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The Sta. Elena High School Logo

The Sta. Elena High School Logo


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Published by: Michael Cancejo Pagaduan on Sep 23, 2008
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The School Logo

The philosophy of Sta. Elena High School is best described in its seal

A. The Circle represents unity and cooperation among its stakeholders in attaining
knowledge, industry and progress

B. The Triangle represent God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit C. The three sides of the triangles represent the three core values, Discipline, Good Taste
and Excellence

D. The three angles represent the Parents, Teachers and Students E. The Torch is for light and guidance with its Seven Colors:
1. Lilac - Friendship 2. Blue - Peace 3. Indigo - Contentment 4. Yellow - Understanding 5. Orange - Unity 6. Red - Love 7. Pink - Kindness

F. The Book represents knowledge and wisdom G. The Faces of the Students represent the Students

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