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Vadilal-MBA Porject Report Prince Dudhatra

Vadilal-MBA Porject Report Prince Dudhatra

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{With special reference to Brand, Brand Positioning Along with consumer survey}

Prepared by
Mayur J Ramani Roll no. : 23 Seat No.:

Guided by
Prof. Kuldeep Jobanputra

Academic Year


Grace College

Submitted to
Saurashtra University


I, the undersigned, Mr. Mayur J Ramani the student of T.Y.B.B.A., here by declare that this project is my own work and has been carried out under the effective supervision and guidance of lecturer, Mr. Kuldeep Jobanputra of R. P. Bhalodia College of computer and commerce (B.B.A.). This work has not been previously submitted to any other institution or any other university for any other purpose.

Place: Rajkot Date:

Mayur J Ramani


“Experience enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.” This proverb is closely related with B.B.A., in T.Y.B.B.A. we are having a subject regarding industrial training report. It is a practical subject. The main aim of this subject is that through this subject student should learn about basic ideas and practical knowledge of business, which is very important in B.B.A., we are assigned to prepare a report on one of the topic of marketing. In this report, I would like to throw some light on brand and brand position about VADILAL ICE CREAM – Ahmedabad. To gain on the practical side and to know the real picture I have also conducted a survey in Rajkot city and I collect the information in the best of my ability.

Place: Rajkot Date:

Mayur J Ramani


I am heartly thankful to all the persons who spared their valuable time and helped me a lot in preparation of this project report. There are many people behind making of this report. Without their help and guidance, this report would never have been made possible. First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Trusty of R. P. Bhalodia College, and our institution for giving me this golden opportunity. I am greatly thankful to our B.B.A. in charge Mr. Kuldeep Jobanputra for giving me proper guidance and co-operation for making this report more meaningful. I am very much thankful to sharad bhai Mehta who spared his valuable time for helping me and making my work easier by providing all the necessary and valuable information about the company. And last but not in the least I am thankful to all the persons who directly or indirectly helped me to make this report.


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Ice-Cream Industry In India General information. Product of vadilal Vadilal one step Ahead Service Changing Role of Marketing Branding Brand positioning Research Methodology Analysis & Interpretation of Data Suggestions By customers Limitation of study SWOT Analysis Suggestions Bibliography

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The word “ice-cream” it self is enough to ensure a sweet feeling of cool creams and makes mouth full of thunder. The history of ice-cream industry is old enough. The first ice-cream industry is old enough. Jacob Fusel in U.S.A. earlier it was considered as luxurious item and consumed mainly by kings and landlords established the first ice-cream factory in year 1851. in earlier years the ice-cream was sold in loose condition. At that time not such packs were available but in 1904 ice-cream cones were introduced. The market then slowly increased. As a result the seller had to find out various means for

better transportation. So various types of packets were used for transporting icecream from one place to another. At that time no such refrigerated vans were available and so ice-cream was transported in thermocol boxes. In India due to tremendous potential for expansion in urban as well rural areas and owing to the evolution of “Fun food culture” ice-cream industry is all set to there in Indian environment. Ice cream is very perishable project and it requires quick action both on the side of dealer as well as company. Also due to instant demand the demand cannot be shifted to future period. The rule “Survival of the fittest” will work for this. The company, which owns wide and extensive distribution network, is winner. In Indian the organized sector accounts only 15% 20% of the market share. Small ice-cream makers fulfil rest of the demand. There is a major difference about ice-cream product in our country and other developed countries. Here children mostly consume ice-cream as supplementary eatables while they are for outing. Our people do not accept it is full-fledged food. American and western people see ice-cream as substitute for food. So per capita consumption of icecream there is more than that of ours. With increase in infrastructure facilities the future of Rs.500 crores industries has looked better. Earlier ice-cream only attached urban market. But now seeing vast opportunities in rural market, the companies are now also covering rural market. Again with the entry of MNC’s. Competition is at the peak and so now one has to be better in all four P’s of marketing Product, Price, Promotion and Place. With rise in per capita income the items of conspicuous are likely to increase. This can only mean an expansion of market. Also compared to the global ice-cream worth 30 million, consumption levels in India are rather low. Indeed a Pakistan enjoy three times the quality of ice-cream an Indian eats, a British enjoy 50 times and an American 200 times. Since ice-cream consumption is based on impulse. Visibility and accessibility crucially affect sales. Hence it is essential for the market players to be always innovative and to find out new ways to attract the

consumers. For this now a day all the companies are regularly introducing new flavours. At present running flavours are Vanilla, Chocobar, Rajbhog, Butterscotch, Feast, Kaju Darks, Raja Rani etc.



