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very carefully before you use the especially for the sake of Health to ensure that there are no long as you observe the folcaused

Read this instructions book YASUI's Vacuum Wax Injector and Safety.

The V.W.I. is designed and built hazards for Health and Safety as lowing WARNINGS and Instructions. Therefore, by failure we will not in observing

responsible for any accident the WARNINGS and Instructions.

Any breakage or damage to the V.W.I. caused by an erroneous or inattentative operation shall not be the object of the guarantee by us. WAUNINGS

When it is inevitable for you to dismantle the V.W.I. our request or consent for a maintenance or a repair, certain to cut off the power before an operation. II. To preclud~ Exterior metal very hot, e.g. burns.

with be

parts (areas not coated w i t h paint) 1I1ay be the Nozzle and the Lid of the Wax Po~.

Inadvertent contact of the skin wi th the metal parts aforementioned could cause burns. l-a. l-b. Don't touch the bare finger. Nozzle with





Care should be taken when regulating the Air Regulator Knob, as the delicate skin of forearm is apt to touch the heated Lid. without


Don't let wax inject against the Nozzle. 2-a.





Under no circumstances should your eyes be positioned in alignment of the Nozzle of the V.W.I.





Inadvertent stepping on the FootSwitch by people or dropping something heavy on the Foot-Switch could cause burns to them with
11UL w e x ,-,hooting o"t from t-h",

Nozzle, especially rest-hour.





Turn the Air Regulator Knob to "ZERO" when the operator must leave from the V.W.I. for long minutes. Place the Foot-Switch at a hidden place, when operator must leave from the V.W.I. for long minutes. Turn the Mode position. Changing Switch to the "MANUAL" Lhe




Don't precariously the Faot-Switch.






III. To preclude electrical shock. 1. The V.W.I. should
1-a. 1-b. be properly earthed.

Connect the proper sized wire in rating to the earth Terminal on the back of the V.W.I. An earth line is already Cord of the V.W.I. whose subsequent. incorporated in the Power number is No.2540 and breaker before

2. Make positive disconnect at the circuit performing electrical work. IV. To preclude inhaling of harmful powder.

In such a factory where substantially large amount of Talc Powder is used for easy removal of wax-pattern from the rubber mould, a proper aspiring af Talc Powder is essential by, for example, installing an Aspirator near the V.W.I.




CONTENTS Pages §1.•••••••.. PARTS OF VACUUM WAX INJECTOR·································2 § 3. INSTALLATION················································· 1 3 §4. WAX FILLING. FLOW CHART FOR WAX INJECTION (in "AUTO" Mode)'" §11. ··········11 §13.•.•••• ···································1314 7 8 9 . REGULATING WAX-POT TEMPERATURE······························· 5 5 §7.•. SUGGESTIONS FOR VENTS IN RUBBER MOLD·······················11 §14.· ••••······•···••···•···••···•··•••·••······••··• §6.•••••.•••. SPECIFICATION················································ §2.····· ..•.TROUBLE SHOOTING . REGULATING VALVE (NOZZLE) TEMPERATURE························6 §8. RUNNING TEST PRIOR TO OPERATION······························ §lO. INDICATORS ON WAX-POT CONTROLLER PANEL·······················4 §5. HOW TO CLEAN OUT WAX RESIDUE TRAPPED IN VACUUM CHAMBER·····12 HOW TO STOP RUNNING OF VACUUM PUMp····················12 HOW TO GET RID OF WAX RESIDUE OUT OF VACUUM CHAMBER"'12 §15. ~1AKING WAX PATTERN. REGULATING AIR PRESSURE······································ §9.. FLOW CHART FOR WAX INJECTION (in "MANUAL" Mode)············10 §12.

