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Third Semester COUNSELLING SKILLS FOR MANAGERS (New Scheme 2008Admissions) f i m e : Three Hours
Section A All question carry L0'rnarks each. 1. (a) Discuss different techniques used in Counselling services. Or (b) Discuss the role of Mass counselling services in India.

Maximum: 60 Marks

2 . (a) Explain the methods of counselling to prevent suicide.
Or (b) Explain how you will begin and develop a counselling service.

(a) Explain the important attitudes of Counsellor.

(b) Discussdifferent types of client problems. 4. (a) Discussdifferent types of counsellingstrategies.

Or 5. due to counselling?Explain. ft) What are the behaviouralchanges (a) Discussthe recent issuesin counselling services. Or (b) "Counsellingis only for peoplewho have seriousemotionalor mental problems"- Discuss. (5 x 10 = 50 marks) Section B (Compulsory) 6. Imagine that you are given the charge of handling a group of fisherman who lost their family ? membersand housesis recent Tsunami. How will you handle this situation as a counsellor Developra detailed counsellingplan to solvethe issue. (10 marks)

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