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History & Development Bio-data of the unit Management Group Group at a Glance Logo of the company Contribution to society

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Vadilal, the name conjures up images of ice cream laden bowls and a plethora of new flavours. Starting from one man show with a hand cranked machine in 1926 as a small retail outlet, the ice cream division now has a production capacity of 1 lac ltrs/day at 3 sophisticated plants, located at Ahmedabad, Pundhra and Barrenly. These ISO 9002 certified plants for Pundhra and Barely are established in such a way that they are in consonance with the market expansion strategies of the division. Vadilal has one of the largest cold chain networks in India, comprising of 12 C&F agents, 250 distributors and 15,000 retailers. The network is kept alive by a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Refrigeration equipments and retail freezers are sourced from world


leaders in the technology so as to deliver quality products to the consumers, which is a commitment at Vadilal. Vadilal has 25% of the Indian ice cream market as its share. But that's no surprise considering that the group has the largest range of ice creams in the country in a variety of flavours, packs and forms. The group has a product matrix of over 200 SKUs comprising of cones, cups, candies, family and party bricks and bulk packs. Vadilal introduced the concept of "flavours of the month" under which the company develops and markets one new flavour every month for its customers delight. Today it is a diversified Business Group with major interests in Ice-creams, Food Processing, Real Estate Development and Specialty Gases. Head Quartered in Gujarat, the most industrialized State in India, the Group had a turnover (1998-99) exceeding Rs.1500 million. Major companies of the Group are listed in several Stock Exchanges of. India. The Group has a large investor base and its brand name "Vadilal" commands an excellent equity. VADILAL ICE-CREAM INDUSTRY is ISO-9002 division. Vadilal is having one fourth of the Indian Ice-cream market as its share. With its successful track record spanning seven decades, Vadilal is synonymous with Ice-cream in several parts of the country. PROCESSED FOODS DIVISION ISO-9002: The Processed Foods Division processes and markets a wide variety and range of fruits, vegetables and ready-to-serve Indian Foods. The Division also exports several of these products to the European Union, the Middle East, Asia Pacific Region and the US.


Name of the unit Company registration Address of head office : : : Vadilal enterprise limited 04-7995 VADILAL HOUSE Shrimali Society, Navrangpura Ahmedabad-380009 Aditya Building 5th floor, Opp. Sardar Patel

Address of registered office :

Swashrya hall, Opp. C.G. Road Ahmedabad-360006 Address of the R.O.C. Gujarat: The registrar of companies Gujarat, R.O.C. Bhavan Opp. Rupal Park, Behind Ankur Bus Stand, Naranpura, Ahmedabad 380013 Phone Fax E-mail Website Form of Organisation : 079-6564019 to 24 : 079-6564027 : vadilal@ad1.vsnl.net.in : www.vadilalgroup.com : Public limited company

Stock exchange where the shares are listed: Ahmedabad stock exchange Bombay stock exchange


Chair man Directors

: :

Kashibhai B. Patel Virendra R. Gandhi Rajesh R. Gandhi Devanshu L. Gandhi Laxmiprasad C. Amin Ramanlal V. Mehta Shantilal M. Modi Jayantilal M. Shah

Company secretary Auditors

: :

Nikhil Patel m/s Kantilal Patel & com. Chartered Accountants Ahmedabad. Bank of India



In 1926, vadilal put the breaks on his successful curer as a ground engineer with BOAC, and turned a businessman. This came as a surprise to most of his colleagues and friends. But the bigger surprise was the product he chose to manufacture ice-cream. But young man not painting on ice. As a vocation, he had already mastered the art of ice-cream making from his uncle. He was already a

taste innovator, experimenting with jellies and unusual ice-cream ingredients. His high quality ice-cream immediately made an impression in the market. Soon, through continual taste innovations and steady facility expansion, he blazed new trails, and emerged as a prominent market presence in western India. Mission: “Good, truthful, clean” enterprising ethos The founder of the vadilal began his enterprise half a century ago with a simple guideline – Achai, Sachai, Safai (Goodness, Truthfulness, and Cleanliness) The succeeding generations at the help of the company translated this axiom helm of the company translated this axiom into a way of life and business. Only the finest ingredients go into the making of vadilal ice-creams. The whole manufacturing process conforms to global standards of hygiene and the company’s trade practices are kept totally transparent. Based on new generation technology and in house of the company keeps formulating new tastes at frequent intervals, and surprising its consumers. It has also diversified into other food items, through a high profile restaurant chain. VISION: Quality must always precede quantity To be leader in foods and ice-cream business leadership not as defined by the general norms of the market place, but as defined by the company itself. This means many things. Such as establishing & maintaining leadership in quality, not necessarily quantity. Continuining to earn the respect of consumers and business associates, through excellent products, fair trade practices and overall transparency:





They donate Rs.1.5 on new ice-cream, the Dhanteras special offer and have collection boxes at outlets to help the blind school or every new flavour party pack donate to the blind school. This year unwinds continues with the theme “Live and let Live” & Gap requests by the Vadilal to,  Put up hoarding at your mithakali crossing I other with the message.  Put up banners with the message at all your Vadilal outlets – Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Nadiad, Baroda etc.  Sponsor 1200 posters on the theme (Appro. Rs. 6500) with the logo of Vadilal.




