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Synergy - Spirit Quest - Journeys Out of the Body

Synergy - Spirit Quest - Journeys Out of the Body

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Published by Will Maker 666

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Published by: Will Maker 666 on Aug 03, 2011
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been attributed to will alone. Remember the saying ‘Where thereis a

will, there is a way!’?So if you really want to do something,you will

not let anything get in the way of achieving your goal. Thesame

practice applies to projection. You have to really want it. Youhave

to have the willpower to achieve it.

From the vibrational state, you simply tell yourself that you WILL

have an OBE. Don’t just make a meek attempt at telling yourselfthis;

you really need to have the full intent that you will indeed havean

experience! Do not worry if you fall asleep during this process, or

shortly after. And do not worry if you wake up and do not

rememberhaving a conscious OBE. The message will eventually get

throughto the subconscious. It may come faster to some than

others, and itjust depends on the person.


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