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Astral Projection Five Bodies

Astral Projection Five Bodies

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Published by: Avix Colaluca on Aug 05, 2011
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Find more about The Art Of Astral Projection HERE.

I even experienced myself as a point of consciousness. Astral. so I’ve included some techniques to help you get in touch with each of your 5 ‘bodies’. Let’s take a look at these core elements of YOU. Confused? Yes it does sound a bit confusing. Getting to know these bodies will also help you as it has helped me. which were still ‘me’. Mental and Spiritual. and how they effects your experience in both your physical life and your astral travels. You are much more than your physical body. but essential amount to 5 different layers: The Physical. . So here I want to explain the difference between the different bodies that you may see or experience. if only you could see with your physical eyes who you really are. you would be astonished. These bodies are described differently in different traditions. Etheric. so much more. I asked myself the same question when I started having out-of-body experiences. You are actually a series of overlapping. multidimensional “bodies”. Why was that? I investigated and researched and realized that I was seeing different bodies.GET IN TOUCH WITH EACH OF YOUR 5 `BODIES` HOW MANY BODIES HAVE WE GOT? Good question. Find more about The Art Of Astral Projection HERE. or even a different place to where I should be. I would leave my body and turn to look at my physical body but see myself in a different position.

flick the switch and hey presto you’re there! more about The Art Of Astral Projection HERE. But what we generally don’t do is get in touch with the neurological experience of the physical body. the fingers are straight and formed into a ‘V’ by creating a space between the middle and ring fingers. if you’re old enough to read this. Of course we know this because we can see and touch it. But here’s a fun little experiment you can do to remember what it feels like when your physical body is learning something new. Not too easy. BUT. hear and touch. you’ve already build the physical wiring and muscular response to do this with ease. Most of us already walk. pedal and steer – all at the same time. The ‘Mork from Ork’ Muscle Challenge Do you remember that old TV show with Robin Williams? The one about the alien living on earth? He used to have a hand signal that became popular with school kids. doing an exercise to ‘get in touch with’ our physical bodies isn’t necessary. Every time you learn a new physical skill. have you ever tried to switch the fingers so that they become more like the letter ‘W’. you probably teetered and fell a few times before your physical body (your brain and your and muscles) could figure out how to balance. just like you did when you learned to ride a bike. you built those neural ‘networks’ and then could stay up on two wheels. you get back in touch with your physical body in a kind of primal way. catch a ball. smell. You have to learn to plug into your OBE abilities. For most of us. In this gesture. is it? But if you practice long enough. jump rope? These are all activities that require the brain to build new neural wiring so that the muscles and nerves know what to do and when to do it. Building Muscle Memory Can you remember what it was like to learn how to ride a bike? How about learning to drive a car. See if you can alternate between ‘V’ and ‘W’ while keeping all fingers in alignment. So when you first got on that two-wheeler. With practice. So here’s something you can do to connect with your physical body in a way that will re-awaken your awareness of the nature of this. most dense of the 5 bodies. plug in your ‘consciousness plug’. Learning to astral project consciously is basically about programming yourself. see.THE PHYSICAL BODY Your physical body is the most dense of all. He’d hold his hand up in something similar to a Vulcan greeting (‘a la Star Trek’). with the middle and ring fingers next to each other and the pinkies and pointer separated? Go ahead and try it. you’ve probably already built and refined the majority of the motor skills you’ll need through life. These physical skills (the new ones and the one’s you’ve mastered) are often called ‘motor skills’. . if you learned this when you were young. Thus the physical body also has the slowest and lowest vibration. talk. you’ll actually train your physical body – adding specific wiring to your physical brain – to do this easily. Now. without even thinking. vibrationally speaking. Now.