Vadilal Industries is provide the below mentioned products to their customers with a good qualities. 1) Cup 2) Small Cup 3) Cone 4) Family Pack 5) Candies 6) Party Packs 7) Kulfies 8) Novelties

CUP  Vanilla

                            

Ripe Strawberry 2 – in –1 Chocolate Chips Tuti Fruity Real Mango Rainbow Fruit Bonanza Kaju Drakish Butter Scotch Kewra Jafrani Badam Pista Fun 2000-Car.Cho Rajbhog (Ice Mithai) Dairy Fresh Alphoniiso Mango Wild Strawberry Figs-n-Honey FRESH FRUIT DELIGHT Mango Pineapples Litchee Sitafal Frozen Dessert Kool Gulab Snowy Kaju Lite Scotch Lite Yummy Mango Munch Yummy Kesar Pista SMALL CUPS

    

Vanilla Ripe Strawberry Frozen Dessert Kool Gulab Snowy CONE

     

Pineapple Delight Chocolate Drip Yummy Butter Scotch Chashmeshahi Prime Kesar Pista Almond Kulfi Cone

FAMILY PACK • PLAIN FAVOURTIES:  Vanilla  Ripe Strawberry  2-in-1 • CHOCOLATE ECSTASIES:  Chocolate Chips  DAIRY FRESH  Alphonso Mango • FRUIT FANTASIES:  Real Mango  Fresh Strawberry

• NUTTY DELIGHTS:     Kaju Draksh Butter Scotch Real Kesar Pista Jafrani Badam Pista


• FROZEN DSSERTS:  Snowy  Yummy Kesar Pista  Yummy Mango Munch CANDIES • DANDY CANDIES:              Pencil Mango Juicy Juicee Orange Kaju Candy Litchee Dolly Orange Dolly Raspberry Dolly Mango Dolly One-up Chocobar Nutty Chocobar Chocolate Chocobar Soft Spot (Chocolate) Fantastic

• FROZEN DESSERT:     Bargain Best Chocobar Mango Tango Dolly Fun Bhari Raspberry  PARTY PACK • PLAIN FAVOURTIES:  Vanilla  Ripe Strawberry  2-in-1

 Sweet Heart

• DAIRY FRESH:  Alphonso Mango  Wild Strawberry  Figs-n-Honey • FRUIT FANTASIES:      Tuti Fruity Real Mango Fresh Strawberry Fruit Bonanza Pina Chink

• UTTY DELIGHTS:         Kaju Draksh Butter Scotch Chashmeshahi Cashew Break Kewra Real Kesar Pista Jafrani Badam Pista Rajbhog

FROZEN DESSERTS:       Snowy Cherry Merry Kaju Lite Scotch Lite Yummy Kesar Pista Yummy Mango Munch KULFIES

• KULFI CORNER:      Kesar Pista Kulfi Chowpati Kulfi Kewra Kulfi Pista Kesar Roll Cut Kewra Roll Cut

NOVELTIES • VADILAL SPECIALS:             Heart Throb Mini Sandwich Sajan Sajani (Roll Cut) Quick Sundae Easy Sundae August - 15 Cassatta Slice Cassatta (Cut) Sajan Sajani (Roll) Vanilla Magic Strawberry Magic Mango Magic

Recently the group has launched Fresh Fruit Ice-cream with ripples under the Fantasy range viz. Fresh Orange Fantasy, Fresh Mango Fantasy, Fresh Strawberry Fantasy and Fresh Black Currant Fantasy. Three new Koolfi's have hit the market. Namely Mango Koolfi, Mava Koolfi and Pista Koolfi, these koolfis priced at Rs.10/- is a big hit in the market place.


Two new Sundaes ---- Chocolate Sundae & Strawberry Sundae at Rs. 10/- each have been introduced.

New Promotional Schemes:
Chocolate Sauce with Vanilla: The consumer scheme of 50g Chocolate Sauce Free on Purchase of one litre party pack of Super Vanilla became a trend setter scheme in the market. The response to this offer was enormous. 1+1 Party Pack Scheme Chocolate Sauce with Vanilla: The consumer scheme of 50g Chocolate Sauce Free on Purchase of one liter party pack of Super Vanilla became a trend setter scheme in the market. The response to this offer was enormous. Yet another Bumper offer was the scheme of One Litre Vanilla Party Pack Free on purchase One Litre Kaju Draksh Pack.




VADILAL also provide services like restaurants, parlours & other for their customers.

Delicious experiences for the whole family Vadilal restaurants are designed to offer wholesome gastronomic environment to the whole family. The décor reflects the eclectic culinary spread on offer – Indian, Chinese, continental. The whole ambience is vibrant, inviting and above all friendly and comfortable for the consumer. The restaurants keep consumer interest alive by offering special promotional schemes from time to time. Such as the valued patron scheme we do not have any such scheme at the moment.

