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 The concept of ice-cream floats in cola was quite common in urban restaurants in India.VANILLA COKE  In April 2004. Coke's first flavor extension in India. Vanilla Coke targeted urban teens and young adults (12 to 29 age group) in the high and middle income groups The response to the product was good in south east Asian market like Bangkok & Hongkok which encouraged the co. . to think that it would kick off in India too. Coca Cola India (Coke) had launched Vanilla Coke.

VANILLA COKE Bli d tests d e ef re lau c i g a illa c su ers ill like t e taste It carried t e tag li e Ice rea y  i  ke revealed t at a da. BO a d XN a d eve regi al c a els like Su Wit a retr -Bolly ood t e e. . . in classic 1970s style. . e 60-sec d ad as layed y ut -ce tric c a els like M a el [ ]. t e ad urged consu ers to "try somet ing ne and different". aig t k a cue fr t e" i "c ercial used ere it ad ee successfully lau c ed earlier. e I dia ca g K g.

For teenagers . as out of context and ad no connection it Coke as . as t ey not seen t e old stars so could not easily relate t e old c aracters and t e concept. mismatc of target group and communication. e rand may ave lost out in t at respect. 'Irrelevant' advertising as cited as one of t e reasons for anilla Coke's failure  Wrong positioning  Commercial itself a rand.REASONS FOR FAILURE Consumers also did not like t e taste of anilla Coke.  e rand as priced at a premium over t e ordinary coke.  e campaign as not targeted at t e rig t segment.

.  Vanilla coke is one product t at as not a ig it.BCG Matrix Vanilla Coke comes under DOG. So its etter for t e company to get rid of it. A product t at as not orked good or a product ic as een a source of loss. Even its not a long period ic Vanilla coke as consumed ut still t ere are signs t at it ont e a success.

e.e.  he company should make hindrance free arrangement for its customers/retailers to Make any feed ack or suggestions as when they feel try to solve it without delay to esta lish its own good credi ility. testing ithin the eta testing (i. enlisting a group of firm to see how it Performs) customers to use the prototype Give feed ack)  Perform a detailed demand survey at regular intervals to know a out the unique needs requirements of the customer.Suggestions to improve sales of Vanilla Coke  Company may ave gone for Alpha testing (i. .  should have planned the Ad campaign y taking in a cele rity inits ad campaigns.

. They should have also made this product more attractive for retailers y offering them some discounts on these vanilla cokes as they play a major role in oosting up of sale of soft drinks. .e. The Target audience should have een children in the age group of 12-20 ladies as it was more of a light flavors for higher group they had coke. should have entered the market with low pricing as they were launching a new concept in the soft drink market.Suggestions Contd« The Ad campaign should have een associated to Coke The pricing strategy should have een penetration i.

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