39 and these numbers are often found as latitude points for important places. He was killed on November 22 (11-22) in Dallas. World War I ended on the 11th hour. in Freemasonry. or levels of initiation. President Kennedy was not a mason and probably wasn’t so hip on their plans. first publicly used the term “New World Order” and it was exactly 11 years later to the day when the WTC was destroyed. Who knows what is really going on – but we can be sure much more is happening than we see on TV. Some say there were eleven “11”’s encoded into that fateful day in 2001. twice 19. John Paul I enjoyed 33 days as Pope before he suddenly died. September 11 is New Years Day in the Coptic Christian calendar. 114 . the greater chance of success. These opposing triangles are encoded within two-dimensional symbols like the Star of David as well as the compass and square of the Freemasons. If you place a tetrahedron (think four-sided equilateral pyramid) inside a sphere with one of its points at a pole. far from being coincidence. Society members love to schedule ceremonies or events for this day. The human body has 11 true ribs on either side. these symbols are not evil unto themselves. Again. which is on the 33rd parallel. Do the terrorists know about these things and are knowingly fighting this underground power even we know nothing about? Consider that the CIA trained many Muslims fighters.Surfing the Tao Masons. but have often been used as such and are a much bigger part of our history than most of us realize. The first plane to hit was Flight 11. the more elevens. having encoded these unlikely numbers into our bodies. on the 11th day. also. Is it just numerical synchronicity? Are they claiming to be our creators. Esotericists believe two intersecting and rotating tetrahedronal energy fields exist within the earth and are the source of its energy. 1990 when George Bush Sr. or are they just using such numbers to prove they have had advanced knowledge for a long time? There are reportedly 33 degrees. For example. Here are found many of our world’s sacred sites (though some of them are aligned to an old North Pole). the other three points will touch exactly at 19. after which the Roman Church suffered rumors that satanic influences were afoot in the Vatican. It was on September 11.

could be expressed in numerical terms. Paris. concrete. the character Neo just sees numbers. According to researcher Richard 115 . though I do believe they have varying frequencies. 1793.C. the more I also begin to see the numbers that really make up our world. The more I research subjects like harmonics and fractal geometry. which represents the false reality with falling lines of numeric codes.” Pierre L’Enfant and the other designers of Washington. the White House cornerstone was laid at noon on October 13. once you are aware of it. Mercury and the Dragon’s Head were in Virgo. For example. plaster. along with our founding fathers. while others form the Masonic square and rule. The occult obsession over numbers and numerology is overwhelming.C.C. Numbers are not inherently evil. Maybe the reason the Brotherhood has gone out of their way with them is to show they are aware of a higher reality. makes a lot more sense when an inverted pentagram is revealed in the streets north of the White House. which forms its exact head point. D. D. The strange street layout of D. were Freemasons. 1792. George Washington laid the Capitol cornerstone on September 18. when the Sun. is so subtle that it has remained hidden until even today – secretly enshrined in zodiacs set in marble. The Washington Monument foundation stone was laid at noon on July 4. In fact there is ample evidence to suggest their very layout is linked with the heavens. Ovason located documents that revealed important events such as the very founding of the United States as well as the laying of cornerstones for important buildings were ritually timed according to the location of certain stars and planets in the heavens. “the mythology of the stellar lights plays an essential part in the foundation and history of the federal city. As researcher Ovason wrote. Sometimes I think of it like the movie The Matrix. when the Moon and the Dragon’s Head were in Virgo. when the Moon and the Dragon’s Head were in Virgo. Instead of walls.C. The streets going from there to the Capitol form one side of the Masonic compass. glass and paint within the fabric of the city. The streets and monuments of Washington. The deeper meaning of the zodiacal symbolism which radiates through Washington. 1848.. including God. London and others are heavily laced with Masonic symbolism. like colors.How is this possible? Pythagoras believed the “number is the ultimate reality” and that everything. D.

England as well as in the ruins of Cydonia. A later leader of the Theosophical Society. the same geometric layout found in Washington.C is also reportedly found among the ruined structures in Avebury. Alice Bailey. established the Lucifer Press to publish and distribute the society’s literature. Non-religious people are swayed by universalist. “better to reign in hell than serve in heaven!” She even briefly published a magazine entitled Lucifer. that everything is God and therefore whatever anyone does is basically ok.N. Pantheistic religions believe they are simply manipulating the forces of nature. Subtle and cleverly deceptive writings can quickly undermine even a determined believer. its parent 116 . esoteric societies. it means these ‘powers that be’ have been arranging our world. Our modern spiritual ignorance is leaving millions of us vulnerable. Who knows? Go ahead and do the research yourself.Surfing the Tao Hoagland. we would listen? Historically. Do you think if they actually called themselves or their plans evil. In The Secret Doctrine she refers to the “Fallen One” and wrote. Some believe certain key events in our national space program have also been repeatedly and consistently timed to occur around the placement of certain stars at key ritual positions in the heavens. D. Until just a few years ago. Her books like The Secret Doctrine and The Reappearance of Christ have become widely read occult classics. humanistic notions which condition people to think all religions are pathways to the same God. There are many powerful organizations working from the spiritual side of life with the same goal of getting everyone on the synarchistic one-world bandwagon. If this is true. on Mars. Or perhaps a hidden group is planting such complicated correlations for their own secret reasons. The Theosophical Society has been at the forefront of this movement since its inception by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in the nineteenth century. and maybe others. and it is still the official publisher for the U. for a very long time. Being the head of a one world religion combined with a one world government would certainly be a tempting goal for someone interested in ultimate power. Widespread acceptance of this concept is necessary to be able to unite the world under a single belief. Public outrage changed the name to the Lucis Press. the roots of this movement can be traced to the same secretive. Every major world religion is represented in this movement.

Donald Regan. “Lucifer. Lucis Trust.N.41) In fact the United Nations and other world government organizations like the Club of Rome have quite a startling background in esoteric spiritualism. among others. had offices at the U. World Union and World Goodwill. The World Future Society is where the political. which has consultative status at the U. David Rockefeller.4 Blavatsky and Bailey were also members of the Masonic sister organizations. He often lectures to various U. He wrote in his book Reflections on the Christ. and corporate sponsors reportedly include AT&T. Henry Kissinger. founded during the 20s and 30s. General Motors. The links suggests these people secretly support a character called Lucifer in his quest to maintain our existence in this reality. Past and present members of the Lucis Trust include Robert McNamara. Its members are also members of the CFR.” (p. These groups are also well connected with the World Constitution and Parliament Association. General Electric. merged in 1961.. economic and spiritual aspects of the one-world government come together. the light of wisdom. the World Bank.How is this possible? organization.N. Plaza in New York. and is involved with the development of a new economic reality based on these spiritual principles. and Xerox. It is possible they truly believe they are doing good. David Spangler is a respected spiritualist who has also been Director of Planetary Initiative at the United Nations. He has written several books and documents regarding a heightened spiritual consciousness and its role in the future of our world. These same men run the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Many people innocently believe the U. has the world’s best interests at heart and could even be the way to a future global peace. stands at the door of man’s consciousness and knocks…He becomes the being who carries that great treat. a creation of Lucis Trust. Other groups based on the Theosophical network are the Arcane Schools. But its agenda is working towards forcing people within its declared standard of ethics in the name of their strange 117 . IBM. and World Goodwill. prominent journalists and politicians. based organizations around the world. like Christ. and George Schulz. Paul Volcker.N. the Triangles Program.N. the ultimate treat. whose job it has become to actually bring about the shift into the New World Order.

” William Jasper. Some might even claim to desire contact with some helpful “space brothers” to help save us from ourselves. the state. apostate Christianity. he repeated this idea several times during in various speeches the next year or two. are preparing them for the year 2000. describes the religion of the U.Surfing the Tao ‘God’. when America will be part of a oneworld global society and their children will not fit in.N. Islam. to be a chosen instrument means to be a divine messenger carrying the banner of God’s inner vision and outer manifestation.” —Nebraska State Senator and humanist Peter Hoagland Maybe they are behind a few years in their Plan. communism. Many people today would gratefully accept the interference from beings who might claim to bring peace to a troubled world. “modern” pluralistic concepts welcoming references of intelligences from another world are appearing in nearly every aspect of our society. Buddism. including to the U.N. but a few local governments are actually beginning to legislate against Christianity. and Hinduism. “Fundamental Bible believing people do not have the right to indoctrinate their children in their religious beliefs because we. for the good of all. and using the state to assure people that no contrary values will be tolerated. author of A New World Religion. Tesla’s electronic ‘Star Wars’ defense program was made public. the following quote is chilling. He calls the U. socialism. and many don’t see them as evil. Taoism. Whether or not people believe in them. and then the 118 . “the chosen instrument of God.N. Luciferian occultism.” Regardless of your present spiritual beliefs. certainly UFOs and aliens are a much more widely accepted part of our entertainment and culture than religion is these days.N. given the fact that America is supposed to offer religious freedom. to be a “diabolical convergence” of “mysticism…atheism. Soon after. making it illegal. Sri Chinmoy is a new age guru and “meditation leader” at the U. In its place. Ronald Reagan is remembered for a State of the Union address in which he suggested an “outer threat” could unite our world.

”6 But do we want a world with such misery . Was this another “necessary sacrifice” by the chosen ones on the road to a unified world state? Following the WTC disaster. “The group of people who will first manage to harness the fear of cosmic forces and the emotions surrounding UFO contact to a political purpose will be able to exert incredible spiritual blackmail.”5 I think the following quote nicely illustrates how our ignorance of such things will be our the New World Order the only answer? Aristotle warned long ago.” This entity suggested the tragedy was a “gift” we could use to “reshape our world. new age guru David Spangler wrote about his communication with a mysterious entity from another realm. Did he actually suggest a threat could be “promulgated”? “Terrorism” is another vague threat that has already made us give up many of our rights we never would have before 9/11. that threatened our very existence. who claimed to have seen a UFO earlier in life. was quoted as saying. “To the size of the state there is a 119 . addressing the Bilderbergers on 521-92 in Evian. “Today. France. having solved the problems we face. President Carter. individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their wellbeing granted to them by their world government. as America’s Cold War with the Russians suddenly came to an end. When presented with this scenario. Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Jacques Vallee wrote in his book Messengers of Deception. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated. and that it helped open a “portal. The one thing that every man fears is the unknown. who told him it was a sacrificial act by the “Soul of America” who was able to give the “gift of energy” released by their dying. “We hope someday.” – Henry Kissinger.How is this possible? “Wall” came down. It is then that all the peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil.” In 1979. to join a community of galactic civilizations.

We 120 .” Playing the good guy is an excellent way to mislead. the Tao can do that. But today the possibility of extraterrestrial life is anything but spiritually threatening. The real revolution will come silently from within each of us. like some war or catastrophe. or even a goddess. gods. It will be a higher frequency of existence. It will be outside of our Matrix-like reality. religion. for none of these retain their facilities when they are too large. we would certainly turn to our world organizations for help – or even a competing alien race. a world state. The more one accepts the formation of as a natural process (that is. to save us and establish this world state. or were threatened by an asteroid.” What if we went to world war. So when things get really.Surfing the Tao limit. really bad down here. which we presently imagine is our only option. tune in. as there is to plants. Their very existence would most likely cause millions to give up their previous religious beliefs and worship them without question. if aliens landed and played the bad guy. “To those whose theological outlook depended on a conception of Earth and its life forms as a singular miracle. or front for global peace. or unified global anything. Conversely. and threatened the peoples of earth. speeches. even ‘saving the planet. and God for September 2003’s issue of The Atlantic Monthly. As author Paul Davies wrote in the article E.T. do not believe them. and expect a lot more to come. strange entities could come down in a form we can comprehend. the more deeply embedded one believes it is in the overall cosmic theme). Either way. animals and implements. Choosing to live purely in the Tao will usher in a new heaven and a new earth.’ Only God. and some incredible being appears out of nowhere to save us. not a sworn allegiance to strange gods. The way to get there is through love. gold. When they have declared “peace” in the world. It will not require bandwagons. like aliens. presenting a supernatural scenario to the people of earth would cause massive chaos and inevitably lead to global unity of some sort in our third dimension. the very notion of extraterrestrial life proved deeply threatening. we must be sure not to follow mesmerized like the rats following the Pied Piper to our deaths. the more ingenious and contrived (dare one say “designed”?) the universe appears to be. instead look up.

and build weapons to fight our ‘enemies’. But we are trapped by our emotions. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. especially in western countries. we actually think we are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Our prison bars are invisible. and refusing to feel or act outside of His will. debt. false religions. effectual spiritual Way out. the simple. unable to resist. diseases. instead of learning to use love. fear. Terrorized daily. psychotherapy and chemical medicines to deal with the mental tortures. With pride. we have been led to create wars.How is this possible? can only revolt with our consciousness. where fairy tales are just children’s stories. we stubbornly believe we live in the modern world. by being aware of hidden agendas. and disagreements. 121 . and obesity.

In fact this is an easy way to determine if a being is a really a good guy. rituals or magic wands. Neither does He need a complicated government with lots of rules. Do they need a special tool or chant to do their magic? Is their intention to do the will of the Tao? Because if you are Surfing the Tao. advanced spiritual technology from ancient times has resurfaced in our modern world. Legends state the Dedananns. astrologers and wizards. The Tao doesn’t need technology. Suppose it were true that these ancient god-kings existed in the historical background of our civilization. radio receivers. 1886 An open mind and a little research is all it takes to discover that things are not really as they seem. who thirsted and hungered after abscondite and forbidden powers?” – Friedrich Nietzsche. without any tool. their legacy continues to influence and control global affairs as well as daily life. He doesn’t need UFOs. regardless of what he claims. tools and technology. brought Jacob’s Pillar to Ireland from the Holy Land. there have been many others throughout time who have attempted to harness the powerful energy of the Force using various rites. Continuous war and violence is their calling card. walking in love. people who are tuned to love. along with the prophet Jeremiah.Celestial Secrets “Do you believe then that the sciences would ever have arisen and become great if there had not before been magicians. the Shining Ones of An brought with them advanced spiritual knowledge some meant to share with humanity – and others sought to control for themselves. alchemists. According to legend. He will direct His energy directly from you. Unfortunately. His tools are people. peace and harmony. In order to keep humans unaware of them and their long-term goals. Other Celtic traditions record the Tuatha de Danann brought the four celestial treasures with them to 122 . or whether they just endowed certain descendants with sacred knowledge. Whether they themselves are or were present.

the Spear or Staff of Destiny. descending to see the state of Sodom and Gemorrah (Genesis 18:2022). Mettinger of Lund University documented the ubiquity of standing stones or “massebah” in the Negev-Sinai region. forbidden to all but a select few humans throughout time. as a man of war (Exodus 15:3). or was to be worshipped. Scholars debate whether such stones should be interpreted as cultic or architectural – that is. Critic Lewis summarizes that cultures can have aniconic and anthropomorphic 123 . and the Stone. The most commonly found remains of such worship are found in stones. Mettinger notes that in the Bible. also called the gateway or stairway to heaven. the Hebrew god Yahweh was also frequently described as anthropomorphic. or did they just mark the place where the gods were thought to reside? Maybe it was both. D.” and in Genesis 28:18-22 it calls Jacob’s stone a “bet elohim. wherever the stone is. Lewis in The Journal of the American Oriental Society in 1998.J. The Tree of Life represents the vehicle for ascension into immortality. during the Iron Age. In the Bible. having first had an impact on the cult of Canaanite El. The Ark of the Covenant or Chalice of Destiny. smelling the aroma of sacrifice (Genesis 8:21). Many of our world’s religions are based on scraps of memories from ancient times. and their use by or effect on Israelite cults. God is and will be worshipped thusly. or Pillar of Destiny. Mettinger concluded that an aniconic (‘no graven images’) “Amun” cult may have indirectly influenced the formation of Israelite aniconism. walking about (Genesis 3:8). Professor N. and sitting on a throne (1 Kings 22:19).” Lewis suggested that since the ancient Israelite culture only allowed aniconic symbols. the Sword of Destiny. when people worshipped such instruments. the Holy Grail. statues. or specific locations where the gods were or had been. of which Hitler claims he was in possession. such massebah are perhaps not iconic representations of a ‘god’ but just mark the sacred space where the god was. His work was critiqued by T.” In 2 Kings 3:2 it refers to the “massebah of Baal which his father made.Celestial Secrets earth. ears and eyes (Isaiah 30:27). which in turn made up “a major component of the concept of Yahweh. Jacob turns his stone on end and declares from then on. as well as icons. having arms. did people worship the stones as if they were gods themselves.

sacrifice was the essence of the sacred stone.Surfing the Tao traditions at the same time. In Scottish folklore. churches and synagogues. in Glen Nevis. such betyl or sacred stones were central to the worship of these people. In Judaism and Christianity. archeologists found many large round stones. and can hold the record of life.”2 Some legends associate stones with the gods themselves. The Obake Files is a 1996 collection of famous Hawaiian ghost stories and folklore. The stone or heap of stones marked where the deity dwelt and served as the altar upon which sacrifices were offered. had visions through a stone perforated in the center. the stone became the House of God.1 In the ruins of a temple in Carthage. bail-ili or ‘homes of the gods. Samuel’s Stone. Even their powerful equipment couldn’t budge it. bigger than a man. Researcher Robertson Smith in his book Religion of the Semites wrote that whether they were offerings or cult objects. Many surviving stones are inscribed to “Baal. As much as they dug. rather than depictions of the deities themselves. In one story.” Many strange tales of living stones haunt this culture. or higher knowledge. “in the rock there is life. statues were worshipped because they were thought to be where the spirit of the god actually came to rest at times. it seemed to entrench itself even deeper. I myself have heard them whisper. In Byblos. “he ola ka pohaku” means. Initially. In ancient Egypt. A local Kahuna. Large stones.’ in the sacrificial court perhaps meant as votive offerings.3 In Hawaiian. or 124 . one or two feet across. a construction crew was unable to move such a stone even an inch. is known as a source for advice and counsel. the stones were conical shaped and served as cult objects in place of statues. He claims this form of stone veneration has survived from paganism in Arabia in the form of the Black Stone in the Kaaba in Mecca. called betyls. are sometimes found which seem oddly possessed. and anyone who witnesses this can expect answers to any questions asked before the rotation completes. known as Scotland’s Nostradamus. and that the masseboth [stone pillar]…could have been seen as markers of the sacred space where one came into contact with the deity or deities. stones are the keepers of secrets. a sixteenth century Scottish prognosticator. Coinneach Odhar. During certain seasons the great stone revolves three times. Stones with circular holes were used in healing and fertility rituals in pre-Christian times.

Other spooky stone stories involve particular locations. Often the finder is intrigued. In 1986. Alchemists often used the word VITRIOL that stands for visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem. move and talk. are considered sacred temple sites. “unlocked the fountain of the great deep…on which the…outspoken name (of God) was inscribed. the stone began to move by itself into its new place – in front of multiple witnesses. Said to be imbued with the spirit of the god Kane. Heiaus. Other stories recount finding a stone that contains a startling likeness of a face. was consulted . Within months. called Pohaku-o-Kane. Many Hawaiians believed it had foreseen the overthrow of Hawai’i and robbery of the land. Navy. I have seen several breathtaking examples. they are usually returned without any questions. the day the Hawaiian monarchy was unjustly overthrown by the U. or “visit the interior or the earth. a Hollywood film crew went to the Big Island to film a show called “Haunted Hawai’i” for the program “Eye on Hollywood” hosted by Chuck Henry.4 Sacred stones are found mentioned throughout myth and literature. through purification thou wilt find the hidden stone.S. and was nowhere to be found. The crew ridiculed the superstitions. and located on a point in Pearl Harbor. It stood silently for centuries until January 17. six feet high four feet across. and after lifting it upright. Another such story involves a very special stone. built of stones. They gave an offering.Celestial Secrets shaman. it was able to see. who just needs coaxing. but if they are moved and an inexplicable illness or bad luck follows them. The Kahuna suggested laying food and other such offerings for the stone. but a man. intent on establishing their Pacific empire in preparation for war. Pohaku-o-Kane disappeared. Other ‘healing’ stones have elicited much devotion over the years. everyone who had participated in the desecration was dead.he said it is not a stone. This stone he brought 125 . One tale is particularly disturbing. the Eben Stijjah or Stone of the Deeps. 1893. This is said to be the case if anyone even “accidentally” takes a piece of lava from its owner – the volcano goddess Pele.” The foundation of the temple. and to prove their skepticism went so far as to defecate on a temple. and vanished like the kingdom itself. known for her jealous anger. On that day.

”5 Strangely. and still crowns its kings upon this very stone. President Roosevelt’s third-term vice president.”6 The same power was said to have emanated from the Holy of Holies of Solomon’s temple. This famous. as a political maneuver. claimed to be in communication with a group of spiritual masters who were secretly influencing world affairs from Shambhala. the Book of Revelation promises “a white stone with a new name written on it.Surfing the Tao into the holy of holies. who greatly influenced leaders like Henry A. like the rest of Scotland. It was very controversial. He claimed to possess a mysterious stone that came to earth from the star system Sirius and passed from the emperor of Atlantis to King Solomon. believed it belonged there instead. which attracted and transmitted ‘cosmic rays. to continue the royal line. British royalty still claims this genealogy. as well as the priceless capstone of the Great Pyramid. It is said if a true heir sits upon the stone it will “groan. having been broken in two and repaired.7 Why are they involved again and why would they claim such a thing? Modern power-hungry leaders discovered legends of mysterious black stones in sacred locations around the world. Wallace. But even though X-rays are said to reveal it is the real McCoy. The 126 .” This groaning “Stone of Scone” sat in the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey until 1950 when it was stolen by a group of nationalist Scottish students who. known only to him who receives it.’ Westminster Abbey claims its Coronation Stone was the same stone used by Jacob to “see” the angels’ stairway to heaven. It was returned to England four months later. some spoke out that it was not. along with the sacred ark and King David’s golden harp. Fearless disciples of wisdom entered at times into the sanctuary and had learned from the stone the name with its combinations of letters in order to work wonders therewith.” (Chapter 2:17) Russian mystic and guru Nicholas Roerich. In 1996 Prime Minister John Major stunned the British Isles by offering the Stone back to Scotland. The Knights Templar recently claimed they had actually gotten the stone when it was stolen in 1950 whereupon they had several clever exact copies made. hidden for ages in Shambhala. and on it the Ark of the Covenant was set. mysterious stone was allegedly brought to the British Isles by the prophet Jeremiah and a descendant of King David. was “broadcasting rays that influenced the destiny of the world. This stone.

The Temple of Denderah housed the TET pillars. always shown in pairs.” Hundreds of thousands of tourists and spiritualists visit the stone each year. In 1953. or “Holy of Holies”. Millions worship a sacred black stone of Allah in Mecca each day. was also 40 feet high. and Jacob’s Ladder. Within Solomon’s Temple as well as in every Masonic temple somewhere are the two sacred pillars Joachin and Boaz. a perfect stone cube protrudes from the ground beneath the Dome of the Rock. shipping and installation of a six and a half ton block of black iron ore in the pyramid-shaped Meditation Room. perhaps they originally were part of a global array – an ancient technology of the gods. the Tree of Peace. Ancient Egypt records the same 40-foot tall golden antennae-like pillars found mentioned in the Bible. made of gold. Such a stone was said to transforms its possessor into a “master of the universe”. And rather than being the subject of worship themselves. the Muslim temple currently located on the ruins of King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.”8 Like antennae. supervised the mining.Celestial Secrets Nazis installed a black marble altar in the Holy of Holies at Wewelsburg. This is the hieroglyphic ‘signature’ of Osiris.10 Don’t forget the Apprentice pillar in Rosslyn Chapel and its twin brother in Spain. was preserved in an all-white temple. The Emperor Constantine erected a great porphyry column 25 meters high topped with a gold statue of himself. as his first act as U. but it disappeared after the war. The Parthenon in Athens reportedly had a 40foot tall golden statue of Athena. Egypt. perfectly cubical in shape. Curiously a black stone tomb marks King Arthur’s supposed grave at Glastonbury Abbey in England. the pillars uphold a “great archway to eternity. in New York. Some say when united.N. It naturally exudes magnetic waves. Himmler’s “Grail Castle”. housed at Abydos. Dag Hammarskjold. Secretary General. and also known as the Tree of Life. The Pillar of Osiris. Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity. The TET pillars are depicted supporting jars with serpents inside of 127 . of the U.9 A pillar was found within a huge chamber inside Moses’ Mount Horeb.N. A secret black stone. Was Jacob’s Pillar the Stone of Destiny? Mysterious standing pillars of stone are found all over the world. according to the Mayan Popol Vuh. the Maypole. Hammarskjold described the stone as being “the symbol of the god of all. these pillars could conduct a great power between them.

the earth could be raised in frequency. In Vodun belief. the other 2500. sends lighting bolts upon the earth to form the sacred rocks and stones.11 Author Henry notes on his website that the Winchester Bible. Was this “machine” turned off or disconnected at some point. The Hopi Indians call the rainbow the symbol of the 128 . the third 4000. This concept of a rainbow of consciousness appears in African and Indian mythology. contains a curious picture of King David dancing in front of the Ark. A second-century Alexandrian recorded his experiences of the curative properties of a certain “mystical shrine. or stargate. one which is 5000 [paces] away. when they are united properly. Scandinavian legends tell how a sparkling rainbow bridge called Bifrost joins the earthly and heavenly realms of Asgard and Midgard. are these pillars a gateway. whose wife is a rainbow. arch or doorway”.” Three columns marked the location. kept in the Oxford library.13 Scroll scholar John Allegro states the root of the word “Qumran” means “vault. with a pillar on one side of him and a serpent on the other. so earth and its inhabitants can exist harmoniously on the higher plane they were meant to? Pillars are often found next to or entwined with serpents. It was because of this impious folly that they were struck by lightning or stricken with madness for the rest of their days by the judgment of God…” He also wrote that the sacred enclosure included a temple with 365 steps in silver and another 60 in gold. “…the disposition of these three towers.Surfing the Tao them. and to explain their existence he wrote. and another on earth.12 Supposedly the good guys in the book of Revelation recover a set of pillars. to another world? Were these devices somehow used together to trap souls in the material plane? Do they need to be replaced properly. on either side of the Milky Way. so below” suggests one pillar is in the galactic core. long. Damballah the sky serpent. long ago? The Dead Sea Scrolls referenced the “secret of the pillars” in a scroll fragment called the Brontologion. Between the two pillars is the “Rainbow Bridge” of consciousness connecting Earth to its higher self in the galactic core. They were built by the giants when they wanted to mount to the heavens. Legends place one pillar on each side of a river to unite the two sides – the Hermetic axiom “as above.

his nightmares were realized instead. But having revealed his technology to powerful financier J. a spiral staircase. vertical take-off and landing airships. which they interestingly named “Project Rainbow. Is the rainbow bridge a wormhole. a twisted rope ladder –that connects heaven and earth and which they use to gain access to the world of spirits. space. Recent mining maneuvers in the tropical north of Australia.14 Everywhere it can be found as a symbol of promise or deliverance. broadcasting power with vibrations in the atmosphere. Tesla’s genius had a plan to bring light and power to the world – for free. already having gone through over five decades of secret development. The rainbow is the sky-dragon joining earth to heaven. who preferred Edison’s 129 . But the experiments in invisibility were tested against his will for military purposes after his death– to disastrous results.”15 The government tested their ability to manipulate space-time in 1942 during the Philadelphia Experiment. an ancient portal into another reality? Does it spiral through the galaxy much like a DNA molecule spins through our cells? Through the archway was a cosmic “peace” which united heaven and earth. ozone generators for curing cancer and a “Wall of Light” capable of manipulating time. gravity and matter. also referred to as a ladder. Reminiscent of Jacob’s stone. using the planetary grid. electric airplanes and ships. Tesla believed he could play the unified field like a harp. However. Amazonian anthropologist Jeremy Narby noted a similar theme in shamanic visions of a “ladder – or a vine. He dreamed of anti-gravity.” The Pyramid Texts also talk about ascending “to the sky on the ladder of the god. which contains one of the world’s largest natural deposits of uranium. His concepts are the basis for Reagan’s Star Wars defense system. have aroused vehement protests among the local aborigines who fear it would disturb sacred ground.P.” Cleared by FDR in 1936. Morgan. They consider these spirits have come from the sky and to have created life on Earth. a rope. according to the Chinese. Project Rainbow was first headed by Nicola Tesla. this powerful technology is being developed for secret electromagnetic weapons to this day.Celestial Secrets serpent. They claim a spiritual ‘rainbow serpent’ sleeps on the land that must never be awoken.

