. '\" : special division of the Inadustrial Disputes Tribunal JDT, has. been set-:Up,jo deal 'with the present impasse between the Management of ,. Jamalco and the University and Allied Workers Union, UA-W-U. This was disclosed by 1st Vice President of the UA;;.W- U"Mr. Lambert Brown who spoke in an interview with the Town-cry Newspa-

The special division of the LO.T, is expected to be chaired by Mr. Bevan Francis who has been appointed by the Government. The other two members are Mr. Danovan Hunter, Leeturer at the University School of continuing Studies and former Deputy Island Supervisor of the National Workers Union, Jamalco has appointed Mr. Victor Harris of Seprod.


The present dispute centres around the U-A- W-U-'S modified wage demand for the 18 month contract which would see .the top workers at Jarnalco earning two hundred and sixty five dollars ($265) per hour .. At present, there is a top.rate of ninety five dollars per hour ($95) and a bottom rate of sixty one dollars, ($61). Those rates have been in effect since 1993. The Management has rejected that de-

mand. The Union had already issued a strike notice which was subsequently withdrawn. The Minister of Minins. Horace Clarke, has since issued a warning that any strike at this time could be lengthy and result in the plant closing indefinitely. cant ....on page 3


Tyres in short supply

Some of the most popular sizes of Goodyear Tyres are currently in short supply. A Source in the Tyre distributive trade attributes this mainly to the recent industrial dispute at Goodyear. Approximately forty posts were recently made redundant.

other distributors such as Cari- Consumers have already started paying the additional two -and-a brake and Promount Ltd. -half percent in the General The Goodyear tyres that are in Consumption Tax on their purgreat demand now are the 185- chases.but no price increase is 14c and the 165-SR -13. Truck likely at the present time. Tyre are also scare, Adequate Supplies of Goodyear tyres are expected to be on the Our source said, as a result of by the end of this Town -Cry understands that the scarcity, tyre sales have market month. small dealers have been filling fallen significantly. some orders by using other brands through linkages with

Shop 2Ia, t Centra1 Plaza, Kingston 10. Tel: 92-65678,92-96024




IRPAK ...,..............

2, THE

TOWN-CRY Newspaper

May 12- 26,1995
The WestIndies played Australia in five one-day Internationals and four test Matches, a total of nine matches. The West Indies won four of the One-day Internationals and one Test Match, a total of five matches. Australia won one One-day Internationai and two Test Matches, the other ending in a draw. Therefore the West Indies won five matches to three. Another scenario is that the West Indies won the One-day series and Australia the Test Series, so the tour ended in a draw. The non-cricket fans say, so why worry."

MaYLPen Clarendon, Tel: 986·285912866

15A Howard Avenue,


he Australian Cricket Tour of the West Indies came to a grand climax at Sabina Park with a spectacular side show called the Mound, soaking up some of the heatofa West Indian series loss for the first time at home since 1973.


rain pouring. many fans hoped for another two days of rain since defeat was inevitable. For many cricket fans, to win as we usually do, was indeed Cricket but to lose was simply not Cricket. Sports writers and fans alike spoke of a great showdown at Sabina between two of the best teams in the On the rest day, with West In- world. A win for the West Indies having lost three wickets dies was always on their cards for less than seventy runs and but a draw would not have

changed the status quo, a loss a defmite no no. Excuse the euphemism but when one examines the Australian Tour to the West Indies from a layman's perspective, the question remains did we lose? In a worse case scenario the West Indies drew but won in a best case scenario.

Everybody's Pharmacy May Pen Pharmacy Mid- Town Pharmacy Young's Pharmacy Vere Pharmacy Leiba's Esso Paisley Petcom Williams Texaco Battery Shop Sweet and JUICY Healthy Eaters Sports & Books Chapel ton Book Shop The Glenmuir High School Team won the J.B.C.'S Schools Challenge Trophy for the first time in its history defeating Ardenne High in the final by 30 -.27 points. The team took the Mall and Tropical Jewellers Schools Challenge Trophy and the American Universities Graduates Association Award for the best rural team. Clayton McCalla won the Don Bucknor Scholarship of twenty four thousand dollars($24,000) tenable at the University of the West Indies. Team captain Clayeon Dennis won the Kingston Book Shop Scholarship of ten thousand dollars,($10,000). Two Scholarship funds of five thousand dollars each went to Oneil Dunn and Bryan Watson courtesy of Island Dairies. In addition each, member of the team received six thousand dolL-R, Clayeon Dennis (Capt.), Bryan Watson, Andrew Gordon lars in cash. National CommerCoach and Clayton McCalla. FRONT Pat Meikle Assist. cial Bank, Century National Coach, absent Oneil Dunn. bank, Mutual Security Bank and Victoria Mutual Building Society have all pledged accounts Glenmuir High School's winning Schools Challenge team Prizes from various sponsors for each member of the team to brought home trophies, cash were awarded to the team, the ranging from $1000.00 $2500. Eagle Unit Trust has prizes scholarships and more to successful Teacher/Couch Mr. the tune of over one hundred and Andrew Gordon and also to the pledged one thousand units for each member of the team. The f i f t Y tho usa n d d a 1- school. team has also received a trip to lars,($150,000) Antigua, gold rings and other prizes. Coach of the team. Mr. Andrew Gordon received approximately $13,000 for his effort. The School will receive fifteen gallons of paints from Sherwin Williams Paints, two television, sets, and .Tastee P,attieswi1l sponsor furnishing of a class room.


