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Pa Tho Physiology of Intestinal Obstruction

Pa Tho Physiology of Intestinal Obstruction

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Published by: JOvie Rectin on Aug 04, 2011
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Mechanical intestinal obstruction secondary to rectal tumor

Modifiable Gender Age Status

Non-modifiable Lifestyle ®diet ®smoking ®stress

exposure of normal cell to carcinogens

As cell grow high glucose oxygen and estrogen are needed by tumor affection to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland decrease supply of nutrients and oxygen to the other parts

alteration to the normal function of cell Multiple consecutive giving birth w/ interval of only month repeated exposure to carcinogens

Repeated trauma into a tissue promotion the activation of oncogenes where in these are mutant genes that causes the transformation of normal cell into tumor cell Interfere tissue function

failure of the immune response

inability to destroy antigens

mutant RAS, protein stimulates cell growth of tumor

there will be formation of new blood vessels regulated by growth tumor factor

progress growth tumor



Gases and fluids accumulate in the area

Bacterial activity

Inc contractions of proximal intestine

Distension of intestine

Increase intraluminal pressure Severe colicky abdominal pain

Persistent vomiting

Increase secretions into the intestine

Loss of hydrogen ions, potassium

Compression of veins

Metabolic alkalosis

Increase venous pressure

Decrease absorption

Edema of the intestine

Dec arterial blood supply

Compression of terminal branches of mesenteric artery

Ischemia, Anoxia


Perforation of necrotic segments

Bacteria or toxins leak into:

Gangrenous intestinal wall Peritoneal cavity Cessation of peristalsis Bacteremia Septicemia Blood supply


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