j GAUGE RANGE Ph:C. §1 SPECIFICATION DIMENSIONS (Refer to FIG..~ 0 'r 17 1/2 © .. • 0- 0- a 2-1-------15 ~--~-----'17 3/4 3/4 -~~ SIDE VIEW FIG.. _. RA]'GE Val v e Tempera t ur e Approx.URC: G..: GO H~ Voltage 115 V for ~Ic:.l PC) for sec...L\!> 4 ...r --- --. .. _I o .l____."":' @ •.CCrJC) G). G':)O '.-. ..:._---i ---12 1/2 ~O-I . (" 20 kgs..'. 47 Lbs..IGHf ELECTRICAL Approx.. ----10 5/t.. ~.lO-CONTROL O'~12 sec.\TING 15 -1 A . Power: FRONT VI. Standard Cycle 17 3/4"(450 mm ) 12 1/2"( 31'7 mm ) 17 1/2"(445 mm ) (Approx. Elee t r i c Band-Rea ter Electric THlE:R'S Cartridge Timer Timer: Heater O~12 Valve: 50 W RANGE: Vacuum Injection THEm. . 1) Overall WEIGHT SHIFPII'G '). V\CUUl.~.\UGE RANGE C. 21.x.5 kg' .\RTHIDGlC FU:oE R.EW 1 Length: Width: Height: 44 Lbs. . " ~.

§2 PARTS OF VACUUM WAX INJECTOR Ca Po~er SWItch Vacuum 1ndicator Vacuum Timer Knob FIG. r=--'::l • J_ .. 4 FIG. 3 l~~·1 mm~ \ . Do not confuse the two. Valve FIG. No wax Should ever be placed in the inner chamber. 2 NOTICE: The inner chamber is the Vacuum Chamber. The Quter chamber is the Wax-Pot.-. r r\.~ ~# Drain Valve Dra i r. 5 -2 r . .--.ii~ §"J FIG.. .

' ~!d'l t r.~ul' I~if' 1JI1 t::. 1.··~.INSTALLATION \ FIG.r.'\~rld.o r air h0:::52 to the COHlI. I ul:'.~.t(. ·=C. t.I.rl Gro~~nJ Tl:rmin.::d[.I.. ill..1 lK:cK 'lIn.._) 1 : ·:i. :F\_. • ~ !~i~ h~\". CGmprE:~J .[' . Ll2tW(~l.ot-:\·Jitch li110 co rd i r.. 1~ C0!iL.·.:.n lflt _...' r. .li 0i' t l« l u.nd wir(.C to V.. .n..i .. .~t ~!LJr.-:·toJ' the (. 6 § 3 INS'j'ALLATION r.::::. .r.l.o.!'l"./ ':f'. ] '0y]'. t.J ~jll tl~\ lJ::c~~ c r' l' :::wi tell or.._:(. gr._:~'.i.r. l't_~L:('lJtij{~l~ Iocn t ed L..I I~i._:J ou t..t C'~.. -j- .. r t ..L~J -.~l 11. c .1.ll lc.'0..::{'J~ ul' 'co t 01'. i r.r.~~..Jt"' tLe i-bx-Pot. ct .:: ~c.:.".

When rotating rotate.. AirCompressor .--- . . by pulling Knob is slightly IF IT IS THE TYPE AS SHOWN Adjust it in the following the Knob. - _. be sure to unlock it and then Push it to lock after an adjustment Don't rotate damaged. N-O-T-I-C-E On some Model. '. !! the Knob without has been made.. NNECT THE HOSE HERE 1.Additional Page for §3 INSTALLA'rWN Different Regulator Type of the Air Pressure Knob.. IN THIS ILLUSTRATION: manner.3 Add. different the type of the Air Pressure Regulator from the one shown in the previous page. otherwise the teeth will be unlocking. !1 . DO NOT ROTATE THE KNOB WITHOUT UNLOCKING.