The Glenmuir's Schools Chalt enge team won five matches on their way to the coveted title. They defeated Garvey Maceo 35-12, York Castle 37-4;,\ Brown Town, 34-22 former';:$ many times champion MUrl~&~10; 30-27 and former Champion"? and finalist Ardenne 30-27. The team wiII be working hard to repeat next year.

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Prizes & Surprizes
Purchase $5000 and over will qualify to win
first prize ----------------1 000 Blocks Second prize -----------100 pgs Cement Third prize --------------1 Tonne 112 inch Cor Steel Fourth -------------------200 sqft Lumbeti.

THE TOWN-CRY Newspaper

May 12 - 26, 1995 3

cont ..,.from front page




Consultants for May the nineth marked the sentatives first day of a four (4) days' Latin America's Health and Nutrition Sustainibility ProHospital Quality Assurance Project Seminar for May Pen ject, Miss Hyacinth Allen, ProHospital, held at the Versalles ject Manager of the Health Sector Initiative Project in Hotel Kingston, Miss Sadie Fraser of The Quality Assurance Project Management Institute for NaMrs. (Q.AP.) was launched to pro- tional Development, vide essential health care Lorna Salmon-Baker CE.O. of May Pen Hospital and other worldwide in less developed participants in the related nurscountries, such as Jamaica. The Hospitals to benefit from ing field. this are the May Pen Hospital, Mandeville Public Hospital, Spanish Town Hospital, Bustamante Hospital for Children, Cornwall Regional Hospital, Sav-vanna-Ia-rnar and the St Anns Bay Hospital. The Quality Assurance Programme was initiated in 1990 and was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, Office of Health, Bureau for Science and Technology under a co-operative This seminar is being held to agreement with the Centre for Working identify and implement plans Human Services. with the Centre for Human for the May Pen Hospital, and de vel 0 p sus t a ina b I e a p- Services on this project are the University proaches for improving the John Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public quality of health care in all needed areas. Present were Health and the Acadernv for Miss Elizabeth Mariani and Educational Development. Miss Sylvia Megret, Repre-

The objectives of the project are to provide technical assistance to design and implement effective strategies for monitoring quality and correcting systematic deficiencies and to refine existing methods for ensuring optimal quality health care through an applied research programme. Mrs. Lorna Salmon-Baker, the CE.O. of May Pen Hospital told Town-Cry that project

work has already been in operation informally at the Hospital. She noted that this quality assurance will be applied to Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff, Pharmacists, Warders, Records areas, Special Care Units,X-rays, Sterilization, Laboratories and the Maintenance Department. "It's about attitude and performance," she noted, "it's all about a vision and a mission," were her last words.

In the meantime, the situation on the ground is very tense with growing rumours of redundancy and its effects. The situation is exacerbated by administrative update of the employees files. A new union, the Union of Technical & Administrative Personnel, U-T-A-S-P, has just gained bargaining rights for another group of workers. The U.A.W.U. represents over nine hundred workers at Jamaica, two hundred of which are contractors or involve in special projects. Against the background of extensive union rivalry, the Jamaica settlement could be the benchmark for future negotiations in the bauxite industry.

.Ylrcftitectura[ &''E1ectrical 'Draftit1fJ, 'Estimates·&· 'B{uePrinting .

Shop #17 Omni Center, 41 Manchester Avenue, May Pen.
f",:!. n6·')17S


~--------------------------------~~~ Reid's Group of Companies Scores Again !!

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2-4 Church Street, May Pen. Telephone: 986-2440/986-4545.

