: ***
Although the following is directed towards the wide community of responsible thinking people of Australia, its more direct thrust is to connect with the agricultural community in which I spent sixty years doing my bit on behalf of our *** Nation - a number of

demonstrative achievements of which I am proud.***
In a few days there will be a national announcement on behalf of the National Road Freighters Association (NRFA) outlining the intention of staging a huge demonstration from these gutsy people who carry the primary produce from its place of production to the mouths of the consumers of the Australian Nation. This demonstration will entail the formation of convoys leaving from all parts of Australia to converge on Canberra on 22nd August. Its object will be to impressionably require the Governor General to dissolve both houses of the most treasonable government in the history of the Australian Nation. The thrust directed above upon the agricultural community is a challenge to the farmers of the Australian Nation to join these convoys en-mass and demonstratively assist these MAGNIFICENT MEN and WOMEN in their road haulage machines, in their demand for conscionable honest government. Farmers have volunteered in past wars to strap on a belt of bullets and lump a heavy rifle around the world, making an honourable name killing people, often for no clear reason or direct danger to the ideals of the Australian Nation. **** Now it's time the FARMER'S

show guts and join the TRUCKIE in battle.****
If the farmers of Australia want to sit on their bums and the $60 billion national debt their pathetically irresponsible farm leaders have saddled their bum too, and ignore what is happening to them and their children's future, the sooner they are put out of their nonchalant bloody belly-aching misery the better, by an increasing flood of the risky US$ billions, in the aggressive investment hand of the Chinese asset buyers of Australia. (Authorised by--Colin Uebergang ubergang@bigpond.net.au and the National Road Freighters Association (NRFA) justgroundsonline@com.au

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