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Natural sound, Minima design.

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UI se free s hip co d e: MACIlI FIE © 2m.' ". ---/..adern~ rks.. .The! AV!iiQ$ma~t (~5e cl!J'E!~ not irnclude th~ Apph:!' iPad! iPad 21 Clf Appr.' I...ilIn~e:5.iiQ inc. NA P'iD 'A A . "':0"-'" '.' ..'•.':'\.. .'.~'~:mJiPFJi. On the Go~ . r".'_ G' THE.. -"': -' . .'.". rotect your rnPa. . AU ff~g:tuts. .' "".. ..aJlfL>di trad.. "'-.•.a!1!1<Ci other oounlri!i:!~_ Oth@r tradl~mijirk:s.'" . '".o~ registered bradermuks of AVijQ inc.f) AV. ~IS. ApiP~@j ppl@' iPad} and App~~ Sm~rt GCfiI@F are.. " ".. .'..e pia stl c . Check '~t' .A""S''E FO:"'R' ......' '. ".." . " -- - "-- : ITW"" . "'AViiQ!!tho!!! AViiQ 109105 ~r.'pa dIM 2' AV··' Q II . :: ... .-' IN.' names m !!niliQl"led h@~ll'1l A may lb~ tine pmpi2rty of tineiir reSpectjve OOrll1' in tJne US..tradernarks of A'Ppl~ inc..etary 'H... ~ntroduchlg the longl awatted AVitiQ~ Smart Case for iPadl'M 2.. .· S'~'M'.lQ:nd out other products at www~AVUQ./ ··'II-· .' ". .er.'.. . /' . .!~. ..en casec ~n a sol idI al u m~l11um plate a nodlzed to match the co lors d of the App.·L K'E .'.: A' RT C'. '.i····· •. - ".TR"0"-"[DUe'I-N" "'. <.>~ "'.I...." .e® Smart Cover".~5eN'l!d.~ Smart Cov..dI~ 2 wlth our P case rna de of' FUQI'g. ~11'lIths U-S-and oth~J' cow ntrles. .

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But: to co it proper Iy" we need to nea r how you rr~ usl n g such' t. a nd no one's to rei ng you to down ~oad Li on.8 rid rn OS[ of the you use it at ~auh. ~ if'ij o:::'i I' 'ltJ1 iRl 'G.Mac/Life in [loom on turntabl'e.•.on JO'36~ b~ -Romi$' recovering from' actua'iy pa'lnrirJ'fJ . S())tt Roser. tac:kied the whol'9 Intudit aUair so perfectly ln ill wlt..onnai se cakeit ~ CQ.1 work.1 11"1:.e no d e<s'ii to ke'e[] usl n g soft:wa re t:t1~ t's belen aba ndo n ed re by its c rea tOL Bet'we~n J Ba n k. '. a n d as N ic wr lite's 0 n p36. I .. I.a ~ang o'~idism ay.f.!an th'at in a goad Robl!:J~e.d may..~n ~II iI'1l.'he' "'l_ lvjrlq With '-loft' $e. .e svmnet hy '[or anyone h c DO y_" <IIi admiralblly ~ong time..j!.10 on !veryth~ng now I want to pai nt . ifi't ~.!U I~.s. midrches torwa rd.r the' n ewe's!.A p PI.S'~n.h~brigh r side of aU theJsje filew social networkS'.l ' h : . ". ".er Nic S' usIe".. The 'rut LI re tCB n't soar !f it '.5·.n~'~'ITOfildfj9. 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'" ideas.r forget 'that' r was nerve~ •~Palinti g that stripe am this.DO n to come.2. anno unoed last vea r.stlles. on a ma]o r Lion 8tO rv~..~O th e pluS side~ n pa f@nj's aren't on Gaogle+}' mv - nlrm the mo d eratolF. a ndl a bilg part of that w'i II show you n. soft wa re that 's esse nt ia~to wlhal't yo u do..' ' *- wasl to ADL in the ~90s.iI-.. _ d !ii. way ~t 111 nin g 's bou nd to su ~tmy . 'wei'r-e wotrk~ngl .c out: th e re is caused by U~ p respect .an. h@illd was inside J~ •.. PIE!so na i~y. bee n abu zz wit h anticipat ion for Li on sfnee ii t w'el ~R.j'e 'G m'. -- \ .As eV'.U:. Halt the 'fun of' technology is the. the Li'on~smouth? IDoes ourr ins llJranee cove r = . neces sa r ~ ~e. g ['0 ncern . M 0 rlleydla nee. f"/D. a tnd ~ h elv.!.. Th at 's a bso Iu tleill'! the ca ss wit h m e~'For . oplnion pi ace that ~II s'j.5 anchore d to hin the past+and w~t'h Rosletta~.... Ap p le's sup D orted POVj. t·11"Ii:.'_'~ ~t \1 . ~~ lD'rainstorming . {)'f .i3V'ig 0 lid tech beh'~ 'for tad av's ~y n nd fleW' bells and "iN h l.. Bu~ a wa!s a t)r ief~one .t.. But I don rjt th i11k. ~~ . and 'IN hy II m 'f~ Vlli t h A pp ~ed roppi n g' ~ PM:' R'oseUa from t~on. .r ~ci'('~in9a.H~ rPC fro m a lot do es !1~"~inc ov' psopl e who d re r~ial!111 bent o ut of she p e becsu se Li on V I tide' or su P'PO<F[ Rose.c.e~ if 'YOU have a dlUerent talke lr I III[..~0. ' . Wtblt' if Nic~s. ..• i' I. Imy OJ IJ t 'fele~ ng is that onil vas rna I~InUrnbe r ow ~ i users are d1e\all.~'nthle f~'ve or so ye ars I'Vie IQu'ieke r1 2006 wou ~.tea rs..

b .' lnt )'11 . ""."I a _.j i " '. ~ 'II. " '..""' .p1llrWork 'wit:h the Sea . .4'. ".i·.a~...'. Ing pape MO r.' . .-.s+-t8J. ' .':.. Scan tOI '6'mlai I~ searchab !.' 9'881 "'1 ' '...t ." 'III.can '. I 'A .d .' ng morn .S1.~.IIC Igen~ ".an'd E xce" ." ".' ..e' PD F~JI!PEG. . W-'o' r.I® 'S:'8' .'...azii'~gspeed (20 ppm @ 300dp~) 1 I - . "'.sily manage VIO umes 10 Ipa. .~ yo LJ II Ih ' P roC"""".coI!'.i1J' -~ .' . '. '.'*' f"sa t ~re8 suen as autcom.appllicaIL~o~slr\e..+. .:'" II 0 re Iun ChI~ no.' _-'oif-" " '" l\ .a.\. ...Slnap . Of . ~'..500 M doc:.nap In e~.' '. can scan' a .. 0 ~ ~JB e lOU 1mlxed docu ments by p ress ngl ]ust on e button.. .'. " i I'" i FUJITSU t:.E. ".. co~or~ 811:ze~nd 0 rle ntatiion ~toqether wilt~ Adobe Ac rabat (inc lu ded):11 he~p you rna naqe a palPerwo:(~.~ a profess lonal so yo u can S. -'.." '" I' " ".p'9nd more 1lm e on Iif:e's oth er ii m porta nt tlke matters. -..C t.::: '. . liks a w'9 i II deserve diu nell" ...uu nng \1.'-.~~ menl scanlnell[~ Wiith double-'siided sca~nlng and bl.

colnrt:r.turlbiinl~h sw'jib:n pOl5S ilb ~e.a't 'you ..? ~Ray iO' .ale .o I!.com :1u nes ~s eas. Our p@rsonal: f.on yO'lLIIr (lIDS d@r'Jii'c:~es"J .." SOUE hi :S a n F'ranc'! $(O~CA 94080 IF •• S.ther '5lmlalllller 5 ngl nat'iion.'.d ~ 'Voulr~~ be .O !ancJiltlte'lr one' i'l IM'Qivilnlg1 .~r~C~• t lM .o .and trust ralt'iing it is to ·mlOVle dlalta to and from the ip~ d {' ~tre m~ d s me most ot U'H~f~iFS'['~ n my' q reatest a:l!1d otheli 'iintern et''''oasled tec:n explh:ul:e.s 81S.Bob Sy. enrti re song Dr b~ggest oeef with A. 'OF return 'of QlliI'f uns·04& II SPs.U e.Ap p I'E{S move into the cl ouc (Con gr.iln). of.!"'i... when Apple bO\l'Qht a'nd klll.iineluding li(ens~d1 e[Jitioflts" in ~l'iIy and <ll~medi'al t1hrol.~. M'y i mproYs'ments.Srlillv'tEts eeples . we're do'ne holdling our brellth~-'.hT&· :".suelsr and M~clr'o. 0·' Ii' '1111. IItoo am 'wo rrlec t hat ~ w ~:IIIII iII h o'lld bale k ba ndw idt h SPs st C.Im-y OS t.1so rU'1.!"'i. nearly .gei~.ed. t Ille e Iioud your Spee Bii~' Issue 0 n t h e' doesn't seem Ilikeenouah to change pricingl llke they did . The least they could have' publish the material'lll whole or 1mpari Ii) aU ool'biMS of th~ m!l}g~l'if!e..all~y just end up ema iIin. nii'..2 r.dl edIt dloCUin'll''il 6'n ilnd sucks..oliolted m.iest i'spect lOf r iUls.Frlls.ilVOll"ite 'is.nthe .i!'Ji (" ~ !t..n-Appl@ optIon·!. "OU 'wa nit the m to.'nc: to a II y.pple (as much as I il'ove my Male! iPllone.• . There was room in the music universe for ltunes and La.:. 'the dyn1a'mlic 't:h.~ But t:helf·e j.s iJ:snet neut.fIi1I~Uirbg lU'Is.l.ason One 0'" iPad .'1' _~ e-.buying It.t:ream I nQ servlc~. tech .ag .f) ~i·t.iIlq'f1ee 'ti:h. 'Din arm.eV"n:: conn. and DOS 1.ilmlph!'.Jj~ the wonild. G.:.orr Mac I.ollr idlol11arsand" weiliji your v.t .~ 'lind d~i:s. 40.a'Y' on the .L-C CI if" II 1'lLolll .Nlc iiiClo.-711-62'22 -88 18v siJb. 'I th '. Hoping for a massive im prevemsnt to the' l'Iunes experlence.: . atter buying and buryin~ it was implement its tnnovatlon wIthin nrunes. ut I~ b m more wa rrled t 11 F~ qol ng! to use i'[ as at cab31liy:st eY'~ 'wit III on 0 Ulr iPards. L ·mla--~---ee fe:-·'tuiES ii5.s."1 'vi. had.sta:si s 0111 y~il'mil!t:s.otie's: wlr''j:'t:. '...My' fav(wite thi ng about it was the ability to Ilsten to an entire sonq or elburn before . Too often.ed 0 ne 0" eu r lIst 11e.ed La la. Great .o.anqle 'you d.e i:IP'. and m uc h ~ke the m usc i in dust rv tr h:~'d do wi th d'iigi'~ta m us lc. :'" 'IF'! If'!..ected? Why canj'~'11 d r. One 'f~oppy .s lh:orv1e f.sp.~rs!w lee t he .et III ow they cha rg e Not Llovi'nl'" t:h.Broken~ Hare's How We'd Fix lt" (Jul/1'1.y'et . n.·to te'~11them Iho!w' InrlUCIh.1i iblroadlb. 0~11" ilL~ ii"\1f"i !ULlh'v ''s w'e w'ant: to' work to 5·!3JVemo ~'u~y.bility I tL/O! doesn't the.. yea rs ago~..i3 bll~ es pa t.0:: the end less swa P J)i n g of' flo ppi as ba ck a ndl 'for t h just to Qiet· the' m ost min imolill jo b done'" · n " """'iB~'S ("'U!Ai U 'L A 11A th.qlh!l!lr' rices p for '1IQ''''V'eilr-o.Ible tiOI cr'lIa.. .a t h ro ii'nl.ton concern..e l.owf·s th·at: 'fci'r' s.However~ do you rea ~ze how (0-11'1.r.any sont im.a.dr'iive~ no Ihard (Hxe·d) drive.odlbariH~ . '00. 1t .c:JiiT'e·.@ma. to d(iv. o'lLIIr nd ~ cou nt 1f"'~'S.s N et'fll lx use rs. p r'h)rit ~:zet haste ii's.and d rorp fii IIe~s'fro·m on e to t 11 other? e· WhY'·('an~tI network. a W'ow.d' 10..rd the iP._ ~ ·c'ltlii111~ t.tle an.:' .U BSCR IIPTU'N ...d lire bhl you guys have outlined.oulr OllliH! IF devi'ces w'ith ·thlngs such as clouo backups.n~t o.8 n d 'rtnfo r mat ion and insiqht on the qood tlhe 'second yO~l:JIr ieall ~Y~H.:il'i:tI '0'" themili' lS. . them? Th€ iPad iOtS are and 's't.d oc:ulm e II1t5.adsee my Mac Pro and vice 'versa when th. w·.o mleli' M amy a. n UI~ ~IG ii"'Ln n.Rlri E 'if 0 UI!h ieUers..e p rices up" Th ey' a Ireadiy' wa nt to do it 'i's.QUII:1:1ESi: Ca IIIIfto'll~fllee ~ 8.ant rU~jjre.til1=:.SIP m. {3iM bps} is the se me soee d ·a5 '10. LIn para lilt led. lF~tur@ is nQt r@s~o!1S'ubl'@ for ~oo. t h'ey re to I tryhllg1 to stop proqresslon and lnnovatlon 'IN it h j DO-:1F-:-I!I!.S I loved "l'lunes Is.J!.YOUR OPINIONS.1' 'Ii:..advh::e is ·to 'v1orite w'i"t:h y. IB'o!b~Wer'v. P6). ~1P. I "ll'':l'I.-r-i~ II '6'~ ~''il L IfIi 1F.rtqlhrt:ly liaIse _. you can all alburn and ended up dlsappelntec.400.1"11..f:irnd far dee I 1.ik.all mea 1'1$ tOI hH r n mlusic before buyIng I·t~If 'V0'U"'re passionate about hearing before yau bUYr t'here are a few I g mat Iy app reciated extra ~lW'(n pe roe nt of a nyth ingl Know/.tYles.. lt's BI :s'h·aime'the~'wh'ii lie lnte rnet prl ces go Up~.! 'g e·tt ~lriHI . oU l1:hll! j Paid plfetty mu c III the bad a bout .eed:s.Ji. we re hitt in g t hei r l50GIB data ca p. and i Pad) is that Apple bought and kr~ledt.tds f·alli ______ Il"q!l.soU in the "980s.. tlioJ)e'i Whie'n jiC:11 Dud IClIU nc:hes.l iiII Ii o:ne.l:. . RANTS & RAVES k.e. PO'DF des.Ury' the cihJ.M'" Ib.a nd pen.arnd 'tlhalt k~ of .e Court! S ILl il~ .et ratIon.00 Sho re n ~. Adi~ Far' the prlee of a I'atte each month. 'Worthy of W.of d.e!s. d~~.:=. Ib'ut ~~'DOOlrll·vdes. Pta t.Bind it ll1ey'~'111's.~t:efr:arl to IJS. burt beilng able· to u.ut we d. 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- I '.If I .:sl-:<.i4 ~".•• _ ". forever: '. IlJIJ I.eOn MyMac~LLC... = .: . .r PageSeri der a ndl TextExpander e 20111 Smi l.ccm/pdi o!!! : ~ .OnMyMa~. M'~stakeshappen Somet.•..rnes you chance your mird . .. ··•.Fs Mk h .• " Q_ ...iIE"p . To see all the top 1'0 features of POFpen! visit us at:' wwwsmitesottware." I... T.. PDF text or make '~tqo away.i"Iii II! I ..------lJ ~ ~ -·····-··IIe····-····· ..DFediting can be.~ n ks t 0 P~····D-·lrll-. pam I ssiy _.PDFpen: Fe'ature #. _--. W·n't'l·h· . axe cnanqes to your: PD ·····.~ .~. I .._} . Try PDFpen today and ..II .4 ~ (orre'Ct Text in PD'Fs ..: .. .h·'.' Soitwate thQ't'~just rig'ht PDFper1.." _ .':.. F'~: ius: a few clkks you can correct1." '.1 Thirqs chanqe.. ~ 11:. DiscLabet a roetraderns rks of S m i leOnMYIMac~l Le..1e.1" '.' '_. y::o r Pi'·D' F-' IQlj ". .:" ·1 5m COPYinlght ~---=. Smli.. docurnents can change too .I.seejust how painless P. .. '" ".

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US:~If a n a PIPllcat ion and !by d e.fa u lt, A Pp lie IBdds ~lo yo IIr Doc k,r !J:etw1een t

software storetront-va time when locat:~ngand buying, software for the'i r co m puter wa S IClJ kin to- ani g htm ar'fs h Easter 'sqq hunt Than kJu i~y~ A.ppll:e's M,ac:AIPiPSbjre has made' those memories a thiing <c'r the past, and eve n A m,8.2:On ha'Sju m peo into the 'f FaiY wit h lts own Miac-Tri,e nd I'y d own IIoe d store, Bu t wh'l ch she u Id yo u u set, the Vi'rtua _Shelve,s
F~ ~ A p p le I'S Mac A p.p Sto,u,e is easv - a 5S um inq yo u have M,at ,OS Xnd nql
10.6 ..(5,Dr late ~ wh iich ill cIu rj €'5 the n,ew OS '

.x L~on.

t.n,e F i1nderand Das h boa rd lif yOIJ di[b:he d the leon, tll'iiclk the A ppl e me n IJ bar icon and select .App St,are,,) Cl:iick~shop. and e'nJoy;, jU$~ II~ke iTunes" IBy co m pa rlson, ,/J.. mid 2:'0,11."5 .aiC S ottwa rs [}own IIoa dsis sl m pi 'if a M suosect ion Of its existingl sottwsre offeri nqs, access ible by brows ing to ,[)~'gnElI Galmes &,'are' > sonwan:: [)ow'lllloads and then cll'lcik'ing on M ac Down toads ~ the Hot L~nks sl de b,Cllr: M [joe of Am azo n's diit;Jl'iitaI n h cata ~ogis st iII (om pat ~ le w'litih Mac 0 S X 10,5 Leopa rd (.and some b eve n w~ liO~4JIg € r), whos€ users are sh ut OU t of the 1M A I'D Sto rei th at
i -(

Til e Mac A p P Store fs

~ lud ~ use rs ot o Ider G5 is nd G4 ha rdwa re, nc ng' VIEIA'D'IICT):>'> O· for be in g av,aifillabte from any web browser and

suppa rt:~ng IlegcM:::Y vers ion s '~)'W Malt 0 S )t"

How Do, !hIe'y W'ork.?'
l'fJ'Yo~rve ever used an liDS dev ice r youlrre a Iread y fa mil ia r w~lh h,o{w the ..

Mac App store W'orlks: c h DOSie a tiit IelF c Iiek,on the Buy butto n r co Ilfirrm Y(HJ,r pu rchese, a nd down loa d. Fut IJre uodetes are' f ree beta IJse a ~II ~ U rc ha ses ere tied to yo u r exl st ~ A.pp~ II[) and b ~'~ to U'H~sa me Ii'H;I e' ~edl

~av rnent met hod you use 'wit h iTunes.
Shopplnq Olll Arnazon'a store is similar to buyflngl,811nything, else from the e-tall e r, w~'thi 0 ne. exceptio n::'YOUI have to f'i rst ope n the s rna 1..1 A mla zon Softwa f€ Down toa der~, h ~ch in turn downll oa ds a DMG fi let h at you n €N3'dI w to rna nuarlillY' d raq a 11~ d ro p ((~r'i nsta I~)lnto your ,A, ppl icatl 0 ns f,~)1 er., lt's d

A,mia~OI1"S MiI~ apps can !be down'loaded! 'fli'ioQiian, '~elb brow;se,r wh'ille 'thle IMac:

A,PIll S'ltOIM


0:51 X 110~6\"!6Oli' hwqlher~

an un n ecessa ril Y'

com pl icated process, ~ ut you 'Con save the 'Ii.nst,dl IUlef' tor tutu re use (.or ~'nstall;11 on a 11other lt 1M8'C VO II ,~)wn)r.and A.mazo~ alh)'ws, unllmited future


~~Q" l~iHI'nlLii\I!4I! 1

N~'I; 5IgI'll!llll':I~


'l'!!I.aJi ~~.n



~ M!I~ IH'G~:~~ Mle: 1OSl':t;; ~;~.LU.~:i. ~~,~~
ri'lll"l' "' (~)


ii:flU .~ ~m1~


(~u~rn ,~~,






lifilffij!' iIIIiJ;(1i I!~H

,:z.on~ Uilil_i'l~ ~,iIi


~~iI!i""'-Mlill - IHM: !~S X



Ii: iH'u III; J ~







Ifsr',AimalHli:l J'iiI~] ~~~U D


have to, pay for


'll 51 - --=-~

future upg rades, since downioads are' 51() ld under t h€l'sam e
o lid mode ~,I3IS boxed
~ - 1iIa~, II: --:- '!by ,Amuon In Jt2iii ~r!,i'~-cn 1M.

(ij:ga~'n ~n (.1 ud ing cateco ry dlupll tea, A rna zo n allso ouf'ers a separate MJac Game Down Icads section add in g another 53 tii't'les to lts diq ita ~:11~'neu p
wlth prkes 'Fa inq 'from $6.95 to $,49.37" ng V1ER~DI.CT»'> 'MAC APP STORE for sheer number of titles Bvailaolle.
IDh;nllildi C'G-mj_~(d ~:3:3,~

G1(,;' ~ cllck because lt's \.... L
J ~

'fWi' I!'~d

aii, tMi ~d,


dow nloa d, and enjoy"




.. ,)

What: About Prh:inlJ?
Til e M,se A pp Store p r~ces ru n the

(j am ut,

but most p opu la r ·EI Pps Iranq e

fro m free' tc $9.,99.. It '5 not unco rnmo n to f nd prlces .~th e $20 to $30 n ra:ngl9 _' IIi'k,e Pi X 9~m at·of;, the powe rfu I :~ ia gs ed ito r tlhalt won aln A p pl·e M
Amalz;Q1n 'ron:~:s,
U:Sie.lrs, ,il mu


It:i'step d!o~w~~Qa,dl pll',o,ce,ssiF wlllii" e
If hie I!L __

:store instal

Uat: ._p~.n
1'I'iI'_,- _
A" -

!:I..... ,
~ ~ -.1]1" ,.,.

'y,ou,' p~lr-eha~!H~s! ,alultom,aftl,callli,~

How Many Ji' les and Cat:egor'ies Ar'e Offered?
Appll'e;'s Mac A,PIPSt:o rs la u rH:.h~d ii'n Jan IJa ry wi t:h over 1,000 ·ap ps on its vi rt [,1.1311 shel ves, A.p ps a re arU'ered Ii n ,2.1d lst ln ct (,arte qor les rs n g ~ g n 'f rom Bus iness to We"cIUl,er. How many apps are there toda:y7 Ap ple isn't say~nqr butt e',xc~ud~ng massive Garnes categ!OFYt we counted 8,0.30 '~hle' a P!JIS (inell ud ~.ngd u pJIcates in m IJ.~tt-~p~e cate'g orles) at press time, A.pplle' i ha s added a' ,Ilot ot tallies in it 5 'fiirst two qua rte rs (l,f dol 11g busl ness, i!lllnd
that num.ber 'will surelv on~y cllilmib" A mazon ha 5 so me'
:1& NiCJI1' iRIiIIl·IQ;i'




""'..... ~,.-T~


catch-up to pia')' here, '~'!\dthonll V 21i1' d ow n loadeble
ivs'l y
~offil • ~I!NIW

t it les in 13 cateqories, IBV fa r th e b ig9l€'.st cateqorles a re Chnd ren's
Softwa re a nd La ng u..ag1e'& Travel w'iith 1.31and 1-3:5, it lies, respect t

~~~\!I( ~1L-~J:t4


Ol:l'liai. - -!l: HOO'iii :iDtllI~!lj,


:Im~~ - (1

IUM.rJ3: Inn.b.'


~ HII!i:~ 0:5.1:.



m:t ;,r4!fo;'j}t f TODfl!

'~:5nN7I~~ CiciU 1k«t,.H'


11',.~! ~fti~~Mi~Ji




~ rJi'ri."hi'ilw _,, r~




,') ~lJ







.... IFtn~~(
¢';'~iiH" Fr!l:oC.' (1i~Q-!'Ii{fIi·li.ilrdI -_•




~&·FclJn~!} ~I;..~:I--'!II'L.II~


[lS:1i; W-5i


QE. i!l!14'>


'illI'l:iAlGi IMWJ


ir(4!lQ !ld'liali: U J ~ ~l!i ~H~

$1".'" ~_~nlo<i-!j_

GI'_mt1J:"l UltiIDi Mlijj-'!IJi~lIiilli ~[i"i:M iMliMliiii 'h!it ~~~.~'It~!~ !l<1!!! .

[[.0- -

libip Qll:IB;l - Mui OS,~" IMat:


W~·~~) ~ft,~~C21":'
~ ..... !i:.. _tr ib,,;'~ :!I hlp 110,







!I::_;:;rn.It lut!i,;i!

iJitr'a ~ cul)to.w






·1I'ii1I!i!:iIit$ ~











~~~r~J.i(li.O~ <i:ftK"lti'

~atIIK lil



~~,III'riI ,_~

.• "'''';'

~ "1I;1Jp


6c lip 'j!-::


FIi'Ilo'IIili'.Ii.ft: Vanli:!ilI

id! fil~l~


~ Nlit


!lKi 'w. ~
~ to;;

{li .

1,100 [iii'


'S-i09 ~ iXl'l!
1~I:l!~c IS-r------' 1ilJo.~-.



~".. III~'I'HW

II.!;>gi IIttJ1"'1iJ til'



Ga'FIJilri'IIlliIM:.IIi!"l!l Ii!J&:thclt.liibp"i.P~;n!: tror ~~fi;1; '!I1!'-d :MI!'i!!I ~~ ~l -1K~ 10;5: ~ MIl;:: 0-51·:1(Lo,,5 i!LlIO~~M~ W!!M~ 'illIg J:!'IiIi' ; ~~US~,tlll



[) esi g n A'wa rd at t h 1:Syea r's W'WID C. A pple's own Ape rt:ure 3 is curreflUy o niBof the mo re expen S'iV'9 ap ps at $7'9.9'9, but '~t~s ~I a steep dI'fJsco nt st ~ u from the $1'99 boxed v€ rs lo n,
Amazon's dowr'lloa[js~, on the other hand, start A iilrp ort Man ia a nd max ou tt: w~lh MJCIFosofft on lee IHorne and 8 u s~ ness

ru\ Wf1It'tr'


'!b 1.3

at .$.6.99 for

game's ~ii!ke

20~~~c u rrentl!y $201..,83 (sanll:€' as the b oxed ecHl hJn)., N earl,\, t h rs eouarters of A,ma,zon~:soff'e{~nlg:s dlre prit,ed at $4.9.99 or 1'95$, with Imany tii't~fa'S d iscou ntsd from t hel r boxed ed ~ OInS. tl
VERD'IICT»:>' MAC A,PII STDAE~ 'where qualll Ity
SI P ps,




l!lli)I;d~~' ~rr-~

[!!It!ft;.t~i ~QF!iy -

f~rfllliii! l'!l-

~.•**~- 10
~lOOiVilrl~ ~ijii[jQ_1lI0iil

h~w bucks can g:et you some



I~, Ciiur_


•• *.,11:

How'ls the .Sellect~lo,n'?
Am- ,'iJI'"'1F'i;1"!I ,'iJI;i"',if,1 11~lly ,,',1II,GIi.,j,llll~' "",~,,,,, 'ilHh,n uoner R '1', Q,.::;,ILi!'II! a !LIb uti ", P' f,-';.,t-I;

h,';JJnd-'I 111'CiIt;- r U here_ despite 'ja ['G
'I. .: !jj",j;.

havlno 'f ,It;- fIG 111'a'W I 11":l!:-'.r'iiw;t"jjl!"1111,~


iLife ~'11

. ;!;r.-loUI.: -. ~' •• ; • IW .. II: 1F1iI-"":':..I

That's [because A,pp'le has a IOlllg lI'~st,of restrtctions

for Mlac App Store' d~~ope1rs- ..

I GIi"'-~::~;'
..:..I~~ I




ifhl . _.: .• 1I~",-=-6 .. ' _.

I (:.

spps, re]'e,eting' soUware that requires shared components such as.

Mea rfwlh I'le.!the M,ae APII' Stoii"e' hll:i;jllilillii(lht:s; quall~ty' ,ilPilUi; 'f'n~~m, '~mlalner'




EI~ !fIi~



,AV,C4 i1all'le for

r~~1t ~~~


Ma c- OfFic;e 2011

".tso'11I" l_1\ti



oil' Iillll!

~d11tot fltti!!il 0!'l!Jt


~ 'tIirIIm-ii,~ HI:!,....~ ~


~ s..Y-I)~
t\aij'il ~


rttiI: ~~~.

'i~ ·ilJ;tl',il'iktmfifDiIi Ii':;; ~~'Ii' ~~,

ker n e! ,ext,enslo n S 0 r b rowser p~lJ!gl~'~ Amaze n tl a 5 no sue h restrl ctl on s, ns, alnd lt's com €, out of the gSltre wit h heavy n ltters sue has MI'icrosoft Ot-nee 2011 (b at h IH0 mie &. Student and Bus ~ ness ad ~'tJo Q u leks n Esse nt ia ls, ns), olnd ,even .Fii nail' Dr B·n ,8 to r 'flle d g ~inQISIC re e nwrtters, None ot these are, c u rrentl Y' ,avSI'i''I,abll e in the Ma c A.pp Sto re. Appil e's sto refro nt is large IiV'com p r lsed ~Jitsrn a II,er deve lope rs, m a ny of wlhom ported popular fa'S apps to the, M,ac'. A:s..hle''from qsmes and, the i'Work a n d ~'LiJfe.sU~te 51 U S'9 rs 1:00kj n g tor heavyweligl'flt Ma c so·Ftwa re fro m big na rnes 'iN iII W'd nt: to 1100 'e l:sew here, k

tI,~~;j!~~' ~ d'lih!i! ,1X!Wi'I' Dr ~ "" ~!!)


~,~'ri!:!itolyt~ ,inllI'i)!,IJ'~ iiruilliu~


'T I E:Th e Mac: ,Ap P Store has. t he wider se liect lon, but


~ I~:;!!N I11i@!l ~

~'!iI~,~ if!I.(t ~

1I1im ~ 0«

Art.NVl!llt!m':i ~




;";-bl.!1t 'Noi.9'<~~._6;Ji;



ha s scored some of' the, bigger t~les that consu mers w~ ~ IIIbe

~oolk'~nQ for,
~I, O&w


11Il00 ~~

1'filiU-,I!ltII ~li)'~






os ~ ~.lun




ii!Il!l.(~ ~




lf1~ruci'I:!I .RaI'.I'oiI.ill'lili1;lr~


T"LiIi!oJ~ .Ildm
FfiIIiI.:d -Ii ~





~ iii






!Ii 3..iII:QtiII P'!!mi!b~


IId:IOIIi .It.[',

A.~tho'uqh the Mac: App Store has the clear advantaqe. in our headto- hea d wii t.lh .A mazon for voll urn e, IPrlcl n g~, ndl sl m pi j c it'Y. as t;iilme g oes a on both outlets wm Hkely be vlabl,e choices for IMac users, partlculsrlv ~rotess ion a ls, We don't see Mk FOS,Ofit or Ado be r tJst1~: to the Mac ng App Store"F :5,0 they~re rm:Ulch more. like,~y hang! a shjnglliE' w~th ,Amazon! to o'fferiuHJ discounted prices and freedom from A.ppll~;rs restrictions. But:
iFror avenage users,

h tne Mac .ApD ·s,·t ..... " store


h II'S '11:·· e

Ik :I-. one t 0 neat,

fIIWU ~~ ~'~~~ ..ii'_1l!-.M " ~.i • ~ r .~ ~_1<i'!o~ .cQ'm/.n.iN.. ~ ...l'!i..J.''IUI_~ ~'ftit.. .alctice.!I. iPad® & iPhone® E...lnv'~s'l.~n ~M:.on medical practice where the teclnclocy a works flawlessly ..o'I. ~ .ff.iMt:L~ ~~. It's fully inteqrated.w. mobile.-~f~ __ ~.ffiI!.earn abou: Eden at w'ww.!'f' MCi'til' ~n .I:~ ~ "'~ o U<'itM!O:l'1 ti~1 Tr"...and itls a pleasure tiD use. ~ ~. ...L:lfe Apple. o uc nr .w.!.on.Nl~~ m Qm~~ m tMaMm~ CD GlIl ~tHilO:ll ~il... 'I'.. ~"i:irr ~01!110_ ~''--~ Q . ~ 1i!II'J'U"I' 'ru1' M 'IWI'~ :nfsif'~).~ ~«~ ~ .... ~TUr' ~'['!. .u.n. ~... i-~ w..~. ~ ._....f7IIII..~ ¥O'i'ir.. .. ~ ~>I: ~ ~.~. .j&...>l!l ~ .. ..' .iciiii!l~ oL_.1 f _IJi...Wn r:MwjjU..M. ~ ~~.lJlNn ~u u ""lfI~n k:'ii~i~ Cdi.Mac. ~. .liI. that vlsior 'is now reality Eden elegantly blends the utilty and slrr-piicity of Apple technoloqy with the industry's most powcrfu' done-based EMR anc Practl re .iPald and illP'hone are registe'F€d trademarks of Apple Inc. ~ ~~iHI ~ ~ ~ M--.iWi'~ ~ ~~ftlB!iil1!'l!l' • For Mac'. affordable anc so much more ···e········· . W'~tlhEd1elnfrom Clearf'ractice... '1iP~liilil9J i ~':Ii'lOj I 'lm'IM ~~~ ~ ~~. 'If'J'I'..ana'gement solut.~~ IE:) ~. Mt8~.~-= ~~!lJ' ~[! ~ ~ ~ ~... ".~~ ~ '~~~=-I ~v~"~1I!! ~iEl!JMl1!'iibiI 'ilw~i D'W:Ia01i1 ~~~~~ ~~. I l.. - - The al-Apple® medica practice soution thousands of physicians have been waiting for. .