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May 12 - 26, 1995


sprang two 'or three other parishes. Over the years out.standing events have taken place in this parish, in helping to shape Jamaica's history. Great teachers, men of cloth, businessmen: industrialists, fanners large and small, historians, poets orators, statesmen to say nothing of politicians. For statesmen -politician, I have the honour and prudence to mention the late Hon. James Alexander George Smith K.C. emnenent Barrister of Law though not a am a born and bred Claren- Cl are nd o ni an , 1ived and donian, but let it not be said served most of his life in that I am insular. Jamaica is as Clarendon and who came to be important to me as is Claren- known as the people's chamdon, so Ispeak from a national pion Jamaica wide. I once point of view. heard Barrister Smith say after living in a parish for 40 years and more, you are regarded as Clarendon has given and done so much to enrich Jamaica a man of that parish, so Barrisspiritually, politically, cultu~~ ter Smith can proudly be really, historically and econom~- garded as a Clarendonian. cally. But strange enough, It J.A.G.S., possessed a great would seem that there is no deal intellectually, spiritually, urge from any quarter to offer charitably (not much ecocredence nor appreciation to nomically) but he did not althis great parish from which low those rich qualities to

to say none has done more than J.A.G. Smith. He equals them in every respect particularly those of our time. I am old enough to have known them and knew sufficient of them to back up my statement and if I am not believed please get a copy of Anthony Johnson's The known outstanding and book titled J.A.G. Smith. charitable services of individuals are what ought to de- He meant so much to the comt e r min e w h e the r t hat man people of this country individual should be made a that when died, throughout Janational hero in the name of maica, people unfortunately the people. So let us be fair seemed to have forgotten that and honest to God and man, God was still on the throne and take a deep breath and answer cried out in loud voices "laud whether J.A.G. Smith should Barrister Smith dead a whey be made National Hero. I am wi gwine do". r am spiritually confident there would be a re- sure that all our National Hesounding yes after scrutinizing roes not of our time and of our his time of service here on time wherever they are , are earth among others. crying "shame" on us to have been so forgetful and inconsis'1 have no qualms with those tent with historv. They wish who are named National He- to see J.A.G. Smith beside roes. In my very humble opin- them in that place of National ion they deserved it and I Honour sharing the words of honour them, but I have the the master. "Thou hast been right to my own opinion also faithful over a few things came up higher and because you

possess him. He gave of them freely and bountifully. He was a humble man full of respectability, but if you touched his corns unseemingly or corns of his people, he would with vigour address the situation firmly and stately.

have done it-unto the least of these, you have done it unto me. During my 26 years in the Clarendon Parish Council I made three calls to both P.N.P and Labour Government to declare J.A.G. Smith a National Hero only to see it falling on deaf ears. I deem this illfated treatment to this great Jamaican a serious indictment on both P.N.P and Labour Governments. ment of his mission, a fulfilment hew was so willing to do may soon be gone, but let me. again at this stage with all honesty and with every nerve in me and with absolutely no apology, call upon the powers that be particularly to the Hon. Prime Minister to immediate steps to declare the Late Hon. J.A.G. Smith - the people's . champion a National Herd>
J .A.G. Smith had a total fulfil-

Last time Jay and Cleo had "hello, and how may I help made love, three weeks you," "oh Jay don't be mad, it's only me your brother, I later: need you to pick me up at the Jay was at work, he had some station, I am coming home. last minute things to finalize before the big meeting of Di- On Jay's arrival at the station rectors two days away. He he and Cee hugged each other had just finish putting in the lovingly, they got in the car final details when the phone and started for home, "heyJay, what has been happening to rang. you since I left home, tell me "Darn," muttered Jay under from now because I can't wait his breath, "who could it be at until we get home." this hour, and how the dickens does that person knows that I Jay's eyes lit up, "well Cee, am here," he couldn't ask his two great events has taken secretary to take a message as place since you were last here she had already left. Jay and I do hope that better and picked up the phone and an- greater things will happen." swered in a harsh voice, "So tell me Jay and take me

out of the suspense." "Well for one, I have gotten a job promotion and the woman I have always dreamt of making mine is now my steady girlfriend," remarked Jay. "Oh my brother I am so happy for you, but since the woman is your steady girlfriend, may I ask who the lucky woman is?" "Oh I am sorry Cee I thought you would have guessed its no one else but Cleo." "Cleo!" exclaimed Cee in utter disbelief, "you could not mean Cleo, oh Jay how could you." To b~ continued...


than ever before. At all time you should buy the right equipment. If you are offering typing service buy a modem typewriter or a computer. You should aim to be professional in. whatever you do. People should not be able differentiate between a home based business and an office business because of the quality. ment, don't wear your sweatsuit or shorts. Appear neatly attired and look business-like. You should dress the way professionals in your field dress. 9. LEARN TO DEAL WITH DISTRACTION The best way to fight the plethora of distractions tugging at a home based business owner's door is to select a business that truly interests you. If you don't like what you are domg, you are going to find reasons for tumm g on your television. Be aware that the same holds good for individual aspects of the business. For example. if you don't like going out on sales calls, it's too easy in a home based business to say "maybe I don't have to go out se1ling today. The kids need my attention anyway". One way to stave off temptation is to scliedule tasks that you dislike early in the day.



