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The San Vicente de Paul Hospital opened on December 8, 1890, this arises when the Governing Board of that time and an organization called the Brotherhood of Charity Antigua joined in solidarity to seek a formula to improve the health of Heredia. To locate this hospital, the railroad company to the Atlantic moved to San Jose and the infrastructure that became functional anti place. The Brotherhood of Charity made the arrangements for the transfer of the old building of the railroad in May 1875. The building was built entirely of adobe, which collapsed product of an earthquake in 1914 forced its closure situation temporarily, but under the leadership of the Brotherhood of Charity nosocomial activity was reactivated in 1924. In 1936 the Brotherhood of Charity Hospital delivered the Social Protection Board provided in the old building. This new administration made available to the public the new buildings that started the Brotherhood of Charity and development activities until 1975. In the government of Oduber Quiros Lic.Daniel restructuring a phenomenon emerged in relation to the transfer of the hospitals of the Social Protection Board of the Social Security Fund, so for the first of June 1976, the Hospital San Vicente de Paul, was transferred to the CCSS, and its medical director Dr. Roger Bernini and his manager Don Rondelli Mario Rodriguez Urpi.

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UNA opens its doors to the national community on March 14, 1973, picking up the legacy of the Normal School in Costa Rica and the Normal Superior, which crystallized a dream and ideals of men and women of vision. In the context of its early germination, featuring the best of Latin American thought at the time, and is defined as "University Required", which marks the course as an institution serving the less privileged sectors of Costa Rican society by offering equal opportunity of access to higher education.
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