Observe a class.

Using a checklist, find out the evident classroom components.

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Describe how the classroom is structured/ designed to allow everyone to participate in the learning activities.

Relate the data in your checklist to the learner’s behavior.

At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in managing time, space and resources to provide an environment which is appropriate to the learners and conducive to learning.

To reach your target, do the following tasks:

Reflect on how classroom management affects learning.

document your observations. Note their ages. they are chatting with each other. Can the learners attention is very short. Some students do not listen to the teacher. Some are texting while some . To sum it An Observation Guide for the learners’ up. Their behavior is not detected. educator does not know what kind of Then write your observation report on the behavior they have. Even the Read the following statements carefully. chatting with his classmates and the like. there are 47 students inside the class. the characteristics of the learners. Are they already able to students scan their books to find the manage their own behavior? answer. There are 19 boys and 28 girls. their classmates chant their own answers. Their behavior is unpredictable. They work As you observe the class. look into They let together with their classmates. When they are called by their teacher to How many boys are there? How many girls? answer a specific question. They don’t work independently. Instead.Name of the School Observed Location of the School Date of Visit Use the activity form provided for you to The students in high school are very silent. some of the Focus on their behavior. After Their span of already work independently? a period of time. They Look into their listening skills and ability to do different things like playing with their concentrate. Their age bracket is 14-15 years old wherein they are at their puberty stage of development. hands. provided space. tend to listen to what their teacher is discussing. Characteristics They are not able to manage their behavior. they do not Describe their span of attention.

.teacher is discussing.

students’ belongings. warm-up activities. Are there rules and procedures posted in the room? 3.) 2. What are the daily routines done by the teacher? (Prayer. supplies.) How are they done? . and then organize your data in the table that follows. etc.An Observation Guide for the CLASSROOM VISIT Be guided by these questions as you do your observation of the classroom management. assignment of monitors. Did the students participate in making the classroom rules? 4. Write your notes below. etc. attendance. Are there areas in the classroom for specific purposes (storage of teaching aids. 1. It is also good to ask the teacher for the additional information so you can verify your observation. books.

The students do not participate is making the classroom procedures.5. How is this managed? 7. There is teaching aids storage inside the classroom. The classroom procedures are not posted inside the classroom but the norms inside the classroom is already oriented even on the first day of classes. What des the teacher dot to reinforce positive behaviors? (behavior strategies) Observation notes: 1. what does the teacher do? (behavior strategies) 8. Is there a seating arrangement? What is the basis of this arrangement? 6. This storage of teaching aids serves as safety storage of important files like theme booklets. manuals. They are just given classroom procedures by the teacher. 3. 2. test papers and others. . Observe the noise level in the classroom. If a learner s not following instructions or is offtask.

he will bring him in the guidance office. They don’t have a permanent seating arrangement. The teacher gives advice to students who give failing answers. The seating arrangement is mixed. The class is very noisy to the extent that they are already disturbing the other classes. 6. the teacher proceeds to give the proper discussion. The teacher usually starts the lesson by checking the attendance then followed by checking assignments. After checking the assignments. 5. Is the student remains still. They re seating to places where they are comfortable. The teacher handles it by asking the questions in the form of recitation. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT MATRIX .4. The teacher gives positive feedbacks to students who give correct answer to the teacher’s questions. 7. The teacher communicates to the student to prevent that misbehavior. 8.

Seating The seating They are Arrangemen arrangement is comfortably t mixed. 6. These will learn how to make their things organize. studying on their chosen seating.Reinforceme The students are The students nt of given positive will be positive praises.Handling The students are They will be Misbehavior reprimanded. 4. Effect to Learners They will learn how to make their things organize. 5. The classroom rules are not in written form.Specific areas in the classroom 2. motivated in Behavior the pursuit of their learning.Classroom Rules Description A storage drawer that store the booklet for the students. able to realize their mistakes.Aspect of Classroom Management 1. .Daily Checking of To monitor if Routines assignments they have remembered the past lesson. 3.

Routines will also develop their personality like the spiritual aspect in prayer. The classroom organization will serve as a guide to organize the flow of the classroom system. 2.How did the classroom organization and routines affect the learners’ behavior? The classroom organization and routines serves as their guide inside the classroom.My Analysis 1. 3 mental aspects in the form of recitation and others. physical aspect in exercise.What should the teacher have in mind when she/he designs the classroom organization and routines? What theories and principles should you have in mind? .

some are able to kinesthetic so the teacher must have a classroom routine that develops the kinesthetic ability of the student or if the student is good in the written ability.The teacher must be knowledgeable I the different multiple intelligences so that the teacher knows the strength 3 weaknesses of the student. The students are very happy whenever they hear positive feedback from the teacher. In handling misbehaviors. make quizzes. The teacher must give positive feedback to the learners.Which behavior strategies were effective in managing the behavior of the learners? In motivating students? Why were they effective? In managing the behavior of the students. . the teacher should be knowledgeable in psychological aspects of guiding behavior. For example. 3 essay writing a routine inside the classroom. 3. assigned them in classroom designs 3 organization and the same things like what are mentioned. If the student is good in spatial ability.

In what grade/year level do you see yourself? What routines and procedures would you consider for this level? Why? . Reflectio 1. Imagine yourself organizing your classroom in the future.the teacher should always communicate with that student to monitor his behavior.

they will stay in the library → This rule is to prevent tardiness inside the classroom procedures. 2.I can see myself organizing my own classroom of first year students. b. . they will not be late anymore. First year students are very fond of classroom routines and they are very lovable. Instead. I will provide the students learning devices to make the discussion clear. Why would you choose these rules? Rules to be Implemented: a. Make a list of the rules you are likely to implement in this level.Late should not be accepted in the class. I will start the class with a prayer for their spiritual wellness and then followed by checking of the attendance and assignments. When I am already a teacher. So that later on.They should always wear proper uniform.

3. their personality will also be determined. For an instance.→ This is for the students to be well-groomed every time they enter the classroom. in which the . if the students follow the seating arrangement alphabetically. Through this. c. they will be able to express their thoughts and feelings regarding the planned procedures. Furthermore. Silence must be maintained every time and everywhere → They should always remain in silence to make the discussion comprehensive and will not cause any disturbances to the other classroom nearby. This tends to increase their self-esteem and feeling of freshness. Should learners be involved in making the class rules? Why? The learners should be involved in planning and in making of the classroom procedure so that they will be able to make adjustments and adapt to changes.

If this is the case. . To solve this. an agreement between the educator and the learners is significant to have a competent class. it is unfair to the one who is the shortest in the class.shortest among the group is also the one whose seat is on the last chair. the seating arrangement should be in an increasing height manner. Thus.

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