May 12 - 26, 1995 !II

You should realize that your telephone can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Talking on the telephone can waste your time if you don't schedule your calls properly, if possible, use an answenng machine to screen your calls.

business. With the high rental, many people are movmg their business nome, so you are not alone.



Being an "open collar worker" is one of the joys of working at home. On the other hand, some people need to dress in office Last issue we looked at six (6) wear to stay motivated and prothings that you should do to vide a division between their life become a successful small as a resident and entrepreneur. business owner. This issue we Basically, you should dress as formally as is necessary to feel continue witb the sevenths-




Don't roll out of bed and shuffle to work in pyjamas or night gowns you may be tempted to Fortunately, equipment and fake naps. Always shower and services are more accessible to be well-groomed. If you are go- 10. DON'T ABUSE YOUR home based business owners ing to the bank or for an appoint- TELEPHONE


Unfortunately, some people still believe home based busmesses are not as "real" as those operated from office buildings. However, the more we convex 11. BE BUSINESS-LIKE ourselves professionally ana A home based business is an succeed at what we are doing the easy prey for friends and ,neigh- less that attitude will exists. bours who want to gOSSIp. 13e firm and ask them to come back In promoting your business 1.'0u after 5 pm. If your customers network as much as possible have to visit your home, dress join local service clubs, attend appropriately, ensure that your 1uncheons, sporting events, church functions, school funcoffice looks business-like. Don't have toys thrown around tions etc. You should be every1 at all times be professionaL It where people are. This is one way or promoting your business IS always a good idea for home based business to get a post of- free of cost in most cases. Don't fice box. This Will give you lock yourself at home because you are operating from there. some amount of privacy. The Small Business Corner hopes that you will 12. FINALLY BE PROUD you Boss Goodbye" soon "Kiss OF YOUR HOME BASED BUSINESS There is no reason to be ashamed of your home based

For Prompt Efficient Accounting Services:

How often have we say "the children are our future, and in them lies the hope of a better tomorrow," but how little we consider their well-being and livelihood. How very precious are our dreams for the future, but how little it seems we ensure that we work towards achieving these dreams. How many time have you seen naked and homeless children on the streets but offer not a second look, a kind smile or a few dollars? Instead we insist in chasing them away, saying they should go horne, get ajob or go to school.

elude individuals refusing to help the needy, then our efforts will be in vain. I bel ieve that if every Jamaican would find it in their hearts to constantly give a small percentage of their earnings to charity, then eventually this would result in numerous amounts of homeless people, ineluding children being fed, clothed and sheltered each day. So where do we go from here? Do we continue to take little or no interest in the constant but silent cry for help around us, or do we try to be "Good Samaritans" and offer help where help is needed? Let us realize that ac"tion does speak louder than words.

Returns * Tax Compliance Certificate

* G.C.T

* Income * Audit


and Monthly General Services

* Cash Flow * Budgeting

We talk about ways of finding shelter for the homeless, food for the hungry and clothes for the naked, but if our meagre solutions for these problems in-

Constant Spring Kingston 10 Tel: 92-41294 Fax: 986-4764 Shop #5, island Ocho Rios, S1. Ann Tel: 974-2267

., THE TOWN-CRY Newspaper

May 12 - 26, 1995

Short Changing Your

DIet With Milk
Substitutes May Prove Harmful



by Ann McKenzie

Sevens Road, May Pen Clarendon

Whatever it was that held7mths old Tiffany and 6 mths old Jermaine's

attention we

sure seemed .••.•.
aren't they cute?
attentive,.· ...



May is Child's Month and as usual we focus on our little people. Children need our love and affection to become responsible adults of our world tomorrow. We must make it our priority to teach them the right about everything important and good. Remember parents, and guardians that our children live what they learn.

THE TOWN-CRY Newspaper May 12 - 26,1995 '7

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Omni Plaia, 41 Manchester Avenue, May Pen P.O, Clarendon. __ .__986-9187 .__ .

Trading Towers, Winsor Avenue, May Pen P.O, Clarendon.

