Growth and Development

Growth = An increase in mass and height The process of an individual organism grow or to increase in size or number. Development = A gradual change in abilities, emotions , change in character and skills as people get older. E.B HURLOCK: Development means a progressive series of changes that occur in an orderly predictable pattern as a result of maturation and experience.

Development of Human
Social Development Cognitive Development Creative expression Development Emotional Development Physical or Motor Development Social Development Aesthetic Development Language Development

Characteristics and Principles of Development
Principle of Continuous Development Principle of Individual Difference Development from general to specific Principle of Developmental direction 1) Cephalo- caudal 2) proximo -distal Principle of Uneven tempo of Growth and Development Principle of Sequential Development Principle of Unique Development Inter-related Development

Characteristics and Principles of Development
Principle of Interaction of Heredity and Environment Principle of Interaction of Maturation and Learning Principle of cumulative development Principle of Differential Development of male and female Principle of Integration Principle of Predictability of Development Principle of Spiral and Non Linear Development Principle of bilateral to unilateral development

Stages of Human Development
Infancy: birth to 1 year Early childhood: 1-6 years Late childhood: 6-12 years Adolescence: 12-20 years Early adulthood: 20-40 years Middle adulthood: 40-65 years Late adulthood: 65 years and up

Developmental Stages in Males

Developmental Stages in Females

The following factors can affect human growth and development
Gender Income Ethnic Geneticity and religion Diet Inheritance Housing conditions Friendships Life Experiences (birth, marriage, death and divorce) Material possessions

Employment / unemployment Family relationships Amount and type of physical activity Educational experiences Access to health and welfare services Experience of illness or disease

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