. .W~JIlre here to he:llIP-'. i .e s." .r:e g'fiUing a colleue Ii berry· of IDU iII or! ng a pe r teet A.~nrl s.etJlsive.1 000.a." ". ER edu(oatiOIf1 can be blF"utalllly ex:p. ·R' .d to ch oose n 'your t~lc:h'wiselly ~lntlII161t~LVe I. ·'u u .r WI~\re' 'taJken the IrO Dimsetup Qving into .~ent in pr~:vatelresjdenc:ss 'c:atl be .arge.llt1..PIP le-eentrl c dorm 1'0 r less Uia 11$.8 r u d e alwal ken i11QI"You r we r ks DeliO:' is S LI rs to be Iml:f1 im a ~"so yo LI' I~In.a.81dorm room 81fter·B lifeUm. unneoe'ssary ltems beh~nd-.


II .


. r !I-.._ :'I~~.J...ali~aibl'~·.'r.are an dI p IIuq-i n S IJpport r .1tFtM:.. ".r ". Seashore ls perfect for novi ces lookl ng for a s'i1 p lie tm age ed iter ~ m Ilm!IPcn1 from Quicken '~' Ollf'ga niriie' Clown I08 drran l 'sactrrons I!I IR@conc.i Price: Fre~ IPrIce: Fr'ee G'IMP is eas'ii~yone ot the 'most powerful pieces of open= source software av.I.r~Af3ie~celle..lace Q.N~~II as a varletv of filters to' choose trorn.'.2}ny err s ltes oUer step= bv-ste p t uttaria ts.~ ~'I.or(ll GIIMIP Seeshore S'e<B5holf'e ..EX1PaiR: to 'TurboTa x • :Syn c:to iPhone P Ilal"1yOl::J r futu re ~ IMan a.. Co C" '1. r I.10:' ".om r~p._ '~.)u-r accounts sta terrren is ~.d' ~ _.a' ds ..~ 'H .alyz~ lnve S.rs1ono" ..n . Thouqh it doesn't heve some .€J.h\..u "'" f' 1_ I.8 n d pl enty.VO~ I-'r ¢ -m'' '" m.If1I g a ppl_rca'ILon u I'lL 'I iI-. ":~~!:.~.11 F!i IUlllc:-.' !...cast ~av~ ng. 1.. ~".I st ~ 0 .Crreat:e reports ~8udgiet s.."II~I >f'" .gi!!' yo~ulr mo-ne.pendilng IF'o-re.f·e'Mlf/yuS'..! for M'OIC users locklnq tor an open-scurce alternative... :~..y -"{.llU~t.Ih. n .Track stocks '!!' u _IIL'IL a pre~:~y I'HIella me _ '~'M'§PU j S_ . There's also incred~blle ha reiw'. nts ..n lI'y'Dlut:rie .of GIMP"s features. A"n ~mlo g. _ ''9' or·..e y.D'Q'"Ce t Q!pp~:i'cl1 tion" 'r'lla r sho u'ld leas'iily m~~'Q d.:_iy!J. If. rln t eh etks P IGG t1i) Software Schedllulle payments. but these guys are free and just as packed with features Gimp. paCIr\19...i-..JII.1'.Photoshop is pricey..n.s Rev~ ew eKpen~seC$.~ the same p~ot:o-:mlan~'puiaUori features as P'~otoshoPI as '~..p'e... spp gives yOLi the m.€'=e .(ur.t _ "" 0' '-S X-"~'". - ..

zer My t of Su ous Box u m the miys.[S'aHI.· hl!!I". Alecia N. frorn Flori'dalr had her best slimmer this summer w'hen she and her husbalnd scrambled to find . !I[ Ent:er transactions on the '90 Sync WfIreJ€)~s..~ ...g' whie-re' th:I!' m. w'~i>lll.M[olnitoll' ·spending .. . P _:'. which ranged from road trippling v ways-on an arcade cabinet.) to river raff ng~ Our winner.ryOiU are..soll}!al .WIN .o.ila.pllirt transactions ~Use rnultlple currencies or rnultl-tasklnq "tbe D"St rule' D.aM d . ~ __1!... .1..ney . bOlx. of SiU mllifle'l" on this month's contest (including the rules). i!!i.p'...nk do-cum ents fr.~ F Tr'ack accou rrt bala nces . .~ m ulttpl.prr'.blc on 't he I' .!.A.!lh. _~ __ :a.!.!.ly with ~BJank.k Mo.'ter. v V To be elig ~~Iejjreaders had to wr:~teabout the~tbest summer memortes.i:..(:[c:e~s. visit This month.ossib'le w:he.b-ils' mak..ysterious Box err Mystery" SOlmet him nq.c:e 1'5' k'nollwl:n.Allee~it$..sBo. ru Q1wav al M. il .E1'S 'tl1'Qt .Stli rch data ~ G(filSoft are .. categorles and nCCOU nts to [ii Q.@ ~:€v.." e"'-'-""_ .T~"NaA. UPad not included.goes.r.a hous'e'-alnd succeeded. i.I. w U bel fU~ed t'IQi i'I Ib U·iIi'!~!I. yo l\J r rnvst~r y box 'W in be the perfect accouterment to your n e''W d ~:g:s.!.:fpe'r.1 kt '.pp~e 810g O App Store Ava. '. we"'e giving away the awesome rC'ade! Thls thing wUllet you play some of your favorite retro iPad apps in one of your favorite • details For more In th~ Jun/l~ issue. O ·-:'" C·_·_-:. 'W[e hope. we ga..fin'an..ices 1 S.or f 'I!' Mc~c E:XIP ort tran sactlons.

. n Y()lu· re' on stag1e._.·IO·:·) A·"IFI'TE'·R') T'H-I~S·"··M-'-'Q'-':-N·· T'-H 'W · .~: .THE' .. i -'. pro p e r~'yrock 0 Lit 1 he M·../ .. II ca tJ'tt wai t to fi nish my epic cover ot Ga ry N uman's uCars'ri'!~ » ..@' vi rt IW a i iii nslo g :sy nthes lzer..eY5 ~n . Wh.ll. _.' _ ..13 n i nexpenslve and pow'erfu'112--vok.. V'OLJ ne eel alC'~lJEM IIke-ys Bind buttons to.-_ " '.. -.' i. 1.....1 •• . ' r.e.or a s ecc n d.-11.- IG'·EA·.' 'E. I.:rR::E' LUS:TIIN .··IR··..Audlo Ve~ om . Flo raet touch screens.· I. :-".1 11lR VIC"'N1-O. _ . g:ives you those kno bs and: k_. and apps r.. 1 .

e best '51 leas of ithe futu re waive se en on OIl.goad to have baC!Kup..:i" :>.. SQ'me'L~ . _ ~"'~'~_" :.-.a n a maz ~ng (Jlrray of 'features.'.~-t'".I : miss n...I :" :0. -.Ii3'mera. IF' arou n d-"n a Iaptop bdJiQI..·O· ~' .}' !'~ 't·... .rane b~endi'ng i~ with every other gadglett ln .~' $'29. Now when I'm gil abe.-"!ill l"':" -u--rU'~""..~ ~:~. II.. inci udi n (J' a 16. .eg..•._. ~I~. n de awesome sert of inflatalble accssso ri. 'V lUX'" '~O _-~J_:~ ~.IR·'I~'S·::' Pit·· R"IR'O"'T' .IO: ..· _:.fhe Leka V~Ll!Ix 30 iis a wa nd e rt ~I sol LI tlon 'for a p hotO~lrap hy ~g.[~IIIt h~nk~ Q' 0 L!ts~ [he box. a 'nn~ nQI Iii e . 'optii.' : :~.Oro nes to compete in five race ty'~'H~S\" NIO'IM... of '~~.U r be c·ku! I zoom and k iller ma cro capa bi Ilties.t'E!'rJ1dJgjt'i3'l.95 :»>H'~s.m tlhe treat nH?try' o. ~.=py Ions.!' -'" .SpdE. .AR· R'A"*"E AC"C' 'Ee'S'_~·.. 1.):.and a donot -'work \!VIi th the' free slhii n AIR. I "::_". ME:DI.. A ~ldl(!if cou rse they sound grea'~ -whalt more _ co u ld )!'\OIJ.» cent rol Ung a quadr~copter is 0 rfi e.arrot!$ S.Jr iiPhOFtiES\I' but S'r49 )'». T~ is.J w.@ 1111 ek k~ myself.IT S~IIDIE.:! house. n Z I L'O'W'IE"R IEA.: C r- )'.. lit 'has. r!.AD ~'es.».Clil1d the pass-thro til g h cable port means you ca n use it withou t removi nq t hie case. ~ ·:_"1 .'!. ieics ~'...A .. But when voure-'. I dlon" t h~1J'!Ie to Iug a ro IUJ n d a h'eavy DS LIFt' S-'~'noon ~.f commut i"rl_ WIFr.' ' ~. Th'ey!r€ attracttve a.". _ 11-" y.A"KER:S... ~alc'ea PPi alHowi n~ up to four A jR".__a .a11111: these speakers beceuse they 're j USE so da min trendy. .I!.trotti ng.~'.~.Q .a iiTt?.4:('": b.J':.. aud'!(s:5'er.i!f:"' ne._ ~l . !..~ '...t"iie·s~nll"il1._1!oi!1l"' nackuo No mad ha rid CCi se prote cts your My Pass co rt drive 'fro.!.!! _ .ndl simp~e wiithCtut Ibeimlg '['miiniima~is[".

' ~' . Afb3~ratt you dOI1!t 'want "lour gea r to took ~~ike Vlery other Mac or :iDev~:Ce e out there.~_J. IB. 0 nee vou sett lei n w'jit n yo ur new A II LI devlce.'. BO' J ' _\_. OS X" IB:9'CaIU:Se lPh.c wa I~ pers to m 0 re ad va n ced t we.e_ <_"I_ '.0'"N' 'PA' UL '. '" >~_ I_:_. pa Ike Finder windows.' CIUR'THO"'y' S" &' S'US'II[ 0" CHS .. IP'Ih.:. coolest fwealks you can make to 'Your mobile ApDlie g!e.' BY RAY' A'G'U~LERA" ._L~~_.'_.~ _ /_._~'-. nd 'we~'I a Iso be' t:!h e f rs t to cllr-Q e that. story tocuses on M. snare ot thks. . and third-party apps that let vou re'Clllly rnonkev ". alurnlnum.. photos. and ___ ~..__":--~.orres and iPadi:sare harder to t:~nk:er with umless you jaill.brealk th~'m)~ the lion's.H':S. .t?s.8JsJ. I J .-.S haven't forgotten iDe._._ Z 'ng CO"R'Y" __:__' "H'.vi:c. M B'ER'ENS" _~A'" liN" . user experience that lJInderll~ies..a ks !~ s like.._ ~_ ~. but 'IN.• """. Ilitt~e'personaltzatton ts in order. but that shouldn't stop vou from personal vour ls glorqeousl'"v des. so why shouldn't we g~'veour ~Je. We-'~lllbe the first to adrnire the loveliness that ernerqes from one ot those in q e n io LU s! V c ratted boxes solid by A pp ~!e.lith the..olr. and other doodads that adorn our homes.' S~f~iek.alrhe same level ot custcmlzatlon? t Tha t 's why we! re show in gl yo U hl(lW to 'ff inesse .i'gned.eve r y'l h in gl fro m 1t).one~ ~P'adwith beautiful tweaks that make 'it all yours.. A' DA' '-. a.Applefs ge..rand this storv concludes w~th a look at the.ea~tHuII black bevels.I'~'. We llve w~th thess thlnqs the wa-y 'W1(?j live wHh the' palntl nqs.


kgfa u nds ca nap pea r . But old-tashloned iff you~'re sttl ~not satlsfied.e range' of COO{I' cartoonv of lnte rest.a}ts d~ nsion s = .(Game of Ituones.'iIII a!ci" ~ mJi!I 'JMWj. start with the foundation: wallpaper..~~ :sa!'~~ ~"' .a nt a t rl PPY nat u re-t he rned II. .F"ound..(l IIpa pe r.aC~$ W'. W.iI1q'i"'h"' "'-.g lne.ay :~ seq u e n cs -[-01 m a ke a sIideshow n on yOUi r Deskto p.. 'You r Sill b] ect I.g.::Coloupic'k:er-b by ilLln~'Wind (bit~y/n9Ierw). In the.sktop. Enter backqround 'is the easiest Bind one..aJb IIe)" gill Fo rt u nate-Ily shot s iIn yo u r 'i P hoto Ili'li r y Dra probably e'xceed that maqlc number.CI . _lie" L _:_ eo _' lJ 'ILon.ckg. bf~-I!ird~" 'r!""!'IJ".. w~d. hal n d y for fit Un g w:i. of the m 0 So t effect ive' ways to :re inv ig.""'I..lly}od 0 FU8). the 11 S ero.. com/free·w.[)lsp Ilays a n del ick'i n QI 'the D~s'~lay button-your Mac's.. lnto Desktop ba-ckqrQunds! qo to :Syste'm Pre fere ness > D'eskto p & Sc ree In Sa ver..arv '[or sornethl ng that gwalbs V'Qu... "~~ W'a~lllpaIP!elr. __U ' r _.aln:J yo II r M.o'u c a til ~ ma..~y~ ~l - l~~rII o rg) nas th e.'jislP l.i.. .I~ created h) show it otf on your IDe. ~.~paper cotlectlon at D. To avoid blurriness.alllps pe rs ~~ wah desk.Siz. icons.ok sharp when \._..8 S iarqe as V>()U r s cree I1 'S I .~~. check out the wa I.s for alii aqes call be found at that willlllh~.. ~I"iii!"j _'~II(.. say)~then click Ilmag.orate' th e 100 k ot vou r Mia( ...r·€. Fo r e dQlier 'fare (of' the occasionally NSrW varie'ty). II~-_~ ~. vour -M-'. ImSInY websltes . k U til> ) 'Irl" ~ c II"..~r~'e' 1!. b Y C II'· ilr"~.d' ~~"'O··. qoods. def!. ~ resotutlon to na FIFOW' v(~urchokes to pictures ba.J l..PERSONALIZE MAleos x balekg'.es.H to the contents of:'your ~'Photo library (he-Ire Y(l'U ______________________________ ~·i'UM~~~Jl ~-" ~--_~-~--I~~~ ca n a 1:$.'.. lISac.11!.~"~~' .aullt reso Iut ion 'i s the h ~ €ISt: a va 'Ii~.. A.. DESKTOP BACKGRiOUNDS WIh iIe' A·IP e ln C'~ud ss so m e' IIovs IV 'w. screen s.•• .ev~antArt (b~tlyl jDhlkQC).aVIEHi:S~ and alert sc reen b a C:lkq ro u nd s to fu II -scre e n rno n lito rs 81 n d ViCE" vers a" You can even set a collection of lmaqes to d lsp I. _ ~ a In irna g e fi IIe 'i In S lde yo ur Event s r.1111 k y.tin·g to The Icon r.~ f. ICiorn:s:Puzzle lcons by Rk:h D ~f"!5It! 1IIku!!1i: Sys t:em Prs'rer..AlO-'Il-:'7 D~~'~~+0If1i1"'1.~ ."ouuse them as rna)d mum resol ut i(~.a-qing t h rouq h your own photo 'Ilibr..i·~ '~I _ 1_ .!I. ClI'~c the Oe:skto p b u tto 11~. .l)pllm~ ~f.raphv \.. 1•• ..I.i~.e n 03'5 ') . or a ny ell Ibu I~ rns or oro Id elf's yo IJu vie . (blt. 0. lnlll.n00 u nd by' I'lIQiV ig a. .r\ • ~~ar\'tvltr''!d'. /.~'~ ~ _.. ~anJ _' .aH:tory (iconfactorv in the resultlnq page's sldebar..aln os )C swappinq ln ·attresh Desktop GO(H:l le sea rch can help.+.€' section of the next !page'. If pierso 11d ~ S na pshots ei re nit: 'lOU r th inq.0 acces s ~'he Ph otos to ~d or er ~II.. 'You should use J rnsig e s at Ie a st .r'ou nd imag es of' anY's ubjiec t y.. choose an lm ~g_~ s·:HI"J'£!IJ m !QI. rstom '17~_ 1 I I 'W'hen 'Y'QIU set out tOI make lover your Mac. sta rt by' rum m..:.!:! Jb.::. _~. F:ai'oes and IPlaces.. a dd ·0 ~:~p.o...HIj.B'c' ~u . To turn them.v'ff'er professlona III'Y deslqned ~r.tto:~l.[U I~ reen ~t iiedl r -sc or re siz~d to fit '10 ur d.

k.. anal yo u se Ie ct one you like i apply Get tnto to it. flle.a n g e. ow n ito ns r VO IJ can f 11d our tuto rla Is at b'iit. l. cha n Q. W'i.~lled~ 7lod'ary . '[~tes.l!:i!!I~~1. mosttv reo intended as re-lmagin~ngs of: Appll'€!.lv/ml~~tonsand bit ..3lppll'VGet Info tothe Item withl the leon you want to c h.. Ge't ~ 'from the' menu bar.. Blit tha n ks to 11und reds of iflW es0 1mel V ta~ented de's:i'qnensp.pan'i'c. ' by .er ~ j ust s ~m atts r of .en copy and paste' its icon over ens aire. ml) off'ers. c h ec k.r b ut so me thoIid... For insta n ce.. t'h.j)il '!li\iI~~i'ii .()m. you can go vllay beyond just sw itch in g OS xs d erra u It iCOil S.ay and ot rH~ ~hern ed cc llectlo n s r Ma~fml~:$1ru 1M 9 Mm.~:[I~ty$29~..t'm obll e.shJins.gray=or at least ta!.a~sciOIPY' and paste .l.a sea of blue' and .~~l <OWI"r FOil!:FIll'!! I(Ofl=!.adv on your Mac. "O'UF i. '~ .CJj 'fa Id.OJ g reat 'fi rst stop 0 n 'you r ~ con Scl'f.13I'Ul'l of' the ir icons cost meneY... a Ico n sat s 'fro 011 the se sites may 0 r may not 'C'o:mJ€' with instructions €l'xpl. ~)owDl~oadedsets contain 'folders of lrna QI he Ip' a utorna te the iconsw~l[ h~ gl IP ro cess.l d ers iIl[O rnsrtln ~g II. The leon Fac.lke we said.5? . r' s d e.. II' 'f ~ copy and paste" In the' Fiirujer" select the foildler~. and iitsCandyBallf' ut.DESKTOP ~CONS Ch a nql in (JI the.or yo LIr fo..m: e ~iJ !.. .sp e c~ c items fi 0 n Y'~'lJIr D es kto p 'e asle r to re cog ndize ~'n.Q!'Irii~ .ari. m) a r. IItis also .co'M) makes .a more wh im s lea I Iook. i11g yOUi _. .ava i~ b. C ~ll T'l'/t!II~1'I . Bo.ain:iing how to use th e m b Lit the baslc id ea tor e a ch ~ s I the same.111 A.lyles. Sa tee t that i'~..e21SY. out UU2' nffer'i n g s at Ptxell G ir I' (p ixe'llglilrl prese nts.~j1m.aJwe.rt ~'I!tI' ~Iiam ~~ Iii.efor 'f ree.eMUy. M. Fiiln d €. nto the icon at wind the top erf the resullUng ow to se lee t 'iit t h e'tn c h oose Edit) Copv.i!:~ PM f 11 are .Of ({HJ rse vou do.w: U:'~~U ~i5h"i[9:Jti I 'W'Ii'iii~ I~. Mlea nw h iIe.1!!fl1Wd 0l-i.'[ory (lcontactorv . se. inc Ilud in g rnany o:lldi and ne'w A 1"1)1e d ev less.~You just replaced ~ts leon.[j~e an III(.com/ ( ("andv bs r/) Info w:i:ndow. o I~Ulrcim "by Cic!1l~!'l 'voX. mt 'W h lc h gener ally fadl'l into the cateq cries of cool. And lf ~/'t)U1're lnsplred to create Y'(RJT Clhanlgllng up. Next .e 's teo n m in the' f1j!ewG. Want to tu rn yo u r Ihalrd d rive lnto a Bia. trtlle d e~t~gs at ko n Dralwe r n (leo nd r. OF volume WiE:h the icon vou w'ant to user then setect rUe >...f'a! [J ~t: :ico ns can me k.GI!~1M!f'1 ~hw.U!i'.e . then choose Edlt :> Paste.rsdefaullt d e. silt!!! Iiik:e 'rhe ~lcQI1Ii Factory' 15 . or k'~ndal cre'epy.[:A Mlf' your h::on:s. Inte rface LliFf (intertscel itt n .e all:11 buslness. ~ " r 1Mac intosh HI[) leo n 'fro m a hard 9: d rh/1e to. .c:on'$ ls as ealsy' . a d i'~Z'zy1fNJ arrav of rea Iis t~ ~ i ea Iy renCfere d g e'a r. ror .e th€ dra b out of 'youlr draq-and-drop. .

M odd'~ng yo u r Ma.c~'sa lert S,O nos ~ t r:iiclkiler t han twe efking V'our Dlesk top! s a ppea ran ce r bu t' It ca U1be do n e,. Fa r best nE~S t s, use A IIF F 'f~ IJ s IJ~ les formats Il'ii:keMP.3 or WAV mlay not. sound 'oJS expected or might just not work at: all, To convert a, sound 'from another format, add the' flle to your iTunles ~~br,u.,y" then go to ilu,ru~s ;> Pre'fflerenres > 'Glene'lr',al and <change ~he' ,I nport Settings to A~FF,. Se,IE%:tthe, sound and choose Advanced :> Create r AJFF Ver~"iion,.To lnstall the new version (or awry A~FF'fHe) copv it to, L~buary > Sounds ln vour Horne 'folder, lin System IPlFe'ten~noes, > SouFK:I, cllck Sound EH'lects to choose the. new alert, Custom alerts wU11tso be available 'to applications that handle alerts throuqh Ul!e'~rPr,eferences menu ltem, s 11~'ke or iChat, Man To 'f~nd neJW ,alert sounos, h~t FindSounds; (findsolLlnds"com)', wh~ch lets you search bV 'f:~lletype' or resolution and sample rats (bigger is better ln e'il rs A--FF '~'I'I'II.EI e ,.. rc ~1n."I's: ed ~ ~1.;J!U :~!QI11'u Jz... U r als _", Io.. ·..._..t _1]1 ~'.~ _._ ,f,-r-~i' ~_.. ~ 1kl'~~IL. -'r.".-!G; ..iGI.jI.L.,III~llb, \J!ll :ji; .: II '-.ltIJ_~~I 0 IF'II'ii'Jj I i'n~ Ei,A .. ,Mu~ m ItJl'~1! M'~.... ~ nlc ~~ ~In' dl p\if'ton!iii IIe:;- (\1''''''';::'' Q m lo h,,ji,\1 b r ~' ·I[:;Ufi-r. if'to .. 1~llrlt'i ,_:IU iI'i Ib"c'Ih. ~J![J~~'.iJi! 'S"'I rnn II" the !W, ~c,,11- (-. irn pl vt h best
I' ""~';::".E'I

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'FN,:J;f~CI ~l

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~'s avallable), But Ilong~t~'meMac fans should grab the Ma,e OS C.las:Sl~c Sound Pack (b!t.lyllkHCJIQ)~ whIch brlnqs back the alerts of



missed you_ Wi'i{j E::ep!


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,SC:RIEE,N .SAVERS Screen savers may no IOIlQ'er be necessarv to prevent burn-in o-n y'our dlsplav,

but 'they can

s UIIIIIaidd fl a iIF to Y'(RiJr Mac = es pee ia! I'y it yo u ro I~ vou r ow n, Go to Sy'stf~m P'ref~ ren c.~s :> I[)es k to p 5( sc ree'n Sa'll!?r, the neil k K th e sc reen Ss:ve r b utto n'..Sc ro IIIt h rouq h the. sJd e'ba r to vour '~Photo Uibra:ry~ttlen select a co~le(t~onof pictures. They can be' cUs.playedl :flr1 one of: three stylles:: a f'IJIIIII-scre,en view', a 3D v~ew"[halt shows pictures a's virtuadl snapshots, ano a mosalc '~i~,~W., llEachhas dlfferent options that Qlffect how pictures appear, ano ln whialt order, IPre~i~ewyOUJF' screen saver by d'iick.i'ngthe Test button. CUck 'the button below the sidebar to select other image' sources, 'iiru::llu(Hng a lMob~:~leMe ,gallll,ie.ry"an RS:Steed, or .a tolder on 'Your Mac. (hoosinq Browse screen Savers used to 'take Y()'U1to the Downloads page on just, for icons and screen savers, but,

.. ~
t, IF'f!liWJi!'J,



,Qti:d'(i!"f ('"l'il«l'~ . .iIH! ,I!/Mi .u~k

lt's gone now", The Internet still

holds lots of options. thouqh, w h e ther vou' u'e interes ted in OJ n im a t,ed he riiday 0 r nat IJ re
scenes (urf~QlJe3ddig~toI
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.corn), ram pa g:huJI 3D zombies


(u se Iesse rea tio n m) r or a: QKl'od -.oIl d rlx h0 rna g e' (s.sud reo f'ree,.ftlSoftwana .htrnl), you-and your
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,A CiI mliii: irt -'your' cart piict,ulli,e's a re ,too cJU!tie'to, heep hidden~


S!EFh~11 macl


Galmes De[iiivlen~d

"'Alnybody'who games

GameFly is for you. n
- Parris N,~ Member since 4/2010






Click the in top right corner Enter MACL FE


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,©. ,201 _~G ~'AtrieFII~_II GAM'EIF ILV and '~h,eij,F LQg@ ,~re trra(h~'mark$, of Gi~m'E!f '~,inc. ,All~ ,other ~alF~$ ItJj:s~d ilC. II !!!I Wi der IliiCil~'n15E!' y ttm,e~ rre5p~ctiv,e b U' owne~'S;, n I@'S5, .~'O~ ca nJce~ yOI!JIF account yo ur Clred[t: ca rd wi! II [0@' c!h,arg@<dJ U 'for the ,P~ij(:e f' you r 'Qlamne plla ~ at dliii9' elfl,dof' yOillilJ free ~riai. lou must be ~8. yea ~S' off i3lge, or oJde:r snd o F~'Sidle in$,~d!!he, so lln'i~€~.f t States to US! the (iame'Fly' :5ervii~e,. --

'W,"e-' ;j,._.-=-,_)-nd t.:-',,,'_ns..:,-,_-= "f" tim1_1, e' in th e Find '~er 10':0.1..: t- h-":lI't- do' e"sn't rn ean it need' __ - t 0 _~_, I_~~ __ ,-~-". 0' .1' but __ g-=>_,_=~' : -s .:-'= lannuish ~ __ all spe -__ --' _VI I~_I_~ ,_ W~ __ _I_, ",-o:L _I__:- __ :..:":,,,
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'l'ln'- b -1~::::Iind '~g__I:~. obs C"~ Ir~lit"y :-'.:"'~-,_='u_l u__:>jj,

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w Iin d OWS,. Tif;1,ey 're nat exactl Y'
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y',our Mac~s sexiest teeture but they are what makers a M,ac a Mac :5,0 you probabtv dlil,.i!.... Il '~'W[C;- m'II(~I thoi ~(1II.\..'!I. l:v ji'1"II'\-I';;"'!; . _ ll,J!'ii;;I ',',,' . , rw _ .Ii U ~, IIIlL
If"I[f,'1!. III II;JI ':;I .ji,' .....

to ke-y:[).chad shortcuts. If r simp~y mlalnag'iing Irind1er wlndo'w.s isn't € n 0 IJ glh, Y()U1 cs n re pia ce the.
F'~ d e fJ'" ent ire, IiI' wii:th Pat h n '

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tr.a:bbedlw'indow's and a ton of other

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1t..~ ~ C>Hl~'AP~t. 'Ie fl'II n·"S·~ n lc .can n nd some te rrl ~lc how-to . .t ~ rn ~ ~ fi'llllT'l CWEII' . pt.n ~IIiiP..P-'l)~ J ( ~~\ Iii.OO]I'tc:t ~ l"Io ifu:'to:!.1' '1<o.n!1M:.0 If.& . j.:rmiI~ a$ 'P:T~'~ ~ l~rrJi!s.'!I!'il ! . Tlnkerfool a ~"ftiw. ~!!' 1"1ioo 1 11.t.da!!.. r.ico.OJ'lllH. Re.jl"Ul l~~.c.olid'..31l.~)!i h!l~W. .enabling hidden 'f'e. ~j~l011 ~~. ¥(!Pi ~O..~"l.!"'!. F.J 1'1111 nee..~ 1.i lo.i'arTj..y~.J'~~II! ··IIS r"I'If\I.. Ap PIe do esn 't pnJv'ide ma ny w. ~ iii~~ ~. "'n 't. We've ro I)J nd ed up a flew' of: t he' best custo m iza ~~on aJpP~ i ons on t hie Mlalc~a 11 w'fll'l lica"t d sh ow "'10 U "IN hat you ca 11do 'Wlt h edith ()'r the.ruB&': ~R:!tot1"~~'" j). f'oln.l"Ill~~rr.of iTuri.. ~ hn~1"t1i.!! talb~ Maiclpj'I'.d to ru n th'ii ro-pe rt:y sottwe re olnd use' App ~eScrl pts .~"-P ~ ]I lrOO.40' IU_ '110 ..i .Sti'I)...:::.7.he left .a e el'os'9.. 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'lOU ca n chaIUlQ. lrre' a PIPI icatio iii g"ive's yo u [he <31 b ill'~y to t apply' these hacks (evEi'rythinlg ~rom .. IF\ree Ttnkertool ~1\iI~~. Th~llI:eIi"TO!!i)m ha:s i ~ot iI)~ lin addition to Terminal tricks. 011 ee' th e n~~. 'whJchcan be a relief for Terminal rookies. ~ 1IkoJI~. U d.IM.i~ 16..QC. d~.~~. Seetli'"C~ JUtilt ".g 'iN it hi Terlrl~... ra.' 'TO 'lJ. ~'II'IlOIUM.i!:!:i' IbrJ.'e the' '~ook.. i!:'!I'I.~ !!~ ~ rM!n.c...a:n dla:rd 'Wind ow b t ~te I b.~.e' n ~:.r... d ~ m.uI~=IMiiIr.defiOI lt.iII~~fotoi . "'''''' ~[~ lW U ~[fi:I::ij)Jl~~'lliI.atun3!5 to runn'~ng maintenance scripts) 'without both~r~l1gw~th ~he Terminal apptlcetlon..of instialilledl .111·~""J"in C" !U1I..iFo ~i ~ Cff~~ I~ tl. ~ (Rum9 ls much Ulke~a(P'ilI'ot but lt's tree and has viewer features. ~ ~~ ~p .I!'Ss!!~....~.-~ 'I'.C' ![J'IIIIUI ~ 'n 41 '!w" r'l V·· ·1"...UII.eR'e m ov~e C nee k"edb LJt to n to tra sn t h e rs st.oom. ':.:.. TA v . 1I\l~ .I s~de iJf '~m-... i3!'1!. M~'~~L~_d..iY~ ~ _ ~ et ~m. 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e® iPad'm or iPod ® .ex peir'iie'nCie!. o . the differen(€ the)" 1Y!~~'~Qr' iii:s. _.T HAVE.. so W1()U ld thank y'QUI for tlhis] Learn more by vis'ith"g srsla bs. multi med iia. "...s.s i'lnt'~ll1ded to be ~ $.ek. !i c·: . and.t' Der.···s···· .n. fo't'·a rry.' -10:· :··'m."· Du.! Jus t Anothet G· R'evi.. .k Site = A.ea'rdl.pril 20' 1.It. Simmerman. ·0··· .#1201 " ***** the wa')"muslc nth ls is w'it .I(olm/i·WO'W3ID. gre' at SlmlazOn. and . iiifyout:" ears co. out a doubt wa. ~IPod C~Phone'D~!Piad Ava. enjoy I HD-qua~ity~.' ". J Just attac h ttl e SRS iWOW' 31D~ a udio en ha nceme nt ada ptor to your iPh 0 n... wit h th e to uch of a button.14". .._ ·.ewer . . .-. r:s'· that. .I '_ ...··· . • Si ss Bring Your Entertainment Experie'nce to L"fe wiith HD-IQuaUty Audl·o I~S...ny.":··"s''.MU''IP~'Y' ..u~d speak. In fact.}··1~ b. lmrnerstve sound from a~~ your a thart: Is serleus a bout a true.

