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7th International Conference Compound Libraries 2011
Linking hit-to-lead optimization with innovative outsourcing, acquisition and cooperation models are today more important than ever in the field of pharmaceutical compounds. At IQPC’s 7th International Conference Compound Libraries from 17 – 19 October 2011 in Darmstadt/Germany, pharmaceutical professionals will come together to discuss and learn about the newest, most effective library designs as well as screening methods to better manage compound library collections. Main areas of discussion will include:

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Pfizer’s file enrichment and library design strategies Detecting starting points for med-chem optimization by employing rational design of focused and fragment libraries

Improving hit identification through technologies such as SPR and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry and 19F – NMR

Screening collection strategies through the process of acquiring and integrating leadlike compounds

Blind screening, the evolution of compound acquisition and the “no cure – no pay” principle

In addition to the two main conference days, delegates can also take part in interactive workshops on the following subject areas:

• •

Ten years of building and screening the Pfizer File Enrichment Collection Hit-to-Lead Optimization – Integrating multiple screening methods (HTS and non HTS approaches)

• •

Compound libraries for marine natural products drug discovery New business models for compound library acquisition

Further information, including articles, interviews and the full conference program are available at www.compound-libraries.com/PR

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