Focus your attention totally on what you are doing. You can continue by doing the same exercise on the other hand. more about The Art Of Astral Projection HERE. and we receive energy and restore our depleted supply. and then the bottoms of your feet. until you can really sense the same. You might also feel tingling. When you do. This is why it is also referred to as the vitality sheath or health body. Arthur Powell and Max Heindel described the etheric “double” as a medium between the astral and physical realms. stop and try to ‘feel’ the same sensations with your mind alone. stroking feeling. get to know it like a friend for it truly is.THE ETHERIC BODY The etheric body isn’t often talked about in dayto-day life or even in the world of astral projection. 1) Sit comfortably and place one hand on a table or your lap. But by getting in touch with your etheric body. the chakras open. but one that makes a lot of sense is that it serves as a kind of recharge battery and protective sheathing for the physical while your astral body (discussed below) is away. feel it. sense it. the etheric expands. 3) After about 20 seconds. stroke the surface of you hand from wrist to finger tips a few times. So take time to do this exercise. palm up. 4) Do this for about a minute or so. you’ll have a better ability to deal with and understand some of the unusual phenomenon that can happen during your astral projection sequence. Astral Projection expert Ann Moss explains the Etheric Body’s function this way: “When the [physical] body goes to sleep. So when you see your physical body asleep you are not technically speaking in the astral but in a kind of buffer zone that links the astral with the physical. teacher and long-time astral projector Robert Bruce. There’s no consistent agreement about the function of the etheric body. you know you’ve activated your etheric body in your hand area. pressure or even buzzing in your hand. Ether is the ‘vital force’ that physical forms need to exist on the Earth. Well done! You’re well on the way. Here’s an exercise to help you sense your etheric body … The Brushing Hands Technique This technique comes from well-known author. The trick here is to memorize the sensations in the receiving hand while you are doing this exercise. . take time to work with your energy. Your etheric body always remains close to your physical body. 2) With the other hand.” Being aware of this body can help so much during astral projection with enough practice you may even automatically wake up focused in this body ready to project.

Now you want to try to focus on any sensations you might be having. IV. Breathtaking! You can visit the past and future. She used astral projection to read Akashic Records. . meditative state. But in the mean time. some people feel suddenly ‘fat’ or swollen. more about The Art Of Astral Projection HERE. Do you remember that Pink Floyd song called ‘Comfortably Numb’? Singer/ Songwriter Roger Waters may have been talking about inner angst and cultural alienation. Using whichever method you prefer. that’s not necessary. V. Begin to imagine your astral body expanding to the very edges of your physical one. Sometimes the edges of the astral body can feel like they’re slightly buzzy or even numb. commitment is essential to Astral Projection success. take time to do this exercise. the more you’ll recognize the feeling of your astral body. Have you ever had that sensation of falling that wakes you suddenly? This is usually a case of your astral body returning quickly to the physical. The more you practice this exercise. In fact. You can do it first thing in the morning or at night before you go to bed. You can practice this as often as you like and please do. you can consult the Akashic Records just like the British Intuitive. you can use it as a way to separate from your physical body. For the majority of us. Again. not surprisingly. but there’s one line that’s always made me think of a common. Dion Fortune. and the capacity to exist at infinite distances from it. This will help you tremendously when you’re ready to begin your astral journeys. expanding your Astral Body. the future and even other dimensions. III. Your astral body can travel into the past. It can be caused by anything from a fly tickling your nose to a sudden muscle spasm. your physical body has to remain deeply relaxed and quite still. the more you practice the more you are programming yourself to leave your body. In the astral body you can fly like a bird. travels in the astral. take yourself into a mild. you can cruise the airways enjoying the view or you can travel faster than the speed of light. until you feel like you’ve memorized it. She claimed to be able to operate consciously on the etheric and astral planes and project her consciousness at will. But for this exercise. or ANY time that’s convenient. dip and dive. here’s a little exercise that will help you to begin to ‘sense’ your astral body. In Lesson 5 I’ll be teaching you three powerful techniques to help you begin your conscious astral travels. As you continue this visualization. VI. who was born in 1890. Your astral body has the ability to be both entirely connected to your physical. in order for your astral body to remain away from your physical body. Stay with this sensation and observe it in as much detail as you can. II. For example. start seeing your astral body expand beyond the edges of your physical body. Sit comfortably in a place where you won’t be disturbed. astral experience – expansion.THE ASTRAL BODY So what exactly is the astral body? This is the body that. Astral Expansion Exercise I. Astral expansion happens naturally for some people.