:·t~ _ _ _ _ tor mod__ '1 __ ":II vour_ M~.a. t o prov ide n1.t.hl the' lPropertr~e. date! Next !'+%.ell'[e[t:t:he image you wou ld like to use as the backqround.!!'d~!y'r'rQo.aHJ e w 1'1let 'Vo IJ do.-' d\o. s.aI~r ts. To b e'glin 0 pen (.t onto v'.Qlrg/.aformatted box.. doesn't t E~~~~"!'i.a'ge' > Login Backqround.e.a. C:oc:ktail is deslqned around lkeelPinQl 'your Mac: ln shape...v.I.t Y'fIls. Vi $..j mplie us-ell' IFlfte:rface IQcaled iln .Oe.y pu r p ose is. scrl P-[j' C~lek IR un.C'OCIKTAIL ma ~tnitalin~.I ~.II[I~ pre se nted at the . For much more ()fII usilnfJi G.~k.g e'~..:I!11"II.ToiQ~ to Irnake trui-y drarnatlc cha nqes to your Desktop..'n b .to .em > :SC'ript5~ setect one o'f the scrlots from the' d rop-down men La '.and drag a Shell Ge!e~le.ur schedule.stem PIll'.eve r.r ~!_"I' .'~1anc navigate. Thls wi'll IIopen the Command 'window where' vou'll tvoe the.. 'CHck Yes and return to the Properties w~ndO'w. Wlhile .e.s windowi c.A. GE[E.s D!esk~op.0 de!lE!te' an I'rnaqe J l YO ulliliav e addedl to.e. Scriip.KTOOl plroj. '[00 Sys'~.e. 'GeeltT'OQI liS a powe!i'f'u'l t(loll .SAGE kealkaji~c'om/vi:sallelihtm :S. utto..if.lot]~ j' 011 e of th ~ 11~ nd iest frh ~n QI:S yo u can do wi trh (.u:ate' tools 'for oJsttom'iJzjng your MI.f>Ej~ DO ~s.1tii!ll'r 'Ul"''''IU e'~lla.. fille f 11a m e from the d ro p-d ow n me nu '~he 'i1 rnaq e w'~'ll be set as. open Cock.. visit b[tly/mll~qe'e'ktooll.Uer selectlnq t:lh.a iI .set: .the Iogl in bac kg rou III d.'fooll .[e k. foillowingi commend."keep you r [lit~ system hea It h y! but many a Fe set to fIJI n on IV on at week IV or m 0 nthWy lbSIS[S" W lt h Co ckta iii' V'()U ca n ru nth ese s( r ipts 0 n -Y0. 1o chart Y'C)ur' own course.s on Vlour 51chedulle M a tnte na nee scrl pts that are b u~ n t 0 the M. Ilettingi you tweak your DeslkJ(Jp o.s. ~ j .. .. t.. Yo U w'i IIIIget .our [)esktop~ N.[e.g ima."1 the De~etle.g'~[915 is [a . his Syste'm Pre'~erence T pane a llows you to wlr~te'(or paste In) Unix: scripts that wWl ba run at lP[(8!ri(ldlh:instances end output to 'Your Desktop in the form (~[f'. 'Vlis.'I!.atveli' 81S y!D'UIII' IDeslk.have d ires _ v __ _-~f'~/fI'nn ~. S..t h ls w~thease.ekg round in lrn presslve wa V's.~'ng~ 'VI. I~!ow. dro.4.- J.c~qlro'ulmd" ~.e":coe lI. .. set per sa nalll svste m . CJ 'ft!lln-cthlns ~awd out.C rlpt s [al n dI 'jlm po rt a nt t'· S'YS'"tern "!Iii 0 r malnon. %d~ ClOSE "the [cOt Script window. one' of the ultill1l..P ref paine' tha t a.tto'D' FIr[!'! IJ~' o ~IIIi!'Mft<l 1~"1~F . 'fii~e:s and olld :s.~9S. :r _".onaliilze y'olUlr' loginl ".yste'llii an ncumcelmenrits. uu C'ockt'.te.t hiart'sel'le. A.~.ek. Change the refresh rate to eVlery 110seconds and adjJust th...Ci! ~1l!'1i11!~. I.ext".e text properties (unider the' Style h1eading in the Properties wh16crw) to your ~~k.Hck the el11lips:es next to the Command text box.. oes !~ _ f:.Vis. a. cllck the lrnport button ano 'S._ u _y . If IIiIIIIR ..::__ _ I~. ~ln' DS1'~tffi~f!~ IPelr:s.llogin sc ree n. W hen you ~ read If to r UJ In the n Fe' R:unn inql 'the daill V se riilPiJ' wum ch~.atllf'e.i _-. d-1011 t-I~ ~+.!! _ _ y 'I. weJl1I.e-n/g'e e.1 '~{IMI ~i:'till II _ i/o.S IJ1liiee l!ISierr' iilnlleff'ace wi'I:1ffi a YI'r..taiiil $.an d tim e w'it h a Un! x 0 IJ up tI~' co m rna n d . J. and 'Voltlill be prompted to save the script.a d sscr ipt:i0 n of what 19\01 Ch scri pt doe s 'In the :~for m atlon sectlo n."llJr~.~)WS u to c u sto m ij ze yo ur 1M a c 's yo appeerenos.e lin tlh. Op[9 n ~ Systleml Preferenc'9s ).e· -a-.e c:tS[lI.wn ImlenLlll~ t'''_'<i!!i. '~'~~...eftfenCeS ) GeekTooll" Put ill cloC:lk onl ylour D'e:SIlki_'O!p Is b) d lsp Iay th ~ d at ~ .1.. Once there.en' out jun.s-~~" QOh~' J!~~!". illck c U One '~hting:hat Apple. %B.a'.ac!.-'NI--~~"!>N_ L~' J Geeklool11s..i/ifJ 11" ~ i"'!i I~ 'Ii . .."" ~lts prtrna rv 'I. 01 n d fi d die' wUh you r ~[~)g cree n ins V'~S~?MJ e m flfoml 'the m'i al n VI'sa~e llI!alne~ y'Ou can aliSrQ[ .a'jl n te n a nee.Jl!l jij 11()w YOIJ to change [on the' Mat 'ii:$ the backqround ba. ~ '1.



I have some expert advice to ensure vou'ra ready 'for the futu re of o pilei ra t'i nq systems. . Lilt'l. II'l I ta k. there I was" fnailly downloadinq Lion. III was In ["0 r some very unexpected surprises.rf vou haven't downloaded 'It vet.e' did ~I k nOW'r once I~ install ed it.tter all~ the wa'iti. mv to computer was a n'9W beast. the!~ all~ the.e you t'h ro uq hi t~~H2' lntricecies that make up the real chances Apple's operatinq svstem+-sorne I loved.n. and a-IH . After SI 'fe'w' days ot ~earn~ngthe svstem. So surer while Lion is an update desiq ned to be evolutlona ry rather than revolctionarv. some I' hatec =alnd~. 'it'll require some serious gett~ng used to. speculation. For davs :my workflow was impeded by seerninqlv arbitrary chanqes.

that comes wit h a price-that carbon fl~r background that you can .of the new des ig 11 aes. if" ~. ~ twa Sn 'tf ull -sc ree n 8 PPSr opa que ca rbon f'i be r-II 00 kln g bac kgllnJu nd. '~t' be essv to (j. ~.jjo much .aJrne co rnpa ny tha t lbrollig ht 'YO LI fa unded butte ns -'wha tr madness was this? Design change's ccntlnued to surpr lse and occa s lo n a II'if ~rn press me. d IEx.lVl~~rSe scrojl ing. but 'W h iIe I w CIs fiid!gleE'~nq I ill~ . so you can see your widgets over it slightly dimmed backgroundt head to System Preferences )0 MiSsion CDntrol~ Unc heck the "Show Dashboard as a space" box and yau'li have the good 01' widgets back.' Unchec..t" '!iJI..~' 1'1 (:". Than. That opecue background is !3'asy' enouglh to turn off' ~n Syst e m Pretere n ces.eI'f to sera ~ With one 'f inqer S Ilh:U LU p II.w..a1III. no. click the A rot of people are going to use widgets Cl9ain As they're only .~ ~.ClS this. are' Ilaid over an in t here r I notkec s om et hinQIsurp rlsl ng. wf d1qet's. ers 'iin new Spa ces.aslhbosl rd.a n aest h et ic cha 11g e' a s at funct 10n a I ity update'. entir'..Hiln'~lniglilion is S destlns d to be a roOy i3~ p~I~:n" ( BJc.As sorn eon e' w'ho has used Spaces 5 inee colleqe II in i"~Jall' st r ug g led wit h I th. now resides as. bufr.g stubborn. 511 id ing up tne t rackoa cI moves t rH? palg e down..t 0 jot do'w n a fiew wo rds 'f rom a Safar'li Whldow~'for example.~~~ AbQlIIt: You can. ) ( .11.. just pl a iill giG ne now repla ce d inst eed w'it nth ree-n ng er sw~ p~'ngbetween fu ll-sc ree 11 a pps. . ~ II~ IIVla k' F'lo 'm""I.O:Fiwas.111 If'ij f.o'~them cornpl a'~ .tlih\.A.~1 ..(j ~0" c 'r ake I[)..IScro~1direction: naturat. unfortunately there's no use il'ijVillg ~n the p.. lor 'W. 1"i.. or w'olr's. c restor Cocoa Sots.D.!G". However.[.al:st~-Hy~)<erSpaces j I' amount of ellgineer:iJng 'will malke ~tcornpatlble in L~:on.. II be'l:jie'.. Trackpad button. ILi'on unlamab!I"e?' CAT --=IGH'T! he first thing II notlced wasn't M~ssion 'Control.. The 'r'iirst t h ing II notl eel d ngl upon ij nste IIinq L~. Spaces is. C' .. it's easy as pie to turn on and off. t If voutd like to turn this off. ~1h.o Only problem? IPr~~e~I!Jii. IFe.efere nces uScrol1 dIrect io n: nat u r a I"nit ri edl ~tboth way~sa nd 'found! that ~~era I~d~ io n: S rect natu rel' nB'Q U1ii red me to menta Ily prepsre m"n. I: ti:. ng the t r ac k pad moves tn e c u rsor U P'jibut wlth two fi ncers...ta king.I cou IIdI.e' .lon we1re riddled 'with dlsappolntment.~ltll!. m. .ail~or any 0" the at her ten t IPO lie te at ures A pp! 8' spent tbel If' t ime ha rp~ 011. see through .e!m d Pr.the' new' version of' M.~lb.G.any . getting to them is even easier than it was as a qui.. ~ sq uered buUo ns. lonqer IJ se note. ts S~ ua red button 51 f rom t'hl€ S.~..e hOiW' a space !Ii1 Spaces we u~ ha ve fu FK:t lo 11e d. ha S C{N"n f'i rrned the t InO tap of a function key.het~s tal ke some g e[[ in g US.~il!jh. ~..CLpIF.!'H''1I'. but one thlnq's i' tor certa in: s'w'i1tc:hng b etw"een a cornpu tt e r i tJ""unnh"ng now leopard . I Ir ~~ 11.. w~ no opt~0 n to IT" th cust om Docks or 'w. Event-us I hI'.a separate w~'ndow-a bit ~~k.cept mow the w'iJdglets. some .5ca Ille din SVs.. Simply head to System Pref'erence-s.ely mlsslnql 'Was IIjust bein. wle'r'e tsrntshed.j'ulbib jj ~ ot"'i wh ich mea nt . it quick three-finger swipe from your Desktop (or what you might sta rt consideri ng your Home screen).J!.'oY' 5 Lion's new inversed scrolfing is going to be a pain for many to learn.stures.k the box to turn it off.about the ned ilt.. An UnCh!fUSed teat u re by rna ny'. p H YJl e rS paces tor S n'DW Leopa rd 5 howed (lU Spaces' potential.el r a bse nee.C3lndl one n". three~finqer swipe to get to them~ t .:).../l9they were uncerused because they w€: re unde rdeve~ opeo. and cUck the middle tab called Scroll & Zoom" The first checkboK ts .My 'first hours w'itlh t. lhey' 'we ren 't the 0 n IV dlev elo per to have qua Irns w:~t L~ h on+ /1es more davs Qat th ~~ hands on t he lLiion r beta.r 0 r r a 5 U~'.lo .st: used II to w[h~'cheverway you choose. 'IN h~chi' !by detal uIt.kfully.:1.

• ..-" .._....... • ..' A'.. . '.' m0 . ".....' 0'" .•.• a ~ade'fOr -. ".. I -r one . ...' .". 'i!!' ccess ." '... ... .' .. ~IPh........ I' '. .'.... "e··-·· ·: p" .' h····· . ..' II' ." -n' ··e····c··· e········s···· ..' . . .... r'IY·.. ~ . I " ":1: '.... ..

0. LISing itr ~rare Iy see t rH~~~ DeslkltoP.earn the ml alii and y-O!LJ cou ~dconee ]iva ~!I V qo . three-'f:inger .r a III w h i. ~ _.... perhaps more 'jimportall1tt Iy.. n .. 'f.lle'f IjiC k'~ngffro-mJ ' d pp to.... Acid ~ng lin ks to ilRead iing L~st is as easy as Shift-'ClickJngl 01 ~~n~=·it~-s. t see m ed as i'f it he ppeneo overnlo ht. D.. a nd tile ne xt ~ ~ was '~"'~iifhjnrli'..t'op • I'(! II !l.more b . day II 'Was _ ~ 1!I~_.. A t U-~ end of the daYi Iiv'i-ngl witih Ilh)n -galv@: e me a much f aster wor'~now a nd.j. • h:. .screen ..ion Control.. ._r !If' . :s And s p a... won my heart Wn.tals'y.'_ .r and .•.ingl to selll .. ···Y ---. ls g o.eim: {thr.y do olWlP{ 'Wit h rnessv stac ks 0 f 01PP I ~caltIo n wi ndows ellutter inq up you r sc reen....'. nq once you lea in one' or tW'IC)' of th.ailblie to openinq a new wi'ndlow in vour browser" instead of: a n~'w tab.' -~ W' he I. II.'j. L:'I'~'iI-sre no jo k .0 nee 'I'd b eco rne accust om e d r to mlYqrievancss..:jig into Ie ht AI' ple' s str ateg'y 'fa r 'WU!U re corn puters' as es..j!..o"lt .-!Udlll~ 101..'!G"!Go'~ '~ ~'~aII I ll't. _. il~.eSnow' [lleo JJ8 rd. and w'iI! ~argell... fi g ht inq w~th L~ to rn a Ike on :iit. Lion's 'fallUlts. '" Ii"'IO'W ~·II..!!. Since •.ve: _ m i"'iJr. alPp.~ Il"REIo.. somlethflng you'll not accldentallv do" but..: a ne operated.awe that C h.!I . ·to Ilea rill a (lei inerred ib_Y' 'vailiu aiblle~ 0 pen 'iN in dews..~!i'i. IS Ii ule~. li!':"o ..~magine a futur'.:.-i ~t'stertalnlly ton.w~'pe up.':.5 to 01 bs r..II! :=!i I!...··-. '"".. 1 ..e to . A. .. .alpps teature.... keyt~oal rd sh ort cut ~ y'ou have n 't see n ii t f the u nass u m ing g IIass es leo n sits di'lirect Iy left of t. to use Mlis$. l._~ • .""i!':"o ·-1 ere U....:i!' esture . '.e ness ~.nto open the.mlV e ntl re Iy d ys tunctlo n a ~ g ro LIiJ' of foil d e rs tl lled 'IN it h m isce 111~a neous boo ~marks. ··teu ·t0 a ega .JI·OII! ¢.. C ..o nt 1-or nl1 to _V_I..€ Syst1elml P ret ere n c es. lDalshlboa rd.! ."!i..lji.. vou' ~IIf IIV from · B::' Io' S-Ik·ie'·t: ehI~ -..ashiboalrd)-~.aster. Ii:" ~·iIl ~ _II. IIdid . h ii':ii iLlIIG li'"oEI_~ e 011 ri'D..s pia n is a pp:arent alii d deslP~te my in it1a IIreservat ~ons~ I~ ready' for ~t. .It-"'~ a re fu'llli~s(rjeened) to be vl@ry int um~ve. and d~rtyas any.. m est-recent use m ade lt p OSS..:.iI'.:1 ~ _...:':i. Thls ls c:om.' mm '~or'~.". -Y0Ll can check a box that opens all ne'w win[]ows in a new' space. ~couldn't s. . ' '1'.a rl ~:e' m IJ st have..t:OIP noticinq how 'fast I was glatt inq t h~ ngls done IFeat ures a. lts g ro u p~'ng and st a c.. ut w it Ii 20 or.aikin g of unes su ml'~ nlg" Miss 10 n Control might just seem like lIE xpas e~.par..ent:i ria days witlhoLJI[ a.a lot of' IM. ml ..I _ . .J ..OWS··· . D.:: .t"!.Hi nQI Mia kes ....:.J19S I!\. 'n!n!~' L . disappeared and my computer was ab.elt in W i~ Won ka 's tactorv..~e' 'for ~-v€-ryth nng I Rlear ran gd'ng space s based on 'IAN? A.~. 1:_ . a I'~U b it o'~ij'ns....ndl the tJ1 rebranded Mullt:ii"Ti(NJCtllg ~S!tures IiFe e. The re are pre'fer-..b oak icon ~'n irf ar-i ".:!IIIm-': C. more I'~.. L.: !O. IV" . gH 'lP ---r \i 'w· nd. ~tOUI~'~ n"""ldE'ior' 11. _'-- __ r *~:.:..-.·llo:k·" Pro 11. r.:. lt's as""f! nqer s... 1..o.::: .a result lt's also much!lutel'y purrinq. mlig:ht be a qood time to sta rt.Pp~ e' _! 'ii_' U of'ij" h"i.. Th reef·j n ge r sw~'p~'nglis the new Com rnand-Ta b a n d even i'f navi gat ing t h roug h you rope n 'f ~les is a tad messier as ...sw'iipe to t he ~e.. m'e for (flanged? in sho rt. I th ink this.. j. III JUIU rap ns' ---I. " T'HE JU TO .4 . m ouse.s!tylls G'Xi-Ile'.(!e~vaiJ~e.!pr -~ have tho$.~bll e to nalvi'Qate m . entlrelv lmperceptlblv. g ~Ittth€l' most out or the nEfWfu ~i...:I.wor~ L-:"on_ ..'~©1_adl(I'~ rt s III 'Il"!i't"!. n re ~laced t Iha vie st IJ ng me ~ i~ r bu t ~'tou n d ~'he'n~'w spaces niitiia Y ( A--.lon had.After a few davs. ~11 WI! ~ h" you.ll ~ ~l IF'! ii"iI ~'~.11II.91'wc rid of dl:i'ffe-ren ce.~~_II tc.he 0 pe n.l! ...2) a P'P te a pp.. A ~ac k of S paces m i. Even :j f they seern ovenN'hlel m~ at tlrst.. ' 1ke rl'. ..algc l Trackpads to iMac and Mac: Pro users.. IIII~ .. Sort~ nq t h n:J'U hi t rH~:mlnilte d me g w'i1tlh t he .~lh.ppllei'.r '!. .

PERFO A CE'* Read: u~ to 550MB/5 .I T ••• MAX. Wrile: up to 520MB/s Random Write 4K (Ali911td}: up ttl 6ftDOa laP) Ma. 85rO~O lOPS .(imum 4K Racdom W He.

R.ady' for Liion. 10. i'f1' vou're still on Mla. : About Thi's Mac 't@lls you flf 'to ~alpalbl" iis miD fie i:mpolftarnit IliiOW ithan ever be1for.~'j'wlever A ppl e d 09. 11H..1 e epat nIqht know'~ng that lt's not. L:j.11 Q. so the basic '$.~ llready be' a bl e t 0' ta ke adva nta g e of: L lo n ':5 a a '~l~S tlUn~SI sw iIJ eS and plnc hes. r a nd Wf! 've pll aved airou nd 'w'lit. gQWII1Jl_!ll.x L~on.::'Omlr whlch brings the Mlac. and you can e'a5:1:I'!plche'ck wha t: your IM. __ -c -l-:-rt-.. I\.. -: rH2~ed buy the disc to IDr the same's by no rn ea n s a Ire qui!l!ltl@!lr~:S1 'rhe M.lly_'. '~'-. M.. ~n Thev're SIJIP~or[e(t but that doesn't mean they 'iN iIII n e ce ne'ws is tnet Snow Leo piard is st i!~ be' a tli Ing <cdthe past with Lion. ~m-:-.h fu In ot Lion to yo u r desktop 'x 0·"::"·.v'oiii'llabile version.6'9 MagilL Trackpad (aJpp~eJ. t The upqrade requires an Ilnt~i Core :2 OLIO OF j son wa re Updat e berra re y'olJ install l. nto res 0 S I can X installs w~th DIRM or se rial nu mi bers..'t. N.h Lii on 'e nou g h to kJ1:QW that Qlest u res are h ug e time sa verst M utt i-To u c.. .AP pie ls ss ndin QI t he very elle'CI messaqe that touch. k.x of: :sof't'wall"e . _Wetf _ see.besed g e st u res are n 't g o'~ng awa y any time soon. IH erie" S OU r 'e elFlti~ied gu Ide te g e'tt-iing r.Apph:~ t 'for' on~y $2'9'r. end t hie lirst Core S.Jus. But whalt a bo ut t h OS€ ot US on an ii' Ma c. i. ~ g.O 2: Duo there 's no svstems at the end of 2006.ouli'lI"'e st n I en 'Clheetah~you rre!a'illy . way to lnstell or use the' Mac: App eeln 5.. w'h~th V('lU s said 1 '1IrIU n a IIIIt hat 1 ''it\N:~ II..aJ'lO. . any' and have it shipped (or Dick 'iit up at re'!ail) ot h er Miac A:p.5 Leopard! but vo.on alre iinclredl'ibl"l snort and swe!et~ 'Ehut: we t:h'ink they mh~llht:miss some essentials..13iii'llabllerom . but 'lou~'III' can install on every w'i'lll know' for sure until the Ibalgl~..AccordJng to A.e.ur Mac passes the 'md:nmill m svstern reo UJ irem e nt s ~ noted .pIP!lle'me 11Ui and se ~ecNlnq A b DU t Thil s Mac.1~o()lk gat ne'We'f" 1Ma cs fo r ru n n ~n g L~ 0 n.29 viersien bees use the . you'U need to iinstall Snow' Leo J}aJ rd (a..i rng U[p' . That's M.6) fi rst.-: ie..$llln. IS Y AC SUPPO T D1 ~'fyou \1'9 pu rc h ased a Mae slnQe tete 2006" cha noes are ~ 's read V fo r MaC'0 lH~H'i~~ Ulli c(j.abO\N:3'p. older~includii:ng Macs.-are .Three simple t~P'SI tOI help.aIiy kosher.pplle has 'you covered witl1 the $.() 0 n e a!'IJ.5 n 't .8IC which allows tor lnstaltatlon on u ~ to 'f ive' [Dim puters.~r '10. .Cl'Y 'w.lon.11.. amti quCl Ji.!aiA dil:-ilt'-m ~Qi.aJ'nyth~'nq Core Duo orr Core Solo g:oing to require new hardware. 'VOIU prepare 'follr'y'our next operetlnq :system \EADY LIO pple's instrucfion s for giet t in. :~:'I .pp'le'r..ut ~f'.. C:CB'tt~ is out of the svste rn 'ned to yo UJ r Ap ple Wi!! know'~ [piic:k.c os.' . v~'e.-'J~.9 __.p Store Users of A ppile lepta ps bu iIt in th e ~ st 're'w' y ears w'~:I. the old-fashloned WilJV'.air'e' 11m ---!I-. • J I • ·11- _' •••• .'t: .a_ I-(~f-t:-:.alc Prou' 0 r I M a c min ~? If Thank'fu!IYI' A. ~'ryo LI Pla III to 'i:nsta II Llo n on eve ry Mac in v'our ho use ~yo u s hou ~ d Drobalblly do the rIght thing and! buy the $49 Snow Leopard Falm~lly'ic Trlc:k p.yste M-S m. can ee lnstaued on as malny svst ems as you ~ d llke +essumlrm new 0 pe rat ing system.. this problem w'il~ ea r I'if Co re .. so' 1:0 S pea It. Whi'lIi€...: rumUiliin....eO'I)arct The gO() d (Thankfuillyr.ed accessory .. A pp le int rod uceo st ore is the 0 ~IV wav to buy and oown load is pale k inq under the hoc d bv g o~'ng to t h €' A. the n b r'~ it up to the latest ng c. Boo'k'w' r~aldy for UPG . 5 I.7.e . e Yl)U A lso keep 'i 11 min d t Iiat eve n use rs wit 11 Store 'from u: to' sta rt .a [bo.6.APD bet h~r p rocessor (in cl ud ~'ngCore 13~ ore 'iS C Core' i7~ aruj xeon processors). ' Vlft .2 Duo'("'Jit!. .lJ_.

"':"" .. ce 0 r I even insert up to SO pa'ges for Ilghtr1.".. '-.' ~I' ~ extract l:"'e"Y' .alper /FREE ~'.. ~ at work.~:" .inQ'fast batch scannin.'ER + DIG!TAL FILING SYSTEM I'i:I ~ F.".. J ••••• d etaH 50 from your pa per..ap'e'r' Monster is w.'.g." pa pe r ty pes a~ at or. _. USE PR. business cards and d ocurnen ts i a diI'glit-'0I .AC At less than one pound! the USB-'p'owered scanner fits eas~ly in your laptolP' bag and is lOerfect for the road.ll~y when the dreaded. :'. . at. '·'I~ . a II in a d jigita I f~i n'g cabi n et. home or otttce.a~trn'g for you. C. . Bad for P. expense reports. home or solutions ....NeatD· sk FOR MAC DESKTOP SCANNER ..s In c "I" ~ bi .pe I Nieat helps you stay organizedl and clutter-tree on the go' Our patentee scanner and software . 8. ' '.111 O!II.I ..". . "'Y Scanl and orqanizs receipts.- j . .66~·39'5~ 7075.~R M. I.. I Good 'for productivity..I :: " _.~ ling caornett . ~ This high~5peed..I . o R DIE:R~TOIDAY n ate . then '0 rgan lze it." .OMO eOOE:' FREEMl .lflea'te P'DF files. .. tax reports.. I?\I .ID'G~TA'LFILING SYSTEM ~ After a re~ax'~ng summer itt can be t:o'Ulglh gletting back to business Es'pecia. IP.~.' L OR." '. digital contacts and 'more Neatecelpts MoOB~LE SCAN N.I . CA lL. duplex scanner lets you $CC:H1 m LJ ~'ti.. .onsters .~ _': .


D'" '''Ip.A n dI by Pos ft:i nq photos o r b iOQI U pdetes cabout i r YOIlJF V~Ci3lt~on ani lne. alrio th€ lnforrnatlon YOUlf~1 '~i1fi1d in apps and ilBiQo~.E..ay. ~I.JiY t o 1'1. because he' knows whslt J ~e~:s talk~:nq about: trave·lI'~ng~ight 'is the only W.ealri' and know-how to kee p yo U co nne t ted.1U R' II P····A:···.._' '.S to se nd IP ostc t .Y"IIIK. N····· 0'·' R:· I I /" IE ' r ·'POD T'O"IUC' 'IH II B.·· .pe'!r"vi'ew =to sr ay ente rt a ined .SIU.e·liI'evieJ. . Y··:··Oi. books.g t p.NJUwon't even have To prepare yo u ·8nd 'yo ur e ~ tron ic trave I btl d dy to hit. h ... O'ibv~'O!J sly yo IJ wo n' t ne ed C ~):s.I:.IR'! :r'HIA..81 rryw. 't B. . €:I rd s.0 r ClJ porta bIe' DV D pi 2Iyer-' or p r'lic.\/" The In ex~'t.~ eoyo u rs t'em pted to m ove rpa c ~.s mere tlrnelv and relevant is . j .An ~OSdevice o cen replece paper maps.II __ '. the road we. CA'·· n. r iPod touch.0' SCOV'ER HO .SIIIE 'OCH!._'_.aJ Iff as rna fI1y c lethes.. i _I_.S TO 'y······~'O···.SO ········.. }. I lI!i' ··. t w ice as rnuc h rnon ey an d yo LI r iPad iP'hone~.· 1 ..<=-. ec found the best apos.·'-C· 0'·' .GHITIERAIN D 8.NK..". H.T'TE.··· •• ··AW' IN. re me m ber to [a. and 'travell gliiides.eJly.AND . " Cale.ey hot elor in -'f'l~.

Coiutnitrles. exc Iuslo n 5~a n d I w.8(:COU nt (sl gin u p at g oog le.I".ens. '5'1 nc so you h. T '~rac k you r dlevh:e onl ~. .alqe.._.corn) hl3JS a 'f'F'ee app movies as 'YOU t ravel. . IS 'tj).-.l _' 1 1. __ qadqe-ts ~n d:.11 .."'"~.' O. IFindli your hote~ in t:he'Maps app and bookmark it.h t:Q P Dfs to fi nd t n..fne COIPV ot your €ssentiral data ~'rvou have a Go og Ie .6 9/yea r~0 r $97 'f. lOut .AIP.". UI"_~ess . .I.un iv.ct 1M x out your d evi ce \t\(~tn mo'l! es.p (w h tc h a Iso works 0 n t:he ~ Pad . r m M Da'3F to set up contacts r e rniCi Irand i COl Ilenda r sy ncl ng 0 n you r ~ OS dervijte~ Yb u COln dow n Iroad ne'w iB OOkSi a ~bum i'ff S'I' snd Sq u a raTrade {Sf.r-ch lee ot th.and folk}'w the dlrectlons '[0 reqist:.3..t"I.UPPILV' the 'jiPad charnlnq brick work:s fine for 01 NAME b. Wh at ever 'Your d e·vi. • ..Ada p:ter Krrt COlmeSi 'wil'th 'Inte I'lG'hln.II ..R :S. make sure. n· .e ml~ 1f ] t ia p Co~~ ions and e.yncfng 'with ifunes berore .:_. S srn CrH~clk 'Your €xistil1~ horne.s a ndl n IJm be FS you'll need} inc:llJcHnql 'friends~ f'amily~.99 ) . ~ {..~ . '- Savel IP!DF:sof 'lour insur-Slnce' documents to iBoolks \da the Fij'le' LIS Tra nsfe r feature '~ni'lune. f'ollow the lnstructlons at bitlyl GoCa rs (g oca reco ml) 'w iII ins u r'a . l. -N'-TSc:_ -.I-U." away. ft I I -0: ·O-""'U--M·-·-E-. Insurance 'Wort! FH!I p y'[)U recover y{~lJr own devIce j'f it ~"wanders on~.ADII'O ij I"w yOUl~'re roC)min fcl'f'.". .. ~ ora ra d i0 a pp II:iilke. 99'~.ave a iI '~he na m e. ~ t:ak.o··n'T':&-N·-'T· n II . C:QNlACTS IlBeiforl~you . e-'--'-" best om:.p.8 rtk lies so yo u eeln re. Illn~-' ' tip WllL ~.~_I!e POI_I_IL. you' ~ :a liwalYs be' at bl e bJ '~iInd VOIUu We Y' b ac k. to._ " I '_I . and always' read all the f'j n e prlrat on deduct ib les.hote'~s! and al~rline:s. and i'f 'I'O~U1bo u g ht yo LI r '~p hone at Best lIBuYr 'You ca n a dd Ge e k Squad protection wnt1Ii:1n 30 d!a'Ys (}'W purchase. .on Voyne hotel Wi~Fi'for your liPacl or iPod touch.S(iUl1ctus [h.99~. Tt:l:Oirlrll tet you -you 're g o:~ ove rseas or ~ you need to buy' ng f Sim. Sit) pl a n a h €h3d.'.O ~t~'s a rt to ins u rs the m. ~.9 .Joln the jet set witI._". o oU~celvoicem a iI or your spou se's n umber.lei1~w'oli'k eov..mes fbr the it f'amil-y"You can allwa.8 nd iPo d tou ~:h) fro m the A PI) Sto re._. Q MAP. u n ~v!etrsaI).99/m onft:h~AT& r just started oU'.com/ accounts).t -r'a.'lh"' d My iIPhorH~~a._" __ .1..9 ~'fvcu're headed overseas. . Tune ~n Ra d i0 Pro ($ 0. Co nsi der u 5'~n g Instapa per (f ree at in sta pa per. 1r1IS:"'" '. ' I .eF.u ~Qr ln sure. And bri ng a pa per cOPY'too ij n case you h)5~' yo u r dev iC€l'~ o NEWS/IR. 'l:' 5 R'aJting s to t..e (3 sc f"e..~)'ffln e.ueve r-yt h 4 'for $1 O. ll'iil.~n'kabout ~h~' books.eoicll.' . renters'.:::\.S.-.eru's a pp !'.·1..ador iP bon e'~.oolks swiitc. yotl cen rsc h arg eon the r-nt3d-remember'tha't the lPholle and ilP~)~ touch too.e.anl@!.ad tile m ." 'I m. c._." vou r t rl '-P'-' oblle v r '_' _.f. So '£5.!. i Iafter" 1 vo _ PACKI '.ill'glS for a wild.n' get Applle"~.··'rnfi..·.al'ke w'ith '1'0U and down Ioa d ther~il nefo re you leave. Wallpaper m) to arch 1"I"e webpaqes yo u two yea rs. un~versal) to add a conta ct fila m ~ and n urn her 'to you r IIoclk scree n wa'~:11 per .El. 11'1i yo UJ r h ke Applle's 'WOr-lfl TraV'e~ Ad./0 U !eave" and (0 n s ~der rna k i(1~ an -onl. Back up your data bly s. but it 's qot 01 30 ·'d ay Wial iit'i ng peri od.e. ailnid it' ~ sync alii~yCHJr save d ~ ea sle' y'OiU n nd 'ftU.J..-. an ij g!a. and a~bumls you 'want •.99..'9 W'. But: clheck w ~t you r h r~g. r~i<I!il'~ 'wl:'tliliout n.e'lfa"e ./ __ I __- ravel ca n be tau g h 0 nvou r I:IP.far fnJinn home ~q ra b 'Your ~ oca I pa iJ. 0""'.grab sure Jt's one' yo U can .4.9 9/im ont h.~.h oca_ ..apter Ki'[ 'for :$39 (apph=".ete the ones 'you rare~y use when you get ho'mle" o EiINITEIRfA.m a ke pa lJiS. 0 pen [he' a P'P once' wheN11 yo u have St'Q Ck' up on re:!]ldi ng mati&!ri:al~ befioll\"e 'you h!!1iV'!!i 'j nil in tie rnet iPh one 4 from $. tu ne'.1 e' p..~'~ d eta Yo u ~ ve' sno IJIId a~ set the Passcod € Loclk {Set t in g S > so Genera II :> Pa sscode LCH.lIe Oil.i ua ret rade.11 IMIENlf c.: k) for the d u rat i(In of your tr ave ls so t hat no bo dy ca n ga~'naccess...en t~r .ner1)1 s rs motel V' lock u and wi pe it to remove a rlY slens.IG 1ST POW[. 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19 9" U1mli'Vl~U1Sall) 1 Stl clute· illmd edluc.anrnlil1lliiIJlls. 19'9.-g ht Hotel ..qlulil2:~ TAP lAP'' 'lour c I oses . you can use its.or iiPa d._ .gs '~~ In.e P Ii'iic)ellin[! 'HGt@. doueh.$45 ----------------- HOTEL :S..aO Ml!Il~tiJpl'a.k.88 Biirtis..ctirv.eF~ ('fiOSSrIP~a~:f'o!rmw'ar~ " $85 .. homer a nd you ((3 n use you r dlevii tits toce t ~on serv ices: to plot YOUir pas it len wi t hout ..aikF~. ~11app or slx to help YOLI na'Vlglaft'e once vou~'reback on the qround. ---.S FOR 'T'IEE.. S[I'Bfanij. WIPlliiolii e:) Ma kels i'em t:hi'II1i~:~1I1i bOlt h . bes. ' . to walkJe.ebi:cke 1Ii'"'llmd-elgl :speU i'n!g .S" IIell II help you flnd the best-revl e"wed optlo ns for 'food and shop pi ng or just keep y'ou from getting lost.8 nd even ~'ncllude W~kip'edlial :inf()rmlat~on'for thousands of' places .. :Expre. 43% .A.' $~..zzanhle Le~1 '~re'-sec~r:it~d TINY W~NS:S (.e .----Ii ..v'erMla P' (:$2. for k~ds 2~5".YOUR UILfIMAfE: TRAVEL 'C:OMPANION d rtvers..4 vacatlon 5:POtS halve.e. lox DDODLE JUMP ($.lpedia of maps.l Phcne). tne dlestj:naHon as a starting point for hotel boo kin g s.SlllUJ _e" .t 'iam..OP GAME.p.": '"_. t.S FOR T"W!EEN..e"" b C'H ICKE COIU P (:$2:"9 9" ilIIli'i'iv.fie~ldle red ¢Ollllln.. so you can check 'em out before..0..991 'i Ph oll1E!. map s alre' tre e . If yo uve got 01 .a~in@ $65 ')..S 4 ~Im.. 'j Pho~liIe)' BeW'ilre': lit mmqllll' : milke tlhle:ml hll. It can ".addlj:. Integrated 'f'liqtnt tracker '~'()Isee I'f check S!l:iarro M9'.han - ('flie e.~re...7% 110 .''Il! iJ-U 1i~ - --- m - ) IR'IVIAL PURSUIT 1('$/11.e 5J~A .9 9 'j Pad) 9 Bea lJIrf'lIlJl~fry'..e~ 'fre!B 'I..v. When lt's tlme [0 come horne.Jth "'.e G!u f'1!!I Ikil1Jic~ws".v.e:~grab 'Gate·Guli"U (fre e :j Phon elr whit h con ta ~ ~ on 120 ns nto airports.$90 ) ).t·. hotels. f"or.[J'LE AR'MV 2.atlollll.ald~ng to-'mO$~..$0 9'9. 'lihs.Srvei 62% ) Aus.. end HOTEL 75 ) e'" the: plaUorms vou'll need to fl n d at ~ rg e r statio ns. T'OP G'A'ME. Ai·rport (AUS) -------'iI!!"!'!ri'ire' .'~ n ..l!!!!!!!!O] ut. F~'ndlaJ fillgiht J1ikji M~~I'J~nel ~IIfflJI Wf0-s~cgr~11 thait meets.) 1 W'ben~. sec8lrity} COOK~E MARIER 2 ('~'r'Ni~. which lets you submit "name yo LI r own p rlce" blds '~h ca n save you som e at seri OUS. siilil1lp~e yet .f ilt as.2:0 nes" wa Iks ~l'ett:wleer'ls:t[oltii:o n 5.:es l~ul[d '~'I!I g amleplla.anini. a CUT '~IE ROlfE ($01". .lnerari'es are U'reler IPhone} HOTEL Save 4. flights. ) TlliU~! iig gle.illmrc--:-U_ __ gr:r· ~. the U. S'BV.~ '& C'I r 'Nlegotii mrtJCHi (freey..l.If[: st. and it' II~ lise.. a-['fOSS..Sear. ~pihomle!) Tlb~nk.s't b l!Ipdatedl~ 1m1IUS~¢Igalme .c'h (free ~ '~p -. Each hi ot'.aid) wllill hell p yo IJ book.. rUCKseu ($0.. ~Padl) glgl' A.L :S:s'v.!.lefro ml t hie rs to glet to yo ur c h osen dest inat ion. algaJ~n-st'he cries of' ~'Are we there ylet?r~ t your way arou ndl N{)trt h Am e rlca by ca r 0 F 0 n toot.. and cars.NS moo..I!onglayo.tllu~'w~llf:.s) youi'rs he'. TU5CQiny Calli l1cketi~gl..S'CHO 0 l UlJ ~ C H BOX - ..9 9" iPholille') 1 Fih!llp Doodl..elfsail. jlLl1si. j McDo"naldl~..e) .ch!aUenle".u.i~s. hltO a CCOIJ nt chang[9sr bard e uS.. trali niilrlJQI llir "ngii'V f 1 " your fII~'glhes. For tast-mlnote bar'g.~~iQ-4.f·''if ... Andl con't to rg at to sea r( h t he' A pp sto re 'for the's p ec if~t c'itty (or c:it:iie. ~im. vou r requ Irernents.~rl I [ e~-ICKTIONARY C$t 9 g" iIPihlm.s.~~ -you rlleed now are some q arnes 'for l t 111 e' .-s@ctl)_~_J' TOP G·A·ME. 9'91~ un tve rs a I) uses 0 ~enStrs at Ma p~11ii ck n.€!I has ra tt~n~I$. M~ni rie' ile"ie1 tpre:-&e~urity] P.·'5].5urplirnsiin glly ceFelbrall1 ! i l . you Greenwichl Bis. '1"G~l m1iM.ain.2MllG d the ~'! T rH:~ f. ki d s..Iga. I11IGW KOTE.ellf'ect app for hikers and lA. il u al ron and whl~'clh t ralns '1'0 U Imeed to ta k.lro .s..on time. IClownloa·dthe rslavant maps before.11-e nt II.s. DII '" to hellp 'YCHJ fhid '($0[. 9' ii'ho!nle~:$4. KCl1·~.[em s 'tl~1tt1[e~lr co OIlS'.il!ll tillie.e'f. IHIIi)(fre e~iP.-. and photos.ivhllator (freH~FO r both iPhone' and ~ Pad) nas ft'i meta bl es for 200~OOOtrain statlons. :j Ph"onel' LEG 0 'DIll! P LD IrA R'M' FR IEN D 5 U'rele :1 Phone)1 i T. ~ realts time ft. w'e lov.tffin SCNl.) .!:. !!:Ii . ~lheml!IIP~ and Kaya.I'TT'LE KIIIDS . D'raCJ IItlb~ cl... t n'9y 're the most e'ff 9cUve wea po In 5 T'... 'the paIQ'e.3G or W'ij-F~ a ccess. Il' yo LI rre head ing' to [urope. MIO N K E V PH E..t 'f'o'Qd ln J FKi~S['Termlilnal~'1'1 'the Gil. REDI JUMPING M(UlD PFum @ t1h@ filiDw@rSI~ d'[od. donft let '~h~ g' II!R1IU It:iIP~a'yler'mod trul1v' impressive. as . [im e . Ure'e~ lo..S FO:R L. heaving Wlk..e I~eap...