All vadilal restaurants in Ahmedabad and Baroda are centrally located, providing each access to all, and offering ample parking space. The dining areas are spacious, comfortable and interestingly deco red. In fact, if you are in a good mood, 5 vadilal restaurants is a great place to celebrate it and if you are in a sad mood is the place to cheer up your spirits.


Reflecting the predominant social preferences of the area, the vadilal restaurant at DUDHESHWAR serves 100% vegetarian Punjabi, Chinese and continental cuisines. The restaurant on Relief Road also serves 10% vegetarian food, but the accent here is on South Indian cuisine. In fact local lore says that it serves the best Chana puri &Icecream combination in the world. On the other hand, vadilal restaurant, at Baroda that all serves vegetarian.

This is a special service offered by a few select vadial restaurants. Such as vadilal at AHMEDABAD &BARODA. Hot, freshly prepared and scientifically packaged food is delivered to the consumer’s doorstep on customized delivery vehicles, by courteous delivery personnel in keeping with vadilal’s high in house standards of food freshness, this service is restricted to within 6 km of the restaurants vicinity.

Taste encounters for the whole family To offer consumers delicious combination of snack food and icecream quick served in a clean environment. They can opt for only snacks, if they wish. But the fact is, very few manage to resist the thought of capping the food with a delicious vadilal ice-cream. Facilities: The most endearing speciality of vadilal parlours in the friendly, prompt service, which is today an indispensable part of the corporate culture of vadilal. Also the highest standards of hygiene they adhere to in preparation, serving and packing not to mention the delectable taste. Today, vadilal parlours are the city’s most preferred places for a quick business lunch, a friendly evening get together, or a family eat out trip.


Customer satisfaction – the most reliable market index.



 Role of marketing in past:
The traditional concept of marketing is a narrow one and it has given importance to only buying and selling activities within the purview of marketing. “Marketing refers to the process of buying and selling activities.” Here marketing efforts are concentrated on effective selling and promotion activities. Manufactures produce those products, which it can make. He does not focus on consumer needs and wants.

 Role of marketing in present:
The modern marketing concept is much wider and extensive. This concept is consumer oriented as it given more emphasis to consumer satisfaction, consumer research, consumer welfare & fulfilment of social responsibility, although profits are the motive of business. The new concept aims profit thorough consumer satisfaction. “Marketing is a consumer oriented activity, in other words, good& services are produced the manufactures keeping in view of consumers needs & wants”.



Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs one of the shortest definitions of marketing is “marketing needs profitable”- “marketing people are involved in marketing 10 types of –

Goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places, properties, organizations, information, ideas. Marketing department is more than company department: it is an orderly and insightful process for thinking about and planning for markets. Vadilal is in to the marketing of ice-creams and also has a chain of fast food. Parlours and restaurants for ice-cream the operation in Gujarat with distributors, retailer’s network, we have 30 distributors in the state of Gujarat and 3000 retailers outlets for sale of ice-cream.

VADILAL believes in giving its customers value for money. Most of the adv are in television, newspapers, other media of advertising like hoarding pop material to wall painting, sign bounds, promotion through radio mirchi and special event management is also done from time to time.

There are various customer oriented scheme for e.g. Dhanteras schemes, a party pack of ice-cream along with a set of containers was given for Rs. 299 instead of Rs. 450.

There is HRD division in company, which handles the public relation functions.


There are certain mailers send to the customers and also there is a party order divisions, which handles marriage functions and parties.



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1 2 3 4 5 Introduction What is Brand Why to Brand Importance Of Brand Vadilal as a Brand

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In the past, most products were unbranded. All products being produced by different units did not carry name identification). Consumers were expected to pick up a product from any unit to be happy about it. Soon, experience taught the consumer that the some product purchased at different point of time, different in their quality. Sometimes these differences were so sharp, that consumer decided to go without a product rather than bear with a sub standard product. This suppressed demand and the economists were faced to recommend the system were faced to recommend the system of “PRODUCTION MARKS” each product, from a different production unit with a different mark, so that consumers could, identify & distinguish one from the other. What were “PRODUCTION MARKS” in true sense? They were “BRAND NAMES”. Today branding is such a strong force that hardly anything goes unbranded. In foreign countries even fruits are stamped with grower’s names.


According to the “American mktg. Association” a brand is a name term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of seller and to differentiate them from those of competitors. Branding is a major issue in product strategy, perhaps the most distinctive skill of professional marketers is their ability to create maintains, protect and enhance brands. Marketers are their ability to create maintain, protect and enhance brands. Marketers say that: “Branding is the art and corner stone of marketing”. A brand can convey up to 6 levels of meaning.  Attributes A brand first brings to mind certain attributes, like expensive, well built, durable, reasonable price, prestige etc.  Benefits A brand is more than a set of attributes. Customers are not bussing attribute but benefits. Attributes need to be translated in to functional or emotional benefits.  Values The brand also says something about the producer’s values.  Personality

The brand also projects certain Sometimes the brand is a person animal or an object.  Culture The brand may represent a certain culture.  Users


The brand suggests the kind of consumer who buys or uses the product.

