How can places be sustainable?

LO To understand why we need sustainable places To be able explain how sustainable places are planned

.STARTER: In one paragraph summarise what is meant by sustainability .. .

Why do we need sustainable communities? ‡ Climate change pressure ‡ Social cohesion What does carbon-neutral mean? ‡ no extra carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere What is a sustainable community? ‡ creates a better quality of life for residents ‡ uses resources so that future generations have a better quality of life .

Eco-towns in the UK are intended to be a combined response to the challenges of climate change. At a scale of between 5000 20. the need for more sustainable living. . and the need to increase housing supply .000 houses. they are not intended to be entirely self sufficient and in most areas should be linked to existing major settlements with high quality public transport The building homes in greenfield sites in rural areas is bound to be controversial.

Think-pair-share What features of this eco-town do you recognise? What do you not recognise? .

CASE STUDY: The BedZED sustainable community .

Explain how these features are sustainable Page 40 .


nurses or teachers iii) families with young children.e. . for example police. i.20 Possible answers a) Three different groups are: i) people on low incomes who qualify for social housing ii) key workers. b) Three different ways the development reduces carbon emissions are i) the buildings are so well insulated they don t need central heating ii) the development uses recycled or natural materials. people who work locally in essential public services. so little carbon dioxide was produced in the manufacture of the building materials iii) residents are encouraged to reduce their reliance on cars. as the project includes a children s nursery.


Use figure 14 to create a multiplier effect mind map to demonstrate how BedZED is sustainable Tackles climate change Reduction in carbon emissions Disposable income to increase qol Saves money Reduces the need to travel to work Extension Create categories for the outcomes Create links where possible .

Which groups of people may conflict over the suggestions? .Suggest two features of figure 14 that may be controversial.

.KUI As a result of the lesson today I: Know Understand Can use the information in the following other situations .

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