PY t ric • re Shi pi .ov· Ge . as for your iPh ne at Gr t LL _.' .

O w.I' 101 n. the 'GSM iPholn.allilld.S Live U. ':II~- iI'1~t ''L... {52. II."n :l\lnij ..'-:.!iJbrines . '. -: II .•_... .'. linlk_ t-o:..i alni' a nd 'if y!O IJ mess i't u p~ 'YOIlJ ca n lbri ck yo UJ r . St:arbucks~).s~(h:~.. .elrvice on 'your i '1'[If"!!I!.w of: the m" ie ~'II c h.95.AT&T (b i1".IIi"'" 41 S-. . lappi ng. ~'Phone)to make calls over W l-Fl. A g. 0 n your p bon G'UI SIO you wo rtt neec a da ta co n f1IEH::U Oln for turn-by-tum lnstructlons.lde""(H' vii'le.alve·~ o Ir ] ust try to rel comprehensl ve and w~~stee r yo u ri'g nt..vell'tyH ~11[1~s: !.B'. . . l.mITo:ml USA ($34..OU phi otos 0 rase reeng ralb r 'fro m Goo g le MSlps '-'YOU ca n post the m to Facebook.9·11 s unlocked ..-lL.Ii.a:ces.a 60 Iffi'l:nutes/mont 11 su bscrl pt ion 'f ro m j U 51: S 0.C'om.i~Fi (.s Y\CNJJ IIo.~ nnrnarv __..t has g u:iideboo k=s.lling domest~cally with bo~h an iiPhone'. it's ti m e to see th e s 5.ty~e' iPh one apps for $.5 QIUtltt".e 4 ':'1 .€!.~' a.~'~ ~0ne ". ~pedla a You T ube.po·t. Save 0 n costl y hi at.99' 'for to ns of c a~.F ii.eaper t han payi ng for be data on both.4 and an ~Pad~ C(H1Sider us.OOQJhli' Eairt..t' lra ve~' 0'11 is even in 2 leHe~. BOQkJngi~.. Ttl eJl re a ~ q u lte II to just: those t hi at a re cu rre nt ~y qetr e'J( P~nsive.and ..alwest he IT" app (slee p..tiol Wl"'F~ ho:ts.a in~t h.9'9 iPh one) 1 to se nd d~g tta I pestcercs teeturl n IJ' ~/.. C OJ! ~s. 'V'QUI ca n e1ve n 00 i fill te r down 'f yo u~ s tay'i 11g't~ n too. I'f your hoted d oes n~t off'ef 'W.Il anUI if':7A'9~.e you.'pO rev iewed 'r I~H:I it'QXbl f) a bout t h.' ' 'T'llI rn need d 3G~enabl ed iPaid this w. ·U. .re!.'i P hone) po:~nts you to the c 1'().C) p~ n whii ch dalV to h fa ad a to the bea ch and wh II(: to 5 pend ina mu seu rn.aJ nd y()U Usin9 ~S IOA'* liJtta~ fa~ftr but ~¥ the ss rve'r~and switch on ce I! 1I1 ar data" I'f' you r phone ts uri toe ked ~yo u can buy .dled oUlt:siill!!h~t'he IU.p:hone~S..Fw IFiin(h~~!r enlsbh!..ay~and even 'lif N'ld~wollik) :i'f y'Ouillr'e be.."99~ 'i P non e) is n't c hiesp~ but it store's adlll U'Ha maps ()in yOt~rphone. 'G.YOUR UILfIMAfE: TRAV[ 'C:OMPANION " vou fInd vour wa!y around and keep In.eIlip'Y'QlU Qlet you r b ea r in g s.j-Fi~.n..pll us au d ~oboe k 5 'for S:l.e.e! r 'ilnter netlo lila ~data pll a f11 s betore yo 1I Ie..about your b'~'p. Ot~ r Al&T re y _ 0 r Ver izon network ha s you covered.! ..eet'M ap dataha se to g[U ild. S ut i'r you re ove rsea s. yot~.a i wh lc h uses the u se l t W'~ IF'iil!1J!d 'V.nA a.'~ry IPQstlrnl.e.. f r jjendls.. qenerated OpenSt pho nes a re'2: . touch with frlends and Let these handy apps help 'familv back horne loca t e the AT&T or Ver'~zoni's P. F~na 11'~'lr $'iitCIIfSqlU art:: Bart:h FO(U'!I1 F'jindelr' (f ree'".' st rest vi ew~.'.And to braq . __ _. Tu rn ()'n Pu s h serv ice's olnd Nof flea tlons th rou g h ettiings sc that your device isn't constantly pcllinq :s rno rs ~ ntor malt.talll > you have . do (he'lillo.a data ~ enabled GSM ImiircnJ~. 'e hec k w~lh .89.o. . 'Ii.. p~ent:y'L]tr etnef' pl. "-. 'tii~t' ylQ Ulf d'e.. 254 PM. II'f voujre drii'Ving in an urrw. lt ca 11 rea IIy h.3 cen ts per rnin ute.eate 't[hle nea'f\EHlt .I phone bii ~ls by using S.58 St pubIic rest room 'fro mi ~ts databa se of 9:~:. ~ Au g m e nteo r.Qlur [b EN~I!I(lnqs 'w'j'tlhl (.. !I.I .excH:'t in struct. Wlklt1u:dle' Ure eMun lversa I) 0 lets YCHJ he ld up you r d ev lee to see overlsvs of II n drn ar ~s w'it hi rel evant lin ks to Wrlk.'3-: 2-''0'-' S') U'I .--'hat~ on' (.... u'''' ~IP~ld riinlini:!! iV. ~ $.sttore'.an fer <31 VPN W.-.. ..y/ IlzOk._ j 'I.'· 'II ~ -"e:!. u .erson:all Ho'[spot $. dl"iol"!l't 1u!'II! .." zero 'i1no n yo u r 10 ea tion t iIt you F dlev lee deGr~ [h:lJh@JY lif@.a. h .-you'r Mlh.h (wr'lee ~ unlversal) isn't aU9lment~d realll'iitYt but i'r . and the f ree'lf tJ nJvefsal ~aplP 'W ii"" f~ IP'~ Ii1der ca n 'wii II' I"e.~ve entry. .. a!nd qhr'es 'Y0luld~ll'l@cth)ns tiDllg'@it l the.and more. Il··.. _ .a'eiDer.sIIM fin your dels[~nat'ion cou nt F:y"-.. open.ttii rnq's ).. ..10019 I@ Ealr't h ...a.1I.. ha nd 'I.5. a: turn-by-ttl r n navlqat ion a pp ca n be. Of y:OU ca n g'et . con nect to n to LI sa it. VIII 'Ij" U IIII(.e's. ~)on"t: 1'0 rg at . '[hat roam ~ ca n nQ' U 1 tree in the r Sook.h)lilS s diepend 0 n the' mad el CDn OJ fi r mlWC3lffiver:s.. t'CI see ill s. Twi'tteri' Turnblr .or the web and j lerna iI them to.i's ciliata l!!I'salg'e to Wl~IFil !o!mll'y. On ce yo u ~V~ reeched you r dest i11at lo 11. f.ivfif@e' G P'.! V on 'W'i..54 'for a round up)' [.contreu:t=free' for $649 (16GB) I~..A p'p I. A n a Iter n at lvs is N.f... so there's no need to neve a data.e rna ps a re'ii'I'iiar place.on ely P lanet's . S iiliYS.stlfh:=t youII' piholne.e dent recommend 'it ~fyOU't'9 trave.. S.great to br~nQ ~ o n v.e rlzon (b~ t.V .A (fre e un I'Ve FS..~ _.-llocR.IU .rsleIlf ~ pass i bi G.. !CNilely P'llan. but .. each one!.r~.f"ijr1lO2i ''''0''' IF. .vh:.ype (free..S. W'i ..ea~ft II OIPPS are . .MT)' or v.le"lllul'alf datal (S. wilt:h re:st roems S i'tO'Ii'. ~..· v ":S![~ in .e.

atlelry Exe -Iu'slvel'y made "or the lP'hone' .'._.iii '.w·.'_..'·'.····.w-···.. . ern._' .. : 0·.e end B.. ' I ·· I ... ..'·.xtrc' t.4 6 hours 0.C:Q:s.'··.J.... t'ilme Soler bockpock battery IRec:harge'able bcckpock bottery 'w:····· .1 e..' . c V ':'_' I' ." ". .allk. II c . : "_ ~ ." c :t!Qr·'m·.. _~.'a:"ster-uso ...

.ts sound llte a.20 Powererl by AC o r A. . this doub~.NiMOIION COM1PACT IMT'3. ALlEe LANSI:N!'G l. The legs can wrap around objects for su pport.~ a ~ Q Ii m proves t5 the speaker by dlrectinq ~.nd protects forwaro.(>om . DiUeFent~sized rubber tips guarantee 01 snuc fit 'in your ears. MOPHIE JUI'CE P'ACK PLUS A case and battery cornblned. A ba tie F~ I es th ls compact speaker charqes your iPhone andl iPo{1 [Que-hi and has a jack for externa'll nouts. An inteq rated leather- like cover 'folds back as a stand. 52 maclife.JOBV GORILLAMOBILE YOGI FOR IPAD Prop up your iPad (or iPad 2) any way you please with these be ndab Ie yOlur 'iPhone 4~sbattery it 'fn:HTI bumps and sc r ate hes. whiil"e an ln-line remote and rntcrophone enable you to centrcl your '[Podi'touch and take hands-free [a~Is on your l Phone. att a rhed to a cas e and rubber bumper.

hard case made from aircratt-qrade aturnlnurn.6 times and a drained iPad to 55 percent The device also charges iPods and the Samsung Ga axy Tab. and Includes a USB cable.5 NNHEISE 450T AV L Cancel out 90 percent of background noise for a superior listening experience from this Bluetooth headset. . Simply activate the external microphone when you need to hear those around ZAG you. Ideal for long journeys goBAT II RE&:LOADEA will recharge an iPhone 2. A smart. the ZAGGmate has a bullt-ln keyboard that works w th you iPad or iPad 2 in portrai or a dscape orientation.

Th.S IOF APPS OFFER 'THE FOREC:A:ST WIT'H S.C' \If. Weat h e r+ makes it ea 5'1' to add add i't len aI no cities.Itil at sty I.i3lnd you Can 'fII~ck a cross UU3' sere e n to see.I!~.t'the very botto m iit shows t he hum idi'[y~ pUlec~l~i~tation~ ilndl speed w and dlrectlon. Ills 'that t'.'.I['ilant:.."I!..1)]1 "inc!h "1 mi f eld or ~ Iy blue sky' or en e rrv blossorns ove 'fa:~.zaiblie wii(!h'~!et s. which defauU to oft B'e~owthe weet h.. The we.'UI__wv-'e' "r\~ :=ii I W" -"':9I r+ A-. nq The ." ~~~~ 180/1) "~~~'.'Sl9! LIn i'Ve rsan a lso dell lvers a . Add.S MONTIH'5 MIO'ST i'PH'ONE & iiIPA..d ytfJU can tinker wltn these bandy' eJuls.I~.h' . _= he r s u m'm.h aug h We'at he r IHI[) t co u ld use a at: dark clouds and alct:~ve'r briill.~oe 'n . The nice (jei not enti rsl y n ecessa rYJ pa rt corn ss W he In you ta p one of the forecasts.e:s'tate Ibettetr~ . "" ""''!.tt~:r~QI:s..and vlsibility. yo u r locatio n ln the.! :=ii If'! ~~'I'-"~ n '~lUe:=.. the nea r "W re..e..D' APIPS! R ' ". a II t he weat her you ca re abo ut.. v. more locations from the Se.ji~:IUU hi ou~.s to p of the screen has the t ~ date. Each ta p .Ap P Sto re 'i1s. a nd the I[ UJ allow :8j' [HQURl't r rent weat WI f' SIJm rna U)t ill 'the e at all. ~Iihd it does the .'Or ~esS:g reo u e nt f 'fore cast u po a ties t ha n the def"aullt tlh ree-ho ur blocks..e-11ut note that S lUi nYi' you get short vIdeo of ~ briqht -. utu disc retelv tu eked in the' cor n ers.left.oi"'Lui'~ w'I~:fI:j!.I~ ~ lowe r.WANSON fa CCI al ~'Ill 0'. ." . n you might: Wlolnt to think about u~g ratd'~ng'ff rom Appi e's ba re-bones W'Ehat hera pp to so met h~ w'it 11 a [Iin lie rno re corn ph. aim ii nrteli@ist'jl1iQ1 hl!O kil' but 'coulld IU se[kqrrolllJ nds: an.'todl .1YLEr BUT' WHIC. .~IRIN!~'S. upper-rlqht.~ ---.• 1 l"'lnil'. '·_-eR~' t'h--..-lll the ilurn idity.etsr-swap C:eis~'us for Fa h re n h e lt.Ililr. 'W'ealther H Ii).. :~':" Od]O inch ---------" "" _ w .e we'@k Fa IT" ow~ a b~t mo re d eta ii.OJ ble w'lid(j[ets.I:::.. j LO'T. c B ut s:~ouId the weaither s h ltt.9 <IF Hu ttl~~it ~tl an ee' O'f Ramn: ~f~ Wilr1d ~ ~ H'em~1Ifh _~_r want to know t h e te m oerat LI rS'i whal! the W€alther w'i II be Iike toda 'II' a no a fore C>i3ISt into. e it he r ho II r IIV' fo r or the n ext seve n days. __-" ' IIi.DO m uc h to ask? Nat..~U"HJrt~. OWNI --< . yo u'n:.DI.~~"7 _) "Jg ~ ~v r(il~.~ " •..'~ 4If' . set of v isua II C LH9S to intorrn vou of t hie weat her. IInstea d of Weat h e r+ 's but t be bas~ are prleUy rnuc h a q ive n. Be low t hat is a flve-d ay spread s. lbealutUu'l.i. l[Jorge DUs.a II the' ii'nf'o in Wea th er HOi s ~ i~~::14 ~f l.BSE. 10 o. You ca n allso t urn on the al~t pressure .e~:.mij. and \tils~bij'~~ty.i Ir{ .d~.~ to the cks basics incllud'illt1g the current condi~ions 1 a ndl te'm pe F..- :J sw }Ii~:i~:: • 30.ow: 4. locatl on.~rsum mal rv is a button that lets 'YOU see the 'fOr(H:. h ne 'WeGlthe'F H D Ihals. ".H SHOULD GE'T' A COVETED SPOT ON YOUR HOME SCREiEN? iB'y' J KE..olfY st.''Il n r I IU~I~jil "1'[0 In WF'Ii if' ~ *' .t"'Iig\ h. "Pre:"~s~~ ffI. .V~'mO'VI'S Weath er H D {SO .!. whil~ stormy clouds signal you ml'~qht not wa 11~:to go f'l "if' cho ked w~t hi weat her a PPSj a kJt.) ~!I. t'he SiC l'1een r">eall.nngl l.["'j'rl·r. 0 r oet .]0 b wit h 'f I~~ii [ IFillhre nheiit'~ IITWC hss a second dog in thls 'fh~~lht ith Fahren!rrU~l' (0 r CeIsius If yo u live in 'W ~t a co u nt ry roc k irU.!I _ ~ - ($". it bree ks down the current: day 's tore cast ~ th ree-ho IJr in ere me nts And n f I Bind {j irect lon. aIr pressure. 'YOt~ cs w'~dlQ[et'inQI~...11 ng the glenera ~0 ut look for t n.liJ~ht:nin. he r+ * Ii'lf :.-:"11I if'. a me su cc inet weat her descri pt io n a n d the curre nt te m pe rature.0. ~ . It 's s]m pl e'y' lt's o.t:'o. the tlme Ii'nthe upper-left. iigins a the. ' . menu.. I'wlt's • ~":.ew' m ore ba ckq round see n es. 'vi·Ideo b..atu Ule~ d cr¥~'s. appro p rlate lth 18~IIt rH~ecrazy w1ea ther welve bee iii hev ~ g . riM·.. lt \... iCi ~11l:Jj ~-t''''" CiiIF+ 1111t. pre dpltat lo n~a nd wi 11d spe ed shows the local time and breaks the data down into c ustcm iZ. Sun my scenes tell II'If) u a g reat daly is ahead. and W'eaith!e:rt' has.. inforrnation w'idg.aII 101cross the 'CQ'U ntry.of 8 day or h 0 ur la LI nc h es a new '~i~deo.SC'OVI!IR INTI!AI!S'T'IING TIHI.o'w nth e sc nee'f1 (0 u r persona I Iave) .

Laiii on.ay's weath er.AsJde'from that IJniversa (n at the' revel utio nary q roup.s.o. ~a1 !.day MOSTL V CLEAR UV I NOE.K '10-. and the t h~ r'dlpa ne gIves you seven =c ay end -n hJ hi sho rt predictlo n. IEng Iand.a n d so om w"hdi lie the tou rt h col um n has VIti ndl speed and.eait her j u n kii:e'.· :. W'ea[ 11 un de r.". Wunder Map ls too much d lntormatlon ij'f' you just want to.6Jii} rn •• ~twcalu~llato.aJ d rs n Wu ndelrM:a p d lsp I!crys yOIU r ~ ndud ing d e'w po int. 'ant real-time W WUlndle.ea ther . ~ hO'W'l'~1 h'eI'\e~ .lhows ba.i Iit)'. for the wee'klll .'e rfa'c1e.grou nd er rrentt cond itlo n 5~ tern pe ratu re on yo ur horn e scree 117' The leo n shows a r'eg u ta rll Y IJpda ['ed n IJm be r ba digle that keeps 'You iin the I OOI~t . lhe (O~U'mlrnon the fa r Iett hes a two-wore synopslis."ta Pi . 'W n e Ii1 it comes to a The th~rd column ls a plctorlal representatlon 0 r a hy ~ rId. an [j dra..t. of t he next 10 da 'Is ~ nd it'~' ~'c~'ng n the cak'9 of a w.fyou eel 11't qo wrong ..r g b Lit tor others r e .~p ion. three-pa ned box. And n' 'You 'want.alclkg1"'0 LI n d s end ta iii Fa g cher ry bil'ossoms aria ju. Wu nd!erM.~ like.0 bu:1let ins" err these dialys. dl'iirect:iion.~i1\ .edl '1'0 IJ know exact Ily what ou ~ to prov ide Ell b reskd own of t Ii€.ore' button Ilet s y()U see Ioca Iiz'. 0 nth e m Ca Ien dar '~COtn)~but othe'rw lse.. ln the lower rig ht.A nd the M.r the time '0'[ sun r~se and su nset and the c ha n ce o'f the ctH'Hjiti'c)ns look ~'~ke'r\for examiJP~e~ ~ the ba ck Qlan:liens.eis.a. but of the forecast (a S LI n wit h c louds.h oca II} is a s'~lml[Jler a PP' t Iia 11 W'ea[her+ .131 sna ps h ott.elnhe{]~ tl lI"Iii.C) p p~!w'e want easy-to.f ata..OJce'~ Th e tom temperature badqe o~ Fahrenheit ls super useful <:a nd som et h ing App:1 e could . wind.e~to~cI!JS tze lnte'rf.the i:I Pps ca rft co nvert).p t re et s 'V~eWj i'he' Ib Q.a nd the.. a h ~ghI ICJW Pred let lon a PPEh~ in the' second co ~ m Ul. Fliiclk to the second pane to scroll up and do'w n t hrn t.00 OUT .iiabll.!3Iw~'nq a n the..r1:orn P11I'·lli"!q" ~v. t he cha ng:lng date.ny'wh ere..ClO.ill day' 'flloll' ~){p'n(h~~diIlilfQ.fItB lur. s: lI:: T. F~ iit u~~sst vou r locet ~on. that 's a gloo d t h ~'nQI. hum ld it Vi' and so forth. of' eecn d.oJ !II!!!. IIsill a srna 1111 .a to wo rk. and it'll update w'~th cond it io n s .S:"f7 Jli!M ~B. .e ina n srea 'with var. w.7-' .al. a rada r .. 'The' f rst pa ne sh ow's ClLJ '~e. .q the map around.API. If 'you I'iv. fa p a ny 5. the a pp ltse Ilf ~ac ks that SP€l'C ta I so met h ~nQI~For h avi ru~the prett lest i rnaqes .atur.&l 'C~ CIIImt UII'i'\lil'i '~ °f-' .al p. 99. HD ~I""-..HJ h fth ree-ho u r ~nc re me nta I Fahre'f1i1heltt: ($O . [But ~fyo La rs i f LISSY' a tJ out a!~tha t· vi sJbill1tv and air p ressure [) usiness.ebcam 5 :5..!lInd V.r'Ma~~ The. an dI severe weather ita weather W'.2 PM' 63 :5 PM 59 B PM SUNRISE: SUNSET~ FEELS UK!.i_l'. 01 tern p erat:ures in '1'0 IU r area.1 W~attu~~rUndl@~I[follln..e r of G [JIog le 1Ma PSI a W'. of: Su rr~y. .lAIN IF'FlANICISCQ' OVERCAST w. fa p thle' lLaryers jan d '1'0 U ca n check ou t d ouo (over.. pow.. know :i:f you s h ou lid ta ke .cam Plrice:: $(t99' 0 ~ 1. Us i[QH badg~'ng..f ~ I a rea w:rt.· r HUM I mTVPRESSURE S'6 % 00. CII'oser to ho'ml~'r'iour own ~oca I weat he r T he sto r m V b. most custom i..r a nd a hid den pa n e I . '~rS. you can p lie k. rs u vou're not too ID r. ~ I . vIs ib.e.. m a p-based iPad a PIP Wu nderM.. Fahre nh en '5 k j ller p n~(.'I'.rea d data a n d a simp i. de p r'ec'~:p t tags that g'~veYl)U the ra rilij!€' of '1'0 reca sts. ~~ j Chock 'ru~1( PiM S~.8 iIy S ~ pi ement. we t h ink) is.E In . aII over the wo rl ct S if1 ce thlev~r~ pulllnq from Googlle's .-t··h-·.ell~' o donie data in't.. a II clou ds. _J nwc I! ~~R' ~REC'rfI'lTATION: 0 PAOH.d wundergn1UWlld..!)I .6 1M/H1 W NOW: "I MJH W Wi ® ~ 2 AM SAM SAM 11 AM 61 . to '58 p ush.1 ldes there's more. A not her ta P'.ave rfacy of button w.ou _ .oF 118 Vimov viIIlflO'V:.p ltst and lt's a IIIIhidden. res pons ib Ie for the' tree.e q lve the g 011 n u milb WieIIIa to W'lea'[h er+. a gilut O'Wdla ta. 55 1~ PM fa~r.cmn '\r'iee:: frree IFa hrenih elt I. and.lke.p lets 'you pinch zoom.8' mlcrocfmates.9 "'Ii.0:5 INOH S7~ F .aln LJ m bre II.-~ 1Jf"f DEW POiNT n'~VI'H. F WundlerMlap 1. ope n ing! to t hie most ba re-b on es set of data 'you'~re' ~ik-elyto corns across. 'efll~US. tern pe rat urs a nd cl DUd! cover in three'"ho ur irac re'm'9ntsr plus the UV indl:ex. sa te lllte vl e'V~.tolm I ilnl.

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Pi III '~ld'ent:U'liIIU" andl IM..1~ DIU t .. th()se m o~".ed to bealm.8 cis .oq I neve r W'l!J~ching.o'9Iue by ThelFind! on p57)~ The games a Ire's 11ort a 11d st Fate g lc wahout being headache- AB. It '.ml(aII f ree "for iPh one) i to 'flnd a de ~'~ ae IIIIde!1h/er us some matzo tao.e. un Ive rsel) tcr my' favorite doc $ ick-dalY' movl e' Str:an ger Than Fiet ion. extrs ir:~. out But . a n d ~ 's ft mld-afternoo if ~ 11a p time to fi re up a'liuib H1UIb~:S. FII~P p ing thro uq h the i pa'g es seem s dow n rl gl nt mednc'~nal.e cruelly Symptom Checker Conditions . ot and1don't recoc n i.u'ide ('$. to be i'f 'y·ou bed down w ~th your iPad~. .5 n =' my' h LJ S be nd a rrlves ho me 'fro nil work.a rne. LJ n lve rsa II.. Venus I'Dii' Faceboolk (SO~99~ iPad) is tirua nicest impiement.... S ho rt~r Ofll". next ~turn into .ii PIP 'Clralf:lkll.!IIi' nth e m~ ssin~ label 's intormatlo n a 11d warn ~tMJ!S" 01kay. m LI m!enta ry 0 F 't:hree[.a'lnd lt's 5 Orot:hlhq tor .a dh:.]( queue (fre e. ~Phallrmac.ij.Prlho11~)<can he Ip 1. bsfo re cs III~ng t ~'H~~ eta f.iii'lGl!lri"t'Eii fll'\elk 51 j aJlnld ~ donft' @'YiI!n m j'n d t 1iiM.not g ett i'ng III p. I II'" [lilLl([~ the per teet d istra ct~ iet tin g m e' browse' aII on. 'i Pad) is sie!llf~p~ty pe'akiru].(' il11iustk:eO.I m'ig ht nat: be a b!h2' to s ~lee'Ptbro ugh the night so liv'e got to r13ilmJiUse mvse I'W some how"..e ~nke watc. WelbM D' (f re e~ iPho ~'H~nd iPa d) caln be a at tu rn 5 rea ssuri n g a nd ViI holly fri'g hte nl in g.. now' to snugg'~€' downl In bed. iPa Oi rev~'e'wed N @iW' s~alnla I s w'.z.. Ll'u[.a! 11101'of my f. ~nca se the per feet ptair of' s hoes Is ina cata II..videos glei~:s old atter a while-II WEllS I 11011- [.jiePdlych~ic:ki ragal lin.C P:I'orye't" {wr.. a ndl I C.sweet slumber Is elusive.99~ iPhone).. w'hic h cres tes a rh~w'~e'v[e ime "sl e'e p rv-t soundt rack' to Iul~me' any way.1 h f h"1 RlIf1I 'l'llf\ ~'tt."iinQir ~"II c he'c::k..d rea m II:anet A'ffter 15 minutes.etNl[OIi[ '(N. I st iII 'ffe'e I lousy all d m'if shopping to the rescue~ Catah)q ue :by TneiF~lndrfree.liIllC.g. aitho IJ~ h 'lit needs two ha nd] IPhon e~ and t ne essent ial~s -'01 box O'W t iss ues. Local Health LJstr.iI III my Netfli.adIIa sl eep requ'liifled) I fe.rday-·cosmi.e F s hou Id be t rea h:~d w~ a Tyl e noll a no 81 IPO p:sh:::11 '~.e Jni1liefeie~ Ib E!vttelf:.Im'0 ut ~II a Iso S8 '- IF~e.alco u pie days.~th e iiIP!Eu. Online ls what's in slide..I!!U'·IC. [!But its Sym pte m C h ec ker ca n advise mileto glorg II e' my sore til roa t a ndl wa it ..9'9~ iPa.. 111'UUIIIII'"'.$0 to PZii z Z .M.1 betterl I m uc h m ore ..oJ tJ1 eve n sea rcn by item cate'gory. and IhoDe'ful~y they can he~py(NJ~too.:) !"in'".99 ~IJ11~versa i) fo r a . a n d 'lit a IIsa he IJ)S m i@' do ~.iPad) 'for .ee~d e W'tl-€it h ~ r mlV 'Wev. . you kn OW'! 'rn d yi n gr. I~V'lebleen '~laY'i n g ~ oads of TliC:&:et to Aiide {$.of' bll"lQiw:sill'lilg album of my friends' cute children and pets.. B€'fore I spen dI anent ~. "I · '" h. me ide I1t j'ffy those mystery pill sand HI. 5 UbSC-f ipt ion m a i11iV dol n g i1t to f. ford'nQI 'me to sit up. ha!i .0. IV ls a ereat u. . . Mov j..lee.And ~f'I shake out a pm bottle t:ha t: the ~abe I f'e~I.d) recent ~y . III th soup" ree.9'9 ]. I wa nt 'to make sure ~ not.ediiCialrion lu. 10t)k v at. rhaJnk:s~ d Catal.@. I.e utter 11'1' bo r~'nQ!.~ to '''"''~g ~''t.ealml less W[eb llf:o[odl De'~ih"e'ry or IDel1iver'~CQ.h.up p()'rt i'r I want.IBut it doesrrt have..even has Air P'iay s. 0 line shoppl g to the rescuel Catalogue by TheFind is t."!. These apps l g:ot me' th rou gh mry last sk k day (wh lch fell on a sa1tu.ngs > Da!y's a Ilin ost Qv[e r.i@t'B''ur Ml8lk. bott le of asp ir~n and t~1I qlass cd' ''o free 11ew tra elks". :SIP INQ 'way.G".e.Be! ng s~c k a ndl st IJ ck '~nbed [Bin ~.a rhyt h m g.ou lid 't.Q rat rip to Ull e . ($s.CJlIIb P Ii'D ($2. First..~es over to the lV" !But 1'.atilon of Faceboo k I~'ve'€J!ve'r' en on th e ~.EJ ra 'e ~1·'lUQIL ~MClf .k ~e (tree.e . But eventu a II I 'WEI ke LJ p Ifeel lousy ad my' se~f pity is peaklng.Pad.e C IIJb Pro ~ndU c:i'ng.And ttl av' rea Ily he lip t hie timl€' fl "I' by" Pu I:sre': '¥OlllU me 'Oln[1 (:$ 4. and M'Dvie . Imy favorl te ca tal 10 qs I fl n a ~Iy sto pped h avi ng d e'~vere din paper form.'. urqent care'.c)der:n Fam[Uy 8pi sodes.he perfect dlstractlon. Drugs & Treatments F~rstAid Information ( I > > ) ) Vem U:i t alkes t Irrieheadae he F. Clf.