2) Pane! La the tempera- (3).: (1). is being reused. i on temp.2) and remove Place a fresh supply it from the Injector. Once the pot is up to temperature. However.:l't.1:- t i cle s in the '''I:. The Lowe r. (2). (2). or if wax sheets of chees~ cloth Therefore. Unscrew and remove the Injector. air.he in':.----------- .ode lc . the four Cap Nuts shown in FIG. the following procedures should (1). (3). W:n i n j ec ted 1 n to a rubber mol d at too hig!'. When the Wax-Pot Temperature Indicator goes off and on repeatedly.§5 WAX FILLING ing of h:iX frJr:': t~l2 ncz z i e i e . ue used. " t crr. it does not necessarily mean that all the wax has been completely melted.t.X which have clog8'ed valve seu t . after melting if dirt of foreign at the proper m"'tter is suspected through several it must be filtered temperature. 2) . "nd forms s~all iJlr pockets in thG wax model.:'!L"L P<". Reduce air pressure to zero wi th Air Pressure Regula tor Knob Make sure the Pressure Gauge reads "0" (zero). the following procedures should To feed wax into the Wax-Pot. Slowly reduce the vacuum pressure within the Vacuum Chamber by lowering the Vacuum Valve Handle from a vertical position to a horizontal pOS i tion. in rr.2) on the Wax-Pot Controller to ON. chamber.oecomes teo fluid.: \olAX-POTTEMPERATURE the Wax-Pot temperature.p.Jed c"J c i rt L'''_" j'. allow time before injection to be sure that all of the wax is melted. (FIG. t ne c~Ju. in the wax. CONSIDERATION: -5- -" ~. Lift the Lid (FIG. Turn the Wax-Pot Temperature Regulator ture required for the wax being used. the 1 e ss shrinkage seen i tl ect the wnx t. §6 REGULATING To regulate be used.os t cases. of wax in the outer Wax-Pot NOTICE: NEVER PUT WAX IN THE INNER VACUUM CHAMBER. absorbs . Knob (FIG. Flip the Power Switch (FIG.2 on the top of (4). it is an indication that the set temperature of the pot has been reached. (5).

jE. (2).(Remember: occurs. ].? By doing at the valve by turning the Valve Temper- 2"""'3°C (3.e the valve used. If in FIG. In the event wax does not fill the fine details you may want to change Do not operate is set. of a mold cavity. j go ON and OFF repeatedly.i I J ':I : I i \.. you will get good wax patterns. Regulijte the temperature ature Regulator Wax-Fot.4°F) lower than that of this.'. independently from the Wax-Pot should ThE. the valve temperature small air pockets (3).) . v~lve To r egu Ls t.~Je"L to ~~int~in properly.6:"'S. -6- . : tempera ture. is higher than the Wax-Pot temperature. may become trapped in the wax pattern.L"d ~t the v~lve cnn be adjusted "t OLl!' fbctory ri or t c :Jhi. A short the valve temperature.ctOl".ve the temper~ture tempernture Le en c"lior:.' ir. after a new temperature for temperature the indicator stabilizolight will the injector immedi2tely amount of time must be cllowed when stabilization ·i : tion.§7 REGULATING VALVE (NOZZLE) TEMPERATURE All LI1(. the following procedures be (1).

(See FIG. the Lock Screw the Air it counter-clockwise with a screw driver A Safety on the top of the lid as shown pressure when approximately in FIG.ll rnc rcus e pressure. j NOTE: There are approximately full pressure.) latox Knob Valve This knurled r -7- "-_ ~--- . The Lock Screw shown turning (FIG. to release DO NOT ALLOW WAX TO GET INTO AND CLOG THIS SAFETY VALVE: NOTE: The knurled silver colored ring on the Air Pressure Regulator Knob is for mounting purpose only and has nothing to do with regulating or locking.B-a. Knob turns more easily.s-a) Pressure by turning in FIG.m t e r cc lockw i oo will decrease Do not decrease the press~ra. 20 PSI is It is set at our factory reached. the air pressure rapidly. 11 1/4 turns between no pressure and 1 J.a-a. sometimes locks itself and makes loosen until the of the Knob very difficult. Valve is provided If this occurs. wh i le t u rn i ng it co.§8 REGULATING AIR PRESSURE Turning it clockwise wi.a.