Branding has always been challenging. It involves along term investment. As it gives return in future and demands consistency in the product. It involves the costs of packaging, labelling and advertising and risk about the ability of service or product to satisfy the users. But at the same time it gives the various advantages.  The brand name makes it easier for the seller to process orders and tack down problems.  The seller brand name and trademark provide legal protection of unique product features, which competitors would otherwise be likely to copy.  Branding gives the seller the opportunity to attract loyal and profitable set of consumers.  It gives protection from competitions.  Branding helps the seller segment mkt.  Strong brands help to build the corporate image, making it easier to lunch new brands and gain acceptance by distributors and consumers.  A highly popular branded product imparts a social status of the users. For instance, the sony television has become a symbol at high social rank and hence it user can be provide at having TV set. Vadilal is a well-known brand since 1926. This icecream is softy and delicious. Vadilal’s name is also popular that by the name we can by it.


It is very essential or important brand product or service because branding has always been challenging. It involves a long term investments as it gives return in for future and demands consistency in your product or service. It involves the costs of packaging, labelling, advertising and risk about the ability of service or product to satisfy the users. But at the same time it gives the various advantages, which makes brand important.  The brand name makes it easier for the seller for process orders and track down problems.  The seller’s brand name and trade mark provide legal protection of of unique product features, which competitor’s world otherwise be likely to copy.  Branding gives the seller to opportunity to attract loyal and profitable set of consumers. It gives protection from competition.  Branding helps the seller segment mkts.  Strong brands help to build the corporate image, making it easier to lunch new brands and gain acceptance by distributors and customers. Vadilal is a good brand because of quality, tastes, flavours and it has positioned its brand also strongly that people are tempted to by vadilal ice-cream.


 Attributes Vadilal suggest, great taste, best quality, different flavour, creativity, reasonable price and walk with the trend.  Benefits Here the co. translates the attributes in the functional benefits. Like for e.g. the vadilal people uses pure milk and real milk fat instead of using vegetable fat in the ice-cream. They use pure milk (Real, milk real ice-cream) which is hygienic and benefits to the people and also with a reasonable price and great taste.  Value The vadial brand has created a great value in the minds of customers and the general public, not only in Gujarat but all over in India, wherever the product of vadilal is distributed.  Culture Vadilal’s products are all dairy rich and the company name depends on our quality culture.  Users All class of people generally consumes Vadilal because it’s had a different quality with a reasonable price and great taste.




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Introduction Positioning strategies Why brand positioning Vadilal as a brand positioning

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41 42 44 45


After branding the over very important decision, which a marketer has to take, is regard to a product in the way you will like your brand to be perceived by your consumers. In other words product positioning refers to the position occupies in the prospects relative to competing productions. If focuses on buyer perception and preference about the product occupied in a specified market. The objective of the positioning strategy is to give the brand favourable perceived by the people in the target market. “Positioning refers to how you want your brand” through about in connection with competitors in its product category. Positioning needs to be specific to your brand aimed at a specific target audience.” “You can copy the feature of competitors, but you can not dislodge him from the consumer’s mind without differentiating positioning strategy”.


Positioning puts in the hands of the brand manager an entire array of differentiating strategies. He must judge which of these strategies can help him locate niche in the market where his brand may be perceived by his target segment as unique and where it will hold a competitive advantages. A company can position its product in one of the following ways:  Positioning away from competition: Positioning by competitor is an offensive strategy to deal with the question “why me”? A special kind of clinching arrangement as to why our brand should be preferred is through direct comparisons with the competitors, we wish to dislodge.  Positioning away from competition: Generally in dairy product there is also unorganized market i.e. local market; targeting those who in search of cheaper product. Further there is a tough competition in dairy products. Most probably competitors are organized marketers, whose target all those people who demands for the something new.

Therefore, to be away from the tough competition Vadilal trapped the UN trapped market, which is “real milk” real ice-cream” i.e. it uses pure milk and real milk fet instead of using vegetable fet. They are not using separate milk and vegetable fet which is harmful for the health.  Positioning with respect of other product classes: This is usually used when substitution of product is possible. Vadilal ice-cream is positioned with “Real milk real icecream rather than with frozen dessert.

 Positioning with respect to attributes: Vadilal suggests great taste, best quality, different flavours, creativity, reasonable price and walk with the trend.  Positioning with respect to benefits: Vadilal’s functional benefit is that they use Pure Milk and Real Milk fet instead of using vegetable fet. They do not use separate milk in the ice-cream. They use only pure milk, which is hygienic to the people. Further they also provide rich and delicious ice-creams with original taste and reasonable price.  Positioning with respect quality price: Here the product is positioned as offering the best value. Vadilal offers different flavours in its original taste with reasonable price.