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Ini!!quirrriilg nrst g I.o.Lj·I"~ m l'!..a '].i']lii"!0. 5. down~even on a m]d'~ZO~'O 2. bac 1\. -p'.- W'h nl e d~ ssat is ned use'rs.jl..olde F pro jeer f~es wr II not I o p. of' ~ilder t.. . m A<Uer -years of~cutting' on Final Cut: Pro the new tools ta ke' som € !g. IMlac' OS to[.ts. ~ . J!II I' r Ii the Surroune Panner !Js'~ng s~'~ckpresets... RATE.aU SEl' Fi n(J I Cut Pr(~. I'. biUit 'there~s.ets!ed .hype d new Tie.e j t·..ll' hidden 'wiith hm".<. ad a n IJm ber of '~Fashes so hard the eni~ ifie a p p we nt h such.sed c.1'1.'.e' ~IDivestm~Ndfri(~m bl!lSV plrofessio nab ..( I'ose. .~:lbr~r~. .r'a.(C).J. S'LHJrees. _'. Aliso gone (folF now) are th~rd'pB rty p ~lLJg'~'i s.) iCClll'i1 'I' a.:..a~mled at l creatt:ivE' experienc::e at the expense af a [..011 Me dla M the ba d 1t1..aHn:$.' >If-.]l~! . 1U~'1 _c .rm Av-aillable in the Mac App Stoue Re. m €U. ".. _..Fi naI b~e C"lIlt P"II"'ii"i. nlavs !I V v I"" olr.h € vers 10 n '1100 labe ~~. who are up '~tI p arms over th is co mp liet..e n in the newest Fin a ~ CU-[ ~..0 r lFat:he'~r ~. you r ~~ 'f'i'nd .•~ _.-Io""'t 1\'J-'1iJ.ert:ainlv te:stingl the Final Cut Pro altoq. !OI ~ 41 ~.aCCESS to iPh ote.~ f.. all the. A ppl e' had b) wh.' iF.e i"'!. 'VII'e a 1:Slo.ethelr~ we found that U takes.amlp~er you ca nap pl'y even the most (0 m p hex f'i Itie r E'()I a c:I i'p it nd p ~av ~t: be ck 'hmm ad latel y w h ile re nd e riing c h urn S gIW.~ ~ts··· n~l~. The I'nsj:}ecto r' som etii'm es a P J:H~~a d evo:ii[j of diata .. .e: [I. or socia'il neh"l(~rkingservllces '1l'ke Fac:e bo ok..ape·'bas.eatures IHl(e trape-d'eC'~ ~ol1tro:1 (j'ii. ~ i I'tl:j..rCllilv~n(jl proiects I[S. '. s.. In xs .aten llngl to alba ndlon u and p ilece' off' co nt'elnt ..I U UI.":1 or nOIb0.o.• ...1 sUDTo'Und~sound audio gets 0Q~lnlriilh'i)edtu 5!te. :.. Uke D~all:oQILle! 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The iend Ca a tilt imalte Iy j usti filS's the' m G.e~@ann tne a·pp'r ~eglacy 32~lba~ ribon ~ba..'i'ta I h e'.5S 'Out 'lears.81 igllfeat de.alii most un not ic'eo iU1t he.'AJ-" . - . and Mus ic to get vou sta rted. re.."~d' ii':"11~liln Ii".:: rotes sto n a 1v~d. sea m ~ess~I' mil( in g "' = fa rim a·ts wahl nth e' sa 1me project a b Old as .~d worlkflows.13 Iso c' snap.(_'essors. pa rt ~cula rly rs w'i-IIIIarr~'ve vi.ports.()'f '~dlns.A._I ~ Y.~ .f!.from ~ o\iiie.~_ inn~: ...e~l.alge of D Ca~nope n o.0 .a n updclie 11 the s..:'!<.qlUilrememts: Ini~'~1 C'om 2' Duo pr.!l.III II _ • !...lie'ct clm'ps.'re hapPY' te report j all w'Orlk V. I".net:jic Ii me ~ne~01~ ~ P Connect lo n 51 Cornpou n d C:llil. .. Iifi aiY s.alll 'cf' . 8 ut w'i II other u sers .. _.- Fl·.~. audio files can't be added to prolects.~ In fact. OJ on e·t r ~c. . ISuiiil't froml the ground up to.. S'O ye 5 =. Id irect .ea r~y bUgis st i!tll IIu rlk iinql 'In A ppl!e's co de. A fter yea rs of IIosl 11g productlvitv 'waitill~ 'for ..." a It 11OU(JI h the re's evl d ence t tn at C LJ rrenn X.:lIG1U ..ect. ne Complh:ated medla 'mlanage'm'snt is a lso a thing' of the pas t .and fu riolW& ed~i'ttlinglthi:1it t'aIK@S 'ffuU ad v i31 E'I til ge o:f vlel[S.~ m U.'~ '~~'g realf" multi C8llimeo ~ti 'W ~t 't~ e n€txt maljior ulpdalt€1 ng h while other f.A pp. primlal~iIV 'for to. _J" ~_" the •• or'~qiinall VI€HfS'lon in 1999.e.lder F[ ~all C~t P1ro1 pmj'ec.~:~V y_ ... but . A'.

'~Vlt:lo ~ i ~ ":.IPIQW'eli'hfl t'itlliinQl abilililtil@s are< 10 cc'. ppile says.X:tlon. gone Fa r now.opt tons. . any vldeo ecriit:iingl=for money or just 'for tun+-our a eliv lee ls to ig no re the n aysay9 rs end t ry F~ I Cut na Pre). does rrt roep lace Fi 11a I Cut: Pro fishes.j'n w.aviqate th ls stra nge neW' w'or ld.!I~~ 'I.J ab (HJ t: h('HN'~IX!' S[aJ nd s 'few m iss~ g teat ures and crus h ed n dreams.e n more ope n :a bout FinaI C.nt-"ene-.o'~II. but we/ re co n'f'ident A P'P.~!!.1'3 ~ A II~-n··I.rojsets ca n be pus h e d 't here to r fur th er p roces s iing. Thie bottolm Ih1e..e k to q et LI p h) speed after ye's rs of workingl :pt()i~e:ss'ion a 11'1'Ii n prio r versi ons.a nd b rll'ng ba C'K miss iing features as q ulc kJy . 'wlit h 'the' Iln'siP@'ctor wj'ndow~ well em b n3JCG'the' new~.e IP.plow1erf'u~ is4 .U t Pro X's I~m ~tat ions pr 10 r to re ~ease. Ihet m e. alrnd 'Iii te rs ham pared by te chno logy t han ever before.srs the S 49. end u It irna h::~ that's w'h at i't 's .i3l s veta ran users ca n n experiment wUh Final Cut Pro X.Ie 'IN iII sq ua s h ex 1St in g' buqs . ~ 'flon:'.~ sbo ut. Motiion 5 is aliso avsllable "WOF the same Ilow price._!. especlallv 'when rhls ls but a qllrnpse of' what thle tutu Fie hoi d s.a. for YOUFse It Yo LI~ 'ff ind crest iv.s. A Fina! Cut Pr.bit IPIIiO'CIE!!ss. but other F'i naI Cui St ud i0 corn portents li k.i ve . R. If you do. will r ch mea n S IJ sers w~~be. but <=':t"-'"'~ 1. IV ~ less n~~lndelr hl Wi CiW'iii t hh"niq of th. payiing work done with !'olh:lr fa ~ thftW r 'for now'. F~nal Cut Pro e-nlects..II". .e DVD S't u d io Pro SWilflf1lm~'nrQI w'~th ini'~. App'lle' dleiFin it 911'y' S nou:ild~Ve b e.I'~~II _ ~.aIS possi bll e'r a IIow! n g use rs to fa II ln love '~"iith the at p pi lcatio n a II ove r a. r'olther t ha 11whiin irH.ltIil k.X.lllii'tinq flo'l1' ql.~ imp UJ Ise stsr II Th i. and Soundtrack Pro have. fo r srna II !J roiect s.. BoO'kwalter 7" but rat her coex isis wit i1 it =tha nkfu iIv~.J. .99 Com prEl'SSOr 4~ a no Ip.' .et~ product) ng eve nt us I ~y.EhJ[' you mig ht as .t) 1 w~'1111 just run fi ns under OS .. but' 'IN'f:/vle q u h:'kIy ta lien in love wU h 'it' ~ took us t I tess tha n a we.a.a's.d into F ina I Cut Pro X (or a (:0 m ~).e. A opl e c'U..tiC. A p p le has dlrscontiru~ed Final Cut Studio.i1oma~II" hia rmIP@iIii@d bV dij:sp~ay f~Ul!lq~.oet d-" .~'Vo u r ~i n s'ed1 pie ntv' of p\atliencG' tic n.

.ard ct j'on when it co mas to :s peed . prl nter a III d exter na~d r'iJvie sha r in g. r Sky ~)e ca~s. e~ i [II IEa:sv setu~.. bu t if V{)U ~ re ar Mac use r .II' net wo rk sto raqe 0 r nat [Both eeln sup po rt u p to 50 WHr~devices rnak i11g them best for hom e or srn aII off (:.l!Ij"J I\IC vou eass-o r-use ~~ I'-" ""' . lHalrd . so it may boost you r WHln: nec-ept i. FIl A 1. the. A.e. Fi Not enough ports .. .AIRP'ORT EXJRE Your w~-r~outer is the unsunq hen) in your computer r setup lt's probablv the thing you think" about the ~east-and in many ways lies the most lrnportent . 2r~.iIW'ily' Im a !j..[ly upda:tt:ed the T~'lmec. r mil k.)xled~.~ n sed ol n OJ ne'w ~~(urely:..e'v~r'y'Q:n~e I 5 If! WlnlSi st on Irma'k'i n.~~'!o.owners of . No OoS MlcH: L.rage 'r(~rthe same'.u nate Iy the re's no we ~ intert ace 'for rne k ~nq Quick twea ks.. 0 i~'~I b i't.. stora ge~. _.I~_.'I..And .e r allli~v'our fa n ron C' ut e r 1s w'h~t k. 'the . i!:'Ioli"ii ~ '1. ' ~ Ira' ~'!l.s.This handy f.a = US IB P rl nte ma inta in con necti on o ~ j AIRPO'R'T EXTREME W'hy Id ees .s. not: Il!Is~f"'repilaGilblle.ife._ ..~ h ~.omletlh~1n 'thart Ibe. R cmrtrol .rt E1.. co nne ct ed to the intern et.!'ij'~.(lither :stuff you ve got sfp:p Ii ng bi [S~. o c nfl g Uledi. router.e'rfac~. both aria extre'me~y qood options...~ :~·..Mac...bottOltn II~Inf~~ p'pl ell's. nm e ~~chi'ne if"o. t:Ill'!3hi router:§. for roommate's and] v~·sitor..\ 11II~ r.eeps your iMlac~'M''c'e (OoS) controls... A..and ~'Pad offerfng the ... s.AirPort S IE:d re me r.. bsck up your 1M ac auto rnenca Ily.sat:ure '~s'us!e'full eno uq tn t ha t.2mO port w!·. ~ b\~lr ~A ~I' ~I GUJlesi tlJeltw.... backups"..i! .)~ _'~'~ ~ 3 ~ M ~'v"tarli"ii'::' os 105..~and dead-slrn pll e setUip-~'nc~udingstarting Time . 6llilest Networ~r~g Iets fOU 'stnaFe mi no r updates.. tfl..aII the .econd ne. g 4..lke the . For 20111[lr A Ppi le has bu mlped' up t he. a ps u I.. $499!.add it i(H1 to tunctio n i n gas (31 'W Fii ro IJb?~ the T iml€' Ca psu ~.'U'~ _.-Ban d [0 r top sp~~ds.eto se rve CiS a T~m e n 1M h ine bac k.. may /' not ~}e 'f avo ra b Ie 'foOr Ap ple customers 'who a [Iread y have an .1: .. ~= '11 'You r le'lle'c~ ~ clha~ n. ..31B· later Re·quij~'EHl!'U~mi~:S~ 0(5.1 . IIQo'k.pred e cessor.':~I~ .::i!Io.iibOY •... guest u n..-·· 'f far _ . using AlPp~e's AirP. NO'Ienough pori:s. ~g I k- _ .. Til e' d oua rs-toteraby~es... E CASULE IIn .I! ek. .ookll' '~P'hone'.qui·lfJ"emem~:s.allow v..wa ell PII'.e. may ibe' the fut:urer b u[ t:hen:"s :st iII n othi ng Ii'ke ar ~.s 11""''1..01 e r mlodets cj .O '_' .oi nt s for n A. A ppl e's wiirel ess ba se stat ions [Iac k so me advs nee d teat ures I~:~e' Lla(~ Q illV of' Self.m1fgtht consIder an upgrade' just for '~h€'peace of mir1(L A..on.tre'n1 e 'T1e'·at r'e. wlhic'h .: '!d. . Choosing...AM ~tPo. .\Iil'V ~g. prem ~LJIFfifrlI·'1 prlce Il.. A n..ort Util~tyto qUicl\[ly co rrfi·gure 0 ur netwo rkr set pass word to prioritize C9 rta i11 k finds of tr a n~ say~INetf I: x st rea ms to yo u r c ~ g ~ me 'conso ~e.N!o~JoS co:niml (j r web iJnt. a no netwo rlk ...~g..!''''''L1Ilf:"' if'·a. e:veRil'for n~hvorr k latest AirlPoIT't: lE:drelme' and Time C.sel:'? g A!p~I'e ap pIEU:~. _.i!1~~ BIII~ .e ga r~ e' canso les. :not to and addlng 813118 model 'for $499..1O. t~hu: LJfie. e. t. 'l. '. c' ~. twl1"ir:il~·I~(1 !J II~ :~..QJ d net wo rk·oICC"9S siib IIi®' ac pan crive. A-'t. S·· .11':'1.orki.rl. .. and off.. -' .ou~'re sett iIig uiP el nl..i 11 I' III! ~I.r~II"if'· .'·1 I{~ 1--<1 ':'·. f E.2T8 r.It does out put Im:ofie :power. and ~ nter n et r ad ~ A.twork.- . f~ve minutes. "p~lle apple!QI. [~panded ' _~ 'I.13IS g reat as they ..i.III' r.-.. T i'mle.179··i!U'!. Ibetween the two devices amounts to declding if '1'0 u want ba ked.ap.~ ac M lat.(:~'r'1.ppl!e !has a~:soquiet..DUlM ba nd.I !. it's qua[l~ly". l ik}S'! s..~H''io~ '7'l~'!LJI.h~ne'to.~tJ I IU ·Iif'II~""" .e~~WOOI).es as the 2009 vers~·on. ..Chea pe r SfO~u t~ n.s 0 are out t ~Iere. (li :s.esee na rios.A'i rP'ort ut iIitv wo r ks on Mlacs or PCs but u nto rt.rEl Prilice'.. E..~rliv·fi' is.J • •.Dual. the' Ti mle ca ps uIe (an take ca rs of both your networkl ng~ and backup needs in one f.el:"V1e r ic!hl..m T he latest' AilrPo rt Ex{re'm e is ar rn i no F update.. '1.'. and se rv in g 'LIp dellclous Wi~Firays 1:0 a[li our devlces In under IG..)5J . and other devke'S on a private Iletwork.r~· Pn]~e(~$299. as most ot her ro uters have . the n e·w ['x..'IU .einc Iud e s Ibu iIt=:~ st~)rag. Tl V'O bo x'es. h £:i.apsulle are essentially n~'\vbies.irPo rt E:d:rem@· and Ti me Caps u h~...nd we"re' dlsappolnted that both only lnclude three [Ethernet ports snd a :sJng:lle USB. S~79 R:e.ew' netwo rk.a:s·e· ff:·use' a f1 g] tri Q:lht A o ~ nteq rat ~o wi'[ h yo u r Mlaea re k~V' sell II~:nqp. ~~s·vs!~[Il!!p.! '. f~'ic~e r t han et her 'r~·rotJUlt'e.·i:!I.1Ol!'l'gls loc:ked .m oendv ..i1me'Capsule for $29'9..1' or :mlent]:o n .. riqht?-'Ra'y Agunera .or web i:fi'nterhme.!''!o.or Mac got al~the same ·fe·. 111' : .'lUi t. ~ ~t GREAT 'We had [h e' [Ext re me LIn tH.e offers g uest Uiletwo r k ~ C nq.butt sure'l y you have better t h i'ng:s to do than FUSSand Ught w'ith router confiquratiolls and c:opper 'CO nne D II nleglrated b~cknJ~s.pp~ s 0$.atuu.AirlPort Ext re me 0 r ot Filer wi rel ess route FS ut if y.

S. ~REE w!~d~ ikn YOllJl~ 8CCgJU ntl lrs mtl(J~IQiU$~! usi r\g a. .F.. t)1emes .II - Fast.erf-e(i h@.~'lt rfe'w'r.engjy Fri:endJ! MO. ia JUI'~?1G Mi nDle5-' w~b W1o~·$cn~~u.V~lrtal"m 'wl~jh1OCl% 'wmn.t1etgy:.~"nl"i. Wflr~ here' Mp: heJp+ PLtFfri. ~ ( l~f4yhaJmlH~c.1 lUg].d .ble< '.. SetCll re &' IReUa.ew' Sup pEnI.ene j~ 'inteirl$iv€..Q' fatcow.'~.~b'i<''!Ii'h p~I'.3lnd luUdl411 Slrte. {Jlur ~..pllog~ ema'U _.r bUlsin€'s~ot !Ie!i i!'].igr~jngUR.e: "'iia. Cre«f.e~tteme''lfe .get ya._iet.ob~~sJ hQ.' t~mp~~frMS. It's lOy JeJing Green At .UT verY m yo~ 'hGstin r€hart"o 'Cr.iirlQ1J:latf.~a web1Slirte~~th JU. g ~al~'i~'iM~.e. 1'1 rg.O.atCowJ 'we' pgwer eu :S. ~mw ~8:avalna~~. ean~ .afx7 a n~1 on Ii.G MO. ¥y~ asue.~r ~..'Y.enn :~\he" Fr~e Dbl1\aii 'Own domain INti Mf~t S.)'V.lllckS.



o ulpload me:!.away from you r prirna rvcorn p ute F.iJ1tS th e firs'l '1000 5ubf'olders. '..REAT I elloud 'You co nt r'ol ~'sJet.@r'" there's that wholle deal aeout trusUng a thifd party with a IIIIvou r s tu f"f not to ment ro n t hi e' tim e it tal ke s to u pload g~g serf' d ata P..Jle :s.e iTitemnel (ii't ~afge. set up .m pm.Ijives on 'Yr) r con ne ctec Mac. a In opt k.pOlnl$ j've' .. v ~IY!!:!!'sp. palQles~ b Wh~II€' the a PI' ts s ~m IP'~een ouq h.ngit in the' m G'ssO!g'e' l. Fa r sta rters.tolmIIi1ne.e~ F[old'eJllf 16 A'pr'lI i6:OS pm 16 Ap r1" I I:'OS' p -~ Desktop.y' bot-hi r[equ ir'e yOlll to deci[dle before han d tha'~ yo u ji[ego in g to WCllntto acces S Y(lU r 00 r'iing W'O rk spreadsheets olndl p h otos of '1'0 U r new p up P'l j wh iIe 'I'(lU ~re ..t for the ultlimate in on-thego co nven lence So yes.nyt h ing. If thet Ylt[eir[en~tt: enouqh.i.ecurity baked into Presence. V'U~ are talklnq about rnaklnq your en~ire.m p Ii'rVin g tt he' process" CotJ1ne'ct~l1g 'to your MaC as vi:s itkH. down load fi~es~.eall~z:h19hat [anyone who knows t )f.~- Alnttrn.rPres e nee ls renllC3r kabJ "'I' easy to set u p. T Your Mlac in the cloud+for read: tbls time Se rv lees like ~C10 u d or 10ropbox are ihalndy for shsr in g 1 ca n be un protected.MI'ii ie.(~[ne'ss.j't jitl st 16 Apr I 6:05 p -_- Anidre'8' r I-e 'Colnnerc:tiDfill A.g dala trust ing '10u r st u~fto App!l. but II~ilke 'web int[e.. an til '~hJe.a fo Id ers.ave a UPn P=ca pa bl e route r~. the email interface dlefauil. r€Slence wi II con nett P your Mac to the lnterwebs 'without rNB:e'di'ii'ng to conf~:glur. r av.a 'fro m [aJ mUIR L.r[(9s[€tnceaim 5 to ch a nit. . SHARED .e.e. and to :SUW! (ill Do li\a1ell 0' M¥Ai'55IPM bo r rOiw' a ph ra ss fro m Ap ~Ie~.Oinaccess 9 Easv $~tup[.a i'f t he user account 0 n VO LIr Mac: d DeSn't 1t'leq ira u a password.a 11 me for 'V'Qur' M ac.. Pu\ClS es f. PiC. na I $5 per m[omt hi s'e F~iice' ca II'ed Ea. La st ~y~ na IFin g n~ vta [elmiB ~II s es ~~nlks conven'hE:nt.alllly~ ther~~'s. lit works like' 1ma g i[C'.'f'"IIC '.. 'Fro m U"H: re~ yo LI ca n brows.g data! but t:n[e.onQI with 't h eli n k~ render i n g tt he ad d ~ti a onal~1 seclU. P re's.adl that by' puttl ngl ~ = Y[lJ.I u'l ·0 iUers.s-yCon IIIe. ITIOden1 ~t~b[browser Iit:Ei'rt1se beca u sa 'jit a. Ilf yo IJ n :h.r q realt 11'1' S j. it '. A.a c"com Prluve $4 0" :silngle' Mat~'$70.111 s or f' 1.~cLI rUy r iisk. set tOI a ~Ilow U~ loa os as we'll'r. k:a~V) 'illle b D~.CCESS CLIE •.{'jlln"A""-~ ".. cre'2it[9 Share's[I' wh~ch allillow you to and *'~.nio rew !jIm A.a~~y = .Mor~' relialb~ethan doolJllfl!fIm~:Sfrom . 5 ~nk:i In .eiJr\ 'U@('LJ~11 aIL!On.AfJ1lm@.@f~ly@ :16 APfi I 1-6 Apr!'1 6: os p:m lEi ApJ'lU 6~ s:ss . We ran lt ion our IMac for several hours betore W'.m 16 Aprwl 6~05pm 16 Apn]1 16:'05 pm 16 APf~1 6:0:5 p -~16 AJflU 6:.oum'data to th.~ INot on~y that '"OIJ can edit tlles on An: l1i~e't!JIre~ Ht...aJd m to the Falde~Yi" Fold'eur [CO~dfn' 16 Allrrnl 6: OS pm your M'a. 0 r anyone e~ se- w it hou t 0 r wor Fy ing a bout [Pre'senre' is n't :per~ect.. we Iearn ed ~he' ha rd waY' [hat there' ts no ad dilt~ana:1 s..)e . ~'am m y RI!!IiUil~melJil~:S:Mac m. in the' latter case. 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IP'll'eSie nee·'."" . ~ ."1 e Sih s'en.K .rit:y ~aug hal b ~y(or J)eFha'lPs t r ~'H'J ~ m(~ o'~.~ Access iriq a II 'You r d at.[II cloud 'Vou (!On'trok IN0 need t.t'Hl sen:s r Folld'em> .A".c.H.aS'~ing any time LIP load in.n kflll Almlirunl Vanl He:ltI'll1 Aili'fe s~ed Dewi!g~niliille t n An BnJl~ . contents ~Jf'your MieU:"'Shard drive· in a riinder""lilke brow s[er win dc'w. IlhrfitiDllgl' vta[ the' '~nt[ernet is as 5imph~~ Share. a and youU're in business ~ a rn atter of seconds.~ ~all!!l'eii works. first Ga t.tlon . If yo u r Iraut[er or network._.a.J:~ G. . there's CD .1111 .Ne~ i Fw.t.old'.f A mazon..ent ire MlcM::into the c h'JIJ d..en c e' d mspi . .eClb' ~~I1r'.An M[OO'I\~Y0fC 'c~ceiSIfa.:~'aIF~S Milc~life[ ~ArEO rYl I~'-~:='1 p'" • '.ays the usef'!lJ!II.w Foldellf F\all[..m:lmal Co 1I. we'd f:ee~ a IIott 1more corntorta bIe iif some features were more thorouo h1'1 explalned-« remember. " Do lutl~:'11 e . W'e just w~s h Presence' did a better job of' d OCUim en Ungt '~ts feat u res and!of protecting[ users 'from their own (potenti.[e.05' pm 16 Apri~16: OS[ pm 16 Aprtl 16:05 p . : . folders ca n be. ~ ~ ibrfY F'01~h!if '1'0 [J r dev ke a n d re-u p ~o... Shares your a.s 'Fli nd.JO. com pu t.all ~ y..a IiOWl nq a nyc ne 'W it hi the rhJ ht and accessl n.5 qreat...~ t . IMlaJc.ars pa ssword or ani nd iv id udil password for each one.e .et'yo u con.oo~ledimts. 10. r .m"·t~' . FoDlrd"ew Fold~e.sons'" Ieve~ futuri sUe. lit was an ovs rsl ght on our pa rt 'for surei but the Pres'entre doC'umentat~on should alert users to s IJch ~ ht.li1i'e~s OJ d oClJment .neet: yo ur mach ~ria vi a FIy'~ng Mac I'S ~ sa rve'W'S.:0 spe'CII'. .s to inc:ludi~.d a ..5w'ord for I's B~. A nd on that b note. the re's not m UC h datu mentat ion Ibe-yond [611 few spa rse wr~.Alrr:. 11Nll GrleQ~ Br(itih~r~ :16 Apri~16:'0S pm' 16'Lher' Bad 'C~a'l:icn An.

Some .a llagli:llLul Regul. ~--~-- ~ ~ .extor U'H)Se w~tll huge fa nt ~'~btra w~'111 rea I b e nefit rles see for 'fm~lofganiz'atio n. Typed i.or f.. and n ot in th e Male as x.y.~ $29. ....an1e as you do ·w'ilth IEvelnts ~'n'~Photo. sz-> ~~ '"..k:S al good mancH.liayHsts can be bunt 'for a road trip or the' gy'ml~Creati'ng collections is as easy as c.i!!i" ae ty.n'ck'ing and dragq~'ng~ . this gllre\at featu re hell ps v is uaflze ~ohemianco~ing.A}'lIJtll}. lt's en CIPP that snows yo u exact 11'1W'ti ic h 'fonts clilre in sta II.pPS. _.agnetic: Calbine.oces~or ey30 Fulll Si te Keybo'Glrd - ' .~~aji I~ the Mat j\~p Store labl!e Rejquiremeln~s~ OS 10.~' M est peopl e neve j r t:ih Ink about t hem ~ but for des'ig!ners . in much the same waV as p.ap pear in Mac's flom viewer" Has. the en d prod uct on 'UU? fl y.onrt In elad.ep.(.s f tonts or o Qltr'O uping Ma 5 a d2 M..ppliic8t'lions also cernpletelv 'i1ijiInO re to nt deact ivation from Fo ntcase.".a..alYi'you ca n mouse ove r a co II~ectlon to vh~w 11sconte nts. the s.' -Ben Harven D Fo~t:(olliedions.ttom ~iln USiars atte r a more e~ vlsua I way h) wo rk w'it h the ir tt:. then a font collle'cth')n is much the same as an l'lunes tontca se rna kes browsln g yo LJ r 'fonts more p~ay list. .anged yo u r fa nts in 't his w.0..~) S X~ but ~ O att rsctlve and intultl ve.. r-:or des ~glnelis.. this SeC r..!!!'~ how the .r" lR'lSYI~~' :~In _ ~.a. Fo ntcese does h ave a k~IIIe. .IYi u n ~ike Font BOlok! Fentcase's 'co lill':'([ ion sand tcH.Oacal y 0··.J .~ Fk.R~ I .even an entire webp10lge and adjust the' tonts wiithirn ]it !by sl m pIy d ra'gqinq sty~ onto d lfferent ss Bohienli'alill Ced'lli! g a reas.f~~Ir.s of hJnft's..k.apply tags to fonts to create . but t h ere's a wor~aro IJ nd. Font .e.pef'ac'es used for a particular des'ilqllrl project. ln short. Collectlons .actii vat lo n 'fo'iblles a sl de. .and other 'font gle.g~~ !# ~. .a..J5: ca n a only be v:iewed w ith ~ the a ppllcatl on.i'er is ke....8PI~S like Tex:tEcriit and Pages. IIm iti 'ilKsut i~ Ado be's ngl i1ty.ew' In version 2. l~~~ ~1l'!}i:JIlI.fontl~kB Rwn~d DB!i!lI'd M~ MS.t hat's klu d g ev. .a 'font 'family as din album...Q ~I AJiaJ Hebrew' ~PlpIAl' CiQ~.(om Pr~'. U ntort U 111 te.1l Fcamny r ~1tI~U!!: f rom esse nt lal solution ve. D C~e~m (l1ffi!d [J~ruiti'!Je :1 nt@wfaoo from to ntcase.. font vi €ower n used by . M'acl L'lfe RA if·E 0 . ~fI eslqn ~s' n e probl e m app...t' Mount & Vi'ewi'ng Standi • l'~I' ~._ --C_:JiiIim I Arial MT I~~u~ar .v AIBtl~ai!il • ~r1~_ ~~i" '~' L. tmlLllbh~ with some third-p'atty a.. is bllJ'~llit 'f1jt:. N...or ca suall d eskto p pu b lrilsh e rs. Fontcase bo rrows from 'faml~'~ 1Tunes elnd ~'IPhoto~ iar ntertaces to dis piliay font co I ~e(tions.sOl~D •• . IIt a~ Ilet s V'ou so activate and deactlvate group. HandV tvpe:s@Uli ng t'e~J"~l!Jr'R Sicains.ethe Tvpesetter view'.fll .ed 0 n vou r ' svstem ~h CHAr t rH~y' ere org. . dCJn't . of ani nd ~ \delua ~f'ont as a song and .6 or Mac ~aterr 64-b. r teatu F.~.. 'V.and you can . .C_- f. The Ibo.afie useful tor gat herl n g sty ~e.a dd it ~:o I g ra u pin gs~ 0 nee' na vouve llllrr.een allows 'lOU to v~'ew any text or .a n lzed ~and w halt th€ly Ilook n ke..&.ar Regul.99 A.alnilil1i" TtJjs!S..Fontcass's D o Actlvata Fonts in InliD'9sign command scans all open :In[)es~gn document a no act iV8lIu:es the cu rren [Iy used 'fonts. TC SE FO· T lfunes 'for "lour fonts FOIl~' rna r:lalg'ers are' stre n g e bea sts .6. Fa nt-dei. II'f you t h in k. Bu t: i'u you ra Hiell:y' d rift beyond the fonts that carnie With your Mac~ ~ts an aU ract ~ bu t f.

r'j.1l:k' Pd~ ~blim~E:ili~~ Ur.:I~I. '[helml eas.aitil st a h'~gl w~qlLJ.lI of ""!lIUi~ A1l!!.plle~ri3'beconv~r$iort IFew eldd i'th)nal 'h~atMf'E!'S_ilu nes jntegra'~ionnot Ibru'U j.' Th.'Swd!e. ~ ~~t~ -..a!lb FNjnc Ilndt'~ll~ N.ClH'llbeh'jind in and a search functlon-« tha t 's it It '.knlWl.en H'afve'~ i T111~' Mi~!_-:. and a very clean mldrsnce.i~ N!!'!i!l: ~fiil._~ M[r..~Jl:P The ~I~p IilIm ~!h 41 qf .6 f!i.sends a ud.M ~l':I~:h-.cApp s. iil>tl!iffi.rm' ~I. tlhe r ntertece.artd le flip ri~nqas we II but it '5 for p~aybac k 0 n Iy" ~Tiuriesllbrarv and r elthouch Dlec'~bel.:1 J~titd_i~ L~~ !ilr ~"«. rig ht f iles .:l' tl'J.' wo rt:h of h~~f'i r e~u:i'pment ~'T'I't"'I~!['" . not.tal nd pll~'Ybac::kequ'iipmlent a sonq that sounded muddy' w'hen com pressed 'i nto Bin i'TlJ nes-Iriend 1'1to r mat is a c ry.[ ~~1 "Caritt~!I!lfir~' -Johrl M*{ ~f.~.! r~ Do' bess notes. ~~ltP.(~in native 'rormat:s wit hout salm.Fc.:'S. iW~ EWliO(Il f~. a nyw.tore Reallul'lrefillle\lil~:s.l!1trn M:!lf!til' . y()U II be han] pressed to 'f ind al better sol ut io n tor the price.~ ~!$ S.'~ "J !~~iI' The S#p a g.(lr piiece .4. IDec'i b e~h. Bu~ i'luIile$"qua~ft'l t rEH:ks a re n 't w h.alilis.firt.10 '5. The Sli. the eq ui va tent of' sever a I thou sa n d d!oil'I.99 Avalilc8lble ~n the: IMla.1!!'TI ~n&-!fl!:t¥~lf Jo}ifi~r: . t halt i m a ke D€ cl be I wo rthwh r le.l:19 12 4~ ~O iDf.}U ~.'t .at De.. .stvIlI~:Ii .~tud lo pe rfectlo n..eA IB. a nothe r pi aver ca n tur n YCHJlf Mac: ~ 11'[0. I'f y'@lJI r Mac ~s shfffed with IOgg V(] rib is".o nigher~'Qu.lHIli ""._ ~ r'Q ~I!i~ """'1:ii!)~.:~18i Ii 0. MUlllipl:e f.:21 ~:r 7JiBI 3. and: othi'er higlhquality f~lesr IEh~:ci'be'~ handle.Biliit d01w n load s w'~ work. The ditterence offered by [h~.~avef.JO n o~12! 5.cibel as.p TI'It.etilt ir.-:~4! 'I .~I'-il!~' ~fl ~~ .1 ~'~!el ~lm:'~lfl .8 huge d~nerenceto 'your listen1'nQ experience.1 int:erfa(l~~ looks a bit like ifunes butt'it.'9i9'9 'T'I11t 911.adJt:y~.::~l 11O ID'~ n: .A!lCilI. Dec ~be I wonit :~:'H~ rrn m ira ('IIes.t Iliil!tn Tl'i1t~1i) -.' ~ I!!I~~I ~ U~M!Ii In ~ ~1Iqr !Co~iI lRladiN "I:1'i12i rOlJl' G'~ ~ iIM! ~1l1i! 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II(JlKi' .~ 4.(. era ckll'iing t re bile. botb:H'11 '11~fiU~~ [)e(:Ibell wortt replace l'lunes.:: T~~II Ff~'-ii~~ Mt.~~5: rrt'.ormJ.DO~lh I halldlinQ! EI w'~derange of audio file types ln their S~ooth.aliLJde.~I ~~!t!1 . '~ ~ .. But they can m.f !tC:I.Imruk: lJlII~ (d9iC'lo.!h NIm!illIdl~~ FiOI"JHi '2 of lill .'t Ifnd)' iIll~ F411Lf.Ii~ Bl!Ilt'l 2~!ii"lJ4~Om 'im~.: Mat G5 10.lm l!tii::q Nlilh.wr~ft.!!Wf'~ '-W~ii":~r~ ~f J.~IU "It" ~.p "(hlfi SJljI ~hi~ .~ D IEaS'Vto use.j.J1~.8JV f ~e$lin llIl.·~ .t:ll' ~ ~ TrUI~ ~~~ A!~1. b lit S'W ~b:'tll in g to.\k~$i '9. ~\'H:~ 24. :!itvd!!!!1 ~m Qn .! lP. .\l~.s~ ~_.e sp p offers a pi a in II st vh~~'wf you r tracks.!G:!L.ality verslens.OJ great deal 'erf diinelitl~ru:e· to your audlo ~n]oym€nt i'r the tracks yo u Ilsten to ~re n 't up to sn u fff.emory to a'lfo~dl !liIi[~lp1I~ ~_pftj)i ¥. 'Th@. :3.d pl..' .Ehjy~t·'MJan expens lve set of spe a kers won't rneke .JI .2.8 of lO '§J'cf . listening to h~glh-res later t r ~c ks ls enouq h to rna ke' '1'0 La 'Wa nt to dIiitch YIC)t] r .or at the' qua~lty they w'iere ij'rrtlen~e"jln clill d ln g ma ny 'fl h3S ~Tun ss ca n 't to uch.DECIBEL MUSIC 'pt VER rTlunles for audloohlles o III~y alUd~olPh~lies rea Ily' care a b OH~' a ud 10''f iles.earn IOI[l." ~~~.M ~2: s. W'e'd love to see.lJl~ D'!:niitiKt !'I Ri!l~.g native 'format and Pf1]ce\~$32._.!Ublllrt'l TiiltlC!~ 'BiLQ &um1t!!Ii: AllfuP'i ~tit~~ ~'fI\l::1" ~Pll.14. Untortu nate Iy~iT'un es ls cks the a bl Iitv to :~Ilay rna my hi g h-end a IJdlo fo rmats. IrLAC:.5 the .1~l!!IlrtJ F'Hm.i~.y"n Mln .ear- DECIBEL Steph.~ ~~ .' ] 2 :2.100 licl: ~.~ ~. Ib~0.(r(f..'I0.g ~I. a We tested 0 n some hii~1 end g ear from Son:y and S€!nrnheiser usiimJ an MP3 version ot IN~neInch N.p !'. ILII' . (wh ~ l o ch can show 'Glllbum .ere nos'_ Hog Mod~.. QuUe w II~tt e rail IIy r C I.~.~(. :5i 99$.~<49 4Jl!! M1. ~In.EQbn ~r Jb:hn ~'" . feat UJ res. tho u q h t hey~'I st ~'II'~ U nd a ne m ic III ~ so compared t.tiib e I is raj~I abo IJ t.~IiI~r ~i'!i ~~9 'ii! ord .' ln filii" sen '6 shortcorn ~.a~dk) OJWlaHty. lsn't so m uc h a 'mus~(:-In. Ji.

