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prophecy fulfilled when Israel became a land in a day
prophecy fulfilled when Israel became a land in a day

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21 Smith, p.191.
22"Hislop, pp.18-7, 1.88.


Roman Catholic prayer beads or rosary is shown in
Fig.IS. This vain repetition of "Hail Marys" and
"Our Fathers" as practiced by Roman Catholic s is
directly condemned by Scripture.

Fig. 15

Jt!" Rosary

7 And in praying use not
vain repetitions, as the Gentiles
do: for they think that they
shall be heard for their cmuch


The images of Our Lord, of the Blessed Virgin,
and of the saints are included in the Catechism as
objects of devotion in direct violation of Scripture.

4 tThou shalt not make unto
thee agraven image, nor any like-
ness of any thing that isin heaven
above, or that is in the earth
beneath, or that is in the water
under the earth: 5 uthou shalt
not bow down thyself unto them,
nor servethem; . Ex. 20:4, Sa


These statues and images are the ancient pagaz;
gods and their images adapted to the pagan worshij
of the Papal Empire. "In the church of Saint Agnes
they showed me an antique statue of a young Bacchus
which, with a new name and some little change of
draping, stands now worshiped under the title of a
female saint. The Pantheon, dedicated to Jove and all
the gods, was piously reconsecrated by Boniface IV
to the Virgin and all the saints." "Romanism is simply
the old Roman paganism rev i ved under Christian
names. Romanism and paganism bear to each other
the most exact and extraordinary resemblance." 23
At Tivoli in Italy there is a beautiful garden which
was once the Cardinal's gardens, now a public park.
The Villa D'Este, begun in 1549 by Pirro Ligorio
for Cardinal Ippolita D'Este the younger, has the fin-
est example of a Renais sance garden in Italy. The
castle was built in 1460by Pius II on the site of the
amphitheatre and is now a prisonv "

Pegasus at Tivoli

23 Walter M. Montano, BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN (Los Angeles:

Cowman Publications,

1950 l,pp. 32,35.




Certainly in the Cardinal's gardens you would ex-
pect to find statues of Christ, Mary, or the saints but
what do we find? There is not a single statue or im-
age reputed to be either Christ, Joseph, Mary or any
other saint. Instead, we find the fountain of Bacchus,
the winged-horse Pegasus, and such pagan and myth-
ologie personage s.

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