MNP (Mobile Number Portability) has been recently launched in India.

MNP is not a new thing for telecom world. MNP allows a user to switch mobile operators without it there cell phone number. Here is a complete step by step guide on Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in India. First, we¶ll see some key points to MNP 1. MNP allows a user to its telecom operator, without changing the cell phone number. 2. A mobile subscribers are entitled to make a request to ³port´ (changing) their cell phone number after a period of ninety days from the date of activation mobile from its present name. 3. MNP-conditioning is available only within a given licensed area. 4. The subscriber may be required to port costs, if paid at all to the recipient operator. (Max of Rs 19). How switch mobile operator without changing the cell phone number? MNP For porting your number, you must follow the following steps obile Number Portability (MNP) was launched across all the circles in INDIA on 20-JAN2011. The procedure for MNP is as follows: 1. Send a message as PORT <space>to 1900 [Toll Free]. Eg: PORT 9999999999 and send this message to 1900. 2. You will receive a UPC Code in message. Note it down. 3. Now goto the nearest Customer service center (or Retailers) of Network you want to shift. (for ex, if you are shifting from X toY network, Goto Y¶s Customer Center). 4. Fill the Form and pay Rs. 19. In the form You have to mention UPC Code ( From Step 2). Submit your Photo & Address Proof. 5. The customer center will give a new Empty sim. 6. With in 24 Hrs you will receive an Acceptance Message to Confirm the Porting (for your old sim). Then You have to Agree with that by replying to the Message. 7. In the next 24 hrs you will get a another mssg (for your old sim) to select a 2hrs time slot. In this time your number will not work because the porting process will be done at this time. So give a 2hrs time which is convinient for you. 8. After this 2hrs the new sim (From Step 5) will work. 9. Insert the new sim in your phone, Now You are in the new network with old number.