. RUNNING TEST PRIOR TO OPERATION Prior to an operation.:. (7). and remove foot from ita t Timer Knob Switch will (FIG. Tes t the opera tion-cycle If correct... the Injection injection point. t . Injection will Indicator light. . the \'~en set At this the "STAND BY" Indicator (10)... the Vacuum Indicator light. either "MANUAL" the functioning is or "AUTO" mode. . and will go off. (6). (FIG. (9).... Vacuum Indicator set light. (e). Ind i c. •• __ w" •• . (5). (4).. up.~!l h 1:3 t. vacuum time is .9) to a time desired. it for is reccmmended to let the correct functioning the machine run in "AUTO" of each un i.~... the wax injector may now be operated at any timE: in \1 ~: I ~ yo" must bear in minJ most when depre~. !4ode and tes tit (1). will go off. to a time determined.. 3 --4 times Turn the [1ode Changing Switch Turn the Vacuum Timer Knob Turn the Injection Depress the (FIG.i t oz. sequencial f'unc tions.Vficu~m jndic~tor MANUAL VACUUM S£( InJection lndicutor FO!)T SWITCH Vacu~m Timer Knob FIG.: endle!lsly.c to c t op 011 it lightly and then off quickly to prevent j t rz cn rcpcntine oper. ... 3~ 4 times for correct of each Timer is confirmed in the test "STAND BY" Indicator ON.. r~en . vih!"t l j I -8- -.inJ }'oot-~.tion-cycle...9) to the "AUTO" poe i t i on .9) lightly Poo t (FIG..9) once. (3).. (2).will time is up. Next. 9 §9..

.. ITANIl' Set vacuum time up (vacuum ready) Injectior.l as long is be i (itS un Foot-Switch depressel· ! ITA"I'0'T -'0"I' 'IIACWIoI AUTO .ie c t... n. ) Foot-Switch. . ® foot from_" Foot.§11.stilfiH it' '.10 - ."i ~)J1 ti r:!f. Evacuatlnt L • ". FLOW CHART FOR WAX INJECTION (in "MANUAL" Mode) IN Dle:.i . t~ :.. " . Remove Injection go". Injection is opened.. ~)wi tch --.5..JiEC1~ "" . lS kel't ~ ~ starts. cOfllfJleted...1.:: Pay a t t e r..UJr.r\cr-··' ~ f\ 1 r. .'J!"'c HO'rr... t ch .. Vacuum Timer functioning Huld rubbermold against nozzle • (NOTE: Despite the mode in "MANUAL" • vacuuminG is by V3CUUmaccomplished Keep depressing Timer automaticully. u Jutl FUjT.. Keep depressing Foot-':. le . :wi Remove rubberd from nozzle.:)wi tch.oj_JEC1~ . f'oot.- AuTO .witeh. :t i 0. Depl'e.'i. ItiJ[ClIOI'II .- • a.- .d i c: li~G re~~dy ror next O~)f::L'..i r..o l -.t i on l'lhich Lnd i c-i t or .~ .PO'lllU Hold mo l d against rubbernozzle ~ Electric cireui being closed...~ J::lectric c i r cu i t c Lo sed . it ..C. -. ~ Hold rubbermold against nozzlE..f.~'I':lN]) B':" l nd i cn t o r cOI.I.I" :~ ~9... ~ "1' Ii'Owflll LU_foIU"L ~ Keep depressing }'oot-.uta IoU . L...4CUUW .J . Electric circult Injection stops.I" _'A ~ Of!."rOfll.u . '.'oViO 11 I. starts. ~old rubber-mold '·c"inst n cr.I" -0"I' row . -0" I' .'dI'i'CH fllNCTIOlJ lil'hts..L ~ j..