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WINSTON MYRIE & CO. Shop 16 Omni Plaza,
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:!,' "/, /

61 Main Street, May Pen PiO: Clarendon .., 986-7321 70 Muirhead Avenue, May Pen P.O, Clarendon. 986-9782

43 Manchester Avenue, May Pen P.o.,



Denbigh, MayPenP.O, Clarendon. __ 986-6054

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Omni Plaza, 41 Manchester Avenue, May Pen P.o., Clarendon. ......... " ..... 986-9189

61 Main Street, Wize Bize Complex, May Pen P. 0. , Clarendon

75 Manchester Avenue, MayPenP.o., , Clarendon __ .__ __986·2475 . or """ 986-2877 or . 986-4230

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Denbigh P.O, Clarendon

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r;;rtc:::.e_~~?~~·::. '::.: ?Pfr;?flJo ':':':

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May 12 - 26,19959


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SERVICE STATION IVAN B. KENNY 54 Main Street, MayPenP.O, Clarendon.


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.~~. ~ ~ 'PIZZA
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SIllM-HUE'S PHARMACY Shop #2, Shopping Mall & . Trading Towers, Windsor Avenue, May Pen r.o., Clarendon VERE PHARMACY Lionel Town P.O., Clarendon. 986-3247



ACTION VIDEO CLUB . " 23 Main Street, May Pen P'O: Clarendon. 986-4284



YOUNG'S SPORTS May Pen Plaza, May Pen P.O., Clarendon. 986-7380

SUNSHADE GLASS TINTING 27 Femleigh Avenue, MayPenP.o., Clarendon

INTERNATIONAL VIDEO CLUB Shop #13 Apollo Plaza, May Pen Clarendon. 986-4735


HOBAR REAL ESTATE 47 Main Street, May Pen P.O., Clarendon. 986-4474
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CENTRAL PEST CONTROL Shop#7 43 Manchester Road, Mandeville 986-1509 KILL ALL PEST CONTROL CO. LTD. 41 Chapelton Road, Box 522 May Pen Clarendon. 986-7759 or 986-4297


DISCOUNT SUPERMARKET & WHOLESALE May Pen Plaza, ··:.·~~REERlDGERAl110N . ~ May Pen P.O., Clarendon.

AZAN'S LTD. May Pen P.O., Clarendon.



; """,





S,L. HAY WELDING WORKS & FABRICATION 986-2221 Main street, ' Four Paths P.o.. Clarendon. 986-2612 BOBBY'S SUPER STORE 11 East Street, Old Harbour St. Catherine 983-2333

GUINEPTREE SUPERMARKET 1-3 Manchester Avenue. MayPenP.O. Clarendon. 986-2424


'10 THE TOWN-CRY Newspaper

May 12 - 26,1995
slave. You must instead help him to understand that if you are unhappy, and not trusted, the relationship will never be a healthy one. If both of you are serious about your relationship, encourage him to go with you and talk it over with a family counsellor. Do not this issue lightly. Talk it through come to some understanding healthy for both of yon and the reilllti(I, ship.

mo~£usea 21 Y;ear Old ~ollng j\1an " .
, ~'?

Dear Advisor, Good day to you, I would like to commend you on the fantastic work your doing, and I hope you will keep it up. My problem is this, I have a girlfriend who I have known for the past two years, but I am not sure if I really love her. I never did anything to hurt her and never would, but some how I am having doubts about my feelings for her. Sometimes I feel like she means everything to me and sometimes I feel nothing for her. Another thing that is bothering me is that I've gotten friendly with this other young woman, but it is not too ·serious. I told this young woman about my girlfriend and that I don't have any plans of leaving her for anybody, but she still insists on us getting involved. My girlfriend stays in Kingston because that is where she attends school. She is a very independent person and that's one of the qualities I admire in her, she is also very understanding and she cares for me a lot, though sometime she doesn't show it.

appropriate time and place to talk with' her about your concerns without accus-. ing Or threatening her. If you don't' want to hurt either of the two girls, you will end up hurting both and yourself. The more of your mental energies you spend on this other young woman, the less feelings you will have for your girlfriend. If your girlfriend's only problem is her failure to show you her true feelings, give her time to show you rather than take one who expresses her feelings but lacks what your girlfriend has.