Modern dowsers know strong earth energy currents can made a dowsing rod twitch. Tesla knew location was very important. to perhaps connect or interact with other dimensions. They even designed and built many of our greatest cathedrals! Beyond the scope of the ordinary man. on a location they knew contained a mysterious power. Certain locations. Gnostics and other mystery religions continued underground under the guise of outward Christian conformity. Secret initiates believed they could manipulate this power. Psalms reminds us “thy rod and thy staff. mathematical manifestation of a higher dimensional reality.Surfing the Tao more lucrative electric alternative for public consumption. They knew that iron and other metals could have a static effect on the energy fields at these locations. Here it was further misused and abused. these elite masons arrogantly claimed power over God by encoding ancient sacred geometry. if used correctly? I found a book called Anyone can 130 . are deeply imbued with meaning and even holiness. Irish folk myths instruct women to place a piece of iron in their baby’s bed to protect them from child-stealing fairies at night. Like Tesla. the physical. which became repressive in the middle ages. Many ancient gods were depicted holding a staff. Tesla’s dreams were doomed. Instead. into the architecture of a religion they secretly opposed. they comfort me” – could this energy be beneficial to human bio-rhythms. exactly where today (not coincidentally) the military has chosen to set up its greatest electronic complex in the world – the North American Defense Command. bend or even fly out of their hands. it was kept to an elite few.’ Because the understanding of the importance of locations was so powerful. and tested his largest coil at a very specific spot in Colorado Springs. they are ‘going to the stones. forced this ‘magic’ knowledge underground – or even kept it for themselves. like pyramids and churches. the Church. or assist in raising their consciousness. people may have learned to harness the energy of the earth at certain locations in ancient times. or NORAD. at Cheyenne Mountain. CO. Today’s simplistic scholarly interpretation says it was “convenient” for early church leaders to use pagan sites to help convert habitual people. The ancient Druids were known to disallow any metal present at their sacred sites during ceremonies. In Scotland when they go to church they actually say.

Celestial Secrets

Dowse for Better Health by Arthur Bailey (1999). Energetic healing techniques claim to harness this same current. Ancient pillars and phallic monuments are often located where this natural energy wells up. They mark the location of this regenerative energy and perhaps amplify it as well, like antennae. This energy worked like two opposing magnets, and could have enabled ancient monks and others seem to leap and float through the air, just as modern mag-lev trains float above their tracks. Using dowsing rods, such energy lines are also consistently found within mysterious crop circles. Knowledge and use of the natural geodetic energy or “ley” lines is recorded among the ancient Britons, Chinese, Indians, South Americans and Israelites. They are also referred to as “Kundalini,” or “dragon paths.” Animals are known to migrate along such lines. Many times the places where these energies run or are connected are marked with ancient roads, temples, mounds, stone circles, or serpentine spirals, swirls and whorls found in earthworks or designs at various “pagan” sites, in Britain, America, Peru, China and many other places.16 Many different researchers have determined the curious location of ancient religious sites upon these natural energy vortexes. “Nan Madol,” the name of the bizarre megalithic ruin in Micronesia that continues for great distances under the water, means in the language of Ponapes, “places of the intermediate spaces.” 17 Druids were said to have gained entrance to the otherworld through sacred groves of trees. Often a lone tree occupied an earthen mound. Like the Rowan tree or blackthorn, this fairy thorn was thought of as sacred – no one dared even break a dead limb. It was rumored that to build the fated DeLorean car factory, such a tree was cut down.18 Trees were important symbols of the coexistence of parallel worlds and timelines. From this ideal comes the totem, later incorporated as symbols of life and warding off malevolent spirits. This ancient technology cannot but involve the pyramids. The Great Pyramid at Giza is the culmination of many great mathematical equations in physical form. Located at the exact center of the world’s energy grid, its alignment with the poles and the stars still mystifies us. It incorporates mathematics only described to us thousands of years later by Pythagoras. The Holy of Holies in Solomon’s temple,

Surfing the Tao

built to house the ark and completely lined with gold, exactly matches the measurements of the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid. Shapes are physical expressions of frequencies. One writer wonderfully described matter as being “frozen music.” It is thought sonic vibrations, perhaps assisted somehow by the natural telluric forces, were used to help levitate and easily maneuver large stones into position. Certain tones were also used for balance in healing. The pyramid shape could be some sort of prism for psychic energy. They regenerate living crystals, preserve organic matter, and perhaps were used to focus cosmic rays and link the energies of the earth and the cosmos. A pyramid can refract or deflect sound or energy in the same way a prism affects light and color. Earlier this century, the patent for the pyramid razor sharpener astounded the skeptical patent officer. One interesting story I came across involves pyramids in the ocean off the Bahamas. I found it in Pyramid Prophecies, a book by Max Toth. I cannot vouch for its veracity, yet I do remember seeing a similar story on an old In Search Of episode. A naturopath and diver named Dr. Ray Brown related his experience diving near the Bahamas in 1970. He reported seeing about 90 feet of what looked to be an enormous pyramid buried beneath the sand. Its surface was like a mirror, lined with bright, white tight-fitting stones with beautifully beveled edges. Suddenly he saw there was an opening, so he swam inside. From the peak of the pyramid hung a gold-colored metallic rod, about 3 inches in diameter. A faceted red stone was attached to the end of the rod. Directly below this, seven chairs surrounded a stone stand or altar of some kind, which contained two human sized metallic hands. The hands held a large, round crystal. He managed to dislodge the crystal and return to the surface. Other divers found strange artifacts around there at that time as well, such as small calculator-looking objects without buttons. Some people have reported strange energies coming from the crystal sphere, almost like an “ionic wind.” Touching it has healed some people and injured others. It has a strange flaw inside, with four perfectly formed pyramids stacked behind each other. When placed inside a pyramidal structure, the energy output is measurably very high. And it continues to grow in energy, especially when placed in the sun or among a group of people.19

Celestial Secrets

Mr. Toth considered the various theories surrounding this crystal. Perhaps its specific location within the pyramid would “attract or accumulate cosmic forces”, which could be used either to transmit thoughts, to power anything needing energy, or to measure cosmic time. The rod, hanging over the crystal, could be the conductor of the energy, and the red stone directed it into the crystal. Or maybe it was the other way around, with the energy coming from the crystal. He even goes on to speculate the crystal could have been the enigmatic Philosopher’s Stone. What is of interest is the possible combination of tools used in an ancient technology. There are legends of lost pyramids in various tribal cultures around the world. In Hawaii locals tell stories of pyramids lost in jungles or on the ocean floor between the islands. In South America Indian legends talk about a ‘fat tower’ of stones capped with a ‘light that never goes out.’20 Pyramid shaped mounds are found all over the British Isles as well as in Ohio and Illinois. A WWII pilot named James Gaussman reported seeing an enormous “shimmering” white pyramid in the mountains between India and China. More research should be considered regarding their position on a global grid, or network. This possibility could help explain their use, not to mention the methods used in their construction. Another writer, William Kingsland, explains in his book the Great Pyramid in Fact and Fiction, “When the king built the pyramids the great stones were brought long distances from the quarries. The stones were laid upon pieces of papyrus inscribed with suitable symbols. Then the stones were struck with a rod, whereupon they would move through the air the distance of one bowshot. In this way they came eventually to the place where the pyramids were being built.” 21 How such ancient megaliths got built in the first place boggles our arrogant, modern minds. Why are we so blinded by pride we cannot imagine the ancients knew about sonic and /or magnetic levitation? Certain “magical” rods, according to legend, were made into varying lengths, each which then produced a different tonal pitch or vibratory sound in a specified wavelength. These sounds or words of power were used for various tasks, like lifting stones or opening portals. In the late 19th century, an inventor named John Keely supposedly came up with an engine that ran on vibratory, or harmonic, energy. Many were convinced he had rediscovered the

Surfing the Tao

power of the ancients, and even Madame Blavatsky mentioned him in her discourse on harmonic power in The Secret Doctrine. However, he refused to reveal the secret of his discovery, and some still claim he had faked the whole thing.22 Edward Leedskalnin built his enigmatic “Coral Castle” in Florida, somehow maneuvering many tons of coral into fantastic configurations by himself. He knew he needed to be in a specific location, and claimed he had used the secret technology of the ancients. In Chaldean Magic and Sorcery, writer Francois Lenorant writes, “Certain it is in ancient times the priests…by means of magic wands raised storms and carried stones for their temple through the air which a thousand men could not lift.”23 Fairy tales tell of sorcerers who held great powers, and almost always contain reference to some sort of object, tool, or substance used in their magic – hardware, like a staff, pillar or crystal. And of course it is nearly always accompanied by some mysterious combination of sounds or chants – like the software necessary to run the machine. The Spear of Destiny is another sacred tool, allegedly possessed by Herod the Great before it was used by Longinus to pierce Jesus’ side as he hung on the cross. This same spear is supposedly still displayed at the Habsburg Treasure House in Vienna, Austria. Its black iron blade is topped with metal flanges, and its cuff is threaded with gold, silver and copper wire. Golden crosses are embossed in its base. Legends say this relic is the Key of Life, permitting one access past the flaming sword that guards the Garden of Eden. When Hitler took the spear from its resting place, it is said he was “possessed” by a strange force; tragedy followed. Other notable mentions of a staff or spear are found in the Bible and other myths. When instructions to build the Ark of the Covenant were relayed in the Bible, Aaron was also order to build a magical staff of power, which “blossomed” only in the presence of the Ark. Moses and Aaron were instructed to use it on “the Stone” to “bring forth living waters.” The Greek god Poseidon thrust his trident into the earth and burst forth a “stream of water”. In Revelation, a male child is born who will “rule the world with an iron scepter.” (Chapter 12:5) In Indian myth, the thunderbolt, the weapon of “Father Heaven” or Indra, King of the Gods, commonly appears as “a magic wand for the exorcism of evil forces, or as the handle of the bell used

Celestial Secrets

to mark time…”24 In the African Yoruba creation myths, the god Ogun had to use his special iron axe to clear the way through the thick forest which separated the world of man from the world of the gods, after too long an isolation had rendered the barrier impassable.25 Devils are rarely depicted without ‘pitchforks.’ The goddess Pele stuck her magic stick ‘Pa’oa’ into the ground at Kilauea in Hawai’i, marking her new home. Virgin priestesses at the ancient oracles sat upon tri-legged stools where they could be clear receptors for the energy and information flowing through them. Nostradamus was said to have received his prophecies by connecting a metal wand or tripod to a crystal or bowl of water. Modern day ‘remote viewers’ reportedly use a similar technology. Sound is also a terrifyingly effective weapon used for centuries, and still today, on the battlefield. Runes are song-words or keys used to unlock the doors to the spirit world. According to author Henry, the Ur-language, also called the “Language of the Birds” or Angelic (because in Latin ave is the root for angel and bird), was supposedly known to King Solomon, and others like the Knights Templar. Knowledge of this sacred language is said to have been the source of their great wealth. Henry also suggests there is a fifth hidden element beyond the traditional earth, air, fire, and water. The “fifth element” is commonly thought of as wood, but some say mystics believe it is really “word”, and that this wooden “tree of life” is actually a magic word. Consider the Arthurian legend; he pulled the Sword from the Stone. Was there a symbol or sound on the stone, like a rune? In Grail legends, the Stone is said to confer superpowers of perception. “I have a word of secret to tell thee, a message to whisper unto thee. It is a contraption that launches words, A Stone that whispers. Men its messages will not know; Earth’s multitudes will not comprehend. Heaven with Earth it makes converse, And the seas with the planets. It is a Stone of Splendor;

I also remember reading an article about a NASA shuttle flight experiment in which they took along a 55-gallon drum containing a liquid metal they were able to manipulate into various geometric shapes in a non-gravity environment using varying frequencies of sound. The “lost that must be found again” is called the “master word” in Freemasonry. or “open sesame”. Let’s you and I raise it Within my cavern. rods or staffs accelerated or amplified the energy further. or a combination of both? The Archangel Michael may use this missing or secret Word. but a sword. reopen the gates to immortality? A “Flaming Sword” guards the gates of Eden. Mystical Hermeticism teaches about a mysterious treasure sought by many in the form of a magic word. Jesus has recaptured the sword. sounds and chants played a role in altering 136 . that with it he could smite the nations. to slay the dragon.Surfing the Tao To heaven it is yet unknown. known only to him who receives it.” -Ugarit tablet found at Rash Shamra (Canaanite) Will a word of power. In Revelation. “And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword. Maybe there really is a sacred word that somehow transforms matter. and is thought to manifest physically by his “Word.26 In Matthew. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it. He found each note rendered a different beautiful swirl or shape (like a crop circle?). on lofty Zaphon. The Book of Revelation states. God created the world with a sound. and that this Word of Power allegedly gives its user the “wise blood” of the gods and the ability to weild chi.” In the 18th century a German physicist named Ernst Chladni experimented with the vibratory patterns of musical notes with a violin and some sand. Pyramids. “To him who overcomes.” Author Henry suggests that for safe keeping this (s)word was kept hidden or trapped in a (s)tone. or life force. or Sword. stones. the Word. Same idea.” (Chapter 2:17) Is the Sword of Destiny some kind of energy rod. perhaps even focusing cosmic rays as well. Maybe certain tones. I will give some of the hidden manna. So what was the ultimate purpose of this ancient technology? Obviously particular locations were used to harness the earth’s strongest telluric energy. Jesus tells his disciples that he is not come to send peace on the earth. a word.

gleefully shared in secret brotherhoods throughout the ages.Celestial Secrets the harmonics. the moon and fire. This power could have been used as an energy source for various purposes. It could confer power over space and time to its user – without having to be in agreement with love. teleportation. peace or harmony. Perhaps it is the secret drug spoken of by the mysterious Nine. or communication. like building. were secret references to this sacred science. or Mercury. I believe this substance could have been this “bread”. or food of life. 137 . New discoveries have led some to suggest this technology was used to make a mysterious substance that caused these Shining Ones to shine. Ancient symbols combining the sun.

From ancient myth to medieval alchemists. These strong metals are used today for all kinds of modern implements like surgical instruments and ball bearings. the sun. Gardner reports that PGMs were discovered in rare abundance in 1976. to the ancient gold mines in Africa. Today it is still greatly valued amongst all global cultures. Platinum group metals. from King Solomon.1 The Grecian “Golden Apple of Hesperides” was presented to Zeus upon his marriage to Hera. on the property of a wealthy cotton farmer named David Hudson. used to make “white gold”. guarded by an immortal dragon with a hundred heads. is three-fourths of the science of God. osmium. and ruthenium. rhodium. When treating his soil with chemicals 138 . and lost or hidden gold treasure has been part of our folklore since our earliest memories. include platinum. gold was considered divine and was used to decorate temples and as an offering to the gods. but taught that these were only allegorical terms concealing the true mystery of human regeneration through the transmutation of the ‘base-elements’ of man’s lower nature into ‘gold’ of intellectual and spiritual realization. And exciting new discoveries by modern science are helping us understand the incredible properties of monatomic gold. or PGMs. “adepts possessed the secret of the Philosophers Stone and knew the process of transmuting base metals into gold. In his 2003 book Lost Secrets of the Ark of the Covenant author Laurence Gardner explains the recent discoveries and their relation to an ancient mystery. They were discovered starting with palladium.A Philosopher Stoned “To know fire.” The search for gold. and lightning. the moon. Arizona. palladium. in Phoenix. certainly it is surrounded by mystery. iridium. -Hindu Oupnek-hat Author Bernstein wrote of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. and visited by men passing to the Happy Other World. In ancient Greece. in the 19th century. to Egypt.

It turns out Hudson’s land contained the single largest lode of PGMs ever found outside of South Africa. he discovered a particular mineral had the unusual ability to “flare up in a blaze of white light and totally disappear” when exposed to sunlight. A “high spin state” is when all the electrons in an atom begin spinning in the same direction. Author Gardner noted that these metals are found naturally present in our own bodies. The substance falls into a powder of separate atoms. as did the IBM Research Laboratory in Zurich in 1986. humans naturally possess this substance that can be harnessed to help alter our chemistry so we can rise above our physical states. seeming to disappear from sight until cooled. like a plasma. its weight seems to disappear – but it is actually just removed to an alternate non-physical dimension. However. Hudson patented his ORME discoveries in the late 1980s. Since part of the atom becomes white light. These exotic highspin elements are today classified as Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements – or ORMEs. or creates it outside of the Tao. He also began contacting scientists who were researching a new fuel-cell technology using these metals. tested again – registering as “pure nothing”. Manufacturing a substance that amplifies this effect improperly. the substance was tested by spectroscopic arcing – application of intense electrical heat. the substance was purified. Tests have proven over 5% of brain tissue is composed of iridium and rhodium in the high-spin state. since it did not display any of the normal characteristics of those minerals. When they are perfectly balanced they become white light. He found that they had been having problems with white light explosions. They had discovered superconductors. Finally receiving assistance from the Soviet Academy of Sciences. A superconductor contains a flowing “liquid” light.2 It was to change David Hudson’s life forever. with a null magnetic field easily 139 . silica and aluminum. and the individual atoms can no longer hold together. As spiritual beings. can be a perverted Mirror Image of the truth. In their experiments. Analysis in a lab revealed the substance was a mix of iron.A Philosopher Stoned for planting. when it would miraculously return to its original weight. the metals seemed to fall to about half their weight. This substance is artificially achieved by the application of a substantial electrical arc on PGMs.

3 ORMEs are said to have extraordinary powers of levitation. which is what had happened to the missing 44% of the weight of the heated material.” Supposedly scientists found that heating the material made it seem to disappear. This meant it could levitate. and David Hudson patented it.5 Science had officially rediscovered the Philosopher’s Stone. transmutation and teleportation. The government’s stringent requirements made it all but impossible for the project to succeed. Note the 1991 Bruce Willis movie Hudson Hawk about a gold machine built by Leonardo Da Vinci. Hudson experienced so many problems from the government he finally wrote in 2000 that the project had been “regulated out of existence. another dimension of space-time. However.4 The Center for Advance Study at the University of Illinois calls its superconductivity “the most remarkable physical property in the universe. the enterprising Hudson planned to manufacture super conducting fuel cells as an alternative to costly and polluting combustion sources. First the Department of Defense required he supply them with all details of his discoveries for “national security” reasons. This magnetic field surrounding the superconductor is called a Meissner Field. and could enable speed-of-light travel. 140 . In his 1974 book In Search of Ancient Mysteries. They theorized it had resonated into an alternative perceptual vision. The Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin Texas calls it “exotic matter”. as author Gardner so aptly phrased it. which required a crystal to produce a laser beam that changed lead into gold. Unsure whether to call his discoveries drugs or fuel. recreating apples from applesauce. capable of bending space-time. and confer the properties of weightlessness even to the container it was in – certainly one way to lift heavy stones.” It seems the ancients were surprisingly well versed on the subject of PGMs. After many disastrous trials. silica and aluminum. in 1995 his research finally successfully created an ingot of pure unadulterated 24 carat gold from recombining iron. As Gardner wrote. discovered by a German scientist of the same name in 1933.Surfing the Tao repelled even by the Earth’s magnetic field. the military industrial elite had other ideas. He also did the “impossible”. Hudson was able to prove that this exotic matter resonated in an alternate dimension.

specifically Mount Horeb. called the Cave of Hathor. found in Peru. The 6th century King Croesus had a gold refinery in Lydia. or the legendary mountain of Moses. British archaeologist Sir W. only agreeing that it was a “valuable mineral product.C. Adjoining the temple was a deep cave.” This same person was also the “guardian of the House of Gold”. In the center was a large pillar. In this desolate and remote area. Flinders Petrie led an expedition to survey for mining purposes the Sinai Peninsula. known today as the Serabit el Khadim.000 degrees Celsius to form. Petrie discovered the ruins of an old temple dated to the 4th Dynasty. 100% pure gold necklaces have also been found in Mexico and in Egypt. and two strange conical stones 6 and 9 inches high.” The 18th dynasty’s treasurer was also depicted in carvings presenting conical objects called in this instance “white bread.M. In another one the treasurer Sobekhotep is described as being the one who “brought the noble Precious Stone to his majesty. even though Petrie found no gold at Mount Horeb. 141 . smooth inner walls. in western Turkey. One stela depicted the mason Ankhib offering two conical bread-cakes to the pharaoh.”8 They also found a metallurgist’s crucible and an estimated 50 tons of pure white powder beneath the flagstones. requiring a heat much greater than fire. Among the cartouches. Many of the inscriptions on the stelae found there mentioned a mysterious substance called mfkzt.7 Author Gardner further relates that in 1904. they found wands of an unidentified hard material. about 2600 B. Scientists debated what this was for many years.” as well as the “Great One over the secrets of the House of Gold. with strangely flat. scarabs and basketwork. 6 Writer Flem-Ath noted the discovery of strange glass deposits in the Libyan Desert in 1971. for this reason were secreted away for many years and are just now being brought to light.A Philosopher Stoned writer and television producer Alan Landsburg wrote about ornaments mysteriously made from molten platinum. which was unearthed in 1968 to reveal proof that PGMs were indeed known and used in the ancient world. suggesting the ancients had learned to create and sustain the high temperatures necessary to make them. which required temperatures upwards of 6. Gardner claims the artifacts found there caused controversy over the interpretation of the Old Testament.

Even our pop culture contains vague references . hence the mention in Exodus that Mount Sinai was “altogether on a smoke. He imagines a great furnace continually smoked and quaked during production of the magical substance. passed down from ancient times. Arabs. changes into a powder with intense heat. Though mention and depiction of this mysterious substance can be found in many places. Monatomic gold. An Alexandrian document called Iter Alexandri ad Paradisum is about Alexander the Great’s journey to the kingdom of the God of Light using the Paradise Stone. the method of its manufacture was known only to the metallurgical adepts of the Mystery Schools. leads us to question the true powers of the ancients.Surfing the Tao Gardner believes Petrie found the “alchemical workshop of Akhenaten” and generations of pharaohs. said to change colors. There are all kinds of stories of the Ark of the Covenant having some sort of strange power emanating from it.check out the “gem” on Gandolf’s staff in the movie The Lord of the Rings – it keeps changing colors. is called a stone and can be eaten as bread. produce brilliant light and deadly rays. Gardner diligently researched other mentions of this exotic product throughout history. Also remember the strange power that shined out of the Ark in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Chaldeans and Assyrians.” Hermes Trismegistis wrote the Emerald Tablet. protecting his gold. known for centuries by alchemists as the Philosopher’s Stone. This sacred substance mysteriously starts out as gold. The Golden Fleece sought by Jason and the Argonauts was said by Renaissance philosopher Salomon Trismosian to be a parchment that contained the secrets of gold and the Philosopher’s Stone from “the kings and sages of the Egyptians. because the Lord descended upon it in fire…” (Exodus 19:18) It brings to mind notions of the mythical firebreathing dragon at home in his mountain cave. which contains alchemical information the Rosicrucians called “the most ancient monument of the Chaldeans 142 . a magical weightless powder. It was known in alchemical lore that a special “powder of projection” could be manufactured by which human ignorance could be “transmuted” into the spiritual gold of enlightenment. It is a strange substance that looks like a white powder but behaves as a stone. The Egyptian Book of the Dead calls it the “bread of the presence” and the pharaoh seeking enlightenment repeatedly asks the same awe-filled question.

” discusses the importance of having a certain “energizer working properly and tested soon”. “By the power of that stone the Phoenix burns to ashes. after which he is bright and shining as before. The Hindu Vedas talks about how they “speed on their course with a roar.” Gardner also mentioned various medical applications for the product.” The medieval tale Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach discusses a stone with magical healing and anti-aging properties. called Lapis Elixis. perception and aptitude to extraordinary levels.A Philosopher Stoned concerning the Philosophers’ Stone. Scientific American reported in 1995 that the application of ruthenium atoms to human DNA causes the DNA strand itself to become a superconductor. Platinum Metals Review. reported seeing many different non-human “ambassadors” conducting some sort of meeting together somewhere in which a tall. causing it to resonate aged or cancerous cells back to a normal state. another example of a reflection of truth. They each wore 143 . or that they wore gold crowns of some sort. while others created the effect artificially. “shimmering all over. robed figure. since application of the compound acts as a superconductor to human DNA. celestial. has published several articles on the benefit of this application to the treatment of cancers. What kind of inter-dimensional chaos could one wreak in possession of such a substance if they lacked a loving spirit? Many mentions of gods or religious figures in cultural myth relate a white or golden glow coming from them. over the ridges of the sky…And spread themselves with beams of light…Bright.” In other words. It is known that the gold and platinum metals. Perhaps some truly radiated a loving. It also caused those who ingested the substance to glow. They wore great golden beards that flowed to their chests. He wrote. can “activate the endocrinal glandular system in a way that heightens awareness. golden hue.10 Another time a remote viewer found his consciousness in a mysterious “chamber of light…[with] three huge golden throne-like chairs covered with strange hieroglyphics…[and] three giant beings that occupied the chairs. Another publication. but the ashes speedily restore him to life again. the ancient kings may have used it to “feed their light bodies”. This doth the Phoenix moult and change its plumage.” 9 Military remote viewers. or psychic spies. with lightning in their hands and helmets of gold upon their heads. or shine. in their monatomic high-spin state.

They looked…like Greek gods. the skin of his face shone. and their eyes were like burning lamps. sacred writings from a 5th century pyramid tomb.Surfing the Tao large golden helmets. which flashed as if with flickering rays of light…and adorned with the lustrous brilliance of gold and precious stones. They also mention another ethereal location called the Field of Iaru – or the Dimension of the Blessed. and fire came forth from their lips. behold. clothed in a shining raiment. “And it came about when Moses was coming down from Mount Sinai…that Moses did not know that the kind of his face shone because of his speaking with Him.” Those who beheld him were “stunned and amazed at the sight like children who have seen a frightening apparition. The Pyramid Texts.”11 One cannot help but think of the countless paintings over the centuries depicting divine beings with golden halos. An obsession with gold can be found to possess the ruling elite in virtually every culture. also record this mysterious mfkzt.” – Book of Enoch When the Emperor Constantine arrived at the controversial Council of Nicea in 313 AD he was described by Eusebius as “like some heavenly messenger of God. and they were afraid to come near him. to a place called the Field of Mfkzt. This mfkzt seems 144 . It even appears in the Bible. The texts are an account of the pharaoh’s journey into the Afterlife. used among other things to decorate cathedrals . in every era.” -Revelation 1:16 “And their faces shone like the sun. So when Aaron and all the sons of Israel saw Moses.never to feed the poor.” -Exodus 34:29-30 “The Lord make his face shine upon you…” –Numbers 6:25 “His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. requiring huge patronages in gold and silver.”12 Whether or not he was actually glowing. he was certainly obsessed with gold and his own glory.

Garnder went on. one cone of silver and thirty of gold. possibly similar in function to two pillars. it states that “shewbread”. On the top of the Ark of the Covenant are two “cherubs”. or “bread of the Presence”. “What is this?”. or death would follow. In the Temple of Karnak in Egypt. he became angry. a question continually asked in wonderment. “This is the bread which the Lord hath given you to eat. said to be where the face of God appeared. sometimes the priests would tie a rope around the ankle of the chosen priest. Maybe the Ark was a device able to process communications from the stars.” (Exodus 32:20) Elsewhere in Exodus. This “shewbread” is found mentioned in Hebrews 9:12. Earlier renditions of the Ark are found in ancient Egyptian descriptions. the Israelites got scared and had Moses’ brother Aaron make a new idol from all their gold jewelry in the form of a calf. then he ground it to powder. Or perhaps it 145 . The Ark of the Covenant is thought to have housed a sacred stone. because Moses was gone so long. Moses climbs Mount Horeb to talk to El Shaddai. who entered the Holy of Holies once a year. Some say this Ark. The inscriptions describe them as “white bread”. and where direct communication occurred. a bas-relief depicts a number of conical shaped objects.A Philosopher Stoned to be the key to this field – an “alternative dimensional state of being”.” (Exodus 16:31) Moses told his people in Exodus 16. Tales of its mysterious powers intrigue us. and also in the book of Leviticus 24:5-7. and was a cunning goldsmith and craftsman. scattered it on the water and made the Israelites drink it. or holy golden chalice. However. In the Bible. Guardians of the Ark had to be ‘enlightened’ to be in its presence. is the Holy Grail. dozens of people died simply because they were too near the Ark.” Manna means. Between them is the “mercy seat”. the “Lord of the Mountain”. “And he took the calf they had made and burned it in the fire. to retrieve the body. Moses’ ‘tablets’. was made at Mount Horeb by Bezaleel. in case he should die. He instructed Moses and the Israelites not to make any more idols from gold. the son of Uri Ben Hur. (Exodus 25:29-31) Bezaleel was said to have wisdom and understanding. When Moses came down and saw what they had done. It was white like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey. “The people of Israel called the bread manna. or antennae. Gardner reminds us that in the Book of Exodus. or gold flanges.