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_. and opUonadl iilh:IQIralt~0 n 'wit h t ne Ldlstf m miiJj:s~ recom men d at io n c service syncs the sonqs yotllish.c: k w~ a ri ttt:1 extra fl air wh iIe ad d'i:!ng sorn e th e out to some tunes+-can coo'll features to own M~'nIlitlne-s ~)ec~Ji kayboB rd shortc uts c (how~"'. a menu tha'~ lets you choose.tull .e'F dis p ISIY . 'from s speakers connected to your Mac 'woroutput Ates. d.we'l case on yo IJ r Des ktop.~ ~.a new n a Ibu rn 0 r pll ayll lst. I Control ifunes inl stvle A ny' cornp uter task= eVlen one as eniovsbl e as rockin' 'YOU r g'et a little dull.. C'an't choose' AirPilay deveoes fur Ol)Ut~put Ke-ybaar~ sh~lr~. Grow Ii and Li31sUm Integ rat~on. you ca n't pic k s p €a ke rs con nscted by Air Pla y" But t hat's not lMindillLJne~'son~y il:llm~tation.~nto through MiniTurH~ w it~ 'Yo u r Last. a O~)Ie. hQIu.current allbum and t r a elk Inalme .--' i:I .. Min iTune puts. OS 'lQ. ell u n ky'-.JlnitJCOIllil fm"iee:' $1.1 .nd ma:k-ecur rent . Q' I. 1M ouse ove r the Yi~ndow to rna ke vol um e and ! doub Ile"c:1~:clkits w~.n dow to ca II up Ilunes and pfclk somethine dl'i'ffere'nt. a desktop remote . 0 r 'YO U ('.aJc.l~~~cutio m.5E:C3rt 'p iay'i n g..8 n a lert as new tra cks .zed i TU ((.A.e~ 'AN? hed to quit 1Mn ~ ole to 'free.uttr. On C9 you start Illi'sten~nq to m r at he r a PPSI eve n atts r deact ivat in g 5 h or tc uts ill Preferences).clllls~g. ~_..R L~"J] 1. PI rJ"t any audi'o 'flUe i~n~Tunes. _ ca n't tM:i ml'f1 imlzed r but to red Lice cll. W~tthGroW'l ~'nsta'llle'~! Min~Tune can your rnu sleal IrO ut i11e". or Ila' aliter n d~i.aqail" swi"ic hing to Ilunes.--.IldhliJliOlit ------ .but.!Up Desklop with a~bum n D art.ewe'll eiCilse. 'The iiTunes. pll'Ziyback controls on your AIP!p~eikeylbos'rd ca n 5 k.·I•ITUNE i UNES DESKTOP REMOTE .da'm . and its .OJ ~bLI m nd a rt .6. M your CUFSOiF overa corner.S'tf'anQ!€.art.Be'f'Snstain 1El(II!ioC~'1I!o"lIiIini 1IIIIn it LiAI _'..~tlh you call controll it m UlS lc pl aylba.tho U..i ndows.e j.. and '1'(lu~1I ee.erv m u c p p ea r in 1M ini Iu[119"50 Dock icon. yo U 'Ccliln set it n to rem a in beh ~ ot her apps.w'erk app.. iis u:se. HQIV.~ tn iiu ne isn't ex. M~ ii Tune wo n~'tlet 'lOti sel ect .2MCCQlU nt.. frn . the .i P a man g son g sill a p~ayll lst.1 .earn d~tmgeplav1lilsts wit he ut M!at::~ Li'fe ~A'rIED! SOL~D .ears in the MinrnJne w:indow dbove. The bott.mfoemen.~·lJf!~h~~i~ !![IIIIIII~: ~ i1ne.131 n reco rd ' for iTunes" W. ~ n P enflilanemltIy ~id e be hind O'~hif!fw.IIYr Mi:n'~Tune"rs WhlJdOW it 's a s~c k way' to cont roll: yo u r m IIsic ~'iJ'brary~especia II V I j'f 'you don t j u m po betwee n a ibums 0 r p Ilav 11'list'S v.pp StjJlIe.UJ h ~ easy en DUg h'_' if a Il'littll tis e W'WMI. u P C ust om i. Enter M'~niTune'~.yback controls appear.t~'= ~.eli L'iwns.act~yessent ia II~.99 Ava i talbh~'in l he Mac A.

st g~alm::e. .al!"lly :st. ' W h . 'Yourll spend too much time clickJngl on Vis. a-. or R'ad@on tm 2600J461'OJ4850/4810 or rrmeWE'r.CO" m" n'~ . t-irus 'ttee :"'. -__I" . '.' -. 'T'ltle botto'm ~lnitiailly II~ ne.if·e· RATED ------ (.w So to see I'f new' re'g im e nts n have been formed...sly o'Vere·ngineered ~or u.r. a ca r b~ke rae k be ingl re'j ii:gge red WO r you r iPa d. ¥ou cho ose w'heli1€' y. in th.nQles atter eacn turl1~ but t:h~:sg a me (31:11 most c rash ed ~verlt' time stl cki ng us 'W lth 4-0 to 60 seconds .B!I.J)_ w~~~ interest lose ... video ~!8IIT~1 ]28 Me. . Su 'I' At '~ir. 'fi'd t .yst~m.Ii II' no re P urpose ex .5. fe e ls dun ~y. use' a punll P works ~lk. s.n. Sure! yo IJ can m ou n t t h€! ~Pa dl pr a ct'~cal~ .a'II'I"is just dozens o'f Our biglgest criticiS-lm i.'~.~ble un~t$ and 0 n 'YOUIF' t:... fi. eno ug hi content Iblll.or IO'nens ivs or d 9'fen s hi'€' and an uoresponslve ap:IP~ ion before it lest 'fiiIn (3 II: I y rsso live'd r .k 'way to s~ it ca n surely $Iecure your iPald to the· dash in your min'[Jv..e Wr.)' 01' elliicldln 1.ayen. ~trealil-y is tile best The s. ..Chris B'arylic'k' This thinq sucks+-but 'w'e mean that as a compliment The cottaqe ~ ust r j.0 u r on ~ybee'! is t:lhe $90 IP rke talg..e Clv series.em to attach to.qlUl'lreme~~:5!fli~'el-bas~d Cpu.e .ife' R~TE. of nowhere and make a nSI~H~ 'for themselves cr~at~Fig new products for' your io.! I U'H~ overall :i'lmp!le'mentatlon nterface m a kes t h~ fe.S~'a clker ~:sex a(:t ~ th at.6~7 ra iIIIbow' p~nwheel 's r.S II S'IL 'ira interestlnq ways to hop on the! gravy. '1:0. whether "10 LJ F troo D'S w'~'11 IIa-y The boHo.. You ca n p.olfil.GI'OID norm a I 'fo rat u rn -based st ra t-eq'y gallm e [0 n e'e d a 'few moments to ta~lv up the' clha.ap h~C5 and /i. but the Se.train...ara IIrs easy enouqh to select OJ unit c'nd d irect it. Pnl~e~$'rat~\I'fa"" tu rn's set outcom e.e iii ke s drum m ed-up she re'w.offMac 0 S 1o. she re ups IJpp Iy lin es.¥ .anvw h Eli re.R· Sea(S!lLlck:er 'lit ca iii h 0 lid a!'u~llr'y ..t he . • . ".a re I..!ts.'.e ones.cJL. And wlh'iI e we a p Prec ia lte the SleaS ucker's ind ust ria I-st renqt h . Much like....dicu ~.e~any 'die~ hs rd Civil Waif ib~ff haIPPlp. ~'Ildeo R'AM(Geforo~ wHth '73{mI1600 On" newer. ''1'110111 :'i.! e.daiS hb cia rd!~'o...5'U rfacle. '1-.d T h.aSuc k}9 r iPad IMountilng Systelm SEASUCKE.99 RtlqlUiirememl~s: iPadl owanyt ~~nl] yOll1 Co n aU:a ch a 4.l'uu.ori..I ~ t' _OU~ ..J c. WAR' AMEIRI'CAN go and IN'h-at Ullei1jllllattac k.oli' 01:5 '(:arnd hl. to mov.I.'-. _ ~pa_. good audio.r~~e\:119. .even dl~e-Ihard ! .ato p lets 'YoIJ.8 . movs. I~ke' dl 'W in dish i.lQIY OU '-t..aCIEt -Roberto Baldwin Ma.. sett I.alce.o . 'frn@' hard disk space.A'f'ew pUlmps w'iith Y(l'Uu nnqer Ughtens. but 90 buc ks Cia n iy buy severe I corn petl m. an~ c he os€' arUaclk s~yh'~~'s- the turn. ~I/. t roop mora ~ ~ w ter n e~ and c ivl~~ n 5 U ppo rt. V'lullr ii P. the . _. lt's tu rns to bur lid .ba sed] s:trateg y g a me A rnerlcsn [iv~'ill People have qU'k.."-'.~."" nk: _... m t.111 nut. lbut . r.5-h'llcn S!Udio n cup. IMlIDiI'~" '~'Mt"""ri. Mile ~L.r des ktop~ a charml [0 hold your D Th~power of a vacuum k.And then there ere the th 011.!lijl.S. GREAT ~J c:~_ h. t{~ SE'aSll(~e.:surf'aG:ie.".~" s.! "-. and y-oui're glood to go.. It:is no.o.evices .se with an 'iPad='a~d it is~But if pi! us eas V re Ilease when it's tim e to.. Enoug~ content to ke·. And the ·'tLUE. and W'~1n the wa r 'W h iI'e draaII 'ngl ~th ra'~.'u ~'G'ib ~ ...:'.I't wa s ." _"' '$ va CUIU m 1m0 IJJ nts. products are an lrrt.aJtw.-'.'ling proo uct.:'€) I~'iin m cst s itua tlon Sr trs cover k~II.or later" 5'12MS R'A~" t2GB.99 $ AV'sUable in the Mac Ap'p Store R!.mp 'fro m ....ove '. D IDecenil'd'" top s p e.t" appear _..2)C'B.our a rm ies.act~vieLI n lt to act lve un~t arou Iid CIVIL W.slits perf:orm. lt's hard to im a g'ln e._I_.. c· ~--y.en ~Pa d '~n p i. If ~ndl e 'P rocesse d modes fo r esc hun ilt. n '-I" .' '. .d.. cFeated for an ent~relv dlfferelllt purpo.l IPFodu ct s. Works 0 n any ha rd. 1iiI.r and the qarne decides each .::ill .A.e 'your de.'-.a~I that by contra II'in-g the' Un]o n or Co nfsds roie'! inca m podiQ ns tho t fo C IJ S on iind iv~dus II yea rs or the entl Fe five-vea r wa fJ'.ge to a town occupy it r or burn it Despite decent qraphlcs and sound. t he' point t hat . the VBCLIum s@al.11 . 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EM of ICN)th ''!NO r Ids'~ roc k-so lid stu rd i ness whe n yo U n eed it.t he SeaSucker se'elmlS rr~.Ao Ppl e SEASUCKER iPAD -U' I au . and r id ~. .h .11- '~iU~1I" £.ere:st~ng phenomenon.ING svs. I Mac O£.'(. On one. .ee .. p rob! e ms m OUi nt ing the s.J11'~" ~.!:!Jd staUollila that I~N)Pup nd CM"IO-U nd .o!c:I'.m Une'i] This S.eOivy and mot p'artic'u~.-.s for C ivi! into 1. 'er th g uys~~:.e Id '.

aiiiit~nte' ((t'mp'~E!lt@ Sirn.milab!e in ~he Mac Ap. -..acDlaqnostks . v Q to co nse rve screen re·8JI I estate. be whic h lac ks <3oog~eR'!ead e r suppa rt.e'qu'iir'edl . Boot DVID not IR. Iooql_ .eal~~~lfle.M[.r'1ol'e.I!.cain [chii m e 'iln.a~like'~ so lt's ~r k ky to q u'jelk ~yfi nd news 'fro m t h e sltes yo u'.. but for other feeds. leunc h the sto rv in 'YO ur b rowssr {you ea n aI so set stor ~esto slk ~P t rH~p revl ew a nd' la u nc h d ire'Cll V) .. .99 ~v.!! thanl jU5.01 .1' .. trom y'O ur b J"'O.llle info. Y _i.n'ito...e most r interes ted in.C:E S$.*" Ealsy use . Addingl RSS feeds to[ YOlLn sour-e[e list is eaI5v'=1. 1-0 r lat:~u D IGoo:gh~Reade'F' irrleg ratiou S pa[)e·. /1 i To hT d e '''I tM' recnioo I P ro 6 d 1 e oe rvers h d narcware dl cnaqnos t-· dl rive repair ano d alY maintenance f'or n ac IIIC5.'n:A~i"' . -'.e ~Yr you ca n't update te ed $1 :m...~aft e Ci3lriii~tmanually lIlpd [lrie feedls. but R'S:S diehards w:ii IIIIbe better served by a lbee~i!elr reader.. or f" nd IIQ~lP:SJt. or click....exce pt that ngl all other interaction w~th the' app occurs in its menu bar teen. The bot:tO[1iIiI1 m ne. ..t-"'..' I.r ... W'orks with S:SDls . C'Iij'ck~tng on e previ ews the a rt ~c.'t a pre. . IBut on ('e '[e eds are add ed..dIPro[ . a It houg h it doesn't do m uell more tha n de Il'iiver t hi e ~ atest news. • [I.t~t'y fi. _ '!..W$'9' r's add ress ba r to Fresh Fee d Pro's 'f loatlnq w'~ ©I~t Irro:Ff1I there r you nd ca n she re t 11 art ic lie 0 n Twitter 12.!iJ'.Un obtrusive news .Jom ission Fresh Feed IPro~'s menu bar icon snows a :sc:r'O~~a"ble' Ilst of your head Iif1 es. ideel II wit h out y U nto rtunat. Those S'U bscr ipt ion s are a IJtcrnat ka IIy im po rted by @'IlJ. . 'fie.. S'.*" Drive R._.8IJY. news. f3(.d re.a.II TJ::III~ "''W'.t&-t~d.UIRLs manually or dl rag fthe'm. aqain [a. [I. _me~ ill'-.1. W'e wis tn theJfE 'were Ia rg e r falY Icons to hel p tell things apart.. ·.Deer IF'~ei5h IF:ee.. ~'!r V 1~t: . Fresh Feed Pro is a compact RSS reader that fits comfort a b!'1 0 n you II i[Jesk top..ur n ed on 0 r on O!S -you r lnte rests cha r'HJ e~a 11d '1'0 u can set how' otteo teeds update dlnd hrJW many headlines d:iisplay at once. .c:k. .d'glQ req atlon FRESH FEED PRO RSS READER ~.*" .Saving menu bar.. bun ch of extra clutter. -. .~IFre'sh Fe ad Pro do es 'the' j ob. Hsrdcore 'i1nformatl on j LInkle.s_ .'\.·.. t.) IRATIEIC'.I. Family Packs for household 0. Dia9J1U'l~ .tna e . -:'~d'ic S ·ti[on). .y ca n be' t.PSfuore : --'uij!1l1li -c __ . 'The m ef[e Ily I~SS~curio us loo k. But all the headlines look . bl'C~o~J~ lPW"ic@!..Adam B'..ri'ng via Bonjour IDfht:e ~jr'ngyour GO[H. you naveto enter '[hie. 1 to fe~d$ from a D'i"rfli'cull:'tto ·~ellh.IDa'tI FOO~awr:!i OpthifjliRtiO~r:_ingi&: M.fill e 'wit h IFresh Fead's free' one r~'ngl~. soc la~netwo rk~ng 'Tf3 at IIres..a nue IIII ~'a V ·f rust rat~ rH.~--y . Thot M'or.u:!late~ rocks... LAN Mo......UIPI to VEIRS'IION SHJPIPINIG N:O'W! NEW . I FRESH FEED PRO Dnck icon.elpair *" Directory iB. ~he prev'~~ww'i 11d rJW'...( 3! .S. Data Recovery 'V:ourne Cloninq Smart Alerts Optlrnlzatlon ..f yO~JtlFe eo ml'i n g fiFO m Goo g IIe Re'ii d er.11. (l too.. m. Til ey need a steady stream ~f' R:S······' tR'iO~II: S···.L.. .:$.. S'OL ~D • • .erens ta'in Malc: ILi'fe -.~mE~edi rnore t nE~1 twe ets n a no Face-boo k posts to get a flx. :rIm!! . Dra gg~ ls rn ore convenient . at' . II 110 I.g.: rd::iili' ~S' 'iJ... t h 9.1 l.e'iieh u I:. .

"0 0"" .··_.~ __ I _~' I__ · ulldlno !.! . -B' .: '0 .~. 1_ to b La iId llie'lNst r UC~ res for you r ki ng do rn.. _"__ 1 floht Inc dra cons? 1_ U1':J' -.'f'i er svsts m to cond IJ ct the' n-g rest of our r'evie'w~.~ .. . c· '_'-- 1'10' . -.. a'.ast 0 n e's krnd o'f nsw.e r ousl fa close to ..'our klng. ...IJlfh\ €~'(oli1il/the'-sims-medie'ilal Price(: $4. 'iN h ich are' Lised by your su bjects all d the rnem be rs of yo ur COlirt IRAM.-:1.81II o U rt.-.e.d().g or by steer IrNJ'the ~ves of a i rno na rc nan d hils.. '~'.. .o-m.. For sta nsl on pac ks. rile Sims M.!.~.._ ..eid:e rta j'lIIing g.. ~:rl X1600 or Nvidira J3. ...e··n·~s··I. __ h-..' - <.. __ ~ . 'illle bettom IDoeso"t: mrn weill en svst~'ms.-. II~Ike'chu Fehas u and sm i~ hIes and sta b les Th~ nat: 0 n 1'1ss rves to rna ke s t he co rnm 0 ne rs of' yo u r kin g dom ha PI~iii€' ls a r-ewardfng glaming ex pe'r ienee' that yo UI'fII keep co m ingl bs ck to fer {""'O'il"'Ii"fIi"'I...:"_' . decade.€iS 0 ut Bu t eve nth is g rea t 'ga m e has. :. be .'e·'.cause ~t~:s. The latest entrv. ~.esbring ne'w running it.. d'tJet As part 0" the tutorlal. and battleaxes. re. __. COUlI'd ~:a'!'ng plavers to get their As yOt~expand '\. Whe.alnl!e: set ln the Middle A. T!HE ·s~ S M MEIr:U EVA l Elec~rQrmie .I .'"'--mI.-.l~~ ~'.~ .ur vllrt ue I wo rld.I Co re latE r.but a lso alll'~ OW'S for a deeper gamep IlaYi' as th'e new structu f".256MB of Vi~!eo RAM or In~e~ I~tegrat)~.Malt 015: nt-5.. I '. !'\!_ n' _~ o·r tne franchise.aste~..? 'j There' s no dOH bt [hail Mac g ame rs Iave The Sims.rr ~ors.ell st uttert ng..T I :T.2.2M1d WOCi d. c 't"H!ar petit lo n s fro m y..9.~' a n . !!Ui! D Deep.1'1 -. '~t CI powe'r.. I' [' . or her su bjects t h ro uq fa the tria ls ~nd t rl bu IIa-tions of' rnsd leva I Ii te.! . ~ ~.2... 'I _.awesom. and cr attsm e n b) you r $i de'~veter a'f1Jp ~a'yers of The Sims wm notice that 'wnile The Sims 'M€dievai st i~focuses on 'lour 5'~ms ~a lot more t ime ls s pent on ~ crattlnq their environment than '~nprevious versions. The Slm s M1ed leva I is 0 stande IIone g.:-" I '. count less 'ex p...I . MC king min i'ima I 'SPiel cs. ':"'. l'fJthat sounds .0:. .cI GMA l<3100MB 2 D~o ·o~f.nd two reboots titl. okaVi tha t II.. I _. of of topics 5UC h as IrHJw to p itch 'woo in yo u r roY. ".1!'' ~I'_n'l~"d-1_ '.. EXCIE.8GS.~~I~..-. W 9 loaded! The Sims IMEHj'reva~ on 'oJ l m~d1~2010 . add let ive galm.d( . .11 ga ther resou rces sue n as sto ne .~.e that's kept us entertained and sea nda ~ V IJn prod uct ~V'..zard1s. you'f..66GHz ~3'a'iJnch rMl. lIDes p lte t he Ia prop's mleetr 1n g t he g erne's lls ted mloim urnI r·en-U-I~r. .. for exampler The :S~ms MeCmeval t1ldS -you I build an entite kjngdom.' toun Uv _. :S.~ II.chlno 0 _ '-.{lO GT wit-In .T h ~ t· _OU~ leSJ. a. offbeat humor.ac8Do~ 1Pf'()'wiitl1._-..qes.a. ......"_.LlIE:N.~ Wd.. 53GB free spar·@.1_.. ~mn. .mr 'You~'II'11 attract 'wi.t rick Ste~art MliU:~ life' IIL!\ rE" .~o'''rillev~to .99' R~!!IlIJil['E\me~~s: ..i! ~. 'W". 'v·::.{uld del~.4GHz: IIIlli t.(ln~te:a hOUS 9 mn The S'ims .p~ay~..'s not to t. ' I ~'~ r !n '.~ I.a'Ph~ mess eve n w hen rock inQI the ca! IIi1ne. - .i. ThrouQllh t ne odg ina lqa mle.".are d ropped ~ nto the m ~dd of a lbe.0:.3.IJI~I~!!! 'tea rs to '-·S···'.e! ~Itrs only Ib'e. !lui! 'I..e'used more qot a m Be h line eelpe bl e of P'a.- ~. you welfe abl'e to' design . fJ·~m'~J "·'....:..pil·av vallWle.our subiects and demand and subseClI'ILh:'ntly w~'nd.n~'r :. ~'r. . . _._ ~. IV I v' "'1 ..e _ d T-he-' 'S~Jm·~.'I@warU lowest of' sett i11g's. 's l8e'fore m.2'GBRAM.. .e'wy t utorla 11'1 cove rl ng ell wilde uanqe Ie 'f1nlf cro ma naqeme rrt va =-Y. ''.. HOlWfS of '[1lUl Hi'gh. ways to in te ract wii th 'Y'o.. p'~llt.. -. irsa w--.. .e ._''.. _.Atte r de s:fJgning a KIng. ~m~aely n 10 n@t:utm~a I'. at.Q'v'~ to a be'e...11 . 0 .hung ry b east ot a Ht ~Ie.r:-· B . .. OJ -re'w d'il:s8p poi nt me nt 5. 1..ediev.or Oue e n f rom the gllro u n d u p~ p Iiayers .~ you 've I'f' Nanai'e'd by P~trick..aillfileplay. _I t- 't t" rustend rauncs . The Sims tvh~dh~'\fall'~ co nt i11U€'S the fr CBnch ise's tr ad it ion of dee P.

0 nce mv w r ists sta rted to Wi urrt f u ~l-s iz e ~a ptop stand s. i'T you took this 'rn one ... !Gil "i:i q reen.0 'biWcks'.e Q'U~ck. and lt's chea per than m 'na't kJey'board or suffered .YtltU d~5.jj.a1y $.a I~ 111£3' it I. G ~.rG J"" l'!i I :1 "I . down .and not even 0.. to ll-inch '113- laptopi D lii'Q~ta~dl~o['b~bie'.eit her end of the a A Iittle Po rta b ~.AVila PO'RTABLE Q ICK STA . When f:o~ dad up.e!I. Tih'!' b1o.' ~''ii~' r' b.A place tOI stand for vour Ma'cBlook The promise of a laptop is tile . 'it 's 1] in cnes ~onQ.Q 'You ca n 't swnc h the m out.e..'nt.o~ pelifettiionlo PIOIR'TABLE Q'UIICK STAND' AVI~hil aViiQ. and mag ente. But their dhrtv secret ts that the "comtort" of beinQI a b lie to.lbet~@n 'cnlmplut~r !ip@Blk. Fo cO!OJ'$...EU\:: IL i"fle IFLA T [ 10.99 l~qluiifl~"U3'nit:'s.. Angles keyboa r~ to '12'deg rees R~lbber bum pars ~r'ice~ $309.40 to 'g€!it 'iit bac k. ~Ult it':) w.5 au noes. Hlig.:) 111_ RI C' I1"i..~ee've r~'gl~tnext to..s: . once 'IOU pi(k out your table' at your nejighborhood ca fe" the Av iig P()IPS up to ._~ tht~..1''h at ".llat~vely basic: piece of hardware. 'lit's so'l~d~'Y ade. II W'{)U ld p reba b ~yp.a tll'f ancompressed 'Sound J~pretty r:eMtlrkcivh!}1 .satil" b!lad{ Audioengine Cllos~s the g.E!'IiS and home aludio !Pm-eml~llWm Wl~I'j'~lessAudiilG)Al!h~.. "i:i.efup an.{'91~9'9 $ pre'm~'um)-. y.Av:ii'~q offers f~ve colors: glr-. rt 1. Ids. COIMlputer' lei nd a~I you r audlol gieaJr "~uper fast s.krop'l campum~ Of are media p~Qy. lhey rs gl ~IIe d o n.deslqnsd to go whe'n::ver tne spirit takes you and vou r ~B'o(~k.s spa ce ~ vo ur ~ ptop ba@j' 01 n d you cou Id e'ven shove' lt in n a a ly ~e a 11011 g m lssive on totallv .ti~ ~ h. ~u ib.25 inches hh~in.M a vbe.ome in '(ive steep .lL ~ C. lb~alck. '" .r.[JillJl "" om ofi~.1.kSta n d lis.oku's Ikeyllboard at a Icomfy' W2degn:~es'r J ILlst r]'ght for typing wah n~'cle.~)urMiac. Nlow that ~ hooked on It..'0":' 4'i"i..r0!5 ' G l"I'~. anywhere...1 tJi.e. Standi end .prt(rr 'w. But yo u IF wrrs. :$40 tee Is . A¥-ailab'le 'ili'll high"'~IOS~iNhu~ arid .iI~. 12 deqtll"e. but yo IJ a ~$O'wo n' t lo se t hem..t s at wei rd a III gl ~es.OI1 nect Reviews.1made an d should last 1 stra~'ght wrists Uke your typing teacher (do the".bffSt sp:eakef$ ia .ay 'from me.99 ori. b IlJIe. answe r eo I fro m yo u r f t2lIVO r lte cotts e sho:p mladi 't :[. (. ~ ~..25 inches thic'k-not to ment ion a mere :5.r3.$59.ave tho se?) ta u CJ h t ''I.8 sore.g~nallf.c.. s. S. So lt '~13kes UJ p next E'O no =Susie Och.ct it works well. 1l. h"11u~s.ttOlrfll Iine.1. neck from tiltinq dow n to foe uson t hie sc re en~you k now what wle~'re '~:tlilking about Av i i Q mlal ~es 5 om e wel l-eon str u (ted cind hall dsorn e A\diq~s PortatDl.2. t'hin.aP'.u~Vo u r prec lous ~ k ls he ld BoOo stab Ie by rub b e r caps on . Thls keeps your MacBo.5 lnches w~'de.aptop Stand (./05 i!!J steep 'for this re. but ihi new Po ria b Ie Q u ~.131 trl a n~1u Ia r s ha pe.Untrate .~ A t f lrst 'g IIa n ce.. r is ln QI 2..abil~'ttv EO'work." -q ua~ity' wirelless for' you r iilPod:..II IIf ''tIO IlJ .".e 4. D .ay'r.

. Even If you manage to get used to the terrible key Miele.._ ~~... thl$ orne btJtton takes you to the beginnirlg of the form.) Li'f.r. only option is to -Nie Varqus vot~ with ~ntluded.f::beeal:lSe .. USB perts.e I~ if.Com Price: $99JJ9 Requirements: iPhone 4. T Ig..Also.4 there's . 3GS~or iPod touch wlth lOS"0 or Clmnio iOmniQ. Splice bit" is tiny.~mJ.8)-we hope you like your screen . we guarantee your workflow wIll be disrupted. Hopefully omnle will reJease a software update with Ute ability to reassign keys and make t he kevboard functional" As for now.. ILl' .. Don't buy this.. . RNs-anabtV prited~ Looks qre·at TerribJe key Charges yoor phone and lets ypu text from a ktvboard with Un. fiRQers can tateh the underside of keys. iPlione in its current or later later. A nd worst of Home button sits in the exact spot WIl•• not enough. The bottom line.. the no way to dim tt. No ilpp software placement The your wallet...keyboard layout ~~~.ED.. 10 keys donft do the rigtit thinqs.11••• lAME 1 .ntrtU~Att~ommand layout . Small WQutd"b& issues Uke a lack of backl1ghtlng or mushy buttons are trivial when this keyboard is altogether unusable IdIm. the the. you're typing. and each time you consciously try to reach over It to hIt the actual Delete key.I~(JltoU$ me c~ce/Delete button sits on other keyboards.6:. wHIte modem Apple keyboards ~o:tJ''t.[liCk of a hutton. Kevs feel mushy.JI(tYs fidn1'dQ the things they were supposed to OO.1~J. ~ blDrra aH"Fn"'Command·Alt tliIw:iI!Ilft'. and Mac OS lQ..


