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Surah-E-Yasin (Fulfill Hajaat & Increase of Rizq)

Surah-E-Yasin (Fulfill Hajaat & Increase of Rizq)

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Published by Obaid Ahmed

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Published by: Obaid Ahmed on Aug 04, 2011
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Wazifa of reciting Surah-e-Yasin for Hajaat and increase of Rizq

Important: The purpose of this document is to compile Surah-e-Yasin as a wazifa recommended for fulfill of Hajaat and increase of Rizq. The individual is required to recite certain DUAs (from Quran) at every ‘Mobeen’ of Surah-e-Yasin. every ‘Mobeen’ in the Surah have been highlighted along with required DUAs to perform. Please read before every DUA. To make it convenient for recitation.After Jummah prayer but before Asr prayer. This wazifa is basically a recitation of Surah-eYasin in a particular manner. Best time to read . Be seated facing Qibla and repeat the whole Surah-e-Yasin three (3) times. .


.1-Mobeen: Recite Surah-e-Ikhlas three (03) times at First ‘Mobeen’ of Surah-e-Yaseen. and continue reading.

2-Mobeen: Recite Surah-e-Al-Kauthar three (03) times at second ‘Mobeen’ of Surah-e-Yaseen. and continue reading. .

. and continue reading.3-Mobeen: Recite Surah-e-Ash-Sharh three (03) times at third ‘Mobeen’ of Surah-e-Yaseen.



. and continue reading.4-Mobeen: Recite Surah-e-Fatiha three (03) times at fourth ‘Mobeen’ of Surah-e-Yaseen.

5-Mobeen: Recite Ayat-ul-Kursi three (03) times at fifth ‘Mobeen’ of Surah-e-Yaseen. . and continue reading.


.6-Mobeen: Recite this DUA three (03) times at sixth ‘Mobeen’ of Surah-e-Yaseen. and continue reading.

and continue reading till end.7-Mobeen: Recite Darood-e-Ibrahimi three (03) times and this DUA seven (07) times at seventh ‘Mobeen’ of Surah-e-Yaseen. .

friends etc.. For the clemency of Allah-rabul-Izzat For the intercession of Muhammad (PBUH) on the day of judgment For the expansion of Islam For the Maghfirat of Muslim Ummah For the Peace and long life of Pakistan For your relatives. For your parents For you and your family For the people who are any way involved in the compilation and distribution of this Wazifa ‫جزاك هللا خيرا كثيرا‬ .Now pray to Allah.. teachers.

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