Always comes to class with text, notebook, pen Keeps handouts organized

Arrives prepared with materials

Inconsistent in bringing materials to class Loses some handouts or does not have in class Completes most homework on time

Often unprepared

Keeps handouts organized

Does not try to organize handouts Inconsistently completes homework Reads texts inconsistently, just skimming or using summaries

Outstanding work on homework

Consistently completes homework Reads and annotates assignments carefully


Always reads and annotates texts thoughtfully and comes prepared with questions and observations Actively listens and consistently energizes discussions with comments Always on task

Actively listens and sometimes contributes to discussions

Reads and annotates most texts but sometimes in a rushed, cursory way Involved in discussion sporadically1

Almost never participates

Often on task

Sometimes not on task

Noticeable lack of interest; often off task Seldom marks text or takes notes Unwilling to work with others constructively Does not participate meaningfully in dialogue with peers Inattentive or dismissive of others comments

Actively marks texts in class, consistently takes notes Leads peers with example of focus, hard work, and cooperation Elevates dialogue by offering analysis and making connections in comments

Actively marks text, often takes notes

Sometimes marks text and takes notes


Works well with others in groups Adds to dialogue with significant observations and questions

Contributes little in group work Offers brief comments without extending the dialogue

Enhances collaboration by engaging with and respecting others

Enhances collaboration by listening thoughtfully to others Sets positive example through focus on learning

Listens to others, but seldom responds

Enlivens class through curiosity and enthusiasm

Ready to learn but more an observer than a contributor

Lacks focus; may inhibit learning for the class

1 Thanks to Dr. Richard Badenhausen, Director of the Honors Program at Westminster College for ideas and

impetus, and see a similar rubric at work for Villanova University freshmen seminars at

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