LICENSE OF USE GUITAR PRO is a software program protected by the terms of the French Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle .

The Guitar Pro program code and copyright are not owned by you, but the right to use it is granted to you under the terms of this license. VERY IMPORTANT By installing GUITAR PRO on his computer, the User accepts the terms of this lic ense, which will remain in effect throughout it's use. 1. GRANT OF LICENSE AROBAS MUSIC grants the User, the nonexclusive personal and not transferable rig ht to use GUITAR PRO. This right extends only to one installation and to the use of only one copy of the software on only one computer, not connected to a netwo rk. The right of use is granted to the User exclusively for private use, for its own benefits and needs. Consequently, without the authorization of AROBAS MUSIC, it is formally prohibit ed to the User: (i) to place GUITAR PRO at a third party's disposal, in any manner, particularly by hiring, loan, deposit, or transfer. (ii) to allow its use on an office network. (iii) to carry out any service of any nature that results in profit of a third p arty by using GUITAR PRO. (iv) to make a commercial use of GUITAR PRO, or any element or file resulting fr om the use of GUITAR PRO. The license relates to the version of GUITAR PRO specified on its packaging and to the associated documentation. The software license only allows reproduction a nd representation rights needed to put the software in the memory of the compute r for its use, and to make one backup copy. 2. SUPPORT AROBAS MUSIC grants the User the right to use their service of online support, u nder the following conditions: (i) the User follows the online procedure for registration of its license on the GUITAR PRO website ( (ii) the User installed every update available for its version of the GUITAR PRO software. (iii) the User has the last version of the GUITAR PRO software installed, or has a version of the GUITAR PRO software declared obsolete by AROBAS MUSIC for less than one year. In the case of a third party other than AROBAS MUSIC wishing to offer additional support to that provided by this present license, the responsibility of this su pport would belong completely to this third party. This additional support will in no case be relevant to this present license, and will never engage the respon sibility of AROBAS MUSIC in any manner possible. 3. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AROBAS MUSIC guarantees the User, that this society is the holder of the intelle ctual property rights allowing it to concede this license. Included in the GUITAR PRO software are (i) the object codes and associated documentation (ii) every technical and/or methodological information. (iii) functionalities which, when they are expressed, would allow the writing of software technically different but counterfeiting the protected methodology. (iv) elements of interface, in particular screens, editions or menus (v) description, headings and the structure of data, whatever the tool in which these elements are stocked/used, in particular every element stored in the datab ase (vi) parameter settings either in the form of tables of database, binary files o

the cancellation of the license. the license of the User will be revoked. (ii) the use of GUITAR PRO. decompile or reproduce GUITA R PRO software as a whole or partially. concerning th e obligation to preserve a private use of the copies obtained with the software from original work (vi) the User is prohibited any transfer of the magnetic media. automatically and without delay. Consequently. In case of no n respect of this item. as AROBAS MUSIC chooses. and commits himself to take all the precautions needed to avoid any illicit use or diffusion of the GUITAR PRO software. access. if they are not expressly inclu ded in the documentation. n otwithstanding the damages.r text. as holder of the rights. the User is exposed to the offence of counterfeit. liable to penal sanctions as well as civil ones. or (ii) to the replacement of the software not conforming to the guarantee. 4. documents or other elements related to GUITAR PRO In the case of non-observance of this clause. Every element is protected whatever the form and the support under which they ar e represented. the intellectual property of GU ITAR PRO. (ii) the User is prohibited to modify. provide d. and his right o f access to the support and every possible advantage offered to the customers of GUITAR PRO will be revoked. modification to/of an y element that is described above would be a violation of this license. programs. or to let a third party make any alteratio n to GUITAR PRO. as well as the rights to repai r of the User will limit itself. The User assumes all the responsibilities other than those for conformity of GUI TAR PRO with the specifications described in its documentation and in particular those which concern (i) adequacy of the Guitar Pro user's needs. LIMITED GUARANTEE AROBAS MUSIC guarantees the conformity of the GUITAR PRO software to the specifi cations described in its documentation published at the date of purchase. deteriorate. data. In no case does AROBAS MUSIC guaran tee the aptitude of GUITAR PRO to carry out particular tasks anticipated by the User which justified the choice of the software. reproduction. and all prerogatives being attached to it. (i) the User is prohibited to reproduce GUITAR PRO in any form. Any use. AROBAS MUSIC preserves. CLAIM FOR THE USER The extent of the responsibility of AROBAS MUSIC. accompanied by a copy of its sales receipt a . that the software is returned to the third party having sold t he GUITAR PRO software to the User. which co uld involve. if the goal is o ther than backup and use. 5. nor to withdraw the mentions of pro perty indicated on GUITAR PRO (v) the User commits himself neither to withdraw nor to modify the warning of AR OBAS MUSIC reproduced on the packaging of the GUITAR PRO software. translation. in both cases. which sanction the violation of any of the rights of exploitation of the holder for software ( article L. including the correction of possible errors (iv) the User commits himself not to modify.122-6 of the Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle). and to allow any action of a third party which would have the same effect (iii) the User is prohibited to make. The present guarantee confers specific rights and does not prevent the applicati on of the legal guarantee mentioned in articles 1641 and in accordance with the French Civil code. either (i) to the refunding of the price paid. provid ed that it is being correctly used in the conditions mentioned in the documentat ion.

