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Great Experiences

Great Experiences

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Published by Rossouw Coetzee
Some feedback on Winterbreak and what I see as the great moments in life.
Some feedback on Winterbreak and what I see as the great moments in life.

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Published by: Rossouw Coetzee on Aug 02, 2011
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Rossouw Coetzee

A Great Expereience
This was a great experience. I had the privilege to be a part of 13thFLOOR’s Winterbreak program from 6—16 July. Winterbreak is a 13thFLOOR initiative where we give High School kids the opportunity to experience the life of a team member of 13thFLOOR. We teach them in dance, drama, music and we share some truths about life and God . something that made us feel safe, then we will be safe, loved, loved, accepted. We shared life. We accepted. shared love. We shared God. Can you truly love someone for all his good qualities? Do you really know someone if you know all his talents and the impressive things that he puts down on his CV? Do you really know the person that you met at a braai last Friday and shared a few beers with while talkI served as part of the management ing about the rugby? for this ‘camp’ and as a mentor for some of the guys. It is shocking how I love them because I know their close I got to know them and how fears, their faults, their regrets. I sad I was to bid them farewell. know them because they were Sharing with each other and com- open, honest, real—and vulnerable. municating on a deeper level truly brought us closer together. I am still We are not meant to live alone and baffled by the significance of my re- we are not meant to have relationlationship with them, even though ships that do not stretch further it was only ten days... than day to day life. We are made to love and to love deeply. We shared a connection, something deeper, something real. Something If we live on the surface we will be that changed me and changed corroded by the forces of this worldthem, something that lifted our snow, hurricane, Dessert . But if we spirits and built our character, live a life of deeper connections

Live harder. Live Deeper. Live Free.

Live Love.

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