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Your Love is Unconditional

Your Love is Unconditional

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Published by City Point Church

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Published by: City Point Church on Aug 04, 2011
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Your Love is Unconditional

KEY: C C F Lord I know that there’s noone here on earth C G That loves me like you do C F People fail and turn their backs on me C G You remain faithful and true C F When I’m down You always lift me up C When I’m thirsty Lord You fill my cup G You supply my needs You’re more than enough C F When I pray You always hear me call C When I’m feelin’ down You have me standin’ tall G You forgive me every time I fall (Your Love is Unconditional) C F Many times I failed You in the past C G I went off and did my own thing C F Every time you forgave me of my sins C G That’s why I can’t help but sing

Cause when I’m weak you make me feel so strong You love me even when I’m wrong You’re there though I feel that you’re long gone When I cry You wipe the tears away And say it’s gonna be ok I know that You will never go away

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