For a product to exist in must find a place in individual consumers perception of the world of products around him or her and this perception is subjective, governed by the individual consumers values, benefits, needs, experience and environment. If we carry the analogy of the consumers mental map further, we can say that the sites or positions on that may are not for out right sale. A brand can hope of best to occupy such a position as test, for period that will very according to the quality and quantity of marketing efforts behind that brand. Brand positioning is both a foundation head decision and an integrating concept. It provides the direction and thrust to marketing and advertisement planning and integrates i.e. binds into a cohesive whole all the elements of marketing mix. It provides the task to marketing planner and advertisement strategies to design and engineer each elements of the brand, thus positioning is meant to drive the entire marketing programme. It gives the brand manager strategies to differentiate their brand in a manner that is both persuasive and sustainable.


The positioning of Vadilal is attributing positioning. This occurs when a company positioning itself on an attribute; such as different flavours, completive price etc. vadilal creates its different flavour by the slogan “achi, sachi and safai”. The position of Vadilal products can also be said as user positioning, because the product is positioning in such a way that consumer perceive the Vadilal ice-creams as ice-cream for the all class of people. Vadilal creates different flavours at a reasonable rate. Vadilal provides consumer satisfaction through continuous improvement in ice-cream and also provides services like Restaurants, parlours etc. “Vadilal also shall achieve customer satisfaction by establishing and sustaining an effective quality management system”.  Quality objectives: ♦ Ensures consistency in quality of products and services. ♦ Improve upon individual and team performances by means of continuous training.



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1 2 3 4 5 Introduction Marketing research process Objective of study Sampling size and method Data collection method

Pg. No.
48 49 51 52 53


Market research involves studies related to buyer behaviour, product or brand preference, product on brand usage advertising, awareness, sales promotion, physical competition and so on. The simple meaning of research is that is process of gathering recording and analysis of critical and relevant facts about any problem in any branch of human activity. It indicates critical and searching study and scientific investing of problem a proposed course of action hypothesis or a theory while marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording and analysis of data about problem connected with all those factors which have direct impact upon the marketing of the products and services. Marketing research is a process of accumulating classifying and analyzing data to solve the problem of manufacture like what to produce? How to product? And to whom to produce?


Marketing manager research formally studies of specific problem and opportunity. They make market survey, a product preference text, a sales forecast by region or religion on advertisement effectiveness. Marketing research is the systematic design collection analyzing and reporting of data and find marketing situation facing the company. Effective marketing research involves the following steps. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Define the Problem and Research Objective Develop the Research plan Collection Information Analyze the Information Present the findings

Step 1: define the problem and research objective They very first step in to process of marketing research is to define the problem carefully and agree on the research objectives.


The various problem and objective of vadilal survey are: 1) Factors considers while you buying the ice cream. 2) Which flavour do you prefer? 3) How it taste? 4) Which flavour you want but not available in market by the company? Thus the problem was to study market product, preference, taste, market share, analysis, brand preference modification or improvement etc.

Step 2: Develop the Research plan The second stage of marketing research class for the developing the most efficient plan for gathering the needed information. Designing the research plans calls for decisions on the data sources, research approaches, research instruments, sampling plan and contact method. Step 3: Collection information The data collection phase of marketing research is generally the most prone to error. In the case of surveys four major problems arise. Some respondents will not be at him and must be recontacted or replace. Other respondents will refuse to cooperate. Still others will give biased or dishonest answers. Finally some interviews will be biased and dishonest. Step 4: Analyze the information The next to last step in the marketing research process is to extract findings from the collected data. Here the tabulation of data is done and frequency distribution I developed.

Step 5: Present the findings This is the last step to marketing research findings of the survey conducted, in this the facts, which are found from one survey, is presented and then conclusion are made regarding the problem.


Every survey is done to achieve some objective or goal of the enterprise. This survey is done to find out the solution of the following:  To know which brand of ice cream does you prefer the most.  To know brand awareness of Vadilal.  To know the factors effecting while buying the ice cream.  To know the complaints regarding the ice cream.  To know the suggestion for improvement.  To know the ice cream brands need more publicity or advertising to run in a market.  To know any special flavour you want but not available in market.


Population means each and every element of census. But it is not possible to study each and every element. So sampling is done when large no of population is there. Sampling means a part of population, which is selected for survey purpose, and sample size means no of units taken for survey purchase. In this survey I selected to consumers of vadilal. Sampling must be done systematically and for this proper method for sampling must be used. For this survey is stratified sampling method. From the total population of buyer of vadilal a sample of 50 persons have been chosen according to convenience.


Data can be divided into two types: 1) Primary data 2) Secondary data For collection of primary data, I have adopted the questionnaire method. I have prepared questionnaires, which have been filled up by the consumers. Questionnaire is simply a formalized set of questions for collecting information. It is a technique of obtaining answers of the questions in which a printed from is used which is filled up by respondents, it shows the likes and dislikes of consumers in respect of the perception build in their mind and it is helpful to reach at right conclusion.


