, for Guitar
Harmonized by Isalas Sav,io
Fingered by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

COLUMBIA MUSIC CO. Washington D.C. 20036

a humorous flame gillen to freed slaves who spent the money which they earned 01 the "samba clubs" making fun of the egroes who were still slaves. very young he studied music and piano in the Franz Liszt Conservatory. A t the beginning of the 20th century it was taken over by the salons. windand stringed instruments have been used for accompaniment. cuicas I a drum-like instrument open alone end and having a slick attached to the center of the drum skin which. where it is accompanied by piano or guitar. when rubbed. .2 MARACATU .0 was born 111 th« city a/Montevideo 1 October 1900. found in Recife. produces a grunting noise} J. queen. MODINHA.a bellad or a sO/~g. After that he studied witt: Miguel Llobet when. the latter made visits to the Rio de la Plata region: When he had learned from Llobet.. LUND . representing a court with king. This is a lullaby which the egro women used to sing 10 children. The latter got even by hilling the freedmen. The word means "t he staggering drunk" or "the mad dancer" ill all African Ianguag«. accompanied by percussion lnstruments (bells. He himself established the chair in 1947. The rhythm and accompaniment l'Ory in (he different regions of Brazil.a dance of African origin.a dance and a song of African and A merindlan origin. Savio is Professor and of Guitarat the Dramatic Musical Conservatory of sao Paulo. They sing. . TOADA . and vassals. Koch. and later he studied guitar with Professor Conrad P. SAMBALELE . More recently.usually a nostalgic song with romantic verses the subiect of love. he taught the maestro's method in Brazil. It is widely used in serenades. MAESTRO When he \IIllS ISAIAS SAVIO 011 Isaias So 1'. A I present. with guitar accompaniment {almost a/ways in minor keys). 011 SAPO JURURU (cururu) which means "sad [rog" because ofthe melanchoiy sounds which it makes toward the evening.

• Washington. D. C. Guitar Solo I AlA 1 ( J=69) i MARACATU m i m 1 or 3f F p i r r r r r r r r Copyright ( r 1972 by COLUMBIA MUSIC CO . 20036 .To Sophocles Papas 3 TEN BRAZIL Fingered by ARLO BARBOSAIMA AN FOLK TUHarmonized b.

-a tempo 3 POCop~---------------------------- p Lento (.----. =60) 3 \ of ® ·0 0 t @) - r - -t m (0 r r f ~ ~r I II~ 4f J .4 TWO LULLABIES Quasi adagio ( J =54) r -.

[2[ I - J ( r rr J . ~ - eJ 1 .. .5 MODINHA Cantabile r ® o r 1\ r d o r 1 - 01 ( ~ 0h ~ a I :J ~ t-. .

6 SAPO JURURU (LuI lab ) Lentamente ( =63) m --~ p u U /L. uu LUNDU Ilcgrctro mod raw i m i m ( =92) i 6 r a mima i r r r . W.

".7 r r r DESPEDIDA - - . . . r - r - r 2 3 r - r ..

LELE 1\ Ur 1 4 .8 SAMBA .

Poco meno .9 PEIXE V VO f'r Andantino ( =76) ada") ¢.2_.

C2_------.10 MULHER RENDEIRA (a "roa da" fr m or rh e a t of Brazil) ® o~ -.a Fine -J . r... f ® &< 0 0( :IT TV. 4 4. c.- 2 oLJ ¢2-...