!Ur!I.e re..f'IIll~ II... W llllr~ f' serious about :01 21inc h sere e n the Ci nerna D isIPlay' ~ we)rth the rno n ey.s rna IIe W'i there· are bett.~! Iin'i n-g.od-t.a fJ'e'w hl c:~._ . . 1\ ~ I ~ i v .B 1"18q @Ittl rNii tbe ilx"e~ iC~O'Uld: I\t~sfree. ere a fractlon f~w inc h €'s. S flnce A P1P did n't mlen~Jon .e re d by HII? and Salim su ng~..rOlp ' IlL __. .I."I·~.2._" '._OIU-.actuallv be -the' wrong monitor 'rOf VOu.w.~ in.· precessor .off.·o·····.l:!1~Jba ('.~I_ ··I-·e···" to: ·=-b-' ..~hse'IPJices w Ii II and w)on t s UJ niii'!j'le ·the t r a ns ifiip n fWi[) m Y gl~.enS'~vlel and it has 110 DVI OF HDMI ~nputs.I'. . L 'I 'n II'!. . . t~)alim:G' ke' n i P ().t Plilil ('.l(pen:s~ve. ~n J u ne 3O~2012~ iWelb pUlblis Iiing. m enUon ·t he waY' eve rY'Ul~:n9 ~POpS'I'~ 0 n it.·yU u~ ~II IF .p. runlnlngn.i§ n ~'7"" h n t1:I*' .~rM. you shouldn't have.If you'r.. and iDisR ar.cent Ii g hts\t it Im·~·g·lht . I ii~.e all QIIe.r SOmeOil'l e w'ho doe:s eI.~g f urt h er n eICCE'SS te you r musJi'c co IIe c UO·n".1."~ n G'. But n o~:'iiceh'tlw' ~said most (..ei "'01 wl\t h IlliIV 113-~n(iih M..Jut l'lunes Mel~c:.ay ls lncrsdlblv exp. We.VI@ seea .. .::Ii r'll .Ill .A f/uiJ(f1'r.s rna [ IlleMi~. ' to h.I.lt1~d[JI!'\lr A. But I Vl! be e n @'QuallliV' iilmpness9'd wah other ~PSdispll'ays=wh~ch off. of the price.ay 'I[t'm ·a rN!W iO:S ..oner in~ mere sto ralg e w~ ~ I..orrH~~ lon~in@' Mail! Co nta crs ~Ca Ienrda riO d F" in d My iPhlone w ill [be a Vii iIell) Ieat an ic:~ u d. 'wh~ch w~'11 enly ~ ec ~Ii\ . De!r}le n d I'ng 0 n ho'w 'tOM use MtJ.' IP··r. many atS's. 0 n n'ow to mig ratE' rn OSJI n~ you r d tf~a eve r to iC I(NJd w'heln the se rv ~Ieela IJ nc h 8'5:. I I t'e···I-C'..uit!e as bad but a 'lew Mo·blll e1h\h:!J' feaC Ulres ..e ...actwlCl II V w~:Jilrth I·ts he'f'ty' p.g I [But here's wfilere thinqs q1et tr'~tky:. MObileM.p'~. ~.Ii. 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JOQi[!1i o~ w'hr~(h can ..ailab~el~a~trhcugh deta~i' w'i1de v~'eiwillg ang!.Ra y .mal_i' '•. IF .heeJiaPlling b~. I gj.. f'II 1i--o .F"I'I'I. 16 :Il~ ~I.Ulr~led that web tl1e'y~dbe on ~.s.tUng unpJugge:d.:.availab[e etprsss tune.! .0 t'h' a st ff I "'.' .23 n't ~'j'v.-. QIO .'1 day at ~N'or k ~ . . ~ IL'iIO Idt' S'u'pgra d e tIlo_lonl •. :r _ j1 not ·to. I I i r- An~r AlPpll~iS iCloud ennoencement.. s _.... '.ne'" -'N'ie Vargl:ls to IloV'e.)t'IIHrniB I ill h.enU't sort-of replliace me f1Jt for iDi. i CliO U d "5 n I~HMDocu m ~rrts ~lnf~ 1:]0 u~ l l re'Ei-'[ ure is a .' '. '.'ild ~'CJoudpll!a. "I liIJIl&V~ I 2 I 'Il''' .e bl .~ .rr¥. ~ '1-0 u work f b r'i1g ht 1'1 u on~s.. IIPS m on ito rs gat s r'ealll'y expsnsive when thetre' ~arg:erthan 24· ii'nches. but I t's .~nce then released addl'litional del~:ai~s ab out wh h.111' - ~lJJll .s.. '.: 'I 'I .ij i nst ru CtiOI1IS.1 wv to of which have more ~Iamljn.""" n IJJ '!~WI ~ 0"""" '* III ~ Ji.. U_I __h'··ave~. tho ugh~~ m..HI p~s ZR22.0 1:.' '--··d··11 w· '·h-····· ··t __' _Ial. lit also on'I:.on Molt) n:e M'f. " I have a-'M···· ·B-···O···.ons''Y'fs no 0 bJ 9Ct a nd yo u ca n f 1ma nag e thep ot.ct ive· Qillossy' sc re'e n.J to.anld M. ot 01~I sl IV~:r n .... But trs not reall'V Q.the A PiliI.(HUh Ibe~lYft]\YI ~slhlnr!lilr an d @.k'i arid the rH~iw!Photo S[fieolm isn't as 'gel ngl to rna ke.IOU'I.d~ has $.CI nd e i Y' :sty Ie ~ lit's..~ tJ1t h~ Ia re buys Trom ot n.ns ..'Reta.pecU ire: ~e '~eatur!es~~~. 'iie loud 'r.' '..many' .' ···"t' .odlat shallFfng p'notos~. be ~v.' ~eopa. 11)..\.. lf 'YOU [ust !(:. '..~JUI"".11 and iCsll. o :S~lfniCle those services are browser-bssed. n . t ha ~ ld.Q. .givle vou cd lea:st :s.jr."!_ o:piingl ind Iii. Wn II...0 _I_appen t '. Cinema Dils'pl.:Clime'S with a Ihigh~y U fJ1 d e r the' Cin~mlar D'~spllay is one of the best optk~lls on the mar[ket rh]hf' f] ow. ~I? t I g '.. so if' 51.o··.W'III I b IBI__ e t ' use IC-"I d-' on mly' o_~_e'r II~ap'... a b.' . rha.' ul.p pi e will be p rov hj.any t ro LIbll'e w lUll them .::" .'..b. pSI..e ~nte'rfaces tor Mall. _ .""'" r'"ri'II .... .101 O':'I~ II~..· (.__ Iln··' . u.Ilv r' and !exc'e ~lent c. ".ow' _.. ~'u .'.? ec ~.ani e.". " .-"o"re ID-··u. the Ci~e'm a 0 is:pialV oners a lot At $999u' the Cinema Displ. ~~ .

.--~ie.lldiY.pp 0 n an othe r iOS dev lee)..i3 II oW' IIII you to.B:c:k Imy :s't. To.IJH' ~nl!n(omiJiillLttr b mol !IiI~ed r~r." Irort una b3'IIV~' 'warn on. cneC:'k the' Send . There are a couple of diner-.~~ ~1!1-l'!Ii!lltl'O!t~ 'l~m .e' tlr.ey mo des on the 'fll"'I'. iallild ".er! to buJ1.r and iPhone 4. lo'r' c'aln ~I.()jf ke.111---•. and ~ 11 es cont rc ~sby hi U ~'ngt ~\}efn II"iiliSS the Fn kifY any t'iime I needl to use shi"M".r and 'You ca n access the at her fu nctto n s II'ii'ke sc res n b r iq h tn ass.i3l iii ist..for $0.1IXf!l{b1i 1M! ~nl'l .Callni JOin and il:e. account.e' 1i 1 such .com S E P 1111 8:3 ...~ lis.ngd' -:r '"" .rmati·on from t hi e' de'li ce~ CorV' Both~'fi' commandl Ginl. 0 net . the I.r ft~ ion keys..but lt's free..o. Makin!g lrunction Key's Funct:onal ~hlate havllllq ..e soeWlari~)'r you can U~H~ the Wipe .s..~' 1 If the group you're' e'mamng frequently adds or crops members.e. e'. ~ . iPh orte 3{.lle.@.a 'funct iion Ikey~Is th.pll..avf~groups on tlhe:lr ow n as location..IIO. lust type the group contact name 'jin the how to set iLl p Fill~ My iPh one waho ut a M. A fte r 'Vou have set up vou r Find My ilIP hone . check out thr~s do I'm Adldres:s 8 oiO k .:~Pmne muime':.nd iif 'they won..8) wo.oo[. .ef'er .at 'lour device make a loud beep~nq soundr wh'iich 'jis usef~u~ your phone is Ilost: in your house. to create Q. t c t ~ n c.Stolen iPhonle 'Why' C!1n't 'the.. ='RiJ'Y' A guneta Mafr[iinQ yow r own mlulllii.eon our slte: bette r tIMinq s to'" row k.i r'P lay. Til en whe'ne'v. __ JllllliJfe: EdJllolf.Addres"s Groups in i'OS CICNllitac.ces.I In'eed _ "t-: @maill a q IiOlJ..2.99" It qlves y'{j<UI the .ClCCOU nt and .i~' 't'tnl'~e0.S Multitasking ni' 1F'~i 1~k.f .eIld a nd y:ouY're good to qe.olen IiP'lIlon.~ n 'keys wo rk .op.2.others 'froml using it.oimii.. track Iti!!: ~ii Itff..lf't: we like A BCentacts ($4. rill when . p re'vefllt in g .elre a slettii fig 't:hat I'll~ li'O'5'tead Ilhaive t\D' plre'. 'V'OUIF piholne wiit'~ .!etc.lle . c hec k 0 u t Palua ln the Mac App .t:. y. I can~t Iglet ii.a In A"pplls ~[} to to send . models of~the' thilrd= Igen e rat~on iPod [OUch run n inq iOS 41 accolrd inq [0 the..IJi~ ls it hern . t nfNr-e 50~m.r! ~ FOUl q ..t\ gunera t = options in the._.slIppor[lsd 1011the! 32. ~~ I .llJlr.e l 0 Ir Play So u ndl 'W~ .r own sQlution-espec:~ally iff your email qroups are 'fairly stable and don't chanqe much.e? A.r wo:..~'phone.~ I!I~~.i th:llre.a..es5.anop[~on. a rewar~i' or whatever {)ther words 'lOU rnii..out your function keys g'et.pp to menaee QilrO ups. create a new' '(on tact in Ad d ress Book on your MOle and . Find M-y ilPlhone 'wii~show you on a map where your device ls hiding" Clicking (H1 the' blue' dot Qlives you addition. ice' but [hia nlkfu II~Vi' rn ost n ewe r iOIS dev lees have GPS b IJ llt rig 11'[ into them.De'pend~'ng on t1J1t)W much of e work.(HJ.'? SvstlelF~i' to 5:et lIlJ'.e r illdu d ~ng the 3 G ve rs ion s of the '~Padr. hlow do I 'filln. 'lou create and rna nag e m ~~ii ps.P~ nee d e.3..nrtac:ts. 'Goo g I€ G r(HJpS .ack '~J~ qroup for "Use all Ft.'99) for its deep featu rs set and easy q roup treat ion" IBut shop .'.caSh.. a ndl you: ca n create the trne g a'·'1st..s -SI.!:lInd :S:O Oinl~'lha 'Ol'lll'y 't'liI'iin.a nd then.ef'atth:Hl1 iPod t1ouc:h ("Irunnlilliu:jl 'iIOIS . SID! flemotel-y re'mO'rNa .-. Th is met hie d takes a Iblt rno Fe 'work. With these devices. .61nd chela p O'PI~ions. sync H to you r i y ~Pho n e 'to save lots ot ta pping.abi I~ Mile add ress 'f j.~t I canl ge. Yo u' 11:1 SEH. Ap ~ !Ie now adillows doth is to 0.s n g e au yourse'~f'.ev (or dOiW i1.t .8nld I liecenlt'ly updated the soHwalre' to iOS 4~.ndli ng e'ma~ I ilni 'i'D'S.a r'1€l' 'free'~.t q rOIlJ ps dOlnl"t: wolrlk 'whelA :se.iIt.1 on a M.ent workarouods.and pe.and 'they"re actually alii prn3Uy simple. You .t In at: g.Mobile Mle uss rs..Inrot: :Ifo'wvi:-.ialiill"l y s. [h a n fi 11d lost iPhones. eli ck a I1'Yof tr h e:se dev lees to Q t.oJo u nd = if a II you wa nt is an b~]M mes:sage to... Iearn .cI1imlY stolelnl an email 'g roup for use 0 tJ1 vou r pho n e.adand U se the rnoblle F indl M "if ~Ph one . r there are' pllen t 'if of trs e . UI'Umlmoa'l«: ~. and 164Gl~. Or' the O'f: ~ • I iO.. iPh one 3G.t '10" .ir.a I~ st of act iva b~d devl (~S. ~ m hJhit be wort nab uck.3.c.d..s mlLlllt irtals 11jnlg.pp Sto re that 'w'i1~~ let.e'rnate plF. so hO~N~ful~Y'App~e' will btii ~d in natl \Ie' s U pport TO it: tin ls tlrn e .t thi:s 'fealtu re .le . 'fa httr. 'To create :iiIPho.u_ . se n dJ al m e SS-I~HJ e [0 '~he d eV'i ce'.II:rE:¥$' ~~ ~~l'Id~f>d.r .'iitch thatil.sto~. It rnav be ea:slef~ ho' elO.S ig ned in on yo u r va r ious iOS devi C9:S y~)lIJce n 'V ~sit me .w.. Once a GP'S location has bsen nailed spe'c'ify' th.~lliI '"'Il~Ji~.all the :new' 'fealfti. P IileUy q u lc k.give it a unique namle" In the emall 'Helldl~. a matter o'r: 'fact.: .'i~ld In 16W ~l-.Prefe'rencles and choose IKe'y~{)ard.e.onal ~nf. lin the' Wou5t~Cas. I-. te 2'~'O --a-I~.s.s:: A'iirPrilnit'" A.ght want .Ray' .i'm.eyboClIFd tab.8 round" Th ank hilly! you're not Ieft r at the' mercy ot Appl'e. [I 'C·I)'111 to glf.iI.e email to your .orll [ij. keys as standard function Ikeys.e 'yollr EHl aliter'lllathl'e numbe.t it at allII 'w·t:1i1 t Iile tJd rd'·gen? MLiltitask.St~Jre.rikSIIl"'O. Your 'function tunctlonalltv Is a rnalor shortcornlnq -ot Ma':ill:on iOS dlev~. ype or t IDaste 'emalii II a d drsssss sepa r ated by' corn rna 5.l. that e'xa([ setting does exist! To make' your 'fu Ul.t t. nd II 'WOU l:d _r.III_m -. you can use' ·the' Iri'ndl My ~lPhotJ1eteature 'lin Me bi Ie M1e to t r'ack down the exact locet io n of you r de'vlte.~':Il'il tiNiw~"~.r to' call IIYOILI on.. [pO Iic.lq..ckJi .s:c:hooI e m.S." In the K.II11 work.r h G'ad eve r .H~~ it for' a Fy JcbTnla ()om~ O~~ yo u r best bet is an 0 ~d-. If' you want to go the app route.II DON'T want '1:he fu net iOlnl ' 'The po ~ pro:oa:bil:y have..hl Syste m IPn?fe rences fro m vou r Doc k a nd m a Ike' t fH? clh.eys as'.SI'bil~tvto switc:h w~ fil a kevst ro ke or a s~ng lee lie k two cl~ ks fe'~N~r han it ta kes to..But l'O:S !S ii:sjust around the corner.jlLlIS..ys w~'. fin e pr ~ on the nt '~s.. '!I<~!~~J ~'!li('ilU iIc)~ .aS IJ h. ms f:l'ise.0111 Y1cumlf M. inf'G.13nyo ~'H~ you nss d w lt h .aJ 'V'DU kno!w~.r~~. youlll '~~ndlots .a t:h'jiF1d:-gen.all of your pers.V __m _ _ ___ _0 • 11.e'thi IlIg . nor rna I iY. rhe Lock ~f opft: 110 n 'W iII a II~'O'W '1'0 u to set 131pa ss(ode Ioc k 0 n y'Q u r d.1')[1' . Q ro IIp tha n the S1PP= balsled Qilite rna tlV'es~.e.'e.ltY? o~Jt~ons~ islplay D M. f!lJl. Tu I 'f yOU! n e'€!d to be' al b ie to s wttc h k. F.e wmlh whoev'er .C» = of t.s. In IP8 rt lc ul a. A.' t.

keep lin mind if one' of: your spps is m ts be hay in g (COIJ g h! couqlh" Face-boo k. powler d ow'n y'ou r Ma'eBoo k and d lsco nn 9·C t the' ~owe r . e-'1'. . -Cory B'()"hoi1 app:s: qlu iic:kJ.HJlrSie I'r . e' t Insta.c:aIIrY.~".p.Qok 'ml'~9ht.ha s inc:~uded an ea.1St ii"t worikihlq 'wit'lll MI!an urn Imy Mac? A.ATA F.. can help you ad d that f u nctiona I'~ty'i'f y.(als' ose'n the s..-II lIi1 Il._ see ml s.. uq- W'F itte 11 loy' Adanll Kn~@htand! available online for free (b~t.)l ~ L . .alqles .J··'~n.. oQif the Au[om ate r wii ndow to the work.b ral.elilndIin the drIve 0 ut G~nt~ re mO'\H~~ h.GlFt .e? U nto rt un ate'l y~OS :X doesn't have.APiPie ]0.I'11he d wh ~ s:c:rews 'go chi w'rN~fle.. F' I f.qU€'stJon ~HK"~":r.f" that holl d1s vou r ex!i.·.a did ph~r.~ ~'['I'lF' applicati'on~ Touching and holdl~n'g on any' one icon w~~11 start them all jiqqlirng and alillow' you to remove the applkatlon 'rr ro m t h e m U i'~ itask~'ngl t uav~.. 'W_-: __ ~le :'.11-. the' CUIPS (Corn m on Un ix IPri nt in g Syst. 'fhi~[~.onve'rt tOI P D'IFr" but W'arralnlt".CH. South San Frands[o.-_ . Y(NJ [an dou bll e-el ~ 0 nth e H 0 rne button ck to ~ F~Q! n Ol'iclk the plus button ~I. v' d "I"' -h ii ~ li.. IE xt r.lly/ml_print).cehl'e Ilots.hand slde.jl List go :sll'ow"-you don't 'wa rnt to :s.cUPS-PDF as the printer. dlri"ve on my' own f open'jlng and! iresaY1i'nq 't[huaMI alii ii.\.( Post:S( r'ilpt Prlnte F ls sel e (tied fro m the d rop-down 2. Ol'.setti: rllg IJP yo LI r Yahoo i1M puslh elm'o iIF ca h3'ndiars. :now to s. F. ~J.trLJres of eac h ste'p t() hellp yo u r"sme'mber how things ar..~15.JI!!&. ens LIre t h at the On 5W'itC h is fFilppedi for glen '~Podto uc h.eq LIi r'iing I itt ~e m ore t ~\I3I.~r-IQ do. 'Iij+~'! A.cllilly a pretty s imp le ta s k. 1__ :.a n kFully. Drag the' foi!ow:jinq actlons trorn the I. j'Print to'" d1r(D own men Ui.n 1!3J Ens LI re t h at Generi.~ You C~lnl opthl'rlUim[ly tu rm 'D.<w"".[r~pthe thre..~ UB ~ ~.Aguilera S ean::.e mi) P'Df" P~ work? .~. Pay aJtlh~ntiQI1to wh~ch screws In th.e P'r~'ntF]nder ~te. !.hem to '1'0 ur Docu mlents ·¥'. ~y t.d8r Il h out III'~ .nces .J..y=to-u se' seh~ w'~la s. but the pro (ISS s ls pretty' m uch t hie sa me no matte r wh ic h r Ma c800 k you have.on the .ut-o'l"n.Repl a.i'~I~ w.AC(:... !but thatr:s.I ~11IIi IIIi .ublle-c:llliC:ldl1llq t~ru~ Hlome b~t:tlon.documlent 5 'th.: r W-::=ii rra n~.(o.! I!".s.ask'j'ng~.ou~' ~WtUJt alf'e 'the 5U'p'p..anl 'the.:. CA. These 8 GB mo d e Is we rs so lid ad 0 d bottom r:als eI is n d b V~ ~:""""'" ~'I.d that the days of swappinq out drives were over: Th..5 4 website: how'ever.Just la u n chi th e M a ll a pp a ndl go 'to Mal ~~). the button to add a rliHW printer.~)'ur'Male.r~. lt's act 'fir. IGOT A TI[CH QUESTIION OR A IHE..e'~we bsi t. .j.~.plle 'fair' .ecU~ta 11"11 sl gn ing p rd f.abo.Pre:ffere.01repailr?' Th at '. Seh~ct ...e to M1 c ~Liif.c i'w ~edl F'i'nderr ~te m.~ IilI:"J9Iiiolil'"'tr"'~ ~-""" . t'he'll"e a] w'a'y to Ipr'iill1t ID'1i do II ~~'f.Co rrta ct ~ 1Yi:.s a . y t and pi u g ~ the new In ".0 ine .teops Ilnil€!.D:'..:. m "I-"ii'. Th isis a q ng useful trick to.e._ep from sc IrQltch ~:ng the top) and removle a'lll of the tIny' scre'V~s.<~ii.11'\ 'J<:. nc menu INex["r open A.i"W~I"~'~ ~ t ~ ~. a'.[)F/ use rna m e'i but 'you ca n [m OV€' the C'""'l 0 Fie. Then ·w Imp it ov.PS'''IPD F~ Yahoo Ma~1 iPad on II Ci!1ln"t fig llJre' out.And c. Get: S pe.. Remove the' boU()m ..ed/C. MIQIC to iOS 4" ~'fY..d IIilk/e''to c.a'm [nte F you r na me ~add r'es s~password! and a desc ri pt ion of: t[he 'to !Iind UJtH~'f!J~ C!UiUJ ra m:s t~ hellp .an [I . 5~'i h S.QIc'h 0i'1t'" ~ I·I\.'y to.W>!<"~".ato~ and select Appllcation from the template chooser.c:rews. .a nat ive way to convert ff ilas to PD Fin the II _~--~-_ . we s U spect tha t you have . .oth (to ke.cs str~ ~ Inl A~ ~y UOIU d '! '.o..I.pp I:e. .sds-and keep . a 4000.4'·eml 'intim~dat:ii'ng.u t. t head to System Preference's) Ptiint is.f'\in t:helrtn CBS PDFs.(and for those w~th M:a.ep lacerne nt d r'flv. ~ -_-_. AlP INav iiglatr'e to Sett ~ g S :> Ma iiII~. Wiill[1 hd' you swiltc::1!ri b-e..cB.-ru!. the' hardest Ipart is ~~.Jon lsti the' II€fU. w'i IIi11g to do a i~tt~ b~ ot prep work."".+~' at up the task bar 'Tap 0111 any spp to QlO tl'ac~ to tne bottom] of the where 'you ~en off ln th..p.m:sact~iont s.''''' c..~ d r'i've 'lin ~ liOlce'~ ng .e co n~e eto r 'frotrll1l the old d r iv.en~hand side. ""*-' ~' ~-_ ~~ fU es where've r yo u wa n i f Ge.Ca ~end a rs >' Ad d Ac:co u nt a no t:a p n on Ya ho.or ~'nand .cl~ t ~~'H~ rae ket .t. ies re'ally not that dl'f"fh::ull.he [) e'Skttop~.€r. on t. J.e.~'Ray .. 9408. i-'.nlC~all:endars.j ~ rint d n51 loo .ed. a :iis~ust as ~asy to conf g ure for Val'lho 0> M a iI PI u s elm a iI.iI. co ug h)" -'Cory B'Clihon D'Q.."'' p~'c.UPS-P..twee. ..!.'..oo "'..the' hj:e:ii of opening :s(.a.lh.€ J)i rn g tlra c:k of a II t hos'9' t irlY sc Ir'ews..J'""" ~ I!.Enl'e to PalV di rrec. '10 u can s t~I do it yc.ome sma III[bowlls handy 'for ga~he'finq Wh~'lle.. use C IMail w'ith your Yahoo account. Pr Int Fin d eJ Ite[m's Applle helpfullv includes step-by-step ijuii:dies 'for replacinq drives. .>o(l'k ~ ert~ttp..ud t.and r1otes.:1-1_0 _~'~' n ·1nI ~ "Ihro IIIi'iIh-I th a. iii __ ~~ ~lJ"JIo. -. I't it help:s .81screwd rive r.m 0 r W rijt. vi-n. i"ii oi'O II I l'i. vou ~III qet prompted 'for 'You r a ceo LI rat d etsll Sir and the'lli c ~'~clk reate to.ou tear' a.and click.. ~ .J r~ '''''''' "V 1_~"). Save yo II r n'9W a ppll ~cat ion so m 9where ha n d 'Y Ii k".n c'ilf'llq wlrthl Vialilioo' 'ma'j I".at\e. 11 ow.A P on m.e r on a :son ._II!.we a were a bit 'I/itorrie. p. Suite vii". _ II II"'ii '~Ii __ i"ii I _:___'~II ('i.uto:rna tical ~ 1MOV8.o. -GorvBohon IEasy Prlntlnq to PDF II [re.'r ~owa rea: 1. _' I!. CUPS-PDF will save 'them ill /UselFsjShaF. l..e and .e p. another Ask. it Ile'W' '1'I[p'Fhlritell"~~ '-UI:sDn'ql CUJ.p. Honestly..ta.'LlI'iI.. UJ itt~ it.j (.ou want to q uk: klly sav~ l go w'here'-they"r'9 r'H)t all the same length. I 1_ -- _ -_- i"'!i ~ i l Liek ilV..j r d evi ce do es sup por t m u ~tt i'1t.fM ·1.~.roe.. up 'Your pre'cious Ma..e..s.a points f'or conf~guring a IFolder Acti on to .~.a11 8GB second = a CCOUlnt 0 n '[h e next screen. Shore~ t!Blllul' to 'qllt thhi .5 dl burn mlef" . 'Ie u r d rlve Vo u do have eve ry t h~ backed up ngt sorn ewhere r'i~Q lht? Whe'n App Ie t Fans it inned to un ibo ely d esl ~ ns 'fa F the 1M (BOO'k~.~.~ti. ~M..-'v~~.t'ly t'o' P D'F without open'j:nq a '~iII. andl INOites' 'ih'e.y 'il".Brt U:Sie' Yahoo. tap Save" AplD lie 1M iI on the.~~I'.-_ ~. but can II ~e..Js'~dethe Ul ird-q e n oevlces. ~~. Fax~. {..J.." Wh en yo u' re do ne.e o rii:EH11t.ever~ thev d 0 not sup port m u It itask in9! eve n if' 'you u pelate Mia~:~ ~and optlo na I~yfor Cah?ndla rs a 11d Notes.~~!ii.LPfUIL TIP fa SHARE? Email ask@m.r .s 2:...oo - " d rag f iI'es onto ii't wheneve r y. m a iI accounts ~ rH...iJ. A p!pl "'s a It() g et het.:.0~ ill.

... .' .'""". ':f-:"10' <" 'Ir" -1- . .' ' __ I: ". G<:-U--I' d."': ''.. ..···· '"..•.'. " ..'·.. '11 '..'.._.··a'·"ldl·' '." "'e ".' ".-'I_'._ '0 -n·' '.. illl!1-)_ 15·...~ .'. .'''.····~$ .I·':"'y.··.~.·1'9._C.' _."' ' __ .. -N····'··-e·'I-w·' =-5"'.1'·:0"""·". ._'...5· '"' " ····In".1'..T 'lh-" __ e····.te __ '· .' '9.:."'.

If you want to try before you buv.[9 It. .ffer:s bef. .!. " ha ~.~~~ ( ) ( B~lLater ) ) 1__ !!mi:<k for !II. a mere $10.n .n~e.Ins'talll ID'o. downie.-'.It dock (fo r ..hi5lfil ID~ck lit .alkes.'~d. Purc. elk k.and .al ~~ t irnes.n hls Ii By default.'6i!itl!d! D.erent tasks or the ab~~~ty customize them tn ways to tha t App I~' m i'ght trown upon?' That's where' a ba no y s ha r'eW'ar~ a pp calilled ~)oclk-~t comes in.sna:p' 'wlit.~\H~r of' the w'iindow left ID'ock to rename j~_. a Home.n' button at' the 11(~.awapr at ...···· .__ " ~. YOll' :sa~ppen 5 gTI!C1rtty . and 19:59 classlc . corin and d rag the Doc ~-~ k on to 'YOu r Ap pl ~ t cstlo ns foldler then double-click it '['. a nd a co ntext IJa 'II n11'9 UI Pops up 'W'I t:h dis p.ppea rs at 'the rk] ht center' of: ynuf screen. IN'ote thalt (H'lI'y two Dock-It docks.!l'I\ ClflillJ mc:'wEH'I~RL ~t I:Jod.~ y p riefs re nee's . igen eFt) IJI:S 14'.. cain be' vlslble at: a tt:~lm'e. In the' case of lDock:-~tj 'tt1lle cost.0' open.Ii'!' . The' best t h inq sin Illite. ad dh'1iI' .altest' version at Gidec f1ISo'ft wo rks. l. : . -. · '.:Si a .a U~ 'free .Clickingl the button w'ith any deck selected wi~II remove it from your screen (as we~1as the sidebar).es it leasy fa F us ['0 kee p f aver ite.t rila I of: Do'c. But 'W hal j'f yOt~ want Love' ~. B u V La ta r to get: the c Ioc k r{)III'i1n gl 0 n a 14'~'daJy f ree trla I' pie riod .~. click them..i! YOlU blu y'. populated w~th mounted disks. software Is concerned..elt.eck-Ir ill.Ho Docks i os ~ . Double-click the' rM~~W Favorites it and press 'Return to commit the. then click the u+. contttmu'alUv b!'jrig lu~datl!dl and ~mprOijed b~Clau err s~ppQ<rtfrom ~-e' D::!i tii"'1 ~~ke VCUllS elf.llt(S'l O~ » 1Mac g ld e 0 nsoftwo r ks . the Mac as . . folder.. (:ha.t0 r »>WHATYOUNEED I severa II docks for di'f(. ·······'x. you get what you pay[.alnd ma'tlli.. Il)Ij~ 1iW~' :~ iJiin (III iCll!~ TlII"[IJ~~ ~ ~I' o~.-fii Devehl'p..h ills. BY' J~R'~ BOOKW'AlTEIR » IDOC k..) ra n d total of t hre e)o"se lee t Ed :it Dock S 'frOlml this menu. .uMlloney (That's What I Want)rr! but where.llj sidebar.k'''II't D'fH:. Clock.Soft'W"O'll'ik'S o. To ad d1a n a se co n d Do ck. a ppl icatlo n s al C~ic ~ . . ..dlay .Pre'f'erence appll'eHt The tirst 'licion houses [)oc.::: ".. .x Doc k rna Barrett St ro n g' c rooned I J'~ l.. the rne'wdeck a.(0 m) run ni11(jI Sno1W' Leo pa rd :1Bu'y .k "'IIt m.giifle .ad the II. .gli Illq :I1iiIUlllt:i:plllel!thliC:k..k~it controls.iln dy IPl!"'el:e'Ii'~lnl~@sl w'iilndow . . Or~l1_~llh. h.e r G idleo. o'f edmrssion ls.

he Finder).8C'h d~)ck to make' lt vour own.ay 'to the left. B.tng .ant to copy or mOV'9~.! "Ih_~ !i. avii'gate to the' destinatlon tolder..8 d'Cic.II\ _ .elf' A'IP I eit ~et~sV'CUI 'CtO'P'Y Olr' t.. then browse for an lrnaqe fi'~. DI.~. a Ind II Adva need . eli pp iIIIg .ef a WI It ~n e'w do cks have 0 tbln wlh~! e r in q '~'j'I.. h. Click on the Advs need tab to adJust backqround or bore sr .iilly Iin ell 'th e'm i!'~HJa~nl a lor' space tor+once used.a queue. (To move the f IIe :r nstead of '(:0 py'ii n g. !WIll 'U~II ~.k.IIwmmlmllv p ~JI''i'~ o Show :ht'dtli. You ca n clh oose 'from six 'ico n slzes a In d posltlon docks on the' top. or if one is .ava~ lable'.hli ~ . and cJkkJng Open. customize e.and'Y 'for gla. .t:.C) _ ~'~'. 11J 1 S-I~A"·1!"'i.'_. :stJoire niles in . The Settings tab controls how dlnd where you r doc k is dis pllaved...e.01 use 'the' blue Add 'ge'ar to.p.91lU 'when '01 volume or 'folder is cli.d~. mount \I'ohJlif'Ilil! Fol~l@r Id e r~-0 r f'j ~e 'to a doc~ ibY' selecttno .c.. IDoc k'~'II:t ett ing sin s dock.e"tt'inlgs.and ... '''f::: fl. theiy"111 remain elm'pty for next time .Oft! lI!I1:s. Select !Dock Irnaqe ..Aplplets. O(:H~n'~nt.()U ca n 0.u ielkI 'if ad d any d rrij'v.e onto this trle~. bs: Cant en t s! S 8't ti: n g s.D'oc k-IIt eve r 0 S X 's eo ck ls the addltion of 'w'iive "applets" tor gett:ii'n(J thinqs done qu:rck.e'nts)1 and She ~" D'est d as cr~ bed 1' as .I AJ.n old dow nth e Corm Im'(3 n d key as yo U draQ' Bind duo~. .Add IF'iih~lFollder from the Addi menu at tOPI browsing to your selectlon.ay entirelly d . ... To arranqe tlles 011 your 3 ICDlnf'iiQUr'e. other windows.a~n~~ ~OQf. o -Oli"ioi"'"n.ock .k t~oeas.u' IL.. ns rna j 0 r a diva ntolg e' 0'1..a~ Tta:n$. ¥. as your dock has A Sih.e mill oralrn. these are orqanlzeo in the Contents tab.q'€' . Ito Your IDo. tor tUGS you w.~•.I SI1OW' mil!:rtlu when t on or ott. bottom.' . then dra'g the icon back n out of the dock and drop lt in the ne'w location.C) nd text)..) Cre'stt'e as rn8lny Shel·fI tiles.. Transparencv all~11the' 'IN. Last but not least. [)liagl dl source ni. wh'k:h creates a blank tile in the dock. border i"- ..(c Up b O~:Ul~ lm a.~ ~~~~~~ .S. left. click ano ho~don a selaction in the' Contents pane to move from d ~'r'welr'e11t to lide r s iint Don e p lace.o.(>~)IIr .n. allno turning automatic dock ihid~. ISy d. [move .clkedl (rather than h~lving it. insert SherI! Applet. Applets include Add . snowiing a move it 'to a (Uffe'nf~nt: 'jspl.c:ks. Mv-1ilDIr~t!i f~:r'i~lW!id..: Choose trorn Un~Settinqs tab.e to p laster vou r ow n ff al'ele 0 n t ned oc k co nt rol leo III m ~di: B~r.01n d tr anspe rene y.t higher or lower. .1Iii ·Jull~i"t:. ellmln ete _lli.order __:'~'~. M ai~ Hpb oa rd (0 n e'= for C ellic k ema I'llin QI o'~ eli pboa rd co n tt. Other options lncluds floatinq docks above. or right of' the screen.~ d €I! tih ree to.. .sh!!Wi! '~t1i!![!ic~1( Dltck .lloft@d! 'f1\i)~l'ib~v>e 'O't!er w~n~~:s contextual m.~.

