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Published by: Yella Reddy on Aug 03, 2011
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To help in guiding the planning of
conservation actions, the Euro-
pean Commission has financially
supported the preparation, by
Birdlife International, of interna-
tional action plans for all the prior-
ity bird species. As there was
already an international action plan
for the Greenland White-fronted
Goose and a national plan for the
Scottish Crossbill, a UK endemic,
EU plans were not prepared for
these species. The only other pri-
ority bird species not yet the sub-
ject of an action plan is the Azores
subspecies of the Wood Pigeon.
These plans provide updated infor-
mation on the distribution, popula-
tion trends, life history, relative
impact of threats, and identify the
actions needed to ensure the pro-
tection and/or recovery of the tar-
geted species. Aspects consid-
ered in action plans include policy
and legislation, conservation man-

agement, monitoring, research and
public awareness. All action plans
are available on the Web site of the
European Commission4

. The Euro-
pean Commission has invited all
Member States to translate these
framework plans into national ac-
tion plans for the species under
their responsibility.

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