extent of responsibility for AROBAS MUSIC will be limited to the su m actually paid by the User for GUITAR PRO. THE OTH ER STIPULATIONS WILL KEEP ALL THEIR FORCE AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE. 6. 9. and the fault will e xclusively lie with the User. this one will be automatically cancelled by AROBAS MUSIC. in particular by integrating or modifying original works. relative to GUITAR PRO or the documentation which accompanies it. or any other loss of pecuniary nature . in particular. on a purely free or p rofitable basis. IF ONE OR MORE STIPULATIONS OF THIS LICENSE ARE HELD NONVALID OR ARE DECLARED SU CH IN APPLICATION OF A LAW. The Guarantee will be inapplicable if the failure of GUITAR PRO would result fro m an accident or a misuse. In any case. in particular because of the creation of new wo rks. the loss of possibility to use the GUITAR PRO software. AROBA S MUSIC will take the responsibility for this guarantee. 8. EXCLUSION OF EVERY OTHER GUARANTEE AROBAS MUSIC excludes any other explicit or implicit guarantee other than those given by the law. in particular and without being limited t o: physical injuries. In the case of failure of this third p arty to execute the guarantee (due to closing of the company for example). concerning. their adequacy for a particular use.nd by a short description of the problem. AROBAS MUSIC would not be held responsible f or whatever direct or indirect damage. (iv) in the event of use of GUITAR PRO in violation of the French Code de la Prop riété Intellectuelle . LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY The responsibility of AROBAS MUSIC can not be sought nor engaged: (i) in the event of use not conforming to the dispositions of the present licens e (ii) in the event of modification or deterioration of the GUITAR PRO software by the User (iii) in the event of diffusion by the User in any manner. THE TITLES WILL BE DECLARED NON-EXISTENT .resulting from the use or misuse of GUITAR PRO software. of creations carried out with GUITAR PRO which would contravene the rights of a third party. even if the user is aware of the possibility of such damage. in terruptions of activity. Except if the law states otherwise. IN CASE OF DIF FICULTIES OF INTERPRETATION BETWEEN ANY OF THE TITLES APPEARING BEFORE THE CLAUS ES AND ANY OF THE CLAUSES SHOULD OCCUR. 7. CANCELLATION In the event of failure by the User with one of the dispositions of this License . the Use r has 90 days from the date of purchase to request a replacement. 10 SPECIAL DISPOSITIONS The present License is governed by the French law. any loss of data. In the case of failure of the media (documentation or electronic media). . The User will have to cease using GUITAR PRO at on ce. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER The User will be the only person responsible for the use of GUITAR PRO contraven ing the rights of a third party. Its execution as well as its interpretation falls under the competence of the French courts. A RULE OR AFTER A FINAL DECISION OF A COURT.

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