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Module 1:

Hospital Planning: Introduction, Role of Hospitals, premises of planning, organizing, estimates,
design considerations, Hospital Organization and Departmentation:Introduction – Organization ;
The Concept – Departmentation: the Perception – Organizing Hospitals – Organizational
Structure for Hospitals and Functions of key departments.

Module 2:

Medical Specialties: overview of the functions and sphere of each specialty oncology, general
medicine\e, cardio thoracic, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, radiology, psychiatry,
endocrinology, neurology, and ophthalmology

Module 3:

Supportive services: general medical services, hospital infection control, special medical
services, technical medical services, patient care services-patient counseling for surgical
procedures, reception, In patient care, Laboratory, Non technical services, admission and
discharge, special procedures, Grief Counseling.

Module 4:

Hospital administration: Non medical services, equipment planning, staffing, medical records,
mortuary services,Hospital Ancillary services-Continuing medical education-
P.G./Fellowship/resident programs, Medical seminars and symposia, Library, Pharmacy,
emergency, tissue Bank/Organ Donation, Mortuary and Autopsy.

Module 5:

Manaement of Human resources in hospitals, Dimensions of HRM – Managing the Selection
procedures, Underlying Recruitment – Education and Training – Value Orientation in the
Medical Profession – Human Capital Vs Productivity Acceleration – Delegation Of
Responsibility – Compensation and Motivation policy – Performance Audit – documentation.

Module 6:

Nursing administration -Nursing care, Operations theatre, Ward management, I.C.U
Management.:Safety in hospitals.

Module 7:

Information System in Hospitals – HIS (Hospital Information System)- Evolution, significance,
Objectives. Electronic Health Record, Telemedicine, Clinical Decision Support System, Voice
Recognition System, Personal Digital Assistant.

Reference Text Books

1.Lederer and Sethi, Pitfalls in Planning,
2.WHO, Hospital Planning
3.Smalley H & Freemand, J, Hospital Industrial Engineering, NY, Rein Hold 1966



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