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St.Germain ~ A Man Before His Time

St.Germain ~ A Man Before His Time

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Published by: Lightworker Joanne on Aug 05, 2011
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Saint Germain was High Priest of the Violet Flame Temple on the mainland of Atlantis 13,000 years ago. The term UNCLE SAM really refers to ST. GERMAIN who instigated the establishment of the American Government. It is said the term comes from a former embodiment when he was the PROPHET SAMUEL about 11th Century BC. ST. GERMAIN was JOSEPH and with MARY prepared the way for JESUS. ST.GERMAIN was ST. ALBAN in the third century in England. He was the first British Christian Martyr. He was martyred about 303 during the persecution and was later canonized by the church. Some clergy have suggested that he should replace St. George as the patron Saint of England. He was the Greek philosopher PROCLUS (411-485). He composed hymns, embraced all religions and endeavored to unite all philosophies. He had a school in Athens and he also travelled and taught.

He was MERLIN the magician of KING AUTHUR’S COURT in England in the 5th and 6th centuries. He was ROGER BACON (1214-1294), born at ILCHESTER, an English monk and philosopher, claimed by some to have been the greatest intellect which has arisen in England. He wrote OPUS MAJUS which was an encyclopaedia of all sciences and for which he was persecuted. As CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUTZ of GERMANY in the 14th century he was sent to a monastery at 5 years old. He became a monk with real occult and spiritual knowledge. He journeyed through various countries and at 16 he came in contact with the WISE MEN OF DAMCAR in ARABIA who received him as one they had long expected. He learned Arabic while there and translated a secret book into Latin. Later he brought it to Europe. He went to EGYPT after that and was welcomed by THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD. Then he returned to GERMANY and founded the ORDER OF THE ROSY CROSS of which ROSICRUCIAN is an offspring. It is said that SAINT GERMAIN was JOHN HUNYADI who was a great adept born in TRANSYLVANIA, HUNGARY in the 15th century. ST. GERMAIN was CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS (1446-1506). History tells us he discovered AMERICA in 1492 but it is claimed that was not his first trip to AMERICA. He was PARACELSUS (?-1541), a Swiss chemist and physician. He travelled over most parts of Europe, performed healings and claimed to have discovered an elixir that would prolong life. ST. GERMAIN’S last embodiment before he ASCENDED was as FRANCIS BACON (1561-1626), a philosopher and English writer. He was the son of QUEEN ELIZABETH I and rightful heir to the throne. This he was denied by the actions of his own mother. He wrote various books and articles, under several different names, including plays by SHAKESPEARE. A cipher code runs through these writings relating to his real identity and the intrigue in Court which prevented him from getting the right to the throne by which he has hoped to form a UNITED STATES IN EUROPE. JAMES I became King instead. It is believed by some that he passed on in 1626. He let it appear that way and attended his own funeral in a woman’s garb, but he did not leave the earth plane until May 1684. After his funeral he went from

England to the RAKOCZY MANSION in TRANSYLVANIA and reached his ASCENSION – BECAME AN ASCENDED MASTER. While in Transylvania he was known as PRINCE RAKOCZY. The MASTER “R” (R stands for Rakoczy) known to us now as the GREAT DIVINE DIRECTOR or MAHACHOHAN was his teacher and mentor and overshadowed him while in embodiment as PRINCE RAKOCZY.

During our final lifetimes before we ascend, we work very closely with the Ascended Masters, who blend their energy with ours. This process is known as overshadowing. The MASTER ST.GERMAIN appeared again in Europe, particularly between the years 1710-1822. During this time he appeared in a visible tangible body in various countries under various names. He was known as COMTE DE SAINT GERMAIN in FRANCE, THE WONDERMAN in GEMANY, AS COMTE BELLAMARRE in VENICE and as PRINCE RAKOCZY at DRESDEN. He was considered very wealthy and no-one could determine from whence his wealth came. It was not generally known that he was an ASCENDED BEING at that time. As an ASCENDED BEING he was able to easily perform super-human feats and did not partake

of food. He was a complete master over physical matter. He could also appear in more than one place at once and speak any language perfectly. He played the violin better than the greatest virtuosos of the period and was also an accomplished artist and one of the best swordsmen of his day. ST. GERMAIN influenced the lives of many famous persons and people in governmental positions. He also influenced the founding of many SECRET SOCIETIES in various places, such as the ROSICRUCIANS, KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, KNIGHTS OF LIGHT, THE SOCIETY OF ASIATIC BROTHERS and MASONRY. These activities all come under the CEREMONIAL RAY of which he is the CHOHAN. CHOHAN simply refers to an Office in the SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY. GENERAL WASHINGTON, LAFAYETTE and FRANKLIN all knew ST.GERMAIN. They knew him but did not know he was an ASCENDED BEING. He was the one (THE UNKNOWN VISITOR) who swayed the SIGNERS OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE into signing the document; whom they could not find afterwards, although the doors were locked and a guard on duty. He was the inspiration and the power behind the bringing forth of THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES as well as THE MAGNA CARTA OF ENGLAND. Now St. Germain is the Chohan or Head of the VIOLET RAY and Director of the VIOLET FLAME. The Violet Flame originally was only used as a spiritual tool by spiritual masters and their students on the inner planes while the students slept. It was released to mankind as a result of a grant Saint Germain received by Cosmic Councils and the Karmic Board in the early part of the 20th Century. St. Germain asked for permission from the Karmic Board to release the Violet Flame to mankind and in order to do this he had to put forward as collateral part of his Casual Body. His Casual Body being the body his soul has developed over many lifetimes. St. Germain is a true friend of Mankind. www.LightworkerActivation.com

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