19 year old girl' 'in love ~ith ' 2 . ear old man
Dear Advisor,

I have a problem, I am a 19 year old girl who is completely in love with a 26 year old man. He says he love me and sometimes show it, but he does not trust me enough. Even though I show my true feelings for him, he still doubts my actions. When I go to work he calls to see if I'm Advisor 1 am so confused, I don't want to there, and if not, he accuses me of being hurtanyof these girls especially my girf with another man. friend, I don't know if it's because my girlfriend does not sometimes show her Advisor I don't what is to become of us. I true feelings for me. Please give your love this man and don't want to loose him, fatherly advice on the situation because I please tell what I can do to make this relawant it I truly love my girlfriend. tionship work. C.M. Manchester Worried Clarendon Dear Worried. DearC.M. Your 26 year old boyfriend has a security problem. Is he insecure, or do you make him insecure? Your story tells me that be doesn't know what it means to love someone. He obviously wants to own you. You are going to end up with the man you love, but trapped in a very unhealthy relationship unless he changes. The bottom line is this, he has got to respect you as a person, and trust and respect you, unless you give him reason not to. My only fear is that you may already love him too much to see the danger. To save this relationship you will have to do everything he says, and give up your rights and freedom. You will have him, but you will be his

Your swings of feelings and no feelings could be caused by her failure to show you at times that she cares, and the attention you are getting from this other young woman. Where there is unfulfillment in a relationship temptations are •greater. Being honest and open will not ·save you in this case. You have got to talk with your girlfriend. I am not certain I know what you mean by her not showing her true feelings for you. I will assume you do not mean sex. If you do, then your problem would be one oflack of respect for .her feelings. If sex is not what you mean, then you must find an

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Sherilyn Fenn

top/sy Uz.

(19'13) A Perf..."

Sherily Fenn stars as Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor in Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story based on an unauthorized biography of the star. Unauthorized may be an understatement for the NBC miniseries airing May 21. Taylor went to court to try to stop production of the TV movie but lost. The controversy. however, hasn't hampered Fenn, who knows what she would say to Taylor should they ever run in to each other. "I would tell (Elizabeth Taylor) that I am somebody that doesn't make choice at this point in my life lightly, I'm not somebody that wants to exploit another woman's story or life in any way." says Fenn.


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THE TOWN-CRY Newspaper May 12 - 26, 1995 13

By Kerian Morris Her bestfriend was at he home on one occasion when it happened. She had been planning on going out for the weekend and she had sajd that she was going along with afnend. Steven was her boyfriend as well as her baby's father and he was seeing her bestfriend for the first time. She was short and very attractive, she sported jheri curls and was dressed in an off the shoulder silk dress that virtually glowed on her in the evening. His girlfriend, Joycelyn, was also dressed to go out. He was Just coming from work and had gone to vis if her. When he came Into the room both were sitting together, the baby was apparently asleep. "Hi," 'he said smiling. "Why are you dressed?" Joycelyn was angrx when she responded, "didn t I tell you that I "vas going out for the weekend?". She asked. "I thought you were joking," Steven said. "So who is KQipg to take care of the ba.by?" "What about ;you?" "Me! I have work to do, Steven retorted. "Well she has got a wandmother, she won't be alone. "May I ask where y'ou are going," Steven sighed. "1 am gom_g to the North Coast." "Could Fcome along with you?" Steven asked. "Haven't you got work to do?" She asked s.arcastically, "I could ask for some time ott" "Good ask for some to stay with the baby."

Inside the car Angella was speaking to her, "you are something else, you know that," "Steven IS too dead. I need some excitement" "One day you are going to be sorry though" " I won't Steven will a]ways'be there ifthat is what you mean." "He'll become fed-up one day. Joycelyn She quickly got up and went into smiledjnischievously, "you don't the Bedroom from where she know Steven," "I use to' hear you came with her packed bags. Her talk about him, now I know him, friend stood and they went seeing him for the first time." Do through the door. Steven you like him," "he appears to be watched them as they went out. nice." "He is." "So what is the "Aren't you going along?" asked problem?" "As I said, he is not Joycelyri's mother. "no, she going much fun being with at times he alonR with her friend." "Steven,'" doesn't like gomg out; he ~refers called JoyceJvn from outside, ex- to stay in ana make love," "So cusing himself, Steven went out what IS wrong with that?" Asked to her. "I just need to be alone for Apgella, "at least you have him a while" she expounded appar- when you want him. "Well Imust ently' taking her friend's advice. say that he is always there when I Explaining to him about the need him." "Which is what some thing_s she did was not something married woman would give anyshe did regularly, even though she thing for," she_glanced quickly at usually diO things to upset him. "I her watch. "By the way, what am commg _around too often time is AI'?/Yl1 supposed to pick aren't I?" "Not reallY, but I need you up?" "About five, it is now some time by myself:" Her friend [our-thirty. We can reach the was sitting in the car awaitingher, hospital in time, Just keep driv"I've got to gonow,,_ see you Mon- mg.'" day. B,Ye" "nave I got a choice?' He asked piteously. Angella was the one who'd introShe was about to leave when sne Joycelyn to Alwyn. who turned back to him .. "why do you duced chartered accountant In the make it sound I ike It's the end of was awhere she worked, she herworld?" "Sometimes that's how firm was an accountant but was it feels for me." She came closer self part-time course at to him and kissed him, "well it's doing a to upgrade herself in her not that way and I'll be back. It's C.AS.T. not like I'm going away with a field.