t h.ic t o r 8:..: i n.c~:'~m ump.. P the better the produced Wi.econd::.1X pi' t- . cun be fi112 seconds. is formed A mold without vents within the cavity. is not in use.. between the rubber time of I can be determined may prove ed completely through and experience. would of metal (l/S" thick aluminum or brass sheet will do) or glass Without the metal. is to make it possible to maintain of the mold.. mold which already better to prepare has vents can be used. be distorted.L':.11 - . several is usually filled becallse a better vacuum It is advisable times first.i V:llve 'i'en. . full vacuum in the The reason cavity for this.o Turn the handle vertic31 position same to the horizontal Optimum I second of Three W:.. vacuum For making Most small rings and wax inJection be sandwiched with a vacuum time of 1 second and wax injection Large wax patterns In the operation two flat pieces plates while would pressing will require of inJection..§12.i. since wax is forcibly been evacuated An existing into the cavity of the rubber mold which has beforehand.) to til" and draw down full v~cuum when machine (Tun: the vacuum time as well prnctice to be adequate &8 i n j ec t i on time for each vax pa ttern-making small patterns. SUGGESTIONS FOR VENTS IN RUBBER MOLD With a Vacuum Wax Injector.'-' OF}' a ud ON r e pea t ed Ly Hith an interval at any time.n t. tlmes.t .tl.. MAKING I'rnenthe operated ihx WAX PATTERNS Ter:Jper:. the mold against wax pattern bend and the injected §13. tne VACU'_irn The greater tern quality "r~roxim"t"ly Lud i ci t o r lic.. r e eil~.l:L. in the V:..y Ive V: position on the top of the injector in the Vacuum Chamber. for vacuum longer time. 'l'hese be blind and should not lead to outside of the mold.. injected a perfect and precise wax pattern is possible. you could partly prep&re vents.p. a rubber mold without vents and try injection If the details vents should are not as desired. a rubber mold should the nozzle. of 4 c.

0.TELY AS HIGH AS THE MID-HEIGHT OF THE: VACtnrM CHAMBER.. THE TRAPnn WAf.) Turn the clockwise Air as j'ressurl.8 k~/c~. I nd i c a Lee t 0 cndlg. Knob counter- 1 VACUUM GAUG!::: GAUG~: indicates will 76 cmllg. It is ad v i aa b Le to clean the w:~y. 'l'u rn Handl a to the around 2~30 2 VACUlJ}! CAUl.."y Valve horizontal posltion.: Wa.<l O.. W..i. cuum Chanbe r .. rlghl Slde IOJec tor WHERE TO HANDLE READING OF' GAUGE: 0n Lhe VaCUuW 3t~o.FORS WAX FILL.W. t:: mBy indicate cuilig . kg/cJIi~ GAUG8: nd i ce Le a u. FIG..r'lHlI.. .~ ChLaU. is the type shown in FIG. lH''. and preven t the VacuuJ~ Chambe-r from formine a va cuum .-IA .2 liD STRONGER PRESSURE SHOULD EV8R BE APPLIED LEST THE! POINTER OF VACUUM GAUGE SROm... If' c leaning is neelp. . v .D BE PUSH~D AGAINST THE STOPPER AND BROKEN. Turn slowly the Air Pressure clockwise unt~l the Pressure ca t~~ . Regulator (ar uS it can go." OP PROC8DURB'::.15-a.JW. ~j~ ci f'HES~Y!!f GAUC~ VuL'LilHiI (':01r.:. c PRL. m~y t e around O.'" J n Vllj vc.I.z n a wurkulf! VALVt: GAIlGE: pnc s e : IJAIIDL!::: VJ.c ted. residue relJardless or how small the Bcount uhen you finish a day's job..\CUU~.te COil] d c log the x t ub i ngs of the V. 2 kg/Cd.URi. cleaning procedures are as follows..::.Q. 0 kg/c~. t ltlt.. ! ! If your V.l-n...11 U".tl(JulJ "~ . 76 cmHg. I'~E:. Jo'ROh THE VACUIn-l CHMlBEIt Bi. Bt: CERT·m: 'EO Rt:I~OV:-. AI'PROXHL4. the ira resid:..: J' 1 ("'L~l.:.UhE CAU~t:. PHESSUHE indicate the Three-'.l5'-a.C1J1JJ! CAUCE PRESS ~ GAUGE 'tHkEr:-WAY VACUIlM in ver t i c s L pos i t rcr r.: indica tea 0 kg/cm~ Regulator Knob Gouge indi- .Jt.... (one of examples.I--. 0p~. GAUG):.§1~ HOW TO REMOVE TRAPPED WAX FROM THE VACUUM CHAMBER It is very important to remove nny w'~ residue :rn~ped in the boltom of Lhe VncuUD Chamoe r . N• Tt~ is i D:':SCRIP'rIOij lLlustrbtl~n ttl':. Cit lndlcates 1 nd r 1'~I:::iSLlII~ GAUGI::.

