Service News

From Volume I, Issue 1, April-May, 1944 of the Oregon State Employee Magazine

Louis R. Kerber, Chief Carpenters Mate, in the Seabees, who had put in over a year’s active service in the South Pacific including the Solomons Campaign, was home on 30-day leave during the mid-winter. Lou fully corroborated the reports we have that the South Pacific fighting is tough. He is stationed at present at Camp Parks, California. Joe Gately, of the Seabees, had his basic training at Norfolk, Virginia, later being sent to the South Pacific where he was stationed at New Caledonia. A bad case of asthma brought Joe back to the States and he has spent several months in navy hospitals in California. He was given limited active duty in the San Diego area. Darel Rohrbaugh in Jordan Valley writes that Alvin Wallace is somewhere in Australia; F. W. Niles is in Japan’s backyard and G. E. Pack is in Hawaii. Walter T. Wright, of the Seabees is now stationed somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands. Don Taylor, Chief in the Seabees, was home on a 30-day leave late in the winter. He has been stationed in Bermuda for about a year. His accounts of the way of life there were very interesting, much different than ours. Val Johnson was inducted into the Army in September of 1942 and has since spent most of his time being educated. He has attended Stanford University and Oregon State College where he took advanced engineering courses under the ASTP and he later was transferred to the University of Michigan where he took advanced training in sanitary engineering. Val was transferred to an engineer training battalion at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where he is at present located. Verne R. Jones, Cm 1/c Seabees, recently returned home from the South Pacific where he helped build airfields and roads for about 18 months. Verne is now stationed at Camp Parks, California. W.D. “Curly” Folliett, recently promoted to Chief Carpenters Mate in the Seabees, has been stationed for nearly a year in Trinidad. He was home on leave early this spring. Curly was formerly employed with the Oregon State Highway Department as a bridge carpenter and is doing similar work with the Seabees. Glenn Loertscher entered the U. S. Coast Guard in August of 1942 and took his basic training at Bonneville and has since been stationed in the Portland-Vancouver area. Capt. C. E. Gardner, Marines, was a welcome visitor in Salem the other day. Slim saw action at Guadalcanal and in the South Pacific and had a lot of interesting news. Lt. Robert Hill, of the Navy, is on active duty “somewhere in the South Pacific.” We hope he has good hunting during the next few months. Lt. Henry Jullum, USNR, after almost three years in the Hawaiian Islands on construction work, writes that he is very anxious for a furlough and a trip to the U. S. A. to visit his wife in Portland. Sana Millet enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps in December of 1943. She had her basic training at Camp Lejune, South Carolina, and is at present working in the fleet post office in San Francisco.

Lt. Malcolm Smith, Army Air Corps, is doing his stuff at Thunderbird Field, Arizona. Donald E. Hardcastle is acquiring his basic training close at home. He is now at Camp Adair. Cecil W. Head was inducted into the U. S. Army in October of 1942 and fought the “Battle of Oregon” until recently, being stationed while in Oregon at Camp White and Camp Adair. Cec recently left Oregon for overseas duty. J. M. Williams is also stationed at Camp Adair. However, the Williams family is still represented among Oregon State Employees. Mrs. Williams is employed in the office of Ernie Umphlette, State Highway Engineer, at Eugene. Carroll Robinson enlisted in the Seabees in October of 1942 and received his basic training at Norfolk, Virginia. Unfortunately, Carroll did not experience a period of duty overseas in that he was confined to a hospital in the States with asthma and was discharged in February of 1943. He is at present employed as computer in the traffic engineering division. Lt. Hilbert Young, Seabees, is on active duty in England. That should be a good place to see “active duty” almost any time now. Capt. John Beakey, T. C., former State Highway Traffic Engineer, now in England, writes to Art Kneass that he went to the dog races. He says it cost him one and a hlf “Quid” to fond out that the British dogs are just as undependable as their canine cousins across the seas. The SERVICE NEWS in this issue is of necessity very limited. The editor was unable to gather as much news about our servicemen and women as he wished to publish. You undoubtedly know several employees of the State of Oregon now in the service. Send in names and addresses, news, excerpts from letters or whole letters, and all other items of interest, to Salem, Oregon. We believ SERVICE NEWS will be appreciated, both by regular employees and employees now in the service. Copes of OSE will be sent free to all employees now in the service provided the correct address is received.