Just then the door was pushed open and JoyceIyn's mother entered with her groceries from the market. She stop,red with them and straightened, good evening, I didn't tliink you were leaving so early," she said to J0y.cefyn. "Anzella came ear1x. so I decided I mffiht as well." Where is the baby'?". She's asleep." "Well, if you going to leave, you might as well so now." "Thanks mofher, I knew'I could count on you."

"Okay" he said underShe smiled, "good bye." She went into the awaIting car and wave as it drove off.



When they arrived at the Spanish Town Hospital Alwyn was already there. He was tall, slim built and handsome but not in the manner Angella liked them, he was after hefbefore she had introduced him to Joycelyn" mainly to ~t him off her back. It worked. He was constantly after Joycelyn as if she was the only woman on earth. Angella was unable to say if they haa made love, but she knew since meeting, they'd been out pretty often.

Joycelyn got out of the car as it came to a stop beside Aly>:yn, she went out to meet him as ifhe was a lon~ lost friend. She embraced him, am Ilate?" She asked as she picked up the bag she'd put down to embrace and they walked towards his big car which was parked beside the gas station. He looked at his watcli and said, "not really. Ididn't think you would be here now, I was thmking more like six,"· he was smiling. "So why are you so early?" "Lovers intuitiont I guess. 1t is always right." They'both laughed.

to be continued ...

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e manufacture large quantities of 100% cotton and polycotton fabric to International standards ..

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ambassador for her school during and after her reign. She wants to be a role model for felThe Miss Clarendon College Beauty Pageant, was held on low students through academic Friday May 5th at the school in performances and extra curricuChapelton. After months of lar activities. Presently, Natalie is the Company Quarter Master Sergeant (C.Q.M.S.) at Clarendon College Cadet Unit. She has been involved in drama, debates and member of the Key Club. Her hobbies are cadetting, swimming, travelling and reading. She says reading stimulates her intellect. Her ambition is to become a Sociologist and part time Model. She was motivated by her friends to enter the contest and also her own self confidence. Natalie told Town-Cry that her role model is Lisa Hanna, Miss World 1993, she said Lisa is a great achiever, and she admired the way in which Lisa represented Jamaica in the Miss World Pageant. Lisa's thrilling personality enhance by her positive and easy going attitude has training and hard work, eight a great impact on Natalie. This contestants vied for the crown. inspired her not only to become With great joy, Natalie Cowell a queen but also to direct her had succeeded the crown. This energies positively. was a truly thrilling experience for the sixteen year old. Natalie wants her fellow contestants to know, that they all She received two sectional did well. She said, even prizes, the most intelligent and though she had sprained her anthe most aware. First runner up kle and toe, she didn't allow this went to Melissa Pauland and to get in the way. Nevertheless second runner up was Kimberly her flawless presentation had Thomas. Born under the sign of brought her success. Scorpio, Natalie a dynamic young lady, has been very academically inclined. She hopes "Just tell yourself that you can to enter the Miss Clarendon do it, think positive and you will Beauty Pageant when she turns succeed in the end, aim high at eighteen. Natalie plans to be an all times for the best is good

enough," were her last words. She received a weekend for two at the Milk River Health Spa, JewelIry and Cosmetics and other prizes.

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'/,~,~ \

The Jamaica Cycling Federation's tour of Jamaica event over eight (8) stages sponsored by the Chinese Benevolent Association ended on Sunday with a ten lab thirty (30) mile criterium on Old Hope Road. This stage went to first stage winner Arlington Reid of Art and Fabric in one hour 21 minutes and 17 seconds. In second and third place respectively were his team-mates Richard smith and Charles Joseph completing the ~\rt and Fabric trifecta, all three being accredited with the same time. The eight (8) stages which began with the Harbour View to Airport and back prologue were decided as follows:

Stage One : Harbour View to Airport and back (1 0 miles) Arlington Reid 15 minutes 32 seconds. Stage Two: Yallahs to Port Antonio (62 miles) Kenneth Kerr 2 hours 30 minutes and 16 seconds. Stage Three : Port Antonio to .Ocho Rios (67 miles) Mark McNaught 2 hours 30 minutes 5 seconds. Stage Four: Ocho Rios to Drax Hall and Back team time trail (8 miles) Orion Cycling Club (Portland) ( Mark McNought, Roland Moore and Paul Gordon) 20 minutes and 1 second. Stage Five: Ocho Rios to Montego Bay (67 miles) Kenneth "Blacka" Kerr 2 hours 19 minutes 3 seconds. Stage Six: Sav-anna-la-mar to Mandeville (77 miles including the 7 mile Spur Tree Hill) Albert