Such “sacred geometry” was encoded into architecture and other works in order to preserve it and pass it on. he explained the true Stone was itself made of gold. it is fixed and incombustible like a stone. capable of the intense heat necessary to transform metals when placed in the right location. Where is this “ark” today? Some researchers follow the trail of the Queen of Sheba into Ethiopia after her affair with King Solomon and the birth of their son. this substance was clearly perceived as being some kind of “giver of life. the unification of the sun and the moon. Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts explains the Philosopher’s Stone is the gold stone. Sometimes called the Ben Ben. The square in a circle symbol is found in ancient sites as well.”15 The ‘squaring of the circle’ or ‘cubing of the sphere’ was used as a code for the Philosopher’s Stone. then a square. 399) Seventeenth century alchemist Eirenaeus Philalethes wrote a work entitled Secrets Revealed. this sacred conical-shaped stone was said to have cosmic origins. more pure than the purest.” In the Chartres Cathedral in France has a statue of Melchizedek presenting a conical stone within a chalice. it resists the action of fire as successfully as any stone. referring to the mathematics necessary to produce the substance. “The perfect square has no corners. In species it is gold.” – Lao Tzu 146 . Some believe there could even be more than one. in which he discussed the Philosopher’s Stone.Surfing the Tao was an ancient version of a laser beam or nuclear fusion of some kind.”14 Eaten as bread or taken in water.13 Another group believes it could be hidden beneath Oak Island in Nova Scotia. Seventeenth century alchemist Michael Maier wrote.(p. Others believe it is still buried somewhere in the West Bank. ‘From a man and a woman make a circle. and you will obtain the Philosophers Stone. finally a circle. Rather than being a way to change lead into gold. but its appearance is that of a very fine powder. This shape largely marks the entrance to Rosslyn Chapel. or Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. then a triangle. In another work Philalethes wrote that “it is called a Stone by virtue of its fixed nature.

or God of the sun. which includes subversive imagery of sexual conjunction and marriages of opposites like the sun and the moon.A Philosopher Stoned The British coronation ceremony was considered the act of fulfilling God’s alchemical work. John Kirby. Rumors of his drunkenness and womanizing spread. represents this connection. wrote the Ripley Scroll. was regarded by the alchemists as the key to alchemical transformation. chosen to redeem Britain’s lost identity. British alchemists were looking for some new vitality for the crown after the weak and sickly reign of Henry VI.16 One of the alchemists at the time. incest. An Egyptian onyx disc with the four elements. Prophecies of the time predicted the Welsh Red Dragon would defeat the Saxon White Dragon to restore greatness to the nation. His moment of destiny arrived at the crossroads at the River Lugg in 1461 when he used the rare astronomical phenomenon of a parhelion. or three suns. the alchemical symbol of Sol. as well as a feathered bird king perched on a globe. one alchemist turned attention away from lust for gold towards a more profound revelation. Edward began imprisoning alchemists in order to acquire the secret of transmutation. who grew up believing he was the One. Michael Sendevogius was a Polish doctor and alchemist whose legendary account is replete with tales of spectacular transmutations 147 . as well as the popularity with the people and the counsel of the alchemists. and took place in Westminster Abbey upon a mosaic floor that displayed interconnecting circles symbolizing the great work of creation from chaos. Soon Edward’s obsession with alchemy became an obsession with gold. the Welsh Earl of March. above which stands a silver and gold king holding a mirror reflecting the sun and moon. Another is the image of Ripley holding a pilgrim’s staff and a horseshoe. but probably doomed his reign. dragons and venomous toads. He died suddenly in 1483. In the fifteenth century. Indeed Edward was buoyed by the myths and prophecies surrounding him.17 In the early seventeenth century. a famous symbol of the Philosopher’s Stone. Edward’s secret marriage to Elizabeth Woodville. a supposed descendant of the water witch or serpent Melusine. They found their new “Sun King” in Edward IV. to inspire his troops and win the battle. and another gold circle with a black marble center. Instead of pursuing heroic quests for his nation.

to 148 . Easy to read and devoid of mystical terminology. through pyramids or “Tesla” tools like rods. will use energy directly from the sun and provide unlimited energy for all humanity’s needs. seemingly ambiguous mention in their magazine ad by the “Great White Brotherhood”: Gold is where you find it! In order to create the precious Philosopher’s Stone. However. De Lapide Pbilosopborum (On the Philosopher’s Stone). gold. and combined with new genetic discoveries. he may have in truth been trying to point out the all-encompassing power of the Supreme Being. whose personal dog-eared copy is now housed in the British Library. shared information about a new technology in The Emergence Quarterly. His work led to the development of chemistry. later retitled Novum Lumen Cbymicum (A new light on Alchemy). His ‘aerial food of life’ seemed to be the true Elixir of Life sought for centuries. over the mere acquisition of gold.” Let’s not forget the strange. It will even be applied medically. pillars and crystals. influenced many great thinkers including Isaac Newton. and its overwhelming significance to the human condition. called the Technology of Light. it revealed. the study of oxygen. streaming from certain grid locations. Maybe the Ark of the Covenant was a device that could transmit an “arc” of power sufficient to change the metal. nitrogen and the other elements of our atmosphere. leading the “Masters of Wisdom”. the Force of Life present in every molecule. Without modern lasers. will allow us to create new organs in the body as needed…Even our transportation systems will be revolutionized in ways that will make them silent and apparently motionless… Education in the new age will teach the fact of the soul and the evolution of consciousness.18 However.Surfing the Tao and improbable escapes from dungeons and burning towers after imprisonment by jealous rulers. “in the Aire a secret food of life…whose invisible congealed spirit is better than the whole earth…” He convinced fellow alchemists of the existence of a “universal spirit” – a vapor or soul. perhaps the ancients used cosmic or telluric energy. white gold or platinum (or some combination thereof) must be heated to an extreme temperature – actually a laser beam or other such technology is necessary to reach the required 4000-6000 degrees. Maitreya. “One such advance. his most famous work. maybe with resonating sounds or harmonics. pervading all matter.

A Philosopher Stoned create this precious material that confers such great powers upon it user. just after Michael Gorbachev was ousted from office. Even though the World Gold Council called the transfer economic madness.20 In 1999 the International Monetary Fund announced the sale of large amounts of bullion in a scheme to devalue gold. and lowered the price even further. The Philosopher’s Stone. Russia’s 2000 metric ton gold reserve vanished into thin air. And somewhere.” and requires him to do business with men who themselves are revered as “gods” in a place saturated with secret societies and satanic worship. goldproducing nations. which was then in control of 70% of the world’s platinum supply.S. military “operations”. his company there is called “Freedom Gold. doing damage to the fragile economies of small. In 1997. As Lao Tzu reminds us. the Treasury of the United Kingdom proceeded to sell even more.” considerable sums of gold have suddenly been stockpiled.19 Today this tiny.” Now who do we know with a lot of money? 149 . enabling the angels’ movements between heaven and earth? Modern science recognizes it can bend space-time. even traded for certain less stable currencies. or manna. Christian fundamentalist Pat Robertson bizarrely owns a gold mine in Liberia. certain anonymous “approved” buyers were able to come into a large amount of gold at a very good price. In 1991. or is it just a way to artificially ascend our realm without true love or faith? Is it a “fast food enlightenment” . or Jacob’s Ladder. Is this material necessary for our ascension to the higher realms. notes author Gardner. and no one can protect it. confer longevity. as well as power and light. gold-rich nation is the site of one more in a long line of U. but instead the plan brought the price of gold to a new low. called mfkzt by the ancient Egyptians and ORME by modern science. Public outrage that the UK had lost hundreds of millions of pounds in the deal seemed to fall on deaf ears. They said it was to benefit poor countries. four independent mining companies in South Africa merged to form Amplats. “Amass a store of gold and jade. seems like a rock and looks like a powder.a “white bread” of empty calories? Since the science of monatomic high spin metallurgy has been “rediscovered. firestone. Is this what the ancients meant by Stone of Destiny. or Anglo-American Platinum Corporation.

His words are startling.” Significantly. Gardner. a Knight Templar of St Anthony and Prior of the Sacred Kindred of Columba among other things.Secret Science “The truth behind possible government secret space technology. powerful yet anonymous group. and health/longevity) and the degree to which such subjects have been withheld from seekers and investigators. But given that Mr. Laurence Gardner suggests the development of superconductors was manipulated and stifled by a wealthy. and the military possession of UFOs and aliens remains unproven. secret knowledge or teachings held by a limited elite constitute the potential for even 150 . Gardner noted a lecture given by Nuclear physicist Daniel Swell Ward. who is a best-selling author. in October 1999. also happens to be the Chevalier de St Germain. disinformation campaigns. If indeed there is development of craft based on alien technology. Not only were David Hudson’s developments made practically impossible. A widely acknowledged truism is that ‘knowledge is power. but patents were also required made available to the Department of Defense which attempted to squelch further research.D. to the International Association of New Science Forum in Fort Collins. cover-ups. physics. one must question his motives as well. what is its purpose – to wage war against terrestrial enemies or intergalactic visitor…or could it be to provide a means of escape for the world’s wealthy elite?”1 –Jim Marrs In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. Ph. A plethora of evidence suggests that a profoundly important and basic science capable of explaining a vast array of otherwise anomalous observations exist…Of particular importance are the subjects of sacred science (including mathematics. Colorado.

understandings and wisdom. the control of one human over another is being lessened…For the individual seeker of truth and enlightenment. the quest for the outright destruction (as in the case of the burning of the Library of Alexandria) or the placing of severe limitation on the dissemination of knowledge is also based on control and power issues. to the Jerusalem treasures uncovered by the Knights Templars…to the modern day guarded secrets of the Trilateral Commission and various other secretive organizations. much esoteric wisdom and knowledge has been kept from public view both as a means of protecting the underlying truths as well as using them (or eliminating them) in order to profit thereby. suddenly the history of conspiracy to deny the existence of such wisdom becomes less 151 . study and understand the heretofore secrets of esoteric knowledge. Within the confines of this world-class power struggle. Suddenly (in historical terms) Pandora’s box has been overturned and individuals outside the elite groups… have begun to glimpse. Understandings and techniques which afforded the potential for enormous enlightenment and evolution of the individual have been historically held for the exclusive use of those in power…The fact that there have been many forces (particularly religions) which have made every effort to attach truth as a means of preserving their own view of the universe is perhaps the primary case in point. the greatest heritage of the human race has been carefully and studiously withheld from the mainstream of society. From the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Greece. And with the dissemination of such understanding into the mainstream. Curiously.Secret Science greater power. It is apparently for this reason that the world history of the last several thousand years has had embedded in its scope the underlying theme of the struggle for control and power based on esoteric knowledge.

The Templars came into existence during the Crusades at the turn of the last millennium. as a Prince of Egypt was amply instructed in the ancient mysteries. for example. In addition. due in part to the simplicity of the logical process employed. These writings include such things as the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It seems clear. One the one hand.Surfing the Tao important than the understandings of how one applies these fundamental teachings. that Moses. and the mathematics fairly rushes to show itself…But is there more of which we are unaware? Is the current trend in state-of-the-art physics into zeropoint energies and multiple dimensions beyond our four-dimensional space-time continuum a foray into heretofore secret knowledge. geometry and numbers and imminently discoverable. and it was they who apparently discovered a wealth of information contained in the environs of Jerusalem… The good news is that such information has become increasingly available…This has been due in large part to the discovery and decipherment of ancient writings. much of the more esoteric wisdom in the form of the Qabala. and shared a portion of his education with the Israelites in the form of the Ark of the Covenant. There is additional evidence that much of the information is being purposefully disseminated as if a decision has been made to bring a much larger segment of the population into the fold of understanding…Truth has a way of inevitably rising to the surface… A key question is whether or not the proliferation of our understanding of sacred geometry and mathematics is the result of accidental discovery or intentional dissemination of information. All one really need do is ask the right question. the Tarot and other books have been handed down through the ages and outside the confines of secret societies. or merely the advance of knowledge into the reality of the universe? 152 . the Dead Sea Scrolls. and the Nag Hammadi Codices.

“remote viewing” came into being. like an oracle. Remote viewers described such remote locations as Mercury and Jupiter. It was subsequently used to locate enemy military installations. a scientist known for his 1973 book The Secret Life of Plants. Swann worked with Dr. rocket-launching sites. Unknown to most citizens until relatively recently.3 Apparently the Soviet Union had already worked for years on remote viewing with success and the CIA was concerned about this. where Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler. Could this information being released under the guise of enlightenment ultimately be just another way to control us? Another secret science is “remote viewing. according to one writer.” but all and any who find interest in the matter. Gardner.2 The method is reportedly similar to that used by Nostradamus in his visions. and during the Gulf War it was supposedly used to locate Saddam Hussein’s biochemical arsenals. At the American Society for Psychical Research in New York. their incredible visions mocked until new photographic evidence of the surface of the planets revealed the startling truth of their observations. or submarines. Why was it kept secret for centuries. himself so clearly a member of secret societies.Secret Science Dr. one must gravely question their agenda. Let us not forget the mysterious “Nine” claimed to be attempting to pass on information of a drug or substance that could enable a false spiritual enlightenment. Ward goes on to suppose it is no longer simply the realm of “those who are worthy.” or psychic spying. and why it is being released now? Evidence suggests even medieval monks kept themselves busy with their wealth and politics rather than spreading love to the masses. our military as well as those of other countries are known to have engaged in secret spying using the bizarre but well-documented abilities of trained psychics. scientific experiment. especially by the likes of Mr. or the opening of a ‘gateway’ to communicate with them. its success quickly brought in clients like the CIA. Tests of such an operation were first demonstrated in the Oval Office in 1985. Its successful use by 153 . And since this heretofore-secret science is now being packaged for mainstream interest. The first researcher to prove consistent and reliable results was Ingo Swann. Begun as a strict. in which he used a brass tripod together with a cup of water.

The military’s Controlled Remote Viewing Manual was written in May 1986 and released to the public in July 1998. “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by federal employment.4 However. and the power of money is ever present . as well as evidence that our world’s ancient stone megaliths are arranged around the earth in a pattern similar to today’s technologies.” – Dwight D. That is why extrasensory abilities are best used at a time and place of God’s choosing. we must be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific technological elite. Any experimentation of this sort for fun is to be avoided. as we should.and is gravely to be regarded. A reevaluation of celestial or sacred technology. especially if the practitioner is not tuned in. it can cause problems.Surfing the Tao the military was reported on ABC’s Nightline. gives rise to the thought that this kind of population control is not a new idea. Yet. though it is still not widely known. and many of the viewers had experiences in other dimensions. This energy we are now familiar with may have somehow connected the globe harmonically and “turned on” certain resonating locations. in holding scientific research and discovery in respect. one might imagine the military would have other ideas. It is not our job to use the Force for our own devices – we should not try to use the master carpenter’s tools. 154 . Their clients requested information on everything from crop circles to aliens. most of the original military viewers have left the company for various reasons. However. Several military-trained remote viewers formed a private company called PSI TECH Inc in 1989. project allocations. where there were maybe pyramids or other capturing or amplifying devices that beamed what was basically a certain frequency all around the Earth. Eisenhower New technologies threaten to harness the brain wave patterns of an entire population. like the Ouija board. It discusses this dangerous methodology that often caused terrible psychological problems for people in the program.

It was on sites such as these that the holy places of the earth were built in ancient times. Energy and power are carried on the ley lines and where the ley lines of the earth cross they relate a particularly powerful vortex of energy. if you could see it. More and more books are investigating these ancient megaliths and “ley lines” and discovering their power. the earth’s acupuncture system. Also. follow a network around the globe on a mathematical pattern related to the heavens. These locations were chosen because they were centers where energy entered and existed the earth. 155 . This was all part of the ‘blueprint’ designed to ensure that the area surrounding the sacred site was one that raised the consciousness of the people.”5 A similarly mysterious canal works can be found in the ancient ruins of Palenque in Mexico. Ruins of pyramids are found literally by the thousands all over the world.” How did he get this information about the twelve-faced dodecahedral pattern that makes up the energy grid around our earth? The activation of this grid using specially placed buildings. or shapes. Certain locations were apparently turned off long ago to assist our spiritual decay. Supposedly the Temple had an underground network of canals spreading outward in a grid system.Secret Science Plato observed in Phaeado that. our modern world now interferes with the open spaces necessary for this mysterious resonance. “the earth itself looks from above. is said to be part of this ancient technology. A legend of Solomon’s Temple tells how the Ark of the Covenant was used as an amplifier. It was said each ancient site represented on musical “note” on a scale and were tuned in a particular way. An understanding of world energy grids is vital to understanding this technology. the chants and rituals from the Temple “permeated the grid field of the earth and went through all parts of the country. on specific points of the earth.”6 Or perhaps kept them within a certain desired frequency. like those twelve-patched leather balls. Author Bernstein observed this “dodecahedral energy network”: “…ley lines.

It became obvious to him that he had discovered something that these global power groups wanted kept secret. if you do any research on modern weaponry. the subject of thousands of UFO sightings the past decade. MSNBC reported that the U. delta-shaped military ‘blimp’. as he was approached by them many times with various threats and offers. war-causing and expensive oil? Cathie discovered a series of harmonic geometric equations. He always declined in favor of remaining independent. and tries to protect himself by publicly sharing his information. government had declassified the huge. These waveforms of light blend with each other to create physical structures. well after Mr.” he writes. “static energy” anti-gravity. One independent researcher has rocked the boat of conventional science and published this kind of information clearly and effectively.S. Cathie claims UFOs are inter-dimensional anti-gravity machines. Cathie discovered evidence of a world energy grid system. Bruce L Cathie has written several books on field harmonics. Einstein stated that the “geometric structure of space-time determines the physical 156 . including The Energy Grid (1990) and the Harmonic Conquest of Space (1998). And we are still supposed to rely on earth polluting. In September 2002. “The secrets of anti-gravity and free energy production are known in top scientific circles and they will go to any length to keep this knowledge from us. The government is clearly familiar with such knowledge. He thinks they may even originate within the Earth. which is tangible to us. he theorized that the whole of physical reality. of light. and in doing so caught the attention of the intelligence agencies of several major countries around the world. Mr.Surfing the Tao one might imagine tuning to different frequencies would have different effects. or waveforms. many of which are built by our own scientists on Earth. After discovering how these points in time and space relate mathematically and harmonize with each other. which can cause reactions in space-time if put into practical application. Mr. is formed from the basic geometric harmonics of the angular velocities. these various agencies admitted to him that the grid does exist. rather than from outer space. Eventually. Cathie’s book was published. but would not admit to the possibilities of free energy.

all is an illusion.000 brings 694444 repeating.” Space-time manifests from the geometric harmonics of the wave motions of light. Cathie determined that volcanic activity. using the harmonic imbalance of gravitational forces. He was able to establish the pattern of the grid and break it down into mathematical coordinates. Cathie there is feverish. that is. Atomic bombs are space-time devices.000 minutes of arc per grid second.Secret Science processes. Mr. The UFOs would reposition themselves in space-time. Cathie also noticed that reported UFO activity had a geometric pattern on the planetary surface. since with such knowledge one can artificially manipulate reality. the by-product of the nature of our Matrix. which in theory forms the basic building block of the anti-universe. or negative reality. The reciprocal harmonic of light. He claims the CIA offered him a job when they discovered he had learned this. The activity of scientists at certain key areas around the globe during the past few decades indicated to Mr. He says it took them months to plan and practice the nuclear drops in WWII. Volcanoes and earthquakes also occur in geometric points on the same grid system. This harmonic 694444 refers to the geometric reciprocal of light. He even determined a possible method of UFO propulsion. space and time. move from one point to another along the grid in order to restore the balance of the forces caused by space-time geometrics. He found that all the values represented in the grid had direct harmonic relationships with the speed of light. gravity and earth mass. due to disturbances at these points. earthquakes and nuclear bomb detonations are all related to grid structure. and the stuff that dreams are made of. he declined. not to mention ‘light”. It is very eye opening for a layman to discover how mathematically interconnected our earth is. Maybe that’s why the bad guys are so obsessed with numbers and “sacred” geometry. Cathie states.” This sounds incredibly similar to the words of the ancient sages. very specific points both in time and space. government-backed activity going on in connection with research into 157 . Our physical world is nothing more than a resonating ball of light and shade. and can only be detonated at pre-calculated. or 1/144. “we live in a reality of un-reality. Mr. Cathie found that the fundamental harmonic of light in geometric terms has an angular velocity of 144.

Another strange discovery are dozens of large. He found that ancient cultures also flourished on the intersections of the grid system. The ancient megalith is constructed by two concentric circles. and even the very elements of the soil are in different proportions according to its location on the grid. which itself incorporates the harmonics of light and gravity. Interestingly. and risings and depressions on the ocean floor. This crystal resonates the harmonic fields set up by the inner and outer circles. and even emit a form of radiation. Mother lodes of mineral ore and vast oil deposits are found at various intersections of the grid. Another interesting spot is in the African country of Gabon where there is a ‘natural atomic reactor. twin megaliths Ayer’s Rock in Australia and Stone Mountain in Georgia are harmonically linked. In 1979 a team of scientists detected ultrasonic energy pulses emanating from the Rollright Stones. Cathie. The large stones appear to be crystalline in structure. In fact. the radius of the Sarcen Circle corresponds to the square of the reciprocal of the speed of light. another circle of stones near Oxfordshire.7 Mr. found in the 158 . or perhaps a massive geometric device used as a transmitter and receiver of signals from the heavens.8 Similar results were found in the pyramids of Egypt. Small chips of blue quartz similar to that used in early crystal radio sets were found in the empty holes in the surrounding rings. The radius of the Aubrey Circle harmonically corresponds to the speed of light.’ Apparently a natural deposit of uranium right on a grid point has caused spontaneous nuclear detonations in past millennia. Stonehenge was constructed according to the universal geometric harmonics of light itself. Fault lines coincide here. cut perfectly round.Surfing the Tao the structure and nature of the grid. mountain ranges. Egypt. according to Mr. based on the harmonics of the angular velocity of light. Grid lines coincide with active earth zones. and it is where we find all our megaliths and pyramids. gigantic crystal set. stone spheres with diameters up to eight feet. Cathie wonders if Stonehenge is an ancient. Nearly every army base worldwide is located on one of these points. Intersecting points coincide at places like the Bermuda Triangle and Stonehenge. The center of the harmonic world grid is the exact point of the Great Pyramid in Giza. showing up in many photographs as a line of fog.

places also linked to Masonic or Templar activity. did some sort of artificial electronic stimulation caused them to glow in the dark like the “ultimate light bulb”? Or were they power centers for a more incredible technology. Cathie found that certain transmitters and power stations have harmonic relationships. and other major cities worldwide. As David Icke said in his book Children of the Matrix. Were the spheres constructed to tune into the electromagnetic oscillations of the harmonic unified field. in the south of France. Could it be that these secret groups endeavored to rebuild the old grid centuries ago.C. the tall spires could resemble not only rocket ships. Some were even found in complex. it doesn’t mean that the structures built at these places by the bloodlines have been designed and located with humanity’s best interests at heart. as some researchers claim. are important grid points. and is harmonically linked with Bethlehem. “…just because the vortex points are power centers on the global grid. London. Other modern researchers have discovered similar geographical anomalies that further suggest our world’s oldest and 159 . originally meant to connect the human energy field to the cosmic one. Famous gothic churches like Notre Dame and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. D.” He feels the powers that be have been suppressing the true power at these points. but present-day electric towers. Mr. This area was associated with the Knights Templar and an unexplained wealth centuries ago.Secret Science jungles of South America. That religion also talks about all kinds of strange “angels” coming down here and interacting with people – and seems obsessed with genealogy. contains a network of churches and geographic points arranged in an obvious harmonic relationship. And it is known that many churches were built on old ‘pagan’ sites. One must admit. all Mormon temples are built on powerful grid intersections and are harmonically linked with each other.. geometric arrangements. Other less obvious locations contain even bigger mysteries. Converting their measurements to harmonic equations. Paris. Mr. Cathie found they have a direct harmonic relationship to gravity. Rennes-le-Chateau. disguised as churches? Did they knowingly seek to misdirect the power of the ancients? Strangely enough. like a stargate? Other notable grid locations include the center of Washington.

Nanking. Jericho. which were known to have been in the Yukon and Hudson Bay areas during past ages. For example. which are all arranged in regularly spaced intervals around the globe. as do other governments around the world. companies contracted by the government. and invented technology to harness and use the energy it radiates.Surfing the Tao most sacred sites are not arbitrarily located. like NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain. such as the Fibonacci spiral which connects the apex of the three pyramids at Giza. He established a blueprint based on these old poles as well as a prime meridian centered at Giza instead of Greenwich.000 years old are Rosslyn. Ojai. The Russians have similar positions. Pyongyang. Luzor. Babylon. Rosslyn. Macchu Piccu and Nazca. or Holy Chamber. and was essentially able to plot the location of other forgotten sites. Chichen Itza. Rennes-le Chateau. he wrote a letter to The Times in April 1908 which said. In an effort to prove the power of his discoveries. long known to be a sacred spot to the Native Americans. Jeruzalem. Giza. we have to set up special apparatus at particular points on its surface. He apparently found that to tune in to this energy ball we call Earth. London. Easter Island. He also noted other interesting relationships between locations. Tesla knew his transmitter could generate energy levels and frequencies that could unleash massive destructive forces. among the dozens of sites aligned to the old Hudson Bay pole are Alexandria. Like Cathie. Nazca. Pyongyang. and wireless systems. Nicola Tesla discovered this same grid a century ago. and suggests the long lost hidden library. They base their world energy grid system on the application of Tesla technology like his transformer. Writer Rand Flem-Ath documented in The Atlantis Blueprint that the sacred sites around the world are arranged in patterns in alignment with old North Poles. Canterbury. “when I spoke of future warfare I meant that it should be conducted by direct application of electrical waves without the use of aerial engines or other implements of destruction…This is not a dream…Even now wireless power plants could be constructed 160 . Avebury. magnifying transmitter. and Troy. Babylon. Sites linked to the old Yukon pole over 100. Tesla’s patents are now in the hands of Eastland and ARCO companies. Stonehenge. Tesla found that matter was nothing more than a complex matrix of wave-forms locked together by harmonic resonance. could be found at the very center of this spiral.

Kept secret. Communications frequencies are tuned to the structure of matter and harmonic waveforms that permeate all space. radio communications with deep-sea submarines became possible.”9 Nine days later an explosion of staggering proportions took place near the Tungunska River region in central Siberia. energies or locations are not necessarily bad or good – but we should understand what they are in relation to the Tao. and who. Knowledge and understanding of our Earth’s true power and history has been lost and perhaps abused by those not in agreement with the Tao. and why. and was heard for 620 miles around. long distance communication would be enabled – and what better antenna than Earth itself? The U. There was never any evidence of a meteorite or its crater found. We should also question who is using them now. “The wise man is he whose ears are very attuned to the Divine Whisperer. The military established a grid pattern of aerials spread over thousands of square miles of the ocean floor. Releasing such technology to a non-love culture under false pretensions could be even worse.Secret Science by which any region of the globe might be rendered uninhabitable without subjecting the population of other parts to serious danger or inconvenience.S. through all the delusions of a cheaper civilization. though this is the official explanation of the event. It flattened half a million acres of pine forest in the same pattern as a nuclear detonation. But in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous indeed . space and undersea communications.for it could kill the soul as well as the body. Properly tuned and understood. and generate a planetary frequency of love in line with the Tao. With the correct aerial system and frequency ratios. Such technology enables long distance. Using ultra low frequencies. stones. there is increasing evidence that using and testing this equipment has caused the deaths of thousands of sensitive sea creatures including whales. dolphins and seals. Sacred or ‘haunted’ tools. from The Occult Arts of Ancient Egypt 161 . military Project Sanguine used this very technology.” -Bernard Bromage. it could re-harmonize the Earth and its people. such things can be used against masses of people. hears the Voice. Today.

