Communication Case Study 1 Because of an on-going economic recession, Mr.

Velarde, the President and owner of a small plastics manufacturing firm named MM Industries, told his employees that the company must undergo some cost cutting measures so as to eliminate unnecessary expenses, production incentives and other unnecessary activities not beneficial to the company at the present time including laundry expense of the employees uniform. The announcement brought some benefits of doubts to the employees and resentment was observed. The counter these doubts and resentment, management decided to share the company's entire financial records with its employees. Usually these company records are off to the employees but In this case the management wants to be transparent with the employees. However, one problem besetting the situation is on how to translate and understand the financial statements. To solve the problem, the management designated the company's accounting department to orient supervisors and all rank and file employees about simple accounting and finance lessons. This will more or less increase their knowledge on the said topic. The management audit team also explained why uniform laundry would be stopped, citing the P 10, 000 monthly cost. The employees showing their support and understanding of the situation agreed but requested the management to buy some laundry machines so that the employees themselves can wash and dry their own uniforms in a laundry area provided before they go home. This measure also helps the company in the long run. The employees also suggested temporary cancellation of their remaining scheduled outdoor activities. 1. How did communication contribute to the continuous operation of MM Industry? - Because of communication, the employees of MM Industry were able to understand what truly is the company true standing and why there is a need to undergo some cost cutting measures to eliminate some of the unnecessary expenses not beneficial to the company. 2. Was the company's decision to show its financial statement right? - Showing the company's financial statement to the employees is right for me because of the said action, the employees further understand what their company is going through and was able to make necessary actions on how they can help out. And because of that, the problem has been solved.

Case Study 2 Problem: A German junior executive was unaware that he was making his team angry by seeming to be better than they were. They also saw him as self aggrandizing and aggressive.He was up for a promotion, but no one wanted to work with him. We had to identify what words and what attitudes were annoying people and why. What might be the possible solution for this problem? He studied books (Carnegie, Covey) which talked about the ways people express themselves here in the US and what kind of vocabulary works. For instance, instead of saying “you are wrong” he found it more effective to say ” what I think I heard you say is…. I don’t know if I agree with you on that, can you explain more?” (see the article Dos and Don’ts in Corporate Meetings). We did role playing, going through hypothetical situations, and he practiced using the newly acquired vocabulary which he chose in order to not antagonize anybody yet still reflect his ideas, and get the results he wanted.

" As she puts it. She is results-oriented and she understands that she must provide visionary leadership through the upcoming shifts. "rudderless in a turbulent sea. an expert HR specialist consultant. "get'em in. has had problems getting his salespersons motivated to do their job. . but sales are up and business is booming. who she assigned to supervise the sales staff.DAYON. "let's capitalize on this while the gettin's good. to help steer him back on course. as he puts it. HR 315 . he has contracted you at $1000 a day. Sara Tonin.2:30-3:30 PROF. She knows she has a reputation for being direct. or just leave them alone? Since Jibb's only work experience was as a weekend life-guard before he met Sara. Case Study 2 Problem: Klipper Kuik. Sara says. to develop a leadership development plan for Klipper Kuik. After six months. When more difficult issues or decisions arise they schedule to meet for longer sessions." He wants you. What might be the possible solution for this problem? Sophia Associates. sells sail boats to upper crust clients who live in the Chesapeake Bay area. Annapolis. Inc. they schedule two in person or telephone appointments per month and often touch base in between via telephone. She anticipates that her bicoastal company will be undergoing some changes due to market influences. LOPEZ LEADERSHIP Case Study 1 Problem: This CEO has been in this position for approximately seven years. got the company off to a good start with her patented sail design. provides a certified. Inc. This has made the boats very attractive to weekend sailors. Additionally. Therefore. She is also a rare woman in a male-dominated industry that influences how she is perceived and how she believes she must behave. MICHELLE A. he is floundering. She guarantees smooth sailing in any weather condition. her husband Jibb. Should he develop teams. the CEO. The client and her coach meet twice a month for two hours each session for the first six months and include shadowing opportunities. Inc. particularly. whose results increase the client’s awareness of her leadership strengths and drawbacks and provide focus for coaching. Maryland. sell'em."However. A couple of them insist on being managers themselves.Jibb is confused about how to organize and lead the staff. the coach uses The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 assessments. She has had no real feedback and is looking for a perspective that includes the experience of working with Clevel clients at other organizations. Some seem to want no supervision while others want to know exactly what it is they are supposed to do. supervise them individually. experienced executive coach and advisor to work one to one with this CEO to increase her effectiveness over the course of twelve months. even when there is no wind. She discovered a way to make smaller sails which could catch more wind. and clip'em quick before they get away. The company has been in existence only a short time. sometimes even intimidating. ANNABELLE A.

I will use the Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory because Leader-Member Exchange This also puts constraints upon the leader. and share more administrative duties. decision influence. assistants and advisors. The out-group. also called LMX or Vertical Dyad Linkage Theory. are more committed to task objectives. describes how leaders in groups maintain their position through a series of tacit exchange agreements with their members. This in-group pay for their position. leaders often have a special relationship with an inner circle of trusted lieutenants. Theory. and access to resources. They work harder. They have to nurture the relationship with their inner circle whilst balancing giving them power with ensuring they do not have enough to strike out on their own.1. are given low levels of choice or influence. to whom they give high levels of responsibility. They are also expected to be fully committed and loyal to their leader. . In particular. Decide on what leadership theory(s) to implement . on the other hand.