Close Open By: Mike Boctot

When I was young I remember my mother taught me how to do close open into my hands. She will sang close open, close open until my fingers follow the rhythms. What is the significance this lesson to my life? I believe that my mother had wisdom in teaching this particular matter. In the religious community we are reminded to give and receive. As a song goes into take and rceive O Lord, my liberty. Take all my will, my mind my memory. It is like the way I am taught to my mother. To close is receive and to open is to give. When I share my life into a community which I love most I give it freely. I give it without thinking of any return from the community. I volunteered to share, to give because that s the best thing to do. I never regret it. I never look at it waste of time. Rather I am very thankful for the experience and the blessings that I received. I learned so much in the community. I learned to give freely and to open my life to others. In the ordinary life, they say if the door closes the windows are open. Still close and open. My opportunity as a seminarian closes last March 28 and the window opens for me to work in a seminary college. Is it that ironic because I left the formation program to find myself in an ordinary life? But here I come working in the seminary school which is still a formation program. I just realized that everything have in purpose. Right now I am figuring for what purpose I have in working this seminary formation. Is it because I have a vocation of priesthood? Or am I just being called to serve in the seminary life. Tara! Usap tayo

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