Mr. The “Shumann resonance” is the wave-guide. Beta is wakefulness. Theta is dream state. The government and the various private research companies involved 162 . The majority of waves produces in this state is 10. and Beta (13. Its transmitters are in every country worldwide. the same as a human brain! It’s like we are walking radio transmitters. but it was erected with a number of possible purposes. and when awake but completely relaxed. and most frequently 10.5 Hz. Essentially it is a giant ionospheric heater. Delta is sleep or unconsciousness.598084 Hz.5-27 Hz).6 Hz.5 Hz). or HAARP. The average frequency range of the waves is 7 to 13. often doubling for use as cellular phone towers.Free Your Mind “Any technology that might unseat the monopolies of energy. Cathie found a more accurate value for the transmission would be 10. is a series of transmitters of sufficient signal strength designed to turn the aurora borealis into a virtual antenna.6. which functions within four major frequencies: Delta (0. which channels extra low frequency waves in a circular path around the Earth. People are ‘tuned in’ to varying degrees. brainwaves are in Alpha state. communication. public goals are earth penetrating topography and deep-sea communications. due to its gestation period. It uses Extra Low Frequency radio waves in the ionosphere.2 Trying to change those earth values with ELF technology couldn’t help but affect people as well. Its primary. Theta (3-7 Hz). major acupuncture points and the geometrics of the DNA spiral. and his calculations indicate the Alpha frequency has a direct harmonic link with gravitational values in the unified tables.”1 – Jim Marrs Bruce Cathie mathematically showed the harmonic links of the human body to its natural environment. tuned into our environment to an extent we are perhaps unaware of. Alpha (7-13. The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. blood heat.02-3 Hz). Most important is the brain’s electromagnetic wave pattern. or health care would be viewed as dangerous to a position of power.

We are not convinced that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. and must add our voice to those who feel something is seriously wrong with this picture.Free Your Mind insist it is an innocuous test project. Studies have shown that “even small increases in EM radiation from devices like HAARP can cause human health problems such as leukemia. Newsman David Brinkley said on the air on July 18. and the CIA has had similar programs since the 1950s. The Soviets were known to beam microwaves at the US Embassy in the 1970s and 80s. blood pressure and heart rates. If you can retune the aurora borealis to rebroadcast an ELF message. blood-sugar. but they ignore the reflective qualities of the signals and the mounting medical and scientific evidence of health risks associated with electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation. In point of fact man himself is not unaffected by this technology. 1981 regarding this Russian ‘Woodpecker’ signal. “We strongly object to the arrogance. if you could transit thoughts directly into people’s minds? Psychologists in the Russian KGB have been working on radio remote control of people since the 1930s. “As I say I find it hard to believe. you have basically created the “ultimate bio-feedback” machine. for fear of its potential harmful effects on the Earth and people. known as HAARP. is harmless and fear that those fronting for the Department of Defense are lyres[sic]. In 1994 an article in the Tundra Times boldly stated.3 The human brain works in the same extremely low frequency range where HAARP broadcasts. secrecy and avowed aim of this project. Operators assert there is no impact on terrestrial environment since the signals are pointed upwards. locals have battled the program since the beginning. and many scientists involved with HAARP have begged for more research before testing was completed. birth defects and cancer. it is crazy and none of us here knows what to make of it: the Russian government is known to be trying to change human behavior by external electronic influences. for example in a war or a state of unrest.”5 What could you do. cataracts. We do 163 . as initial tests took place at a facility in Gakona. Others believe its potential for use can be as destructive as the results of the Manhattan Project. alter brain chemistry.”4 In Alaska. and elevate cholesterol.

and scientifically tenable tests have shown that the USSR signals do lock-in human brain-wave signals. Ph. An external sensor could “entrain” brain patterns. and you can bet other 164 . thought patterns.e. Their frequencies correspond to brain-wave rhythms of either the depressed or the irritable states of humans . There are statistics to prove a connection between childhood leukemia and nearness to power lines. for example.” – Dr. “Entrainment” is the result of external stimulation of the brain by electro-magnetic means. Andrew Michrowski. & President of the Planetary Assoc. for Clean Energy (PACE) So it is known that power lines and other metal grid systems can be used as an extension of these brain-wave manipulating signals. These low electromagnetic radiation levels can depress our immune systems and make us more susceptible to illness. The USSR signals have been assessed by the EPA to be psychoactive (i.D...Surfing the Tao know that much. One further note regards the fact that electric appliances such as televisions and computers also radiate at a 60-Hertz level. This means that taking the time to raise your body’s frequency or vibrational level can literally be life saving. overriding normal frequencies and retuning them to harmonize with the signal. of State. It was the intention of the Russians to capture and control the mental state of humans. while our body needs to resonate higher to stay healthy. The same agency has noted that the USSR ELF signals can be absorbed and re-radiated by 60-Hertz power transmission lines and even be magnified by waterpipe grids. liable to produce psychological response and vulnerability in humans). and emotions. This could change brain chemistry.” “Since October 1976 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has been emitting extremely low frequency signals from a number of Tesla-type transmitters. Technologies Specialist with the Canadian Dept. And we know that some kind of Russian transmitter is bombarding this country with extremely low frequency radio waves.

1998 A 1982 US Air Force Review of Biotechnology stated. an ‘infrasonic sound’ generator that destroys all life forms. a ‘nervous system generator’ known. interference with mental processes. nausea and diarrhea. modification of behavior and emotional response.Free Your Mind governments have done similar things. microwave or radio-frequency radiation or visible light pulsed at brain-wave frequency for their effects. A few seconds later hundreds of Iraqi soldiers pour out from an underground bunker to surrender.Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. to paralyze insects. I remember reading a story in the newspaper after the Gulf War. or disruption of internal organ functions in various other ways. and the journalist was describing his surprise to see a helicopter fly over an area. TV. or even light bulbs. “Russia’s psychotronic weapons include a psychotronic generator which produces electromagnetic emanations that can be sent through telephone lines. There is a lot of information and research out there on biofeedback as well as psychotronic weaponry. “Many of the non-lethal weapons under consideration utilize infrasound or electromagnetic energy (including lasers. The journalist was told it was a psychoactive weapon that was used.’ which kill by attacking internal organs without leaving a mark on the skin and ‘noiseless cassettes’ featuring voices too low to be heard.” – from The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. seizures. which are nevertheless detected by the subconscious. The mind is actually very susceptible and easy to control. severe pain. and using this for warfare is a terrifying thought. ‘ultrasound emanations. dizziness.) These weapons are said to cause temporary or permanent blinding.” . “Radio frequency radiation fields may pose powerful and revolutionary anti-personnel military threats… 165 . so far. Oct 1994.

to be sure. and even today acupuncture and chi gung are gaining acceptance in the West. In fact this kind of weapon was not unheard of in ancient times. we are already unarmed. can cause healing. The placement of different kinds of energy along certain grid lines and points of the body. imagine the incredibly powerful propaganda tool this could be. the passage of approximately 100 milliamperes through the myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death. again pointing to speed of light weapons effect. at least ten nations now possess scalar electromagnetic weapons called “Tesla howitzers” or “Longitudinal Wave Interferometers. which discuss the possible use of such weapons to create impenetrable electromagnetic domes over entire cities. Tom Beardon. Col. 166 . not only for enemy nations but perhaps in building support for our own government at home as well. has written various articles updating this information. called meridians. Further. He claims China has already deployed both quantum potential (QP) weapons as well as negative energy electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons. It might be a good idea to dust off our swords. Imagine disabling all of our guns by electromagnetic means from far away with the flick of a switch: forget the NRA and the right to bear arms. who wrote the 1986 book Fer-de-Lance: A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons.” Beardon.Surfing the Tao RFR experiments and the increasing understanding of the brain as an electrically-mediated organ suggests the serious probability that impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive to purposeful behavior and may be capable of directing and or interrogating such behavior. Guns and bullets are way out of date. one can affect powerful healing from a cellular or even atomic level. A rapidly scanning RFR system could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area.” According to scalar scientist Lt. sitting ducks. personal selfdefense utilized changes in individual electrical fields as well. Also. Besides the possibility that the world’s ancient megalith network was being used as a type of HAARP system. Just by changing the frequency of the energy field in the subject.

cause liver failure. as opposed to making physical contact. The CIA was forced to admit their research had involved dozens of major colleges and universities (including Harvard. cerebral hemorrhage. from angry to docile and back again. The “MK” stands for the German words for “mind control.6 He told Congress in 1974. According to him. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. a former director of the CIA. Columbia. and Johns Hopkins). What’s more scary is just as with the Tesla coil. The individual 167 . “Dimak” means “death touch” in Chinese and was discovered through the same means as acupuncture thousands of years ago in the East. “We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. their goal was to investigate whether and how it was possible to modify an individual’s behavior by covert means. you just lightly tap a certain point on a certain meridian at a certain location and time of day. Sidney Gottlieb.Free Your Mind But this same knowledge is also a terrifyingly effective weapon. The purpose is physical control of the mind. as well as hospitals and prisons. It is still one of the reasons why in those countries when people meet. was also a former member of the Board of Directors of Eli Lilly.” They experimented with drugs like LSD and many test subjects never recovered. Dimak can affect bio-rhythms. Dr. the psychiatrist in charge of the program. Depending on which body part you want to affect. By pressing certain buttons on his controls. Cornell. electrical impulses in the brain. which was uncovered during the Kennedy administration largely due to the testimony of Dr. heart attacks. and a variety of other deaths. This was the favorite method of the assassins of ancient China. President George Bush. placement in time and space is vital. It was found out that Eli Lilly was the main American supplier of LSD to the CIA. they bow and cover one hand with another. He was the first to test tiny radio transmitters under the skin in monkeys. he was able to immediately change its mood. to show they are not dimaking. Jose Delgado is considered the father of American mind control. MKUltra was a covert CIA operation. various research foundations including the NIH. the lunar calendar supposedly is involved as well.

have told me.” Katherine Albrecht is completing her doctoral dissertation on consumer privacy and psychology at Harvard.”7 Believe it or not. Consumers Against 168 .Surfing the Tao may think that the most important reality is his own existence. in that way. mentally. the Wall Street Journal. Her work has been featured in the likes of USA Today. they can make us fearful. Far from being paranoid. the five-sense level. So they want to create a situation in which. he said. microphones in restaurant booths. when a consciousness becomes incarnate within this frequency range we call our world. and believes strongly that we should at least be made aware. producing the energy they want. microchipped. CBS. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. the Boston Globe. and ABC. what on earth is in all those secret files?? In an interview with author David Icke. her work is well researched and documented. Her organization CASPIAN. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain. We must electrically control the brain. scientists. The goal. straight out of the womb. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. NBC. but this is only his personal point of view. published in the September 2002 issue of The Spectrum magazine. And. “As big time insiders. If these things are out in the open. like homing beacons in grocery carts. with the kind of microchips they have now available. Fox News. She has proof there is a lot going on we are not told about. and tracking devices in shoes. waiting to be manipulated into everyday use. they need. They want to turn this world into a gigantic power station. it immediately enters a body that is under their control because of the microchip. simply by sending electronic messages and codes to the chip. they can manipulate you emotionally. once you are microchipped. any time they want. the Washington Post. from a distance. is to have children. This lacks historical perspective. of course. stressful. this guy is still considered top in his field. Her research has uncovered actual technology in use today most people know nothing about. She is leading a campaign against consumer privacy invasion and shopper surveillance.

White House advisor on weather modification (!!). Orville. sometimes called the father of weather control. did you know the U. and take the power out of hurricanes and tropical storms. (Incidentally.S. to beam sounds and words directly into a person’s brain using a microwave carrier.” -Joseph Mengele There are several books out there by or about people who claim to be de-programmed government agents. this technology was developed for man-dolphin communication and later was used successfully. using electronic modification to ionize or de-ionize selected regions of the sky. Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien.Free Your Mind Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering. Some titles are The Top 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Cisco Wheeler. Wilhelm Reich. has been “cloud seeding” since 1946? Such technology was used to clear fog at airports or increase rain for the crops. And let’s not forget the neurophone. Scientific modification of the weather has been the subject of international law since the 1970s. Extrapolating the other possibilities for such a device is literally mind numbing.8 Decades of bizarre weather and weather-related disasters followed. In the 1960s. bring rain to deserts. is known for his study of orgone. Talk about playing God. the less you seem to believe we are doing it. a directly measurable and observable atmospheric energy. described for the press their study which “manipulated the charges of the earth and sky and so affect the weather”.) The United Nation’s convention on the Prohibition of Military of Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD Convention) 169 . The material is so disturbing I prefer to let people research this on their own if they wish to know. even on deaf people. In 1958 Captain Howard T. He invented “cloud-busting” machines that are used by various nations today to break droughts. seeks to educate consumers about such technology. and David Icke’s books like The Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix. On a related subject. “The more we do to you. Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor. he died in prison for illegally selling his ‘orgone’ machine that claimed to heal cancer.

high-reward endeavor. because it was such a large scale project. pseudomonas aeroginosa. ethylene dibromide. There has been a lot of controversy over these “chem-trails” because they are found to contain dangerous elements like barium. U. and see crisscrossed cloud lines in the sky. and streptomyces that are making people sick.S. The aerosol substance released by the ship contained a bacteria known as serratia. aerospace forces can ‘own the weather’ by capitalizing on energy technologies…offering…tools to shape the battle space in ways never before possible. weathermodification offers a dilemma not unlike the splitting of the atom…[It also] offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat an enemy.000 residents was exposed. funds a lot of studies on rain-making. sometimes even in a grid pattern.10 Airline officials and mechanics were forced to sign nondisclosure forms.”9 The U. One of the provisos is a law against the deliberate causation of earthquakes! Actually there is quite a bit of material out there on geophysical warfare. Called Project Cloverleaf and initiated in 1998. aluminum. The HAARP executive summary states. anywhere in the world really.11 That 170 . but many have spoken out anonymously with concern against the program. The records contain the conclusion that nearly every one of San Francisco’s 800. Unlike true vapor trails that dissipate. which was believed harmless by the military at the time but which has been found since to cause a type of pneumonia that can be fatal. hurricane modification and other such weather modifications.S. In the 1950s the Los Angeles Times reported that a “germ fog” had been sprayed by a Navy ship over San Francisco without its citizens’ knowledge in an experiment designed to determine both attack and defense capabilities of biological weapons. fog and cloud modification. hail and lightning suppression. “In 2025. these are at low altitude and generate more cloud cover. A high-risk. It’s quite easy to look up in the sky. serratia marcescens.Surfing the Tao prohibits the use of technology that would have severe effects on the environment. This is not the first time such programs have been implemented. and we would be none the wiser if it had been going on for a while. especially in a city. it involved contracting major airlines to help spray these chemicals for the government.

St.”14 Nicholas Roerich. Today we can read headlines about our own military personnel involved in extremely high rates of stress disorders and domestic violence.”13 Along similar lines. Director of Technic Research Lab in California. again.Free Your Mind alone was horrible enough. broadcasting rays that influenced the destiny of the world. “give me money and three months and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of the people in this town without their knowing it. Elizabeth Rauscher. shaped as a disc of gold 12 feet tall. Dr. and she has studied the effects of ELF on people for decades. which “had been hidden in a tower in Shambhala. Germain stated. Ballard described seeing a large machine. St. Germain revealed that far from being a mere symbol. The Soviets had made a lot of progress in studying the effects of ELF on people. claimed to have possessed the mysterious “stone from another world” and used it to aid the creation of the League of 171 . Mr. but later the military disclosed it had conducted 239 open-air biological tests between 1949 and 1969. Allegedly with him during one of his “trips” inside Mount Shasta. experimenting on the public without the their knowledge. the renowned mystic. “This radiation affects—the seven ganglionic centers [nerve centers outside the brain and spinal cord] within every human body on out planet—as well as all animal and plant life. Germain. Rauscher said. not to mention unexplained illnesses like Gulf War Syndrome. Another leading researcher in the 1970s was Dr. this machine was used by the “Great Cosmic Beings”. St. She successfully predicted earthquakes in the 1990s by monitoring background ELF. She discovered that one frequency would cause nausea lasting for over an hour.” This is strange evidence that powerful electronics are being used by these beings to “affect the human nervous system on a widespread scale.”12 Another note on this subject refers again to our old friend. Another frequency she called the “marijuana frequency” gets people laughing. William Henry in his book One Foot in Atlantis wrote about a particular black stone. who pour their powerful currents of radiation through it and directed out to the “humanity of earth”. They published studies showing a marked increase in psychiatric and central nervous system disorders and stress in sailors working near ELF generators. covered with the All-Seeing Eye and a sevenpointed star encrusted with diamonds. According to Ballard.

They experimented on hundreds if not thousands of involuntary human subjects. our own people? All you have to do is consider the government’s well documented past record of abuses. Alone. Talk about population control. as well as the presence of certain chemicals or food additives in the body. 172 . But next to all this other evidence regarding modern technology and weaponry. Such agencies have a record of circumventing legal restrictions on their activities. And the governments of the world are now working publicly towards identifying and controlling every citizen in a very Big Brother-like way.Surfing the Tao Nations after WWI. or used against. yet public knowledge of them could strip them of their power. Do you think such weapons could ever be tested on. these stories would seem unbelievable. Do you think our government is wise to be developing these kinds of weapons? They might be stupid not to. Such devices. with massive computer networks and now even tiny microchips to be fitted inside each person. especially during times of war. the precursor to the New World Order. The CIA has allegedly participated in all kinds of criminal behavior over the years. can be used to resonate the person at a desired frequency if exposed to certain levels of electromagnetic radiation. one must stop and think.

wave shape. author Beardon wrote. one can…induce a variety of effects such as earthquakes. focusing.” Scientists are now studying and planning for the geo-magnetic phenomenon of a pole reversal. “If significant scalar effects are produced on Earth in a ‘pulse’ mode…the coupled resonant response from the Sun could be disastrous. an increasing number of ELF and VLF vibrations could be disrupting the Earth’s natural electromagnetic systems. could it cause a premature reversal of the poles? An article in Specula Magazine from January.300 years – and for which we are long overdue. In Fer-deLance. summer will be winter. Could the new technologies being developed like HAARP and Russia’s Woodpecker system. severe disturbances…and anomalous weather effects. “Richard Williams. an event they believe takes place about every 3. be destructive to our environment in ways no one imagined? March 1988’s issue of Omni Magazine contained an article which said. strongly 173 . a physicist at Princeton.Destruction by Fire The trees will burn. the fiery destruction of the Earth. Consider that for the first time in history. stated that he thinks the Eastlund (HAARP) project might become ‘a serious threat to the earth’s atmosphere’ and ‘could cause irreversible damage…effects in the atmosphere cannot be localized…the language of the patent indicates that it is clearly intended to provide effects on a global scale. and winter will become summer. etc. This is called the Tesla effect.” Tesla himself predicted the possibility of a vibration so intense it could actually split the Earth. Could modern technology affect or disrupt our Earth’s natural internal dynamo system. modern takes on an ancient technology. The simplest Doomsday simulation would be for a violent expulsion of solar electromagnetic energy and particles…In that case. 1978 speculated that “giant resonance waves of this type can be combined so that a ‘beam’ or focused effect of very great energy exists inside the earth…depending on the frequency. induced at a distant aiming point.

even at regular intervals. will virtually destroy the Earth’s surface.Surfing the Tao indicative of Biblical prophecy. burning everything into oblivion. There is an inexplicable layer of red silt found planetwide from about 3600 years ago. An article in the Dallas Morning News on Feb 5. perhaps our governments are hoping to control its effects with their technology. actually a brown dwarf star. The body would not strike Earth itself. and then in one hour shift our planet 90 degrees. trailing red iron oxide dust and comets (it may appear like a red cross in the sky) in its tail. would result. 2001 talked about saving people from ruinous climactic changes. they have found mammoths in Antarctica frozen solid so quickly their flesh is still edible and daisies were found in their mouths midchew. There is evidence that polar positions may swing around suddenly. whose orbit takes it far. (Remember the three days of darkness in the Book of Exodus?) Massive tidal waves. It went on to discuss evidence of past 174 . Some scientists like Immanuel Velikovsky and Charles Hapgood describe something like a polar shift having happened to our planet several times. causing hurricane force winds across the entire surface of the Earth. evidence suggests ancient civilizations seem to have flourished for long periods with our Earth at a different tilt. earthquakes and other destructive elements. Particularly sensitive are the resonances of Sun-Earth. According to anonymous NASA astronomers.”1 Beardon believes countries like China now possess the technology to literally fry large areas. only making it around our sun once every 3600 years or so (some others say it returns at the turn of the zodiac. Its orbit is in the opposite direction of the orbit of Earth and the other planets around us. every 25. There is evidence of a mystery planet. and is an alternative explanation for the cause of ancient floods and other catastrophes. including possibly a rain of deadly fire from its tail. As mentioned earlier. around 1600 BC. which is on its way back into our solar system.920 years). its arrival in our solar system would cause global destruction. Many researchers believe a sudden shift could be caused by an ancient cosmic perterber. But it will cause the rotation of the Earth to actually stop for up to three days. far out of the solar system. It will allegedly appear red in color. which could fall to earth and contaminate the earth’s waters. because of the strong repellent magnetism. Sun-Moon and Earth-Moon systems.

or “The Perterber. “The Comet of Doom”.387 B. The Third Sun was 4081 years.C. 1983 in The Washington Post. The Second Sun lasted 4010 years. The Chinese called if “Gung-gung”. The “Fiery Messenger”. and the “God of Destruction”. The Fourth Sun began 5026 years ago and is supposed be destroyed by a rain of blood and fire. The Egyptians called it “Apep’ or “Seth. Other prophets have called it “The Blue Star” (Hopi legends talk of a blue star. 5187 B. The Babylonians and the Mesopotamians called it “Marduk”. “The Great Phoenix”. The official name of the object is 2001 KX76. The Sumerians called this invader “Nibiru”.Destruction by Fire planetary calamities occurring around the years 12. followed by destruction by a great wind. the Mayans “Celestial Quetzalcoatl”. “NASA held a press conference last week to make a rather strange announcement: an eccentric 10th planet may . “The Celestial Lord Shiva”. commonly referred to as Planet X. other observations have been suppressed. and this world was destroyed by fire.C. The First Sun was a period lasting 4008 years. Modern researchers officially identified an object in our skies and released the information on December 30. Since then. The whole issue is shrouded in controversy. and then promptly retracted it. and blamed it for the destruction of a former planet in our solar system called Tiamat. The Aztec accounting of past ages. “The Great Black” or “Red Dragon. also “The King of the Heavens”.” The Phoenicians. “The Red Star”.2 Zecharia Sitchin’s book The Twelfth Planet relates ancient accounts of this destructive. or “Nemesis”.. called a orbiting 175 . 1987 said. half of which became the asteroid belt and the other half becoming Earth.. and some researchers say the refraction of light can make it appear blue for a time).” The Sumerians even had a name for the 3600 year orbit. or “Suns”. Other ancient astronomers called it “The Intruder.” The Hebrews called it “The Winged Globe” because of its long orbit high among the stars. The Greeks called it “Typhon”. The ancient Hindu astronomers named the 3600 year period Treta Yuga. and the destruction it causes Kali Yuga. extra-planetary body. Newsweek magazine July 13.C. during which time there were giants and a great flood which destroyed everything but one human couple. and 1587 B.C. 8787 B.or may not . or “The Great Heavenly Body”. is mysteriously similar.

the best I can come up with here is ‘shield’. A military ‘remote viewer’ psychically witnessed an official interaction between a recent President and the gray aliens about the orbit of a celestial anomaly. though nowhere near the other nine. even calling it an “intruder” planet. 2000 reported. . Only a few hundred million would survive at all. as one observer noted. Maybe the whole thing is just a red herring. a sure give-away that a cover-up is in the works. something they [suspiciously] say was done to “preserve life”. Harrington dispatched an appropriate telescope to New Zealand to get visual confirmation.300 years. a NASA research scientist who was the principal speaker. Science News on April 7. If it were true.. Some estimates say 80% of the earth’s population would die at the moment of the shift. The details seem to change back and forth. has a hunch Planet X is out there. “A Comet’s Odd Orbit Hints at Hidden Planet and Orbit of 3.” The government is keeping silent. but will affect the gravitation of Earth.” In 1992. would you want the government to tell us? It would certainly cause worldwide panic. because he’s talking about protection. shelters and even a space station.000 revolutions around the sun. Maybe the government is trying to prevent a catastrophe. They say “every 25.[think ‘SDI’] He says they must build underground facilities for themselves and their people – not just where they are but in other places where there are mountains and bedrock…there are humans who will die because they are not prepared…Panic …is inevitable but there are means of keeping problems to a minimum and we will give you those means…”3 There have been dozens of misleading articles written about this in the past two decades. John Anderson. 176 . and these will have to be mostly underground. but he suddenly and mysteriously died.Surfing the Tao the Sun. and another 10% in the months afterwards from starvation. The scope was immediately called back. and it is clear that there is no way to save all 6 billion of us. the Earth is pelted by large stones from the sky…There is also a planet that crosses the orbits of planets in this solar systems and that…cases a lot of problems for Earth and the other planets…He tells them to get people involved in putting up a . while at the same time building dozens of massive underground cities. “almost before he was cold”. scientists Harrington and Van Flandern of the Naval Observatory found this 10th planet.

“Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sites on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of the their wrath has come. and who can stand?” – Revelation 6:15-17 There are stories of people moving underground to survive such a calamity in past ages. the princes. there are elaborate ancient tunnel systems all over the world. the generals. Byrd of the U. volcanoes and arctic meltdowns in recent years.Destruction by Fire “Then the kings of the earth. They called to the mountains and the rocks. Navy reported some unusual sights when he flew into a strange tropical land “beyond the poles” during his polar expedition in 1956. Some say it is already out by Pluto and its arrival in our solar system has been the cause of the increasing severity of earth and climate changes such as earthquakes. The Russians allegedly made a strange comment in September 2000 during a parliamentary meeting about an “anticipated chain of disasters due to hit in 2003.” (The timing of such an event is probably difficult to pin down. Independent astronomers intent on 177 . and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. Many alternative researchers believe a civilization exists within the earth to this day.) They discussed the expected “massive population shrinkage” and wondered aloud in a recorded microphone whether Russia would even be a country any longer. Rear Admiral Richard E. the rich. Secret societies are rumored to be guarding giant golden doors that open into tunnels that connect the earth’s continents through its network of pyramids. too late to do anything. Some researchers suggest even a fairly large brown dwarf star could remain invisible to the naked eye and regular telescopic equipment until it is as close as three months away. Nibiru is 100 times denser than earth and four times bigger. the mighty. but you know what they say about the boy who cries wolf: when there really is a danger no one will listen. from South America to China. One Native American legend explains how the “Ant people” who lived inside the earth helped them survive one such catastrophe. droughts.S.

An Apache Indian prophet called Stalking Wolf had a vision of the end back in the 1880s. This prophecy can be found in Native American legends as well as the Bible.30) states that at the end of Brahma’s day. 75:9).11. who lives beneath the lower world in a place called “Hel” and was involved in the world’s creation. claimed that many terrible signs will appear in the sky. The whole of creation seemed to have grown still. there will be no safety in the world of man. Qur’anic text often references a coming “calamity”. Stalking Wolf saw the sky turn a liquid blood red. followed by a great flood. Caesarius of Heisterbach. and the river Usk burn for seven months…Fishes shall die in the heat thereof. Berosus. “…in those days the oaks of the forest shall burn…the Seven Sea shall discharge itself through seven mouths. “the devastation takes place due to the fire emanating from the mouth of Sankkarsana”.’ Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote in The Prophecies of Merlin that Merlin predicted a time of luxury. including rivers turning red.Surfing the Tao viewing the object have had a difficult time getting permission to use a big enough telescope. then is the third sign. the sun will darken and will ‘show itself bloody red. fire at night. raining down fire and hail. and many Islamic traditions mention “the rising of the sun in the west. fornication and debauchery and famine. wrote that all terrestrial life will be consumed by fire during a planetary alignment. when the world is destroyed with flames by a being called Surt. and from upon them 178 . a Chaldean astonomer. Many believe the strange heavenly manifestations and earth changes in the Book of Exodus were this same phenomenon. and a “conjoining of the sun and moon” (Q. “This. the night of the bleeding stars. a prophet who lived during the thirteenth century. The Srimad Bhagavatam (3. It will become known throughout the world. I am not alone in my vision of a shifting and burning Earth.” The Ipuwer Papyrus is a document found in Egypt in the 1800s which recounts in stunning detail a series of ancient catastrophes. The red sky seemed to burn the Earth wherever it touched. for the sky in all the lands will be red with the blood of the sky. pillars of clouds during the day and a thick darkness in all the land.”4 The Norse Ragnarok involves the destruction of the earth. and told it to his student Tom Brown who wrote about it in his book The Quest. day and night…when the sky bleeds fire.