"Satan" Millen 3 hours 57 seconds. Stage Seven : Mandeville to Kingston (48 miles) Cleveland Sharpe 1 hour 51 minutes 14 seconds. Stage Eight: 10laps30mileOId Hope Criterium Arlington Reid 1 hour 21 minutes and 17 seconds. The overall winner Steve Hylton who wore the leader yellow Jersey for five stages (13 hours 52 minutes 23 seconds, second Mark McNought 13 hours 54 minutes 38 seconds, third Kenneth "Blacka" Kerr 13 hours 54 minutes and 1 second).



This Summer when you enter

2nd prize: Computer Course 3rd prize: Dinner for two at Versalles plus 1year free subscription for all winners

Team title winners: Pride of Spend $300 or more at any Montego Bay Kenneth Kerr, participating store and qualify. 'Garth Young, Marlon Williams, Drawing date August 3, 1995 Anthony Taylor, Anthony Drysden and Leon Jackson. ....



Solution in next issue
ACROSS 1. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Shop #14, Midway Mall, 17 Caledonia Road, Mandeville. Tel: 962-9327

'Reggae _ (Annual concert) "_ an Louisa" (Folk song) Jamaican _ (Language) _"foot: Dance _ and the Maytals Ludo "Come _ like"; Seems as if "Im tall _ true"; He's really tall "Rain a _" (Falling very lightly} College near UWI (Abbr.) _ bird (National symbol) Favourite fish (Yellow-tail, etc.] Attend party without invitation "_ not, want not" (Proverb) Icing Signal sounded at workplace Taffy _ (Goat) 6.

New range of , household items for you
Slippery Nothing Pals _ mout' (Flatterer) God (Rasta) "Mi ha one __ dollar" rOne dollar only) "Yu cyaa sidung pan cow back cuss cow skin" (Proverb) Harbour, St. Catherine Forefinger (lor 2) "_ it up, little darling" (Marley song) _-gut: Hungry-belly "Understood" _ Harriott, singer "Rise up this morning, smile with the _ sun" (Marley song) .. om"; Get lost! "Gi laugh fi peas _" (proverb) _ fmger: Thumb National honour received by Merlene Ottey [Abbr.)

kfe "lie, B,idal lle,isl'f SeNiee
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Boasting a white skull cap in- tion of boxing politics dicating his conversion to the pearing look at this: Muslim Faith, after 1,095 days in an Indiana jail - Iron Mike Foreman was striped his Gerald Tyson - the former W.B.A. crown on March 5. world heavy wei~ht boxing only because his lst title dechampion was rree again March 25, 1995. The world knew that .1Joxing and especially the Heavyweight D1Vision breathed new life,

whose only loss was a close decision in a rematch with Holyfield who may be the best Heavyweight (except for Tvis still unranked by the three major organizations.

ful of having any of his charges' title hopes dashed. So now the King is hungry for his throne, is on the warpath again. As is expected a 1st fight with (hopeless wanna bees), in order to regain his swift and deadly shots, not strange to the sport ""11S irst encounter - A ugust. 9 IT' fi versus a Mr. Peter McHeely (31-1) still it's not quite overcourt for the King, he now faces. another lawsuit June

12th in New Jersey for alleged injuries and sexual, a~sault in 1988 - how in heaven s name could one man be so "salt." Tyson 28 who was sent to prison in 1992 has not been in action since June 1991 when he scored a unanimous points decision over Jamaican Donovan "Razor" Ruddock. Yes, the King isback, butnot with;..out a shock.

Tyson had left the sport in a trance as he paid fOT a rape conviction: The .sport then went into a kind of suspended animation. Champions came and went as stars flared and died. Boxing is still said to be the "cockroach" of sports, you can't kill it - and so with Tyson's release, the sport is once again "show business." It has alwa~rs moved in a cycle there's always -been a dominant or popular Heavyweight Champion - Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Muhamrnad Ali, Mike Tyson then too we had the Holyfields, the Bowes and the Moorers, but were they as dominant and as popular as any of their predecessors? You could say Holyfield was .professional and workmanlike . but in any case.not as talented and with as much personality fence was against little known And a unification fight was as Howe. German Axel Shultz instead of prevented last year because an one of the W.B.A,'s top con- influential promoter was fearIt's difficult however with Ty- tenders. Riddick Bo we , son now free, to see the corrup-

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