Cho ck \.r t lc t . for suffi- 6. the Po+e r Line Cord au r e i nse r t icn Dane 2.\K DOl". In case that the Heating i-:lementhas been broken d own . IS NO.W.Indicator neve r gce s off ho~·. Check the Pressure ciently panel enough Gauge pressure.ILL NOT ~'UNCTION t i on i ng ~.'. Hake a short 4. Inspect the Valve Heater: inside of the V. circuit ~ith a serev driver as sholm in FIG. 7.r I::l~f:'ent no cca L._.J!. '.1 :.ARD . Inspect FIG.- 3)._..'lp.----.11.'~' !'O~ rr. .:s LL CO:'. housing) for any disconnection.~T . In case that the Hea t rn.16. 16 the bottom of the Wax Pot if there are deteriorated wax or foreign particles which clog the path for wax. ': com.: I C::i'rU' I n t» an v. Inspect the Nozzle and the Val':e Assembly (inside of the V.'itch1(eceptacle. 4. 4.o should is r :0 orf 0: the same ti~e when the thermistor cuts off the power to the Valve Henter.'N OF THE HEWING 9.I.!LQ.I. 3UT NO'I' :.. the Cartridge Fuse ~0r p8saible "melt-dc··n".1... it is If the Valve Heater is found surely connected at the receptacle. 3. --------------Replace the broken Valve Hea ter \':i th a new one.OZZ1:.".) to r nc rma L f'unc i='OO1' SwITCH ~.. Check the Injection if Timer Knob on the it is set at "0" IZero).-(2).-Svit. oU'r F!lOi>! TH~. the Poot-Sl'i teh. ev. 8LEMENT HO'" TO Dr:TERi1IHE THE BRE.-:.FUNCTIONING SOUND 'r. Disconnect the Foot-S~:itch Cord from the Foot S·. . ._-.i dcnc e that the hea t i ng e lenen t is broken down.__ . Che ck the love r :"i teh on the 1 for be 1nl! "ON"..13 - _. \11. 8.1). HC.'ever dim the light may be. ) Replace Foot-Switch 5. the Ind i ca t.----------Clean away all wax residue and foreign particles from the bottom of the Wax yot. --------------Disassemble them and clean avay all wax residue or foreign particles from the Nozzle or the Valve AssemblY'IRefer to the separate Manual.ssu:ning that it is pr ope r Ly depressed. If injection functions properly it is ev i dence that the Foot- Switch is defective. liO::::LO: OUT F'ROH THi: 1. Inspect 4.' ': '" I 1. .LL Checl' the Poo t. housing) if there are clogged wax or foreign particles in tneir path for wax. the Valve Te.