Destruction by Fire serpents will be born…the river Thames will turn to blood and ‘the seas shall rise up in the twinkling of an eye. There is a remarkable recurrence of this event in Biblical prophecy. ‘the sun will be darkened. the whole moon turned blood red.” In the Book of Revelation. and the heavenly bodies will be shaken. the elements will be destroyed by fire.” – 2 Peter 3:10. the stars will fall from the sky. and the elements will melt in the heat. …That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire. the stars will fall from the sky. as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The sky receded like a scroll. I have listed many of them here because I find it so astounding. the sixth seal talks of a strange disturbance in the heavens. one that is repeated over and over again by nearly every prophet in the Bible.’ At that time men will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory. The heavens will disappear with a roar.”-Revelation 6:12-14 Final destruction by fire and a shaking of the heavens is found everywhere. and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.” – Matthew 24:29 “But in those days. And he will send his angels and gather his elect from 179 . and the heavenly bodies will be shaken. 12 “Immediately after the distress of those days the sun will be darkened. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair. and the moon will not give its light. following that distress. “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. and every mountain and island was removed from its place. “I watched as he opened the sixth seal. and the moon will not give its light. rolling up. There was a great earthquake. and the stars in the sky fell to earth.

” -Joel 2:1-3. behind them a flame blazes…Before them the earth shakes. from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens. nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. for the day of the Lord is coming. Men will faint from terror. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Before them fire devours. 10 “I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth. stand up and lift up your heads because your redemption is drawing near. blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. the mountains saw you and writhed.” – Mark 21:24-27 “There will be signs in the sun. the deep roared and lifted its waves on high.” –Luke 21:25-28 “Let all who live in the land tremble. a day of clouds and blackness. at the lightning of your flashing spear. such as never was of old nor ever will be in ages to come. apprehensive of what is coming on the world. for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. Sun and moon stood still in the heavens at the glint of your flying arrow. I will make the sun go down at noon and darken the earth in broad daylight. Torrents of water swept by. the sky trembles. the sun and moon are darkened. moon and stars.” -Joel 2:30-31 “In that day. On the earth. When these things begin to take place.” – Amos 8:9 “You split the earth with rivers.a day of darkness and gloom. and the stars no longer shine. declares the Sovereign Lord. It is close at hand .” -Habakkuk 3:10-11 180 .Surfing the Tao the four winds. Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes.

and at the heavens. and there were no people. though I will not destroy it completely. no cold or frost. though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea. and the fruitful land was a desert. The stars of heaven and their constellations will not show their light. The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light…Therefore I will make the heavens tremble. because I have spoken and will not relent…”-Jeremiah 5:23-28 “God is our refuge and strength. Everyone will see that I the Lord have kindled it. before his fierce anger…The whole land will be ruined. the earth melts. 13 “This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am about to set fire to you. it will not be quenched. Therefore the earth will mourn and the heaven above grow dark. without daytime or nighttime – a 181 .”-Ezekiel 21:47-48 “I looked at the earth. I looked. and every face from south to north will be scorched by it. and it was formless and empty. both green and dry. and they were quaking. the day of the Lord is coming – a cruel day. in the day of his burning anger. he lifts his voice. all the hills were swaying.Destruction by Fire “See. and the earth will shake from its place at the wrath of the Lord Almighty. and it will consume all your trees. with wrath and fierce anger – to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it. though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging…Nations are in an uproar. The blazing flame will not be quenched. an ever-present help in trouble. every bird in the sky had flown away. all its towns lay in ruins before the Lord. Therefore we will not fear.” -Psalms 46:1-6 “On that day there will be no light.” -Isaiah 13:9-10. and their light was gone. kingdoms fall. I looked at the mountains. I looked. It will be a unique day.

if he does not. and the day will go dark for them.” – Nahum 1:5-6 “As for the prophets who lead my people astray. they proclaim peace. 18 “The Lord is slow to anger and great in power…The mountains quake before him and the hills melt away. if one feeds them. ‘Not a root or a branch will be left to them. there will be light. each by the sword of his brother. a day of trouble and ruin.’ says the Lord Almighty. When evening comes.” – Haggai 2:21-22 “‘Surely the day is coming. they prepare to wage war against him. The sun will set for the prophets. a day of darkness and gloom.Surfing the Tao day known to the Lord. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble.” – Micah 3:5-6 “…I will shake the heavens and the earth. the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. But for you who revere my name. a day of clouds and blackness. the rocks are shattered before him. and that day that is coming will set them on fire.” – Zechariah 14:6 “That day will be a day of wrath. I will overthrow chariot and their drivers. for he will make a sudden end of all who live in the earth. horses and their riders will fall.” – Malachi 4:1-2 182 . The earth trembles at his presence. without visions. without divination. a day of trumpet and battle cry…In the fire of his jealousy the whole world will be consumed. a day of distress and anguish. I will overturn royal thrones and shatter the power of the foreign kingdoms. the world and all who live in it…His wrath is poured out like fire. it will burn like a furnace.” – Zephaniah 1:15-16. Therefore night will come over you. and darkness.

The Final Signs of Qiyaamah predict the ground will cave in and fog will cover the skies for forty days. Ground temperatures are on the rise. and become a dust scattered and you shall be three bands…(Q. It says the sun will stand at its zenith for 10 days. trans. Another theory suggests an exploding super volcano or series of volcanoes could destroy a large section of the Earth and throw the rest of it into darkness. possibly even contributing to the onset of another ice age. He predicted a tremendous earthquake that will shake the Earth. ‘Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens’. But before this.”-Obadiah 15. he said. though. when the earth shall be rocked and the mountains crumbled.18 The Qur’an also mentions a curiously similar event. but now he has promised.”-Hebrews 12:26 “The day of the Lord is near for all nations…The house of Jacob will be a fire and the house of Joseph a flame. He said the Indians who lived faithfully should not be afraid. after which a mighty flood will sweep away the white man. the Earth has to die. melting all the metals and minerals and burning the Earth in a general conflagration. According to geologist Dr. Large sections of the park are now closed 183 . predicted a similar destruction.Destruction by Fire “At that time his voice shook the earth. having already killed vast swathes of vegetation. Wovoka. because they will survive and be reunited with their ancestors. sickness or old age. Bruce Cornet. “When al-waqi’ah (“the Terror”) descends…abasing. Arberry) In the Zandi Vohuman Yasht. a Painte prophet who lived from 1858 until 1932. exalting. This system believes the pious will survive and pass through the fire as if through ‘warm milk’. Zoroastrian scripture contends that a comet called “Gochihr” will strike the earth and cause its final destruction. after which will follow a darkness lasting three nights. He had a vision that the world would be renewed so that there would be no more death. 56. the giant mega-caldera at Yellowstone has risen over three feet just in the past few years.

developed by the secret Jason Society.000 times greater than Pompeii. 2 and 3. Most nonconformist researchers know about Alternatives 1. “There is a conspiracy of her princes within her like a roaring lion tearing its prey. Some conspiracists believe what is now a “secret” world government can only take power openly if there are far fewer people on earth. The third option is to provide settlements on the moon or other planets. which was formed by President Eisenhower in 1957.Surfing the Tao because geysers and even road surfaces have become scalding. Maybe there is no Planet X and HAARP will shake our world alone. take treasure and precious things. peace and harmony. control and greed.5 And from the enormous amount of information available recently it seems the underground plans have already been implemented in a very wide scope. to destroy the horrors of the greedy ‘new world’ empire. especially if those remaining have been though an unimaginable trauma and were willing to accept anything in fear for their lives. Its leaders are not making decisions based on love. Los Alamos along with NASA and Texas A&M produced reports in 1986 and 1988 that plans existed for a “Lunar Tunneler.” a device with plasma or ultrasonic and laser technology. they devour people. These are the government’s plans for what to do to save the elite from the future overpopulation chaos and/or planetary disaster they believed was coming. or as a result of electromagnetic warfare. designed to create an underground colony on the moon. Maybe a volcano will be the author of a rain of fire. An eruption there would have a magnitude 100. Maybe Nibiru will come all the way at the very end. but based on power. and make many widows within her. though of course one never knows for sure how things will happen. either accidentally. Such a catastrophe fits the bill perfectly. Number two builds a network of underground cities and tunnels in which a select few would survive. The first is the proposed use of nuclear weapons to blast holes in the stratosphere to allow heat and pollution to escape. One thing is for sure. our poor Earth has been selfishly used and abused over the years and is already way out of balance. destroying the world’s breadbasket and spinning the world into meteorological and economic chaos. Her priests do violence to my law and 184 .

The people of the land practice extortion and commit robbery. If you realized you belonged in a more peaceful. People will follow the customs of others and be adulterated with them. and cows. strong in anger. they will be ruined. when the Lord has not spoken. peculiar. Her prophets whitewash these deeds for them by false visions and lying divinations. serene frequency. ambitious. and greedy. their seemingly interminable reign over our dimension is coming to an end. They say. undisciplined barbarians will be vigorously supported by rulers. I suppose it depends on your perspective. But this is not a misleading cultic call that requires us to commit questionable acts – our only job is to cultivate the joy we need for the swell of the Tao to carry us safely over the reefs.” Thankfully. and the evil one cannot harm him. it might not be so difficult to handle – you might even look forward to it.”-Ezekiel 22:23-30 Hindu scripture is in agreement with the terrible signs of the age. Because they go on living with perversion. “…the one who was born of God keeps him safe. the ‘end of the world’ is a terrifying idea. denying them justice. inflicting death on women. taking pleasure at all times in lying and dishonesty. prone to take the paltry possessions of others…rising to power and soon falling. For many people. “All kings occupying the earth in the Kali Age will be wanting in tranquility. They will be short lived. children. We know that we are 185 . ‘this is what the Sovereign Lord says’. or dimension.Destruction by Fire profane my holy things… Her officials within her are like wolves tearing their prey. and knew how to get there. they oppress the poor and needy and mistreat the alien. of little virtue. they shed blood and kill people to make unjust gain.

predicted to happen just before the rise of the ‘anti-Christ’ figure of the end times. Its very location is so politically charged. Greece and Rome. The joining together of ten smaller nations. The problem is that at the moment the Islamic Dome of the Rock is presently occupying this space. they all failed. according to Daniel. “-1 John 5:18-20 Some people claim present day events are being construed to force the ‘end times’ upon us. though according to its Biblical dimensions. However. Even during Biblical times Hebrew was a dying language. Another prophecy predicted that the Hebrew language would be returned to Israel during the last days. and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. Indeed. will 186 . One Biblical event hearkening the arrival of the end times is the creation of Israel as a nation again. Jewish rabbinical students have been studying the reintroduction of the ancient Jewish sacrificial rites on the Temple Mount since the mid 1980s. Historians agree the first four world empires were Babylon. Napoleon. The revival of this ancient language is a phenomenon without equal in human history. the British Empire. the architectural plans for the third Temple have also been ready in Israel for years. The main purpose of the Temple is to house the Ark of the Covenant. Probably one of the biggest moments in prophecy will be the third rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. Interestingly.Surfing the Tao children of God. Media-Persia. many of our headlines do strangely mirror events in Biblical prophecy. amidst much debate. Jewish temple sacrifices haven’t occurred since the Romans demolished the second temple in 70 A. Prophecy also predicted many men would attempt this empire . Genghis Khan. Yet another prophecy indicates a fifth and final world empire would arise in these last days. after thousands of years of exile.Charlemagne.D. known only to a few scribes and priests. persecution and splintering. it curiously fits perfectly inside the “sarcophagus” in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid as well. Most of us alive today have no sense of the unlikelihood and importance of Israel being a political entity again after thousands of years. Hitler. that it is difficult to see how someone interested in future wars could not have planned it.

For in the days before the flood.000 days. In Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail. and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. and the date of their alignment was plotted as being July 28. 1. The controversial decoding of the Mayan prophecies was a remarkable development. each of the ancient oracles with their “modern” cathedrals represents a planet. up to the day Noah entered the ark. people were eating and drinking. marrying and giving in marriage. nor the Son. was obsessed with gold and worshipped a bloodlusting serpent god. 2018. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. the end of the present age would be December 22. It is even likely our calendar is off by a few years. 6 187 .”-Matthew 24:3639 Some people like to try to predict it anyway. so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. that is. “No one knows about that day or hour. European Union or other ‘new world order’ destined to this fate? The Club of Rome has a plan to divide the entire world into ten regions for rule. The Bible warns against this. Mayanist Eric Thompson was able to establish in the early 20th century that the end of the last Great Cycle and the start of the present corresponded to the Gregorian date of 13 August 3114 B. not even the angels in heaven. Some Christian scholars have determined from in-depth mathematical research of the Bible a date sometime around A. 872. 2012. but only the Father. 2019. plenty of people have been criticized over the years for determining the dates for this last era. Everyone wants to know when. Is the United Nations.C.N.D. As it was in the days of Noah. As a Great Cycle was reckoned to last for 13 baktuns. There are only ten seats in the pyramid-shaped ‘meditation room’ in the Holy of Holies at the U.Destruction by Fire form the last world empire. per the prophecy in Daniel. The Mayan civilization was one of many who built pyramids. Based on the works of various people that helped break the code.

not lovers of the good. what would make this time different from any other? But consider that within the perspective of a reality that may have existed for millions and millions of years. the rate of acceleration is incredible. I might also remind some people how much nicer life was even just a couple of decades ago. the next 400. Other indications of the last days are less obvious. proud. when we didn’t have to lock our doors or worry about our children at the park.000. rash. ungrateful. When he came upon the Mayan prophecies years later it shocked him so thoroughly he went back and reworked it and came out with a more exact date of December 21.Surfing the Tao Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero Theory came to a strikingly similar conclusion. without self-control. People will be lovers of themselves.000 year era. Over time this pattern speeds up. unholy. always worse. Some would argue humans have behaved badly forever. Back in the 70s. treacherous. He is not the only author to write about this sense of ‘quickening’. the First Age lasted perhaps 4. Never have times seemed to get better. “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. unforgiving. without love.000 years. no one knows the exact timing. Events are constantly in a state of flux. disobedient to their parents. brutal. abusive. If you consider even just the technological advancements made this century. and now we are right at the very end of the last 4. perhaps the entire last 2000 can be considered the end times – and they have all been full of strife and bloodshed. Explained in his book The Invisible Landscape.000. Their research mirrors a Hindu concept which claims each past era was ten times longer than the previous one. But remember. we have gone from Ozzie and Harriet to Ozzy Osbourne in fifty years. or even in school. boastful. following the pattern of an ever-tightening spiral in a geometrical progression – for example. the next 40. lovers of 188 . conceited.000. slanderous. lovers of money. As role models for our culture. McKenna determined the end date for civilization to be November 2012. McKenna worked out complex mathematical reasoning using the I Ching and found a pattern for high and low points in evolution and civilization that worked back for literally millions of years. 2012.

and hate too often… We’ve cleaned up the air. more conveniences. we buy more. big men and small character. but polluted the soul. We’ve conquered the atom. more experts. yet more problems. but less judgment. Testimonies and proofs have no certainties…People become poorer in vigor and luster. wider freeways. sinful. full of anger. and pray too seldom. more medicine. “The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers. but have less. stay up too late. but less time. “And Dharma becomes very weak in the Kali Age. spend too recklessly. and people commit sin in mind.Destruction by Fire pleasure rather than lovers of God . but less wellness. We spend more. drought and calamities appear. false and avaricious. being “fat of body and hungry of soul. We have multiplied our possessions. read too little.” Comedian George Carlin wrote. bad education. Power will be the sole definition of virtue. watch TV too much. We have bigger houses and smaller families.having a form of godliness but denying its power. but enjoy less. get too angry. Pleasure will be the only reason for marriage…Thus in the Kali Age humankind will be utterly destroyed. drive too fast. love too seldom. There are the days of two incomes 189 . but narrower viewpoints. Money alone will confer nobility. famines. Bad ambitions. fatal diseases. more knowledge. speech and actions… Quarrels. We have more degrees but less sense. Have nothing to do with them. but reduced our values. laugh too little. bad dealings and bad earnings excite fear. steep profits and shallow relationships. The whole batch becomes greedy and untruthful…Earth will be valued only for her mineral treasures. get up too tired. We drink too much.” – 2 Tim 3:1-5 All you have to do is turn on the television to see the truth in this.” Again. We talk too much. They are wicked. plague. The Zandi Vohuman Yasht refers to this period when people will worship greed and false religion. but not our prejudice…These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion. Hindu scripture is curiously similar in tone.

“Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our fathers died. perhaps there is even a figure now looming behind the scenes that will arise from within a sinister ancient brotherhood. a charismatic world leader or teacher.’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. “First of all. but broken homes. disposable diapers.”-2 Peter 3:3-10 190 . ‘I am the Christ. everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation. These are days of quick trips. Nation will rise against nation. At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other. to quiet. and kingdom against kingdom. but see to it that you are not alarmed. Hindu scripture warns. For many will come in my name. overweight bodies. fancier houses. and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. “In the Kali Age there will be many false religionists…” “Watch out that no one deceives you. and pills that do everything from cheer.Surfing the Tao but more divorce. There have already been many claiming to be Christ. but the end is still to come. and you will be hated by all nations because of me. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come. to kill. but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. scoffing and following their own evil desires. claiming.”-Matthew 24:4-13 And of course most people won’t want to believe this is happening at all.” There is another famous prophecy regarding the coming of an anti-Christ. one night stands. throwaway morality. Because of the increase of wickedness. the love of most will grow cold. They will say. Such things must happen. Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death. All these are the beginning of birth pains.

“When the storm has swept by. If we choose to align ourselves with the Tao and its living. famine. we can surf our Path into a higher reality. Are you still of mind. –Proverbs 10:22 Our world is headed for destruction. pulsating Force of love. It seems to be seeping into every pore of the planet. violence. and what we are conscious of: what we KNOW. either by a giant cataclysm or simply by continuing to sink deeper into the despair of secret weaponry. But this does not have to become our reality. the wicked are gone. It is all about how we visualize our world. 191 . But the righteous stand firm forever. But we must be prepared. We have free will – we have a choice.” – Lao Tzu The Tao is looking for those who choose Him and His Way of love. And the law would be written in their hearts.Destruction by Fire Knowing about a possible catastrophe hurtling towards us doesn’t do much to get us in that peaceful state of mind. all things would be in harmony. of their own free will. militant totalitarianism and non-love. so when and if it happens we are not terrorized – for terror may be exactly what They have planned. plague. poverty. if you decide to hang around for their games. so that you can know with the spirit? Do you know the Way to a future cleared of bad guys and their selfish motives of power and control? “If powerful men and women could remain centered in the Tao. All people would be at peace. war. When and if these prophecies actually come to pass it will be doubly frightening if you don’t know there is a Way out. the reassurance that we can be ultimately headed for something better is even stronger. and these negative things will simply disappear. The world would become a paradise. overpopulation. But as strong as the warnings are in my spirit.

Free Will?
“I could be bound in a nutshell and count myself as king of infinite space.” – Shakespeare’s Hamlet Many spiritual leaders describe life-altering mystical experiences in which they perceived the incredible interconnectedness of everything in an altered state of consciousness. They all report communicating with ‘beings of love’ in ethereal realms beyond our normal perception. Are they sure the entities that inhabit these alternate dimensions are telling us the truth about our reality? What if it’s all part and parcel of a false reality; an illusory world, replete with false gods, higher realms and consciousnesses, programmed to keep us prisoner within a certain set of parameters, and victim to its miseries? The abundance of “secret technology” alongside apocalyptic daily headlines serves to question. Philosophers have forever wondered how we can “know” what is real. As mentioned previously, even Plato and Socrates discussed notions of illusory worlds. In his Meditations, Rene Descartes noted that the senses often deceive. He actually wondered if a “malicious demon of the utmost power and cunning has employed all his energies in order to deceive me.” He further postulated that this demon could easily mislead us into believing in an external world, which is “merely the delusion of dreams which he has devised to ensnare [our] judgment.” Does knowledge require absolute certainty? How can we know that we know? This question nags at us like a ‘splinter in the mind’s eye’. Modern mathematician and philosopher Willard van Orman Quine, who just passed away in 2000, contributed to a fundamental change in the way people conceived of the world. Quine’s revolutionary ideas laid the groundwork for Thomas S. Kuhn’s famous 1962 work The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, which states that scientific theories are subjective descriptions of observed phenomena, rather than true descriptions of reality.1 Much like Descartes questioned the authority of our senses, Quine wondered

Free Will?

how we could use just our simple sense receptors to justify such an elaborate theory of the way things are. We have accepted a dualistic and hierarchical society without knowing there is an alternative. And our society adjusts slowly to new interpretations of reality. Thomas S. Kuhn coined the term “paradigm shift”. He stated that new knowledge is assimilated by individuals, who must readjust their traditional beliefs in order to create a new logical and factual congruence. When mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot discovered a complicated new fractal set of equations in 1975, it led to a fundamental scientific re-categorizing of our reality. Suddenly there was order in chaos. Science even uses it now to predict hurricanes and other natural phenomena.2 After a fashion, he had discovered equations governing our reality – the architectural structure of our ‘Matrix’. (Incidentally, Mandelbrot’s former research assistant, Lewis Siegel, is now a software engineer at Disney’s The Secret Lab and created the effects for the movie The Matrix.3) And judging from other sacred geometry and fractal shapes found throughout the ancient world, it is worth considering the idea that other civilizations knew far more about the nature of our reality than they are often given credit for. In Angkor Wat, recurrent patterns resembling the Mandelbrot Set were found amongst the vast ruins.4 Curiously, that particular fractal image also closely mirrors the outline of a sitting Buddha. “Mandelbrot’s reality has shapes undreamed of by Euclid, and surprises that ridicule the idea of order…clouds, coastlines, tree branches, commodity prices, word frequencies, turbulence in fluids, stars in the sky, a reputation, fame, the passage of history itself…- all are fractal shapes.”5 According to Rhonda Shearer in her article Real or ideal? DNA iconography in a new fractal era, classical geometries are based on the classical framework of dualism and hierarchies and created false values. But because, as Mandelbrot stated, “mountains are not cones,” fractals do not decrease in complexity, and by so thinking “we can begin to comprehend that duality and hierarchy are not properties of all structures.”6 Shearer also postulates that our brains have been perhaps unconsciously processing fractal structures all along. Perhaps by consciously knowing another kind of abstraction and expanding our horizons, we can learn how fractals are new possible social,

Surfing the Tao

perceptual and cognitive structures that reflect nonhierarchical and nondualistic principles. Humans cannot begin to comprehend their world without some sort of structure. Fractals give us this alternative – a tool to learn to conceive of life “outside the box” – outside the Matrix, which is presently held by those who rebel against His will. We can instead choose to live in joy in His will, using sounds and images of our own creation. “The most perfect actions echo the patterns found in nature.” –The Art of Peace Native cultures could have been processing fractals way before our modern arrogance discovered them. Ron Eglash, a former Silicon Valley computer engineer, noticed a geometric pattern in the layout of a Tanzanian village. He then noticed fractal geometry in everything from hairstyles and architecture, to artwork and religious practices in African culture. Fractal geometry is less ordered and less obvious than classic Euclidian geometry, and was perhaps considered primitive by invading European cultures that promptly redesigned life in straight lines. “It never occurred to them that the Africans might have been using a form of mathematics that they hadn’t even discovered yet.”7 Skara Brae, a Stone Age village in the Scottish Isles, also contains a series of interconnected houses of surprisingly complex design, and many villages were laid out in geometrical patterns.8 Free will goes largely unexercised, as most people are unaware of a higher reality at all. Machiavelli’s The Prince was written during the Renaissance to instruct those in positions of power and rule in Italy on how to obtain and maintain control over a group of people. This is the same concept as Hegelian dialectic: creating and supporting both sides of a conflict. Create turmoil and unrest between the people you are attempting to control, so that they will weaken each other, become easier to take over, and even come to you for help and governance as well as protection from their enemies. Divided, they will fall, either by economics, race, gender, politics, religion, whatever. They have used our own free will against us since the Garden of Eden. It is pretty much how our world is being run, though we are

Free Will?

in ignorance of this – if we knew about it, it wouldn’t work. They have gone to great lengths to deceive us on this point. There isn’t a single war that wasn’t stirred up by some secret ulterior motive. Most people don’t want to hear this, or believe it, for their perception of reality is limited to this frequency, and they take pride in the role they have on earth. Justifiably so, and I cannot imagine how many millions of innocent, ignorant lives were lost and deceived by this exploitation. Today many people rebel against any authority or tradition instead of conforming, but just look at our youth; they revel in selfimage and anti-social behavior, yet are just as standard and predictable in their rebellion as soldiers in an army. Big business willingly supports and greatly profits from this “alternative culture”. Outward rebellion is just a different method to control the minds of the masses. This includes “alternative” religions or spiritual movements. People might think they are using their free will, but in truth they are being manipulated through tradition, culture, fads, rebelliousness and plain old stubbornness not to mention junk food, drugs, technology and out-of-body trips. We have about as much free will as a cow, and about as much wisdom, too. But the cow doesn’t know any better, and neither do people, unless someone tells them. Is it acceptable for us to remain trapped on a ticking time bomb just because we are used to it, ignorant of a higher reality, only able to exercise our selfish will within the limited Matrix? In order to fully comprehend the illusion, we must investigate the truth regarding elements that can affect our reality. With awareness of modern technology, it becomes clear that we could be manipulated beyond our knowing. It is possible to change brain wave frequencies and take people out of a loving state of mind, so that our world becomes a Frankenstein creation of millions of nightmares. To get back to Paradise we must use our free will to take a leap of faith beyond intellectual knowing into the realm of knowing with the spirit. At this higher level of consciousness we can use the illusion to our advantage. Rather than fall victim to a negative frequency, we can choose to amplify a loving one, create our own quarks of matter, and swirl them into fractals of our own design, with the power of the Force behind us. He just wants us to know Him and the conscious role He plays in our reality. Help create that perfect wave surging your through life, making the choices that keep you most easily balanced.

Surfing the Tao

Use geometry to amplify His love and create a world that includes Him, instead of using it to declare your own power and separate yourself from Him.


frequency. so is he…” – Proverbs 23:7 I urge the reader to consider a place. “For as he thinks in his heart. diseases. 197 . as their inhabitants became aware of these truths about love together. you are creating your own reality whether you know it or not. for they are at One with the Wave. no crashing cars. whatever. each event and movement perfectly timed and choreographed exactly the Way each person desires. Everyone really knows God. Even the plants and animals work together in peace. enthralling yet graceful dance. ego or cruelties. no arguments. because there is no law necessary where everyone knows how to Surf. No money is needed.” – Bob Dylan Our world is made up of interlocking wavelengths of light. Life would become an abundant. where there is no conflict. there is no argument over religion or even politics. and let the Tao work out the harmony between them. constructing and deconstructing the “frozen music” that makes up our reality. Do you know the Way? Buddha spoke of it. When you speak into this quantum void. They each follow the rhythm of their hearts. and they tend to live miserably because of it. planet. We are free to create and live together harmoniously. There are no accidents. dimension. There are legends of cities that disappeared into the mists of the higher realms. everything is provided in abundance before our eyes. The ancient Chinese called this Way the Tao. Others are constantly complaining and moaning about something. There is no death. Matter is a matter of opinion. People with positive views on the world and their lives tend to have successful and happy ones. knowing intuitively the secrets of the universe. No fear or anger.There is no spoon: Learning to Surf “You can be in my dream if I can be in yours.

its dramas. Take advantage of the illusion by visualizing and speaking the negative parts out of existence. Cast them out of your life and never look back. Don’t allow yourself to be afraid or get frustrated – don’t focus on the sharks. like a child. it’s just that with love. “Now is the time for judgment on this world.’ Abandon such thoughts. ‘Look how he abused me and beat me. “‘Look how he abused me a beat me. It’s not that there is no evil.’ Live with such thoughts and you live in hate. and KNOW. and don’t let it affect your state of mind. So will guilt. thereby defusing the negative power. Once you know bad guys exist. but rise above it – ignore it. Anger. Create a positive vision of your world. and live in love…Only love dispels hate. traumas and dilemmas. This is an extremely important point. That means true free will. retribution and vindictiveness will tune you to the wrong frequency. our task is to think and speak it out of existence again. By using love to raise your frequency and consciousness. You can’t hold a grudge about what someone said yesterday and expect to ascend tomorrow. Let it go. 198 . or fool you.” Turn the other cheek. To stay at a higher frequency while we’re here requires us to learn how to truly forgive. worry and fear. Don’t let them surprise you. Realize things that seem bad can be part of a greater good – and it’s all good. beyond the reach of any negative technology or catastrophe. BE still. Fighting and complaining will only made it more real. They are trying to keep you involved in the material world. now the prince of this world will be driven out. know about it. Buddha taught. Learn control over your emotions – this is your ticket out. Be simple-minded. you know what to ignore. how he threw me down and robbed me.”-John 12:31 Once we become aware of our enemy. It’s not real. Don’t let bad things get you down. you can “ride” it or “surf” it into something good. This takes all the hot air out of their terror balloons.Surfing the Tao This is the Way to go if you want to be free. how he threw me down and robbed me. you can easily speak away all negative influences in your life.