shapes or details. . Again. The important thing is to build focus and devote enough time to studying the characteristics of the object so that you can memorize them. or a family member’s home. With this 2-part exercise. If you need to take a short break in the middle of this. The Focused Awareness Technique Part I In part one of this exercise. is best. e. This experience will give you a clear understanding of the nature of the Mind Body. The Focused Awareness Technique Part II In a separate space and time. The mental body transcends both space and time. Your mental body is the part of you that’s capable of remote viewing. distortions etc. extrasensory perception (ESP) or sensing with your mind. Ideally. you carry it with you for the rest of your life. You simply arrive with your mind. spend about 10 minutes examining it with as much focused concentration as possible. Strengthening your Mental Body “Muscles” The best way to build awareness of your mental body is by developing the ability to maintain intense focus on a single subject or object while in a deep state of relaxation. With practice. Imagine experiencing something beyond words. you’ll learn how to build your capacity for detailed awareness and then transfer that power. Do this for about 5-10 minutes and then rest.g. it should be visually interesting. try to remember its weight and texture in your hands. basically it is the practice of seeking impressions about a or unseen target using paranormal means. using their mental body. or come out of your meditation. shape. It can be called a pure state of awareness. color and parts. You can do this several different times with different objects – or with the same object. choose an object that you’ll be able to examine in great detail. Traveling in the Mental Body is like nothing in this world. you’ll go into a meditative state. with some different parts. Advanced remote viewers. Once you’ve decided on your ‘target’. there’s none of the weird stuff. are able to communicate telepathically. it experiences no “thought litter” the way the astral body can. When the mental body journeys. Something more about The Art Of Astral Projection HERE. during meditation. that’s fine. you may have experiences that you can’t put into words because they are truly too incredible for words. that you might find during an astral projection. During a mental body projection. If it was something you held. colors. You do not experience emotion so there is a lot less interference. in your home or garage. begin to conjure up the object you had studied.THE MENTAL BODY Have you ever heard of ‘remote viewing’. your ability to experience the object as if you were actually seeing and holding it will become so strong that it will seem real. go over it in as great of detail as possible. Nor is there any sense of actually ‘traveling’ from point A to point B. Try to remember it’s exact feel. in a remote viewing-like fashion. Once you’re in that state.

In the next lesson we are moving on to a very important subject and one which I receive an incredible amount of emails about. then exhale at the same. At the end of your exhalation. in whichever way you prefer. And this is done through the ability to be 100% focused in the present moment. Whatever you call it. Your spiritual body is the deepest. See? Simple. I have to admit. is not easy. Bring your attention to the breath. This is the part of you that is actually one with all that is. Inhale to a slow. It requires a movement of your consciousness beyond thought entirely and into the silent space between thoughts. your spiritual body is the direct link between this and the ‘you’ you experience in your waking. what you’ll find is that you’ll be able to transfer that ‘spaciousness of empty mind’ from the breathing technique to your daily life. meditative state. if you don’t want to wait you can try Explorations Beyond the Body today. it is so totally different. What are the biggest blocks people face when learning how to astral project? We have so far talked a lot about astral projection. . The Spacious Breath Here’s an exercise that  will give you a taste of the sensation of spaciousness.THE SPIRITUAL BODY The spiritual body has been described as a “globe of living light. but not easy. it’s not easy at all. just BE. others. 4-count. pulsating and radiating. Click the blue button to share this report with your friends. Some people call this God. To connect with and sense your spiritual body is surprisingly simple. Hold for 2-3 seconds. Just stay with the steps below and you really will have some feeling of this spcaiousness. Why? Because to connect with your spiritual body requires you to experience the ‘spaciousness’ of pure consciousness. Quite incredible. Sit comfortably in a place where you won’t be disturbed. in this moment of total emptiness. not even close to the astral body. Continue this for 5 or 10 minutes. Bring yourself into a light. It’s simple. the Infinite. As you practice this regularly. Now. Reaching it. II. or however long you like. 4-count pace. sensitive to all impressions from all worlds”. sleeping and astral life. but it is of course something to work towards. but for most people. I. so much so that you may want to get started right away. more about The Art Of Astral Projection HERE. III. most expansive and least tangible of all. V. VI. Don’t worry about the thoughts flooding in – this is normal. Invite spaciousness just for this empty moment before you take the next inhalation. gently but quickly force any remaining air out of your lungs. others call it the Universal Mind. IV.

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