: . with wax. ·orst case..r-liblrtness t hr.for Vacuum and Injection) for normal fUnctioning.. Check the Timer '.lO. wax might have filled as far as the Three Way Valve and the tubing. _______________ Dismount the Three Way Valve and the tubine and dip them into hot wa tel' in a basin and get rid of wax.-. it ~y be necessary to replace the parts.. ..!~ump. 1n the "HANU '.. thus causing continuous leaking of wax from the Nozzle. to ps corm ng ou t of the Nozzle the LBAK CONTINUOUSLY FROM THE NOZZLE •The STAtW-BY Indica tor (Green lamp) is being of the Valve li t ) 1. Indicator never goes off. }:ax instant the Fnot-3~itch is stepped II.. f' ..Valve. \-".. The Vacuum Gauge may be defective.. ---------------Heplace Inspect .l.Iie r Drain Va Lve for air-ti. and of V. the l'iOQl! ChonL:'i n.X ~IILL 5 orr. the pos i t i on o f "1·[!IIU.~. housine) If dirt or foreign particles mixed in liax clog the Valve Seat. d i anoun t the Vacuuu Char. The path for wax may have been clogged In the same case as in the above. J V:h on til" pn ne I [1 the S~..n·iodp.htness at the con j unc t i ons between the tu b i n. ---------------Replace the Vacuum Gauges..ecure a.1 - .htnes'3. 4. or ---------------1 Char.-.S cu t of the N u. .z l e on Iy wh ~1" '.. which consequently will indicate inaccurate reading. Drain Va 1ve for poas i b le open. Dr be twe en the tubi ng and the Vacuur. renlace iL ulth 8 neH one."iiU.L".l. Inspect the Valve Seat for a perfect closing..R t ha t in "H.. or the Injection If something is wrong with the Timer. it cannot achieve full-closing.:MB".. \·Il\.. In the ..L" Hod e . ore tii. - -. NOT BE ACCOMPLISHED 1."L" . t!.· i t c h i u t. 3. 2.W.I. The reused wax must be filtered through several sheets of cheese cloth prior to feeding into the Wax Pot. Che c. 4..nro i.1. Negligence in cleaning the trapped wax in the Vacuum Chamber will cause wax not only to fill the Vacuum Chamber but also to enter into the Vacuum Gauge.:J i r-ti~h - 1.wi t ch ~s depressed. by fastening the parts more ti~ht. ~.. ~-:. \·:ux::0Wt..e C r Dr"in Valve is defective itDelf. If the VI'!r:uumhar.. 2. air-leakage is found at the conjunction. ber Drnin Valve and re~ount the VRI~e applyin£ ~cner~u~ amount sf sec Ln n t and fas t en i n.aa i n=body the deteriorated O-rine with a new one. -------Close the Vacuuer Ins pe c t the aea Lin.. tness is found poor. Inspect the O-ring in the Vacuum Chamber for possible deterioration.:' 1.e ---------------If Vac~Uu::I the nir-tic. '~n". Assembly (inside of the V.: the '). Chamber :.f: RI::Hr._. --------------Disassemble the Valve Assembly and clean it thoroughly. VACUUN WILL your dealer the Vacuum Indicator for jo'~ . --------------Consult III.

Ins pee t the Vi-l CuUI. There lUIy have been a short-circuit Switch. WAX-PO'l' T8HPERATURr. --------------Consult V. the l"ontini. -. . e and STAND-BY again ~!ill be repeated er. If it shows the S8me symptom even after has been confirmed.~ JOB-CYCLr:: '<fILL BrXOm: <::NDLl!:S3 . of board 3.'. 1. If of lo'ir-e or of the Contn c t a in follow the procedures normal. "'" <. 7.6. '"'he Vulve located a t the vacuua-u i de 0: the Valve ~\s3eL.UTO" Hode) injection. . One Job-Cycle vhd. If the Foot-Switch may be defective.dlessly.bly inside or the V. FOOT SWITCH WILL NOT FUNCTION. THB SET TEMlERATURE REGARDLESS If the Temperature Indicators (for the Wax Pot and the Val\'e) never go off no tvt ths tanding the \Jax Pot end the Nozzle look to have 8 ttained the set tempera ture. Ln the ". it is suspected the t something is llrong I':ith the Thermis tor.~ "ump (or no rna I f'unc t i on i nq . IV. with a new one. Check the Thermistor for perfect connection at the receptacles.' consists of sequences. vacua tion.. \ . the sort-circuit is suspected. it is evidence that -----------------Replace it the perfect connection of the Thermistor the Thermistor is defective. hous i ng ] may not have been fully closed oui ng to the ex i s t enc e of dirt or foreien particles..'w.15 - ""'_ ..: is found to be quite your dealer WILL RISE the printing for repair. STAND-BY. 1. . 2. . described circuit I.

n Knob t o Claf: -ed or residue frof. I ( \ /rur. "_.j...... '-."Oed or NO -----*- I E:J..ZLc.. 1 Does it pressu:r:e r==_ -~-------------.:._ .." -\ • into an outlet \o'AX:-f-'OT TEMP...JilLY Not UOl.: OR Vl. ~ Cin .LV!:: .~i...\ temperature ...J 1(0 - ..1 Not __J iT::. VALVE " REGULATOR .

