Calculations for the Determination of Acetic Acid in Vinegar

Mass of vinegar used in experiment 9.69 grams • Balanced equation for the neutralization reaction: NaOH + CH3COOH →


To calculate the number of grams of acetic acid neutralized by the sodium hydroxide: Molarity NaOH (1mole NaOH/1mole CH3COOH)(60g CH3COOH/1mole)(vol. NaOH liters) = g CH3COOH

.22M NaOH (1mol NaOH/1mol CH3COOH)( 60g CH3COOH/1mole) (0.038L)* = 0.5016g CH3COOH *obtained from endpoint of titration • To calculate the percent of acetic acid in vinegar: % acetic acid = (mass of acetic acid/mass of vinegar) x 100 % acetic acid = (0.5016g CH3COOH / 9.69g vinegar) x 100 5.17% acetic acid in vinegar

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