Progress Report

Returned/Replaced of Leaking Cylinders “Leakers”.

Upon knowing the new modus for leakers, we immediately implement that we didn’t allow the drivers and helpers to unload their declared leakers without my inspection and permission. Also, I strictly implemented that all their leakers should match their declared serial numbers. Same with the branded 50kg cylinders, it should be color coded with same serial number corresponding to their form.

Fire Brigade Re-organization

The fire brigade was re-organized since we have new employees like me and also we have new contractor. We were able to know our responsibilities in case there is fire/emergency here in the depot. Also, all the employees were given chance to used the fire extinguisher, the connection for fire hoses, and to use the hydrant.

Basic Life Support

This training is important for us. With the help of this, I know now how to do CPR and the importance of it during emergency. I also learned that it is better to do CPR to the victim than not to do. By doing the CPR, the chance for survival of the victim is increased. Also, the instructor teaches us the proper way of doing CPR.

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