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Systems for TCSH Events 2011

Systems for TCSH Events 2011

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Published by Victor Tan

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Published by: Victor Tan on Aug 03, 2011
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Systems/Processes for TCSH Events 2011.

1. Correspondence: y Correspondence from Editorial Board members(Exco or non-exco) and Teacher Advisors to the Events Department should be sent to tcshevents@hotmail.com , CCed to Victor Tan(victor_xy92@hotmail.com) and Alison Tan(alison_tkh93@hotmail.com) y Correspondence FROM the events department will be from alison_tkh93@hotmail.com , tcshevents@hotmail.com , and victor_xy92@hotmail.com . 2. Article assignments: y Events articles will be assigned based on information disseminated by Ms. May/Editor/Co-Editors. In general, for major events, two writers will be assigned to write articles; One for the blog, one for the yearbook. y Articles will be assigned through tcshevents@hotmail.com . Confirmation of assignment has to be established by both the head of events and writer. y For the blog, as well as for interviews(For student achievements etc), article assignments will be given at Head of Events discretion, and based on recommendation of exco committee/Teacher advisor(s). y All assignments will be assigned personally; There will be no duty roster or schedule, Articles should be sent to tcshevents@hotmail.com, following a specific format. e.g. Title: ECA Student Leadership Camp 2011 An unforgettable experience: Yearbook. or, Title: Finding democracy in a war-torn nation: Blog, Opinions. 3. Proofreading process: I. Articles are submitted to the heads of Events. II. Heads of Events edit articles, rephrasing where appropriate in order to change effectiveness and flow of article, without changing basic message. III. Heads of Events send articles to Teacher Advisors for second round of proofreading. IV. Teacher advisors send articles to Graphics department (tcshgraphics@gmail.com ) 4. Article specifications Length: y For the blog: Length of 500 900 words on average, TNR 12 font. (Approximately 3 pages maximum per event) y For the yearbook: Length of 700 1500 words, TNR 12 font. (Approximately 2 4 pages) 5. Submission deadlines, from writers to Heads of Events: y Blog articles: 5 days after confirmation of assignment. y Yearbook articles: 1 week after confirmation of assignment. 6. Events department assignment deadlines. y Student originals; 22nd July, as specified in rigid strand. y Events/interview assignments; 22nd July as well, except under exceptional circumstances. E.g. Event that raises RM10000 and above.

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