I~. Ie t h€ be<h..ript' '[d'ilar (prelnstallsd on all II Miacs} 1~~~~t:h~~eApple.U 'L.-11= 1-1-1' ..' ..~n cha fUJ.a~(jIht double I II I' t at RV" nI rn '=:i I. j y': 0 III y'lt: .k One O'~ the' . Firefox. his text-based e(j....:-.Script ' .ollJP~ ti 0 n na m es that yo u W'(...~toris where vou T type... 'Q.. like C startlnq appHcations on . lnsloe :str. and Mai!l-type' A p pll eS crlpt Ed ltor: the follow~ng lines 0] COale into the 't'e II SI. little-known features of :rCa~1~s.. Why not' use ~ a I Ap pi eS crl pt alia rrns to he Ip 0 u t a blt.De the' appllcatlon narns exactlv as nl! ""1 Yn '0"-'.!' I ""' ensure that you [Y.. t hu.tour computer? B. in t hie to IIow'~ g' Il'in e' of cod e': teet n That'll launch the' Sc:lfarli web browser... To lsunch your most used app~i'C'at. ~ U· ~ I...I 'i:..e.s..~ .. lJI :'1n v 'l p b Lli L .i"'\.~ .t you do things tnat range' from the s~lm. '1......j!U'~ on v n In ~'i~~ I: I~'Y. You can su bstltuts Sirfar'i 'for the name 0" any other application that 'is on your M. ..d.nlc.Fr..i n tr to ne ica lalullch.I1 ~ !/. the scripts that wm automatlcallv launch vour tavorlte a rp p ~ iens The 11 typ e.PIP I iC:i9't'ia rn Ii S la:f"8Irri~ iIUJn clh tl~ ta II a IJlp 11c::a't'i'ttl rn II FilrleflD x" ta I~ n c:t! SIU t' e II a pi p Ii1:: ia + j' rill n II M a j' I~ flo Ia u n chi 1m YOU' ea n t·e·st' YQUIIi'SiCliii.'OIU r rwl:.ple.~n'v' li)y' e Ii'I~'kli the IFhJln button .I3iC.p.riot[. n~ 'V~ rep ~::J t I ls .'Y C:D'IR:V IBDHOiiNl i » » iCal event(s) to add the scripts 't-o AppleSc..!.'U in the Finder. I m I. n a ppears c it.s ".[" ci'[!C.S· II'noi"'.I-.'!I.'!i. lilke open~l1glappl'jications and tevorfte we Ibs~tes to m 0 reoa dv a need tt asks trtLa!! C..~~I""O· r~ W" hlchII ~.r-" . 8ibi~~ty equip future the to alia rms w'ith an Ap~leSC'ript action" App~e'S(ript$ 11.~J!"B4i T: ...'P·en H .11 S ria p Iacli n g the ." '-'m..ions~'iii:ke Satar' r o r 0 ..t art edli:'tor~ .. " . III Applkatlons > UiJ'lliti.""I-k' u "Idll .J! CI .at t:"mle' n(ll the 'to'PI (Jf t:~e . start ...e..

Save.llil ause the script to be run at c j 1 the. re use ~~'E.~m· I W!. •..le~1 'OIiU!.A H'eF '1'0 U IV€' conf g ured th is eve nt. ~ :: Ey~'l w~~ Oi'ti Mitff'i. _ •.re c I lc ~ing t he. the scriot w·m run aub:HTi.lela II!-d av·'I' c:h. CIr\@. and 1 . k l _.1l!i~~! .dd an Apple.: car t. .an dl s e I ect a I ocat ion.".ainipe o '''..s a like p ~a!ym usk viiltlh il unes at .e'? You: ca n 'f'i n d these AppieScripts and other cool opt ions.av hn gl~ 'pilch .cr'ip. select the Irequencv . ..ILI· most . .~.rn. .clri pt~ pie r ·F.i! .!.' y.e YO'U et t:o t·I!1i . CIOWl·Ug.vell!'" :2 'weiek..eScr"it: SaV!9 the' A.('e J!:.S. f~ll.r the alarm time has a Irelaidy pa ss ed..j.. you'll be retu rned to the eve nt ~sUng~ e i a 11d yo u II need 'to ad d a 're"w . IF~ii~.nIy' ·W. • .S"sve' the AIPpl.o.en the sc r'iipt w'i II be run on your M·ac. schedule .lfl~ay· 0 os IHi flO is undsniablv simple.Way mm .eScr~:pt to be run.n tthat r:ell'lhe'm.n·Ol:~Q~~~O AIM P4Y:snI~·:!. f~JU!!.11 I. N ext c rea te an lC a [I event 'IN itt'h a Iiarrn t hat 'yo u ~d II l(eto r Lin a U [0 the event vou just created and select R'tJFn cript from the alarm section of the S beg!in runnrng the scrlpt ...e· opt~!O'fiU.'.!)" k le·ve·ry ot:h ~Hi'weelk. select Custom 'from the.(J U n . cllck OK" illhcliil1f l.. script tor.5t20J. b ero re a t tee 1iI~'n·g ~to at n iCa I eve nt by eS t going to.atica~~y 'wh~n yotJ wake lt up or turn it on aft:.Ap P 1'9Sc r'iipt.a ('Om t~ as f 1. !......p p~ cr ipt.:: S..nil(!gLwnd1:e:i' i Q Irrq1fl'utg$' b~fb-te . Open 'liCaI and double-click on the date wheril 'YOIJ want to 3 I C:re!alte an 'iC:a Ev.••_ "_ I'\~ t-o'l .'~ 'IN'. nav~. di. the File lIIlnch e'e:k 'the .<I~'i!1iiI 1.. and t h en eli elk se tee t.--'e ·L".• y Re rnem ber that iCa ~alia rms w~'1111IV work w'h en yo u r co mp Liter is 0n 'turned .~r1Pt ..n 09'~.and tirne that you want the App..illl 'M A ~:o 05llJ~ f(.0 U'U U11 e E~d~ng: s U b: (IF) I (!I!c. WSllnt 'illirm N.on and not ~nsleep mode .aV.lailnl1ir lind :Ii.ent dialogl opens'.1' the repeat sectlon.g A.allrog that apoears.__ '. ~~ ui. . C Ir~c" the 50C r:[ pt f iIe.(s:)' on/f .: c n y'Og to lex plio r.. W hen lSj.I:'ve' 0 Run On ~r -. Whilile openinq apptkatlons 'When'.: ~ _i:J:= Ii. W'~ I~'o U. but to n rnake 111.a:·LM~ ~ 'TO . of' thle we'e~ that veu wa. .~t~~.:~·~O!l:o®ll.1:.eselection dii·c·log appears Navigate to the location wheni~ you ssvs d t...11!'. .t To ado the . i[i!til!JJ ~l'1litf'li'ii1!'i!1.j~'In'!Io an I a II~il"'mto . -n 0.e. c I~c.tHIi'iI~i . -. 'Ootftlil~·OCII!. 'lM:dirleJ5iG'iiY. .add it io n aI d eta iIs ebo ut wh..e y' ·Wh@M~~(~_D_D_cu_m_ ___s _ e_·~~ t EJ ~~:~l sure that Script is selected ln the dro(WJ~downmenu as.)'!. ln the Save d i.a name tor >'lOU r f~ . La neher 0 ()$il' i:Lll-d. rne that applies to VoU'~.ays. e'V'ent s tr art t ~ ... .h t'm :£clr'i'pt:s ~ . . .1!. a 'Opti0ti s.. or leven run rna lnte na n CJeo soc ~pts r 'for yo u r rM1 ac after 'wo rk . type in .o.g. a.".efo.liesc rrptr/e'lG3 Im pll e. at' Dou g Sc r~pts.a:~ntime! .'·_.' This 'w'f.. Stay o. usee'f iiln i'lll e·fl~'bll[re·.a uta mat~ca IIV check y'Our email before lonch. A~I l!I5.•.ab~~ baLk a. K'!i 00 [~s. i' ~.c k.ll.(I6l:.ornin. .S._'oi.atii.. •• 'for 'lour.tweaklno":. •.!1 IlL ..B. 'fIllUlfi.•• -" . specitv a tiE'~e' .~...l1 fiCPNt ~iJ!f"~'e: ~ ~ " V:ou e ill" .r!fdel ~ . B. .__ .Li l cu-n.k Crrl!1I~id 1O:!ifjI' l5:i!I!&FU ~1Ij~ ~!W'6.'O''''''i''''iI1r S"··n. ou've finished.t to '¥oiulr E~'ven.e Save·. TI.. th ~ou eeln etta chi rn ore [13Jd va nee d scrl pts to '~Ca'i la rms to (:I 0 thiing.b!Q'x.nt it t to ".Apl~leScript to the event. tt's on'lly one' exam pi e Q'f wh at you ca n d o w~ ~CaII a la r rns ·an d sc r~pt s.kDo ne.alo. U nd e rneath the SIC ript's na m'9 cu sto m Ize the' launch to :s~y·~·o mlnutes before.=l.!~ .I'f your cornouter is esleeo..~ '" ~ alarms to add j·'thJ!ll!1aill addiitihJ'Ill. "repeat" drop-down menu In this new dialog. A.'~ . • -'I aliHM RIUIi1 M~ti".I iit: 't.o.!~'." .A New [ .'te tii m.]1 '.~ Imav Ih ar'ile lf you Vilant to make the alarm recurrlnq.he .hen select tne d.Afte r vo u se~ ct yo u r SIC rlpt.I!I!:sd..ent.on 11'1'iJldd one .s.ll'iid F..e..~i'1 iJ:pe~ 'il"ilidi:oJ l!bo!!S'W ~R' Y'O'l1!1 (al!i) IfUIl IRe-m-iirt'e li.corn J I DM!-~ ] macosxa utorn attonco ml a p p.da.Ap'plle$.-r' .

.hi. "'" ". iWeb website » Domain !lam. .'I!CQ:~'!lJ ... ~e -M. ~d"~ . . vOIU· r -O•• m·a.•.:siite $. .. Ho .MAINUCOM I' i mlijin re~fijstra is to cho ose from It.- Regiis.'I oI ' e -ost • .ellnd doma itJ1 n a me co m'~ainv h as a d'iif rere nt sy:s... to IhaIVE' t he most n ra he ~pfu~c ustome r sa r v ce.. .alilliabl. and Host I .t r t:ha'tr 1.. ApplE! has v'.. Becdlus e. '~".• That's good news- unless YOli host your iW~b sltss with IMobinl!eMI~.IOhe_i_e-M".······N'Iam ·e~ . · Ie 0'·e········ . .8If1''t . ·-e e..~..UriiWet~sites to a dedicated hostinrJ solutton bef'on~' ~esoo tete. .'~Phone.d~. .2 01.:-:' rW:' ho re . .r.. . 9' . ._: .. the horre .I. !M"lti 0lil INI OooUilll" whether lt's Doma~nco m r Go Dad dy~Nett irrn 51' 0 ran other: Look for go ad prices a nd the' do rna ~ rleg:~s...Ii114 ....'".e' 'f'or ..91t!1' .•~ •.lHII!... to movie Y'. Ufl1d'u~triat~ gr..J une 30~... There are rna ny do o IDO..>. Fii rstt th'i1ngs f~ you'll II II1If3'ENj to fi nd and !p u rcha se a d olm a ~n nam e' rst: and 11 sf ng p la n..A P.tefr~ for dol ng th ls.·ove . Once' yourve purchesed 'the' hosting p~'anthat suits vour needs."... wa r!k sea rnless I 'if 'W it h iWeb...tum.olrt ~ Illaimle i!:seas'y" and Imanv lfe.ea Fe n ecessa ry to..»WHAT Y'OU NEED ». '.ese I .a nd/or S FliP ost u pi oads 6'S t h €:s.I " a I_ ..r s ho.av.Ii I> 0...~h~'J ' __ ~!i l'Ury6 r_ '!I:~IIII ~ Q. Your Wieb.'. .. rna ks SLIFe it su PDorts 1FTP' .. 'fro rn COimlpa nli es ~~ke IDre"ollmilhos. Yo u~ 'f ind a J1 eq uaIIV vast su pp I'Y ot host ing II opt ion s. L~v·_ru_J W~u rsola h....I.·...P'1' P'ULSI I lie..-: '. '~ H n .' Web hosting s I _ .anything on your IMIa.e. '" r: :..1.~.~SL entryptlon ma.c.. contact tlhe'i'lr" ustomer service for lnstructlons on how to set up 'lour c do mal~n n ames to point to yo u r hostlnq 'com pa'ny~:sDNIS serve rs.' II . .·'m S··t b : I.'t.. n C:h'lo:: . •~ r vour I~ -...(if'I:I~ Secure ~L.> Create Ho'w' to do .Io~ ····uih.'~ L .' 'I' .O·M· whe.bniin.t' o .a:ll . t IBV 'CORV' B.'e' 'Ib sites to a" 'd' edtcated _ ist lnq SO'"IIutlo "In' be'··r-o· ••.. .sU ngl . •• ·•• 1M" . "1't~'Sreleased tl""'I'S !I!I ~'.00 k:s. . ~II' h" II I ..2 for a~I'su rn u a 'Wh it: hever 11 you c ho ose.1 .: . ' • . ·-M u· ~. '. '.' ··:15···· .d1e simple 2'...t" 8-1 e host and "] ndt . .> . ~i'nk vou f' d om a in na m e w'i't h yo u r host inQ: a ceo u dOtllil!llfl1 phone su PP..& ~'IP.QIIH'ON - ). pl~ulg on .~ .'_:~. bll . Tl'iSWIO" SSi. to release tts transltlon plans.(l.ralfS . ~'C' loud .€' )>.'-o~!~. Whist does that Imean tOI !W'eb llIsers?' 11'[ m ea n s it 's pro ba lbI'if bet ter n at to w:a it a rou n d'." . thouqh It has ren'ewed MlooilelMe Y' through .. H e.

.-lblll~I:II·~. U ..J 'YOIU r info rrn at len. Pac! ~wOjld: I a n d oa ssword.' do'O'''''''~n m---· . t" )..' i'" . _ tii'l:r.l& -~ ~ ~ II!IIb 1i.n JEli re~llOJ¥iljiilUn: I sl ash {e x.rt. ~ account lnformatlen ln hand. '"'Ii h. 111. II the te st S LJ r:~cee51 then 'y.. over you r info rrn at lon or contact yourn osti ng co rnpa ny for sup pcrt s. puttinq the htt:tt:p::..I:itIIV~*rl ~.-~~~ _.~III! Ulp oad Your INI..P Tes t: Con n ect lo 11 button.ebsJte UIRL.I'f yo LI .IIivd:a._I:Z~l ~ .II 1 ount11_ 0an1_ d V!I. you a re n ow ready to Y Blog ~ i&!CJ tHJ~O.:)_ hostlno III~ :=i. ast ~1I'"'I1i'11 .':llwww.a lls.!i!I~..~a n:.~..I'IF.olJl have. . ~ ~n 'ff ront).. W'iit:h t his.'" .e. .N 'liiili~CeT~ 10'111(:"e''your' s i"te ii:s pu bll i s h.. .~ ~J!i...rtt:e"s.$S fe-ed$. be su re t o ~ '~llIU..a re usl n g SFliP III.. then type. ~~11 ilIilIiII~ ~'~~Q'IWtI~~~ii'I ~)hn.~ . pubnistn IEntire Sit.il4i'!II!II!I'i~~~'I.2~g~i~ ~~ft'n~~d at site Change iii.~ w.'!\I.d:1 '\IOlj tr be c'it"'~"'.' le'flr'IO'Ii":Sih:e'Ii''e(..iI I :Day 1\~. .~. iji' After' your dedicated hosting ls set up properlv.lfUn!jl lin../r ~ in U:~l: ilUl~ i JI~rv:tK:il1leJM::om ¥ilIY!"" W hen you have 'fii'lnJ lshed ~ uttii f"N.. e nte red f d €ive FVt h in g.... ~1Ii:M ~~iil!.... C~iifte~1:Q)'i1 J liSthe w'..~~~~t!g~~ ~~.Nrlii.~i". .~ W· .~1f it jf.{'OU ca n sihalr@ th~ n e'w' lUI IL wiitlh R frile nd's . ..!I!.A'ner a few minutes (depend'ilrH"J on how many 'f~lle'syou havs' to IUIiii~O'-'_ ti""11~·OL-h Ra..1 i... cho v'liJl·-=-· "lit 'lin t h ~ ProtU'_IY!6'v 1-1 r r~I_... ! ~================~ ~==========~~~~ _________ ~~ PcJt~ .o.t he CQ nnleet:(Jo n III II'D baibl'y' 'w'. open ~'Wlelb n your o M a~ to be gin the tra ns it ion. S'Ulrle' to e:llit e'li" 'V'C'W If' F TIP' iinficHi'llDi'th)1i1 ..ii" at k!~ng.aln d fa nl.~II··I f-"Iiyuu·1t.! iI'tiiM!i' ~.ml4... IMI!.olm r. 1f'i.ew S'i't..vour slte .P I . ell ec k.e.B'li'efu II!V. CIlck the tit le of '!IDU r in the i'Web sideaa _.!j. Type y'()ur domain name once again here.. f11 . in your fT P' htt r use rnam €' 3 jlj 1M a k.iilly"..~ Ijlll~ I'o'J. ··. J. For 'th e Dire C't ory JPa trhi put a s~nql!e f"or ward j.''''T·~I as opposed t 0 FTP.....'~W". ._II!...~V!l.!!::"e . fMl URL lIJI!leG ~r' It"tl!. II ~IIII_C unload .liii'\d 'R.. props r 1:'1:.i.t 'W\Q Il'lk".e. i"">i"'l1f'i I\.d. d ii ck t ~'H~ n...mle' wit hout t he ~..aJd OLir :~Web Y site to V(Njt ne. .1.II_'a" to. IS..~IIt~Ii:i!..e.e 'thle 'Con -e'c:tlolnl I~ ~ You now be p resented w'~thconnecf on opt ions 'f Dr co nnectl ng. t y ~:H~~yo ur se rve r a cd ress (usua IIY yo ur ~n ~ do midin na. Next ell ck the d rep-down U nilen u ~ebell ed P'LJb I ish ton a nd c:h00....e After ·a 'Success fUll co n n ect ion test.. IC.w host.Ii . ~1!DI!fb ..$9 F'liP Server from the lI'iist. to an FIP S erver..:'jj [ 'T~5t.dr .e >.._'''''' __ !III<.~ua!f:iIJ. 'To beg in. yo u' II be iSSUJ e d ~U her a In FTP (fi Ie tra nsfer prntoco I) S FlIP (sec ILlre f Ii lie tra ns'fe r :p rotoco D a ceo u nt 1'0 r Ujll~oad'iinq f ~lies to your on ~n9 h ostiiing. rniI!II"'JT~ ~1i:d'.. (lick on ril.

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~ :t·:-~I"...-. ! I .~ II ..... I .es Y'ou hours ..... iltest stand makres it much more COlm'fQrtab le a nd 1'1.. for easy adjustrnenr to g:et thalt IP~rf~ct 'V:~~'win91 anQ~~'j iiJ~.-.. With extra refinements Uke 50'ft foam Whether you i eushlons and torque hinge....... www . ..." • I'st giv....nti n'g hand fatig u e 'fn!H" the i.of enj'~lylmlent that Y'o'u dei~rve" ...tlr~len so that it I'S easter an your neck..I free yourself... hoi GUng the i~ad and rahi...1 n It lmpreves your e rigonomic by preve......rai ..... ..'7-~ II ... aFe using the iPad on your lapor desk...I"II *i~ I:" .signinc~eom ram • --".. tMI .. .....

1...'" AJtI ""n\e..eiBfr it..GB .8"00.. . Nlow you can make profess~(maiaud 10 and VOG~] l"OCordling.~.9.. Athe!na.(j4IGB .-r1.5169 :Samle Day Sh.$..h:EU'i1 II w.... I~I~ • ''I !II ~II~ 1IIiI\Q'rk.dlrn!ltIQ'e:t ... 1 1 Inlerlf1la~ Hard Driive.-....91 80lB .~ri".9:9 ...ectBI¥e~ol1''14 t%...I 229.3 mr 'women: $93.s !lOOG.111.! Illikes.l"ii'vl!.flJUJd i~rocmdng an~1 p~·ssmy.. 1TB '"-$ ·69~'99 1~. My' 'wJHf. file 10 etlb:!t W.1 for sjnije~s am~ yo.ernloe h'i h.$ ~~~~~ Ie 4GIB I [kJrit~fW' U~e d~ff'eremi(:ebet. .lJll' O Ap.r'l.' $' . p~ex:.d' mOiarop'bone .AwStf.$ 79.9 "10'" 'D .1 •. Im..anliUal~ but II knllw Imlen afJe .s aJnywhme on V~Ur inS dev'iC(~l .9..BlIf f '~eV!]e!W'.tlg:" '.51IB".c Pro' ID'DR.~I lit "" !.11 ~ we'ar libe ' 1 01. $l4. iI~Ugneoom'er Free" Anthony I osenno at 64161~'723-S4'913 IK MILl Ltim. 011 youlr i' '. S'witch !(Hli Dr aflt WIOlmen: di'aI8~ Mhe~s!tals!~ gauges" ~. sllle! Iikes Ime~ She' wanls.~ ( .'919 I e WI n'ls tD Ibe amlnd mfl'.-.dil"" feNni wilh 'the 1111:.$1 05..~e t: w-a!... " ' . Inm!: aphmdisiilacs.e '. ran tufted.f/!!:"ilIiInl!!" ~u D' .99. rt 9~ml"'~'~mC$T f Memo'rv U. 8GB.....o Iget aillJ~hfet viial of: Aiu:~na. "'-'$ 4:9.-831 ~4. 1I!**11ha.$ 119 .99 '2~._ . .99 80.: .$ 1'1111.50.i'~ 59J~9 1T8 ..' r.. -""'I ~ 11 ~-:~"'--"·'I" .' ~~. i >~ VocatiVe IFree .-~ nn IM. . 27 QI..'11kl . . Hard D.OQI 3..S 8GIS' = S 145' . tD be ".an of :Vou r mobHe sou nd reecs._d-!f:iIi!FaI'g:.. des ntel [J'DR:8 4G'B . 16GB~.~.Ex~epl '~lhalWh.It.Sf1 ~----~ $ 79 .99.cs...$1 9 9'..c.bODIB i[PaJd~ eesig ned '('Or.. 'Itl do sluff: 'r~"ilh mel iii Ii MacBook Pro DDR3 7St99 8G~ . . QUaJlity condenser imli oropho rLJ8 'for 'j Pho nrt i1Podi touch~and i Ie • lnterested in advertising l illlill MiG: li3 the' 'firs~ mnd heldl in Maclli'fe maqazine? FlEE apps im:cluded*: t I 'I '\ .. 1n11linch lfio.60 'fiO:r 6 m~[nthl:su. P~el1llm Oli:9 1OX..\f~ i lij!ili.S .p(p. $11949.1 .·rst _'~andlllel. iI seems 101ttli:al i[]nl alldl iilt hi. Eft.g9 F'iirew'iire'..s 7... i ..e:r-IPi9r'sonal Ity' towaj~d Imle a'ftelr II stalrted tlis'ii11!Q' Ih is. gr. ~.a1cBok DDR3 I(WI:) l need 't..1 ~dl:Mnt~ ~e free ap 00 no~ii[:~d a d1i:8tHili1t~dift. =:TB \U\~~ '-.8 . ·1 nal u~. P!hemlDon:e lOX 'fiar' me:n~$99. Ma.::o mrfaS1: ..:..'99 118GB . ng'1' ~"~~'l~' . 1.!olor.iMIlilllir' W Ill!gll~I"'~' h5 ii.19 - 'f'A ':::.edia_.9..99 4GB .pStor.~$.abolut :2'~~ajrsago" Her intslll'est 1'111 WI ntingl to be amilld mle iis uery' .111' i h.. l'~O:kiIlldi'...&"Et9t~' .= 1 16GB . .i!plJ)infg: i Mb~..MU!sicialrl!s Pim.~liill1l1be roo~ ~ or 1 ~ - fur guITar IP~yeFS alndl s(mgwrt~r. .6'QJ~Hl' 1.sTB~ tiI'4J.99 1 ~i..I\IVO "'l1l'lii111il s T' o! ~. -1.. Oosl1d:.8 use rJ:$: m.ilh Ilnli And [18m If hapPlfer' . iinl two I 'w€ek double Ibnnd stu..scme:ntifi"c jorumnal:S.we:e:n men and 'W'OI~lle:n.99 !I!1I"T'B' !1.2.~ 1 nn • I "h.it1II.e .a!~ts.I(y. ( 4...t]'G' ~~I 4'-2~ ['R"._.'1.5rOG ~...diies IPIUibUsh od in pe.$ .$.Q.

.iJ'n . :'11...8494 C...s »IHlot Products »Sharew'are Vallult »PlrJo.ife Experts. .iiv...600.-.. »Ex:rcIUl:s.cO'm l·sUlmointimacy .493 I sumoapartmentS. M-c Life.dulct' Fh":st L.u'l1'.II"·~'III""'I··i I ~..reakiing Ne'w.. I I ..O'Oks _.3·~5.BIU Greg Ry'lder I't 6..qe's al~thle rules.haln."""'.SHlmol.. -.5110'1·!' IG..Moving gears you canwear U:rb.dern Diesigln )'>B.e content >.I ~ •.unge_com or Anthony tesanne I·t 646~' t'he MaclL.""....3 Stumolo.>Reviie'ws How-Ie's &...I' ~ """""".:II'" ~ m Lifetime warranty Free worldwide shipping See the gears in action at: KINEKTDESIGN mCOM c:. Li'v.1) !1 ..ounQle . om c The Dot Com 'th.. ')'>Mo..s\al'r WWW.

~ver~.9'mlent e'FfIi ~en c:y can be rno re im portent c than optlmlzlnq for cornautlnq-operatlon e'i"fijeii'e!'rllcv-al concept that t Urns ste nd!ardl p y .'~t' . t n is :s.arted the next job. The G P U co res ln A MID~'s iF"U5 lon ch lps. i.!I .2nd! Gener at k)n VII'i II be s! mlu~tan enusl y .into Mac IL.iPessleld (Hi the r.omputi'ng on GPU's (GPGPU)y.rr .~aH"le he sa m. if' softwa re !enq in EH9rs ca n 'fi g u re 0 ut how .0 yea rs" Yo LI 'fel(j a CP U .e :s I~ {'l-'f t~ e so t ce s~licon with graJ)h~[s proce:ss~fllt.!i.MP (acceleratEd .ra#e~'i:sm)i' lb ut lt's lI"iilm ited to GPUs. opt im lz in g fo ucla ta.I If to uq h h) prag rem. Lees.~t(s·:!'::. tor example.rpos. "__ _ . bet. n 2007. by [he w.i'f. f~ asih bOJC'~wardl~.(:ilor@'s .mance c.~ t_.c()m p u te.s aYr 1.jb. noll: CPU S.= II n tho Ui(J Ii. wo • I ess r and M~'c._I".~ GPG PU ~ n(: e to ca I~it.'i.i n g on m'.. and the second is such a r~ d C end C++.:. m Icrop rocessor la nd sea p e .. in whi[h cOlmputiiilng jobs that lend how be's t to ta ke . 'They' wo rk c lose to it in cec h e. t he' pop a Iready av. arid i which I'$' ~.• .t hat the g ee k. M icrosort rece nt Iy int rod UC€i d a pa re ~ ~ m.a slnglle chIp.g hi[ s as .·jir-~_.a nd hi eb?roq'9 neo us svste rns have in corrm on is thait.(]r v~d-eo pimeess~ ng: and lot h eFta 5 ks. Ji co mp uti ng...S!()'fftweJl're exec wUh iPadis processor).mov. So ny.~.atev.firs st'ii'lll a. .repl ete w'i [h brea kth roue h s that m Iq rate d from HPC to pta in-va n i!10' pes" Th e' second revo IIut lo n hi ow.13IC 80 ok Pro 'iN it h ..I. transfor.ed gene. b IJ ~ vou a in't g ot noth inq.e c.orldr it see ms. fl.a sp'iiffy ne'w pera I~ sm.S]ila b II~'~ y'ou r n I let a ny lot her core touc f._"l! '1.Ri ys sk~ delves into the latest developments and lnnovations i'n c blps and mlcroprocessors to ex pleln.optlmliing data .. from 20 !ioi'_ •.lw:sj:.and' that f.'J')ch lps t h ~I't'II em barress todav's Cores a no Xe ons.j" we III to t hs rna ss cI iHe r'ent type's.J LJr1!~ts (GPUs) . MICs bring thelr own set ot pro b le rns.. spo 1" sho u ld h'lt() core S corn pa rat iv.ay have .191~1 th.lJ._.t:et.J!!U...ntegrated cors (1MIIC~.Eli d esktop 0r Ia pta p corn p ute f'..1" ell V pa ri31:111st ructurs of apu S 21IT"'9 ell o'fffloaded 'from the CPU to the GPU =thl'n:k vlchE'O~end imaceprocssslnq. ~ make the ir de but 1 ..ed core" c'h· Co nd 'hle' proce'$s·ors 'Oif' s. chlp share data without the' nrst MilC ch'~:P ~~ ble re leased a 5 . Sim~lle. but .ed If< n ig hts 18 f'i d g:e g ra ph ~'(.e~yfa r spa lit on tile same.. ni W.~co eu:lv.('. :sam e h OW' a II st'ayi nQI 0 n "t he.aidlvcHnta'g e ow p Ilet.! and jpQsltlonlng Blind Corel ( n d Iing eli ~ells extension to the latter called C+-t· A. of cnres '~s COl ~led heterogeneous' ~)omp... is w' low-level language:s.(tit ' .uk'.e Sha ri n g com pufiing . I el i .massive pa.a qua d-core Core iI7 0 r a M.BIFie r1O"W underway' that w'ill chanqe computing ffou'9ver=jf proqremmers . they Orebot ~ sxtrem G. ~ ''t eve nag re'e.a nee? One pro p CH3E!'d so Iu[j.. a 11~ Din Iy GPU s thal[ support nire!ctx ~~: wh ~chw wau'l din~l'YO IJ know lt. II' www. Wha tt' II nb:'~IS M Ics .[3111 t ransto rmat lon of the t h emse Iv. ta Ik core'S 'fi ~Of'The R€g~ste~.0·'1 ~ Jnt.a:sh 'for wa rei 10 yeairs fro.) it.speciaUza tion.a~ Sandv Br~dlQI.tan 'firQluri~ out.. i y w n.~ .ac Pro w~'t'htwo six-co re Xe ons. ttu:r-eqiS'.ml now a nd nets rog'en eaUis system s wit ti h u nd Ineds of' (:0 res·.' ~"'.Scores d 0 n~t l !Ferry ='W it h up to 32 OJ res and '~28 thread s.eeds n..e)andl AMIEVs Fusjon-not~ only have' m u ~ p~ ('om pu t:e co res ~ b IJ t ths'Y a ~ s. " r'~ daftv . ill m ]0 b~.mputing (H PC) m ac h ines -!but h istory 'is.~tco...utjng:!by sue h in d us:t ry he'av ywe'i.1 r'j:dl co rnput in g is to keep the data needed to r eac h co re's in you r Mlac anyt ime S con. You m.1I. work in p rog ress A ~SO'1t sad Iy.AM~D~A R'!M (Un8~des j'g ri! e r of the core ~n d e 'Vo u r '~Phone lOr s~ »R. The f rst is an ex pll os 10 n ihn tthe'number of cores on of those pro cessors. salm e' of mass ~vl~. M~. To m a k. Th at'l/~ s u ppo rt IrJ irect X. For exa m plle~.k. ns'w MIC w.itJ:nq the h.·. INext ye. pron au nee d MI~~e. w rHJ m Iu've spo ken p refe rs t he ter ml .is in pro du eli on now. .€.dl!nd slPelc:~aliLled ('ores f.t. andl not perfor.cQ.rai'-pu. I'm .ow 'wri.I'dq.a w'li prod uct wit h more' than 50 cores and] presu maJbI'l mare tha n 200 tn read s Do rrt expe ct M I C ~rocessors b) B ppear era m pi nQI TJerform..'~i'~f M:41(::A .(hu rn i11 g' sea u.actl ce on lts head.orchest ra k. prototv pe codena m.y j p~a!Fal~el wfJrk~oads.Qlnd st.alt ~ cO'mll~l~e'xity.~ matters rno re d i'ffi cul tt ls the' rapl d rlse 0'[ 'W hat's ca Il.fl. hy Your Co revo lutlo n S .roSQft An Il1lh~~'~ .r.rf. -'1\ l!.a r rechrls te n ed Kn ig hts Co rn e'~.'" t:Jdl't'O. ~_. ~ . t tHe.ance'~ nd ss t :11 te'l IS n 'it~.esult.a M~crcsott s ~Iraph'lics protocol.g e.'I.en::lt i c.. In the brave.r1l.Ungl th'~lt they w'ill.1 III ntel 's Sa nd y e I' A. are chumps when it cernes to dat.. I". g rap h iI cS v id eo~ eri cry pt'~o n.on bo rrowe d fJ rom the 011 d da:ys of 1r. U wh"ii.!I •. on what The re's all 0 pen sta ndard ca IIe d 0 !=H~:~ L to tee k.meG . [(D ..

'. L¥(i'O:$ M nd S u 9gles1nvl9 Themes .

• ~ dP' ~ . '...: .".. " .':·e····' r····1e····... / .. -.: .- -:- - 'I' • ~ . ·.. co ··········v··· . .. . <\.. ". ".. .• 7"' -'.:"'. o···················ur· .•'... ." . ._ .. ..".' .' . '. . . .'.' - ._ . .... ". ..'::" : •.'... __ I __ rc .'..'..' .~. '.. ' '." I '.: r- .. . '.

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