-2 \ .·...:lefe.: AT vACUm~-SIDE OF HLVE ASSi::HBLY Is it fully closed or Not plO J I iDismount Val':e-f...-1~ I ~'OR 1·.~3 THR.1r- I I ~O_-~R~IN~G~O~F-V~A~c~uu~n~1~c~H~A~M~B~B~R--------~1 Deteriorated or Not J YES! NO ~Replace them~ ICONN~CTION OF TUBING WITH UNION-JOINT I Any Air-Leakage or Not I~~I I I NO ~Se~ure air-tightness 1 by fastening them more tieht" J I VACUUM CHAMBER DRAIN VALVE Closed or Not n:e NO I J ~Close ISEALING AT VACUUM CHAMBER DRAIN VALVE I the valve. ileter to III.lOU 31.~ .\ at vacuu~-~ide.._-.sJ :~o I / I'rH~ h.CUJj·J G . .••. ~" . -r r- ~... '.iv.::t...'.--disa33~mbl~the valve. D I ...--'-- I . I Any Air-Leakage or Not YE NO /Apply more sealant and secure air-tightness \ .~i!~0: 1 J J I .r.'1\1 fron ner f ec tly c losin{.IJG.the '.... -~---'- . or .artl.L~O: I Clu~ged or Not ~--------~~~~~--~-----~-----~ jClean a~..Y-V·...: . ".·eyall the c1o~c:ed in the path\ ~!nlC rss I 'l'uBING I I NO j Refer to IlI.lot I n.... _. '~e / .__ . I I Does it BS VACUUM PUMP function norcaly NO ? I them\ I ~ReDair or renlace I I VALVi.hi ch is preventin...cA.. 3UCH .ssedlY-and . ~ __ "_ __L ! _..17 - . Get rid of d~rt or foreign particles .TH /R~place then -...

. TEIII'.Replace or VALVI! WAX-POT T~I!P.. I / Mea ter l YE may or VALVE VAX-POT TEIlP.A-POT(or vnvl::} iH LL NO'r G2'l' HOT ...~p) lL.- -----EFFBCT Heater will be uOr~i'-'1I VillAT SENSOR Slms~~.. I This Flow-Chart is mnde on the ~ssumption th~t the Indicato..!I. 11.latDr' at the conncctorfll\ I I ~AX-POTI 10 i I gotUI\€ VlLVB Hot? he r or YES LTher..ul t your deD... because of the characteristic properties of semi-conductor.llul t your NO dealet \ I YES I WAl-PO'r 10 it Cettil18 lor VALVE hoI or Hot 7 I \ J 0 ] LCom.p) (IIDICATOR (I. ' .le~ " l II... ~".. the lower the Thermistor's electric resistance will become. p) t YES! (li t ) aBl b•• hart-circuited Ther. t ez-a / Reo ete ee "\ /OiaCQMec::t Ther. ..istor I I He l L \/ /Tha."'P.1t heating mllst of but indefinitely rted.-2..a. Ti:III'..0111118 lor VALVE hot or Nol ? ~ES / Con.y be 4efectiv~ Ther. fLOW-CHART REMARKS: L.---.. :ihort-circuit. which menns that it is essential the light bulb is not burnt out.--~. light bulb is norm~l._ --.r=>: . 10 it . 'l'herr:li star r'enr of Ovorheet .r ...___.. . Ll t I"DICATOR 01: "0 INDICATOR {r. DATA ABOOT THERMISTOR 11. ~ymptom caused by Faulty Thermistor -_. ._ .. jSubatrata MY bit dBr.raiato.------~ . SubBt~at". .1ting must of be stopped. Electric Resistance END I K Ohm(lO KA)--------et 250C Thermistor's electric resistance------10 \ The higher the temperature will be.---. CAUSe ____ .. -.t.'1.. be stf•.. Thermistor it senses tempernture . lc~ r o I WAX-POT 10 it . -~-. --. . IHDIC ~TOR (t.~T ALL I.L9tor'::I j_ ReplAce 'o'u-ror lor VALVe or Hot? I tor". p) Or No t I I or uL (lit) t Ive \ NO '(not li t) I I - 'oe deCce He.18 - .---~~-I• _____ M ___ .3 beine Disconnection He<1ter Hill be nON so low th.._.-1. senses temperature as being so high that he.o.tllng not ~E~ jCons'11 t your de .cHve\ / Replac.ia NO I{not Of'defBCUl'e\ li t ) .