1) Which brand of ice cream do you prefer the most? □ Vadilal □ Havmor □ Other 2) Which flavour do you prefer the most of Vadilal ice cream? □ Chocolate □ Vanilla □ Strawberry □ Other 3) How it taste? □ Excellent □ Good □ Poor 4) When do you usually go for eating an ice cream? □ When you want □ occasionally 5) Which factors do you take in consideration while buying the ice cream? □ Taste □ Brand □ Flavour □ Price □ Advertising □ Packaging 6) How much amount you spend on ice cream every month? (individually) □ Less than 100 □ More than 100 7) With whom usually you go out for ice cream? □ Family □ Friends □ Alone 8) The purchasing decision of your ice cream is? □ Planned □ Saddened 9) From where did you come to know about the new flavour of Vadilal ice cream? □ Transit Media (Railways, Buses) □ Print Media (Newspaper, Magazines etc.) 10) Do you agree that Vadilal brand need publicity or advertising to run or to stand in a market? □ Yes □ No


11) Would you like to change your flavour? □ Yes □ No 12) Would you like to switch over to any other brand? □ Yes □ No 13) What are your suggestions to the company that gives discounts? □ To increase sales □ competition □ To increase more potential buyer □ No suggestion 14) Is your chosen brand available everywhere? □ Yes □ No


1) Which brand of ice cream do you prefer the most? Brand name Vadilal Havmor Other Total No. of respondent 20 16 14 50 In % 40% 32% 28% 100%

60 50 40 30 20 10 0 No. of respondent In % Vadilal Havmor Other Total

Interpretation From the above table and graph we can say that vadilal are top with preference of 40% followed by other 32%.



Which flavor do you preferred the most of Vadilal Ice cream? No.of respondent 30 08 07 05 50 In % 60% 16% 14% 10% 100%

Flavours Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Others Total

60 50 40 30 20 10 0 No.of respondent In % Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Others Total

Interpretation From the above table and graph it is clear that chocolate is the most preferred flavour with 60% followed by vanilla 16% strawberry 14% and other 10%.


3) How it test? Taste Excellent Good Poor Total
60 50 40 30 20 10 0 T otal Excellent 40 Good 10 Poor --Series4

No.of respondent 40 10 --50

In % 80% 20% --100%

Interpretation From above table and graph we can say that 80% of people said that ice cream taste are excellent and 20% of people said that good. It means Vadilal provide excellent and delicious taste.


4) When do you usually go for eating an Ice cream? Frequency When you want Occasionally Total No. of respondent 45 05 50 In % 90% 10% 100%

60 50 40 When you want 30 20 10 0 No. of respondent In % Occasionally Total

Interpretation From the above table and graph we can say that generally people go for eating an ice cream when he or she wants. Because of ice cream it self is enough to ensure a sweet feeling to cool creams and make mouth full of thunders.


5) Which factors do you take in consideration while buying an Ice cream? Ranking No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 No.6 Highest no. Final rank Taste 25 15 07 03 ----25 --Brand name 16 22 11 01 ----22 --Flavours 08 08 14 17 01 02 17 --Price 01 05 16 19 03 06 19 --Adv. ----02 06 24 18 24 --Packaging ------04 22 24 24 ---

30 25 20 15 10 5 0 N o.4 N o.5 N o.6 H ighe st no . T aste 25 15 7 Brand n e 1 22 am 6 1 1 Flav urs 8 8 1 o 4 Price 1 5 16 Adv --- --- 2 . Packaging --- --- ---

Interpretation From the above table and graph it is clear that half of the respondents (50%) considers taste as the prime criteria for selection of ice cream followed by brand name (32%) flavors (16%) price (2%) one important thing to be noted here is that consumer are ready to pay any price for the taste. Hence price is at 4th position. Brand name also plays an important role in selection of ice cream. But most important is taste.


6) How much amount you spend on Ice cream (Individually) Money Less than 100 More than 100 Total No. of respondent 35 15 50

every month? In % 70% 30% 100%

60 50 40 Less than 100 30 20 10 0 No. of respondent In % More than 100 Total

Interpretation From the above table and graph it is clear that 70% considered as consumed less than 100 rupees on ice cream, and 30% of people consumed more than 100 rupees on ice cream. It means now a days consumer are more conscious about price and there income spend on it.


7) With whom usually you go out for Ice cream? Reference group Family Friends Alone Total
6 0 5 0 4 0 3 0 2 0 1 0 0 Fm a ily Fm 3 a ily 5 F n s1 rie d 5 A n --lo e T ta 5 o l 0

No. of respondent 35 15 --50

In % 70% 30% --100%

Interpretation From the above graph it can be seen that consumer are influence more by family (70%) followed by friends (30%) and alone (0%). It means generally people liked to share their feelings with their very close person. Influenced by this reason vadilal offers more family packs and party packs for his consumers.


8) The purchasing decision of your Ice cream is? Decision Planned Sudden Total No. of respondent 05 45 50 In % 10% 90% 100%

60 50 40 Planned 30 20 10 0 No. of respondent In % Sudden Total

Interpretation From the above table and graph we can say that 90% of people are take sudden decision to purchase an ice cream and remaining only 10% of people made planning before purchasing ice cream. It means ice cream tastes are rich and delicious. It’s a original taste. So people do not control themselves without eating an ice cream and they go suddenly to eating a ice cream.