This is how we declare we have made the choice allowing God to take control. Wallowing in fear or doubt will not make Him ‘pass you over’. where we were meant to be. an ever-present help in trouble. Our only escape is through joy and a personal relationship with the Tao. he lifts his voice. higher realizations eventually cause the mountain to disappear again. It is a bit of a paradox – we must first save ourselves. Stillness and even peace of mind is a foreign concept for most of us. kingdoms fall. Therefore we will not fear. the earth melts. the mountain appears and seems impassable. “God is our refuge and strength. Face everything in life without fear.Lao Tzu It doesn’t do any good to panic about evil or destruction. though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea. I like to visualize it like a video game. and if we trust in Him our lives will become blessed. by refusing to be fearful. He is a loving and generous Force. 199 .”-Psalms 46:1-6 It is said that a student of the Tao starts unaware of the mountain ahead of him. This will tune you in to a frequency where the bad things simply cannot reach you – if you do this. We begin to realize how great our powers are to fight the Mirror Images. though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging…Nations are in an uproar. With them we can create a world outside the established parameters. one way or another. but will cause you to be unable to hear Him when He calls. As he learns more and more about the truth. and our controllers are our words. We won’t need to worry about what to do even if the world seems to be coming to an end.There is no spoon: Learning to Surf “Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself. we begin to experience life on a higher level. Much of the world hasn’t been told what the actual conflict is about – that we must use our own free will to seek God’s will. He’s already got it all figured out. somehow God will manage to get you out of it. and maintaining a positive state of mind. its insurmountable peaks becoming anthills.” . Once we are tuned. Over time.

Just float along. Don’t fight the current. the Tao has given us weapons of spiritual warfare. while they can only harness the raw power. and faith.13 We are in the world. However. Therefore put on the full armor of God. and prayer. but not of it. against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. but against the rulers. You don’t give up power or control in the creation of your own reality when you align with the Tao. Your defense against them consists of an armor of truth. “The highest good is like water. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood. or become distracted by the fear or temptations on the shore. Our true weapons are not of flesh and blood. To fight forces in the ethereal realms. faith. righteousness. We are spiritual beings in a physical world. and choose to be part of it. Imagine what God can do when He wants something. When your life is in this flow. It flows in places men reject and so is like the Tao. it gives you more power to work with! Becoming one with love and allowing God to find your Path for you is the most empowering act you can ever choose. That means love.Surfing the Tao The key is to go with the flow.” – Lao Tzu The bad guys will do anything to keep us from understanding this discrepancy. become aware of its rushing river of loving energy. Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive. with the secure knowledge that love and joy are its ultimate goals. Resistance is not futile. our enemies are also of a spirit. you may be able to stand your ground…” – Ephesians 6:12. against the authorities. and a constant ecstatic joy surging in your heart. 200 . We become stronger than they are if we realize we have the consciousness of the Tao behind us. so that when the day of evil comes. not to mention the most powerful weapon of all: the sword of the Word. Know the Tao. there is peace and serenity in your world.

reasoning and theories. they have divine power to demolish strongholds.2 Corinthians 10:4. evidence suggests just about everyone used ‘magic’ in their daily lives.There is no spoon: Learning to Surf “For though we live in the world. This vibratory power of prayer is found amongst many tribal cultures. Hermetic and Masonic elements. Anton LaVey. founder of The Church of Satan. The battle is to break free. Many of us have been conditioned into bad habits like worry and anger for generations. But just as with our other technology. not wallow in suffering but instead keep from speaking words of woe. In ancient times. singing and praying are ways people have sought communion with God. you can experience radical changes in your own life. The Satanic Rituals – Companion to the Satanic Bible. and your reality will begin to improve. The battlefield is in the mind. It’s who it’s aimed at. Various gods and goddesses were invoked. fears. “Satanic Ritual is a blend of Gnostic. 21) Since ancient times. On the contrary. incorporating nomenclature and vibratory words of power from virtually every mythos. humans have worshipped the sacred power of the spoken word. doubts.” (p. talks about “words of power” in his book. we do not wage war as the world does. regardless of the bombardment. while others are disturbing and even nauseating. where we are bombarded with a “cleverly designed pattern of little nagging thoughts. In ancient Egypt. Certain sounds and tones are lovely and happy. Break free to think and speak positive and creative words. wonderings. priests were venerated for their knowledge of words of power. Prayer is like a tool given to us by the great cosmic void. this power is not inherently evil. When you begin to use this tool. Cabbalistic. Chanting. a practice which survived throughout the 201 . it is exactly this thought that keeps them there.5 Ueshiba teaches in The Art of Peace that our spirits are the true shields.” .”1 “Strongholds” are blockages in our minds that hold us to certain negative ways of thinking. how it’s used and by whom that makes the difference. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. suspicions. Many people might think they are trapped in misery by their unfortunate circumstances.

if you are tuned properly. and we all have equal power of the spoken word. Meanwhile learn to exist in the NOW. don’t allow negative words to leave your lips. Most important. And since most people couldn’t read. Live as if your problem was already solved. Do not repeat or plead with Him. guru. You can’t pray for something and then afterwards continue to complain about your life. preacher. or written on stone over which the water was poured. this is what prayer is all about and certainly this power is very real indeed. We are using the Force all around us every time we speak. and double mindedness. only the present moment. Don’t think prayer is just the words you say between “Dear God” and “Amen” . We cannot control the past or the future. Prayer is faith in action. Certain texts and scrolls were considered sacred because of the magical power thought to surround spoken as well as written words themselves. That is why humbleness and egolessness are vital. Always be in a state of gratitude. the end results are stunning. This act of doubt actually uncreates what you have asked for. and ability to speak. after which they would drink the water to enact the spell. Without knowing it our sloppy lips let in all kinds of influences from the ethereal realms whose intentions are questionable. If you concentrate on your own will you may not succeed. speaking words that resonate out into the universe and down to each atom. An important tip: His timing is not always our timing. instead of worrying about tomorrow. Sometimes He is weaving an intricate web our puny minds cannot comprehend. Using words properly one can also cause positive reactions in the quantum realm. everyone’s Path is slightly different. we should need no one to minister these elements for us. We will never quite understand how it works but we do it anyway and witness the results. What to pray is simple.every word 202 .Surfing the Tao millennia. Trust me. master or guide before your own inner voice. and don’t question when or why. desiring to do His will. this betrays doubt. Only you can determine God’s loving will for you. regardless of the religion of the day. spells and charms were written on papyrus and then soaked in water. once we are tuned. Just find something to be grateful for and concentrate on it. This concept continued within mainstream religions. this is why we let Him do His job. Trust no teacher. but without proper understanding of whose will we are enacting it is generally misused and abused.

good luck. You must be focused and unwavering. If you whine and moan you will continue to create your own disappointments. He wants you to be thankful even before you have it – that shows faith that He is there and working for you. A great Taoist story that illustrates this concept is about a Chinese farmer. good luck. Don’t imagine you need to be completely thought-free. a place where you cannot find your perfect wave. Let Him guide you around in life.” His son tried to ride the horse and fell off and broke his leg. We must practice not allowing negative thoughts to influence our moods. They passed over the farmer’s son with a broken leg. Who knows? There is no bad luck if we accept everything as a blessing in disguise. who knows.” said the farmer. The decision to choose love in spite of the situation will reward you with such abundance that your situation will no longer be negative. This intention includes our thoughts as well. “good luck!” But the farmer said.” said the villagers. Meditation is the art of gaining a higher perspective over uncontrolled or unwanted thoughts. with your free will. and watching them leave again. allowing failures to become new avenues toward success. Even if you do not speak anything negative. especially at first. Meditation is not a “goal” of enlightenment. And remember His plan is much greater than we can know. wallowing in negative thought can be just as destructive. Take back control of your own mind – choose it. who knows. joining others in creating a world of fear.There is no spoon: Learning to Surf you say all day every day is a prayer. He finds a wild horse. but merely a tool to help us function more clearly in this world. “Bad luck. “Good luck. regardless of what happens. “Bad luck!” said the villagers. But you must maintain eventemperedness. “bad luck. instead of following them into worry or fear. Just begin by noticing the thoughts that enter your mind. which would give them power. Each one resonates powerfully in God’s quantum realm – He hears you. 203 . This is where the true Art of Surfing is practiced. It is only as difficult as you imagine it is. and the villagers said. He might not want for you to get that job because He has a better one just around the corner. This is your higher self becoming aware – you are developing the ability to rise above your thoughts. Soon the army came through town looking for able-bodied youths.

they are fulfilled in the other realms. or find you a job so you can make money to buy it. “why didn’t you come and save me? I had such faith!” God replied. Knowing Him and living each moment in love. but you wouldn’t go!” Learn to recognize the divine in daily life.” he cried. It’s not just saying empty words. Even worse. He said. “Oh. This will be hard for some people at first. “No. giving you little synchronistic signals. “I did. Speaking an oath or curse is far more profound than many people realize. I am waiting for my God to come and save me. I know you will never let me drown.Surfing the Tao An important thing to remember about prayer in our dimension is that there is a time lag. So doing will take us to a place beyond. confident that God would save him. Director of Planetary Initiative at the U. but the man who does the will of God lives forever. I sent a boat. a ship and a helicopter for you. in our dimension if we ask for a loaf of bread God will provide a bountiful harvest of wheat. since most people are unaware of the power of their words. Don’t ignore the helicopters!! “Do not love the world or anything in the world…The world and its desires pass away. The waters continued to rise.” Just then someone came around in a canoe and offered to give him a ride. but the man still claimed to be waiting for God and refused to go.”-1 John 2:15-17 Living in His will means living in the flow of the Tao. they could have already renounced the good guys. For the time being. On a higher plane of existence you might ask for a loaf of bread and it materializes instantly in your hands. I found a terrifying quote from David Spangler. vindictiveness and disharmony. I have such faith in you. Misunderstanding or even outright refusal to live this way has filled our world with selfishness. Learn from the man trapped in a flood. no. and in heaven he asked God. Just as the waters were about to swallow him up a helicopter came for him but he waved them on. but after a while you get the hang of it. “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she 204 . and in our own futures. mentioned in New World and New Age articles. in ways we cannot understand.. for you to make the bread yourself. God. The waters were rising so he got on the roof of his house and prayed. He soon drowned. and pretty soon the Coast Guard came along in a ship.N. He is always there.

That will make all the difference. As poet Robert Frost encouraged. To overcome.” Hopefully if that is really true many people will refuse. BE still. in the NOW. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian oath. 205 . find the path less traveled.There is no spoon: Learning to Surf will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. and KNOW. In order to access the world beyond this one and truly exercise our free will. To know that we know that we know. learn to tune in your spirit. we must find and access that leap of faith. The world around us is full of misleading information – the physical reality we are used to has been perverted by the Mirror Image of the truth. we must still our minds and speak only words of love.

But I suggest we all 206 . To help us learn to discern this deception. where everyone wants to fit in.Spiritual Confusion In our strange modern times. I challenge the ‘enlightened mind’ to take a trip somewhere it probably never thought it could go. Sadly. To be sure. they want a better world for their children. Many brilliant minds are involved in a movement to heighten consciousness in our world today. when so many are educated about so many things. Ultimately we all know there can be only one. social. though it seems full of love and ‘light’ on the outside. So many wonderful. the Supreme Being has had to take a different path to win back the faith of a wandering herd. of their own free will. many religions have troublesome track records. educational and even quasi-spiritual groups. And their intentions all seem good. educated mind to take a leap of faith like the one I propose. Only a precious few will have the ear to hear their spirit’s call to a life of pure love. The path less traveled is not so highly prized in a world of fads and crazes. but can be found in a realm beyond our present consciousness. To evolve in consciousness requires us to become conscious of something new. Of course the world should unite under one spiritual truth. Everyone I know is horrified that there is so much war and stress. and they want to make a difference. has a very rotten core – a very rotten core indeed. Everyone wants to live in peace in the world. loving people are following along this spiritual ‘awakening’. I also believe the answer does not lie within one particular religion alone. This is not about simple evolution – it will have to be an outright revolution for the modern. many who innocently believe they are working for good are being cleverly deceived. He is raising up people who can deliver a message in a way our modern minds. Many of these intelligent people find the issue of religion repugnant and even contrary to spiritual enlightenment. can fathom. arrogantly crammed with facts and trivia and short attention spans. Thousands of tentacles and branches of this network have sprung up amongst various political. Because the alternative.

He actually believes he is doing the right thing by working for a figure called Lucifer. Rabbi nor even the Dalai Lama.Spiritual Confusion educate ourselves on just who is heading up the seemingly benign drive towards ‘nondenominational’ spirituality. there are a lot of people who are just looking for something to follow that sounds intelligent and seems to be working for good. since they use words like love and light. or a group of spooky “Masters”. Everything depends on the purity of one’s intention in going within. David Spangler makes it pretty clear. “This is where many who have practiced watchfulness have fallen into delusion over the centuries. So I suggest that everyone who has felt the call should read a little more about the connections the present ‘enlightened consciousness’ movement has to a group of “masters” who ultimately work for a very dark prince and his kingdom of reflected “Light”. What is the agenda? What is its source. I can talk to Him too. not through political agendas.” Author Hieromonk Damascene writes.” “one light”. to tell me a truth I know I can discern for myself. and world spiritual unification. we want to be a part of? New age religions often contain subtle mis-teachings. television. Priest. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and loves his family. pep rallies. and also secretly believe him to be the answer to our global suffering is highly disturbing. or even a world. its motive? Can we be sure? What if we really are being denied access to higher realms we are not told about? Can I be sure I am really using my free will? I will not trust any person – not a King. Being ‘king of the world’ means he’s not king of much else – and is extremely eager to show us a good time so we will stay a little longer. But are we sure this is a wisdom. Spangler is very active in elite circles. or “light workers. a Prince. Though our world’s top minds are often linked to this unification movement and probably understand who is behind it. They can even make it sound like they’re out to save the world. a President. to help keep us oblivious. Ancient technologies are even being revived behind our backs. It is difficult to discern them. If God is everywhere. The real Tao leads revolutions through our hearts. one person at a time. just coming to the realization that thousands of brilliant people do. Whether or not you believe he exists. Key phrases they use include “of the light. If one’s intention (conscious or unconscious) is not to 207 . And certainly not through someone called Lucifer.

Empty yourself and let the Divine function. The stillness of the void is both dark and light. Those who control the outer world have created various complicated systems of knowledge.”1 Damascene continues. but it will be a peace apart from God. it’s just incomplete – and dangerously susceptible to clever and subtle misinterpretation. 208 . then one can – upon becoming aware of the light of one’s spirit – begin to worship it as God.” Lao Tzu taught that the wise ones never tried to lead anyone to enlightenment.” But as Ueshiba wrote in The Art of Peace. “Unite yourself in the cosmos. Damascene quotes the mystic monk Archimandrite Sophrony and his experience of this phenomenon. but that brilliance will still be darkness. “The path into the light seems dark”. In my opinion being of the “light” is a vague term that could easily be abused and misinterpreted. He will think he has found God. “If a person’s motive is prideful. like a child. but to become unsophisticated – simple. When all trace of transcendence vanishes. repent and thus be reconciled to God. He will find a kind of peace. Don’t forget. do not mistake this light for God Himself. he will stop at this point. and dim and dark.”2 Even as spirit is made of light. the true person – the Divine Being – is manifest. and the thought of transcendence will disappear. he wrote. where they can find each other. “the unoriginate Light…eclipsed all else. or a light bulb. which can lead to what they call “enlightenment”.”3 So being “of the light” isn’t necessarily bad or evil. wooing the moths away from their true destiny. the guy who thinks he’s God likes to call himself the Bright Morning Star. But he is actually the Reflector of Light – he is not the Source of light itself. like “justice” or “equality”. This is a great example of the Mirror Image. or the Bearer of Light. Lao Tzu even describes the Tao as being elusive and intangible. Transcendence belongs to the profane world. but instead to “be spiritual” while continuing to worship oneself. However. Damascene does distinguish between this false light and what is called the “Unoriginate Light”. Another new-fangled spiritual call claims to be leading people towards “transcendance. which is the light of the moon – in the sky. This is the ultimate delusion. but God will not be there. which is far greater than mere spiritual light. He is like a flame. just as the rising sun eclipses the brightest star.Surfing the Tao face one’s sin-condition. admiring his own brilliance.

but that difficult times are somehow “necessary” for us to learn or evolve. Hermes or Melchizedek. They support new technologies to divert and amuse. Similar subtleties lace the practice of witchcraft. and General Motors. But unfortunately there is no such thing as good witchcraft. the occult. are not named Atum. including IBM.Spiritual Confusion The truth is so simple that once you realize you know everything. Organizations devoted to this artificial light speak of service to a fraternity or sharing and charitable works on earth. and Hindu mysticism might help executives compete in the world marketplace. And I don’t necessarily deny any of the spiritualisms 209 . They are busy worker bees. remember. meditation and tarot cards for use for the “New Age Capitalist. I just went because I had to. deciding for themselves their own will. The New York Times reported September 28. I gravitated towards new age teachings because I always believed in the supernatural. 1986 that “Representatives of some of the nation’s largest corporations. and no evil. manipulating the forces of nature on your own signals you are denying that God might have another will for you. Just think about all the TV shows. and the Tao is just energy to be manipulated. Thoth. an individual may exercise their free will to use the Force for their own gain. I grew up in a church of “God’s frozen people” – I never really understood the confusing rituals. Such notions are tempting – I’ve been there. They like to say there are no battles. Horus. the human ones. People are flattered into believing they are powerful. Of course many of the potions and incantations do actually work. which taught chanting. books and movies portraying ‘good’ witches and kids having fun ‘super powers’.” Hundreds of corporations as well as our own military have sponsored some type of training in psychic skills and magic. AT&T. Ra. met in New Mexico to discuss how metaphysics. you also realize there is nothing to know. If you want magic in your life. not a consciousness to be recognized and loved. Germain. As soon as I was old enough I chose instead to believe in a more ‘universal’ God.” Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business offered a seminar called “Creativity in Business”. no bad guys. divine gods. They are taught to focus their power in this dimension. acknowledge God and ask Him to do it for you. I can promise you the real masters. They claim to channel the “Ascended Masters” but they are impostors.

walk in love and gratitude. Learning dance from a book is difficult – it is much easier to take a class or even watch a video.” There are some things we can learn from books. But you don’t need to become a recluse to learn this. But with faith we need not concern ourselves with such details. I feel that adhering too closely to texts or one particular interpretation of them can be dangerous. Tao means Way. a journey that cannot be enumerated or easily explained. and His will to be our own. the way is a walk. Space-time can be manipulated. and strange beings inhabit them. It is difficult to really express the true nature of God without physically experiencing a personal relationship with Him. By the same token. We do possess strong energy points on our bodies at the chakra points. It is a lot like basic Christian teachings. and take whatever comes and use it for good. “Ritual is the husk of true faith. Even Jesus was trying to get the Jews to abandon archaic ritual. The bad guys have simply created a Reflection of the truth. Because our puny brains can barely comprehend the full power of ancient texts. and listen to the instructor explain the movement. Geometrical and mathematical realities encircle us like a kaleidoscope. where you can watch others first. There indeed are multiple dimensions. Lao Tzu taught. no one ever entered the actual ascended state through the pages of a book. He can teach us from any 210 . but to live in love. Recognize the higher power. But most physical activities are difficult to describe in words. warped and perverted for their own selfish reasons. The point is not to allow negative forces to elicit any emotion. Sometimes today this is still the case. think of a monk. Anything God wants us to know can be intuited if you are tuned in to Him. Taoism is not a religion. much like the earth does. To know God personally means we allow Him to be our only guide. and love. Esotericism is based on universal principles – the best way to deceive people is with the truth. without all the hoopla. However we aren’t here to worship words. or way of life. not to mention their subtle misinterpretations. the beginning of chaos. but a philosophy. radiating joy regardless. And ‘enlightenment’ does affect these glands as it opens our hearts and minds. and in ancient times these texts were often themselves the objects of worship. sitting in peace and serenity. Though some texts can be used to help guide us.Surfing the Tao taught there. and is different for everyone. Most religions have special holy or sacred books or scrolls.

He wants us to be the amazing individuals we are. They appeal to human pride and ego because they tell us we can all be like gods. Just because it sounds awe-inspiring doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be asking a lot of questions before we agree to such things. instead of His. This is because they desperately need these human spiritual ‘robots’ in order to maintain the existence of this particular frequency. Too often innocent people who are spiritually open are used by these entities to open “portals” into our world under the guise of “helping” us through some sort of change. and we want to be sure our words are creating the world God wants for us. The bad guys can sound very convincing. especially if we listen to our own will. if we are tuned in to Him.Spiritual Confusion book. but physical. places of pure consciousness. The nicest people study sacred geometry and channel extraterrestrial entities who bring gentle instruction about raising the consciousness of the earth. God is already everywhere. But are you ready to take that leap of faith? Can you ignore the vast oceans of material that have been misconstrued over the ages. as the esotericists teach. Many people I know have had supernatural experiences. Such spiritualists have described the need to empower the Self. God doesn’t need us to be involved in any strange technology. these people who can hear the simple message of love are the ones He wants. as it shifts into a new age in the cosmos. Those who are really on our side don’t need a portal to get here. and we can easily become more powerful than these ‘gods’ through Him. This is important . Our reward is immortality – not just spiritual.we need a way to be sure we are tuning in to the right frequency. 211 . and create thousands of individual points of ‘light’ – thousands of individual ‘gods’ to act as a group force or energy necessary to manifest this physical realm. or shift. They tend to feel drawn to mystics and psychics who also talk of these ‘other realms’ of existence. sacred geometry or worry about which dimension we are aiming for. If we just all stopped and silently asked Him into our hearts we could all see this for ourselves. Those who can discern the difference are the chosen ones. instead of becoming part of a ‘collective’ hive. The truth is. He is taking care that those who choose Him will be saved from any catastrophe simply through faith. He promises us a completely new heaven and a new earth.

a spiritual being. Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life.Surfing the Tao and find out the truth for yourself? There is a way to know that you know that you know. Otherwise this great. like the stars forever and ever. remaining the misunderstood. won’t you be glad you know about another far more powerful army fighting against such devilishness? Do you think only the bad guys can play this game? “At that time Michael. If someday evidence of him or his army becomes more obvious to you. believe me later. the great prince who protects your people. and those who lead many to righteousness. living. rods.” Daniel 12:1-4 It is the job of Michael. and perhaps others like him. But hear me now. to return any lost celestial technology to its rightful place and reestablish harmony for the planet and its people. will arise. seemingly coldly silent ‘amoral’ Void. There will be a time of distress which as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. others to shame and everlasting contempt. and tune in so that we can hear His voice. But you. It seems that thousands of people actually believe in the insane teachings of a fallen Archangel and his subtle and clever reflections of the Truth. fiercely joyous Field of energy will fall on deaf ears. This is not about religion. Daniel. close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. At this point many readers have not yet been able to swallow that one. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge. But at that time your people – everyone whose name is found written in the book – will be delivered. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens. The Tao does not need stones. books. And who do you think he works for? “Leave this chanting and singing and telling of beads! Whom dost thou worship in this lonely dark corner of 212 . But we do need to learn how to turn on our spiritual radios. or golden boxes of powder to communicate with us.

Gitanjali 213 . and his garment is covered with dust. Put off thy holy mantle and even like him come down on the dusty soil!” –Rabindranath Tagore. He is with them in sun and in shower.Spiritual Confusion a temple with doors all shut? Open thine eyes and see thy God is not before thee! He is there where the tiller is tilling the hard ground and where the pathmaker is breaking stones.

John Ensign (R-NV). This group hosts thousands of receptions and prayer breakfasts around the country. Members at the time included Senator Don Nickels (R-OK). Chapter I. congressmen were sharing a townhouse in D. “man to man. Some members have since called writer Sharlet a traitor for publishing his article.” consist of people in public life. Through the years their members have been behind a lot of our country’s worldwide diplomatic efforts. Frank Wolf (R-VA). They claim Jesus Himself is helping them set up the structure for a new world. And the Tao was with God. Their goal is an “invisible world organization led by Christ”. Pete Domenici (R-NM).Tuning In In the beginning was the Tao. Their supporters include some of the most famous Christian leaders today. But their version is controversial. John. because according to Sharlet. having high-level connections with various politicians and the CIA. but he says he was “there to meet Jesus…the 214 . to have everyone convert in order for it to work. though the organization calls itself “invisible” and keeps its inner workings secret. translated from the Chinese In April. Reps.C. They believe “Christ’s Kingdom is not a democracy” and emphasize the Old Testament and its notion of being part of a “chosen” elite. A lengthy and highly controversial expose also appeared in Harper’s magazine at that time by Jeffrey Sharlet. Conrad Burns (R-MT). owned by a secretive fundamentalist Christian group called the Foundation. And the Tao was God… -The Gospel of St. Charles Grassley (R-IA). 2003 the Associated Press reported that six U. this group’s ministry is to introduce hundreds of the world’s most powerful people to Jesus. and Bart Stupak (D-MI). they use Hitler’s militant example to define their need for a ‘covenant’.S.” – believing these are the truly “poor in spirit”. Rather than helping the poor directly. or the Fellowship. This particular group of believers. who also call themselves “the Family.

believing their claims to be true “Christians” and accepting their governances and decisions hook. He points out that even though Western Christianity attempts to control how and what to think. Sharlet had reason to be dubious. in the inner rooms. Lao Tzu pointed out. 215 . People go to church on Sunday and then rally around our military victories on Monday. Instead of denying it outright. a set of ideas and behaviors.000 people per day are becoming Christians.” -Matthew 24:26-27.” It is the blind leading the blind. All truly successful manipulators use the truth to their best advantage. as did Lao Tzu.” I believe Mr. strange gods and archaic rituals. I find that many by-the-book believers tend not to question those who are presently governing our nation and our world. and a political institution that operates on the same principles as the institutions of this world. legalistic and tyrannical Republic that masquerades as a democracy – not to mention a religion inappropriately associated with wrath. If you delight in killing. word-based religion. you cannot fulfill yourself. Jesus Himself warned us that in the last days. taught us how not to need to think at all.Tuning In new ruling Jesus. Christianity has become a matter of intellectualism and rote memorization. Score one more for the Mirror Image. It is said that an imposter will fool millions of people who think they know Him. For as lighting that comes from the east is visible even in the east. “Here he is. through the chaos of an insensitive. He believes that in the West.” do not believe it. “if anyone tells you. so will be the coming of the Son of Man. a legalistic system. people in the West are increasingly turning away from their Christian roots in favor of Eastern religions. just distorting the true image slightly can be an excellent way to mislead. line and sinker. “If you rejoice in victory. In the foreword of his 1999 book Christ the Eternal Tao. author Hieromonk Damascene noted that while in China. then you delight in killing. desires and negative emotions. still others will sense the non-truths woven throughout and thus find the entire religion subject to ridicule.”1 Damascene suggests they are instead turning to more profound spiritual works like the Tao Te Ching to learn what the churches failed to teach: how to be free of thoughts. Those who believe in this official version of the religion will follow it without question. 40. “a dry. Christ Himself. whose ways are secret.

which has transmitted to modern times the essence of Christ’s teaching in a way that resonates with the teaching of Lao Tzu…” 2 “As our mind utters from itself a word. to the universe made by Him.” “Before the world was made. Nevertheless. Sharing in the One Essence. we attempt to give a name to this mystery of oneness: The name of love. A name so great that. Nor word without mind… Mind. finding it impossible to give it due reverence.Surfing the Tao Damascene’s work seeks to “receive the message of Christ from a new source: not from the modern West – which has distorted it into thousands of conflicting sects and philosophies – but from the ancient Christian East. Word and Breath had this perfect love between them. coming from itself. The Mind. The Mind. love existed before the world was made. The Oneness of these Persons is a mystery Whose vastness cannot be comprehended by even the highest spirits. So did the Primal Mind utter the Primal Word (Logos)… Mind does not exist without word. Therefore. They are this love. Not only did They have this love. Is thus the father of the word. Word and Breath were One. People despair and treat it as commonplace. And the word is the son of the mind. The love of the Maker of things cannot merely be extended outwardly. above all essences. 216 .

was the very principle of existence.Tuning In In the Three this love is directed inwardly also. balance or pattern of flow. or unity.”3 Though the Father is the Source. Two gives birth to Three. and 217 . eternal and omnipotent creator of the universe. within the Primal Essence: In the mystical inward live. which refers to the Father as well as His fleshly incarnation. Even Lao Tzu intuited this mystery. rather than be party to the multiple gods of the pagan religions of their times. Three gives birth to all things. St.” -Damascene Martin Aronson in his book Jesus and Lao Tzu: the Parallel Sayings suggests that the Tao corresponds to the Christian version of God the Father. the Son is the channel through which the world comes into being. St. Sent by the Mind as the Messenger to the world Of the Primal Love that had created it. Justin wrote that many of these pre-Christian thinkers and poets taught that there is only one God. hidden in the depths of the Divinity. while Teh. Socrates and Lao Tzu. For the Three have always been One. wrote that “though the pagan philosophers also wandered in the darkness of ignorance of God. But the world did not know this love Until the Word Himself came into it. One gives birth to Two. Seraphim of Sarov (1759-1833). a Chinese term which represents the “animating principle that runs through all life” corresponds to the Son. or Power of the Tao. “The Tao gives birth to One. the “incarnation of the cosmic mystery. Damascene even suggests that certain people who lived before Christ. or Oneness of all things. were able to perceive the existence of Christ because of their awareness of this Flow. yet they sought the Truth which is beloved by God…” and therefore could have possessed the Spirit of God in them. Grace. The Teh and the Tao are in and of each other. such as Heraclitus. there is not one without the other.” Damascene notes the concept of the Tao of the ancient Chinese corresponds to the Logos of the ancient Greeks. this Logos. Author Damascene suggests the Teh refers to the divine energy. This Logos.

