1. Overloading not allowed in the buses. 2. Conductor / Bus committee of the bus are authorized to check valid passes / tickets for entry in the buses. 3. Conductor of the bus will be responsible and answerable for the entry of unauthorized passenger in the buses. 4. The students traveling in the bus should occupy the seats according to preference order and should not create any disturbance to other students. 5. The following would be the preference order given in the actual seat matrix of the bus:1. PH,All Girls 2. 4th year(UG),2nd year(PG) 3. 3rd year(UG),1st year(PG) 4. 2nd year 5. 1st year 6. Strict discipline should be maintained inside the bus. 7. Line up in order when waiting for buses. 8. Your bus ticket is valid for particular bus route/bus timing. 9. From now on, we are introducing advanced booking of tickets. Advanced booking(to allow for a booked seat in the bus),would be done between 1pm to 3 pm at the main gate of Hall-1. 10. Do not argue with either bus-conductor or driver. 11. Students who not comply with this “ Code of behavior ” may have their bus facility canceled for 7- days or Rs. 500 fine. 12. Carrying of liquor is strictly prohibited. 13. All the dispute will be entertained by only Bus-committee/COSA.

Rahul Gopal Bus Coordinator, Hall President

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