9) From where did you come to know about the new flavour of Vadilal Ice cream? Media Transits Print media Total No. of respondent 20 30 50 In % 40% 60% 100%

60 50 40 Transits 30 20 10 0 No. of respondent In % Print media Total

Interpretation From the above table and graph we can say that 60% of people are seeing advertisement in news paper etc. and 40% of people know through transit media. It means print media is the best way for increasing brand awareness / brand loyalty. This may help them in increasing their sales and also its cost effectiveness. So, company should give more attractive advertisement in newspaper, magazines etc. and in television.


10) Do you agree that Vadilal brand need publicity or advertising to run or to stand in a market? Role Yes No Total No. of respondent 42 08 50 In % 84% 16% 100%

60 50 40 Yes 30 20 10 0 No. of respondent In % No Total

Interpretation From the above table and graph we can say that 84% of people said that ice cream brand need publicity or advertising to run or to stand in a market. Other remains 16% of people said no. it means there is extremely need for publicity or advertising to company for run or to stand inn an ice cream market.


11) Would you like to change your flavour? Role Yes No Total No. of respondent 20 30 50 In % 40% 60% 100%

60 50 40 Yes 30 20 10 0 No. of respondent In % No Total

Interpretation From the above table and graph we can say that 40% of people like to change their flavours. While others remaining 60% of people like to stick with their flavours. It means company should try to make more and more rich and delicious different flavours which are available in market.


12) Would you like to switch over to any other brand? Role Yes No Total
60 50 40 Yes 30 20 10 0 Vadilal Havmor Other Total In% No Total

Vadilal 01 16 17

Havmor 03 14 17

Other 05 11 16

Total 09 41 50

In% 18% 82% 100%

Interpretation From the above table we can say that 18% of people switch over their brand to any other brand. Other 82% of people stick with their chosen brand. From the above table 34% of people prefer vadilal out of them only 2% of people switch over this brand because of new taste or variety. Other 34% of people prefer vadilal out of them 6% of people switch to this brand and remaining 32% of people prefer other brands. Out of them 10% of people switchover that brand because they want new flavours, good taste and change of taste.


13) What are your suggestions to the company that gives discounts? Suggestions To increase sales Because of increase competion To increase more potential buyers No suggestions Total
60 50 40 30 20 10 0 No. of respondents In % To increase sales Because of increase competion To increase more potential buyers No suggestions Total

No. of respondents 11 15 15 09 50

In % 22% 30% 30% 18% 100%

Interpretation From the above table and graph we can say that 22% of people said that company should give discount for increase sales and other 30% of people said that company give discount because of increased. Competition and increased more potential buyers.


14) Is your chosen brand available everywhere? Role Yes No Total Vadilal 20 04 24 Havmor 10 04 14 Other 10 12 22 Total 40 20 50 In % 80% 20% 100%

60 50 40 Yes 30 20 10 0 Vadilal Havmor Other Total In % No Total

Interpretation From the above table and graph we can say that 80% of people said that there chosen brand available everywhere. Other 20% of people said that No. Form the above table 40% of people prefer vadilal, out of them 8% of people said that vadilal not available everywhere.


Suggestions are as under:  Increase production and make proper delivery because some times desired flavors are not available.  Resort to aggressive marketing campaign.  Lunch Vadilal softly.  Improve candy and cone range.  Make plastic package for family packs  Increase in flavors and more new flavour should be lunched.  Vadilal should have to give advertisement more frequently.  They should introduce more schemes to attract customers.  They have to given some of beneficial schemes to their customers frequently. Demand for special flavour  Chili ice cream  chocolate mint  dry fruit softy


 Sample size of 50 units may not be sufficient to draw the accurate conclusion.  The survey is done only in Rajkot city and not in metro city. Where the perception of customer may be different.  Research work, analysis, interpretation and findings are influenced by time and money constraints.  Personal limitation like, I am student of T.Y.B.B.A. not having the expertise knowledge of doing survey and analysis of data.


STRENGTH: • • • • • • Good quality Good services and commission to the dealer Good brand image Customer satisfaction Verities Reasonable price

WEAKNESS: • Improper delivery • Improper packaging • Sometimes replacement problems OPPORTUNITIES: • Expansion in other part of countries • Addition in the flavour and combination of ice-cream • Promoting the product of ice-cream from sub-ordinate food item to main food item • More franchises THREATS: • Competition from other ice-cream manufacturing company • Imerging market trends • Government regulation


The performance of Vadilal is good in the market and also Vadilal is a Brand name and is very popular but from the servey I found that there is need to more frequent advertisement particularly through T.V., media, through advertisement are not consider directly in buying, but it is essential to promote the sales. Vadilal has to add also new flavours with change in time. Something new should be offered to attract the market.


 Marketing Management -Phillip Kotler  Marketing Research -S.A. Sherlekar



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