They keep us addicted to this world. to show us how to overcome death. The farmer finally thinks. in order to win the release of our souls as well as authority for us in the Spirit over the present darkness. and he watches helplessly as they are taken out. They are hurling themselves against the windows to get out. it has always been about love. thinking once we died that was it. this great Consciousness of Love. not religion. Then He ascended. especially since we are capable of such great love and thus are so beloved by God. and no one could hear Him or even knew He was there! Since practically no one was going to be able to tune in to a love consciousness on their own so they could ascend. but a human. The old barn is ready to be demolished and replaced. Otherwise we were pretty much stuck down here. but the windows cannot be opened. nor is he the actual Consciousness of the Tao. or Christ. that there is a way out. because they lived in love and in the will of God. He had to do something. and the farmer wants to save the birds first.Surfing the Tao therefore lived “in accordance with the Logos”. and play the bad guy’s bloody little game of sacrifice. its material pleasures and the quest for personal power. who notices some birds stuck in an old barn. Meanwhile the cats in the barn are busy stalking the birds as they sit ignorantly on the roof beams. they wanted our bodies and our souls. The selfish powers that presently controlled the Earth wanted us to be eternally deceived on this point. And most people don’t even believe they are there. seeing the terrible state we were in. and they don’t see where the doors are. one by one. and that we needed love to get to them. Most people would be surprised that I found Him in the Tao instead of in church. He came down as one of us. But for me. sort of like Neo in The Matrix. they would have set him forth as another pre-Christian witness of Christ the Logos. we had no real understanding of how there were other dimensions of existence. not an alien or other strange ‘god’. much like Buddha did. or that we are really trapped at all. Imagine a farmer. Buddha hadn’t died first. Damascene suggests that if these medieval writers had known of Lao Tzu. and proved there is no death. 218 . if only I could be a bird like them for five minutes. the Tao. But the difference is. I could show them how to get out! Imagine God. Because we are so hard-headed and couldn’t overcome our condition on our own.

The awesomeness of the Tao is that He has manifested as a person. complicated and hypocritical ritual baggage needlessly added to His message makes it hard for many to accept. Like most intellectuals. It is so incredible it is nearly incomprehensible to our puny brains. It seems like there are different versions of Him. that is. Rarely do I meet one who lives purely in unconditional selfless love. the Tao doesn’t care about bloodline or hand out rules and regulations. I also know plenty of people who call themselves “Christians” who do not live in love. His “children” are known by the fruits of their spirits. I scoffed at the idea and thought I was too well-read and even ‘enlightened’ for Him – He was supposed to be for ‘religious’ people.Tuning In I used to be the biggest skeptic and radical non-believer you could ever know. I don’t even necessarily agree with the historical interpretation . but I have been very disappointed with some people for giving Him a bad name. troubles and selfishness of a material world. When I began writing this I was careful not to tread on anyone’s toes. The Bible is confusing because stories of these gods are mixed in with praise for the Tao. This same confusing assortment of images cleverly interlaces the practice of other religions as well. and many of them are yet unaware that they can have a personal relationship with the Tao. It might have been easier to just magically “appear” to us. ever act with wrath or need an Ark to communicate with us. To me. depending on who you listen to. personal God. These people I believe will have ‘the ear to hear’ – for them. yet many can quote Biblical scripture to justify themselves. as He perhaps did at other times in our ancient past. otherwise unable to comprehend their greater reality. by the loving way they live their lives. Even within this religion there are thousands of sects that argue endlessly – completely missing the point. In fact I contend that much of the “Christian” religion along with every other “religion” is a legalistic misdirection that veils the simple truth of a loving. They instead argue legalisms and carry around the worry. what I am saying will finally make sense.history can be rewritten. The bloody. but this time He did it the hard way. was born and lived in the stench of the Earth like we do. so He knows exactly what we are going through. And unfortunately this event has been contaminated by so much religious and pagan 219 .

I believe this is exactly how the ‘king of the earth’ has managed to water down the core message. I celebrate His coming every day of the year.Surfing the Tao nonsense throughout the ages that most people will not be able to separate the messenger from the confusion that surrounds Him. God’s core message has been compromised by worldly influences. For those who call yourselves Christians. on any day. culture and people throughout the Earth. My relationship with the Tao has nothing to do with special days or special books. He wants us to live lives of love – I can promise you He doesn’t care about buildings. His Chosen Ones are those who can hear the call to love – they will come from every race. With this as your base. smoothly and freely between the rocks. Everything – even mountains. power or status to practice the Art of Peace. and that is the place to train. and use the religion for his own purposes.” -The Art of Peace So much ‘religion’ contains similarities to the worship of other deities and their technologies from our past. Because when I talk to Him. rituals. open your own door to truth. books. –The Art of Peace 220 . I am talking to a loving consciousness that pervades everything and everywhere. not just one. Study how water flows in a valley stream. money. even for your enemies. money or special mediators. And I can find His wisdom throughout every era. I challenge you to live each moment in selfless love. culture and religion. plants and trees – should be your teacher. and think long and hard about where your history and rituals come from. Do not overlook the truth that is right before you. “Contemplate the workings of this world. and take all that is good as your own. He can teach me in any book. Heaven is right where you are standing. rivers. creed. listen to the words of the wise. Also learn from holy books and wise people. “One does not need buildings.

others prana. He is the New Initiation. history. No wonder the enemy tries so hard to keep people away from understanding this. accept Him. Even though accepting Him is just a simple decision you make. Faith starts very. It’s like at first you can barely bring yourself to believe it! But one tiny mustard seed can grow into acres and acres of robust growth. Remember. and feel it resonate the air around you. very tiny. please forgive me. But He does not require ritual or worship in the stones – and for me. Tuning in to Him is like turning on your own ‘Star Wars’ defense shield against all the non-love forces on Earth. He is a Way of Life. supernaturally enabling us to see and hear through the spirit. The birth of this “spirit” inside you often causes a powerful outpouring and release of emotion. He will. You can’t argue if this is true or not if you don’t give it an honest try! If you ask. It’s up to you to begin to see the divine in the mundane. It’s as if He wakes up those unused parts of our brains. come into my heart. I’m not sure why it works. but I do know that it’s all about love.Tuning In Don’t let the world distort the true image of the Tao’s manifestation. religion. the frequency of love. either through his warriors and their written legacy. When once faith seemed nonsense. even the newly awakened quickly begin to sense the power in His name. Jesus. He is a way for us to have a personal relationship with the Tao. rendering 221 . Not ego. the size of a mustard seed. gold or even the Bible. Some call it holy spirit. The power feels like a soft tingle right to your fingers and toes at first. and show me the Truth. all you have to do is ask. Just say it out loud. or just through synchronistic daily life occurrences that speak to you in ways only you can interpret. If you do not understand this and would like to. you soon begin to know something incredible you cannot explain. His name now brings peace of mind. and witness its growth and power. It activates our brain’s monatomic minerals into their high-spin state. It’s like suddenly realizing there is a safety railing out there in the Surf you can use to stay balanced. politics. the transformation that occurs inside you is astounding. soon. profess your belief before it exists in order to create it. Use the paradox: with a pure intention. faith means knowing something you can’t see with your physical senses. And I promise you. the head of a pin. some ch’i. His name carries many negative connotations in today’s world. He will show you the truth.

it is an incredible. accepting We don’t even have to live a perfect life – He did it for us. you’d find Him standing there anyway.”-Heb 2:14-15 An interesting note here involves a growing awareness that He can even stop so-called “alien abductions. He is the Path Less Traveled. actually raises the frequency of your energy field. regardless of what they claim to be doing here. like some shockingly real. for we are truly only like birds. too blinded to see we are headed for the slaughter. cattle. These are the true “ascended” masters.Surfing the Tao forever useless the complicated and perverted rites of old. the devil – and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death. with Him. ready for battle. If your intentions are pure. Much is being written about this because so many non-believers have become believers because of such startling experiences (check out Alienresistance. His sacrifice means we don’t have to know how to “become enlightened” or follow a complicated system or set of rituals. especially today. or sheep. soldiers in God’s Army. Just Know Him – that’s all. And it gives some evidence that these aliens are really not good guys at all. We cannot fathom how blessed and loved we are by God that He even did this for us. Breeding us for higher spiritual abilities is a crock. one-of-a-kind event that is truly amazing. armed with love. other-dimensional X-Men. “Since the children have flesh and blood. For the most part we cannot do this without Him any longer. simply saying the words out loud. just like Buddha and Lao Tzu did! Those two unusual people (and a few others whose names got lost by recorded history) are still standing there right now. and if you were able to.” More and more people who claim to have been abducted are calling on His name out of desperation and finding their tortures stop immediately. he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death – that is. and it does take a Supernatural Leap of Faith to comprehend it. we already have these inside of us just waiting to be awakened. If you find this full of leaps of faith and impossible to believe. well. If you can’t maintain a perfect loving consciousness 222 .

His existence as an actual human person transfers the power of the Spirit to us.. Maybe that particular collection of sounds simply resonates a particular way. “Because Jesus is the name that the Logos took when putting on the raiment of abasement and humility (i. the powers of the earth are cunning and have been hard at work to hide the truth. In the higher realms whatever one thinks materializes immediately. Because of this power of the Word. but must have faith in for the power to work for us. we cannot help feeling angry or depressed sometimes (which is why in actuality we are pretty much the authors of our own misery). don’t worry. ready to plant a false peace in our physical 223 . Remember. He did it for you. Damascene writes. “Ea” or “Issa” are beings associated with spiritual enlightenment.” 4 But I must make an important distinction. But since it really isn’t our fault we are so ignorant. He didn’t have to die a physical death. with various planetary catastrophes in between. But it’s a great example to live by. human flesh). down here in our weakened state. Their favorite method is not to deny He existed. one of many “Christs” throughout the ages.e. Certain words are believed to cause various manifestations in space-time. but to call him just another great Master or Teacher. “They” have their next “Christ” waiting in the wings. but He did it anyway. and this is how God could manifest in our dimension. “Krishna”. and that is something us humans can’t completely understand with our limited minds. there is no more powerful name on earth to oppose the proud fallen spirits. His name is endowed with unequaled resonance. Remember. which is why we must be in a state of pure love to be there. His sacrifice exempted those who believe in Him from being faulted for materialistic temptations. and through knowing Him it becomes easier each day. Maybe God used a similar name to be sure when He came down as a person the name would represent those working for spiritual enlightenment. This is denying his uniqueness. we shouldn’t have to face the penalties for it. to free us from the game.Tuning In all the time. Only once did the Tao have to be born as a human being and die a physical death. Have there been many “Christs”? Many ancient cultures speak of there having been several past “ages” of civilization. maybe these others only lead us away from the truth of one savior. Or. However. and they kind of sound similar to the word “Jesus”.

” No wonder so many people are troubled by the Church and thus toss the baby out with the bathwater. in many of our greatest Christian cathedrals the “Our Lady” statues of Mary holding a child actually represent Mary Magdalene. a powerful Church leader involved in compiling the Bible in the fourth century. along with other “teachers. or Ishtar and son Tammuz. not religion or politics. when by such means the interest of the Church might be promoted. If you have a problem with organized religion. thus blatantly displaying the heretical beliefs of the builders. We do not need mediators to talk to God for us. Believe me. but has all the love and power of the Force behind Him and always has. The real guy is not just another teacher or priest. In fact. They also look exactly like ancient representations of pagan gods like Isis and her son Horus. Other writers think He was just one of many symbols created to represent the “Sun God”. and it will never be a secret! His message is purely about love.Surfing the Tao plane. but simply a great master in an established ancient priesthood. Bishop Eusebius. He came down to 224 . The teachings of love were often not even followed by its leaders. said. When He comes. This protects the authority of the hierarchy and the power of the Church. and certain members of the Brotherhood claim they are descended from Him. “It is an act of virtue to deceive and lie. worldly religions and politicians while He was here. but was secreted off to Europe where he married Mary Magdalene and fathered children. I quite agree with you. Templar and Masonic scholars through the ages concocted a scheme to make Him even less God-like by creating a false history around Him. There is a Brotherhood rumor that He is already here on Earth. or another in a long line of “gods” set up by the powers-that-be to further enslave people in a “Church”. if He were here. everyone “tuned” to Him will know Him without any doubt. The false “bloodline” also creates yet another vehicle for earthly power and control. The false “descendants” of Jesus are called the Merovingians. an understandable though unfortunate assumption. In fact. He would never hide or conspire with the kings of the earth! He only preached against secrecy. They say He didn’t actually die on the cross. the ‘religion’ makes Him out to be not so much the manifestation of the Tao.” keeping Himself hidden in the Vatican or some such place until the world is “ready” for Him.

Justin and St. Kamehameha II. such an interpretation of Christianity contains many elements of past pagan practices I find more closely related to kapu than to the core message of love. everything changed. Not to mention that belief in a worldly religion without the Spirit inside you can make you legalistic. the message of love was contaminated by just another system of strict rules and laws governing behavior. Sometimes it’s used as a means for power and control. was only 19 at the time. Men and women were even forbidden to eat together. King Kamehameha I died. and hungry. walk or even surf in the presence of the ‘divine’ ruling class. For a few months the Hawaiians lived in a blissful state of aloha. thrown off His shoes and encouraged the spirit of Aloha in His simple message: live in love. there was an old Jewish grandmother who was known in her small town as being one who never turned away someone in need. he was poor and dirty. She asked 225 . In Hawai’i. which means forbidden. Seraphim. One day a man appeared at her door. Sadly. the Christian missionaries arrived in these islands whose inhabitants were ripe for a new religion. They even imported thorny bushes called kiawe to encourage the natives to wear shoes! Jesus the Tao would have arrived in Hawaii. and resistant to information that contradicts what we believe we already know. But in 1819. in joy and without fear. Just because people spread the news of Jesus doesn’t mean they are filled with the Spirit. Disobeying the slightest bit brought swift death. At first. but when it was discovered that there would be no such punishment. This didn’t last long. Another story illustrates that many ‘non-Christians’ are walking in love because they know it just feels right. By law common people could not eat. To me. people’s lives were governed for centuries by the strict rules of the kapu. His son.Tuning In give us each a personal relationship with Him. Instead. through the Spirit. Though church can provide wonderful community and fellowship. few truly teach us to use love to make our lives extraordinary. A few months later in 1820. the people who acted in His name brought a new hierarchical system to be worshipped and feared. During the Depression. echoing the thoughts of St. wanted to get rid of kapu and she convinced the young king this had been in his father’s wishes. Queen Kaahumanu. people feared retribution from the gods. His father’s wife.

while helpful. Just make sure you’re never worshipping some other god or idol. made into secrets. “Thelord. healthy things like yoga. or shackles anything. with chemical medicines. side effects and barbaric surgeries? The Mirror Image takes the truth and reflects to distort and confuse.” – Ueshiba Nothing He ever taught was meant to be a secret. “Jesus. “…do not criticize the other teachers or traditions. this has turned them away from Him altogether. He makes it easy for you by simply making it a matter of personal belief. and offered him a meal. The Art of Peace never restrains. since our words 226 . and he answered.” not thinking anything odd. For many. and she never once asked him to leave. and she answered.” Not knowing of the Jesus of the New Testament she invited him in as if he were any other homeless man. restricts. Later a neighbor asked her the man’s last name. All you need is the power of His name. do it all in His name. There are many elements of religion that are throwbacks to pagan rituals – and this is acceptable. Although He may have talked about these kinds of things. Tradition can be senseless. because they sense the truth in these other elements. This is the kind of love He wants us to show each other – without question. which are often disallowed within the structured religion. and be sure it’s done with lots of love. and misdirected them. It embraces all and purifies everything. Metaphysical truths have been taken underground. which can be nearly as dangerous as denying Him. How do you think Jesus healed. and God the Force. This is another crafty decoy. energetic healing and meditation are “off-limits”. Mainstream religions like to draw lines around things are shout blasphemy when there is none. there are no books out there with His legitimate “lost teachings”. or pay for a meal.Surfing the Tao him his name. warped and not made part of the accepted Christian religion. In truth you don’t really need to worry about all that mumbo jumbo. It’s as easy as that. He lived there for eight years. And of course this “underground” element of secret societies has kept these universal metaphysical truths secret.

His teachings are about love. The religion built up around Him is not pure to His teachings. but in His name. 227 . He will know you.into that life. Long ago. race or politics of any kind. where we did not know fear. but the Tao is not about tradition. God knew we needed a miraculous way for us to make that leap into eternal life. that we do this. Sometimes people experience an inexplicable and immediate distaste or even hatred of Him. murder or anything negative. Jesus said. and to pray not to Him. “I am the way and the truth and the life. to “Our Father in heaven. Keep your mind and spirit open. even though there are a few great teachers out there.Tuning In echo in the quantum realm and God then does the work for us.” –John 14:6 “In the Way of righteousness there is life. He is there. greed. And without Him. along that Path is immortality. His power of the Spirit has been transferred to other humans who accept Him. He is the Way. I believe it has been infiltrated by the enemy for centuries. any mumbo jumbo can be very dangerous indeed. Because He came as a human. we may have lived for untold millennia in a place. Often a person’s tradition is from another religion or culture. war. Jesus is like our bridge – a shortcut . and it doesn’t matter which language you speak it in. a sure sign that mirrored forces are hard at work.” the loving consciousness of the Force. He is there. and the temple in which He wants us to worship is inside ourselves. When we were forced out of this energy field and/or genetically downgraded. anger. Jesus is the Tao. a frequency really. not to extort worship through another physical being. He even suggested praying in your own closet! It’s important to consider the questions of the spirit without past judgments the world has determined for you. He also gave us His name as a word of power. He also told us that we would do greater things than He. our inheritance from Jesus. wherever two are more are gathered. And it is through the Spirit. God came down to be an example of a pure life lived in His loving will. We are told that wherever two or more are gathered.” – Proverbs 12:28 But He doesn’t want us to wallow in worship for Him.

Just love. bribery. we are all part of God. threat or manipulation. and submission to His will. “I tell you the truth. That’s why there were (a few) enlightened people before Jesus. rather than God’s. object or amulet to find Him. we all have our own relationship with God inside ourselves. creating outward representations of gods like idols for worship.”-John 10:7-10 228 . Though if you were to do all that other stuff properly with love. but the sheep did not listen to them. you would eventually find Him standing there smiling at you anyway. and other substances or tools through technology. but we don’t need ministers. He is just showing us down the narrow path of compassion. I am the gate for the sheep. For too long they have believed that they are in control. Without using force. and have it to the full. whoever enters through me will be saved. All who ever came before me were thieves and robbers. so we must be aware of the words we say at all times. I am the gate. and enjoy the benefits of power and glory in the physical realm. and you will be sure to find your way. Some people will actually consciously choose to walk without Him. For anyone can use the word “love. or meditate for days on end when you have Him. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. churches or any powder.” Just follow Him. so crowded with subtle liars and tempters these days. He will come in and go out. These earthly powers want us to believe we can all be gods. I have come that they may have life. God knows He cannot reach such people.Surfing the Tao The bad guys have always used this physical realm for their own selfish purposes. nor does He want to. Many would continue to live in their own will. like I said. More correctly. But now you don’t have to understand Lao Tzu’s seeming vagueness. the Tao seeks to build a family in a higher realm with people who have chosen love. or learn how to separate mind from spirit. and find pasture. It is through our direct communication with God the Force that true enlightenment comes. All higher realities must be consciously invited in – even the bad guys know this. of their own free will.

‘My kingdom is not of this world…my kingdom is from another place. Fortunes and loves can be won and lost with the power of the Word. and the reverse. It also gives our words that extra zing of power. sound and words resonate in a way our normal perceptions cannot understand. tune in and your own kingdom will awaken within you. like a direct line to God.Tuning In This is a supernatural phenomenon. The Kingdom of God is the frequency of love. Just say the words to invite Him in. It also suggests that what we say can actually cause reactions in space-time. You will begin to hear for yourself why this message is so pertinent to our times. That’s why prayer. chanting and music can be so powerfully emotional. for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be deliverance. among the survivors whom the Lord calls. as the Lord has said.’”-John 19:36 229 . even in a world lit brightly by an artificial light. and all things will be given unto you. “And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. “Jesus said. positive words create a positive reality. And in a reality made up of interlocking wavelengths of light. His name is what can easily distinguish the Truth from the Reflection.”-Joel 2:32 Seek first the Kingdom of God. It creates a powerful impenetrable shield around us.

They provoked terror in each other. They constantly roiled the river of lust. Of those who were dedicated to the primordial confidence. through their self-existing inscrutability. Without encouragement.Through the Looking Glass From the great cosmic mirror Without beginning and without end. Thus they took their own lives. They were always devoted to the Imperial Rigden. Some went to the lands of beautiful lakes and islands And erected lovely palaces. Some went to highland mountains And erected beautiful castles of crystal. They followed the example of beasts. They kindled a great fire of hatred. Those countless multitudes of cowards Hid themselves in caves and jungles. Some went to the pleasant plains And sowed fields of barley. They were always without quarrel. Human society became manifest. Ever loving and very generous. When fear and doubt occurred Towards the confidence which is primordially free. rice and wheat. Countless multitudes of warriors arose. They killed their brothers and sisters and ate their flesh. They wallowed in the mid of laziness: The age of famine and plague arose. The many hosts of warriors. (from Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa) 230 . At that time liberation and confusion arose.

Even Taoism has splintered into various cults and sects. Mainstream religions. Taking what we know and using it for good. Open your hearts and minds and be prepared for a strange future in Wonderland where nothing is as it seems. Find a “red letter” version of the Bible. they are lost to those with faith. the Bible can be used to teach core values. these words are easiest to discern. Much of the Bible can be used to twist and distort. I cannot help but feel we have been duped into it. Christians will undoubtedly take issue with what I point out in the Bible and their familiar history and rituals as being misleading. I am perfectly aware of the fact that many people will find problems with my interpretation. And when the truth is simply altered or changed ever so slightly. can be subverted and used for selfish purposes. and even impossible to prove to those whose minds are already set. many aspects and truths have been divided and mislaid. By definition certain concepts and terms have been misunderstood because of semantics and legalisms. it becomes an even greater tool to promote its opposite. For this reason. I plead with you all: soften your lines in the sand. The truth has been cleverly warped and reflected in the physical world. Therefore. so I always advise taking along a grain of salt. Oftentimes things that are true are taken and abused so thoroughly. The more scientific-minded will be unwilling to awaken to any spiritual reality at all. And the concept of “going to the stones. The Mirror Image seeks to keep us enthralled with a less-thanperfect perception of reality. Intellectual browsers assume Jesus must be associated with all the stuff about gold and jewels and shining faces not to mention the obsession with family lineage just because He’s in the same Book. pure unadulterated truth.” to worship in a building that could even be an old pagan site. Other people will take offense at the concept that Jesus is the Tao – they want to believe in their own powers. There is not one single system in our third dimension that contains only the whole. is equally difficult. and used to create divisiveness and disruption. Subtlety is the name of the game. what is “evil” is often difficult to discern. like any worldly institution. 231 . itself only a tiny slice of the true multi-dimensional reality. just like I know the “gods” liked for us to. as I stated before.Through the Looking Glass It is very difficult to discern the subtle distinctions and misteachings that go on in the world. Sure. but it could also be used to misdirect.

and really we should resonate this love everywhere. This bread is my flesh. ‘It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone. which a man may eat and not die. tell these stones to become bread.” (John 6:32-33) The people then ask for this bread. But He never used ritual. we read of the temptation of Jesus. For the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. gold or technology to prove His power. ‘I tell you the truth. But here is the bread that comes down from heaven. it is not Moses who has given you the bread from heaven. he will live forever. through simple belief in Him it is given to all people. I am the bread of life. The tempter came to him and said. If anyone eats of this bread.’” (Matthew 4:4) Instead of enlightenment involving the production of a mysterious secret substance. “If you are the Son of God. which I will give for the life of the world.Surfing the Tao we could resonate our love for Him at these locations and help reharmonize the Earth. it’s about love. “Jesus said to them. but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. Jesus boldly exclaimed. He would have used whatever religion or text present.” -John 6:47-51 232 .” (Sound familiar?) Using the old scriptures Jesus answered. yet they died. “I tell you the truth. at all times. but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven. he was hungry. The Tao used the Old Testament to eerily fulfill the ancient prophecies of a superstitious and legalistic people. he who believes has everlasting life. and He used scripture only to prove His points – not to legitimize its legacy. After fasting forty days and forty nights. “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. But it’s not about ritual. In Matthew. Your forefathers ate the manna in the desert. for it is easier to teach people from their own sources. He clearly differentiates Himself from the bread-like ‘manna’ of the Old Testament. To their disbelieving stares. I am the living bread that came down from heaven.

Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah. like Moses and even Jesus. like Moses. if Jesus is God. “After six days Jesus took with him Peter.” a controversial event. James and John the brother of James. There he was transfigured before them. and his clothes became as white as the light. there are verses about Jesus’ “Transfiguration. why would He need to become transfigured? And why would it have to be so suspiciously on a mountain. a place of intense telluric energy? Some suggest he was always radiant. attained through sacred locations. But for me. in the New Testament. then I say watch out. It took about one second of prayer for the Spirit to reveal to me.we can do these things too. but so we would understand that He Himself is the substance and source of our enlightenment. I believe He came to save us from the deceiver and his technology.not to establish a new ritual. and led them up a high mountain by themselves.Through the Looking Glass Jesus gave bread and wine to symbolize his own body . the Force. They don’t fit in with the rest of the text. there are all kinds of other problems with these verses. It is all and only about faith. His face shone like the sun. Like I said before. the “Father” . there are a couple of places in the Bible that would contradict this contention.” -Matthew 17:1 So He went up a mountain. He never instructed us about hidden rituals of enlightenment. if things start getting wacky in the world. It could be.the Tao. However. without tools or drugs. It seems 233 . Jesus never Himself spoke of using any kind of substance besides Spirit. and beings calling themselves the “Elohim” come back and tell us it’s ok to use ORMEs or other magic because everyone else did in the Bible. He healed and led the people and performed miracles without a “sacred staff” or any such tool. where He suddenly attained a glowing countenance similar to those described earlier. He taught us that through faith in God . but that he chose this moment to open the disciples’ eyes to it. or faith in God. For example. sacrifice or good works. talking with Jesus.

