My full name: Pham Van Tuan Gender: Male Date of birth : : July 27th, 1986. Telephone number : 0984850200 Address:Bac Ninh Province– Dai Phuc District – Dai Phuc Commune Dear the Manager! From the company’s website .I was impressed about the development of rapid sustainable companies, quality and services company gives its customers I’ve know that your company are finding personnels for engineers design electronic circuits. I consider it as the best place for my career development where I could apply my knowledge and promote my strengths It is very suitable with my knowledge,skill and experience . It urge me to write this letter With practical experience and good base knowledge is equipped in school with some skills following: + hard working, enthusiasm,responsiable job + Ambition,honest + Good helth,can hingh pressure work + Can work in teams or independently + Can communicate English + Use fluently: Altium, Orcad, Word, Excel. At the University, I have learnt the basic knowledge of electric and electronic. I often made circuits such as digital watch, led matrix, temperature mearsuring, motor controlling circuits I can use technical softwares well such as Protel, Orcad..and program with Assembly, C, Visual Basic. I can read comprehension of technical documents especially documents relating electronic engineering. With my capability and especially my enthusiasm in working and learning, I strongly believe that I could meet the company’s requirements for above position and carry out the tasks well. I also attach here my CV, study result for your consideration. I am looking forward to your response and hope I could have a chance to discuss with you further at an interview. I could be contacted at : 0984850200 Email Thank you very much. july 26th , 2011 Pham Van Tuan

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