Math Tubs Rotation Posters How it works: Each group will rotate through 2 tubs a day in 15 minute rotations

, while the teacher pulls groups based on differentiated needs. Kids who are pulled to work with teacher may or may not be in the same number group. That way, group numbers may be changed as needed based on behavior, without affecting the small group work with the teacher. Tubs Activities:
• • • • • Operations and Algebraic Thinking-Tub 1 Numbers and Operations in Base Ten- Tub 2 Numbers and Operations-Fractions –Tub 3 Measurement and Data –Tub 4 Geometry –Tub 5

Suggestions for use: Print the labels, cut them out, and glue them to cardstock. Then laminate the labels, and use Velcro to attach them to the work board, so that they can be easily moved. Use the blank templates to type in your student’s names, so that they will match the rest of the board! The chart below is a sample template, like the one I will use in my classroom. The only change I will make daily will be to move the group names to the right. 1 2 3 4 5

Rotation 1 Tub 1 Rotation 2 Tub 5
1 2

Tub 4 Tub 2

Tub 3 Tub 4

Tub 5 Tub 1

Tub 2 Tub 3

Names will be stuck under the group number for the group that the students are in.

Sally John Erin Landon

Chris Jaimie Kerrigan Mike



Group labels below can be used for the rotation chart and the name chart. Print two copies so that you have enough.

Rotatio Group Group Group Group Group

Tub 1 Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Tub 3 Tub 5
Numbers and Geometry OperationsFractions

Tub 2 Tub 4 and Numbers
Measurement Base Operations in and Data Ten

Names Go Here Names Go Here Names Go Here Names Go Here Names Go Here Names Go Here

Names Go Here Names Go Here Names Go Here Names Go Here Names Go Here Names Go Here

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