In Revelation 2:17 this bronzed god-like figure promises us “the hidden manna…I will also give him a white stone with a new name written 234 .Surfing the Tao to allude to some other ‘being’ up in heaven able to work powers in certain locations. white stones of hidden manna.” (Matthew 17:11. like the seven rays. dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash around his chest.13) This entire chapter can be conveniently interpreted as a reason to assume Jesus was perhaps less than the Tao Incarnate and even taught reincarnation. and among the lampstands was ‘someone like a son of man’. Jesus also said to keep it a secret from the other disciples until after His resurrection. and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. His head and hear were white like wool as white as snow. Jesus even alluded that Elijah was John the Babtist. His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace. The transfiguration sure does a lot to convince by-the-book believers that Jesus was “touched” by the same ‘God’ of the Old Testament. the mysterious prophet John writes of seeing another shining being. to justify for their authority and priesthood. and his eyes were like blazing fire. but He doesn’t keep secrets (though the bad guys do). and they did not recognize them…Then the disciples understood that he was talking to them about John the Babtist. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. In his right hand he held seven stars. alchemical “wedding”.” What can we take this to mean? Revelation is filled with references to our now familiar celestial technology and symbolism used by esotericists. “But I tell you. God might use parables. something I suspect the ‘Church’ was anxious to do. “And when I turned I saw seven golden lampstands. Elijah has already come. and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword. In the Book of Revelation. even a symbolic. It fits in perfectly with a plan to cleverly dethrone Jesus and make him merely part of this hierarchy. and twenty-four elders dressed in white. pillars. the key of David. rainbows.

Some people believe in a Rapture. or the Mirror Image? “Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. come to give us this alchemical “tree of life”. and he gave a loud should like the roar of a lion. this reference becomes too obvious to ignore.” -Revelation 10:1-4 Remember how sounds. words and songs. as long as we know and believe in Him? Is He still offering us His own body as the true bread? Is it the Truth. He was robed in a cloud.” -Revelation 7:2-4 Is there any coincidence that this number is also the angular velocity of the harmonic of light? Theoretically.000 people could be part of some kind of “Hundredth Monkey” phenomenon. these 144. suddenly thousands of monkeys miles away spontaneously had the same knowledge. Someone once discovered that some monkeys began to wash their fruit before eating it. with a rainbow above his head. “He called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: ‘Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.Through the Looking Glass on it. They taught their friends. can resonate powerfully? Who knows what this particular song will do to the harmonics of the universe.’ Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144. When he shouted. and his legs were like fiery pillars. known only to him who receives it.000 from all the tribes of Israel. the voices of the seven thunders spoke. that God will take all those correctly tuned in to the truth away to the higher realms before any of the terrible things happen. Is this Jesus. which lay open in his hand. and before long a hundred monkeys had learned to wash their fruit before eating it.” Once we are aware of this substance. his face was like the sun. He planted his right foot on the sea and his left good on the land. He was holding a little scroll. 235 .

” -Revelation 14:1-5 Some people think it is a sound. and with him 144. Maybe there really will only be 144. All I have to do is live in love and follow the Way of the Tao. the Elohim. then who knows what gifts will be given us.Surfing the Tao “Then I looked. perhaps this “new song. only by sound could their faces be seen…But. “Only by magic could they be discovered. standing on Mount Zion. and there before me was the Lamb.” that could destroy the vibrational illusion that controls the appearance of our real leaders.” (unknown) Maybe these 144.000 open a gateway or portal for the rest of the true believers to get out. They tend to externalize the internal. They must use tools 236 . Came they to man and taught him the secret. after we ascend and all technology is back in the right hands.000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads. their ‘World Teacher’. No one could learn the song except the 144. the Word that only a man can pronounce. However. a false Jesus or magical technology. able to lift the veil from the face of the serpent. Perhaps that is another book. And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. Nor will I fall for alien gods. And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. know ye.000 who had been redeemed from the earth. able to send him back to his place. I will not believe that ingesting monatomic gold or any other drug will lead to enlightenment. Many aspects of the truth have been taken and warped by the bad guys. Maybe the whole thing is just an esoteric hallucination. causing them to revert to their true states like chameleons. swift then they lifted the veil from the serpent and cast him forth from place among men. All I know for sure is.000 true believers. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps. the Masters were mighty in magic.

taking effect in increments specifically prescribed by an earthly agent. who choose to help our cause from the higher realms. Despite the presence of new technologies. and experience a heightened consciousness at each location. Their wisdom was unfathomable. its legends tell of portals into other realms. or illumination. Like Lao Tzu and Buddha. before and after Jesus. or avatars. And just because this knowledge is abused by the bad guys doesn’t mean we can’t use it for good too. But I can look back and see He had it all planned. A Mystery school initiate might travel from oracle to oracle according to their instruction. are among the noblest and most honorable of people.Through the Looking Glass and technology to harness the power of the force. though it should never become subject to worship itself. All we can describe is their appearance. there have been other people throughout history. because they refuse to seek His will. or reflect for their Mirror Image. from long ago. Meanwhile. These bodhisattvas. It is this image that the false “ascended masters” are attempting to replicate. 237 . but if you are hip on our real God you don’t need to worry about where to go or when. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is a wonderful allegory of this concept. They are characterized by their humbleness and compassion. Some people are sure it is the remnants of a larger continent. It sits directly opposite the Great Pyramid on the globe. since they actually came back down to help people trapped in this lower frequency where there is so much negativity. I wasn’t even aware of them at the time. Hawaii is the Land of the Rainbow. A good example involves the concept of enlightenment. My own spiritual progress can be traced along similar steps. “The ancient masters were profound and subtle. certain locations around the globe continue to emit powerful loving energies. This type of effect does contain some truth to it. There is no way to describe it. I didn’t plan them. One of these places is in Hawaii. It is this place and others like it around the world that God’s warriors can use to recalibrate the harmonics of the planet. certain places and times were very significant influences on my progress. we can utilize the power of the Aloha spirit to assist our unrelenting walk of joy.

and on up into the awakened state of the higher realms. Shapeable as a block of wood. She is present. Such beings pretend to love people in order to destroy them. for they have never been where we are. albeit extraordinary people with extraordinary powers. and often need us to help them manifest or channel into our dimension. this is what true enlightenment means. And many of them are not working for the cause of love. Alert as a warrior in enemy territory. even if they claim to be against the evil powers in the world. passing through the ignorant darkness down here just like we all are doing. the bad guys pretend to be on His side but give you the “one of many masters” line. Clear as a glass of water… The Master doesn’t seek fulfillment. They have all been born on Earth and lived normal human lives. or various strange and monstrous combinations thereof. The good guys are just people. and can welcome all things. not expecting. Their mastery of the physical realm includes super-abilities we 238 . – Lao Tzu The bad guys might claim they are good aliens from another planet. or spirits.Surfing the Tao They were careful As someone crossing an iced-over stream. or angels. But it is not necessarily the job of aliens or angels to help men become enlightened. Courteous as a guest. Receptive as a valley. You can always test them by asking what they think about Jesus. to have come from the darkness of ignorance into the awareness of reality. Not seeking. They also speak of this realm as if it will endure forever. and that people will continue to be “reborn” into it. Fluid as melting ice. They know all the workings of the Universe that remain hidden to us in our foggy state. who have passed on to the higher realms of existence. since they have been where we are. which are things they very much hope for. Rather than deny His existence. Their job is to help us find our Way.

Their goal is to help people understand love and rise above their present condition. through tuning our own spirit. We will all be ourselves on the next level – we will not forget who we were and become part of an impersonal collective. Most often they remain unseen. and I believe their experiences are not invalid. Other people believe it takes many lives to “learn” something or become worthy. because they are living purely in God’s will. politics or established worldly organizations. They radiate nonviolence and use love as the ultimate weapon of spiritual warfare. They never keep secrets from us. nor do they serve the selfish purposes of others. They never attempt to influence the world through money. by the fruits of their spirit. they are Masters of the Surf. lie to us or require painful tests. Nor do we have to be “reborn” to learn anything. True bodhisattvas are known by their words and actions. the same guy! So are my ancestors – I am looking forward to being with them again. never want worship for themselves or take credit for divine inspiration. or the Book of Life. They are probably most attracted to other energies or frequencies most similar to their own. We can discern the truth in their words. The good guys have not been “reincarnated”. There are those who claim to remember past lives. They are without ego. they will say Jesus is King of Kings. Long ago we may have known how to astral travel safely to this place. It is also called the Akasha. They love God and they never act in their own selfish purposes.Through the Looking Glass only dream of – for now. If asked. But they know living in the loving will of God is what truly separates good from evil. though their writings are often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Reincarnation is another favorite tool of the Mirror Image. Buddha is still here. a unique and precious gift to us. while we are still learning this skill. psychic ability to go to this dimension and experience the lives of many who have lived before. so they like to imagine having many lives. and I believe many who think they have been reincarnated have a special. There is never disharmony in their actions. The Akashic Record is the universe’s record of every single life and experience ever lived. It is sort of like reading a 239 . Perhaps some people fear death and don’t know there are better places to be. anywhere. The real good guys do not teach this red herring. and it is actually more like another dimension or dream world.

from which he never returns. But he who has understanding. but without proper explanation it could easily be misinterpreted. But the idea that we must cycle through multiple lives to learn or evolve is just another trap for our spirits. reaches not the End of the journey. with clear vision. many different places to go in the ethereal realms. But we need not worry about our 240 . Others experience “shadow people” perhaps enhanced by modern psychotronic weaponry. is careless and never pure. Of course there are also former humans. and thus so is the potential for deception. or demons. who are not working for the good guys. in the ethereal realms are finding ways to manifest as people on earth. Evil must disguise itself as truth to fool its target. To complicate it further some bad guys who might otherwise trapped as spirits. but wanders on from death to death. views and sense desires. such a person will never be reborn in the cycles of suffering. Of course we are all connected to Everything.” -Buddha Like them. to be free forever. It keeps us focused on returning to a state within their control instead of finding a Way out. Astrology and fortune telling is another common and yet subtle abuse of the Akasha. All we need to learn is love. The bad guys love to impersonate the good guys. Maybe it’s not impossible to reincarnate – in fact transplanting themselves in different bodies is a well-known abuse by the bad guys. including objects in the cosmos. is careful and ever pure. Also there are many. as well as various gravitational and magnetic fields. it is practically endless. The good guys help us understand this particular realm may not endure forever. “He who has not right understanding.Surfing the Tao book. We might not know what is real. Many are finding ways to fool people into letting them into our world. reaches the End of the journey. we can also maintain consciousness as we pass through to the higher realms. or spirits. but we can – with love.” – Katha Upanishad “Unattached to speculations.

They also introduce wonderfully complicated techniques for using innocent people to facilitate a shift in planetary dimensions. The bad guys are interested in selfish power. infiltrating and transforming our religions into institutions of legalism. 241 . or must unite against a coming disaster under their leadership. Military remote viewers reported witnessing a group of “energy beings” they termed “transcendentals. He is the channel we need to tune into our internal spiritual radios. glory. This includes promoting what seems like a peaceful agenda. and hidden secrets. The viewers thought these were likely to be “angels”. persecution. so their existence is another subtlety. so they can still control us after this one is destroyed.1 But we can easily discern the difference once we are tuned in to the Jesus frequency. whether they are ‘fallen’ or not is difficult for them to know. I am consistently disappointed that 99% of the books in the “metaphysical” sections at the bookstore are nothing but beguiling fool’s errands.” for their ability to manifest themselves in any form from their original shapeless. This lack of focus can lead to other misinterpretations. it becomes clear they are attempting to control a future evolution of consciousness. The bad guys cunningly try to impersonate these beings. cosmological and even geometrical truths about our planetary matrix and warped it from within. instead of going down the road. It is like spending all your time reading the signs. Once you know who “They” are.” and can therefore “pop” into time and space whenever and wherever they like.” it is unnecessary and too much concentration on it will bring only confusion and a lack of fulfillment. The viewers say this group exists in other dimensions and “outside our time.Through the Looking Glass future with such detail when we have become part of the flow of the Tao. They have taken spiritual. He is the tool. not an object for worship. They stir up notions that humans are not yet worthy of a “transformation”. Many who stubbornly insist their guide is ‘of the light’ could be being manipulated. and were connected with an enormous amount of religious symbolism. Remember. ghostlike state. These beings seemed to enjoy teasing the viewers. manipulation and domination of this physical realm through whatever means necessary. While such information is not inherently “evil.

what is whispered in your ear. be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. to suit their own desires. faith and love. This simple understanding can start a powerful silent revolution. we must retain control over our own emotions and consciousness.” -Matthew 10:26-28 242 . They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. proclaim from the roofs. We can raise it up ourselves through stillness. “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.Surfing the Tao They may even claim that our Bible is merely a naïve and primitive culture’s description of their own involvement with them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed. Instead. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body. speak in the daylight. Rather. but cannot kill the soul.” – 2 Timothy 4:3-4 But in truth. What I tell you in the dark. “So do not be afraid of them. or hidden that will not be made known.

The enemy tries to be invisible. Even though one can trace the genealogy and goals of our world’s political and business leaders back to ancient times. We are given a physical reality with a host of problems and told it is normal. most people don’t believe it or even want to know about it. Secret brotherhoods are not about love. “The struggle between good and evil on this world is a physical manifestation of the struggle between those beings who chose to follow their own desire and intellect and those who would follow the sym total of creative energy – God. but about money and world domination. Did a golden Yellow Brick Road take us in a dream to the Emerald City where a fool secretly runs everything from behind a curtain of illusion? Is it any better in Kansas? From the very beginning. For many people the words on these pages will remain nonsense. Our history is full of strange stories and myths. But they were written for the precious few who will recognize the truth and comprehend the paradox . And many who have experienced the supernatural are easily swayed by “light” beings with hidden agendas. there is no other.” – Morpheus.Conclusions “This is a war. And if they release any strange beings or mystical knowledge to the world. not to mention our future freedom.those whose ears can hear the truth. The Matrix Reloaded Author Jim Marrs summed up. Today. we are flattered into believing our modern world has rid itself of such silly things. not to mention lunacy. most people will be so amazed 243 . the bad guys have tried to keep the higher truths unavailable to the common man. Any rumors or myths of other realms are considered immature and nonscientific.” 1 It is up to us to discern the truth. few will discern the hideous reality from the comic book world they have created for us. Even though evidence abounds of a higher yet hidden knowledge. Our history and very origins are all wrapped up in this enigma. We are all soldiers.

such entities may have sealed our fate when they taught occultists to bend the pure energy of the Force to their own selfish will. Just because they may have been here millennia ago doesn’t mean they are the good guys.”2 But why does it have to be one way or another? Truth is a golden thread woven throughout every experience. Tempting us with physical power and glory. peace and harmony. Our brain’s natural deposit of monatomic minerals could be the reason true enlightened spiritualists have seemed to glow. Are they working for the cause of love.and in dangerous opposition to the Tao. though if we listen carefully the truth is inside of us all. Will monatomic gold become an anti-Christ. Others consider bizarre “alien” experiences an answer to their spiritual questions. the new drug of the millennium. Interpretation is where we find controversy. how can we be sure we are going to the right place? 244 . teaching us to choose to remain in this lower vibrational illusion. “Belief that mankind has a special relationship with God is central to the monotheistic religions. or the humanistic wave of thought from the Renaissance. Especially since we already naturally posses the power of the Philosopher’s Stone within us right now. But alchemic manufacture of the substance as a drug or fuel without love is the Mirror Image . especially if they were further advanced than humans intellectually and spiritually. would disrupt this cozy view. belief in God is an archaic notion next to scientific discoveries. or is their agenda selfserving. Indeed many believe strange beings have interacted with humans since the beginning. ready to be activated by His name. other dimensions as well as the creatures that reside there? Of the endless rooms or dimensions in our universe. complicated and legalistic? For some.Surfing the Tao they will accept everything exactly as it is presented to them and not consider it could be subterfuge. As author Paul Davies so aptly explains. In a sense. opening doors to wormholes and stargates. The existence of alien beings. Unfortunately most people who recognize this discrepancy are fundamentalist believers whose own traditional explanations include subtle perversions of the truth. they are being set up for a future so strange it will shock millions. culture and wisdom found in time.

Pay attention to semantics and subtleties: a false messiah can easily use counterfeit prophecy to set up his “kingdom” on earth. equality. James Hurtak wrote in The Keys of Enoch.all we have to do is choose love. Nor does He need to “reprogram” us . “The Art of Peace is not easy. the slaying of evil desire and all falsehood within. “The order of Melchizedek is in charge of the consciousness reprogramming that is necessary to link physical creation with the externalization of the divine hierarchy. known to us as Jesus. which can be cleverly abused to redirect people away from the Tao’s pure love. Liberty. Once you are tuned in to Him through His physical manifestation. It is a fight to the finish. jolting human beings out of their stupor. forgiving and unconditional walk of love. our own modern governments seem to be molding themselves into a world perfectly suited to the needs of a secret hierarchy. Be careful that your ‘World Teacher’ is not a set-up by the secret government. material realm. the loving Force. and want everything to remain in this physical stupor. Don’t let confusing. On occasion the Voice of Peace resounds like thunder. He will guide you through your life. Once belief in these ‘extraterrestrial creator gods’ becomes part of the collective consciousness. uplifting your spirit and opening your heart when and where He knows you are ready. peace and harmony. the Tao. Giving us technological or agricultural knowledge 245 . justice and even freedom and light are subtle reflections of the truth. Rather than being a difficult.”3 The Tao doesn’t need mysterious “orders” or hierarchies. I defy these ‘gods’ and say our future instead relies on the internalization of God. complicated series of rituals at specific locations guided by god-like entities.” –Ueshiba For they have created a reality obsessed with technology and the external. unnecessary doctrine or ritual complicate the compassionate. it could be used to create a new religion – one still focused on control of the individual. the true Path to Enlightenment is guided by the Tao.Conclusions Are the “gods” of the ancient world returning to us with their hidden agendas? Strangely. this time through a false enlightenment. This simple task can be difficult enough in today’s world.

The job of taking back the technology and re-harmonizing Earth should left to God’s great warriors of love – for some “superheros” do work for the Tao. humans were blessed with their own Rock of Ages – the Tao made Himself into a Bread of Life. no sickness. regardless of how “enlightened” we can or can’t get down here. Should we not question why these locations. location. Today’s misdirected use of the technology could bring ultimate destruction to the human race. The new heaven and earth are not attained through any alchemy. Even more incredible is our continued inability to perceive the importance of natural geodesic or telluric energies. made to safely sustain and comfort us. in a higher reality – one we are sure comes from God. substance. but not of it. To survive we must choose to amplify the harmonics of love. beyond the reach of any negativity. Our ignorance of this entire notion makes us very easy to control on this matter. are the focus of studies for the military? Tuned correctly and used in agreement with the Tao. which stream forth from our Earth in a pattern established long ago by the mysterious builders of its most sacred sites. the Living Tao of Love. words and actions are motivated solely by 246 . He is beyond this plane. Through Him we can all attain immortality. peace and harmony by aligning our wills with the Tao.Surfing the Tao may seem loving or generous. weapon or strange god can control you. Out of tune they have caused untold damage to our world. With proper control of our minds and spirits. He is our signpost in a world of subtle and persuasive trickeries. ritual act or group movement in the third dimensional physical world. where all your thoughts. You will begin to vibrate into a higher consciousness. Peace and Harmony. considered sacred in the ancient world. tuned to the right frequency. That is what it means to be in the world. but consider that it may have merely aided and abetted our enslavement to a non-love dimension of hardship. possibly for countless millennia. Meanwhile. We need to turn from that reflection in the mirror. they could amplify the harmonic of love. The answer lies solely with our personal. beyond this consciousness – beyond our thoughts. and find instead what has been inside of us all along. internal relationship with the Tao. the outer world. war. We don’t even know there is another Way to be. We will ascend past this dimension or frequency.

That last one is the hardest.” .Lao Tzu A true child of God learns to love everyone. “If your heart is large enough to envelop your adversaries. The enemy attacks.Conclusions love. the Tao.Ueshiba The message of love is simple. love your enemies. “Seeing me before him. worldly concerns and free your mind to tune in to the spirit of love. and your world will become Paradise. Love God. because it has happened to me. And once you envelop them. She is also good to people who aren’t good. Negative emotions take us down to frequencies that actually nourish the bad guys. and many others. We must be in this loving. But by that time I am already standing Safely behind him.” . All He asks from us in return is love.” – The Art of Peace 247 . you will become immortal. personal or generational. The tree of life is eternal life. just a true understanding of what it means to be in communication with God. Strange entities and their questionable agendas will simply fade away. you will be able to guide them along a path indicated to you by heaven and earth. never seeking revenge or holding on to past bitterness. One step at a time. Our destiny lies beyond this simple existence. For even criminals and evildoers love their own families. Ask Him and He will miraculously take care of everything for you: I know. “The Master has no mind of her own… She is good to people who are good. high frequency state of consciousness to be free. love others. you can see right through them and avoid their attacks. Let go of your petty. but the most important. There are no complicated rites or mysterious celestial technology. forgive and turn the other cheek.

Part of this delusion could also be ORME. means reflector of light – implying he (or perhaps she) has provided the Mirror Image. It sounds like a wrestling match.4 But such dualistic pronouncements only incite war. in fact most of the world. He claims that since his religion came from Judaism. worshipping Lucifer. the Islamic radicals would hate them forever.Surfing the Tao Are we ready for a revolution in consciousness? Most people who read this will probably already be aware of the general “new age” call for a coming change in “consciousness” as the expected evolution of spirit. or a false enlightenment throughout the ages? Is he a bearer of false light? His subtle lies interlace the truth and render it unfathomable to millions. Some think this could be the appearance of aliens. could you imagine a third option? Would you be able to recognize the truth if it is called “evil” by bad guys masquerading as the “light”? Jesus talked about impostors – what if an impostor Jesus uses all the confusing Biblical scripture surrounding the original message 248 . Yahweh vs. Will they accept without question the one they see on TV. which he believes is really a fight with ‘Satan’. a need for a more radical revolution. Is there any coincidence that “Lucifer”. Allah! Or. He sets those who choose the Pyramid of Light against those who choose the Black Cube of Mecca. a revolution of free will? Prophecy suggests millions of people. or Satan’s army being forced out of the heavenly realms.whose side would you be on? Instead of being blindly sucked into yet another duality. a sacred substance used for centuries by secret initiates who were actually. Baal!” What if there appeared two different alien races at war with each other . the new deputy undersecretary of state of defense for intelligence. or can they look into their hearts and see the truth. the “Bright and Shining Morning Star”. has repeatedly publicly declared that President George W. General William Boykin. the return of the ancient gods. will be deceived with a “Grand Illusion” in the End Times. “Jehovah vs. either knowingly or unknowingly. depending on your point of view. Author James Hurtak is one of many who regale us with stories of a war between the supposed Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. According to the UK’s The Telegraph on 10-17-03. which he claims represents “the anti-power of life” and the “anti-Christos”. Bush was chosen by God to lead the war against terrorism.

Maybe the brotherhood will even sacrifice their own organizations for the sake of their goal. He is patient with you. Let’s not fall for these Machiavellian machinations any more. for I know my future will be joyous and ever lasting whether I have to live through rough times or not. not limited to this frequency.Conclusions of love to convince us to worship strange gods or eat of a false “stone”? Are we looking at the Truth or the Mirror Image? Like the movie The Matrix and its sequels – can we comprehend a world within a world – and what if there is yet another higher reality above that? How far can it go? The endless potential for deceit in this regard makes it doubly important that we are tuned in to the real guy . fractal and geometrical reality. I am not afraid. Where we are going is the real new world. the Tao. if we are tuned in correctly. the Logos. For many this ‘tuning in’ will require quite a revolution in the way they conceive of their reality. this event could trigger our ascension into a higher realm. For some. but 249 . and our modern. within our Earth or our own weapons arsenal. The bad guys love to disguise themselves as the good guys. as some understand slowness. will lead the way to a place of peace beyond the matrix. This mystery is compounded by evidence that our time here on Earth is threatened by unknown anomalies. dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years. as well as higher understandings of our quantum. “But do not forget this one thing. a greater understanding of free will and how to take back control. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise. They create other more obvious bad guys to take the fall for them. just waiting for us to tune in to love so we can hear Him when He comes. Ancient cultures warned us of the cycle of destruction. not wanted anyone to perish. self-righteous skepticism convinces many to look the other way. the Word. Far from being the end of everything. whether they come from the far reaches of space. and a thousand years are like a day. He wants to save as many of us as He can.the loving Force. It is only because I already have a personal relationship with the Tao I know that I know that I know I will recognize the truth in my spirit when the time comes. Know He is there beside us all the time.

There is a reason for everything.” -2 Peter 3:3-10 We may not be able to understand the workings of the universe at the time. give time to speak. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take. As Ueshiba wisely wrote. but most of all mean it. stop trying to hard to guide it yourself. To learn His purpose for us we must each quiet our minds. but by the moments that take our breath away. the elements will be destroyed by fire. 250 . Remember to say. and give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind. Tune in your spirit to the Tao. Until then. we cannot begin to understand it. nor their ‘evolution of consciousness’. “Remember. and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare. the bad parts never happened! Trust me. What if God was waiting to take the people that were able to maintain a state of love throughout this experience. It is our ticket to taking back control over our own lives. Use you own free will and refuse to accept neither their packaged version of life. “The Art of Peace begins with you. The heavens will disappear with a roar.Surfing the Tao everyone to come to repentance. Give time to love. while the rest of creation was zapped through a time-warp: whoosh. Let go of your life. Once you are tuned in it’s kind of like getting on a roller coaster ride.” Trust in Him. all kinds of life changes could happen as you become unglued from the worldly drama that tries to swallow us up. only know that He loves us and everything will be ok in the end. God has a plan for us and we need to learn faith in Him. Be a rebel against the rebels who have bent this world beyond God’s will. subdue our egos and release worldly ambitions. “I love you” to your partner and your loved ones. to give a warm hug to the one next to you. because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn’t cost a cent.” George Carlin reminds us. and Surf it into eternity. God’s plan is great but complicated. I continue to work to free myself of the negative emotions and states of mind that plague this existence. and that’s where faith comes in. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief.

don’t let your material circumstances dictate your state of in love. If you are a by-the-book Christian and are still unhappy. Remember. Let Go. regardless of your circumstances. It doesn’t require a ritual – just free will. Turn your scars into stars! Live in the Tao . peace and harmony. not mind. amidst the chaos. This is how we win the war.” . but never the now. Ueshiba teaches. right now. Don’t wallow in your past misery. This is the Way of the Warrior. and how he tries to control your thoughts. Be aware of your enemy. 251 . and you will begin to meet people and have experiences you that seem unlikely coincidence. It just gives them more power.Lao Tzu Stop worrying about the bad things. you probably haven’t met the real guy. Open your own gateways in your minds to bypass the weights of physical existence that constantly threaten to drag us down. and use His power of the spirit to speak for yourself a new reality. in the will of a Higher Power. and that He came to free you from that. and no bite. Enlightenment is not something you pay money for. Live in spirit. They will turn around if you give your problems up to the Higher Power. “The further you progress. And live in the now – the enemy can control the past and the future. “Live in joy. even among those who hate. More importantly.Conclusions “Practice not-doing and everything will fall into place. in love. peace and harmony. He will uplift your every moment if you ask Him and pay attention. Choose to live your life in joy. of pure love. Let God! Surf with Him and the sharks will have no power over you. You always have the choice of love. Discover His will for you.” This simple revolutionary act takes the power out of the enemy’s hands – he is all bark. or can get from a book or a drug. you will be tuned in to love and ready for the real new world. The Great Path is really No Path. one step at a time. A Path of Synchronicity will begin to open up before you and take you on wonderful adventures. use it for good.” Never give in to fear. Perfect your Art of Surfing so that when He returns. This is where the true battle is fought. Buddha said. Never allow your moods or emotions to influence your radiance of love. the truth is never complicated or confusing. the few teachings there are. the Tao. know your true God.

But the wise person. Most are stranded on this side. shining. and he who wins souls is wise.Surfing the Tao “Few cross over the river. Pure. following the Way. -Buddha “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life. Crosses over. …Rejoicing greatly in his freedom. On the riverbank they run up and down. –Proverbs 11:30 252 . In this world the wise person Becomes themself a light. beyond the reach of death. free.

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